Passing the Time

BY : Bebe
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Title: Passing the Time, Part 4

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The transport was wreaking havoc on Tyr. The sounds of the other beings in the small dormitory shifting, sneezing, snoring, and making all the other noises of sleep had his senses on high alert after the months of silence and solitude on Infinity Atoll, and the faint gloom didn’t help. Even his superior night vision couldn’t always distinguish between the shapes looming in the darkness of their small cubicle. As a result, he was tense and reacted to the slightest stimulation.

It was apparently keeping Beka awake. After the first hour, she groaned and asked, so softly that he could barely hear her, “What do I have to do to get you to stop jerking around? I don’t care how much sleep you get, but I need more than a nap if I’m going to do anything other than sleepwalk tomorrow.”

“I’ll move to the other bunk, then.” He started to move, realizing as he did so that he’d have to either climb over her or ask her to get out of the bed first, but she stopped him with a hand across his abdomen.

“No, it’s okay, I just need you to stop moving.” She slid back against him when he lay down again, pressing her back into his chest and letting his arm fall around her torso again. “You keep jumping at everything.”

He shrugged. “Forgive my paranoia.”

It was met with a snort, and then she seemed to relax again. “We’re in a closed ship. If anyone’s going to do us in, they’d be better off waiting till we reach the drift. Easier to get away, then.”

“Your trust in your fellow humanoids is inspiring.”

“Do unto others before they do unto you, Tyr.”

She fell silent then, curling back into his body heat. He knew she wasn’t falling asleep, her heartrate was still far too fast, but she didn’t seem inclined to talk, which left him with nothing to distract him from waiting for something to happen. He held still, though, as she’d asked, at least until she wriggled a little further back and pressed their hips together. It seemed to be foolhardy, but it still wasn’t an idea he’d disagree with, and when she shifted again he slid one hand down to her hip and held it there before leaning to kiss one shoulder. She sighed, softly, and waited until he started kissing up toward her neck. “We shouldn’t.”

“Why not? You want me to stop reacting to every sound.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think the best way to do that is to make more noise.” Beka tilted her head to allow him to progress up her throat.

“Some of us are capable of not talking.”

“Some of us will regret it if we don’t stop rubbing that in.”

He’d run out of neck, so he returned to her shoulder and bit lightly. “Please.”

“Give me one good reason.”

“I won’t be jumping anymore.” One slow movement against her, and he was already wishing he hadn’t started this. If she didn’t agree…

Beka hesitated, and then he heard a note of humor in her voice. “Fine.”

He grinned, reached to pull her even closer, and she wriggled away. “What-”

“Hang on.” She was rummaging in the bag next to the bed, leaning over the edge. He could barely see her in the dim light but heard fabric rustling, the items in the bag shifting, and then she came back up and shoved something into his hand even as she twisted to face him. “Hold onto these.” It was a wad of paper… something. Napkins, he supposed, or tissues. It crinkled when he flexed his fingers. “Now just… don’t do anything. And keep quiet.”

He had quite a few questions to ask, but didn’t get to any of them. She braced one hand against him, the other presumably on the bed, and slid down toward the foot of the bed, completely covered by the blanket. Tyr had a sudden inkling of what she was about to do, and was equally unnerved and curious.

She got his pants down to his thighs— more or less— in one smooth tug, and he held his breath waiting for her next move. He wasn’t unprepared for her to get a firm grip on him, or the slow stroke up and back down immediately after. He couldn’t prevent the slight jerk of surprise when she moved close enough for him to feel her breath, but that was all the warning he got before she leaned forward and licked the tip, slowly and carefully. When he didn’t react beyond that, she paused, and then closed her mouth around the head.

He jerked again, grabbed with his free hand for the metal bars by his head when she not only kept her mouth there but licked him. This was not something she’d ever done for him before, and he wouldn’t have expected it now, of all times. Instead, he could barely concentrate on not reacting loudly enough to disturb the other inhabitants of the dormitory, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply to try to get some control back.

Anything he managed was immediately derailed by Beka sliding her mouth further down the shaft and back up. A couple more times, and then she was dragging her teeth lightly over the skin when she drew away. He had to tighten his grip on the bar for that. She took mercy on him for a minute, moving her mouth away and stroking him, and as soon as he’d relaxed slightly she made it worse again, using her other hand a little lower to tease the sensitive loose skin there. He tensed immediately, had to fight not to audibly react when she tightened her grip slightly, and was almost relieved when she let go to brace herself while she went back to stroking him. The skin that she’d licked was cold again, though, even with the blankets and her close proximity, and it felt good to have her mouth back on him in the next second or two, the torture from her teeth and tongue and lips not withstanding. She paused then, letting her hand rest at the base of his shaft, and he barely had time to wonder what she would do next before her mouth slid as far down as possible.

That time he couldn’t prevent the groan, feeling her swallow around the head before slowly sliding back up. He barely managed to keep from thrusting forward. That was probably why she only focused on the tip after that, licking and sucking and scraping her teeth over the flesh while she continued the slow strokes. He couldn’t get that sensation out of his head, though, the pressure and heat around him, and in no time at all he was clenching his fist on the bar and the paper wad. She couldn’t have missed the tension in his body, and she pulled away to blow warm air over him before leaning to lick him again. When his hips jerked involuntarily, she closed her mouth over the head, moved her hand in time, and waited until the last of the spasms eased.

While he was still shuddering and panting, she drew away, pulling his clothes to cover him again and sliding back up the bed level with him. He let go of the bar and reached to touch her, any way he could, but she dodged and instead reached to get the paper wad out of his other hand. She almost had to pry his fingers open, he still had them clenched so tight. He heard her spit, saw her silhouette in the dim light toss the paper, and then she curled up next to him again, turning her head to kiss his shoulder as she let his arms fall around her. “Why?” Tyr whispered finally, regaining coherency.

“You needed to relax. I just expect you to return the favor when we get to the drift,” she told his chest, still with that note of humor. “Ever had that done to you?”

“Once,” he told her quietly. “When I was young—”

“And stupid?” she suggested.

“Exactly. I was seventeen, on my first job as a mercenary, and some of the other men—” He broke off, let her draw her own conclusions.

She was quiet for a minute, and he thought he might have offended her, but then she sighed and twisted closer. “I’d call you all sorts of interesting things, but I was dumb and hormonal then, too, so I don’t really have any room to complain. As long as I was better, that is.”

He had to smile at that faint sign of petulance. “Much.”

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