Final Calling

BY : Deadman
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It's all going to be over soon. Or at least that's what she kept telling herself. Every time she had to go out there, she told herself it was all going to be over soon. It's just hard to figure out how it all went so insane so quickly.

It all started with a body coming into the morgue. She was pretty beaten up and asked for help. But unlike all the others, when she asked for help it didn't send her back in time. Instead of the usual ask of 'save me', they said 'save her'. That had only ever really happened once before. She knew something important was happening if it had happened again. It was just a question of who she was supposed to save. Not knowing who she was going to save made tracking them down a lot harder. Even with a body and a name to work from, she had to figure out what her real mission was going to be.

She tracked the victim down to her workplace at a strip club called Foreplay. But without knowing who in the club she was there to help, it made things harder for her. Normally this would be the kind of thing she'd get Harrison to help with, but their father had him on an overseas trip. Davis had been hard to talk to ever since she found out he told Carrie her secret. She didn't feel as comfortable turning to him as she used to. Especially with everything else they were going through. So she got a job as a bartender at the club. That way she could get to know as many people as possible and start a conversation without looking suspicious. She started talking to the bouncers and other staff at the club. Having those conversations gave her an opening with the girls, showing them they could trust her. She was able to narrow down who she was here to help little by little. The problem was that getting to know the girls involved them hanging out after they'd just been up on stage, usually attracting the attention of the customers. They would notice her talking to the girls, which got her the kind of attention she wasn't sure she wanted.

It wasn't very long before customers started suggesting she get up on stage. At first it was a joke, and she would laugh it off, and most of the occasional customers would laugh it off with her. Complimenting her on her full tits and how she should show them off more. Suggesting a crop top or a halter top or even just a sports bra instead of what she was wearing. Talking about her firm and supple ass, how it hugged her jeans so perfectly. Saying she'd get more tips if she wore shorter shorts to show off her toned legs and accentuating her ass cheeks. Even going so far as to suggest a bikini to show off everything at once while she served drinks. A few of the other female bartenders were known for doing things like that, so she stood out because she didn't do the same. It got so much that she even tried one or two of them just to see if it helped with the tips... which it did.

But then the regulars started noticing her, and the regulars started asking and they weren't joking as much. Offering her money to show up for work in whatever they think would look hot on her. She immediately resisted that idea. She wasn't about to let customers tell her what to wear to work. Her purpose was to get to someone here at the club and save their life. If she went along with it, she'd get distracted and that wouldn't be good. So the money they offered kept going up. The kind of money that it was hard to turn down. Which is why she started accepting it. So long as they paid up front and she got to pick what kind or style, she would do as they ask. Some would insist that she wear a bra underneath, or no bra, or nothing but a bra. All of which would lead to much better tips on top of everything.

Something which she appreciated. Especially since she wasn't getting paid from the city the way she used to be. Somehow, the city payroll found out that Davis was paying her for shifts she hadn't actually worked. Of course she had worked most of them, they were just on do over days when the second time she was busy with other stuff. Davis had been paying her for the shifts that she'd worked on first days even if she hadn't shown up on the second days. The city found out though and she had to pay a lot of it back. That made the money she was making from her bartending work even more important. And the attention of the regulars who paid more for what she did almost made it worth what she did to get it.

Some of them would even come to see her and spend money on her. Which meant they weren't spending as much money on the girls on stage. And that caught the attention of the owner, Tony, who wasn't very happy with her for it. He insisted on getting a cut of what she was making, and then being a go between for her and the customers. If they wanted anything other than drinks from her, they had to go through him instead of directly to her. He wouldn't let it happen any other way. She was taking away his money for the girls and the reason they were supposed to be there.

But as things progressed, he started accepting more and more strange requests. They would ask her to wear certain lipsticks with the outfit. Put on different eyeliner shades or types of blush. Then came the necklace and earring requests. That just added to the price, so she would do it if they paid for it. After all, she had to keep this job or she wouldn't be able to save who she was doing this all to save. Not to mention paying back some of the money she owed, even if Tony taking a cut made it harder.

Besides, it would all be over soon, so it would all be worth it. Or at least that's what she had to keep telling herself.

Like with other things though, it didn't end there. Tony started bringing requests for her to do other things for customers. When they would order drinks from her, they would ask her not to be so perfect with her pouring, letting her accidentally pour drinks on herself, or use whatever she was wearing to wipe up messes and leave it on for the rest of the night.

Even that didn't seem enough to keep the requests at bay. They started asking her to wear only half an outfit. It wasn't that important which half she wanted to wear, so long as it was only half. That's something she pushed back on really hard. That was a line that she didn't want to cross. She might as well get up on stage and start dancing for him. Which is something that she told Tony she would not do.

She probably should've expected it when he started pushing her to get up on stage.

She pushed back on that right away, as hard as she could. That wasn't her job and she didn't want to do it. Even if some of the other bartenders did double duty behind the bar and on stage, it wasn't something she was willing to do. But the attention kept coming her way and there was only so much she could do to keep them at bay. The requests kept coming and she kept crossing lines to keep herself from crossing the one line she didn't want to. Spending time at tables with customers in the outfit of their choice. Putting money in the girls' g-strings or belts or panties or whatever they were wearing for customers. Even at one point having one of the girls sit in her lap while neither of them were wearing much of anything. All to keep what became the most persistent and loudest request at bay just a little longer.

She couldn't afford to lose the job and lose access to her charge, the one she was supposed to save. It got so bad that the owner started saying that she better get up on stage at some point or she'd get fired for taking money from the girls. And the money was really good. Especially given her money troubles at the moment. The more he pushed the higher the offers from customers became. But despite everything she did whatever she could to push back. It was a line she just couldn't cross.

Then one night, one of the girls didn't show up for her shift on stage, and Tony came down on her hard to deal with the problem. He wasn't about to let a hole in his schedule happen and lose the customers he had while they waited for the next one. No matter what she offered as an alternative, including using some of the money she made to buy the whole club a drink while they waited, he wouldn't budge this time. Either she got up on stage or she had to find herself another job. It was a do or die scenario, in this case mainly for the girl she was supposed to protect.

So she did it.

She got up on stage and took her clothes off for money. It was supposed to be a one time thing. And she had made that clear. Something she only did once to keep her bartending job and be able to save a life. She'd made sure of that before agreeing to anything. She even insisted that he give her a cut of the night's profits just for doing it. Trying to make the prospect of her doing it again not that appealing to him. And she had the announcer declare that it was a one night only event in the announcement of the change. She wouldn't even come out on stage until he'd said it.

But it didn't stay that way. When she went back to her bartending job after that night, suddenly, the requests for her to bartend without a top on were harder to push back on. A lot of the regulars and the occasionals who had been there that night had already seen her without a top on. It's not like she could claim that she wasn't that kind of person. They'd seen it on stage and they wanted to see more. So she started bartending topless any time she was paid for it. And of course the more times she did it, the more people would see and the requests would happen more.

Which is why she didn't want to do it for so long. She knew when she crossed that line, that other lines would happen to come up and she'd have to make a choice. Unfortunately, the choice was always to do whatever she had to so that she could save someone's life. That was always the right choice.

The important thing to remember was that it would all be over soon. She had to believe that, because that's what would make everything worth it.

It wasn't long before any time a girl didn't show up for her shift, she would get the riot act from Tony about filling in. Which made it a lot harder to turn down. After all, she'd made a lot of money in that one night's performance. Even though she didn't have as much to bargain with next time she was pushed to get up there, the money still made doing it worthwhile. She could still justify it as getting her out of there faster. The more it happened, the more he'd push for it, and for those who were there that night, it's a topic that came up at least once every night from the customers... usually more than once. So she would end up filling in when she couldn't find a way out of it or have one of the girls to fill the shift.

Suddenly, the girls were asking her to fill in shifts for her on short notice, usually accompanied by a threat from Tony about her job. So she started filling in more and more. She made a point of keeping as many of her bartender shifts as she could, doing more of them then filling in. She had to make sure to keep them as separate as possible and keep some hold on what she was really here to do. It should've been obvious by now that this wasn't going to last forever.

Then it became part of her act, even if she didn't even realize she needed an act, that she would get up on the bar and dance her way onto the main stage. Just like some of the other bartenders had done. She would take bottles of wine or spirits or beer with her and pour them down the customer's throats as she went up there. Sometimes she'd pour it on herself when she got up there and take off the wet clothes while she danced. It really started to blur the line between what she was supposed to do and what she was doing, but she couldn't help thinking she'd definitely crossed another one.

And the money was really good. Not that she was doing it for the money. This was all about saving a life and nothing else. It was better than what she usually got at the bar. At least when she wasn't getting paid to wear something... or not wear something, which was most of the time these days. So she started doing shifts as a dancer, splitting her time between one and the other. Some days she'd be a bartender, and others she'd be a dancer. Except for the days when she would work the bar as part of her act, making things even blurrier. Plus being a part time dancer gave her better access to the girls so she could figure out who she was supposed to save.

At least that's what she told herself.

Slowly but surely, she started taking more and more shifts as a dancer, and fewer and fewer as a bartender. It just made practical sense to do things that way. Her real job was to get close to the girl she was charged with saving. That was harder to do as a bartender, she needed some kind of way in. Otherwise she'd never get close enough when the time came to help the one she was here to help. Which was the whole point of all of this, saving someone in need. There wasn't much she wouldn't do to save someone when she was asked.

And even some of the lines she thought she'd never cross, she did for this one. There were still a few that she wouldn't, but she wasn't sure how long she could hold out if this went on much longer. She'd already crossed so many lines, getting deeper and deeper into this world then she ever thought possible. Which is why she kept telling herself, that it would all be over soon.

So here she was, her first shift as a full time dancer at a strip club, in the back room getting ready to go on stage and taking her clothes off for money.

But it will all be over soon.

“He's here.”

Tru looks up at Tony at his words just as she's about to apply her lipstick.


“You know who.”

“Actually I don't. Especially since you refuse to give me his name, or really tell me anything about him.”

“Which is the way he wants it. You know the drill, not all the girls who do this know who they're getting involved with. Some of our high profile clientele prefer to stay anonymous. At least until they meet you.”

“And you actually think this guy is high profile?”

“With the amount of money he's throwing around? Definitely. The problem is that the one place he really wants to put his money isn't there for him... yet.”

She goes back to applying her ruby red lipstick, one of her most popular shades from when she was a bartender and being paid to put it on. Now it was part of her wardrobe to wear it every night. She smacks her lips to make sure her lipstick is straight before responding.

“We talked about this Tony. I'm not going to do it.”

“You also told me that you'd never take your clothes off for money... and yet here we are. So?”

“I told you, I'm not going to...”

“He raised the price again.”

That makes Tru pause for a moment before answering. Another line she was coming up on, wondering whether to cross. She picks up her blush applicator and starts brushing it on to her nearly flawless skin. Not just on her face, but her neck and the parts of her chest on display.

“I'm still saying no.”

Tony grumbles at her response.

“You're losing me money again. You know there's only so much of that I'm willing to take. You know that, right?”

She sighs as she finishes off with the blush, completing her make up.

“I know... and I'm still saying no.”

He looks at her angrily for a long moment.

“Fine, but if he raises the price again and you still say no? We're going to have a problem. Get it?”

She puffs up her hair to make it bounce as she responds.

“I get it... and prepare to be disappointed.”

Again he grumbles at her before eventually heading away.

“Your stuff is ready on the stage where you need it. You better get out there. You're on after Candy.”

Tru gets up from her chair, hiking her tits for maximum cleavage from her full B cup tits before adjusting her low cut wife beater to match the cleavage she wants. She adjusts the pink bra underneath so the straps and part of the cups too are visible. Then when that looks right, she checks out the short ripped jean shorts, adjusting the belt and hiking up the little of the legs it covers that there is for maximum leg on display.

The song on stage starts to wind down and Tru makes her way towards the performer entrance to the stage. She stops just behind the curtain that separates the performers from the audience and the stage.

This is all going to be over soon.

The song comes to an end and the announcer comes on.

“Thank you to the always lovely Candy. Isn't she stunning? She's available for private dances in the champagne room. Just ask the bouncer at the room's entrance for how to book one.”

There's a pause in the announcement and Tru knows what's coming next. She was about to cross another line that she never thought she'd cross. She checks over her outfit one more time before the announcement comes.

“And now... a club Foreplay favourite. She's one of our most requested dancers. She was a bartender here for a long time, but tonight's her debut as a full time dancer. Please welcome to the stage...”

Tru gets right up to the curtain. She picks up the full shot glasses on either side of her and makes herself ready, holding one in each hand.

“Shot Glass!”

With that, she walks through the curtain and holds the shot glasses up above her head as she stops just outside the curtain, a big smile on her face. The stage is big enough for at least two performances at the same time, which they sometimes did with a few of the girls. Two of them could lie down and they'd barely reach the sides at both ends, which were lined with potential customers. This also gave them enough room so the customers couldn't just reach out and touch her unless she wants them to. Six small stages lined the edges of the stage for regular customers with more money and a big one at the far end of the stage for VIPs, all five of which are occupied. Two poles are near where she entered and one at the far end stage. It's immediately obvious that basically all eyes of the crowd are on her. Ogling every part of her as the lights don't hold anything back.

“Who's ready for some shots?”

The crowd cheers, the music starts, a rock song, and she starts shaking her hips to the music. Slowly, she makes her way down the stage, stopping at the closest small stage near the entrance on her right. She crouches down, keeping the glasses level so she spills as little as possible. She splits her knees and opens up her legs, keeping her focus on the guy as she does. He seems mostly mesmerized by the woman in front of him. He clearly has his eyes on where her open legs meet. At least until she closes them and drops her knees to the floor, returning his focus to the rest of her. She holds out one of the shot glasses towards him but just out of reach. As he tries to move so he can drink from it, she pulls it back and downs it herself, falling back intentionally on her butt as she does, her legs pushing outward towards the guy, then setting the glass down in front of him on stage when she opens them.

Tru rolls over onto her stomach, keeping the other shot glass from spilling, facing the direction of the guy on the left side. She puts the shot glass down just barely within reach in front of her before using both hands to push herself up onto all fours, making sure to put her ass back toward the guy she was just teasing, shaking it for him to the music.

She leans forward and lays down on her stomach again, shifting forward so she can hover her head over the shot glass. It allows her to open her mouth and take the shot glass between her teeth and lift it off the floor, using her tongue flat against the rim to keep the liquid in the glass. Pulling her hair back so the crowd can see what she's doing, she smiles as she crawls her way over to the guy on the other side. He's clearly eager as her crawl gives him a great look down her wife beater shirt. When she reaches the other small stage at the left side edge of the stage, she smiles at the guy with the glass in her mouth. He's obviously enjoying the show she's giving him.

Tru flips herself over on to her back, the glass still in her mouth, impressing the guy in front of her. She arches her back off the floor and balances on her head and butt before letting the liquid into her mouth and swallowing it. After a few moments, she takes the glass out of her mouth and sets it down on stage in front of the guy sitting there. He claps at what he's just seen. The former bartender falls back so her whole body is against the stage to lay on her back, letting herself adjust. She rolls over on her stomach again then pumps her hips a couple of times off the floor, much to the crowd's delight.

Not long after, she pulls herself up to her knees with her ass up and her face still on the floor. She then slowly arches her back up until she's back on all fours. Tru makes her way back up to her feet, moving into a fully body wave that goes from her head to her toes.

She shakes her ass to the music, snaking her arms around and running her hands over her body. The woman who just took this job for her other work saving people moves down the stage to the next part of her performance. She stops between two more guys sitting in the second set of small stages at the edge of the stage. In front of both guys is a bottle with a traditional shot spout on it, filled with alcohol. She looks between the two of them, acting like she's trying to decide who to go to. Dancing mid stage, she lifts the hem of her shirt with one hand to show her very tight stomach in temptation. Slowly dancing in a 360 degree turn to give everyone a tease, but especially the two guys nearest to her, she uses her other hand to slide its way over her exposed skin then dropping her shirt hem.

The guy on her left holds up a $20 bill, trying to tempt her to go with him. She teases him by dancing her way very slowly toward him while turning to face the other guy. Her ass out at $20 guy, shaking it for him in appreciation as she gives the other side a look at her impressive chest by leaning towards him.

The other guy on her right holds out a $50 bill, the competition for her attention in full swing. It makes Tru smile at him and start to dance towards him instead. As she gets closer to the $50 guy, she turns to the $20 guy and teases him, reaching into her shorts and pulling the band of her thong out to expose it for the audience.

The $20 guy adds a $50 bill, making $70, which has Tru moving back towards him. Again she turns to the $50 guy to tease him. The $50 guy adds another 50, making it $100. As she makes it back to 100 guy's side of the stage, she tries to entice $70 guy to add more, but ultimately, he doesn't give any more. That has her frown at him for a moment before turning back to the $100 guy and focusing on him. Tru dances in front of him for a while, giving him the full 360 degree look at her currently clothed body.

Eventually, she crouches in front of him as she faces him, alternating between opening her knees and closing them to the music. His smile gets bigger as she throws her left leg out to one end of the stage creating a 90 degree angle and lies down on it before bringing her legs together as she lies on her side facing him. She rolls over towards him until she's right in front of the bottle, wiggling a bit to the music as she stops. Picking up the bottle while laying on her side facing him, she raises it above her head and then slowly starts tipping the spout towards her. She puts her left arm against the floor and pushes herself up from the floor as the bottle gets halfway and she turns her focus to the tipping bottle.

Opening her mouth, she lets the shot fall out of the bottle and pours into her mouth, a lot of it dripping off the corners of her mouth and down her neck to her shirt, wetting it with alcohol. Her pink bra becomes more visible as the shirt gets wet. The bottle stops pouring and she holds the alcohol in her mouth, turns to the $100 guy and smiles before swallowing it.

Tipping the bottle back up right, she then tips it again, this time letting the alcohol fall directly on her shirt. Her skin more visible now, she sets the bottle down upright in front of him. She pushes herself up further. Facing him, she turns her body at her hips and lets her right leg go out in an angle over his head while her left leg goes in the opposite direction before setting both down so that her legs are at a near 180 degree angle from each other, much like the splits. Snaking her upper body for him, she reaches down and grabs the hem of her shirt. Eventually, she pulls it up over her head, taking it off, leaving her in only her pink bra and jean shorts. The crowd cheers at the reveal she's just given them, hooting and hollering.

Tru throws her shirt back towards the curtain then turns her attention back to $100 guy. She brings her legs back together so they're along one end to the other across the stage to him, rolls over to the edge of the stage and then offers her belt to him. Grateful to get such an up close look at the stunning woman in front of him, he closes the gap between them. She feels the bills against her skin from just above her ribs, along the side of her stomach down to her hips. He slips the $100 in bills into her belt, a hand against her shorts as he does, and she blows him a kiss when he pulls back. Then she rolls her way back to the centre of the stage before getting up to her hands and knees, then just her knees, and finally back to her feet. She dances her way back down towards the curtain.

The former bartender bends over at the waist while facing away from the crowd to pick up a bottle, giving the crowd a look at her jean short covered ass. A cheer comes up from the crowd at the view they're getting before straightening back up. She moves to the music, stopping in front of the pole. She grabs the pole and uses it to dance around it with the bottle in the other hand. As she gets back to facing the front of the stage, she takes the bottle and gives herself a shot, again letting the alcohol dribble out of the corner of her mouth and down her body. It runs down her naked skin and the bra, getting it a little more wet. Using one hand, she spreads the alcohol over her skin, teasing the edges of her bra by slipping her fingers underneath it ever so slightly.

She dances her way back up the stage to between the second set of small stages with two guys near the end of the stage. Teasing them both, she dances towards one, then the other, tipping the bottle a few times as if to take a shot but never doing it. She even put the spout to her lips a few times, just to really tempt them. The guy on the left holds up a $50 bill, then the other on the left holds up two, making $100, before the $50 guy on the left holds up three, making $150. She teases the $100 guy on the right a little more, but he doesn't add anything. She frowns before turning to $150 guy and closing the distance.

Tru turns her back to him, looking over her shoulder with a smile before bending at the waist again, giving him a pretty close look at her currently jean short covered ass. She sets the bottle down to the left side of her near the edge of the stage. She bends at the knees, making her crouch in front of him. Timed to the music, she leans forward so her hands are firmly planted on the ground and throws her legs out to either side of her, suspending her legs mostly off the floor for a moment with her arms the only thing holding her up before finally coming down in the splits. It also gives him a great look at where her legs meet for a second.

The former bartender bounces her ass at him a few times then finally brings her legs together in front of her so she's sitting on stage with her back to him. Looking over her shoulder for a second, she smiles as she tips her upper body to the right until it's on the ground, her legs moving so they're from one end to the other across the stage to him while facing away. Quickly, she rolls herself towards him, closing the distance between them again. She stops on her side and raises the free leg like she's doing a leg exercise before bending at the knee and putting her foot down so her legs are in a triangle. Tru thrusts her hips off the floor a couple times, again a little like she's doing an exercise.

She leans forward, giving him a good look at her currently bra covered chest. The stunning dancer picks up the bottle as she rolls over on her front, giving the customer a sexy smile from her position as she throws her hair to one side so he can see her face. Planting her free hand on the floor, she arches her back while keeping her hips on the floor, turning her head up so she can raise the bottle above her and tip it, taking another shot that like the others doesn't go all in her mouth.

Setting the bottle down in front of her after her shot, Tru lies fully down on the floor again. She brings her arms to her sides, just above the tops of her jean shorts. She lifts her ass up off the floor like she did before with her face on the floor looking at the guy she's performing for and her knees up. The former bartender takes hold of her shorts, sliding her thumbs down to the front of the shorts and undoing the button, opening up her shorts. Her fingers then move back to either side of her hips and slowly pulls her shorts down her ass, exposing it to the crowd. Hooting and hollering erupt from the crowd at the newly exposed skin. It isn't long before her pink thong is visible and it becomes the only thing on her ass.

Tru brings her ass back down to the floor until her shorts are almost to her knees. She then rolls over so that her legs are pointed towards the guy, giving him a good look at her ass while she's on her back, shifting enough so she's still facing him. Lifting her legs up together, she gives the $150 guy a great look at her thong covered butt, exposing as much of her as he can get. She reaches up and bends her knees so she can take her shorts the rest of the way off. Throwing them towards the curtain, she lies there in nothing but her pink bra and thong, and her belt with the money on it. She runs her hands along her body, feeling all the eyes on her as she squirms on the floor.

To give him one last good look, she opens her legs for a second before closing them again and setting her knees down on the floor. Getting back to her hands and knees at the edge of the stage, the guy leans forward and puts the $150 in bills into her belt. Like the guy before him, his free hand touches her ass while he does. After blowing him a kiss, she lifts her ass up in a triangle leg form on her hands and feet, then moves up to her feet fully. She dances back to the centre between the two guys. Again she moves back up stage to a pole on the stage and does another circle around it with one hand on the pole and the other out like she's presenting herself to the crowd.

When she gets back to facing the front of the stage, she slides down the pole half way before getting up to a standing position again. Slowly, she dances her way down the stage to the front of it, almost all of her body on display except for her pink bra and thong. She makes her way to the guy at the front of the stage, shaking her ass at the $70 guy, the two $100 guys and the $150 guy on the way. Like the other guys near the stage, there's a bottle in front of the guy on the main stage. But unlike the others, there's two shot glasses and a pole in front of him.

As she approaches, the guy has three $100 bills with him, making it $300, which is why he's there with a couple of his friends. The former bartender leans against the pole as she gets to it, the pole between her and the $300 guy. Her butt presses against the bar, her cheeks divided by it as she does. She slides down it half way before going back to a standing position. Tru moves to the front of the pole so she's facing the $300 guy and his friends. She slides down the pole again, opening her legs as she does, making her fit body almost entirely on display for her customers, only the thin pink thong and bra keeping anything hidden. Bouncing a couple of times at the end of her sliding, she goes back to a standing position.

She puts one hand on the pole and does several circles around this one, this time her hand sliding her way down it and her feet sliding the opposite way on the floor, leaving her hanging off the pole by her one hand, until she's lying on her stomach in front of them. She thrusts her ass up into the air a couple times. Quickly, she rolls towards the end of the stage, right in front of the bottle and shot glasses. The former bartender picks up the bottle and tips it quickly, pouring enough alcohol for the two shots. She then starts pouring it on herself from in her hair to her feet before setting down the bottle.

The $300 guy and his friends can't help but enjoy the show before them, hooting and hollering at the nearly naked Tru. She picks up one of the shot glasses and snakes her way down until she lies down on her front at the edge of the stage in front of her, lying from one end to the other across the stage to him. She puts the shot glass on the ass cheek closest to the $300 guy. Looking at him, she signals for him to go for it. He signals for his friend to stand up and he does, leaning over the edge of the stage and admiring Tru in front of him. Eventually, she raises her butt to him and he takes the shot glass off her ass before downing it, then setting it down on the stage.

The former bartender gets up to her hands and knees, eventually turning over on her back. Picking up the other shot glass, she places the shot glass on her mostly naked chest carefully between her tits. Her focus turns to $300 guy and signals for him to go ahead. He stands up and leans over, admiring the nearly naked Tru in front of him. As he reaches for the shot glass on her chest, she reaches back with one hand and grabs the string of her bra in the back, pulling on it so it opens up. The $300 guy picks up the glass and she grabs the front of her pink bra and pulls it down, revealing her stunning chest.

He looks at her in front of him, her tits on full display for him. Not long after, he downs the drink and sets it on the stage. She rolls over on her front and lifts her ass in the air, her pink thong and belt with money on it the only thing she's wearing. He reaches out and puts the three $100 bills on her belt. Tru blows him a kiss and then gets up to her hands and knees, then to just her knees. She leans towards the pole and takes it with both hands, using it to make her way up to her feet again.

Tru dances her way back toward the curtain, stopping at each of the smaller stages to give them a look at her body. She does a 360 degree turn for each of them before moving down to the curtain. She does a twirl around one of the poles, then moves to the second one and does the same. The former bartender makes her way back to the end of the stage, giving $300 guy and his friends one last good look at her.

Doing one more circle around the main pole, now with her tits on display, the song quickly winds down, signalling the end of her dance.

The crowd claps at her performance enthusiastically before the announcer comes on.

“Thank you very, very much. That was, Shot Glass. She's not taking anything in the champagne room but she will serve you a drink if you order it.”

Slowly, she walks off the stage not far from the $300 guy's end of the stage.

“Feel free to flag her down as she walks the floor.”

Tru makes her way towards the bar, clearly sweating from the work she just put in. As she gets there, Tony is leaning against the bar and waiting for her. As she gets to it, the bartender has a glass of water there for her. The alcohol she drank leaving her head swimming, doing her best to stay on her feet, she takes a sip. Tony gives her a clap that could be taken as sarcastic.

“Fantastic performance as always Shot Glass. You really were made for this.”

Knowing that Tony doesn't usually give compliments unless he wants something, she glares at him. He always used her stage name instead of her real one when he wanted something. He knew what her real name was and yet he'd use her stage name anyway. Almost like he knew it was Shot Glass who was his employee and she needed to do as he said. Which made a certain amount of sense... he did give her that name after all. Like he gave it to her, so he owned the name, so using it meant he owned her or something. Tru takes a drink of her water to balance out the alcohol before turning to him.

“What do you want Tony?”

There's a silence between them despite the noise of the club, the next performance starting up.

“He raised the price.”

Tru watches him for a while, not sure how to respond.

“He's offering 5 grand for one session with you in the champagne room. Five grand for one session. There's no way I can go back to him and turn that down. I'm just not going to do it.”

Again she watches him for a moment, not saying anything.

“This guy is obviously a high roller. He's got deep pockets and if we can hook him, he could bring in a lot of money to this place. Maybe even a few other high rollers. All he's asking for is one session with you, and I expect you to give it to him. If you don't, he may never come back and there's no way I'm letting you work here when you cost me someone that valuable. So you either do it, or you don't come in tomorrow or ever again. So what's your answer?”

What was she going to do?

She needed to keep this job if she was going to save the life she was here to save. If he really was going to fire her over this, then he's backed her into a corner... again. There really is only one option for her, but could she actually do it? She knew the types of things that went on in the champagne room. There's a reason why they call it a session rather than a dance around here. Because usually they expect more than just a dance, and they pay a lot of money to get it. Usually not this much though, which is why he's pushing her so hard to do it.

But was this a line that she was willing to cross to save a life? Could she compromise herself so completely by actually accepting the session? Who would she be if she actually did it? Could she still look at herself in the mirror after all this was over with if she did?

Tony starts to look really angry at her because it's taking so long to get an answer. He needed this to happen, clearly.

“Come on, it's not like you don't need the cash.”

That has her looking at him with suspicion.

“What? You know the kind of clientele we get in here. Yeah, a lot of them are just regular joes but we have more than a few city officials in here. Including a few that work in payroll. They were pretty surprised to see you working here. Some of them were even interested in spending time with you. Not sure you're going to be back working for the city any time soon. But they were nice enough to let me know about your money problems.”

Taking a drink of her water again, she takes a deep breath. Here she was, right up against another line and wondering whether to cross it.

“Do you know for sure that he's got the money?”

That makes Tony grin, knowing he's getting somewhere with this.

“He showed it to me himself. He's good for it.”

Another moment passes.

“I'll do it on a couple of conditions, and these are not negotiable. Am I clear?”

He seems somewhat annoyed by this.

“What are they?”

“First? This doesn't mean that I'm taking any other sessions. This is a one time thing.”

He smiles.

“Right, okay... I can live with that.”

“Second? He can't expect anything beyond this one session. I'm not taking him on like any other girls here do with their regulars. It really is just a one time thing... including for him.”

Again he smiles at that, knowing where this is going.

“I'll make sure that's clear. Anything else?”

“Third? There's gotta be a bouncer in there with me just in case things get out of hand and it needs to stop.”

“Scott will be in there with you to monitor everything that happens. Anything else?”

“Lastly? I get two thirds of what he's paying. You give me $3,500 of the five grand.”

“What? That's... most of the other girls take half.”

“Yes, but this is a special circumstance. If I'm going to do this, it's gotta be worth it for me. Those are my terms, take it or leave it.”

Tony watches Tru for a long while, looking her up and down in her basically naked state. Eventually though, she gets what she wants.

“Fine, you get $3,500 of the five grand. Do we have a deal?”

He puts out his hand to her. She looks at his hand, then shakes it, sealing the deal.

“We have a deal. Just give me a few minutes to get cleaned up and I'll meet him there.”

Tony starts to walk away.

“Fine... oh, one other thing?”


“He has a condition of his own.”

He stops and turns to her as she looks at him.

“You have to do exactly as he says, no questions asked.”

And there it is. The line she didn't want to have to cross. The thing she didn't want to do, right there in front of her. She'd already agreed to do it, and she knew on some level that it was going to go there. But somehow she was hoping it wouldn't... and yet it did.


He smiles at her as he turns.

“A pleasure doing business with you as always Shot Glass. Have a good time.”

Tru looks down at her glass of water, and she has to remind herself that it's all going to be over soon. It has to be, and that will make everything she's doing all worth it. All the lines that she's crossed and the things that she's done will all be worth it when this is all over. There's no other way for her to look at it if she's going to make it through. Especially for the things she's probably about to do, for the line she's about to cross.

She drinks the last of her water and lets it settle on the way down before taking a deep breath and heading back to the stage's back entrance much earlier than originally planned. She had planned to circulate in the crowd and offer to get a few tables some drinks for them, letting them ogle her as she does. One of the many compromises she'd made while on this mission. Was that when all this started to go wrong for her?

Maybe it was when she was told to leave the stage via the front instead of the curtain the way she'd done when she first started doing it, letting customers look at her in basically all her glory for a while before she headed back inside. Or it could've been when she agreed to become a full time dancer at the club instead of splitting her time between the stage and the bar. Or when she started letting him give her stage shifts and bar shifts. It could've been when she even agreed to go on stage at all.

She passes the bouncer at the back stage entrance and he nods at her as she goes back. She heads to the prep table that she was using earlier, running her hands over her body and through her hair to try and clean off as best she can before she gets there. So many compromises have been made ever since she started working here, and here she was about to make another. A few of the girls smile at her as she passes them, or congratulate her on her performance. She smiles back or thanks them as she does.

A lot of the girls had told her stories about what happens in the champagne room. Things they were paid to do. Some clients just liked to watch them do things in front of them they can't do with a crowd around. Others wanted things done to them by the girl they're paying. While others wanted to be a little more active and do things to or with the girls. From the one request he did make, she probably should expect things to be a little more active. She wasn't exactly sure how to feel about that.

Reaching down to her belt, the former bartender starts gathering up the money she'd made when the guys had put it in there as she was dancing. Another compromise she'd made when she'd initially said she wouldn't let people do that during her performance. But like everything else, she ended up doing it because not doing it ended up harder.

Not a bad haul for the night, $520 bucks for a performance was pretty solid. Something she'd become accustomed to thinking when she counted the money. Another compromise she'd made, though this time with herself more than anything. Getting back to her table, she sits down at the table and looks at herself in the mirror.

It would all be over soon. She had to believe that. It's the only way that it would all be worth it.

She takes out a couple moist towelettes and opens them up one at a time, using them to wipe herself down. As she does, she can't help but wonder how long it's going to take for her session to involve the guy paying for it to be touching her where the towelettes are currently, her skin tingling at the thought of what was about to happen. The fact that she was excited at the idea of what was about to happen felt like another compromise, but at this point there was nothing she could do to keep it from happening.

The former bartender looks herself over as she finishes off the wipe down, deciding she'd done a decent job. Hopefully he wouldn't take issue with it when she went into the champagne room and found him there. Picking up the fresh water bottle on her table one of the bouncers puts on her table during her performance, she opens it and pours it over her head, trying to wash out the alcohol as best she could. When the bottle's empty, she sets it down and runs both her hands through her hair to get as much of the alcohol out as she could.

Then Tru looks at herself in the mirror again, deciding it was good enough. She didn't have time to take a full shower, which was her usual preference after a performance. What she'd done would just have to do... another compromise she'd made. Reaching for her make up, she applies a few things, going for a less heavy make up routine since she wasn't sure what he'd want her to do for him. Her lipstick being the last thing she puts on, she smacks her lips together to make sure it's on well enough.

Something told her she'd be doing a lot of lip smacking before the end of the night. Although unfortunately probably not the kind she's usually used to... mainly the kissing kind. Looking herself over one last time, she takes a second to breath before she gets up and starts her way to crossing that line. Going out the way she came in, she passes the same bouncer from before and stops just as she lays eyes on the champagne room.

This was it. Scott, the bouncer Tony had said she'd have with her was standing outside the champagne room, signalling that everything was ready and that her one time client was inside. On the other side of the entrance was Tony, expectantly waiting for her. After a few moments, she makes her way towards him.

It would all be over soon, and that would make everything she was about to do all worth it.

Tony smiles as she approaches the door. Tru decides to ask even though she knows what the answer will be.

“Is he in there?”

He nods.

“He is, and he's very excited that you've agreed to this.”

She sighs.

“I'm sure he is.”

Turning to Scott, the rather large and well muscled black bouncer.

“Are you ready?”


Tru starts to step forward before Tony stops her.

“Remember... he's paying for anything he wants, and it's your job to give it to him.”

She stares him down for a while before answering.

“I remember, but just remember our deal.”

“I remember.”

After a few more moments of Tony and Tru looking at each other, Tru finally turns to the curtain of the entrance and walks through it. Scott is quick to follow, quickly moving into the far corner as he's supposed to while Tru goes towards the middle of the room, not looking at who's in there.

“So you know how this works? Tony explained the rules to you?”

A familiar voice is heard in response.

“Oh trust me, I know how this works... probably better than you do.”

Tru turns around at the voice, knowing who it is and feeling her heart sink at the thought. Jack is sitting in the open booth leather couch of the champagne room, a rather pleased look on his face. She just stares at him and doesn't respond.

“Hello Tru.”

Scott moves to intervene, sensing something's up but Tru holds out her hand to him and he stops. She crosses her arms over her chest, offering her minimal coverage given that basically the rest of her body is on display for her rival.

“What are you doing here Jack?”

That has Jack get an amused if attempted shocked look on his face.

“What? Did you think I'd forgotten? I still have a job to do, just like you. Although I must admit, I'm still surprised that you've gone this far.”

“It was the only way to get to her.”

“Oh I know, I've been watching your little progression, from bartender to part time dancer, to now full time. It's quite impressive... as are you obviously. You've really taken to this role quite well. Maybe you should consider it a permanent change?”

“Not a chance.”

“Well, that's why I asked Tony to arrange for this little session together. Just in case there wasn't an opportunity later.”

“And how did you arrange it exactly? Where'd you get the money for this? I'm guessing you don't just have five grand lying around.”

Jack smiles at his rival for asking the question.

“You know, I'm fairly certain that my terms were I get what I want, with no questions asked. That is what we've agreed to, isn't it? Or should I go out there and tell Tony that you failed to live up to your end of the bargain? I'm sure he'd be very disappointed in you for that. It might even cost you your job and your access to our mutual friend.”

There's a long silence between them as they just stare at each other, as if in a stand off. He clearly knew what he was doing when he arranged this. He waited until she started to really compromise herself before making his move. It wasn't until she had started taking real shifts as a dancer that the requests he made came in. Unlike the other customers, he never made his requests in person. It was always through Tony, which made her think he was getting a power player. That probably is part of why he pushed so hard on her to do it, finally succeeding when she'd been forced to fully commit to the job.

Eventually, Tru backs down with a sigh and that makes Jack smile and lean forward.

“Great, I'm glad that we still have a deal. Now, I've had them pick an outfit that's quite appropriate for you. Why don't you go back behind the partition and put it on?”

She continues to stare at him for a moment.

“What did you pick out Jack?”

Jack gets a dissatisfied look on his face.

“I'm pretty sure I was fairly clear about the no questions asked part. Maybe what we need, is a test. To make sure you're fully committed to this little deal of ours.”

He turns to Scott in the corner of the room.

“Scott... it is Scott right? Would you mind helping us out with this?”

She looks at Scott who's looking back before returning to Jack.

“What are you doing Jack?”

Again Jack has a dissatisfied look on his face.

“You really are struggling with the idea of no questions asked, aren't you?”

They stare each other down for a moment. Tru then looks at Scott and nods, making Scott move out of the corner.

“Great, now... when I say anything I want, no questions asked, I mean it, and as a test of your commitment, I want you to reach into Scott's pants, pull out his dick, and give him a little hand job right here.”

That has Tru looking at him with an angry look.

“You can't be serious?”

“Anything I want Tru, that's what I've paid for and that's what you've agreed to. Are you backing down?”

She and Scott look at each other, again Tru nods at him and he moves closer to her. When they're close enough, she reaches out and unbuckles his belt, then pops the button on his pants. The former bartender looks at Jack with an angry look as she takes one hand, and puts it down his pants, almost instantly feeling the rather large semi-hard dick underneath.

Her focus stays on Jack and her angry expression never waivers as she grips Scott's increasingly hardening cock which gets bigger and harder the more she does, and pulls it out, his zipper coming down as she does it. For a moment, she looks at Scott, making sure he's not going to object, although she didn't expect him to, before slowly starting to stroke his cock. The feeling almost instantly making him grunt as her hand moves.

Jack leans back in his rather comfortable leather seat to watch the show, a pleased look on his face.

“Good, I'm glad to see you've got commitment Tru. Keep going, really get into it.”

That has her turning her focus back to Jack as she does as he suggests, increasing the pace of the handjob she's giving with every few strokes. He grunts as her pace gets him fully hard, making it so that her fingers barely touch around his cock. She starts to turn her wrist as she strokes, gripping the head of his cock, stroking it for a few strokes before going back to his shaft again. While her focus is on Jack, she feels a hand gently cup the underside of her tit. It makes her look at him and stop what she's doing.

“No, no, let him... just keep it to light stuff.”

Tru glares at Jack for his request, but eventually starts stroking Scott's cock again at a similar pace than before. She feels her body tingle as Scott's hand cups and caresses the tit closest to him, before moving back and forth between the two. It isn't long before Scott's other hand reaches out and runs his fingers down her back, starting with between her shoulder blades, then down to where her pink thong is hugging her hips. He quickly goes lower, cupping one of her butt cheeks as lightly as his other hand on her tits. The combination of the two and the handjob she's giving, the feel of a hard cock in her hand, makes her let out a gasp.

All of which is on full display for Jack who just sits there and enjoys the show. A few more grunts and gasps escape both Tru and Scott as she continues to work his cock over with her hand. Eventually Scott starts to really tense up and it's clear to everyone in the room what's about to happen.

“Tru, why don't you get down on your knees for this next part?”

She looks at him with her persistent glare, but does as he asks, getting down on her knees in front of the bouncer who's here to protect her. She never lets go of the cock in her hands as she does. He really starts to tense up and the anticipation builds between the three of them.

“Aim him for your chest.”

The former bartender readjusts her position on the floor so she's in the position Jack asked for, his cock aimed at her chest. It's obvious the tension is building.

“Look at him as he blows his load.”

She sneers at Jack for a moment before doing as he asks, looking up at Scott. Almost instantly as their eyes meet, he grunts and cums, her strokes slowing so that the cum hits her chest. The hot liquid leaving streaks on her body from her collarbone and shoulders to parts of her tits. After a few more grunts, he finishes and she slows her strokes down before letting go and turning her focus to Jack who has a very pleased look on her face.


That makes him grin.



Tru moves back so she can stand up then doing so. She walks towards a little table with wipes on it, picking them up. She starts wiping herself off.

“What are you doing?”

She looks at him as she wipes down her tits.

“You get one load. Those are the rules.”

“Yes, but the rules say it has to be my load, and I haven't gotten mine yet.”

There's a long silence in the room except for Scott who is doing up his pants, a happy smile on his face. Tru looks at Scott who kinda shrugs at Tru. Jack adds to his previous statement.

“It's one of the reasons bouncers are so willing to do this type of job. Sometimes they get something out of it from the girls. Trust me, I checked.”

Tru stops wiping herself down, mostly out of disbelief that she wasn't aware of the rule, though she hides it well.

“Now that you've proven your commitment to our deal, as I said, there's an outfit behind the partition for you. Go put it on.”

Scott and Tru look at each other for a moment before she nods to him, making him move back to the corner he started in. She makes her way over to the partition, finishing her wipe down and throwing the wipes in the garbage next to it then going behind it. The second she sees what's there, she stops. Looking back at him from behind the barrier, he can't help but smile at her reaction.

“You can't be serious.”

“I'm always serious Tru. Put it on.”

Tru looks down at the outfit in front of her. There are a pair of high heels, one white and one black but the same kind, black lace panties and a matching strapless white bra. They're paired with a white pair of shorts that look a lot like doctor's scrubs, and a black doctor's scrubs shirt with a very low cut on the neck. The outfit is topped off with a white lab coat that's more like a jacket that only goes to about where the shoulder blades are.

This will all be over soon, and that will make this all worth it. She just had to keep reminding herself of that.

“You know, I've been enjoying your performances for a while Tru, you're really fantastic at it.”

After taking a deep breath, she starts by taking her pink thong off, making her completely naked but hidden from the others in the room.

“You're quite the crowd pleaser when you perform. Always willing to go that extra little bit to make someone happy.”

Picking up the black panties first, she steps into them and pulls them up her legs before adjusting them around her waist. She then picks up the bra and puts the cups behind her back so the clasp is in the front.

“I guess that makes sense. I mean, you're all about making people happy, whether it's our mutual friend, or the customers at the bar, or the people watching you on stage.”

Fastening the clasp together, she turns the bra so the cups are around front, adjusting them so they're in place and supportive.

With that part done and her having at least some clothes on, she grabs the scrubs shorts. Stepping into those, she pulls them up over the panties and adjusts them to be as comfortable as she can. She picks up the scrubs shirt, noticing that it's a tear away and finds the neck hole, feeding her head through it. Quickly, she puts her arms through their holes and adjusts it so that it's as comfortable as the other things she has just put on.

“It's why this would be such a good job for you on a more permanent basis. You really should consider a career change.”

Tru picks up the poor excuse for a lab coat and quickly puts it on. Sitting down on the single chair where most of the outfit was laid out, she puts the high heels in front of her and steps into them. Since this completed her outfit, she stands up, making her way out from behind the partition. Rather unceremoniously, she stops not far from the barrier, looks at Scott and nods to him before turning her attention to Jack.

He has a big smile on his face at the sight of his rival in the outfit he picked out.


“It's like you were almost made for this Tru.”

“Are you happy or not?”

“Very, now... let's have some music.”

Knowing what that means, she looks at Scott and nods, signalling for him to turn the music on, which he does. It's a slow and seductive song, which makes Tru frown at Jack. He smiles at the look on her face.

“It's my favourite song.”

She scoffs at him.

“Go ahead, give me the dance I paid for. Feel free to do it however you want as long as it's hot, and I'd like you to end on my lap.”

It's not really a mystery what he's up to and what he's looking for, but she doesn't object. Starting to dance, she sways her hips, a little at first but slowly more of it. She turns her back to him, swaying to the music as she does. Leaning forward, the former bartender puts her hands on the barrier, sticking out her ass towards him as she does, continuing to sway to the music. Straightening up, she turns to him but continues turning as she moves forward, closer to him in his seat. After two or three turns, she stops spinning and faces him, slowly letting her hands explore her body.

Her hands make their way up to her hair and she runs her hands through it before letting it fall back to where it was. Going back to swaying to the music, she moves sideways to her intended customer. At the end of the sideways move, she stops and leans forward at the hips, letting the shirt front fall away from her and giving Jack a look at her bra underneath.

She reaches down to the hem of her shirt, grabbing it where the tear away sides meet. As she straightens up, she pulls at the shirt and it comes apart, letting it break away from her body and she throws it forward, exposing her white bra covered body. The lab coat stays on though. By the end of the move, her arms are above her head, which she slowly brings down, along her hair, over her neck, and down over her lab coat covered shoulders which end in her front where her shoulders meet her chest. She goes to take the lab coat off.

“No, leave it on.”

She glares at him but keeps up the flow of her dance, her hands moving down to her exposed chest, then crossing over each other into an X formation. The former bartender turned dancer then raises the X of her arms above her head, turns around so that her back is to him, still with her hands above her head. Putting her legs apart to firm up her stance, she prepares for her next move. She drops herself forward at the waist so that her hands are on the floor, finally ending the X formation to stay balanced.

Tru looks at Jack from between her legs, a glare coming at him while a smile is returned to her. She pulls herself up so that her ass is sticking out and her hands are free. Using her newly free hands, she reaches back and grabs her butt cheeks through the shorts, squeezing them for maximum effect. After giving him that visual for a moment, she moves her hands to the waistband of her shorts, puts her legs together, and then pulls them down, exposing the black panties underneath. She lets the shorts drop to the floor on their own.

A few beats of the song pass before she starts to step out of the shorts and straightens up, getting back to swaying to the music. She turns around to face him again, rolling her hips to move closer to him a little then turning and heading sideways from him to prolong things a little longer. Leaning forward, she's close enough to the booth Jack's sitting in to put her hands on the leather a few feet away, snaking her body a couple times seductively. She bends her knees one after the other a couple times to make her butt shake near him.

Turning away from him, she comes to a stop sitting on the leather booth. Tru looks at Jack, the glare still there, reaching up and brushing the hair out of her face so there's no doubt on his part how she feels about this. Then she arches her back on the seat, accentuating her white bra covered chest. Still sitting on the booth, she leans forward to show the back of her white bra to him. She then uses her legs to raise her butt into the air as she straightens up into a standing position.

Doing a couple twirls on her black and white heels, she puts a little distance between them but ultimately stops in front of him, looking at him like he's a target. Slowly but surely, Tru approaches Jack with a swing in her hips and gets so close that he has to lean back against the booth as she leans forward and puts her hands on either side of his head. She speaks to him low enough that she doesn't get heard by Scott.

“I will get you for this Jack.”

He grins at her.

“Sure you will. But I will always have this memory.”

Tru reaches behind her back to the clasp of her white bra. She unhooks it in one go and because of her position, it lands on his lap, exposing her tits to him in such close contact. He picks up the bra and sets it aside, enjoying every second of the look of anger on her face. The former bartender lifts one leg and kneels on the booth to one side of his legs. She then does the same with her other leg, effectively straddling her rival.

It's then that Jack reaches out with his hands, grabbing her ass firmly and encouraging her to move forward and close the gap between them. She does as he encourages, getting even closer while still keeping him from having too much contact. Bringing her knees together more, she opens up some space between his crotch and hers, but the move also makes her tits almost at level with his face, much to his enjoyment.

Jack licks his lips at the thought of what's to come and that has her throwing her leg over him and quickly back to a standing position, forcing him to let go of her ass. Almost as quickly though, she turns her back to him, lines herself up and drops her ass down right into his lap, her head off to the side of his against the booth leather. The suddenness of it makes him cough at the weight on him. It's plainly obvious how hard his cock is, the only things between them are the fabric of his pants and the thin black lace panties she's wearing. She leans back into him and presses her nearly naked form against her rival.

As she grinds her body against him, beginning to give him a lap dance, he reaches up and puts his hands on her tits, kneading them. It makes her moan at the contact, still grinding against him to continue the lap dance. Jack switches from kneading her tits to bringing his thumb and forefinger up to her nipples, pinching them softly but then increasing the pinch, making her gasp audibly. She puts her hands on either side of him of the booth seat, signalling that she's going to move. He stops pinching her nipples and does a double handed full hand grab of both of them before letting her go.

That makes her push her way up off him, going back to a standing position. Tru rolls her hips with her back to him then turns to face him again. She reaches down and slips her thumbs under the waistband of her black lace panties. Teasing him a little, she pulls one end of the panties down ever so slightly, then the next. Repeating the process a few times, she eventually stops when it's about even and nearly revealing what's underneath. As she pulls it down with both hands, she drops to her knees in front of him, her panties just below her knees.

The former bartender leans forward and raises her feet at the same time, pulling off her panties and letting them fall to the floor just in time to put her hands out on either side of his own knees. After a few seconds for stability, she starts to move forward on her knees towards him. When she gets right up close, she puts her hands on his knees, looking directly at him as she pushes his knees apart and he lets her do it. She moves into the space she just created, her face at stomach level with him as she goes right up against the leather booth.

Tru's eyes stay on him as she puts her hands on the booth seat and slides her way up towards him until they're face to face with the toes of her heeled feet for balance. Again she speaks in a low tone so as not to be heard by Scott.

“Screw you Jack.”

He grins at her words.

“That's the idea. Speaking of which, I think you should get to it. I'd like you to take it out now.”

There's a long staring contest between them as she glares at him and the grin on his face. The song slowly comes to an end, only the music and noise from outside replacing it. Eventually, she drops back down to her knees on the floor, leaning against the booth. Her hands reach forward and she unbuckles his belt, popping the button on his pants quickly after, all while glaring at him from her position. Still glaring at him, she reaches into his pants and makes the zipper come down as she grabs his cock and pulls it free, instantly standing at attention.

Looking down for a moment, she sees the rather large cock in front of her, not feeling good about what comes next. Her eyes meet his as she grabs the base of it with one hand firmly, the tips of her fingers barely touching around his cock. Jack decides to encourage her.

“Go ahead.”

Another short staring contest happens before she looks down at the cock in her hand, points it toward her face, and leans forward to bring them together. Opening her mouth, she takes the tip of his cock into it and wraps her lips around it.

“God damn, you have no idea how long I've waited to have you do this to me.”

Ignoring his comment, she goes a little further down on his cock, then a little further, putting more and more of his cock into her mouth every few moments.

“You're really good at that.”

She gets about half of his cock into her mouth and then pulls her lips back, her head quickly following to look at him.

“You really are a son of a bitch, you know that?”

He smiles at that.

“I didn't say stop.”

Tru glares at his words, then turns back to the task at hand, looking down at the cock still in her hand. He interrupts as she starts to lean her way back down.

“Oh, and keep your eyes on me as you work. I wanna see the look on your face.”

Doing as she's told, she looks up at him as she lowers her head down, only looking down when she puts her lips around his tip again, her eyes finding his again. Angling herself down so her chest is against the leather so she can take more of his cock into her mouth without losing eye contact, he groans as she slowly gets back to about half his cock in her mouth. Taking a few moments as she gets there, she starts using her hand, stroking the bottom of his cock up to where it meets her mouth. Slowly, she takes more into her mouth, adjusting her stroke technique with her mouth.

Jack shifts in his seat as she continues to work, getting about three quarters of it into her mouth before letting go and pulling back fully. Her hand shifts strategies, going all the way up the cock and spreading her spit lower onto the cock, assuming she knows where it's going.

“Come on Tru, you can do better than that, start really getting into it.”

Another glare from her as she goes back to what she's doing, but this time when taking it into her mouth, she starts to bob her head up and down on her rival's cock. As she keeps it up, he grabs the back of her head, guiding her work, even as she keeps her eyes on him. Suddenly, his grip gets firm and she has her head held down as she has almost his whole cock in her mouth. He pushes her down until she feels the head of his cock on the back of her throat, making her start to cough around his cock.

Just as Scott is about to step in, Jack lets go of Tru's head and she pulls back immediately, glaring at her client. She gets her voice back as she breathes in heavily.

“Don't... you do that again and...”

“No problem. I think it's about time that we moved on anyway.”

With Jack's words, Tru looks to Scott and nods, letting him know that she doesn't need him to step in. He goes back to standing in the corner. She puts her focus back on him, letting go of his cock.

“What do you want?”

“Get on your hands and knees on the seat.”

She glares at him for a moment.

“You don't get that without...”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out one of the club's branded condoms. It makes her stop.

“You were saying?”

She starts to get up to do as he asks but he stops her.

“Not yet, I want you to put it on for me.”

Handing her the condom wrapper, she glares at him before looking to Scott and nodding, then taking the condom from Jack. She's quick to open it and get at the condom inside. Just as she starts to shift it in her hands, he interrupts.

“With your mouth.”

She glares at him for a moment before responding.

“Fine, but you keep your hands off.”

He raises his hands then pulls them back to grip the back of the booth headrest. With that, Tru looks at Scott, nods, and then focuses on the task at hand. Opening her mouth, she puts the condom ring in her mouth so that it'll go on properly and between her lips. She glares at him before leaning forward and starts to take his cock in her mouth again, this time rolling the condom onto her rival's cock. The process is pretty quick as she goes down on him, using her spit to wet it as she goes.

She goes down to about half way before letting it go. With one hand on the base of his cock, she uses the other to roll the condom the rest of the way. Looking up at him, she moves back from him for the next step of their time together. The former bartender makes her way to her feet, standing in all her glory in front of her rival.

He admires her for the moment he has then watches as she climbs up on the booth, crawling on her hands and knees so that she's facing the direction of Scott, just in case. Jack looks to his rival on her hands and knees with her butt looking right at him, enjoying the sight. He stands up and lets his pants fall around his ankles, stepping out of them and his underwear. Getting up on the booth behind her on his knees, he prepares himself for what he's about to do.

Tru looks back at him from her position, wondering what the hold up is. She finds out almost immediately as he reaches forward and runs two fingers along the slit of her pussy, feeling the obvious wetness there. It makes her gasp at the contact, squirming a little.

“God you're so wet Tru. A little eager, are we?”

She opens her eyes to respond but in looking at him she sees his fingers enter his mouth, tasting her pussy juice. It makes her stop. When he finishes, he moves forward even more so that his cock is inches from her pussy.

“Don't worry, I'll give you what you want.”

Again just as she's about to respond, he puts his hand on her ass, takes hold of his cock with the other, and guides it into her pussy. She audibly gasps at the entry of her rival's cock. Just as she gets used to that, he pushes forward even more, adding more cock. He repeats the process a few more times, each time causing a moan or a groan from the former bartender. Eventually, he feels his balls against Tru's pussy, making him all the way into her.

Letting the feeling of being filled up settle for a moment, Tru's fingers curl digging a little into the booth's leather. She doesn't get long though as he starts to pull out about halfway before pushing his way back in. Repeating the process, he starts to pump in and out of her, beginning at a slow pace. Every few pumps, Tru responds with a moan or a groan, clearly getting into being fucked. Jack begins to pick up the pace, causing more frequent reactions from Tru. Biting her lip, she tries not to cry out and give him the satisfaction he's after, but fails.


Jack can't help but gloat.

“Yeah, you like that do you?”

He picks up the pace even more as he asks. It forces more exclamations out of Tru.

“Fuck... I...”

Jack pushes his way all the way in, interrupting the flow of the rhythm he's thrusting into her.

“Tell me to fuck you.”

Before she responds, he does one full pump into her, keeping her off balance.

“Oh, fuck... me...”

Again he does a full pump into her, this time pulling almost all the way out at the end.

“What's that?”

“Fuck me...”

That makes Jack smile at her admission. For it, she gets what she wants, starting to pump into her at the same pace as before. Tru reacts more enthusiastically this time, not trying to hold back anymore. It puts them into a rhythm together, her starting to push back with him in motion, building the pressure and the pleasure between them.

“Oh... god... keep... keep going...”

Almost as if on cue, Jack slows down, steadying her push back by grabbing her hips and pulling out. She can't help but look back at him, the tension in her body from the fucking obvious.

“What... what are you...”

He smiles at how obviously off balance she is.

“Lie on your side for me.”

It takes her a second to process the request, but eventually she does, shifting on the booth so she's lying with her back to the backrest, trying to get comfortable. Her legs are on top of each other, but her pussy still accessible. Jack leans forward, putting his hand in the space between her body and the end of the booth's seat. Using his other hand, he takes hold of his cock and lines it up with her pussy. He enters her again, pushing in harder and further than he did the first time. It gets a reaction out of her.

“Oh, god, fuck...”

“Yeah, look at me.”

She does as he asks, looking at him just as he starts up again. He begins slow, sliding his cock in and out of her, but this time he goes harder and faster at a quicker pace, making her groan and moan louder than before. Her tits bounce as he pumps into her, the tension building between them again. He takes one of her legs and pulls it up to give him greater access, putting it over his shoulder so he can still look down at her and her at him as he thrusts into her. She grabs the edge of the booth seat with one hand and the top of the headrest with the other, steadying herself as his pumping gets harder and harder, building things up to where they both know it's going.

The former bartender tenses up more and more as he keeps up the pressure on her. Just as he did the last time, when the tension is about to be too much, he slows things down. Pulling out quicker this time, he smiles as she groans at the emptiness he's created right when she wanted to be filled the most. Seeing where this is going quicker, she asks.

“Tell me.”

He falls back on the booth, sitting himself down in a similar position to the way he was sitting during the dance or his blowjob. She struggles to sit up herself.


Jack looks at his rival with an all too familiar grin, but unlike before it doesn't make her glare back. At this point, all she really wants is to cum, and she's willing to do what he wants to get it.

“I want you to sit on it and ride... reverse cowgirl style.”

Almost without protest, a slight sneer coming across her face for a second before it disappears, she struggles to her feet. Closing the distance between them, she turns her back and backs her way into him. She puts one leg up on the booth seat to give her a position over his cock, looking down at it. Reaching down with one hand, she takes hold of his cock and then lowers herself down, impaling herself on his cock. Tru gasps as she's filled, lowering herself so that eventually she's sitting on his lap.

“You look good Tru. Real nice.”

Again ignoring him in favour of just getting what she needs, she starts to slowly move herself up and down on his cock. As she starts to build a rhythm, he reaches out and runs his hands along her back, enjoying the sight of his rival riding his cock and the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his cock. The pace quickens as she gets more confident in her rhythm, causing both of them to groan and grunt at her work.

“You like my cock, don't you Tru? You like it in your pussy.”

She tries not to say it but she can't help it.

“God yes... fuck...”

Jack leans forward, snaking his arms through hers and gripping her shoulders before pulling her back with him so that she's the one leaning back into him. It barely interrupts her rhythm as she manages to keep pace. He reaches for the leg that's still on the floor and grabs it.

“Up... put your other leg up on the booth.”

Too wrapped up in the pleasure her bouncing is doing, she does as he asks, lifting her leg up and leaning back on her arms on either side of her. Tru continues to ride his cock, her breathing heavier and heavier as she works her pussy on the cock. She's so focused on that, she doesn't see him looping his arms under her thighs and lifting her off the booth, starting to pump into her himself as he does at a similar pace then she was doing. His arms then push her arms forward, immobilizing them too.

She's officially wrapped up in a full nelson. He starts to really give it to her, pounding her pussy hard and Tru gets as loud as she can.

“Oh... my... fuck... oh my god... fuck...”

However, just like before, she gets as close to cumming as she can be, only to have her denied by Jack slowing down one more time. He sets her down and as he lets her go, she almost collapses forward, barely able to get her feet down to keep her from falling on the floor.

“Turn around... I want you to ride me the other way.”

So desperate to cum at this point, she gets off of his dick, quickly turning around and straddling him on her knees on the booth.

“I want you to look me in the eye so we can cum together.”

Positioning herself over his cock, she reaches down for his cock, guiding it into her pussy as she lowers herself down. He grabs her chin and makes her look at him as she starts to ride him. Faster and faster, she rides him, increasing the pace quickly. Keeping their eyes on each other as he instructed, she fucks him harder and harder. The tension builds between them as the constant stops and starts has left them both pretty ready.

Eventually, the tension just gets too much and she explodes.

“Oh... fuck...”

He follows almost immediately, the condom filling with cum and his cock buried deep inside her. Several silent moments pass as they bask in the afterglow of them both cumming. It isn't long before she climbs off him, shakily putting distance between them. Her glare comes back.


He smiles at her.

“Always a pleasure working with you Tru.”

She walks over to the table with wipes on it, using them to clean the sweat as much as she can. This would all be over soon, she just had to keep believing that... but would she be the same person after everything? That's something she wasn't sure she could believe in. She leaves the champagne room. Scott watches intently as Jack gets up and starts putting his pants on. After a few minutes, Tony enters and stops just inside the entrance.

“So... I trust that you're satisfied?”

Jack looks up at Tony and smiles.

“Very... I always knew she'd have a talent for things like that.”

“It certainly looked that way from the cameras. Thanks for that by the way. You made sure she was on camera as much as possible.”

“Sounds like you'll have all the footage you need. Just remember our deal.”

“You call, I need to distract her. Although I still don't know why you want her distracted like this.”

Jack smiles at Tony as he zips up and starts doing up his belt.

“Does it matter? You've got yourself a pretty popular young dancer at your disposal. And you have me to thank for it. Do you really care why?”

Tony smiles and shrugs.

“I guess not, just curious.”

Jack makes his way towards the door to leave.

“I'll be in touch.”

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