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The time between sleep and waking was one of Harperís favorite times of the day. He was warm, comfortable and best of all had telltale ache in his arse. The only thing that was missing was the man who had made that ache.

It was his absence that finally roused Harper from his pleasant doze. Rolling onto his front he raised himself onto his hands and knees before stretching like an over grown cat, feeling various other aches caused by last night rather strenuous activities. Sitting back on his knees he surveyed the room for any signs of his missing lover. The clothing that had been hastily tossed aside last night no longer littered the deep tan carpet. The fine chair, made from real wood, which had been knocked over during the play fighting that so often counted as foreplay, had been righted. A bowl of fruit and what looked like yoghurt had been left on the low glass table across the room. The only thing missing was his Nietzscheans stud muffin.

After extracting himself form the his nest of soft furs and pale silks he headed over to the door leading to their bathroom. It really was a shame that his lover, the Archduke wasnít there, Harper would have liked a bit of fun in the shower, and he had no doubt that the sight of him naked, walking with the slight sway of his hips, would have resulted in anything else. Stepping under the pounding water of the shower, he quickly lathered himself with the vanilla body wash, being careful to remove as much of Tyrís scent as possible. He always had enjoyed how wild Try got when he felt he had to restate his claim. Getting out of the shower, hard from the thoughts of playtime, he wandered back into the bedroom. Theyíre quarters were warm enough that he didnít need to bother with a towel and he opted to drip dry instead.

Going over to the table to see what exactly he had been left for breakfast. His original guess was only slightly out. As well as fruit, which included strawberries, and yoghurt there was also a small pot of honey. Obviously someone was sucking up to him. Hopefully it was Tyr apologising for not being there this morning.

Now quite dry Harper popped a honey dipped strawberry into his mouth and wandered over to his wardrobe to get dressed. After a quick rummage he emerged clutching a handful of leather. He really had been around Nietzscheans too long. Not bothering with underwear he quickly wiggled into tight leather pants before slipping on and buttoning his leather vest.

Turning to the full-length mirror on the wall he gave himself a quick glance over. Skinny but muscular legs encased in sleek black pants left little to the imagination; in fact they displayed his arse quite nicely! The vest didnít quite reach the low waistband of his trousers. It fit almost as snugly as his pants, a plunging neckline led to a row of three shiny silver buttons. It showed of his lightly muscled chest quite nicely, even allowing the occasional glimpse of a pale nipple. It was sleeveless allowing people to see the engraved silver armlet that marked him as the male consort to the Archduke of the Kodiak Pride, Tyr Anasazi.

Running his hand trough his spiky blond hair Harper returned to his unfinished breakfast. Quickly slipping on a pair of knee high leather boots he went off in search of his errant lover.

Guessing Try to be in the gym he set off down the corridor leading away from the main alphas quarters.

In a storage room on deck 14 a strange purple cube was rapidly flashing and humming

Just before turning the corner Harper was surrounded by a bright light.

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