Flesh and Blood

BY : LeComtesse
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“Lights.” With the word the lights came up full catching Tyr standing over the secreted bones of Drago Museveni. Tyr threw his star-blade catching Rhade’s hand as he deflected it, before trying to move forward. It took Tyr a second to realise he was stuck to the spot, with a grin Rhade informed him about the gravity modifications that held him prisoner as he raised his force-lance level at Tyr.
“That hand will always have a scar.” Tyr’s tone was matter of fact but he meant so much more – he knew he had affected Gaheris’ life. Gaheris narrowed his eyes in on the man, for once there was no smug grin on Tyr’s face – but he saw the dare in his eyes asking if he would just shoot him like a coward unwilling to face him. A challenge waiting to be met. Gaheris realised he had been prepared to take the easy way out and shoot the man as he stood there immobilised. But now he had hesitated and allowed his senses to return he realised these were not the actions of a Nietzschean warrior, he began to lower his force-lance. It seemed that now, beyond any other time was one for a truth between them. He holstered his weapon and continued to stand in the doorway.
“You’re an opportunist Tyr, we all are, and you have used me and the Andromeda as your greatest opportunity – I cannot allow you to betray me.” Gaheris’ tone was flat and cold. He had let this play out, waited for Tyr to make his move rather than kill him as soon as he discovered his treachery – after all he had his uses.
Tyr waited. He had underestimated Gaheris and was now trapped in a situation of his own making. “And now?” Tyr asked, but knew it came down only to one thing – how much longer Gaheris would talk before he tried to kill him, there was no way he could afford to let him live now.
Gaheris stood in silence for a moment, there was something about Tyr, there always had been despite how he despised Nietzscheans like him, Tyr had got to him a little. Maybe because he knew that if their roles were reversed he would have behaved in exactly the same way on many occasions. And even if he was a Kodiak they were still both Nietzscheans which in some strange way counted for something, as much as Gaheris tried to ignore it, and at the least meant that he couldn’t just shoot the man in cold blood. With a few taps on the door panel Gaheris stepped into the room, the door sliding shut behind him as the gravity returned to normal and released Tyr from his incarceration.
The men circled each other for a moment before Gaheris finally spoke. “Only one of us will leave this room – and I can tell you right now, it will be me.” His tone betrayed no emotion or ego – he was just stating a fact, he hadn’t come all this way just to let Tyr kill him. But part of him was more than ready for this, to fight Tyr and kill him with his bare hands if he had to, in fact he could think of nothing quite so satisfying to cheer him up after Beka’s’ leaving.
“An honourable fight to the death!” Tyr’s smug grin returned, he somehow expected this from Rhade, though had their roles been reversed he would not have hesitated to shoot the man down whilst he stood immobilised and weapon-less. Gaheris set his jaw and stared coldly at Tyr.
“A chance Tyr. A chance for you to die as you never lived – as a true Nietzschean.” At Gaheris’ words Tyr sneered and his eyes narrowed, he raised an arm displaying his boneblades in a Nietzschean salute.
“You don’t belong in this time – I will correct that problem for you!”
Gaheris let a small smile tweak his lips totally convinced of his own ability to beat Tyr, he raised his arm to display his battle-ready blades. The men began circling each other once more, the bones of Drago Museveni a silent spectator.
With a roar Tyr launched himself at Gaheris, leading with his blades. Gaheris moved quickly – allowing Tyr to continue into the wall under his own steam, not feeling the need to engage just yet but preferring to let the man tire himself a little first. Tyr whipped quickly back around, his face now contorted with anger, only made worse by the superior look that had settled over Gaheris’ features. This look didn’t leave his face as Tyr continued to attempt his attacks, and even in the small room Gaheris managed to avoid him. Tyr finally stopped after a few minutes knowing that he was stupidly playing into Gaheris’ hands.
“You believe yourself so superior.” Tyr spat the words at Gaheris.
“To you? Yes, always.” Gaheris replied, his grin growing at Tyr’s blatant agitation. “You don’t realise Tyr what a Nietzschean was three hundred years ago – people like you taint our lineage!” His smile faltered a little as he spoke, not only because he deeply believed it to be the truth but that no other Nietzschean he had met since being pulled from the black hole had given him reason to think otherwise.
Tyr launched himself at Gaheris again but this time Gaheris took the brunt of Tyr’s attack using the man’s momentum to turn and pin Tyr to the wall. For a moment their eyes locked and Gaheris was unable to hold back the question that had been pursuing him for some time.
“What is it that you want from me Tyr?” They both knew there was something else – true Tyr was an opportunist and using Gaheris and his ship to his own ends, but there was more to it than that – there had always been something lurking beneath the surface waiting to find expression. With a deep throated growl Tyr pushed Gaheris away, quickly flaying a fist out and catching Gaheris’ face. Gaheris tasted the trickle of blood that welled from the cut Tyr had just opened in his lip. He wiped away the rest of the blood with a thumb before deciding it was time to go on the offensive and launched himself at Tyr. Although Tyr moved it was not fast enough to avoid Gaheris’ blades which managed to leave three ragged cuts down his forearm.
The room felt even smaller as they went to close quarters, both men moving forward at the same time, fists and blades flying as they began to beat each other mercilessly, both looking for the advantage. As Gaheris ducked a swing he ploughed forward into Tyr, smashing him backwards at an angle over Museveni’s tomb. Tyr stifled a cry as the pain shot through his back and side accompanied by a cracking noise and he had no choice but to let his knees buckle beneath him.
As Tyr slumped down to the floor Gaheris followed him, pining his shoulders to the floor and holding his boneblades at the man’s throat, puncturing the surface slightly, before he had chance to recover. Both men panted as they tried to recover from the exertion – cuts and bruises marking their arms and faces. Gaheris got his breath back first.
“You didn’t answer my question!”
Tyr gritted his teeth, his panting not decreasing and his face almost red with anger. Gaheris waited for a reply, straddling Tyr, using his weight to keep him pinned. Tyr’s look turned from anger to frustration as it became obvious that Gaheris had realised his silent arousal.
Gaheris narrowed his eyes and pushed his blades slightly deeper into Tyr’s skin. “What is this!”
Tyr had no words, he was still trying to realise it all in his own mind, so for a moment all he could do was stare in silence before reacting the only way he felt he could. With a little effort and a slight grunt of pain he pushed his lips up to meet Gaheris’ despite the man’s blades continuing to dig deeper into his skin. For a second Gaheris hesitated, pulling away slightly, but then he responded in kind, even removing his blades from Tyr’s throat to enable him to lean further into the man below him, not as hungrily as he kissed Beka but with a deep sense of curiosity – almost wishing he could read Tyr’s mind, wondering what he would find there. Too afraid to look inside his own mind and work out why he was responding – part of him didn’t want to know.
Tyr moaned into Gaheris’ mouth as he leaned in, the blades gone he began to squirm a little, aching to satisfy his arousal. This was what had been below the surface, he had fought against it, struggled in his mind knowing that part of the reason he wanted to betray Gaheris was because of how weak he made him feel. How desperately he sought the man’s approval. He had never let Tyr forget he was inferior and Tyr had strived to prove himself in the only ways a Nietzschean knew how, so intermingled to a Nietzschean – sex and violence. With his move against Gaheris he would have proved himself the better warrior, but now Gaheris had the upper hand once more and Tyr had nothing to lose – except Gaheris’ approval. The one last thing he sought – the thing that he wanted more than anything as much as he tried to fight it.
Gaheris, despite their position, was surprised by Tyr’s moan, his obvious longing. He had never imagined that Tyr wanted him in this way, but now it almost made sense. Gaheris had been with men before – he understood men, and though he loved Beka and ultimately sought to take wives and have children, he had never denied this part of himself. Nor, he imagined, would any Nietzschean. But with Tyr it was so strange and unexpected, they were not young men learning about the world – and now the timing of this, their blood already pumping and blades still erect from the fight. Gaheris found himself wanting satisfaction. Something that before this moment would never have crossed his mind from Tyr now seemed the most obvious and natural situation. As his mind was realising this, his own arousal was becoming prominent.
Tyr broke the kiss for a moment, Gaheris grip on him now totally gone he was able to move his hands up to push Gaheris back by the shoulders. More than anything he was surprised by Gaheris’ response. For a moment they looked into each others eyes, recognising each others hunger there, before Tyr moved a hand up to Gaheris’ neck and pulled him back down into a rough kiss, his other hand moving to pull at Gaheris’ tunic.
After minutes of this, their lips bruising as the kissing became more aggressive, Gaheris broke away once more, sitting back on his haunches as he finished the job Tyr had started and pulled off his tunic. As he did so Tyr moaned again, Gaheris’ new position pushing their hardened cocks together, making Tyr wince as he tried to wish away the layers of clothing between them.
His muscular torso already glistening from their previous exertions, Gaheris’ breath was ragged as he pulled with determination at Tyr’s clothing, divesting him of his top. Once the man's dark skin lay bare before him Gaheris took a moment to study it, and the cuts and bruises he had inflicted that welted the surface. Gaheris leaned in, running his tongue up the other man’s sculpted abdomen and over a nipple, tasting the blood before trailing it up his neck and back to his waiting mouth. He moved a hand up, running it up Tyr’s side, up to his ribs. As he found the area he had just been admiring he pushed at the flesh, stabbing pain into the almost certainly broken ribs below.
Without breaking the kiss Tyr let out a yelp in response, moving his own hands around to grip Gaheris’ ass, pulling him into him. In a moment of mutual longing both men pushed towards each other, grinding their hips to one another as they both ached for release.
Finally losing control, Tyr pushed Gaheris off, rolling them over so that he was on top, sitting back he began undoing his captain’s trousers, pulling them down to his thighs. Taking a moment to marvel at the sight before him Tyr smiled and lowered his head. Gaheris let out a deep groan as Tyr took almost his whole length into the wet warmth of his mouth. Pulling back Tyr began to encircle his tongue around the head of Gaheris’ cock. The sweat forming on his brow dripped occasionally onto Gaheris, adding a strange sensation as his skin tingled with anticipation.
Unable to ignore his own need Tyr reached a hand down and awkwardly tried to unbuckle his own trousers with little success and so opting instead to rub at his cock through the leather of his trousers. Gaheris looked down at the sight of Tyr’s head bobbing as he almost aggressively sucked and licked at his engorged flesh. Gaheris let a hand fly down to the man’s head, running his fingers into Tyr’s tight-nit braids, those fingers becoming vicelike as Tyr brought him closer to the edge. Tyr’s rhythm increased as he felt Gaheris cock twitching in his mouth, getting closer by the second to its release he tried with only some success to reflect the actions of his mouth with his hand, now rubbing furiously at his own imprisoned length. As Tyr brought his concentration fully back to Gaheris the man let out a cry and gripped Tyr’s hair even tighter, a few strands coming away in his hand as his seed spilled into Tyr’s welcoming mouth.
Drawing his mouth away Tyr turned his attention to his own erection, managing finally to undo the fastenings of his trousers before Gaheris leaned up and grabbed him, pulling him back into a bruising kiss. Gaheris moaned softly as he found his prize - tasting his semen in Tyr’s mouth, his lips breaking into a grin as a memory of Beka came back to him. With his own climax barely passed he could feel a new arousal as he pictured Beka watching them, joining them. He groaned and slipped his hands down to Tyr’s trousers, helping undo the fastenings, allowing Tyr to finally escape his clothing and climb back over his captain still aching for his own satisfaction.
With a grin Tyr roughly pulled Gaheris’ trousers the rest of the way down, placing a hand on a well toned olive skinned thigh he began to lift the leg as he began to stroke the other. Tyr couldn’t help but smile at the thought… was this all he had wanted all along? The great Gaheris Rhade begging for more as he buried himself in him!
Gaheris let out a laugh and tensed up, not allowing his legs to be repositioned, but propping himself up looked at Tyr with a slight raised eyebrow and wry grin. Gaheris leaned up, taking hold of Tyr’s shoulders.
“No Tyr… you know that’s not how it is going to be.”
Tyr frowned as he tried to push Gaheris back down with one hand whilst making firmer his grip on Rhade’s leg with the other, but Gaheris refused to go, instead moving his hand once more to Tyr’s broken ribs and applying forceful pressure.
Tyr cried out once more – this time just as much in anger as in pain – as he gritted his teeth and tried to push Gaheris away from his ribs with little success. Gaheris’ grin however, became wider at Tyr’s futile efforts as he hooked his legs around Tyr’s and rolled them over to be once more on top. Tyr struggled beneath him for a few moments, the anger and frustration visible in his face as he tried to avoid the inevitable and accept what he himself had initiated. He narrowed his eyes as he gave up his struggling, in his head he refused to believe this was giving in, merely waiting for a new opportunity.
As Tyr stopped struggling Gaheris nodded slightly, finally deciding it was time to put pay to the power play between them, in and out of this room. Roughly he grabbed at Tyr and rolled the man over, pushing him hard into the floor, Tyr’s naked torso slapping audibly to the cold floor as Gaheris used his knee to spread the man’s legs. Settling between the muscular thighs Gaheris leaned over him, running a tongue from the base of his back up to his neck as he stretched out over him, trailing his fingers as he went before threading them amongst Tyr’s boneblades at first, playing lightly over the sensitive area and then digging his fngers into the flesh. This wasn’t the same as Beka, who he could happily spend hours pleasing, this was a game – he wanted Tyr to enjoy this, because the more he enjoyed it the greater his triumph over him.
As Tyr let out a low groan Gaheris smiled and sank his teeth sharply into the man’s back. He wanted to move, to do something about his still aching erection, but Gaheris had him pinned, his face barely above the floor, and something deep within waiting to see what happened next, what sensations lay ahead.
With Nietzschean speed and grace Gaheris pulled his hands back, running them up Tyr’s body as he sat back, finally taking hold of the mans hips, gripping Tyr firmly and pulling the man’s ass up towards him. There seemed nothing quite as tempting at this moment in time, than to take Tyr hard and roughly, but for his own comfort he spat into his palm and lubed his cock, now aching with anticipation. With little warning and less care Gaheris pushed into Tyr’s waiting ass.
Tyr cried out as Gaheris entered him, the stabbing pain running through him as he tried to crawl away, instead being jerked roughly back into place by his captain, totally unable to escape Gaheris’ relentless grip on his hips. The pain didn’t decrease, only became more familiar as Gaheris pulled back, Tyr’s cries continuing as he pushed back in. Gaheris wasn’t surprised at Tyr’s pleasing tightness, he found it likely that much like himself the man had rarely been taken in this way, being an Alpha. Gaheris grinned at this thought as he continued ploughing into the almost virgin territory.
As Gaheris built a steady rhythm Tyr bit down on his lip, unwilling to continue his cries as the pain began to give a little and was momentarily replaced by a sweet shock of pleasure. As Gaheris continued his skilled actions, each time hitting his prostate – Tyr found himself pushing back into him. Although he didn’t want to admit it to himself much less to Gaheris Tyr physically conceded defeat – Gaheris had out-manoeuvred him as a warrior and now had his complete submission, Tyr realised as he tried to spread himself further, that it wasn’t a forced defeat.
Gaheris squeezed his eyes shut, his breath coming in fits and starts as he felt Tyr’s compliance beneath him. As Tyr stopped his inner struggle and gave into Gaheris’ superiority Gaheris pushed further, burying his cock up to the hilt in Tyr’s gradually yielding ass. Tyr grit his teeth, continuing to arch his back as he reached a hand back behind him to grab at Rhade’s buttocks trying to pull him deeper in. With Tyr’s fingers digging into his flesh, Gaheris pushed his body forward. Ploughing deep once more into Tyr, Gaheris pushed his firm chest flat to Tyr’s back, one hand releasing its grip on Tyr’s hip to snake around and grab instead Tyr’s cock.
As Gaheris’ fingers wrapped around his engorged length Tyr drew a sharp breath, his eyes rolling in his head as he finally neared the promise of that long awaited fulfilment. Gaheris pushed deep into Tyr, mirroring his actions with his hand, pumping Tyr’s cock in time with his own thrusts. Tyr’s boneblades quivered, adding to the mixture of sensations, his cock trembling and skin tingling under Gaheris’ skilled fingers, as he felt like he was being split in two by Rhade’s pounding thrusts, each delivering a pleasure edged with pain that he knew he would forever crave.
Gaheris let out a throaty growl as he came seemingly forever as his cock pulsated, releasing his hot cum into Tyr. Before he felt Rhade’s release, the last few thrusts had Tyr biting hard on his lip, drawing blood as he was brought closer to his own climax.
Gaheris, his hand now idle on Tyr’s cock, collapsed breathlessly onto the other mans back, taking a moment to catch his breath and managing a small grin at the sweat both of them were producing, the sort of exertion that would make even a Nietzschean sweat. Tyr grunted as he tried to support both of their weight and reached a hand down, entwining his fingers with Gaheris’ to continue the strokes, after a moment of this encouragement Gaheris resumed his actions and Tyr was able to let his own hand fall away as his orgasm built up, slowly welling in his cock until finally, with a low roar he came – his semen catching his own stomach and Gaheris’ hand as well as the floor beneath them.
After a few moments Gaheris removed his hand and pulled back a little, running his sticky hand down the crease of Tyr’s back as he did so. Tyr’s muscles finally surrendered and he sank totally to the floor, belly down in the pool beneath him with Rhade, once again collapsing over him, still inside him. They lay there for a few minutes regaining their breath until finally Gaheris pulled out of Tyr, rolling off and onto his back on the cold hard floor.
Tyr rolled onto his side, letting out a light laugh as he wiped his hand up his tacky stomach, looking over at Gaheris who lay with his eyes closed, a half smile on his face. Moving over Tyr pulled himself slightly across the man, laying nipping kisses along his collar bone, smiling as he slid a hand down to rub Gaheris’ cock, wondering how long it would be before they could repeat the experience.
“You have my loyalty Gaheris Rhade, you are my Captain and Alpha.” Tyr spoke with more emotion than Rhade had ever heard before. “The bones of Drago Museveni are yours.” He lifted his head up moving his lips to meet Rhade’s. Gaheris moved as Tyr leaned in, sitting up and pushing the man away as he started to get to his feet, talking as he began picking up his clothes.
“The bones were always mine Tyr, everything on this ship is mine. And your loyalty is both unwanted and unlikely in the long term.” Gaheris spoke flatly all hint of any smiles gone.
Tyr hardened his features as he too got to his feet, staring in slight disbelief as Rhade began to dress. “Then why…” he didn’t want to admit that it had struck at his ego, much less show it.
“Why what Tyr? Why did I fuck you or why did you let me? You should have learned a long time ago not to initiate something unless you are prepared for the consequences… remember Tyr, never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.” Gaheris finished fastening his trousers, and started on his tunic, watching Tyr the whole time waiting for a reaction. As Tyr pulled on his own clothes the muscles in his jaw flexed he balled his fists, feeling something close to shame over his easy submission to Gaheris.
“I didn’t do this so you wouldn’t kill me.” Tyr barked angrily. Gaheris nodded, indicating that he realised that and that it didn’t matter anyway, what he said still stood – only one of them would leave the room alive. The realisation of that hit Tyr as Gaheris thought it. With a furious grunt Tyr launched himself once more at Gaheris.
Already anticipating the man's move, Gaheris raised his reclaimed force-lance, the blast hitting Tyr full in the chest, his body slumping immediately to the floor.
Gaheris frowned and moved over to Tyr’s body, kneeling beside him he pressed the mans eyes shut.
“I’m sorry Tyr.” He meant it. Not for killing him, not for never trying to make alliances with him, but for not letting him die like a Nietzschean as he said he would – not letting him fight till the end and die a warrior, but sometimes fate had other ideas.


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