Passing the Time

BY : Bebe
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Title: Passing the Time, Part 6

Author’s Note: Hey, we're at the halfway point! In honor of this, the start of the second half of the chapters, it's two scenes for the price of one today. Enjoy!

The small cabin was really in the middle of nowhere, and even with the transport Tyr had rented it took several hours to reach it. He’d hoped to arrive before nightfall, but it was near this planet’s midnight when he finally shut it down, the lights blazing from all of the windows. The snow that had fallen earlier in the day had slowed him down considerably and he was glad to have finally gotten there. Now he shouldered his bag and headed for the door, glad that even if Beka had already gone to bed she had left the lights on. He didn’t like the idea of trying to negotiate the slick steps in the dark.

When he opened the door, there was no sign of Beka, and while the lamps were all lit nothing else was on. She had gone to bed, he assumed. He’d told her the time that he was planning on being there, but he wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d realized that the snow would pose problems. Trying to move as quietly as possible, he closed the door before setting the bag down and shedding his wet boots, setting them down carefully enough that even he didn’t hear them touch the floor. The jacket was hung on the provided peg where it would be likely to dry.

There were signs of Valentine occupation in the main room that constituted most of the first floor, with a bathroom tucked away under the loft that made up the bedroom; the bathroom door was ajar and the small room dark. A couple of her clothes were dropped on the small sofa, the container from an already-eaten premade dinner sat in the kitchen area, and a small stack of flexis teetered precariously on a table by the spiral stairs. It was oddly pleasant to feel that he had a woman waiting for him, even if it wasn’t in the sense of a Nietzschean wife, and he let himself enjoy the effect of the domesticity for a moment. He hesitated, listened carefully, and thought he heard movement up in the loft.

A few silent steps brought him to the base of the staircase, and he definitely heard a slight movement above. This close, he could also hear a faint buzz— something that she had running, perhaps. If that was the case, she might not be asleep, although he had a hard time understanding how she would have missed him coming in if she weren’t. Either way, he felt that he should at least check and, if she was awake, let her know that he was there. And if she was awake, or even if she wasn’t… He smiled to himself. He hadn’t seen her for weeks, after all, since he’d left her behind on the drift, and when one had adjusted to… companionship… it was hard to go abruptly without. She would probably feel the same way, and he felt his body flush slightly warmer contemplating the prospect. As he started up the stairs, placing his feet carefully to avoid creaks that would disturb her, he slid his vest off and let it dangle from his hand. He’d find a place to put it when he reached the top.

The buzzing grew slightly louder as he climbed, which made him sure that it was something she had running, but he still kept his steps quiet. That resolve to concentrate on silence lasted until he was one step from the top of the stairs, when curiosity about the buzzing combined with the faint hint of a familiar and very welcome scent in the air. He looked up and over to the bed.

Beka was lying there, yes, and her bare skin was flushed pink. The buzzing was from something that she had, something small and silver that she was holding in her fingers and pressing between her legs. He stopped where he stood, watching amazed as she slid it to a different spot and immediately made an almost pained noise in response, arching her back slightly to push up to it. Again, he caught the smell of her, stronger this time, and without thinking he moved up the last step just to be closer.

It creaked.

Faster than he would have thought possible, Beka grabbed the gun that had been sitting a couple of feet away on the bed and brought it to bear on him. Reflexively he let go of the vest and ducked, dropping into a crouch below her line of vision as it landed next to him on the floor. Unarmed as he was, he had no other choice. “Beka!”

“Tyr?” He heard the Gauss gun power down. “What the hell were you doing sneaking up on me? I nearly shot you.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed!” Now that she knew it was someone friendly, he stood back up. The position had been uncomfortable, with his body having reacted to the sight of naked Beka rather predictably. He brought the vest up with him, tossing onto a nearby chair already draped with her things, before looking over at her again.

While she’d powered down the gun, it still hung from her fingers, although they were nowhere near the trigger. She’d pushed herself up on her opposite elbow, presumably to see him, and she was clutching the little silver thing, still buzzing, in that hand. Apparently she’d not even bothered to let go of it, let alone turn it off. “Yeah, well, if you hadn’t snuck up on me, it wouldn’t have been a problem.”

He decided to ignore that for the moment. After all, she’d not only known that he was coming but left the door unlocked in any way and all the lights on. Instead, he focused on something that both unnerved him and entertained him in equal measure. “You had your gun in bed with you?”

She shrugged, although he could see her cheeks get a little pinker. “The door was unlocked, I was distracted, there was every chance someone could have, I don’t know, intercepted you or something, especially since you were late. It made sense to have it close by.”

“But in the bed?”

Yes, in the bed, because I’d have to move to reach the nightstand.”

He considered pointing out that she could have chosen to lie somewhere other than the middle of the bed, but decided that this was one of those lines of reasoning that it would perhaps be better not to pursue. “In that case, I commend your forethought. For the moment, however, I would appreciate it if you were not still pointing it in my general direction.”

“You’re so demanding, you know that?” She threw him a coquettish smile and set it down next to her. He wondered why for just a moment, and then she sat up fully and did something to one end of the silver thing that made the buzzing stop. He’d almost forgotten that she was still holding it, having tuned out the sound in his focus on the weaponry.

“I fail to see why you would still need it. I’ve arrived, I wasn’t followed, the door is securely locked—”

“If you tell me that you’re not planning on distracting me, I may shoot you anyway.” The words were accompanied by Beka smiling, though, and then she performed a complicated wriggle and roll combination that meant she didn’t move far, but was up on her hands and knees leaning to reach one of the nightstands to set the gun down.

He swallowed hard. The angle that she was at… Her knees were a few inches apart on the bed, and the diffuse lighting of the loft glinted off the moisture on the insides of her thighs. He could see clearly what his sense of smell was already telling him, and combined with his earlier thoughts and reaction to seeing her masturbating his motion towards the bed was almost automatic. She was setting the silver thing next to the gun on the nightstand when he crawled onto the foot of the bed, and she glanced over her shoulder at him. “So I guess you are distracting me, then?”

He didn’t answer verbally, instead following her until he was on his knees between her legs. He’d barely rested one hand on her hip when she pressed her pelvis back against his, rubbing against him in the process and making him have to stifle a groan. He reached to grab her other hip, to hold her still, but just as he did she pushed up from the bed and straightened until she was upright, with her back to his chest, and he ended up with his hand splayed over her solar plexus to brace her and keep her close. “Works for me,” she said, and he could hear the humor in her voice even as her hand came to rest on his at her hip. “I’ve been waiting for days to be distracted.” The contemplation of that, coupled with the sound of her pulse echoing so close to his ears, made him close his eyes, and so he didn’t see her arm move, though he sensed the motion. She reached up and got her free hand around the back of his head, tangling her fingers in between his braids and pulling him down so she could kiss him just by turning her head. He’d missed the taste of her as much as her presence. He responded to the kiss eagerly, parting her lips with the ease of practice and enjoying the muffled moan. He only wished that the angle were better and he could kiss her like he wanted to, long and deep and passionate.

He wasn’t so involved in the kiss that he missed the movement of the hand that still rested over his. She curled her fingers between his and, having gotten that grasp, started to pull his hand slowly down and forward. He smiled against her lips and murmured, “You are looking forward to this, aren’t you?”

“You have no idea.”

He could have argued that he did, but at that point their fingers reached the curls between her legs, and there were more pressing matters occupying him. She unlaced their fingers but kept her palm pressed against his hand, and he took advantage of the mobility to slide just a few centimeters farther. She gasped when he teased her clit, even though she had to have been expecting it, and arched up to meet his touch. She really was as wet as she’d seemed to be, and he could hear her pulse rate quicken when he leaned to kiss her neck, something that appealed to a visceral part of him and made the need worse. It was worse still when, in her attempt to get more friction from his fingers, she moved her hips and rubbed against his erection.

He groaned. He didn’t want to wait any more, not after the last few weeks, and so he moved the hand that had been resting against her abdomen, instead reaching between them to tug at the fastening of the pants. It was tricky, as distracted as he was, especially with the additional task of stimulating her still with his fingers and mouth. She cooperated, consciously or not, tightening her grip on his hair and pulling him closer to keep at least some of his attention on the sensitive spots of her neck. Her smell was getting stronger, he noticed, the hormones suffusing her body, and the thought that it was for him made him ache. It took another few awkward seconds to jerk the pants down far enough to expose himself, but he was still surprised when Beka let go of his hair and reached behind her to stroke him once, twice. “Beka,” and he froze when she squeezed lightly, “stop. I can’t—”

“So don’t,” she interrupted, and glanced back at him, smiling mischievously. She let go of his shaft, something that he was immensely grateful for with what little reasoning facility he had left, and then tugged at his other forearm, something he was not grateful for at all, rubbing as she did at the base of his boneblades as she moved his hand back to her hip. He was confused at the change for as long as it took her to drop forward onto her hands and push back against him, flesh slipping over his and making him bite back a growl of sheer frustration. She looked back again, seemed to be about to say something, but that was all the time he needed to get in the right spot, and anything that she was thinking was lost in a low, long moan as he pressed slowly inside her.

She was warm and surprisingly tight, her muscles clinging to him, and when he couldn’t go any farther and paused for a breath she actually quivered around him. “Tyr,” she said, sounding as eager as he felt, “please, do something, I need it.” Surprisingly coherent, and the need in her voice made his own worse. He couldn’t wait any more even if he wanted to.

He only had one hand on her hip, and now he settled the other opposite, deliberately holding her still as he drew back and slid in again, harder. This time her breath came quicker, and for just a second he felt supremely smug at the thought that one movement could affect her before that was overwhelmed by his own impulses. Another slide with more force, and the next faster, and soon he was slamming forward, not able to slow down even if he wanted to.

Beka didn’t seem inclined to tell him to stop, either. The muscles in her back were tense, and while she had her arms braced against his thrusts she still rocked forward with each one, forcing small noises from her lips. Once he heard his name, more gasped than spoken, and he groaned at the desperate sound, his next stroke made with all his strength. It knocked her off-balance, and she pushed her hands ahead of her and dropped to her forearms. The move caught him by surprise, the slight change in position making him shudder; the angle let him go deeper, and he tightened his grip on her hips. He jerked her pelvis up and toward him, wanting that penetration, and she moaned and dropped her head down to rest on her arms. He could hear her muffled whimper with the next stroke.

It was getting to be too much. The smell of her arousal and the feel of her body under his hands, around him, pressing against him, was making it impossible to concentrate on anything else. He kept the tight hold on her, kept her pulled up toward him to make the drive into her easier, and started to move fast again. She was mumbling now, little cries and words that he could barely hear, the ones that he did catch exhorting him to go faster or harder, “please,” and “there.” The tilt of her hips with each thrust made his testicles slap against her body, the slight ache only serving to heighten the pleasure of the glide inside her, and he didn’t realize or think until he heard the faint, gasped “Oh God…!” that she was close. Two, three more strokes and she was clenching around him, stymieing his thrusts and giving him no option but to slow down until the spasms abated. It seemed to take forever until they lessened enough for him to move again, short sharp strokes, fingers digging into her hips to keep her where he wanted her until the tension finally reached its peak, and he slammed into her one last time before he went over the edge.

Gradually, his breathing steadied, and his body relaxed. He was still clutching Beka hard enough that he was surprised she hadn’t protested. He was also still inside her. Carefully, he eased away, letting go of her and surreptitiously flexing his fingers. The process took a minute, but when they were separated he twisted to the side and lay down next to her, landing on his back. He would have collapsed but for the worry that he might accidentally pin her uncomfortably. It was unlikely, but not something that he wanted to do to the woman he intended to maintain sexual relations with. For her part, she didn’t seem to notice his care, although she didn’t seem disturbed either way. He kept a careful watch as he got his leather pants off the rest of the way, dropping them beside the bed. The perspiration on her skin was slowly evaporating, and her breathing and heart rate were settling back to a normal resting speed. After a moment, she let her legs slip out from under her, stretching her feet toward the end of the bed and pressing her entire torso flat to the bed.

Tyr waited, curious to see what she would do next, and was rewarded by Beka turning her head to face him, although she didn’t move anything else. She smiled. “Okay, I think as far as distractions go, that worked.”

Pleased, he stretched and resettled more comfortably onto the mattress, arms above his head. It never hurt to hear his efforts praised. “Or as a greeting. Perhaps we could time events as well as that in the future?”

She laughed. “We can always try. Damn, you did miss me, didn’t you?”

“Of course. And I suspect that you feel much the same way.”

“Can’t miss myself, sorry. Although I was kinda wanting you to get here sooner.”

He shook his head at the joke, then refocused on something that made him curious. “Apparently, you were adapting quite well to my absence.” She looked confused for a second. “That… device… you had.”

The confusion cleared up, and she outright grinned. “Ah. My new toy. Well, new-ish, I got it back on the station with the handcuffs. Which, yes, I did bring with me.” He smiled faintly, amused by her need to tell him that, not that he didn’t appreciate the information. “Wanna see?”

Beka wasn’t surprised that he was curious. She was pretty sure that Nietzschean women didn’t have vibrators. She wasn’t even sure what the Nietzschean policy was on masturbation, although she doubted that it was approved of— waste of DNA and sexual energy and all those things that could be better used creating Nietzschean babies.

She was really glad that she was Human.

She didn’t wait for him to answer her question. He was between her and the nightstand that she’d set everything on before they’d… gotten distracted, and rather than reach over him or ask him to pass it to her she decided to reach it by a simple expedient. He didn’t seem too surprised when she pushed herself up and swung a leg over to straddle him. Amused, maybe, but not surprised. Either way, he didn’t comment at the position or her slight stretch to retrieve the item in question, instead lying there patiently with his hands behind his head and waiting until she settled back onto his thighs before saying anything.


“Mm, yeah, this is good.” She grinned at him again, ignoring the delivery of the question. She wasn’t heavy enough for her to be too hard on him, she knew, and if she was really lucky the position and conversation might inspire a repeat performance. Nietszcheans may have had a shorter recovery time than most Human men, but it still took a little while. She’d actually been disappointed finding out that all those rumors about what Nietzscheans were capable of weren’t exactly true; Tyr had laughed himself silly at both the rumors and her reaction, and it had taken a threat of cutting him off entirely to make him stop. Even then, he’d spent the next week giggling occasionally at her expense. Now, though, they hadn’t seen each other in weeks, and with a little help, maybe… She tried not to look too much like she was plotting something. “So, ever seen one of these before?” He gave her a look. “Okay, better question, ever used one of these before?”

“What do you think?” He was being sarcastic, but at least he seemed entertained by the conversation. He had a small smile playing around his lips when he answered, anyway.

She made a face at him. “I’m guessing not. Somehow, ‘strategic use of vibrators’ doesn’t seem like the kind of thing they cover in Nietzschean sex ed.”

“Generally not, no.”

“Maybe I should give you a demonstration, then?” She flipped it between her fingers like she would a coin, and she knew that he could tell that the offer alone piqued her interest. She shifted slightly, waiting for him to respond, and he glanced away from the toy to where she straddled him.

“By all means. If nothing else, it may entertain you until I can… distract you again.”

Okay, maybe she wasn’t being quite as subtle about the plotting thing as she’d hoped. Why she didn’t usually bargain with a Nietzschean, or at least not one that knew her this well, and especially not in these kinds of situations. “Your call.” She grinned again, then leaned forward. She held up the little silvery thing between them, equidistant between their faces. “This is a vibrator.” She dragged out the word, emphasizing each syllable. “It vibrates.” He gave her a significant look. “But you know that already. Moving on…” She flipped it around so he could see the button at one end. “Turns it on, turns it up, turns it off.” She demonstrated, then turned it off and held it out to him. When he hesitated, she offered it again. “Go on, this is a hands-on lesson.”

He gave her the same look again, but pulled his hands out from behind his head and took it. She watched, curious, while he inspected it from almost every angle, then pressed through its settings, fairly perfunctorily. She reached to take it back once he’d shut it off again, but he held up his free hand and she froze; he was still studying it, frowning almost in concentration, and then sniffed at it. Beka barely stifled the giggle at his intent gaze, but swallowed it entirely when he licked the tip of it. He had to be tasting her from earlier, and when he licked again, like he was testing it, she bit the inside of her lip in order to keep herself from suggesting what else he could do. One of these days, she was going to get him to go down on her, but that day was not today. Damn. One more turn between his fingers, and then he gave it back her, lacing his fingers behind his head again. “Very well, I understand the object. Now please, explain to me why you have it.”

She would have thought that was obvious, really, but the opening was too good to pass up. “It’s for… stimulation of the applicable nerves, for a specific purpose. Shall I demonstrate?”

“By all means.” He shifted to settle himself more firmly against the pillow.

She grinned and hit the button to turn it on at the lowest setting possible. She took a second to wriggle down his legs a little farther before flourishing the toy. He gave her a flash of that same small smile, but otherwise appeared unmoved by the gesture, although he was still curious enough to watch the motion of the hand holding it down to his chest.

The contrast of the silver against his dark skin was oddly appealing, and she took a moment to appreciate the view before starting. Gently, just enough for him to feel the buzz of it, she pressed the tip against his sternum, only a centimeter below the dip at the base of his throat. His lips twitched. “Those weren’t the nerve endings you were stimulating.”

“How do you know? You came in at the end.” That made him hesitate, and she took advantage of it to slowly draw an invisible line with the tip down the furrow of bone. She ended the drag at the base, deliberately stopping short of his abdomen. Instead, she pulled it to the side, pressing it against the bottom edge of his pectoral muscle, slowing the motion down even further. When she reached his side, she paused for just a moment before repeating the slide back to the center. She had his full attention by now, judging by his focused expression when she risked a glance up, but didn’t let on that she had realized. One tiny lift over and up, and she hovered it over his nipple on the side opposite where she had just ventured before setting it down at the edge of the darkened skin. It yielded an immediate reaction; not only did the nipple itself tighten predictably, but she heard and felt a faint rumble in his chest, the start of an unrealized growl. The noise had a similarly predictable effect on her, and she just hoped that he was more intent on what she was doing to him. Deciding to make it that way, she trailed the vibrator in a loop around the areola, barely grazing the area in the process. Another complete circle, this one tighter in, and then she flicked the button to speed it up slightly before retracing her last motion. That netted her a gasp, and this time she let herself smile a little, since he probably wouldn’t notice anyway. She’d pulled it away after that last circle, and now she switched hands before brushing it quickly over the nipple itself. She didn’t give him time to process that motion completely. Instead she leaned forward and scraped her teeth over the by-now sensitive flesh.

“I don’t think that counts as using the vibrator to stimulate the applicable nerve endings,” he told her once she’d straightened up. The words were fine, of themselves, but the unevenness of the tone they were delivered in suggested that her attempts were working.

She tapped the toy against the neglected nipple on the other side and took a second to appreciate the way he tensed before she answered. “No, not really. That was just something I really wanted to do.”

“I thought the purpose of this was to show me the purpose of it specifically.” Tyr had relaxed slightly now that she wasn’t actually doing anything other than holding it a few centimeters above his abdomen— she’d moved it closer to herself when she stopped actively using it— but he was still eyeing it.

She considered her answer and what she wanted to do next simultaneously. Finally, she responded with, “Like all good teachers, I sometimes get off-track. If you’re complaining…”


“Good.” And she lowered the vibrator down and rested it just below his ribcage, seeing him jump when he felt it against his solar plexus. She let it sit there for a moment. Somewhere around the time of the jump, his boneblades had snapped into the “alert” position, and she noticed now that he still had the armguards on. She felt them earlier, when she’d grabbed his arm, but at the time they hadn’t registered. She briefly considered detouring to his forearms anyway, since she’d learned how sensitive they were, but that would break her downward momentum. She eventually decided to leave that for a last resort or at least another time and turn her attention back to the interesting way his breathing was slightly uneven from the location of the vibrations. Carefully, she set down the toy, centering it precisely, and put her hands down on his stomach so she could inch down to make the next stage easier. It was difficult, trying not to dislodge it, and really not an example of her best planning, but she managed. She also realized, looking back up, that Tyr was craning his neck to watch what she was doing, and that if he stayed like that much longer the chances were good that, Nietzschean or not, he’d have a stiff neck. “Hey, get another pillow.”

He barely had time to look confused before she continued, “Seriously, get another pillow. I’m trying to be a good teacher, which means knowing when you’re going to be uncomfortable if I keep going.” Comprehension dawned, and between them they managed to get another one behind him to push his torso up higher with a minimum of fuss, although between the change of angle and the size only the buzzing prevented them from losing the toy entirely in a fold of the sheets, which really would have been a shame considering that when she snuck in a glance downward she could confirm that yes, there was definite thickening where she wanted it.

With that in mind, Beka shifted back to the position she’d been in when she realized and took up the vibrator again. It had been sitting in the same place too long beforehand, anyway. As slowly as she’d drawn it down the breastbone, she did the same now, dragging it straight down the central delineation by his abdominal muscles. His breathing was coming short by the time she came near his navel. When she did, she hesitated fractionally, then changed her course. Moving at the same speed, she started to curve the trail of the tip around instead of straight down, making a tight circle. She considered turning it up again, when she reached the point of deviation from the line again, but decided against it, skipping down to the bottom edge of the dip. He was still watching, still breathing unevenly, and she looked up at him and grinned. Using her free hand, she tugged gently at some of the hairs there, the start of the trail down to his groin, and when he jerked in surprise she immediately pressed the vibrator to the skin there, further agitating the already-excited nerve endings. Moving down a tiny space more, she repeated it, and this time his motion was not from surprise, instead pressing up to the touch.

She was getting way too close to where she wanted to focus and, she suspected, to where Tyr wanted her to focus. This time, rather than move downward, she moved sideways, gliding over to the crest of his hip and tracing the curve of bone. He shifted restlessly when she followed it down to the joint of his thigh, and she let the vibrations linger along that crease of skin for a centimeter or two before breaking off and following the vein down the inside of his leg. She had to slide down the bed more for that, but she managed to not interrupt the slow pace until she reached his knee. There she teased the soft skin behind it for just a moment, making his breath catch before she switched to the other leg and mirrored her initial foray in a slow drag back up the sensitive flesh. He moved one hand from behind his head, making an abortive gesture toward her, but settled with it next to him, bunching the sheet underneath into his fist. Again, a short stretch over the join of his hip and thigh, and back up that ridge, and she finished the loop in the same spot she started, halfway down that stretch of curling hair. This time she didn’t tug, simply sliding down along that same path.

He was well past any doubt of a reaction to what she was doing, on his way to a respectable erection, and when she finally reached the base with the toy his hand clenched on the sheet. She smiled, looking down so he wouldn’t see, and then straightened up to face him. It took effort to seem serious. “Okay, I think you’ve got the basics of what it’s used for. Should I stop?” She didn’t wait for an answer, starting to push herself off of his legs as if to leave him.


She waited, reveling in the roughness of his voice when he continued, “I believe… I need a more thorough demonstration.”

“If you insist.” She moved back, resettling herself above his shins and switching hands with the toy. It was starting to make her fingers go numb. He was watching her carefully, but she couldn’t look at him without abandoning the vibrator for more hands-on pursuits or starting to laugh, neither of which she wanted at that moment. She took a moment to flick it up to a higher setting, glad that had several, and set her free hand next to his hip for support.

Carefully, she pressed the toy to the base of his erection again, making him jump at the increased speed. Moving with the same slow drag as she’d used on his chest and abdomen, she started to move it in a circle. He shuddered when the circle reached the halfway point, and let out a shaky breath when it was completed. She gave him a half a second to recover and then pulled it straight along the upper side of the shaft. It was tricky, keeping to the straight line without using her other hand, but she was determined and managed it, reaching the head with only a couple of slight divergences. He was fully erect now, and the temptation to toss the toy aside was even stronger, but she swallowed hard and told herself firmly to keep going. She’d get her own later.

She traced another circle now, following the ridge all the way around. He was holding himself extremely still now; she wasn’t sure why, but appreciated both the effort and that it was an effort. She could see his hands tense again on the sheet just before she pulled the toy away. In that brief pause, she could hear him open his mouth and take in air, about to say something, but the comment was lost when she pressed down again, this time putting the vibration directly under the head, in that sensitive area that surprised a groan from him. Beka smiled, a private one meant only for herself, and moved it gradually downward along the vein there, back toward his body. When she reached the base again, she didn’t bother with circles and instead followed that line straight over the sac and underneath it.

He actually arched off the bed when she pressed up just behind it, surprising a strangled noise from his lips. This time she didn’t even bother hiding the smile, hitting the button one more time while she kept it vibrating against the sweet spot there for a long moment before pulling it away. She didn’t give him a chance to recover between that and stroking it quickly over the head of his erection again. This time, after the initial shudder and as she was about to slid it over the vein once more, he put his hand out toward her. She got the hint, dropping the thing next to her on the bed and moving up to kiss him.

It was meant to be reassuring, maybe steadying, but he slid one hand up to the back of her neck and held her there, the tongue slipping against her lips making it obvious that that wasn’t what he wanted. She obliged, letting him control it and turn it in to something deeper, only breaking the kiss when she felt his other hand come to rest on her hip. Even then she might not have except for the slight pressure encouraging her to move down onto his pelvis. “Hey,” she murmured, barely any space between their lips. “My show, remember?”

“I was hoping you’d forgotten.” Tyr was a little raggedy-sounding, but it seemed like he was more in control than a minute or two before. He even had that faint curve to his mouth now that she wasn’t playing havoc with his nerve endings.

She made a face at him. “Not a chance.” She straightened again, coming to rest with her fingers braced on his chest. She’d lowered her body slightly, and she could feel the length of him pressing against her folds, hot and hard beneath her and more tempting than she wanted to deny. “Although this is the hands-on portion again,” she told him, deciding that as she said it. “Now that you know how it works, you can practice for a while.” She pulled one of his hands away from her and, still holding it, grabbed for the buzzing toy and pressed it into his palm. “On me, on you, on both of us, whichever.” She kissed him again, keeping it brief. Just as he was starting to look anticipatory, rolling the vibrator between his fingers, she slid forward a few centimeters and twisted her hips quickly and carefully, taking a quick breath when it worked and she could feel him just barely inside her. He groaned at her next quick movement, one that got him a little deeper, and she would have smiled except she was trying to resist the urge to twist a few more times. “Okay,” she managed after a moment. “This is the bit about— about when you’re using it with— uh— two people. I’m just going to… Yeah.” She had to do something or this was not going to work; she wouldn’t be able to hold out enough for it to. Moving so she didn’t lose the penetration, she leaned backward, ending up with one hand on his shin and the other on the bed somewhere behind her. She didn’t look to check, focusing instead on the way he watched her shift carefully. When she felt secure, she moved again. Shallow stroke, not going very deep, but pressure right against the spot that made her toes curl. Another one, and she had to close her eyes at the glide there.

She heard him move, the shushing sound of skin against fabric, and the buzzing sound came closer. That was all the warning she got before it pressed against her clit. She nearly jumped, just barely keeping it to a full-body twitch, and that was more than enough when it meant that she got that pressure again. She gasped, and could almost hear his amusement at her response. She would have been aggrieved, but then he flicked the vibrator up the teeniest bit to a new place and sent a shudder through her.

There was no way that this was going to last. Thinking that, she slid into a rhythm, so slight but quick, and he moved the vibrator with her, sometimes slipping away just a little but staying there most of the time. “Oh,” she managed, feeling the tension winding higher, “you’re… too good at… Keep… there—!”

He must have turned it up, because it was that one little nudge more and she was gone, crying out before her entire body tightened and shook. He kept it there, lifted with his hips, sent more of the spasms through her until she couldn’t take it anymore, her legs giving out, and she slid down more, shivering one last time at the sensation. He groaned again but kept the toy where it was. “Tyr,” she breathed, putting out a hand and catching his wrist, “that’s good, that’s enough.” She opened her eyes and he was looking at her, obviously pleased. “You’re, uh, you’re way too good at this, actually. Passed with flying colors.” She smiled herself, and slowly sat upright, biting her lip at the way she was settling more firmly onto him with the change. “So here, you’ll get a reward for being such a good student.” She took the vibrator, still buzzing madly, from his hand. “My turn.”

Frankly, she didn’t know how much longer this turn was going to last. Tyr was definitely tenser than he had been, and she could see a sheen of perspiration on his forehead. That last groan had been telling, no matter what else he may have felt. She wriggled, getting her already tired legs in a better position and setting her free hand against his chest, and enjoyed the way his gaze followed her other hand down to where she straddled him. The vibration against the base of his shaft forced a pained noise from him and she grinned before lifting slightly and back down. When, after another lift and slide, he actually closed his eyes completely and got a hand on her hip, she decided to pay attention to the way she brushed against the toy herself at the depth of the motion, hoping that maybe he could last just long enough for her to get in one last orgasm.

It was tricky to negotiate the movement, sliding her hand between them and timing it to each rise and fall of her body, made more complicated by the way he tensed his hand on her hip and arched to meet her, irregularly, making sparks shoot through her and disrupt the rhythm. She almost asked him to stop, almost, convinced that he was going to come before her and not wanting that, but then one of his thrusts drove her hand against her clit directly, and she saw stars behind her eyelids when she closed them for just a second. One last time, she hit the button on the base of the vibrator, hissed at the increased speed, and teetered on the brink for one more second before she lost it entirely, barely able to move as she clenched around him.

This time it took her longer to recover, and she heard only dimly heard him make a sound that verged on inhuman. She gasped, as she came down from her orgasm, to feel him shuddering underneath her, almost but not quite there. “It’s okay,” and she held the vibrator against him, encouraging, “you can come now.” She leaned to kiss him but didn’t get there before his fingers squeezed her hip and he gritted his teeth, driving up into her one last time.

She barely kept her balance even with his white-knuckle grip on her, dropping the toy to set her other hand against his chest for leverage. As the spasms eased, he let out a surprisingly soft sigh and she was about to ask if he was all right. Before she could he reached up with both hands, pulling her down for a long kiss. When he let her go she stayed close, brushing her lips over his again. “Satisfactory reward?” she murmured, only half-joking.

He looked serious, briefly, then smiled and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. “Extremely so. I assure you that such rewards would make me a most diligent student.”

“Private tutoring it is, then. You should see what I can do with food.” She kissed him again to muffle the snickers.

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