Our Pharaoh

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Hathor smiled. Her eyes glowed with sadistic glee as would be present in any Goa'uld at their moment of victory, holding up the kara'kesh at the members of SG-1. She intended to take vengeance upon the troublesome Captain Samantha Carter well beyond that initial blast of energy, punish her would-be First Prime Colonel Jack O'Neill, and take no small amount of pleasure in breaking Apophis's former First Prime Teal'c until the shame of his betrayal was felt in his heart for every second of his waking life. And then she would rejoice in the triumph of finally disposing of her remaining obstacles in claiming this base as her new nest.

The rest of this planet's people would follow and know their place at the feet of a true goddess.

But she looked at Daniel right beside her, completely spellbound. Even after she procured his code of life, he showed sympathy towards his old comrades, in particular the Carter woman. This group had effortlessly dispatched her guard of brainwashed soldiers and O'Neill, paralyzed with shock he might be, was free of her control. If she continued down her current path, the tide of the situation could shift from her favor.

“Fullfill your promise and defend us with your life.” Daniel immediately snapped to attention and stepped in front of her. She didn't even order him to pick up a weapon but he took one from an incapacitated soldier and pointed it at O'Neill. She had a hunch that Jackson stood out compared to the rest of the men here, and he had outdone himself in so many ways.

This development pleased her. Her pharaoh in his current position was both a shield to protect her, as well as a weapon to strike her enemies. Though she did not intend to sacrifice him anytime soon, and she realized after his continued defense of Carter that he would likely not pull the trigger. But things had shifted in her favor.

“Would you hurt your friend?” she said, her voice booming with the telltale Goa'uld echo. She could see Carter getting up in her peripheral vision. She had not lowered her kara'kesh.

“Daniel, step back!” she said. He did not.

“Our pharaoh said he would die for us, did he not?”

“Yes, I did,” Daniel said.

“We originally intended to punish those who would transgress against us. But we would show mercy if you would lower your weapons. After all, we still share a common enemy.”

“We aren't going to bow down before another Goa'uld!” Carter said.

“What about your friend? He has made his choice. If you will not surrender, then we will make our decision.” Slowly, Daniel looked at Carter and raised the weapon at her. By now she noticed that Hathor's kara'kesh was aimed at Daniel's back.

Carter realized in the time it took to shoot a tranquilizer in Daniel, Hathor could easily hurt him. That close, the damage could be severe. And even if Carter removed Daniel no problem, Carter knew that she'd be in point blank range for another blast, and this time she would make it hurt.

“Fine,” Carter said, lowering her rifle. Daniel did too. O'Neill shot a look at Carter, but all she did was look down. Yet her hand was still on her pistol. Hathor smiled. She still had her arm raised, the kara'kesh still brimming with energy. For all of Carter's remaining defiance, another troop of soldiers arrived. It was over.

They subdued Carter and O'Neill while taking the incapacitated guards for recovery. Despite Hathor's vast knowledge, for all she knew the soldiers hit with tranquilizer darts were dead. She was still much of a stranger to this world.

To her credit, she decided to spare the women and the upstart Teal'c. They were taken to the brig, and this time an extra security detail was placed around the perimeter. After the last attempted hit on their beloved Goa'uld Queen's life, the addle-brained guards wouldn't be trying so easily swayed by honey trap tactics to let their guard down. Soon they would serve her willingly, as both their friend's life was in her hands and they still shared a common enemy. O'Neill would be remade into a Jaffa once more, and Teal'c would taste the dirt of subservience as he served the gods once more. Carter would be left unspoiled to witness her failure several times over.

Her current host was the daughter of a queen who dared to defy her. That false queen believed her armies could fight against the armies of a Goa'uld Queen and win. Alas it was not to be, and as punishment for her hubris, the woman's daughter, a princess was made into her current vessel. But unlike that proud monarch, Carter had shown cunning and ingenuity several times over. In the very near future, she would take Carter as a host to fully settle the fact of her dominance to what vestiges of resistance yet remained in this party of insurgents, and take in all the memories of this planet. And they would be useful weapons, for there was still so much in the galaxy for her to conquer.

Apophis would be the first of many adversaries she intended to grind beneath her heel.

For her loyal pharaoh, Hathor had a fitting reward. Once Carter's team was detained and they were left alone with each other in the safety of true privacy, she rose up leaving the hot tub. She held him close, pulling him into a passionate smooch. His heart leapt into his chest at chest, he felt like a child being rewarded with a present from his mother. Her tongue scoured every corner of his mouth, and even though Daniel was no stranger to kissing, and though it certainly wasn't the first time he had locked lips with this woman, his technique was awkard and sloppy against the sheer wanton brutality of her mouth. She exuded the pink mist down his throat, numbing his mind to what little restraint he had left. If it weren't for her holding him, he would have likely collapsed.

When she broke the kiss, he helplessly fell to his knees before her, both from helplessness, as well as an act of sheer devotion to her. He could not bring himself to look out of her, he didn't even believe he had the right. But she knelt down and cupped his chin.

“Our pharaoh has proven himself well,” she said. “And we are willing to reward him further.” She cast aside the damp golden skirt of her ceremonial garb, revealing her bare vagina. She was completely clean shaven, dripping wet with the water from the tub, and wet with her own juices too. She put both of her hands on his shoulders and he understood her intent well and clear, as his mind was completely devoted to her now.

He plunged his face into her crotch. Her tongue lashed deep into her pink cleft. She had tasted so good, it didn't even register to his mind that she had just given birth to so many infant Goa'uld sympiotes through the same cunt he was eating now. She was tight and wet, spurring him on to eat her out that much more.

Hathor looked down on him. She took great joy in seeing him on his knees like this. He was as enthusiastic and devoted to her as she expected. She grinned when his tongue flicked on her clitoris. Imprisoned in the sarcophagus for thousands of years, it had been so long she since had taken a lover. The truckers and taxi drivers she took control of on her way to SGC were like all men, easily brainwashed and eager to do her bidding. With her natural beauty and strange clothes, they all thought of her a random loony woman walking on the streets, and more than a few of them tried to take advantage of her. Yet against her unexpected powers of seduction, they all easily kowtowed before her. Like them, the moment she laid eyes on Daniel Jackson, she thought of him as just another man, something to be used and thrown away. But the moment she heard from his lips that Ra was dead at his hands, she realized just how useful he could be.

And he did not disappoint. She didn't know whether it was him being so submissive before her or the defeat of Carter and her team fresh in her mind, but he was already driving her close to an orgasm. She gripped his head, holding onto him for support, as he grabbed onto Hathor's bare ass, both to keep her steady as well as for the delight of holding her naked tush in her hands for the first time. But more than that, it was the first time he was eating her out.

The first time she fucked him, he had simply laid on his back as she climbed on top of him. After the small bit of resistance he gave her dissipated overpowered with him her pink mist, she took his clothes off and ordered him to lie down on the bed. His dick was standing up and rock hard as expected, both from the power of her nish'ta, as well as her overwhelming beauty. Anyone who saw the two of them would never think that he had declined her offer to help her make more Goa'uld, but her power had never failed her before, and against such fleeting moral considerations, it would not now. No man could ever resist her.

She sighed blissfully when he entered her for the first time, her pussy was tight and wet enough to accommodate his rock hard dick that had ached with heat for her the moment she emitted her pheromones upon his skin. She grinded her long nails into his bare chest as he pumped into her, and he wailed with pleasure. She felt him get harder inside of her, and despite being so submissive under her, his speed increased, he couldn't think anymore of anything but pleasing the woman on top of him. She had started humping him herself, he was so good.

Hathor surprised herself when she came a little earlier than expected. Her vaginal walls sucked and milked at Daniel's member, triggering his own orgasm. His cries of release were helpless as his semen gushed inside of her fertile womb, immediately giving her another orgasm on top of her first one. Her eyes turned gold and her moans of ecstasy were tinged with the telltale Goa'uld bass-flanged voice. She continued riding him until she the last of his seed dripped out of his penis and she felt him soften up inside of her.

But it was not enough for her. Looking at him like that, he looked so small, despite when the two of them stood facing each other, he was a little taller than her. And she needed to drive the wedges of obedience deep into his heart until there was nothing left.

She lowered herself, breathing the pink mist onto his limp member. It was her personal blessing to give him such a gift, for he was already getting hard again. He gave his penis a long loving lick, right from the shaft all the way up to the head of his penis. His whole body jerked at that, and she moved her head lower, sucking on his testicles while stroking his penis. When he was hard enough for her liking, she climbed on top of him again.

She thought of him under her the moment his tongue licked her clit just right, helplessly cumming again and again beyond his normal strength, and she couldn't hold it in anymore as she came. Her clit squirted her love juices onto his face. The moment she separated herself from him and he realized she was standing alright, he let go of her full luscious ass cheeks even as much as it hurt him to release his hold on such full supple flesh. A loyal puppet to the end.

She looked down at Daniel. His face was sparkling with her wet juices, but he did not dare to lick his face clean and taste more of her sweet nectar dripping from his face, let alone look up at her. Yet she could tell his body was quaking with excitement after having brought his queen to climax. And she had grown fond of him.

“You have performed well beyond our wildest dreams. Rise.” He did so. He tensed up a bit as she took off his coat and his shirt, but he made no lustful advances. But the way his stomach was moving betrayed his quick breaths from how excited he was. Hathor embraced him, pulling him into a cruel kiss, and he never felt more right. Part of him wanted to kiss her back, while another wanted to let her violate his mouth to her heart's content. Her stomach and breasts were pressed up against his naked flesh. She felt him getting hard in his pants. But as much as she enjoyed the act of procreation, it could wait.

The bodice around her stomach was glowing. The uncontrollable fits of giddy shaking Daniel felt earlier was nothing compared to the tightness and pain spreading throughout his whole body. His legs felt like they were about to give way. But he could not, would not separate from his goddess. Not of his own will, and more than that, because she would not let him go.

He had to escape the kiss to breathe. She allowed him that one act of defiance. But the lump in his pants was growing even as the bodice was working it's magic.

When it was finally over, he collapsed to his feet, sweating. The starfish design of the Jaffa pouch was marked on his stomach where his navel used to be. He looked down at it in shock. Just like O'Neill had before him.

She walked over to him and, taking him by the hands, helped him to his feet.

“And now it is time to complete your initiation into our service.” Daniel nodded. She took off his pants while she took off the rest of her clothes. What little hesitation that sprouted into his mind when he saw his transformation evaporated as soon as he saw her completely nude before him. Together, they walked into the tub, brimming with larval Goa'uld.

The bubbling hot water was comforting on his skin. More than that, it had been so long since he shared a bath with a woman. He had bathed with Sha'are plenty of times, but those were all bad memories now, reminding him of what he didn't have anymore. The few times he dreamt of her in so many ways and so many places, it stole away all his misery to be there with her again, only to wake up for reality to hit him with all the delicateness of a bludgeon. He often wondered if he would ever see her again.

But when he looked at the woman before him naked in the same tub with him, he didn't need to think about that anymore. He couldn't think about it anymore. All he could do was relax as all his worries melted away. The squirming and crying of the countless infant larvae swimming in the water seemed beautiful to his ears now. The slippery sensation of them wriggling against his flesh wasn't something that horrified him anymore, and being this close to them, he felt foolish for ever fearing contact with these creatures like he did on his missions to Chulak. And when Hathor swam close to him, the heat in his loins burned with an intensity he hadn't felt in so long.

She mounted him. His shaft pleasantly slipped into her tight and wet vaginal folds. She moaned loudly as she locked eyes with him, the evil light in her visage burning deep into his soul. Daniel himself cried out, both in pleasure from her touch as well as the sound of her voice twisted in ecstasy brought out a submissive joy in his heart.

As she rode him, he found it easy to respond to her momentum. She held him by his naked shoulders, digging her claws deep into his skin just like their first time, feeding the bliss in his heart. But all of Daniel's reluctance was gone and the sharpness of her claws only fed his enthusiasm as he pumped into her harder.

In the midst of their lovemaking, he felt something small and slimy wriggling around his stomach. He was not bothered by it, certainly not now as he was fucking the woman on top of him. His heights of pleasure made him forget all about how she had transformed him, so he was a bit perplexed feeling it actually start to enter his stomach. But when he felt it firmly coiling completely within his insides, his heart sung with delight. To become one with one of her children, no their children, it was the most intimate thing he had ever felt in his life. And now as the mother of such a beautiful creature continued humping him, throwing her head back in joy, he never felt more right being inside of her.

He took initiative himself this time, burying his face deep into her ample cleavage. Already enthralled to her own pleasure, she was helpless as the once passive Daniel started eagerly sucking on her tits. Her voice took on the deep Goa'uld echo as she howled out in pleasure at all of it.

When he came inside of her this time, her eyes both glowed as well as bugged out in their eye sockets. She couldn't hold in the scream of delight as her tight pussy rhythmically spasmed and massaged in a fit of orgasm on top of the hard cock lodged deep inside it. It had been so long since she felt such a powerful climax in her millenia long life. Even after she came, he kept pumping, pushing his hot semen as far deep inside her as it could go. It was one of the few times she genuinely felt completely powerless as his shaft, still thicker and harder than either of them expected, continued pummeling inside, her cunt still recovering from the effects of such a mind blowing climax.

He looked up at her with a feral grin. It was unanticipated coming from him, but she realized that she welcomed this change in his attitude. There was no doubt to his newfound passion as a lover. She realized now the energy laying inside of him, the strength that allowed him to kill Ra. That power could be dangerous, no doubt he had proven to be a formidable foe for Apophis and she realized now thanks to the cunning of his allies, just how quick she was to having her nascent empire collapse from under her.

But all her fears were for naught, and she had won. She was greatly pleased. It was all she could do to pull him in for a tender kiss, as the only sounds remaining in the room was the soft sucking of their mouths and the cries of their children.

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