California Dreams-Back in Black

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Kimberly Blanchard felt sick to her stomach, she'd just broken up with and said goodbye to Tony Wicks-the most amazing guy she'd ever met, and all because she was too afraid to stand up to her father. She'd always looked up to him(which was why she didn't believe Tony when he told her about him trying to bribe him to not date her)so finding out he was closed-minded about her dating a black guy really hurt her, but he'd played dirty by saying she could go to Paris if she broke things off and after him having denied letting her go for so long she couldn't resist saying yes despite how much she loved Tony(and she was afraid of going against her father), besides she still loved him in-spite of his ignorance, it wasn't like he was a KKK member or neo-nazi or anything like that, this was just his weird and twisted way of caring about her by trying to protect her from those hateful bigots that despise inter-racial relationships. However in doing so her father wasn't coming across as much better then those he claimed to oppose, her mom also wasn't particular thrilled with his behavior either but she too seemed afraid to go against him, her mom had always been the good wife who seemingly always agreed with her husband and never caused a fuss, calling him out didn't seem like it was in her nature. Kim stared feeling sick to her stomach as she exited Sharkey's, she hoped it would pass once she arrived in Paris and started shopping with her credit card, suddenly she realized she didn't have her wallet on her! Cursing to herself Kim realized she'd dropped it inside Sharkey's.

Going back inside and having to see Tony and his friends again was going to be soooo awkward after that, but it wasn't like she coudl just leave her wallet here, her dad wasn't going to be happy if someone else got a hold of her platinum card and started using it to go on a spending spree. So reluctantly Kim hesitantly went back inside the building frantically looking around for her wallet on the ground hoping she would find it quickly so she could leave and not have to dwell on the fact that she'd let her father bribe her to give up on the best relationship she'd ever had. Unfortunately her wallet wasn't anywhere on the floor that she could see, as she started to panic she heard California Dreams playing "One World", Tony had told her that was his personal favorite song so it immediately caught her attention, as she listened to the lyrics she realized they were talking about her and Tony, she hid in the corner behind some other people, ashamed of what she'd done and hoping the band didn't see her. As the song progressed she was surprised to see Tony get off the stage and do a rap about how it "wasn't about black or white" and it felt like he was directly talking to her and suddenly she no longer felt excited about going to Paris, now it all seemed so hollow and empty, no amount of shopping or cute french boys could possibly fill the hole in her heart. As the band finished their song Kim knew if she accepted her dad's bribe she'd only be sending the message that his prejudicial beliefs were OK and she'd never be able to live with herself, and she couldn't risk waiting until she was an adult to try and stand up to him, who knows how much worse he might get if he wasn't stopped now? Not to mention a cute guy like Tony would probably be in a serious relationship by then.

As the band finished their song the audience applauded and they went into their next number "Rain", god Tony sounded so amazing and looked so great onstage. As she was getting lost in thought an Italian-American accent cut through her fantasy, "lose something sweetheart?", she turned around to see the owner Sharkey holding up a black-leather wallet, she nodded gratefully and took her wallet. "So you're Wick's girl eh?" he remarked as he took her wallet. Those words cut deep and she said quietly "not anymore". "Not that i'm concerned about my employees love lives, but just out of curiosity how come?" Sharkey asked inquisitively. "Let's just say my dad dosen't approve of me dating people of a "lower class" Kim replied trying to put his ignorance as politely as she could, but Sharkey immediately knew what she meant as he bluntly remarked "so he didn't like you going over to the dark side?". Kim sullenly nodded in shame. "I've been there, my gal's parents thought I was some street thug because the only Italian people they knew were in mob films, so I had to bend over backwards to prove I was a decent guy, they actually offered to buy me my own restaurant if I backed off, I was tempted but I said "no thanks" and that I would get my own place my way, and I did, wasn't easy but I proved them wrong and eventually they saw I wasn't some hitman". Kim was surprised by Sharkey opening up to her like this, from what Tony had told her about him he'd sounded like a bit of a sleaze-bag, and well OK he still kinda was but he at least had hidden depths and she was grateful to know she wasn't the only person who had gone through this dilemma. Sharkey continued talking "far be it from me to intrude on my employees relationships, but it seems to be if you really care about Wicks you should be with him regardless of what your pops thinks, he talks about you all the time at work, never seen the kid this happy in all the time he's been working here so it would mean a lot to him if you stayed, and if you go he's gonna be all moody and distracted from his job, just throwing that out there". Sharkey's words cut right to the heart of the matter, now Kim just wanted to beg Tony for forgiveness and get back with her regardless of what her close-minded father thought, she'd decided she wasn't going to Paris, yeah it would kinda suck not being in such a lovely city, but like Tony had said to her this wasn't going to be easy, and if it meant giving up on her childhood dream then so be it, besides she was realizing that Tony was her real dream anyways.

After a few more songs the band left the stage, Kim took a deep breath and walked up to Tony, who looked surprised to see her but also full of hurt. Before he could say anything Kim launched into her speech about how wrong she was to accept a bribe from her father and much she loved him and how no matter how badly she'd wanted to go to Paris she wouldn't be able to forget about him. Tony's mind was reeling trying to process all of this, he was gutted when Kim had left before, and now that she was book he wasn't sure what to think. "what made you change your mind?" Tony asked curiously. "not what, who" "Sharkey". Now that was something Tony was not expecting to hear "for real? you're not pulling my leg?", "yeah apparently he's got a soft side" Kim remarked with a laugh, she told Tony Sharkey's story about his girlfirends father trying to bribe him. Tony was surprised, he'd always thought his boss was a cheapskate with refusing to pay California Dreams to play at his place(even if it would undoutedly increase his business enough to make up for it)so he was caught off guard to learn this about him(though he knew better then to bring it up to Sharkey himself, as he didn't want to make their work relationship anymore awkward then it was) and grateful that someone had gotten through to Kim, though he was still concerned about her father. "wasn't Paris your dream though?" Tony asked inquistively. "forget Paris, you're my dream" Kim said softly and pulled him in close for a kiss. Tony had kissed a lot of girls but none of their kisses compared to Kim's, it was like a 4th of July fireworks display.

Unfortuately this display of affection was ruined by a loud and all too familiar voice, "Kimberly what on earth are you doing? we're supposed to be on our way to the airport by now". Tony and Kim turned around to see her father Ken Blanchard and his dissaproving glare along with her mother looknig uncomfortable, Tony looked to Kim waiting to see how she would respond. Kim took a deep breath and said firmly "i'm not going to Paris, i'm sorry daddy but I can't let you buy me off, your backwards attitude is wrong and you know it, you can be dissapointed in me all you want, I love Tony and i'm going to keep seeing him whether you like it or not". Her dad looked shocked, clearly he wasn't used to his own daughter standing up to him. "Kimberly please consider what you're saying, i'm only trying to protect you from those that truly hate race mixing". Before Tony or Kim could respond to that nonsense, Kim's mother cut in, curtly saying "knock it off Kenneth", "you're not helping anyone by only approving of Kim dating her own kind". "dear please" Ken tried to stop her, "no, i'm sick of being quiet!" "I will not let you teach my daughter that prejudice is acceptable, especially since the same thing happened to me". That finally gave Ken pause, he clearly wasn't expecting that. "whatever do you mean dear?" he asked cautiously. "my father had the exact same attitude towards you that you have towards Tony, he was an old-school Orthodox Jew and he didn't want me to date a gentile and thought you were beneath me, so he offered to send me to an Ivy League school if I broke up with you" "and you know what I said to him?" "I told him that nothing was worth more to me then you were". Ken looked down utterly ashamed and at a loss for words. "How come you never told me?" Ken asked quietly. "because I didn't want you to feel bad and because I was so deeply ashamed" his wife responded, "if i'd listened to him I never would've met you and had Kim, so I cannot in good conscious let you do the same thing to her that he tried to do to me. Her words finally seemed to get through to Ken as he started apologizing profusely to Kim for how he acted. Tony couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for him even if he was an ignorant quasi-liberal, he sensed an opportunity to drive the point home and talked to Ken "so your wife's dad judged you without even getting to know you, dosen't feel very good does it?", "no it dosen't" Ken remarked forlornly, "I was so focused on trying to protect my daughter from going through hardship that I ended up becoming the very thing I claimed to be against, i'm so sorry and I understand if you can't forgive me, but I meant everything I said before about you being a great guy, I caught the tail end of your performance and you clearly have a lot of talent, I misjudged you and if my Kimberly truly loves you, then I guess i'll just have to get used to it". Kim and Tony both took a second to process this before hugging while everyone in the room cheered, especially Tony's bandmates. Tony couldn't believe his luck, he'd gotten his dream girl back and her dad had apologized to him, guess the good guy had won after all.

"That's very nice dear, but I think Tony needs more then an apology from you to make up for your actions" Ken's wife replied firmly. "whatever did you have in mind honey?" Ken asked nervously. "Well since you said he's such a talented singer, i'm sure you wouldn't mind at all allowing his band to perform at the Yatch club?" she said slyly. Ken was grimacing, clearly not crazy about the idea of a bunch of teenagers performing at a club amongst rich folks, but he loved his daughter and wife and didn't want to dissapoint them anymore then he already had, so he reluctantly agreed to let California Dreams perform there. The rest of the band was naturally happy, especially Sly, reasoning that one of those rich folks must have some label connections and could potentially lead to the band's big break.

The band's performance at the Yatch club that night went off without a hitch, the middle-aged men and women were a bit stiff at first but they slowly got into the band after a few songs and by the end they were waving their fancy lighters in the air. Tony and the rest of the band then made the bold statement to close out their show with "One World", hoping to send the message to everyone at the Yatch club and strike a blow against racism. A few members walked out during the song but most stayed and starred in awe and after the song ended there were several cheers, with Tony overhearing some of the members of the club talking about how they were going to help black-owned businesses that had been destroyed in the L.A. riots rebuilt and he couldn't help but smile, he was glad to see that at least some rich folks weren't all bad and were capable of doing the right thing. He kissed Kim in celebration of another succesful gig and watched Sly trying to schmooze some rich guys to see if any of them had label connections. Kim suddenly had a burning desire for Tony to do more to her then just kiss her, so she suggested in a sexy tone that they duck out of the Yatch club for a bit and go down to the beach for some "private time". Tony's eyes nearly popped out of his skull when he heard her say that and suddenly his pants felt tighted, he hoped Kim was suggesting what he thought she was suggesting, he immediately agreed and rushed out the door following closely behind Kim who led him to a private secluded spot on the beach undernearth the docks. By now the sun had gone down and it was getting late, it was a gorgeous night sky and there was a nice light breeze, a picture perfect night for the beach for sure. Tony was surprised to see a beach blanket already laid out for them to sit on, had Kim been planning this? As the two sat down underneath the dock on the blanket, they both starred into each others eyes as if gazing into one another's souls before kissing nice and slow, as they both felt fireworks going off from the kiss they pulled back and starred at one another and knew that both of them were going to lose their virginity to one another tonight.


Tony was usually cool, calm and collected around the ladies, but something about Kimberly made him at a loss for words, her Alabaster skin glowed so beautifully in the moonlight. Likewise Kim was taking in Tony's gorgeous charcoal skin. Soon both of them had removed their shirts with Kim marveling at Tony's magnificent pecs and sucking on his nipples, which surprised Tony, most girls he'd been with weren't into that sort of thing but he was liking it. He soon returned the favor by unhooking her satin bra and admiring her gorgeous breasts, he softly blew on her skin and planted kisses all around it before sucking on her breasts and nipples. Kim was surprised at how gentle and caring he was, most guys when making out with her had gotten rough and awkwardly groped and pawed at her tits which hurt, but Tony was a real gentleman making sure she felt good, she swooned with delight as he pleasure her, resulting in her pussy soaking through her satin panties. Tony's board shorts were likewise getting incredibly tight so both soon stripped off their bottoms. Kim's eyes popped out of her skull and her jaw dropped when she saw how big Tony was, guess that saying about black men was true!(at least in this instance). Tony meanwhile was starring in awe at Kim's beautifully trimmed patch of hair near her hot dripping pussy. Tony decided to make the first move this time, diving into her pussy like an all-you-can-eat buffet as he darted his tongue in and out of her soaking wet cavern, Kim was making sweet moans, she'd never felt this good in her entire life, no other guy she'd been with she'd trusted to eat her out like she did Tony, she was holding onto his shoulders for dear life as he rocked her world inside and out. Tony marveled at how delicious her cum was, it was better then all of Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors combined, he kept going until he heard Kim's moans get higher and higher pitched and then he stopped. Kim looked confused until Tony got bold and went down south to her ass, Kim was surprised as most guys she knew had no interest in giving out rim-jobs to girls, but Tony was pretty adventurous darting his tongue in and out of her assrole while fingering her sopping wet cunt making Kim moan sweet music, then Tony switched things up again by inserting his fingers up her ass until they hit her prostate while he searched for her clit, upon finding it he gently grazed his teeth across it and wiggled his fingers around in her prostate, the reaction was immediate, it was like pushing the plunger on ten tons of dynamite as Kim let out a wild shriek like someone had ran over her foot as she was hit full force with the most explosive orgasm of her life, she felt like she been hit with a stun gun and shook like crazy for several minutes until she finally calmed. Kim felt like she'd just done a pentathlon from how exhausted she was.

After several minutes she recovered and knew she had to pay Tony back for how good he made her felt, she wasn't sure if she could even fit Tony's cock in her mouth all the way, but she had to try. Kim started by massaging his testes and licking them like they were malted milk balls, Tony grunted and hissed in pleasure, most ladies he'd been with showed didn't like the idea of oral sex let alone sucking his balls so he was grateful Kim was more open-minded. Kim then started licking the head of his dick like a popsicle, swirling her tongue all around it and licking the pre-cum(which was surprisingly tasty) that oozed out before taking her dick all the way down her throat, she was amazed to discover she had no gag-reflect and Tony marvelled in awe and pleasure as her throat massahed his cock. Kim then got an idea and inserted Tony's shaft between her tits, the flesh enveloping them as he thrust in-between them, it felt incredibly good and Kim took things even further by licking the head of his cock everytime he thrusted upwards. Tony growled in pleasure as he couldn't take it anymore and unleashed blast after blast of hot white goo into Kim's mouth and all over her face and tits, he'd never cum this hard in his life and after several minutes he nearly blacked out, admiring how Kim looked even hotter painted with his cum. Kim took the time to scoop and lick every single piece of cum all over her until she was clean which Tony marveled at.

Now it was time for the main minute, fortunately Kim had already lost her hymen(one day she'd gotten a bit too enthusiastic with her mom's vibrator)and she was on the pill so there was no need to worry about protection. Kim lowered herself on top of Tony's chocolate rod like she was riding one of those coin-operated mechanical horse-rides and slowly lowered and raised herself up and down on his magnificent tool. It filled her so completely that was going out of her mind with pleasure and Tony was amazed at how tightly her vagina gripped his massive dick. Both were ecstactic that they'd lost their virginity to someone they loved so deeply, soon Kim started going up and down faster and faster while Tony started thrusting upwards so Kim wasn't doing all of the work, he also started massaging and gently pinching her tits, normally Kim didn't like guys doing that with her tits but soon she was so consumed with pleasure that she didn't mind for one feeling like she was going to explode like Krakatoa, Tony likewise felt like he was going to blow like Old Faithful any second. Kim screamed like a victim in a horror movie and Tony moaned loudly as both of them had their most epic orgasms yet with both seeing stars as their orgasms went on for what felt like an eternity, this wasn't just sex, this was making love and they felt as though their souls were bonded together for eternity. Kim couldn't held but cry tears of joy as her orgasm dragged on, she was truly grateful that she'd found someone as amazing as Tony. Tony likewise felt the same, he didn't usually get this emotional around girls, but Kim was different, she made him feel things he'd never felt before, he didn't feel like he had to try so hard around her, he could just be himself. As both of their orgasms went on, they both blacked out from pure pleasure and collapsed in one another's arms on the blanket. Later on they both woke up and realized they had to get home soon or else their parents would not be happy, they were already late as it was and neither felt like pushing their luck, so Tony and Kim shared one last kiss for tonight as they both headed home. As both climbed into bed(after showering to wash off the stench of sex of course)and collapsed into a deep sleep they both thought about how close they'd come to missing out on something so great. They were going to be face hard-ships going forward with being in an inter-racial relationship that was for sure, there were plenty of racist assholes out there far worse then Ken Blanchard. But today the good guys had managed to win after all, Kim and Tony had each other to help them through whatever hardships they would come across in the future, and right now that was more then enough for them.

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