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Disclaimer- Unfortunately Andromeda belong to peoples far more talented than me. I’m only playing with the shiny toys.
Warning- This story is SLASH. Shock horror! If you don’t like it then why did you bother to press the link? You have been warned so no flaming. It will end up being quite smutty, any inappropriate material will be posted elsewhere.
As this is the first story I’ve ever put on the net I’m a little nervous. So please try not to rip me to shreds.
My thanks go to Fi being my beta.


Harper couldn’t be happier. He was warm and dry, no maniacs were currently trying to destroy the Andromeda or him, there was a seemingly endless supply of Sparky and best of all he had strange shiny devise to play with. It had been given to Dylan by the Ben-my-cree, a strange and rather mysterious race that seemed to wander around with their heads stuck in the proverbial clouds, going on about the unseen future. For some completely unknown reason, Harper suspected it was because they were rather annoying; they had been attacked by a band of rogue Nietzcheans. Gallant hero as ever Dylan had been only too happy to rush in and aid the poor little blighters.

Unfortunately, the Creans had conveniently forgotten to leave an instruction manual, or even tell them what exactly it did. Only a vague message that it would prove quite interesting to a few members of the crew. It had therefore been left to Harper to try and figure out just what the damn thing was. So far the best he’d come up with was that whenever he touched it a number of brightly coloured lights would flicker on and off in a seemingly random Pattern. The device was shaped like a cube, not much bigger than harpers fist. It appeared to be made out of a strange purple seamless metal. Harper had yet to be able to even scratch it. You couldn’t tell where exactly the lights where, as they blended in perfectly with the casing till lit. This made it quite impossible to tell just how where they actually were unless they were lit. Harper had so far counted Twenty-two.

Giving the thing one more poke, and discovering 3 more lights, Harper took a step away from his work bench and stretched to relive the crick in his back, before wandering off to go find another can of caffinated sugar, or maybe a beer. Harper set off down the corridor to the main mess, where he’d hopefully find Beka Valentine, or one of his other friends. Recently Harper had been finding himself feeling rather out of the loop around the old Maru crew. What with Becca fawning over Captain Fantastic, while Rev and Trance seemed to think the sun shone out of his ‘holier than thou’ arse. Personally, Harper didn’t see what was all the fuss was about. Did they seriously believe all that claptrap about a new Commonwealth? In Harper’s opinion, Dylan had a few screws loose, he seemed more likely to get them all killed than anything else. If it weren’t for the loyalty, he still felt for Becca then he’d have hauled ass a long time ago, and hopefully be shacked up with some gorgeous hunk who actually appreciated him!

Speaking of gorgeous hunks, Tyr was in the Mess Hall. Tyr was alone in the mess. Damn!

Try was almost exactly the type of gorgeous hunk that Harper would like to be shacked up with. However there was one teeny tiny problem, Tyr seemed to view Harper as something rather nasty that he’d just scrapped off his shoe. Okay so maybe it was a rather large problem. But seriously have you seen Tyr, gorgeous hair, gorgeous eyes, gorgeous body… he could go on.

In the machine shop the lights on the purple device started flashing.

Muttering a quick excuse Harper beat a hasty retreat, so as not to be caught staring, not noticing the intense stare being levelled squarely at his back.

In the machine shop the purple device had started a steady hum.

Harper decided to head back to his quarters for a quick shower, a cold shower that is. He hoped he wouldn’t bump into anyone in the corridor on the way, hopefully his baggy trousers would save him from embarrassment should he meet anyone. Speeding up he rounded the corner to the main officers quarters.

In the machine shop the purple device’s humming rapidly increased in volume and the lights all lit up, revealing a final total of 32, before suddenly going dead.

Back in the corridor a bright light seemed to consume Harper before gradually fading away.

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