Nancy Wheeler is such a Priss

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"Nancy Wheeler is such a priss."

Robin Buckley remembered grumbling those words several times to her best friend, Steve Harrington, and even more times in her own head. She also hadn't seen what Steve, and everyone else, saw in her. Because sure, she was ridiculously pretty, but she was so stuck up she probably didn't even know the meaning of the word fun. And she would certainly never be fun to date. Hell, guys probably had to bend over backwards just so they could hold her hand. Not that Robin really cared. After all, Nancy Wheeler wasn't the kind of girl to even consider other girls an option. Hell, if she knew the truth about Robin, Robin would be screwed, because the bitch would out her to everyone.

Although, it wasn't possible to still think that way now, given that Nancy Wheeler was on top of her, and they were lying on top of her bed, in the middle of an intense make out session. Hell, Robin could only think coherently right now, because Nancy had moved away from her lips so she could concentrate on her neck, even biting so hard down on it was like she was trying to leave a mark. Which led Robin feeling incredibly guilty. She knew Steve was still pining after Nancy, and that Nancy had only just broken up with her boyfriend. But she just couldn't help herself. God, as soon as Nancy Wheeler had nervously kissed her, all her talk of disliking this girl, and loyalty to her best friend, went completely out the window.

Seriously, how did prissy little Nancy Wheeler get this good at kissing? And why did Robin have to melt every time Nancy so much as looked at her, let alone touched her? God, it was so embarrassing. But unfortunately, she had gone into a big gay panic every time she thought a girl might actually be interested in her, and now she actually had a girlfriend, instead of finally beginning to cool she became even more of a mess. And the most embarrassing thing about it, was that Nancy wasn't the same way. No, somehow Nancy Wheeler of all people was effortlessly confident, not only pinning Robin down and kissing her senseless, but she was actually the first to reach underneath the other shirt to touch the skin underneath, even slide her fingertips upwards, to her tits.

"Oh God!" Robin cried out, embarrassingly breaking their latest kiss.

"What's wrong?" Nancy frowned, "Don't you want too?"

"Don't I want to what?" Robin asked, almost instantly feeling ridiculously stupid, given the look that Nancy gave her.

"You know..." Nancy pushed teasingly, emphasizing her words by ever so slightly cupping Robin's right boob more firmly.

Which made it hard for Robin to think for a few long seconds, then she whimpered, "You, you really want too?"

"Yes." Nancy insisted, and then after a brief pause, gently pushed, "Look, I know I don't have Robin Buckley experience, but I've researched the female anatomy, and I'm confident I won't disappoint."

"Of course you have." Robin laughed, vividly imagining Nancy Wheeler reading clinical books on women's bodies to prepare for this. Then she frowned, and questioned, "Robin Buckley experience?"

"What? You haven't heard the rumours about you?" Nancy questioned with a raised eyebrow, before quickly adding, "Oh, don't worry. There's gossip about at least half the school being gay. No one actually knows for sure. Well, except for Steve and me, and who ever else you told. But that’s okay, because we like you just the way you are."

"Because I would be so screwed."  Robin grumbled.

"Me too." Nancy reminded her.

 There was a brief, awkward pause, then Robin asked, "So, what do they say about me?"

"That you've fucked like half the girls in school." Nancy said bluntly, "I mean, I know most of them aren't true, but at least some of them have to be. Isn't there? Or are you saying this is your first time?"

Which made Robin blush furiously, and protest, "I..."

"Oh my God, it is!" Nancy exclaimed, "Ha, and you called me a priss."

"Yeah, well... it's not like you and Steve really, ah fuck!" Robin tried to protest, only to be cut off by more attention to her boob.

"Oh, but we did." Nancy insisted with a grin, leaning back into Robin's personal space, "But I don't want to talk about it now. Mmmmmmmmm, in fact, I don't want to talk at all. I just want to fuck you."

Which had Robin whimpering again, and then softly gasping, "Nancy."

"But if you want to stop, at any time, we can stop." Nancy quickly reassured.

Of course, that was the very last thing Robin wanted. She just wasn't actually able to say that right now. Not when Nancy's lips were so close to her own, giving her the perfect chance to kiss her again. Which was a much more enjoyable reply, and one which seem to get her point across, given the way that her girlfriend grinned into the kiss, before becoming lost in it. In fact, they were both blissfully lost in it for a few long minutes, so much so that Robin actually forgot about the hand on her boob. But then, her tits began receiving some attention again, first one, and then the other being gently caressed, and squeezing more happy sounds out of her. Oh God, this was really happening! She was going to have sex with a girl. Sex with 'prissy' little Nancy Wheeler. Oh God, this was the best day of her life.

Nancy was also enjoying herself. Although, arguably, she was enjoying herself too much, given what a bombshell Robin had just dropped on her. All week she had been psyching herself up for this. Hell, if she really wanted to be honest, ever since she had realized the things said about Robin Buckley were true, or at least one of them, she had been psyching herself up for this. Yes, mostly because this was another girl, and sex was pretty new to her anyway, but mostly, because she really thought that Robin would be an expert at this. Because seriously, surely every girl in Hawkins who was even slightly bi-curious would be lining up to allow Robin Buckley to ravish them.

Instead, Robin was a virgin, and that fact was driving Nancy wild. Gosh, there was just something about this girl always melting underneath her touch which filled her with overwhelming confidence, and desire to have her way with her. And she seemed very willing, given that she was hungrily kissing back, as well as moaning, crying out and even whimpering as Nancy played with her tits through that bra. But she remembered what it was like to be the virgin girl, nervous about her first time. So, as much as she wanted to keep going, she needed to give Robin every chance to back out of this. It was only fair, given that Steve and Jonathan had done the same for her. Not that she wanted to think about that too hard, given the circumstances.

So Nancy reluctantly broke the kiss, and then even more reluctantly asked, "Are, are you sure? Because I need you to know, if you're not ready, we don't have to have sex tonight. We, we could just-"

"I'm ready!" Robin interrupted, before biting her lip, "I just, I'm new to this, and... and I don't want to disappoint you."

"Funny." Nancy grinned, "I was thinking the same thing."

The two girls briefly exchanged a smile, and then Robin quipped dryly, "I can't see how that's possible."

"Funny." Nancy chuckled as she repeated herself, "I was thinking the same thing."

Another brief smiling exchange, then Nancy moved down to start the kissing. Or at least, that was the original plan, but then she changed her mind and straighten up again, initially causing Robin to frown with confusion. Then her eyes went wide as Nancy pulled her top over her head, quickly followed by undoing her bra. There was then some staring, which briefly turned awkward, before Robin tried to copy those actions. Adorably she got caught in her shirt, and then even struggled to take off her own bra. Both times, the brunette chuckled at the redhead's nervousness, then tried to quickly make it up to her by helping her to remove the offending item of clothing.

Deciding that was enough for now, Nancy kissed Robin again, this time enjoying the feeling of their now bare tits pressing against each other, before moving downwards to take a nipple into her mouth. Something that she probably should have worked up too by kissing her way downwards, just like her ex-boyfriends had, but she was understandably nervous. And to be fair, she did get a positive reaction out of the other girl. Which she then continued getting, as she started moving back and forth between those nipples, occasionally kissing the area surrounding them. Mostly though, she sucked on those sensitive bundles of flesh, as well as swirling her tongue around them, and flicking them. Just anything she could think of to make Robin feel good.

Robin didn't understand what was happening. Well, she did, but she didn't. At least not how it was happening. Because this was prissy little Nancy Wheeler, who wasn't supposed to be giving her the time of day, and if she ever did, she should be a total Pillow Princess. She shouldn't be willing to go this far touching another girl, simply leaving the pathetic little deviant to be content with the honour of getting her off. And honestly, Robin would probably take it. Instead, Nancy Wheeler's mouth felt like it was everywhere, all at once. And yet, not where she really wanted it. But how could she possibly ask for more, when she had already got more from this girl than she could have ever imagined?

There was also the problem that she wasn't sure she would be able to ever talk again with Nancy Wheeler anywhere near her presence, as she would be bombarded with this memory, and become nothing but a blushing mess. Right now she was certainly blushing, and she let out embarrassing sounds of pleasure, and she wasn't even being officially fucked yet. Oh God, was that really what was about to happen? Was Nancy Wheeler really about to fuck her? Because it sure seemed like it, given that all of a sudden, the seemingly innocent and prudish girl was removing Robin's pants like it was nothing. Hell, she barely hesitated when she saw Robin's panties were pretty much ruined, and she even took off her own pants and panties.

Poor Robin then suffered further, as Nancy Wheeler pressed a long lingering kiss to just above her knee, and then worked her way to the inside of Robin's thighs. Which she lingered on for a while, moving back and forth, and almost making the poor redhead feel like she was going to cum if the brunette's lips ever actually touched her aching centre. Hell, maybe she would cum just from this teasing? Or the humiliation of actually begging Nancy Wheeler, or anyone, for anything? Because towards the end there, the lesbian truly was on the verge of doing it, until for the first time she felt it. The thing she had been dreaming about for so long. Her greatest fantasy of them all. Another girl, actually in between her legs, licking her.

Licking her pussy! Oh God, another girl stuck out her tongue, and slid it over Robin's cunt. Something she did over and over again, establishing a steady rhythm. Nancy Wheeler, the girl Robin had always dismissed as a priss, among other mean words, was the very first girl to stick out her tongue and lick her pussy. And instead of making a disgusted sound, and moving away from her, Nancy Wheeler just kept going, and if anything became more comfortable with this act. Probably because the lesbian was busy giving her a series of happy sounds in the process. Something that the poor redhead was only aware of later, as for a few long minutes, she wasn't even able to think coherently.

Nancy was the same way initially, but then again, she had kind of been that way since the beginning. Everything with Steve and Jonathan had made her feel awkward and nervous, and she just couldn't get out of her own head. At least not in the beginning, until those sweet boys had been able to get her out of her shell. But with Robin, it was totally different. With Robin, even though she was ridiculously out of her depth, she felt like she knew what she was doing. And every positive sound, or tremble, and just about everything else, she got from the other girl only made her feel more confident, and pushed her to do all the things she had read about, and more.

Some of it just came naturally, but she was very grateful for what she had read. Thanks to all that knowledge, she felt she did a pretty good job of teasing this out by constantly giving Robin's clit attention, hitting it after every other lick, but almost never lingering on it. Or the entrance to the other girl's pussy. Even if it was very tempting to do both. Especially because that provided her with even more of the wonderful sounds out of Robin's mouth, and pussy juices. The latter of which, she had actually worried she wouldn't like. Had practically expected it. But oh, Nancy Wheeler had never been more grateful to be wrong. Oh yes, she simply loved the taste of pussy. Maybe especially this pussy.

To her delight, it was so good she even moaned when she first tasted it. Which caused vibrations against Robin's pussy, which in turn caused there to be more yummy juices. Then again, pretty much everything she did moving forward seem to give her more yummy cream for her to hungrily lap up. God, it was heaven. Except when Robin tried to place a hand on the back of her head. Maybe it was just a sign of affection, or maybe the other girl had intended to push her face deeper into that tasty treat? Whatever the case, Nancy had an irrational dislike of it, and quickly pushed it away, and even punish them both by moving her mouth away from the other girl's twat, to glare up at her.

"Sorry." Robin blushed.

"It's okay..." Nancy tried to reassure, while hesitantly adding, "I just..."

There was a brief pause, then Robin hesitantly offered, "Like to be in control?"

Another brief pause, then Nancy admitted, "Yes."

Which she felt was understandable, given everything she had gone through. And Robin thought as much, given the pitying look she gave her. Something Nancy also didn't like one bit, and she really didn't want to linger on this thought, so instead she dived down, and started licking pussy even more enthusiastically than before. This time she made sure to hit the other girl's clit with every stroke of her tongue, and then when she had her aching to cum, she let her. Namely, by briefly sucking on a finger, and shoving it into that hot little fuck hole. And for better or for worse, that was all it took. Hell, it almost made Nancy cum too, given that she was officially inside of another girl. Inside of Robin Buckley, effortlessly making her cum in the process.

Robin was deeply embarrassed by this. Normally it would take longer to make her cum, but this was all just so new, and overwhelming. Especially the part where Nancy Wheeler was the one doing it. That Nancy Wheeler was inside of her, slowly pushing that finger as deep as it could go into her, and then after a brief pause, pumping that finger in and out. Oh God, she was so fucked! Being fucked! Being fucked by another girl, after having her cunt licked for what felt like an hour. And oh God, instead of freaking out, Nancy Wheeler doubled down, and wrapped her lips around Robin's clit, and sucked it. Prissy little Nancy Wheeler was sucking her clit and finger fucking her to one orgasm, and onto the next.

Poor Robin didn't get a chance to recover from the first orgasm given to her by someone else, before she found herself being bombarded with another, just as wonderful as the first. Maybe even better, given that Nancy really just wasn't giving up on fucking her. Hell, in that moment it felt like it would never end. And selfishly, she didn't want it too. She only felt that way for a moment, but then, she was overwhelmed by another feeling. Namely, a desperate need to return the favour. Something she wasn't sure she could do if this continued. Hell, she might not even have to do it if they stopped, but she had to try. So she weakly tried to push Nancy away, and when that didn't work, the proud Robin Buckley literally begged for mercy.

"Stop!" Robin whimpered pathetically, and then cried out loudly, "Please stop, I.. I..."

"Is something wrong, baby?" Nancy asked softly, the pet name just falling out as she pulled away and frowned in confusion, "Did, did I do something wrong?"

"No, I just..." Robin gulped, before blurting out, "Sit on my face!"

"What?" Nancy grinned, her eyes sparkling with delight.

"I, I need to taste you." Robin admitted bashfully, blushing furiously at her own words as she added, "I, I just don't think I can move."

Which caused Nancy to chuckle wickedly, and then she added with an equally wicked grin, "Well, since you asked so nicely."

This wasn't really how Robin wanted her first time doing this to go. Nancy deserved so much better than this, dammit. She deserved to be worshipped, and part of her wished that Nancy had insisted that she got what she deserved. Even if they both had to wait for it for like an hour, while Robin recovered. But such a thing would be unbearably for the cunt starving lesbo, she thought to herself self-deprecatingly. But it was true. She needed to get her first taste of pussy, of Nancy Wheeler's pussy, right the fuck now. And thankfully, she got it, in the form of the goddess known as Nancy, who she had the audacity to once dismiss as nothing but a priss, crawled over her body, and positioned her pretty little twat so it was hovering directly over the redhead's face.

For better or for worse, the brunette kept herself in that position for a few long seconds, teasing both of them in the process. Then she slowly started to lower herself down, bringing that pussy closer and closer to Robin's mouth, until the redhead couldn't take it anymore, and she lifted her head upwards, and slid her tongue over that delicious looking treat. She then lost the ability to think, as her purpose in life was finally fulfilled. Oh God, she shouldn't be selfishly lying back, and allowing this priss to do all the work. To fuck her. Robin wasn't supposed to be fucked. No, the only thing she wanted to do for the rest of her life was taste this pussy, and get more heavenly sounds out of Nancy Wheeler in the process.

Nancy hadn't been expecting this. At least not the first time. But she had been thinking about it. In fact, she had been thinking about it a lot. Because Steve had actually requested it, but she couldn't. Not with him. She had been just too embarrassed, but again, with Robin, it felt so natural. Like this was how things were meant to be. Especially as it again gave her the feeling of control she craved. Which was pretty much bull-shit. Not that she wanted to admit that, even in her own head, but Robin was the one that was getting to decide exactly how to lick her over the next few minutes. Hell, Nancy even considered giving her some instructions. But no, that would be too much for her right now.

Partly because she was still coming out of her shell, but mostly, because she couldn't trust the sound of her own voice right now. Hell, she was incredibly lucky that no one was home right now, because if they were, they would have for sure heard her cries of pleasure. Not that she really tried to hide them, given Robin had more than earn them. And she even wanted to give her some words of encouragement. She really did. It was just, a little embarrassing. And God knows what she might say, if she actually tried to form words. Hell, it was embarrassing enough for her to swear so much, and call out the other girl's name over and over again. Which to be fair, Robin had done when the roles were reversed, but it still bothered her for some reason.

It felt like Nancy should be able to control herself better than this. But honestly, there had been just so much build up to this moment. Years of repressing her desire for sex. Hell, she wasn't even sure she liked boys in the first place. Not now that she was having the experience that was Robin Buckley frantically licking away at her pussy, seeming determined to make her cum as hard and as fast as possible. Something which she welcomed. She truly did. She just wished she could have lasted longer. That she had the strength to slow things down. Instead, she started grinding herself down on Robin's pretty face, pushing herself closer to climax with every passing second.

That did at least make her feel like she was in control, just a little bit. However, she then felt very much out of control, as she was bombarded by easily the hardest climax of her young life. Again, a lot had let up to this moment, something she would analyse more directly after this, and maybe for the rest of her life. But for those blissful moments, her mind went completely blank. There were no monsters, lost loved ones, or any confusion about what she wanted or needed. There was only pleasure. And the need for more of it. Which was easy to get, given that the little tongue below her was doing everything it could to give her everything she craved, and more.

Robin wished she could've said it all came naturally to her, and to be fair, a lot of it did. However, she was ridiculously out of her depth. Like she was literally dropped into the ocean, while only having a vague idea of how to swim. But thankfully, Nancy was nice enough to throw her a lifeline, by rubbing herself against Robin's face, which was apparently enough to push the other girl over the edge, and cover that face in even more delicious liquid than before. Something which should have been impossible, but apparently it was, and of course, the shameless lesbian couldn't get enough of it. And because of the face fucking, she was able to concentrate on swallowing that precious liquid for a few moments.

After that she tried her best to get back into the rhythm of eating pussy, but Nancy was moving so much, ultimately Robin just settled for attacking her clit. That was more or less easy to do, and for a while there, she was even able to suck on it. Fuck, that was fun, especially because of the heavenly sounds Nancy Wheeler made. God, had Robin mentioned that she wanted to do this forever? Fuck her own enjoyment, she just wanted to be Nancy Wheeler's pussy pleaser. Hell, she was pretty sure she came again, without anything touching her pussy, simply because of this overwhelming experience. One which she desperately wished could last forever, but even at it's best, she knew that she was on borrowed time.

To try and make this last just a little bit longer, when Nancy started to slow down, Robin grabbed the other girl's ass, and pushed that pussy more firmly down onto her face. It was hard enough to breathe properly before, but in those few long seconds, it was impossible. But that was okay, because Robin didn't need to breathe. Pleasing Nancy Wheeler was the only oxygen she'd ever really need again. But like before, her hands were slap out of the way, and even pin down to the bed sheets. Which reinvigorated the 'priss' into fucking her girlfriend's face to another orgasm, making it so worth it. Even if that was the ending to the fun, at least for now.

Once she received that climax, Nancy stopped to savour it for a few long seconds, and then finally lifted herself off of Robin's face. As a result, the redhead could breathe properly again, and gasped for breath, even as she whimpered in disappointment. She wanted to go back to when her entire world had been pussy, and pleasing another girl with her tongue. This girl. This wonderful girl, who she had misjudged so terribly before ever really knowing her. Robin wanted to devote her life to making up for that fact, and would've said as much, if she had the energy. Instead, she just lay there, as Nancy laid down beside her, and gently held her. Which in turn way, was heaven. At least until she was teased.

"So..." Nancy questioned hoarsely, almost conversationally adding, if not for the grin on her face, "Nancy Wheeler is such a priss? Huh?"

There was a brief pause, then Robin groaned, covered her face, and grumbled, "I hate you, Steve Harrington."

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