Cobra Kai - Tory's Rent Payment

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Life was not going as planned for Tory Nichols. Being in the foster system was bad enough, but with her mom sick and unable to work, Tory was the sole breadwinner. Unfortunately, a high schooler didn’t earn much of a salary. Luckily (depending on how you looked at it), Tory now had time to work double shifts due to being expelled from high school on her first day at the new school. However, the expulsion was in addition to landing an assault charge, even if she was still considered a youth.

“Here. Bring this to mom,” Tory slid the sandwich across the counter to one of her foster brothers.

Her chores only just starting, Tory noted the garbage overflowing so she pulled the bag and went to take it to the dumpster. As she exited her apartment, she saw the landlord across the courtyard, tinkering with something. Putting the garbage on hold, the beautiful teen cut a line straight to the middle aged man.

“Hey! You haven’t fixed the leak yet,” Tory told the older man.

“And you haven’t paid rent,” Rodney countered immediately, not even looking over at the teenager. “See how that works?”

“I’ll have it to you next week. I’m already working doubles,” Tory confessed, all the fight leaching from her voice.

“It’s always something. Last month it was your mom’s diabetes…”

“Dialysis,” Tory corrected.

“Same difference,” Rodney spat, closing the fuse book and walking over to the arrogant girl.

That was when he took a good look at Tory. He had known she was maturing nicely, but seeing her now, she looked like a woman. A young woman, not the jailbait she was. Long blonde hair, a pretty face, C cup tits that few jailbait possessed, and that was just her upper body. Her shirt was tight, tight enough to show off her flat stomach that didn’t have an ounce of fat. Tory’s only fat was actually in her ass, but that was the only place it should be. He knew from the news feed that Tory did karate, which would explain how her ass got so thick and plump despite being so young. Lastly were her legs, which were simultaneously long with juicy thighs.

“Now it’s not my job to keep track of your excuses. It’s my job to cash rent cheques,” Rodney explained. “If I can’t do my job then you can’t live here.”

“Wait, no. Don’t do that. My mom…”

“That caretaker shit is the only reason you ain’t in juvie,” Rodney cut off the beautiful girl. He couldn’t help but noticed the surprised look on her young face. “Yeah. I saw the news about your little cat fight.”

“You don’t know anything about that,” Tory replied defensively.

After doing a very clear look over of her entire body, creepy Rodney continued. “I do know that if I had an inflatable pool and some mud, I could have sold tickets. And that boy you two fought over would have sat front row. Right in perverts row with me.”

“Don’t talk about him,” Tory demanded, taking a threatening step towards the much older and stronger man.

“Boys. Tsk, tsk. No, you need a man,” Rodney lectured, stepping right in front of Tory’s face, who seemed to lose some confidence now. “Now if you had a man, instead of a boy, maybe things would be easier for you. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about rent.”

Rodney was already within touching distance, so he brought his hand up to stroke her dyed blonde hair. It didn’t come as a surprise that she wasn’t totally defeated yet, instantly reacting by putting the older man in a wrist lock.

“I bet you wouldn’t sound like a man if I broke your wrist,” Tory hissed.

“Oh I wouldn’t do that,” Rodney said with a cocky grin. “What would your probation officer say?”

Tory held the lock for another second before releasing it with a push to his chest, giving them a yard space between them. It did nothing to remove the shit-eating grin from his face.

“Think on what I said. Which means I’ll probably be seeing you tonight. Say 8pm, after Wheel. Vanna White gets me all horny and shit. But if you decide on doing the stupid thing and not coming, then rent better be on my doorstep by tomorrow morning,” Rodney explained as he started to walk away. “Oh. Just so you know, Californian landlord rights allows me to evict tenets that have missed 3 months in a row of rent. Isn’t the rent that is due tomorrow numero three?”

Rodney turned to leave, leaving a stunned Tory in his wake.Tory took a couple of heaving breathes, her ample chest billowing as a result before her anger could no longer be contained. They eaves that ran down the side of building was on the receiving end of a brutal front kick that dented it beyond repair…

*    *    *

Wheel ended and there was no knock on the door. Rodeny couldn’t pretend that he was disappointed. After all, Tory was all types of hot and he was fucking horny. However, he forgot to account for the fact that the blonde was a rebel, and thus when the clock turned 8:01, there was a knock on his door. Not only did it put a smile on his face, but his cock was already hardening in his pants.

“Come on in.”

“Um, hey Rodney...who is this?” Tory asked, pointing at the long-haired man on the other end of the sofa to the landlord.

“My buddy. Not important. Now come in and let us have a look at you,” Rodney demanded.

Tory knew that when she entered the house, that she was bought and paid for. She never thought that she’d ever stoop so low as to use her body for money, yet when the other option was homelessness for herself, her sick mother and her half-dozen foster siblings, then the choice was made for her. Especially since she was the only one who could do anything about it.

Walking around the sofa and into the middle of the living room, Peyton was dressed in a similar fashion to what she wore earlier in the courtyard. A yellow tight top that showed a good amount of her cleavage with her long blonde hair framing the pair of tits perfectly. Rodney’s friend, who Tory had given the nickname Neckbeard in her head, told her to spin around. After sending a scowl in his direction, Tory bit her tongue and turned, showing off her extremely well developed ass, juicy thighs and long legs that were contained in a pair of denim shorts.

“What a fucking ass,” Neckbeard commented.

“Come sit with us,” Rodney said, patting the spot between them.

Tory did as she was told, taking the step towards them before plopping down between the two men. She didn’t know if it was her imagination or if it was an actual poof of dust that flew up as she sat on the gross sofa. To say that the apartment was disgusting would be an understatement. Empty pizza boxes and cans littered the floor, and that was the least of it. Shaking her head to forget about it, Tory turned to her landlord.

“So is anyone gonna offer me a beer?” Tory asked.

“Here you go kitty,” Rodney replied, referring to her cat fight from a few weeks ago.

“Little girl likes big boy drinks?” Neckbeard asked, scooting his slightly overweight body towards her.

“Little girlie here likes to roll with little boys. It’s what got her kicked out of high school,” Rodney informed his friend. “But now she wants to be with men.”

“Lucky for her that two men are here now,” Neckbeard added, placing his meaty hand on Tory’s bare thigh.

Tory’s gag reflex was put to the test as the gross man who was old enough to be her dad touched her. She wanted to reach down, put the wrist in a lock then force him off her, but she knew that would do nothing. Sure, it would make her feel empowered and happy in the moment, but it would mean the sheriff coming to evict her whole family in the morning and getting her shipped off to juvenile detention for the rest of her sentence. 

“You a virgin?”

“No. I’ve had sex,” Tory spat the words in reply.

“Good. Hate virgins. Gotta go all slow and shit,” Neckbeard stated before belching.

With that, Neckbeard slid his hand up from her thigh in order to clutch her boob, none to tenderly either. As her tit was roughly groped, Rodney moved close in beside her on the other side, grabbing her wrist and placing it on his lap. Tory immediately felt his cock hard within his jeans and couldn’t help but think of Miguel as his was the last dick she had touched. Knowing what was expected and willing to do it, Tory began massaging her landlord’s cock through the denim material. Soon, she was rubbing both men’s dicks as Neckbeard got jealous and moved her left hand onto his lap as well, all while he continued with his grubby hands on her chest.

“Okay kitty cat, time to earn that rent money,” Rodney said with a shit-eating grin on his cocky face.

Tory looked over and found that her landlord had undone his pants and pulled them down low enough so his dick was out. And what a dick at that. Tory wasn’t exactly a size queen though she did tend to get off more when her boyfriend was hung, which was definitely the case with Rodney. 8 inches long but as thick as her wrist, easily enough to stretch her teen pussy to the max. 

She must have hesitated for too long from her cock worshipping, but Rodney was there to help her out. Reaching up and cupping the back of her head, the landlord performed the age-old sign of wanting a girl to go down on him by pushing her down. Tory snapped out of her stare, twisting to face the man who could evict her family, opening her mouth and wrapped her lips around his dick.

“That’s it sweetie. Suck daddy off,” Rodney groaned in satisfaction.

Tory wasn't sure when the last time Rodney had showered, though she was willing to guess it wasn’t recently. His dick had an unpleasant taste to it, nothing like how it felt to have Miguel in her mouth. Still, beggars couldn't be choosers so she continued bobbing her head up and down, her plump lips riding half his cock with her tongue gliding along his underbelly. 

“Kitty cat likes giving that sloppy blowjob. Daddy likes,” Rodney commented.

With his head tilted back and his hand held on the back of Tory’s blonde head, the landlord was in bliss. Though her technique was far from refined, what she lacked in experience, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. Apparently the threat of being evict was a strong motivator, who knew? While her mork worked over the upper half of his thick cock, Tory’s hand massaged the bottom half. Given the spit that was leaking down from her mouth, her handjob was fast and feeling good as well.

Since this was her first threesome and that Rodney was the priority, Tory had forgotten about Neckbeard, though he hadn’t forgotten about her. His pants were lowered so his dick was out as well, being stroked in his hand as he stood beside the cock-sucking girl. His grubby hands were rubbing over her ass and back, that was until he got the good idea to undo her Daisy Duke shorts and rip them over her thick ass and halfway down her juicy thighs. 

“Can’t remember the last time I fucked a teen,” Neckbeard commented, using his hand to rub her quickly dampening pussy. “Well just have to savor this one.”

“Dude! Condom,” Tory demanded.

“Shut the fuck up and get sucking again,” Rodney countered, pulling her hair so her head snapped back and her eyes could gaze into his. “You’re bought and paid for bitch. Now my buddy is gonna fuck you raw dog, and you’re just going to have to be okay with that. Got it?”

“Ugh!” was Tory’s only reply as Neckbeard pushed half his length into her teen snatch.

A combination of not being fully wet, the guy’s dick being bone dry, and Tory not having had sex in weeks since Miguel’s fall meant that it was a real tight fit in Tory’s pussy. Neckbeard didn’t mind, it just meant he had to spend more time making shallow thrusts, though he stuck to a medium pace to do so. Her blowjob suffered for it, though she had enough awareness to use her tongue to make licks down Rodney’s shaft or circle his head to appease him as her cunt stretched out.

“God she feels good,” Neckbeard hissed, fucking her with all 9 inches now

Tory was getting used to the rhythm of being spit roasted for the first time in her life. Neckbeard was behind her, his slender but lengthy cock had stretched her out enough that it was actually feeling good as he used every inch to plunder her hole. It also felt kinda nice as his ball sack came swinging up with every thrust, smacking against her clit. Meanwhile, her focus on the dick in her face had improved as well. With Rodney holding her hair bunched in his fist, Tory had resumed her fast pace sucking, breaking only on occasion to lcik the length of his thick slab of meat before bobbing on him once more.

“Enjoying yourself, aren’t you?” Rodney asked. 

The landlord had reached down and grabbed the base of his cock, replacing her hand on his shaft. She let him control her, letting him grind his dickhead against her inside cheek before it popped out of her mouth with an audible pop. Tory was surprised when he slapped his saliva-covered dick against her lips then over the rest of her face, mostly between her chin and nose. Tory responded by extending her tongue and letting him dick slap that, making a wet sound is spit smeared on her face.

“Such great tits,” Neckbeard commented.

Rodney turned his dick back over to Tory and saw what his buddy meant. While he had been dick slapping the beautiful teen, Neckbeard had rolled up her shirt, unhooked her bra and was now fondling her bare tits. Despite being only in high school, Tory had a great set of tits on her. His guess was either a large B or even a C cup, the blonde was stacked. And given the way his friend was massaging the globes as he fucked her, they looked nice and perky as well.

“Ever eat pussy before?” Rodney quizzed the young girl.

“No. Why?” Tory asked, nervous that Mrs Rodney was about to enter the room.

“Well lucky you,” he said. “Looks like the first pussy you’ll taste is your own.”

Though Tory was initially confused by his statement, Neckbeard wasn’t. The karate girl felt the gross man behind her pull out, leaving her pussy empty for the first time in awhile. The blonde hated herself for missing the feel of his dick in her. Just as Neckbeard was getting off the sofa, so too was Rodney as he moved out from under Tory and got to his feet. Neckbeard brought his dick to Tory, who only had to turn her head and prop herself higher up on her knees. With his hands gripping the back of her head, Tory had nothing else to do but suck his dick. Taking a tentative step in using only her tongue to lick his bulbous head, the karate star noted that her pussy tasted sweet and very pleasant. With that confirmed, Tory opened her mouth and took him inside as she started to bob on his long slender member in earnest now. 

“You God, do I like eating pussy now?” Tory mused as she gave a thorough suck to the sweet flavored dick in her face.

Tory was so distracted by tasting her own pussy that she wasn’t aware of Rodney behind her until she felt his head rubbing through her slit. She expected the man to start slow and easy like Neckbeard had done, but that wasn’t what she got. Instead, Rodney pushed into her cunt and didn’t stop until he was balls deep. After backing out so only his tip was left inside, he speared forward, skewering Tory on the entire length, causing her great ass to ripple and quake from the thud.

“Shit!” Tory swore.

Rodney’s pace wasn’t lightning fast like Neckbeard had adopted, but using all his thickness in her snatch was still a lot. He was considerably more girthy than his friend, forcing Tory’s pussy to stretch even further, wider than Miguel or any of her other boyfriends as well. 

“Come on kitty kat, I’m not the only one doing work here,” Rodney demanded, slapping her ass hard to make his point. 

Though it took away from the skill of her blowjob, Tory channeled her rage into action. Her hands were already on Neckbeard’s hips so she used that to push back towards Rodney, forcing herself to take all 8 inches in her snatch. Rodney was still thrusting forward as well, making the teenager take the thick slab of meat much deeper and faster now. Unsatisfied with her distraction, Neckbeard grabbed the side of her face and took over control of the blowjob, thrusting his dick into her mouth until it hit the back of her mouth then reversed course. It made for an even sloppier blowjob, spit strands coating not only his cock but down her chin and dropping onto her tits.

“Glllkkkk...kkwwwkkkk,” Tory gurgled from the more aggressive face fuck.

Though her backwards motion was more jerky now, Rodney didn’t care. In fact, having the teen gyrate on his cock unpredictably felt great, grinding his manhood in new angles made it feel different in a good way. As she slowed her pushes in order to not choke on his friend’s dick, Rodney resumed more of the workload. Rather than speed up, the landlord went slower, pushing balls deep and holding himself in her wet snatch for several seconds.

“Ow!” Tory whimpered from the deep probing of her cunt.

Once more Neckbeard had to be satisfied doing most of the work with his blowjob as Tory essentially held her mouth in a constant O and he thrust into it. It wasn’t bad timing, as the girl had a pretty talented mouth, all things considered. Having a chance to regain his stamina while still getting sucked off was a fair trade. Meanwhile, Tory kept subtly changing her body position, moving legs around a little or changing the arch in her back to better accommodate the jackknife thrusts into her womb. It helped a little, but staking such a big cock that deep was never going to be comfortable.

And just as Tory was feeling more in control and adapted to the situation, of course things had to change…

It started when Rodney reached his hand from holding her hips so that his right hand closed around her throat. Tory wasn’t threatened, she could wrench him off at any time if things got bad enough. Instead, he used his chokehold to pull her up so her bare back was against his sweaty chest, his dick still pushing in and out of her teen pussy.

“Your pussy is great, maybe the best I ever had. But I’m a trailblazer, always wanting to go my own way...or my own hole,” Rodney hissed in her ear before using his thumb to rub her asshole.

“You can’t possibly mean…” Tory started protesting.

“You want your mom and siblings to be homeless while you eat snatch in juvie?” Rodney countered immediately. “Or, are you gonna be a good little whore and take my dick up your ass? Your choice, but decide now.”

Rodney used that time with the blonde in a state of stun to get Neckbeard to have a seat on the sofa, his dick pointed up in Tory’s face. She ignored it, mulling over her landlord’s words. In reality, there was only one way this was going to go. Tory had already prostituted herself out, so what was a little sodomy to top things off. Sure, she’d never done it before, and yeah, she heard it was painful. But living on the streets or being in jail was harder. Plus sensei had already taught her how to deal with pain.

“Okay,” Tory answered weakly.

“Sorry, what was that?” Rodney asked, tormenting the girl at this point.

“Okay!” she shouted this time.


“Don’t take the tone with daddy! Now tell me exactly what you want me to do,” Rodney sneered with venom.

Tory took a moment to composure herself, choking down her rage before replying. “Please...daddy, fuck my ass.”

When Tory first came into his apartment, she noted the box of tissues and bottle of lube on the side table. She was thankful for it, as it meant Rodney lubed up both her asshole and his dick. He started easy, using his index finger in her ass to start stretching it. Luckily, she knew what to expect as more than one boyfriend had stuck a finger in her ass while they fingered her. His thumb was a little thicker but still easy, but two fingers at the same time caused more stretch and some pain.

“Please go slow,” Tory begged once she felt his fingers pull out of her booty and his dickhead butt up against her hole.

“Now why would I ruin this tight asshole for future use by going too hard now?” Rodney lectured her.

As he was speaking, Rodney was pushing his hips forward as he held her teen ass in place. His dick strained under the pressure, her asshole holding steadfast. With Neckbeard hissing something down at her, she realized she stopped sucking him off so she went back to using her mouth on his dick, hoping it would serve as a good distraction. It actually did it’s purpose because after only a few more seconds, Tory felt the searing pain of having the first three inches of a man’s dick penetrate her ass for the first time.


“Damn bitch, come down,” Rodney laughed. “I’ll stop pushing as long as you fuck back on me.”

Tory couldn’t believe that she was going to have to ride back on the man’s dick in her ass. Yet, it made more sense having control in her hands, and not Rodney. Her blowjob suffered greatly but Neckbeard seemed cool with it, satisfied in watching her teen ass lose its virginity to his best friend. Tory did more whimpering and fist clenching than actual pushing so Rodney took the initiative back onto himself. Not going fast but steady instead, the landlord used only the first 4 inches of his manhood to fuck the gorgeous teen’s asshole.

“So hot watching that dick go in your ass,” Rodney commented to the distressed blonde.

Tory was actually finding she was adapting...slowly but still. Rodney also noticed when she started to ease up, her groans and cries less frequent, so he would take that chance to push forward with another few inches. New searing pain would erupt, both from the feel of her asshole having to expand a little further but also with his dick reaching deeper into her asshole. Neckbeard had to content himself with stroking his manhood himself, though Tory would try to gain enough composure to give his tip a quick suck or use her tongue to lick his shaft as often as she could. Neckbeard knew his time with her booty would come soon enough, so he enjoyed himself to her tits, groping the perky twins and pinching with various strength on her nipples.

“Tell me how much you like daddy’s cock in your ass. Tell daddy to fuck you harder,” Rodney demanded, steadily getting more and more of his thick cock in her butt.

“Ow...I like it...ahhhh...daddy. ass,” Tory hissed.

“And don’t think I didn’t notice that half-ass blowie you were giving my main man over there,” Rodney continued. “Now go make it up to him by riding your ass on his dick.”

As Rodney pulled out of her asshole, Tory was happy for the momentary relief. She knew that after the first 5 minutes of sodomy, she wouldn’t be able to sit for days, if she was lucky. And something told her these dudes weren’t done with her, not by a long shot. Tory had gotten to her feet, giving her body a chance to loosen up after getting ass fucked in doggy style, so she decided that a little reverse cowgirl ride would do her well. Plus, it would give her more control over the sodomy so she turned her thick booty towards the gross man on the sofa and backed up until his thighs were touching hers. His dick was slimmer than Rodney’s, plus her sloppy blowjob had lubed him up a lot, though it still hurt like a son-of-a-bitch as his cockhead pierced her anal ring and entered her bowels.

“Mother fucker,” Tory hissed as she sat on the first 4 inches of Neckbeard’s dick.

It was hard to torture yourself so when the grotesque man pawed at her body, trying to pull her back onto his chest, she let it happen. Her back rested on his sweaty round belly as she kept her legs spread wide and focused on staying loose. She didn’t know how well it helped, but she was willing to try any and all guesses, which was why she didn’t mind his meaty hand roughly massaging her teen tits.

“Tight, am I right?” Rodney laughed with his friend.

“But so fucking good,” Neckbeard replied.

Tory still couldn’t believe that she was here, in this shitty apartment with two jerks as they took turns fucking her asshole. At least Neckbeard had a slimmer, albeit longer, cock so it didn’t hurt nearly as much as he pistoned his hips off the sofa to drive into her bowels. After another minute, Tory received a further distraction as Rodney stepped onto the sofa, his cock dangling right in front of her face. Without thinking, Tory reached out, grabbed his manhood and steered it into her mouth as she started slobbering on him. It was only after a few seconds that a foul flavor was perceived on her tongue, which grew more and more distasteful with each bob of her head.

“Oh God! That’s terrible,” Tory gagged on the taste of his dick. “Did you put on more lube or something?”

“Haha. Nope. That’s all you baby. You’re taste testing your own ass,” Rodney laughed.

“Fuck. So gross,” Tory added, though the dick that had been in her ass only a minute prior still stayed hovering in her face. “Please no.”

“Open up baby. Unless you want me to give your probation officer a call about that assault out in the courtyard earlier,” Rodney blackmailed.

“Rodney...please,” Tory begged, all while nearly 9 inches of cock pushed up into her ass.

“Just another minute, then no more,” the landlord reasoned. “Think of your mom.”

Tory was a broken girl at this, obviously. She didn’t need words for Rodney to understand her decision. Instead, numbly, she parted her lips and allowed the man with a massive grin on his face to put his dick into her mouth for her to suck. She told herself it wasn’t that gross and that lots of girls probably did ass to mouth blowjobs. And were blackmailed into performing anal sex by men old enough to be her father. 

“Whadda say Rodney, think she can do a little penis pie action?” Neckbeard asked as his dick continued slamming up into Tory’s ass.

“A little two tusk fuck?” Rodney bantered back at his friend while his cock was sucked. “I think if anyone is motivated enough, it would be my little kitty cat.”

“Just do it,” Tory said defeatedly, not knowing or caring at this point what the hell they were talking about.

Tory was part happy as Rodney pulled his disgusting cock from her mouth, though she knew it couldn’t be for any good reason. Her suspicion was confirmed mere seconds later as her landlord had stepped off the sofa and right between her spread legs. Rodney’s buddy knew exactly what he was going for, thus Neckbeard slowed his ass fucking to a crawl so the landlord could get ready to fuck her the same time.

“Whoa! Wait! You aren’t aren’t going to…” Tory sputtered in shock.

“A good ol fashion double penetration for your first ever threesome,” Rodney laughed, placing his cock at the entrance to her snatch. “You should really thank us for broadening your sexual horizons, kitty cat.”

Tory had no further time to process his words before he stabbed forward, making the teenage girl take two cocks at the same time. Luckily it was the thinner of the dicks in her ass, though it did little good. Her asshole already felt like on the verge of tearing, and now that there was a monster dick in her pussy, it only amplified that feeling.

“Fuuccckkkk mmmeeeee,” Tory hissed, her head tossed back as she bellowed into the disgusting apartment.

The men just laughed as they went about their business. Neckbeard had given his friend some time to push his meat into the teen’s snatch before he started thrusting his hips up off the sofa. Tory could feel his flabby chest start to sweat more against her back with the renewed exertion, all while Rodney did slow but deep pokes into her pussy. Something she would never tell the blackmailing men but with a dick in each hole, it was starting to feel good, the best it had since it was only one of them in her pussy at the beginning. Which made sense, as her asshole had loosened considerably, and the presence in her rectum was tilting the dick in her pussy to constantly rub her G spot.

Tory was unafraid to move for fear that the hints of pleasure would end and the return of searing pain would return. Therefore she continued to let the men use her perfect teen body however they wished, which meant their grubby hands pawing her thick ass and bouncing tits as they increased their thrusting depth and speed.

“Bud...I’m spent,” Neckbeard hissed through clenched teeth after another few minutes.

“Don’t you dare blow in her ass before I get another chance to tear it up,” Rodney demanded.

Rodney had his dick from Tory’s cunt the next moment, reaching down to clutch both of her arms in the next motion. The karate girl felt her exhausted and battered body yanked up and off Neckbeard, his lengthy cock exiting her ass for the first time in too long. It wouldn’t stay like that for long, as her hips were grabbed by the flabby man before he threw Tory down on her back as he knelt between her long legs.

“Shit!” Tory hissed in discomfort, her anal ring thrown up yet again, this time none to nicely as Neckbeard was working on a deadline.

Both Rodney and Tory were surprised that Neckbeard went back in to pillage her asshole, especially after the landlord’s stern warning. However, it appeared that the shuffling of positions had afforded the overweight man a few more moments of reprieve from his orgasm, and he chose to spend that time ruining the teen’s already abused asshole. Without fear of blowing too soon, Neckbeard went all out, stroking all 9 inches of his cock into her ass without regard for her or her wellbeing until he was ready to pop.

“On your knees bitch,” the grown man barked.

Tory was so beat down by this point that she pulled her exhausted body from the gross sofa and got on her knees before the man. Neckbeard held his dick in his hand, beating furiously now that Tory was in position. Tory knew what was expected so she opened her mouth and extended her tongue, but the moment she heard his bellow she screwed her eyes shut. The first thick rope took her square on the tip of the nose with the majority of the salty glob spilling right onto her tongue. Out for reflex, Tory pulled it into her mouth and swallowed down the jizz before she had time to think. The man didn’t hit her mouth again, instead his ropes of warm cum painted her gorgeous face from forehead to cheek and down to her jaw. Of course, Neckbeard kept rubbing his tip against her lips, smearing his dickhead, which moments before had been nearly a foot deep in her bowels. Since it seemed he wouldn’t stop until she performed ass to mouth like she did with Rodney, Tory swallowed her pride, parted her lips and gave the ass-flavored dick a suck.

“Such a nasty whore,” Neckbeard huffed, completely spent.

“Roll over, kitty cat,” Rodney instructed. “Time for daddy to fuck your ass again.”

“Okay,” was all Tory could muster to reply.

Tory didn’t know how long she stayed on her hands and knees on the disgusting carpet, getting her once virgin ass completely destroyed by her landlord’s monstrous dick. Her voice had long ago gone hoarse from all her screams and wails, though that only made the jerk sodomize her with more zeal and laughter. Finally though, she heard the words she longed to hear.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming,” he announced.

“Yes! Fill me up! Give my ass all that cum,” the eager girl begged, wanting and needing her first anal experience to be over.

And with one final plunge into her asshole, Rodney shot his entire load inside her bowels. His eyes were squinted shut and his mouth released a mighty bellow as his dick pulsed and spasmed, emptying his contents. The orgasm was intense after the anal fuck session and felt much deserved to have reached its conclusion, although it was bittersweet in the sense that his time with the gorgeous teen was reaching its end. Then he remembered that he still possessed all the power, thus a predatory smile sprouted on his face.

Though anal sex had ended up being much harder than she thought, the man cumming in her asshole felt surprisingly good. His cock spasming within her was seductive, but the warm splashes of semen painting her bowels was unique and even pleasurable. Sadly, after a half-dozen shots, the blonde man pulled out of her, and as his semi-flaccid dick left her ass, so too did half his load come pouring out of her as well. 

“Finally,” Tory thought before addressing her landlord after he pulled out from her bludgeoned backdoor. “That was...something. I’ll be sure to have your rent money on the first of next month.”

“What are you talking about? You think fucking your ass, as good as it was, absolves you of 3 months missed rent?” Rodney replied, loving the look of the confident facial expression melt from the teen’s face.

“But our deal,” Tory pouted.

“Our deal was so I wouldn’t go to the cops about your little assault in the courtyard. We haven’t even gotten to the monthly rent you’ve missed. But don’t fret. You’ll get lots of time to work it off. Every week we’re gonna do anal sex. That’s non-negatable,” Rodney added as she opened her mouth to protest. “Blowjobs daily. Regular sex...every other day. Should give your pussy enough time to tighten back up between sessions. Understood, kitty cat?”


“Alternative is you in juvie and your sick mom and your brat siblings on the streets.”

“What time tomorrow for your blowjob?” Tory slumped her shoulders in defeat.

“Good girl.”

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