Entanglements: Sequel to Gardening Tips

BY : Lursa_and_BeTor
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Telemachus Rhade saunters onto the observation deck. His black silk lounge pants hang low on his narrow hips, clinging softly and displaying what he had to offer. A matching vest of black silk falls open over his bare chest. He glances around.

Many of the command crew has already arrived. Most are dressed as he is…just enough clothes to cover them on the short walk from their quarters to the Celebration site. The scents of excitement and edgy aggressiveness tease his own arousal to a higher level. Rhade takes a deep breath, savoring the richness of the pheromones riding the air currents. His bare feet shift restlessly on the soft rug. Soon. Soon.

The stars glitter bright and beautiful against the depths of space through the observation portal. Trees in tubs and flowering shrubs in pots are artfully arranged to create semi-private nooks amid the greenery. The floor is scattered with rich fabrics and thick rugs. On the other end of the room, Betas still wearing uniforms to mark them as on duty, watch over buffet tables loaded with delicacies. Do they regret being on duty and temporarily safe from Alpha demands or is it a source of relief? Rhade glances at the group of barefoot Betas in civilian clothes. They stand near but not too close to the group of Alphas. Their scents speak of need, fear and nervousness. The bolder ones edge closer, attempting to catch an Alpha’s gaze.

A tall black female with her hair cut in a breezy bob, sways boldly over to Rhade. She pauses in front of him, her hands spread over his chest as she leans forward, parting his lips. Her tongue darts briefly into his mouth then she pulls back. “Admiral Rhade.”

“Yes…and you are?” Rhade brushes his lips over the woman’s mouth. Nice to kiss someone his own height instead of having to bend down. Even nicer to kiss a woman again.

She flicks her nails against his nipples and whispers, “An admirer.”

“I’m flattered.” Rhade nuzzles the elegant line of her throat. Normally he would not grant his time to an infertile female even if she was Alpha but after being exclusively at the Second Consort’s command, the change is welcome…the chance to lose himself in this woman’s rich curves. Despite the honor and the pleasure of serving the Second Consort, he has missed the soft velvet roundness of breasts filling his hands and the sensation of hot wet velvet clinging to his cock. Rhade admires her long, shapely legs. Her short, white silk wrap skirt just covers her bare ass. He squeezes her round backside and smiles encouragement as the woman presses the warmth of her mound against his thigh.

Rhade glances sharply over his shoulder as pale fingers trail over the bare skin of his arm. A woman with bold green eyes and dark red hair looks back at him. His gaze slides, openly assessing, over the slopes of full breasts and swell of hips. This one is lush and, Rhade inhales slowly savoring her scent, fertile as well. A top of beige silk cords hides nothing of her round breasts and pert pink nipples. Rhade sighs with contentment. It is so good to be home.

The redhead smiles approvingly at him. “You were with the Second Consort.”

“Yes.” Rhade turns to face her and strokes a finger over the exposed swells of her breasts. So soft. So full and gloriously round. His hands close greedily over her breasts. His thumbs rub over her large nipples. Oooh, he has missed this. Rhade shudders as the dark woman licks his earlobe and sucks it gently. The satiny plushness of her firm breasts press against his back. Her dark hands glide over his chest, pinching his nipples.

The redhead runs her hands over his biceps and down to his forearms, her fingers brush tantalizingly close to the bases of his bone blades. She leans forward, brushing the tips of her breasts over his chest. “Is he really a genius?”

“Yes.” Rhade frames her face with his hands. So nice. Such smooth, delicate skin instead of the faint rasp of shaven cheeks. He kisses her lightly, savoring her femaleness.

“What’s he like?” She breathes against his mouth.

Rhade grins, smugly amused at the memories of how desirable Harper had found him. Once the human had had a taste of him, the Second Consort seemed unable to resist him. Even here, on the Progenitor’s own flagship, Harper had bedded him. Yes, he should do very well out of this mission. “Energetic.”

“Ahhh.” The dark woman sighs from behind him. Her hands slide lower to cup his stiff cock. “And you, Admiral, are you…energetic?”

Rhade tilts his hips into her exploring hands. His eyes half close in pleasure at her skillful touch. “You’re going to have to find that out for yourself.”

The dark woman laughs seductively and rubs her cheek against the hard muscles of his arm. Her fingers boldly measure the length of his cock and teasingly drift across the head. “I look forward to riding you.”

“As do I.” Rhade wraps an arm around the dark woman and pulls her against his side. He cups the full curves of her lush ass and squeezes. Yes, so soft and round. A welcome change from the hard, pale swells of Harper’s ass. Rhade sighs with contentment as his hand closes again on the warm, satiny curves.

The redhead snuggles close under his other a “Te “Tell me more of your time with the Second Consort, Admiral.”

“What is your interest in the Second Consort?” He growls softly as her fingertips barely graze his aching cock. Reasonable enough that they should be curious after the way that Harper elected to keep to himself instead of hanging out in the common rooms. Had Harper been aware that his elusiveness would only attract more interest from the crew?

Rhade gasps, as the redhead’s touches grow bolder. All around him, he can see other Alphas trading slow caresses, touches as they wait. Teasing themselves higher and harder. Soon. Soon. The Progenitor and his Consorts will come to begin the festivities but until then no one will dare go further. The wait, the anticipation, the test of discipline and control will increase the level of pleasure when the festivities are allowed to begin.

The redhead nuzzles his chest. Her pink tongue darts out to taste his nipples. “My companion is interested in approaching the Second Consort regarding a possible alliance. Would he be amenable to this?”

“Possibly.” Rhade hedges. He glances doubtfully at the tall, dark woman pressed against his side. Who would want an alliance with an infertile female unless there was some special inducement? “Is she your companion?”

The redhead nips his chin. “No, but she is nearby. Shall I summon her?”

Rhade’s lips curve in a smug smile. Three Alpha females vying for his attentions. Yesss. He will take all three and more tonight. He kisses the dark woman, exploring the damp heat under her short white skirt. Then he turns and kisses the redhead, filling his other hand with her breast as he continues to stroke the dark woman’s damp folds. Ah, it’s good to be home. “Summon your companion. We cascusscuss the Second Consort while we celebrate.”


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