Cobra Kai - Tory's Rent Payment

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with the show or characters of Cobra Kai, including Tory Nichols, Miguel or Rodney. Mature themes must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story

Title: Tory’s Rent Payment Part 3
Show: Cobra Kai
Author: The Chemist
Character: Tory Nichols, Daniel LaRusso
Codes: MF, Oral, Public
Disclaimer: I don’t have anything to do with the show or characters of Cobra Kai, including Tory Nichols, Kreese, and the LaRussos (Daniel, Anthony, Samantha, Amanda and Louie). Mature themes must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.

Summary: Tory’s bought by Kreese again, but this time for a much more nefarious purpose. He has Tory infiltrate Daniel LaRusso’s work (praying on his hero/savior complex) before seducing him


Tory dreaded who was on the other side of the door. After all, she was the Valley’s newest and hottest teen prostitute. And this was something that, for lack of a better word, her pimp was more than happy to rent her out. However, normally the johns didn’t come straight to her front door. Thus, Tory rose from her sofa and swung open the door to find a familiar and unwanted face.

“No. No way,” Tory immediately shouted as she saw the man on the other side of her door.

“Now is that any way to greet your sensei?” Kreese asked the young blonde.

“I still can’t sit comfortably at the epic anal fuck Cobra Kai gave me,” Tory replied.

“I have a new job for you,” the former U.S. Army man spoke without missing a beat. “And before you protest, I think you’ll love this one.”

“Oh? And why is that?” 

“Because I’m going to use you and that sinful body to destroy the LaRusso family,” Kreese announced with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

*    *    *

“Daniel! No! No way!” Amanda LaRusso sternly told her husband.

“Amanda. Hear me out, okay?” Daniel replied, trying to calm his wife.

“That...thug, started the fight that got Sam’s ex-boyfriend seriously injured,” Amanda reminded him.

“I’m aware. For which the American Court System has punished her for. And part of her punishment is community service,” the former Karate Kid explained.

“That doesn’t mean it has to be here. At our car dealership. Where you daughter visits…”

“Please. Sam hasn’t been here in years,” Daniel corrected his spouse.

“Regardless. It’s a terrible idea. Tory is Sam’s rival. Your daughter will not like hearing we are employing her,” Amanda continued her fight.

In truth, Daniel knew that Sam wouldn’t like the idea of his auto dealership hiring Tory as the new car washer. However, for the former Karate Kid, it made too much sense. For one, the position was vacant after Robby ran away. Not only was Tory willing, but she was free, which was the right price, especially since their dealership was really bleeding money of late.

Secondly, and most importantly, Daniel was thinking of it as a sensei, and not as Sam’s father. He believed that hiring Tory would have a two fold effect. Seeing Tory around would propel his daughter to continue her karate training due to their rivalry. But, Daniel was hoping he could redeem Tory, much like he had done to Robby (minus the whole crippling Miguel thing). Now that was exciting as it would mean another star pupil for his dojo, plus someone who could spar and push Sam for further greatness as well.

“Is there any way of talking you out of this terrible idea,” Amanda asked, beyond frustrated.

“It’s not a terrible idea…” Daniel started, but before he could continue talking, his wife put her head down and walked out of the room, defeated.

*    *    * 

“ worked,” Tory spoke into her phone as she left LaRusso Auto Group.

“Of course it did,” Kreese replied as he chewed on his cigar with a grin on his face. “That asshole always did have a hero complex. He thinks he’s saving you.”

After a pause, Tory spoke again. “Are you sure about this next part sensei? I’s going to break this family apart.”

“Having second thoughts, Ms Nichols? I thought you were better than that,” Kreese lectured. “Remember...strike first…”

“Strike hard,” she followed before they spoke as one. “No mercy.”

*    *    *

Tory had been working at the LaRusso Auto Group for the last 2 weeks without issue. Whether because Sam never visited her father’s office or was purposefully avoiding it, Tory didn’t even have to see the boyfriend stealer either. The worst she had to put up with were glances in her direction, but they came in two varieties. The first was the icy cold variety which came her way only from Amanda LaRusso. Though the brunette was all types of hot, she was also protective of her daughter and therefore hated Tory. The other glances she earned were from the men at the office, who always made sure to check out her plump ass when she wore her tight-fitting shorts, or a good long stare at her tits.

“Need any help Tory?” Louie, Daniel’s cousin, asked the blonde.

“No thank you Louie,” Tory faked giggled. “But I just have the one last car to finish cleaning before I’m done. You go on home.”

“Okay, okay,” Louie replied, grabbing his briefcase and heading to the exit.

Tory understood Louie didn’t care for her as a person. He only asked her for help in order to get her in his debt, at which point he’d probably leverage it for asking her out for dinner. Plus, it didn’t hurt that she was wearing a form-fitting white tee shirt with no bra underneath...with a job that had her working with water cleaning cars. 

“Are you all good here Tory?” Daniel asked as he came into the back of the shop to check on her. 

“Just putting the finishing touches on the final car, Mr LaRusso,” Tory replied, acting meek around the older man.

“I told you, call me Daniel,” the former Karate Kid corrected her. “Don’t stay too late, by the way. This will be every day this week you’ve beaten me out of here. And I pride myself on being the first in and last out of LaRusso Auto Group!”

“Oh well, sorry to tread on your territory, Mr...I mean, Daniel,” Tory said as she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“Okay so I’m gonna head out then if you have everything in order here,” Daniel stated.

“Actually, this car has one stubborn little spot on it that I could really use some man power for,” Tory said, her voice changing just a little to make it more sultry. Not over the top, but enough that Daniel’s subconscious should have picked up on it. 

The karate sensei dropped his briefcase and headed off around the car that Tory was currently working on. The spot in question didn’t look like much of an issue, but always the male pride was at work. Grabbing a spare sponge, Daniel had to walk behind the blonde, who had stayed bent over with her extremely plump ass sticking out. Despite being a married man and the fact that she was the age of his daughter, Daniel’s eye wandered as he drank in the image. Big, round and firm, the blonde was definitely what Louie would call a PAWG, a phat ass white girl.

“I have to...would you mind if I…” Daniel said, realizing that to attempt to move past Tory in the way she was bent over, well his crouch would have to be frightening close to her fantastic ass.

“Oh! Sorry,” Tory smiled as she straightened up.

As Daniel waited for her to move, Tory snapped her back upright in a way that her tits jiggled in the most arousing way possible. All the men at work had noted Tory’s lack of a bra...and her habit of wearing tight white shirts...and her constant state of being wet due to her job as a car washer. Not that any were complaining, including Daniel. Mainly because the teen girl had an rack that was as fantastic as her thick ass. 

It took Daniel all of 10 seconds to buff the spot out of the fender of the vehicle in question. “And there you go. Was there anything else?”

Daniel wore a satisfied smile because Tory had fed his ego, making it inflated. Making him feel like a big man, helping out the little girl who needed his help. The shining knight rescues the damsel in distress. And now, the seduction.

“I couldn’t have done it without you,” Tory said before putting a hand onto his arm. “I’m surprised your wife is letting you stay late when it's only you and me here. She hates me, right?”

“She doesn’t hate you...I think,” Daniel said with an awkward laugh. “Yeah, maybe a little.”

“Sorry if this is forward, but are you happy? With her, I mean?” Tory asked. She knew this was the risky part of her seduction but she thought it was worth it.

After she asked the question, Tory kept her eyes locked on the man old enough to be her father. She turned her head down and was looking up, making her gorgeous eyes even more seductive, while also casting herself in a slightly submissive fashion. Finally, after a few startled seconds, Daniel could finally give voice to words.

“Whoa! Tory! That’s awfully personal,” he finally replied, but made no move to leave.

Tory noted that he had never bothered to move the hand touching his arm, so she escalated things by moving her left hand onto his chest. Despite being in his 40s or 50s, Mr LaRusso kept himself in good physical shape, which Tory could now confirm based on the feel of his pec muscles and abdominal muscles. 

“I don’t think it’s that personal,” Tory stated, her hands continuing to pet his chest without obstruction. “After all, you’re so fucking hot and you derseve to have someone who can give you what you want.”

“Oh? Let me guess. Leave my wife and run off with you?” Daniel asked, backing up though Tory stayed with him.

“Not at all. Stay with that bitch of a wife and just use me as your side piece,” Tory offered. “Everyone wins.”

“How does everyone win? Amanda clearly loses.”

“How? She gets to stop feeling bad about turning down your advances to have sex with her. Relieves her of guilt. Happier wife, happier marriage,” Tory reasoned.

Before Tory could progress things, Daniel gave his head a shake. “Tory, this isn’t happening. In fact, I should fire your ass!”

“What was that about my ass, Daniel? Wanna spank it?” Tory asked, turning sideways and watching as his eyes immediately went down to her thick booty.

“You are a psycho! This is too much,” Daniel stated, though once again, he wasn’t moving away from her. “Listen Tory, we are not doing this.”

“Are you sure we aren’t?” Tory asked, her eyes leaving his for the first time in a while in order to glance down at his clearly bulging cock. “Because your dick says differently.”

Now for the home run swing. Tory moved her hands down from rubbing his chest and immediately began rubbing his fully erect cock through his pants. After staring down at his boner, Tory turned her piercing eyes back onto the businessman’s face, a wide grin on her pretty face. Given there was no way he wanted her to stop, Tory gave a little giggle before she descended down into a kneeling position as her hands began undoing his belt and pants.

“Jesus Christ,” Daniel swore as he looked down and watched the teen girl undoing his pants. Tory had a moment of difficulty with his pants, but it worked to her advantage as Daniel’s resistance broke and he helped her undo his pants. “Fine.”

There was no hesitation on Tory’s part. The moment his pants were undone, she pulled them down just low enough onto his quads that his fully erect, 7-inch cock came popping out into view. Her hand immediately closed around it in order to steer it between her spread lips and into her warm, wet mouth. 

At this point in her sojourn into being a teen prostitute, Tory was very familiar with being on her knees. Despite her tender age, the blonde had practiced with her mouth on a cock a lot, meaning she had developed not only a wide array of skills and tricks, but also proficiency with them as well. Plus, Tory was willing to bet that Amanda LaRusso hadn’t given her husband a blowjob in years, therefore as long as she didn’t use teeth, Daniel would come crawling back to her for more.

“Oh God,” Daniel groaned, right on cue.

Tory had kept her head moving in a blonde blur for the first minute of the blowjob, getting his dick nice and hard, but also used to having lips wrapped around him again. Wanting to show off all her skills and give him the best blowjob of his life, Tory pulled her mouth from his dick so she could get access to his balls. While her hand continued to lightly stroke his manhood, Tory parted her lips and sucked on the right nut for several seconds, before transitioning over to the other one. 

“Gwwkkk...glllkkk...gawwkk,” Tory constantly spewed as her mouth went back to work on his cock.

Tory’s wet sucking noises echoed around the concrete walls of the car wash bay as she sucked fast and deep. Daniel didn’t know if all girls these days were this great at blowjobs or if Tory was a savant of oral sex or something. Either way, as she was on her knees, his massive cock in her mouth and constantly gliding along her lips, Daniel really didn’t care what the answer to that was. In fact, he only cared about the excellent blowjob he was on the receiving end of.

“Holy shit,” Daniel cooed from her intense sucking.

Though there were many times for blowjobs to be clean and efficient, this wasn’t one of those times. Tory had learnt early that all men loved a wet, noisy blowjob, so that was the exact type she was delivering. With each bob forward, Tory let his dick pass all the way into her mouth until his tip poked the back of her throat. At this point, Tory reversed course, until only the crown of his manhood remained inside her mouth. Her lips never broke their seal around his girthy tool, and each time he hit the back of her throat, more spit was produced, therefore the blowjob only got noisier and wetter.

Daniel couldn’t help but look down and watch Tory Nichols in what had to be her natural environment. The blonde’s lips, tongue and hand stimulated every inch of his fat cock, a true feat given his immense size. He could see more spit building around her plump lips after every few seconds, and on more than one occasion he even saw bubbles form around the corners of her mouth. And yet the teen girl was unfazed, her head was a constant ball of motions, pushing forwards and back, tilting in a side-to-side motion to stimulate the base of his cock as well. Not to mention her hand a tugging blur, pulling along all sides of his dick as she literally pleasured all 7 inches at one time.

Knowing that such an intense rhythm maintained for too long would cause the older man to cum way too soon, Tory varied her technique. As his hand came down to pet her golden locks, Tory broke the tight lip lock she held on his cock in order to drive her mouth deeper onto his manhood. A more throaty noise was produced, as well as a few tears leaking from her eyes as she held him deep in her mouth for several seconds before she had to pull back as the need for oxygen grew too great.

“Cccwwwwkkkkk,” Tory gasped as long strings of spit still connected her lips to Daniel Larusso’s cock.

As the blonde sucked down a lungful of air, the strands broke, falling down over her chin and down onto her large tits. Tory didn’t care about the messy blowjob, in fact, she imagined Daniel loved the look of drool spilling down from her mouth. Closing her lips back around him, Tory built up a head of steam as she bobbed down the majority of his length with each movement. Rather than slow down, Tory instead shortened her bobs so she was really only using her lips to glide over this head and first inch of shaft while her hand stroked off the rest of his manhood, which was completely lathered in her spit at this point. 

“I bet your wife doesn’t suck your cock like this,” Tory commented, her hand solely responsible for his pleasure as she spoke.

“You crazy psychopath,” Daniel hissed, though that was more from pleasure as Tory locked her lips back around his shaft. “Don’t you talk about my wife.”

After another round of deep sucking, Tory broke contact with her mouth in order to continue insulting Amanda. “I bet she’s such a prude. Never doing anything in public.”

This time Daniel didn’t even try to defend his wife. Sadly, Tory’s words were too true. However, it still irked him to hear the teen say them, and even more so after the former karate champion heard the gorgeous blonde giggle. Acting on instinct, Daniel reached down with both hands to seize the back of Tory’s head and pulled her further down his cock. Tory was game for the challenge, keeping her mouth opened wide as inch after inch of hard dick was stuffed into her oral cavity. After several long seconds, Daniel released his grip, allowing Tory to surface for air, at which point more spit dribbled down her face and onto her swaying tits that were barely contained by her shirt.

“Oh my God!” Daniel grunted as Tory went back down on him.

“You love this, don’t you?” Tory asked after another round where she bobbed on nearly every one of his 7-inches for a few minutes in a row.

“So fucking good,” Daniel answered the question without thought. “Oh shit. So good. Just like that.”

Now Tory knew he was close. In all honesty, she was surprised Sam’s old man had lasted this long. After all, this wa sTory’s A-game. When she deployed this on most of the johns who paid for her services, they lasted 5 minutes, at very best. Yet here was Mr LaRusso, well past 10 minutes with the blonde kneeling on the concrete floor with spit drooling down onto her tits.

“Cum for me,” Tory begged between bobs of his dick into her throat. “Give me your jizz. Want it so badly.”

“Then have it!” Daniel bellowed.

This time, the former karate champion reached down and grip tightly onto her head, almost crushing her skull as a wave of pleasure shot through him. Once again he swore and grunted into the car wash bay as his cum boiled in his balls before it came spewing from his tip directly into the teen girl’s mouth. Between his iron-like grip on her head and her reluctance to spill any drop, Tory’s mouth stayed with only his bulbous head between her lips, using her tongue on the underbelly of his member to coax all the jizz from him. Stream after plentiful stream of salty semen came rushing from him, depositing into her mouth, bathing her taste buds in his flavor. Finally, once his strength on the sides of her head relented and his cock stopped shooting ropes of cum into her mouth, Tory swallowed down his large offering and made her way back to her feet. 

“God! What have I done,” Daniel muttered as he pulled up his pants. “Tory...don’t bother coming into work here again.”

“But Mr. LaRusso…”

Daniel didn’t hear anything else she said as the older man practically ran from his own company…

*    *    *

It was a long car ride home, filled with regret and worrying about the future. Does he tell Amanda? That was easy - no. It would ease his conscious but make his wife feel like crap. No, Daniel would forget the whole thing ever happened. In fact, he would prove the teen psycho wrong. Getting some, Daniel straightened himself up before he entered the house. After a normal enough dinner, they all went their seperate ways into their bedrooms. 

“Hey babe. Do you, you know, wanna have some fun time?” Daniel asked as he wrapped an arm around his wife.

“What? Now?” Amanda asked as she didn’t even bother putting down her book. “You know I don’t feel sexy after dairy.”

“And yet you have dairy all but one day a month since Anthony was born,” the former Karate Kid muttered under his breath.

“What was that?”

“Oh, nothing honey,” Daniel immediately replied. “I was just saying I’m going to have a shower...a cold shower.”

“Okay dear,” Amanda replied, her eyes never once leaving her book.

Before he went to the bathroom, Daniel grabbed his cell phone. Before turning on the water of his cold shower, he texted a certain hot blonde teen, telling her he’d changed his mind and that she was to be at work again tomorrow. And be prepared to stay after hours again.

*    *    *

Daniel was on edge the whole next day. He found any excuse to spend time out of the office or in meetings. He avoided everyone and when he didn have contact with people, he was snappy and very unlike himself. Finally, his workers started to go home for the day, which was a blessing. Maybe sensing his bad attitude, Amanda didn’t wait around too long after 5 o’clock, deciding to head home. By quarter to 6, the last of the techs out in the garage had left, except for the one who was doing her community service hours. 

Tory was waiting for him, a wide grin plastered on her gorgeous face. Daniel walked right up to her before seizing her around the throat with his hand. It wasn’t hard enough to risk choking her to death, but it was firm.

“Is this what you want? You want to ruin my life,” he asked, their noses almost touching. 

Before she could answer, Daniel released his grip on her throat and used both hands to pick the teen blonde up into the air before settling her down on the hood of a car she had been cleaning. In a rush of movement, Daniel had his pants off and around his thighs, while also shoving the black skirt Tory was wearing up around her stomach. He didn’t bother removing her white panties, only pushed them to one side, revealing a smoothly shaven, bright pink pussy. With his dick gripped in one hand, he spat onto the fingers of his other hand before rubbing them around the head of his cock to act as a little lubrication.

“This is what you want, right?” Daniel asked as Tory licked her fingers before spreading the spit onto her exposed pussy. 

“Ohhhh,” Tory moaned as Daniel wasted no time pushing half his cock into her snatch.

“That’s what you fucking want. So take that fucking dick,” the older man hissed.

There was no love or healthy emotion between the two so neither went in for a kiss. Instead, as Daniel began pumping his hips forward and back, skewering Tory with more of his dick with each thrust, they simply maintained eye contact with one another. If Tory had a soul, it would have been shaken with the intensity of Daniel’s glare, but instead, it made her even hornier. Even more so when that left hand of his reached up and once more clutched around her throat, lightly choking the bad girl.

Despite the fact that she was a very sought after teen prostitute, it still took some time to open her up. This was due to a multiple of factors, including the girth of Daniel’s cock, their lack of ideal positioning, the lack of any foreplay, and also the fact that Tory was still only a teen. Daniel had been fucking only his wife for the past 20 years, a woman who had given birth to not one, but two children. Therefore trading in her pussy for a teen’s was night and day different.

“Pull this shirt up,” Daniel demanded after moving his hand down from choking her in order to knead one of her large tits.

Being none too gentle about it, Daniel pulled up on the hem of her plain white tee and briefly revealed Tory’s tits. They were everything they promised to be from the hints he’d seen of them through her wet tee shirt the last few weeks. Namely, large and heavy with a bright pink nipple centered on each. As Tory pulled the cotton shirt to rest above the bouncing twins, Daniel surprised her by actually slapping (albeit lightly) her tits, drawing a pleased smile from the crazy teenager.

“Yeah keep fucking me baby,” she encouraged.

Despite the rough treatment, which had continued as he pinched both her erect nipples, it was clear to Daniel that this girl was fully enjoying herself and ready to get even more of his dick. To open herself up better, Tory scooted her ass closer to him on the hood of the vehicle so she could put her calf up on top of his shoulder. With easier access to her snatch, he was on the same wavelength and began rearing his hips back further then plowing into her harder. Her moans began to mix with grunts again as the pair fucked in the garage bay. He was so focused on taking out his sexual frustration that he didn’t feel her scratching on his back nor her biting on his shoulder.

“Oh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck my tight teen pussy. Fuck me since your wife won’t,” Tory spewed hateful comments towards Sam’s mother.

“Shut the fuck up,” Daniel hissed, using his hand to close over her mouth, all while continuing to spear her on his dick. “If we’re going to play this game, we’re going to play by my rules. Understand?”

“Mmhmm,” Tory mumbled around the hand blocking her mouth still.

His hand slid away from her mouth so he could grip the back of her neck with both of his mitts. Sure enough, Tory had ceased talking, instead she only moaned as his grip on the back of her neck allowed him to slam forward with greater power. Daniel wasn’t going faster, only harder, making her bouncy tits jiggle even more now.

“I have so much to lose,” Daniel grunted as he continued his all out assault on her teen pussy.

“But doesn’t this feel so good?” Tory asked, that maniacally smile back on her pretty face. 

The answer to her question was obviously yes. In fact, everything about this was amazing. Daniel had always loved public sex, and Amanda used to indulge him when they first started together, but that was nearly 20 years ago. Now, the only sex they had was in the bedroom, once a month at most. Then there was the feel of Tory’s ultra-wet and snug fitting cunt, which fit him like a glove with every thrust. And you couldn’t forget about the image of Tory’s large tits bouncing and heaving before her with every time he sank balls deep in her teen pussy.

“Oh my God,” Tory shouted, unable to keep the moan to herself.

Spurred on by her pleasurable moans, Daniel started fucking the teen harder and faster. The mild-mannered businessman was surprising Tory thus far, as he was an absolute beast in the sack. It was everything she was hoping it would be, with his fat cock filling her better than any man previously had done. Not only was he driving deep inside her, he was also doing it at a relentless speed that lesser men would have definitely cum in the process.

The only problem for Daniel was, the harder he fucked the teen, the more she moaned and screamed. Though normally this shouldn’t have been an issue, he didn’t want her voice to carry and possibly alert any other employee who maybe had returned to the office for something. Therefore, Daniel reached up and used one hand to grip the back of her head and help hold his other hand firmly over her mouth.

“Shot the fuck up,” Daniel demanded once more.

She moaned loudly against his hand a moment later in direct response to Daniel slowly sinking balls deep into her teen cunt once more. In fact, each time he did so for the next minute drew an increasingly louder moan from Tory until she was practically screaming against the palm still blocking her mouth. Which gave the older man an idea. 

Tory was disappointed when the father of her rival pulled out of her dripping wet snatch, but luckily he didn’t go far. Instead, he placed both her legs on his shoulders in order to pull her thong from underneath her skirt and down though long, athletic legs. After slipping them over her shoes, Daniel took her white panties, bunched them up and proceeded to cram them into Tory’s open mouth. He left a little spilling out over her lips before he pushed up on her chin in order to clench her jaw around the thong she’d been wearing all day. 

“Mmmmm,” Tory moaned.

Using a hand back around her throat, Daniel lowered the girl his daughter’s age down until her back was resting flat on the hood of the car. Instead of legs on his shoulders, Daniel simply held her thighs spread wide, allowing the former karate champ to fuck the teen with as much intensity as he could muster. If Tory was disgusted or upset about having her worn panties shoved into her mouth then he’d have no idea, especially based on the way she was moaning and screaming against them. 

“God! Your pussy is so wet,” Daniel grunted, his dick flying into her womb a mile a minute.

As Daniel continued spearing into the girl with reckless abandonment, he knew he was going to cum soon. There was no denying that. Tory was the perfect combination of tight and wet, plus all types of hot. That, and she knew how to move her body to increase the pleasure for him. Despite being drilled while atop a car, Tory was shifting and pivoting her hips in a way where she was constantly adding extra layers of pleasure to horny father of two. 

And it seemed as though Tory Nichols could sense that he was close, especially with the way her eyes stayed locked onto his. Not only that, but the teen prostitute was nodding her head, as if giving him her permission to cum. Hell, if it wasn’t for the panties in her mouth, he could imagine her practically begging him to jizz all inside her. Of course, he wouldn’t be cumming into her fertile teen cunt, not when he wasn’t wearing a condom

“Down! Kneel!” Daniel demanded, not only pulling his dick out of her, but also the thong from her mouth.

“Yeah? Gonna cum in my mouth again,” Tory asked, a wicked grin on her face again.

“No. Gonna jerk off all over your pretty face,” Daniel hissed, stroking his cock as Tory settled on her knees.

“Mmm...yes,” Tory cooed, excited at the perspective of such a degrading act by the wholesome father of her rival.

Tory was undaunted as the older man stroked off his cock with his tip a mere inch from her face. Instead, the teen opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue, making her face an even bigger target for his pending load. Daniel didn’t keep her waiting any longer either. 

“Does your wife let you cum on her face?” Tory asked as she moved her hair out of the way.

Instead of replying, he let out a bellow before Tory watched as the first glob of white goo left his tip before splashing down on the side of her face, missing her mouth just barely. He overcorrected with his next blast of jizz, the warm feel of cum hitting Tory on her lower left side, all the way down to her chin. Though starting to dribble more than shoot at this point, Daniel splashed cum all over her nose and cheeks before he ran dry.

“Oh shit,” Daniel groaned as Tory took his cock into her mouth, sucking on his sensitive tip.

“Yummy,” Tory cooed as she scooped his seed into her waiting mouth to swallow down.

“Oh my God. What did I just do?” Daniel said.

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