Reviews for Home Unknown

BY : karisma

  • From ANON - Di on April 08, 2016

    Is your story Home Unknown abandoned? I really enjoyed reading it years ago but always come back to see if your still writing.

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  • From ANON - Tlyna on October 02, 2013

    I just reread this story and it is still one of my favorites. I hope someday you will come back and finish it as it really is too good to be left abandoned.

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  • From ANON - Tlyna on July 28, 2013

    I really hope you will finish this story. I love all your plot twist and great characterizations. Please do not abandon this story. It is too good to be wasted.

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  • From ANON - Laura on September 20, 2012

    I have had the first 26 chapters for quite some time and had reread them last night. I finally found this website and the last 5 chapters you had posted. Please, please post more. I really love this story. It is too good to be abandoned. It is one of my favorites that I tend to reread at frequent intervals and where you have left it is kind of making me as itchy as a few dozen mosquito bites.

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  • From Hawthorn on April 18, 2011

    Hi, I've been following this story for quite some time now. And I still think it's one of the greatest stories in this fandom. But you have not been updating in a while and that worries me. There are many questions left unanswered.

    What is Joxer the god of? Tactics?
    What is Athena up to? I couldn't even begin to guess.
    Joxers brothers as bad omens? I suspect they'd like it. :D
    What will happen when Joxer gets found out? Mayham probably. But what kind exactly?
    How will things work out between Eris and Hermes? It seems to be working just fine and I suspect they were left in a rather interesting situation. But still I want to see more.
    Will Psyche make an appearance or has she gone for good? Both would work I suppose.
    What will Xenas and Gabrielles reaction to Joxer becoming a god be? We have not seen them in a while. It would be fun to see more of them. As well as asorted shellfish. :P
    How's Eensy? The idea of a five Inch Hydra just threw me. How did Strife/Erin manage to find him?
    More of Wars children would be nice too. They were fun to read about.

    All in all. Please do not abandon this story. Please start working on it again. I so want to see what happens next.

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  • From JemDragon on May 17, 2010

    I love this story. Have re-read it so many times. I like how this is going and i keep trying to figure out what Joxer's godhood is, since there are clues, but nothing solid. I am hoping you update soon to reveal what Miss Iron Britches has in store.( I think it has to do with the kids and has something to do with Crete) anyway I also look forward to what the triplets are going to be up to. Please update asap. This is really a great story.

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  • From Hawthorn on March 31, 2010

    Is there ever going to be more of this story? I simply adore it and the developments you've portrayed. It's also clearly one of the best stories in this fandom and I'd hate to see it left incompleted.

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  • From astrakage on October 07, 2009

    I really hope that you update this soon. I loved the story so far and I really want to see where you take this. If it's possible would you send me an email at when you do update?

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  • From mokahi on March 14, 2009

    Great story! I love how involved and complex your story is. I'm looking forward to finding out what's up with Athena. I like your portrayal of the both familial and romantic relationships. Very, very enjoyable!

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  • From Alania Black on September 18, 2008

    Omg, I'm loving this fic so much! I absolutely adore how you've protrayed everyone, and detective!joxer is worth a few laughs! I can't wait to see what his godhood's going to be, although I have a feeling that tactics will be in there somewhere. Also, Ares as the God of Peace? Inspired!!! I love it!! Not that I haven't thought and written the same myself, but it's always fun to see.

    You are a genius and I cannot wait for the next instalment! Do you have a mailing list?

    Alania x

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  • From Tourette on September 04, 2008

    This is the story I blame for getting me into Ares/Joxer and Cupid/Strife without your story I wouldn't read any Xena fanfiction.
    I hope to see a new update soon!

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  • From Tourette on July 27, 2008

    I love your story! Please go on. I hope your muse kisses you so you can soon update.

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  • From SusanAnthony on June 03, 2008

    I'm so glad to see more of this wonderful story!

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  • From auralexander on April 27, 2008

    I love this fic! It is one of my all time favorite A/J fics. and the only one I read on AFF. I really hope you keep writing. I love this story. (do you post anywhere else?

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  • From Elleria on March 31, 2008

    Love this. Update please!

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