Entanglements: Sequel to Gardening Tips

BY : Lursa_and_BeTor
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“Impossible!” Dylan touches the reassuring hardness of the force lance holstered at his side. He stares at Rommie with wide shocked eyes. He sweeps a glower over the Terazed crew manning the stations as they begin quietly murmuring among themselves. “That’s impossible!”

“You keep saying that but all reports indicate that it’s still true.” Rommie folds her arms across her chest and stares back at her captain. Her dark gaze flickers over the stunned faces of the crew.

Dylan paces back and forth in front of the forward screens on the command deck. His fingers tighten on his force lance. It’s a trick! It has to be a trick of some kind. These reports are too ridiculous to be believed.

It’s a trick of the Abyss. That’s it. The Abyss is sending out false reports to make him lower his guard. Or…he levels a hard stare at his youthful crew, inciting his crew to turn against him. At first the chad watcwatched him with eyes full of hero worship but lately, they had been giving him wary looks. “I want verification. I want to talk to Tri-Lorn. Hell, I’ll even talk to that traitorous bitch Tri-Gemma!”

“Verifying news reports.” The screen image of the Andromeda Ascendant appears. Her gaze slides absently over the command deck as she accesses information. “Sources verified.”

“Well?” Dylan stops and stares in disbelief. It can’t be. The Abyss has even managed to fool the Andromeda’s sensors. Amazing. Too bad, Harper isn’t with them any longer but the engineering team should be able to find and fix the problem.

“The information we received earlier is true, Captain.” Rommie tilts her head as she studies Dylan. She trades a long look with her onscreen image.

“You have got to be kidding me!” It can’t be. Tyr is an agent of the Abyss. He’s probably the one that thought of this trick. Dylan straightens to his full height and lifts his chin. He knows how Tyr thinks. After all, he worked with the Nietzschean for years. Tyr had never been a proper Nietzschean like Rhade. Now there was a real Nietzschean. If only Rhade was here but then Rhade disappeared along with Harper. He suspected that the Abyss got them; that Archduke Bolivar had been working for the Abyss but he had never been able to prove it. This is just another Anasazi trick. “I killed the bastard myself! I…I watched him fall over that cliff into the Abyss.”

“All news sources confirm the reports.” Rommie’s voice is quiet but firm. “Tyr Anasazi and a combined fleet of Commonwealth and Nietzschean ships destroyed the Magog Worldship.”

Beka walks through the doors to command and stops, staring at Rommie. “What? That can’t be true. Tyr’s dead. He died when he tried to betray me to the Abyss.”

Rommie turns back to her station. “That information is incorrect. It seems that only a simulacrum of Tyr was destroyed. The real Tyr was nowhere near the Route of Ages.”

“Simulacrum? You mean that…that was a…a copy? That wasn’t really Tyr?” Beka slowly walks over to her station. Her skin flushes with hot color as she remembers the tireless way that Tyr had...she had thought that it was the famed Nietzschean libido but he really had been a machine. Her eyes widen in shock then narrow thoughtfully. “That means that I…I…”

“What? You, what, Beka?” Dylan snaps, turning to face her.

“Nothing. Nothing.” Beka licks her lips. Ummm. Where had the simulacrum been made? Had they kept copies of the plans? Her pale blue eyes are full of sudden speculation. Time to change the subject. She catches Rommie’s eye. “The Magog are gone? The Spirit of the Abyss destroyed? And Tyr did it…just like he said he would.”

“Yes.” Rommie nods.

Beka smiles as thoughts of building a simulacrum lead to thoughts of Harper. Then Harper and Rhade are really okay. She’d been so worried about Harper but Dylan wouldn’t let her take the Maru and hunt for her friend. “So Charlemagne didn’t kidnap Harper and Rhade.”

“Apparently not.” The Andromeda screen image looks at Beka. “Harper and Rhade are reportedly on Tyr’s flagship headed for the Sabra-Jaguar home world.”

“But…but…Tyr was an agent of the Abyss. I know he was. I worked with the man for three years. I know how he thinks. This is a…ruse, a mistake.” Dylan frowns sternly at Beka.

“Dylan…” Beka sighs. She looks around at the others. The Terazed crew offers only a round of minute shrugs. The Nietzschean woman at the environmental station rolls her eyes. Rommie is completely expressionless.

“Tyr was…is…an agent of the Abyss. I can prove it.” Dylan grips his force lance and sweeps the command crew with a grimly determined look. “Trance told me so.”

“Where is Trance by the way?” Beka looks around. That’s the ticket. If anyone can talk Dylan into accepting an altered reality, it’s Trance. Her eyes widen as Trance suddenly appears in a shimmering, hazy golden glow.

“Trance!” Dylan looks at her with bewilderment in his pale eyes. Why is she appearing this way in public? He thought that it was a secret. That only the two of them knew about her secret nature. Maybe it’s time. Time for her to reveal all; time to tell the crew that he is…The One. Dylan smiles hopefully and reaches out to her. “Trance?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Trance smiles brightly. Her dark eyes glow with warmth and happiness.

“Tell them what you told me, Trance.” Dylan waves his hand at the staring crew. Now they will see. They will understand now. “Tell them that Tyr is deceiving everyone the way he always did. Tell them.”

“I can’t do that,an.”an.” Trance shakes her head regretfully.

“What are you talking about? Why can’t you tell them?” Dylan frowns. He steps closer and peers down into her lovely, glowing face.

“I’m so sorry that I deceived you, Dylan. I had no choice. The Abyss had captured me and enslaved many of my brothers and sisters. I’m so very sorry Dylan.” Trance pats his chest affectionately.

Beka leans forward on her console. She stares wide-eyed at Trance. “The agent of the Abyss was you?!”

“Yes.” Trance whispers, her voice small and sad.

Dylan steps back, shocked. How could this be? “All those times you talked with me…counseled me…you were just setting me up for Tyr?!”

“No! No. Tyr was a mystery to me. I had hoped that you and he would…but that didn’t happen.” Trance spreads her arms wide and turns in a quick gleeful circle. “This was as much a surprise to me as it was to you.”

“So…what, Trance.” Dylan lifts his chin. His wise, little counselor? His precious golden Trance? An agent of the Abyss? He suddenly feels every one of his three hundred years. “You made a deal with the Spirit of the Abyss so you would go free.”

Trance looks at the floor then back up, boldly meeting his eyes. “It’s not something I’m proud of…but yes, I did.”

“I can’t believe I trusted you…believed you.” Dylan shakes his head. He takes another step back.

“I’m truly sorry, Dylan. But now that Tyr and Harper have defeated the Spirit of the Abyss I’m free. I can go home.” Trance dances over to Beka and kisses her cheek before spinning away.

“What do you mean you’re free?” Dylan asks.

Trance leans back against the console, next to Beka. “Remember when I told you I was an avatar of the sun?”

Dylan nods. “Yeah?”

“You never asked which sun.” Trance frowns disapprovingly at him. “I expected you to ask me that and you didn’t.”

“I just assumed…” Dylan stammers.

Beka fondles a lock of Trance’s long, red hair. “What are you talking about, Trance?”

“The sun…the star…at the center of the Magog world ship.” Trance looks over her shoulder at Beka.

“That was you.” Beka grips Trance’s shoulders with both hands. Her blue eyes are wide and full of wonder. “Oh. My. God.”

Dylan shakes his head and clutches his force lance. “So everything you told me was a lie.”

“I didn’t want to do it but I could not see any other way.”

“So I’m not The One.” Dylan’s shoulders slump. He stares at Trance. “All that mumbo jumbo about a ‘perfect possible future’…that was all a lie too?”

“There never was a ‘one’, Dylan.” Trance shrugs. “There is no such thing as one perfect possible future.”

“Just smoke and mirrors.” Beka grouses as her hands drop away from Trance’s shoulders.

“Yes.” Trance looks from Rommie to Beka to Dylan. “Now I must go. I am finally free.”

“When Tyr destroyed the world ship you weren’t destroyed…why?” Beka brushes the long hair back from Trance’s face.

Trance smiles at her. “The power of a sun can be harnessed…captured. But no one can truly destroy a sun.”

“But I had Nova bombs.” Dylan frowns. “I could…and did…destroy a sun.”

“No.” Trance shakes her head. “You only thought you did.”

“Where will you go?” Rommie asks “My “My siblings and I have been slaves to the Spirit of the Abyss for millennia. I want to revel in my freedom for a while.”

“Don’t forget you’re still my ‘lucky charm’.” Beka lightly taps a finger on the curve of Trance’s cheekbone.

“I won’t forget. I will miss you all.” Trance smiles and disappears in a blinding flash of golden light.

Dylan whirls to glare at Rommie. “How could you let this happen?”

“Me?!” Rommie’s eyes widen. “I told you from the beginning I d I didn’t know what she was.”


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