Entanglements: Sequel to Gardening Tips

BY : Lursa
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Harper stands a pace behind Tyr outside the door to the observation deck. He isn’t used to wearing silk. He adjusts the folds of the indigo duster lying open over his bare chest. The matching lounge pants feel odd with the silken folds sliding distractingly over his cock and ass with every step. How did the Nietzscheans wear stuff like this with such a casual air?

He looks at Tyr. The Cloak of Drago Museveni spreads over the powerful shoulders, providing a frame for Tyr’s strong body. The bronze silk lounge pants outline Tyr’s endowments in a most intriguing way. Tyr smiles at him and turns to face the door, waiting for the right moment to enter.

Harper shifts his position. The deck is cool beneath his bare feet. He glances sidelong at Charlemagne standing to his right. The First Consort is resplendent in a black silk duster embroidered in geometric patterns with glittering silver thread. His lean hips and legs are covered silver silk lounge pants. Harper peers closer, trying to spot the rings that Tyr had mentioned.

“Well, well, well.” Charlemagne purrs as he catches Harper’s gaze upon him. “Don’t you look fetching?”

Harper scowls. He hates to admit it but the Goldie Über is oddly compelling. “So do you.”

“Nervous, Harper?” A taunting smile edges Charlemagne’s lips.

Who? Him? Nervous? Just cause he’s seconds away from walking into a room full of Nietzscheans and putting on a floorshow with Tyr and Charlie? As if he’s gonna admit that to Goldie Über. Harper lifts his chin and sneers. “You wish.”

“You have no idea what I wish,” Charlemagne murmurs in a silken tone as he steps forward to slide a possessive hand under the cloak and stroke Tyr’s broad back. He glances over his shoulder at Harper. “Tyr is always so responsive to me. I’ll take care of him first then you can join in.”

Harper takes ap fop forward, narrowing his eyes at Charlemagne. He slides a hand over the muscled lines of Tyr’s bare arm as he glowers at Goldie behind Tyr’s back. Like he’s gonna let Goldie run this show. He’ll do whatever he feels like doing when the door opens. “I don’t need your permission.”

“No need to get upset, Little Man.” Charlemagne chuckles. “I was only offering a way for you to get acclimated to your surroundings before having to participate.”

“Two things you need to remember, Charlie…First, only Tyr gets to call me that and second,” Harper leans closer and smirks, “…I can hold my own with the likes of you with no problem.”

Charlemagne arches an eyebrow. There is an intrigued gleam in his eyes. “Really? You think to compete with me?”

Harper looks the tall Nietzschean over slowly and sneers. “From where I stand you are no competition.”

“Luckily, I’m on my best behavior tonight. Otherwise I would have Tyr screaming my name before his pants fell to his ankles.” Charlemagne inspects his nails with an air of mild boredom.

“Oh, I doubt that.”

“A wager then, little…” Charlemagne offers a completely insincere smile, “oh, I’m sorry…Harper?”

Harper stares at him. “You’re really piece of work, do you know that?”

Charlemagne laughs softly, tauntingly. “Afraid I’m right?”

“Alright then, something simple.” Charlemagne tilts his head as if giving serious consideration to the matter. He smiles and holds his out elegant hand. “If Tyr calls my name first or rather when Tyr calls my name…I get to have your precious comforter for three nights. If you win, you may have mine. Agreed?”

What hell is he gonna do with Charlemagne’s comforter? The last thing he wants is another one. Harper looks thoughtfully at the hand. Of course, he might lose but Rhade could take care of himself if he did. Oh, what the hell, he isn’t going to lose. Harper shakes the pale, strong hand. “Agreed.”

“I won’t play fair, little one.”

“What did I just tell you about the size comments, Blondie?” Harper snarks. He releases Charlemagne’s hand. “I can match anything you dish out.”

“Is that fact or just one of your human fictions?”

“Oh that’s a fact, buddy boy. The Harper gives no quarter.”

“Then let it begin.” Charlemagne turns to face the door.

“Bring it.” Harper takes a deep breath, readying himself to face whatever lies behind the door.

Tyr’s lips quirk in a smile. Neither of his consorts will win that bet. He is the top Alpha here. There will be only one name screamed this night…his. The door slides open and he walks through as slow sensual music begins playing. His smile widens as the groups of Alphas and Betas shudder and sigh as the intensifying notes of his pheromones drift their way.

He walks to the center of the room with Charlemagne and Harper flanking him. Tyr’s cool gaze sweeps over the waiting ranks that must continue to wait until he has been satisfied for the first time. Only then may they seek their own pleasures. A certain dark head catches his eye. Rhade is entwined with three women. Let Rhade think himself safely forgotten for now.

“Greetings.” Tyr begins in a resonate voice that reverberates through the crowd.

Whoa! Harper glances at Tyr. When did he start doing that voice thing? That was…whoa! He felt that all the way to his sweet spot. His cock swells hotter and harder in response. Damn!

Harper sweeps a quick look over the room. Faces are flushed. Eyes hot. Bone blades erect. Hands busy. Clothing disarrayed. So it’s affecting everyone, not just him. He glances at Charlemagne who is looking at Tyr with eyes glittering with desire. Harper frowns as Charlemagne licks his lips and moves closer to Tyr. Nope. That just won’t do. Not at all.

“My consorts and I will begin. Once I am satisfied then you may engage in pleasuring one another.” Tyr glances first at Charlemagne then turns to gaze at Harper who stands confidently to one side. Tyr tests the air. The human’s scent is one of nervous excitement; of fear mingling richly with desire. Four betas stand in attendance. Two have cushions and pillows to place in strategic locations and two have trays with several bottles of lubricant perched on top.

“All of you know my consorts. Archduke Charlemagne Bolivar!”

Tyr wraps a hand around his First Consort’s nape, pulling Charlemagne against his side. He nips Charlemagne’s lower lip sharply, winning a throaty moan. His thumb continues to caress his First Consort’s nape as Tyr looks out at the crowd again.

“And Seamus Harper, creator of the tesseract device that vanquished the Magog!” Tyr reaches out, sliding his other arm around Harper. He bends to take the human’s mouth in a quick, hard kiss.

“Both are brilliant…” Tyr slides his hand down to close possessively over the hard curves of Charlemagne’s ass. Charlemagne immediately begins rubbing his hot shaft against Tyr’s flank. Tyr rewards him with a roughly demanding kiss.

“And equally desirable…and they both belong to me…” Tyr pauses to glare meaningfully at Rhade. He threads his fingers through the short blonde spikes and tilts Harper’s head back, leaning down to devour the velvet coolness of Harper’s mouth. Tyr lifts his head and smiles as his gaze skims over the assed crd crew. “…as do all of you!”

Charlemagne carefully slides the antique cloak from Tyr’s shoulders and hands it to one of the betas hovering nearby. He slowly shrugs out of his black silk duster. First one shoulder and then the other, baring the lean lines of his torso and revealing the silver hoops dancing on the pink circles of his nipples.

He surveys the eager crowd, calling his name as he runs the silk garment through his hands. Who shall he pick? Rhade’s dark head catches his gaze. He snorts as the Admiral eases behind a taller man. Let the Terazed Admiral think himself unnoticed for now.

Who…oh, my, a big dark bald man deliberately catches his eye. Charlemagne steps closer and inhales. Ummm, an Alpha. What big…bone blades, the man has and such a lovely ripple of muscles. Oh, yes. Definitely deserving. Charlemagne tosses his duster to the Alpha and smiles as the Alpha eagerly buries his face in the garment.

Now for his pants. Charlemagne slowly slides the silver silk over his hips and off. More eager voices call his name as he rubs the silk down his chest. Ah, there. He smiles as an Alpha female with long, black hair cups her delicate breasts in her slender hands. Her dark rosy nipples are pierced with glittering diamond hoops. Worthy. Yes. He tosses the pants to her. She laughs gleefully and presses the silk to her breasts.

Charlemagne’s pleased smirk fades as he turns to find the little human boldly caressing the heavy jut of Tyr’s cock through the bronze silk pants and kissing the dark velvet chest. Hmmm. As he walks closer, Charlemagne smiles as the wide-eyed way the human is staring at his nipple rings. He holds the deep blue stare as he fingers his rings, tugging lightly. Charlemagne slowly circles Tyr and Harper. He trails his fingertips over the hard muscles of Tyr’s back and steps closer to lay a series of damp kisses across the wide shoulders.

Charlemagne covertly glances at the human as Harper steps away from Tyr with obvious reluctance. Finally his curiosity about the Second Consort’s attractions will be satisfied. He presses his hard shaft against Tyr’s silk covered hip as he watches the human walk over the crowd on the other side of the room. Charlemagne sniffs. They are calling the human’s name with enthusiasm but then that side of the room is mostly filled with the engineering, computer and weapons specialists.

Harper stands still for a moment and then begins swaying slowly with the sensual rhythm of the music. His hips move in counterpointt to the suggestive wail of the horns. He spreads his hands over his chest, parting the fabric of his indigo duster, slipping it off one shoulder, then the other as the crowd chants his name. Harper presses a kiss to the silk garment and then tosses it to a woman whose long, blond tresses curl fetchingly around her full breasts.

Harper spins away, his hands stroking over his waistband. He looks coyly over his shoulder at the crowd as he slowly slides his pants down, revealing the pale, hard curves of his provocatively swaying ass. He shimmies out of his pants and throws them to a deceptively delicate looking female with pale gold skin and long, black hair. There are murmurs of approval from the crowd as they stare at the human’s bare form.

Charlemagne arches a pale brow as the human dances back to him and Tyr. He eyes the long, thick shaft and the heavy sway of balls, bobbing cheerfully with Harper’s dance. Well, well, well…the human is indeed endowed. How delicious! This Celebration will be memorable indeed.

Hmmm. Tyr seems rather pleased with the human’s show. The lush lips are curved in an approving smile. Charlemagne nuzzles Tyr’s throat, breathing in the heady rush of pheromones. Hmmm. Good. So good.

He moves around to stand in front of Tyr, demanding his lover’s attention. His pale hands glide possessively over the warm contours of Tyr’s chest. Charlemagne holds the darkening amber gaze as he pinches the dusky nipples hard, winning a soft gasp from Tyr and a wide-eyed stare from the human. So the little Second Consort didn’t know that side of Tyr’s nature. Good. Very good. That means that all that he craves from Tyr is his alone. All Tyr’s instincts for domination and mastery are focused on him. Let the human have Tyr’s gentle, softer side.

Charlemagne kisses his way down as he drops slowly to his knees. He nuzzles the heat of Tyr’s thick shaft through the bronze silk and unties the cord holding the pants, easing them off. Tyr steps out of the pants and Charlemagne tosses the garment to the Beta carefully holding Drago’s cloak. He leans back on his heels, admiring the luscious blends of colors in the darkly swollen cock; the heavy sway of balls.

Hmmm…the little human has decided to take the initiative. Harper moves closer and presses his large rosy cock against Tyr’s thigh. One pale hand reaches up to circle one dark nipple while the human’s mouth settles over the other one. Charlemagne frowns slightly as Tyr moans again. Well, well, the Second Consort is certainly getting into the moment.

Charlemagne leans forward, nuzzling, breathing in the heady scent of Tyr’s desire. His lips brush over the crisp curl of dark hair, the velvet heat of skin. No one feels or smells as wonderful as Tyr…there is another scent very close…the human’s…what? Charlemagne turns his head and looks straight into the amused blue eyes of the human who is rubbing his cheek against Tyr’s inner thigh and kissing the dark, plush sac hanging there. Harper nuzzles the dusky curls and winks at Charlemagne’s startled gaze.

“I don’t play fair either,” the human murmurs. His eyes hold Charlemagne’s stare as he boldly licks the length of dark cock. Harper’s hands slide up Tyr’s thighs, testing the hard tension of muscles then around to cup the magnificent swells of ass. His fingers tease the velvet cleft making Tyr shift restlessly and growl. Harper smirks. “Hmm. I think that growl was for me…don’t you?”

The impertinence of the little kludge! Charlemagne leans forward, lavishing slow licks, imagining what it must look like to the watchers…the gleam of his fair hair in the light…the pink curl of his tongue dancing along the dark shaft…Tyr’s dark hands spreading through his hair, urging him on…the betraying flutter of the stubs of Tyr’s regenerating bone blades. Charlemagne closes his mouth over the swollen shaft and sets to work in earnest. He is distantly aware of Harper moving behind Tyr. What is the human up to? No matter. He has all of Tyr’s attention now.

“Yes. Ummmmm.” Tyr tosses his head. His bone blades flutter warningly. His hands curve around Charlemagne’s fair head. He doesn’t want this to end. It’s too good. Too exciting to have both his consorts working their wiles on him at the same time.

“Almost there, aren’t you?” Harper grins as he kneels behind Tyr. Oh, yeah. Time to spring the surprise he’s been planning for Tyr. Time to remind Tyr of what only he can provide. He leans forward; spreading damp kisses over the muscular curves of Tyr’s magnificent ass. He switches from kisses to slow bites at Tyr’s throaty moan. Oh, yeah, almost there.

He trails his fingers teasingly along the cleft, drawing slow circles over the tight dark furl. Harper smiles wickedly as he feels Tyr trembling. Now. Now, for the surprise. Harper fills his hands with the hard swells and spreads the cheeks apart. He gives Tyr a second to wonder what he is going to do then Harper slowly licks the length of Tyr’s cleft winning a choked, garbled word from the big man. Ah-ha. That desperate muffled word sounded suspiciously close to his name. Oh, yeah. The Harper is good.

Betcha didn’t think I’d do that did ya, big guy? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Harper traces another slow lick down the shadowed cleft. He probes the tight furl with his tongue making Tyr writhe and groan long and low. Yeah, let Goldie Locks top that. Two for two. The Harper is not just good…he’s fantastic.

“Ahhhhhh.” Tyr shudders as Harper’s damp tongue probes insistently. The Little Professor is being quite…inventive. He had almost cried out Harper’s name at that first wet, wanton caress. He thrusts harder into the hot, eager mouth of his First Consort. He better yield to his consort’s combined wiles before they do make him lose control. He will drive his mates into screaming HIS name soon enough. Tyr grasps Charlemagne’s head and thrusts one last time, spilling himself into his First Consort’s mouth. “Yesssss.”

“Uuuuum.” Charlemagne reluctantly allows the softening cock to slip from his mouth. He licks his lips, savoring Tyr’s taste. Charlemagne wraps his arms around Tyr’s narrow waist, nuzzling the rippling stomach muscles. He is distantly awarethe the sounds of ripping cloth, moans and growls and the occasional thud of blows as the Alphas fall upon each other and the Betas. He slides up Tyr’s plush, bare body as he stands up. Tyr’s strong arms close hard around him. He bites the heavily muscled shoulder and is rewarded with a harsh kiss that spreads his lips wide, opening his mouth to the aggressive invasion of Tyr’s tongue.

“Yes. Please, Tyr. Take me.” Charlemagne growls and presses closer, rubbing his aching cock against Tyr. He pulls back as Tyr’s strong hands spread over his chest. Yes. Yes. Please. Charlemagne moans as his nipples are roughly plucked into hard beads then Tyr’s hot mouth settles over one, strong teeth toying with the silver hoop. His hands caress Tyr’s head. The close-cropped hair still feels odd after the long fall of braids but not unpleasant against the sensitive skin of his palms.

Tyr’s sudden ankle sweep sends Charlemagne falling back against the rug. One of the Betas darts in to place a k sik silk cushion under Charlemagne’s ass. Charlemagne spreads his legs in invitation. He laughs as the Second Consort’s wide blue gaze goes from the silver hoops in his nipples to his shaft and balls bound with the silver cock ring.

“Silver, Charlie? I thought you were partial to gold.” Harper kneels beside Charlemagne, studying the rings. He tentatively flattens a palm against the damp satin of Charlemagne’s chest as Tyr settles between Charlemagne’s thighs. He can feel the rapid beat of Charlemagne’s heart as Tyr begins licking and kissing the silver ringed cock. Harper fingers the silver hoops. There is something etched on the hoops; he bends low and sees Tyr’s name engraved on them. So that’s the mark that Charlemagne selected. Ouch.

“I like silver; it goes so well with my skin.” Charlemagne watches the human from under his lashes. The Second Consort looks as if he doesn’t know whether to be intrigued or shocked but Harper’s scent is heavy and heady with arousal as he stares. How much will the human dare? How far will the human go?

The deep blue eyes smolder with wantonness and the human’s lips slowly curve into an enigmatic smile. Charlemagne moans as Harper suddenly leans down and bites his chest, nipping along the edge of his pecs then….ooooh…biting his nipples. Ooooh, yesss…this definitely has possibilities. Charlemagne arches, cupping his hand encouragingly over Harper’s head as the human bites harder then sharply pinches each swollen nipple.

“Oh, please…please…” Charlemagne’s eyes are heavy lidded as he watches Tyr enjoying his cock. He squirms provocatively, enjoying the thick, sensual texture of the cushion beneath him, lifting his hips high for Tyr’s pleasure and the damp plushness of Tyr’s skin and mouth sliding over him. His hip tilt desperately upwards as Tyr’s mouth finally closes over his shaft. Charlemagne caresses the human’s spiky hair as Harper spreads bruising bites over the pale skin of his chest and the human’s fingers tug, sharply at the silver hoops in a rhythm that matches the hard, wet pull of Tyr’s mouth. He gasps as Harper bites again harder. “Yes!”

“Gotcha!” Harper raises his head to smirk at Charlemagne. He turns away, leaning down to nuzzle Tyr’s nape.

“No…ummmm.” Charlemagne barely suppresses a groan. Damn, the human! He tosses his head at the slow, delicate swirl of Tyr’s talented tongue over the head of his shaft, down the length and the lingering investigation of his cock ring. His bone blades snap out at the delicious burn as Tyr presses a dry finger inside to teasingly brush over his sweet spot. Charlemagne cries out, squirming desperately under the taunting caress. His dazed gaze falls on the Second Consort. “More…more…moooorree!”

Charlemagne licks his lips as he watches Harper licking and nibbling Tyr’s ears and neck. Ummm. The muscular, ripe swells of the human’s ass squirm within easy touching distance. Like a gift. Harper’s heavy sac and wide, plush cock dangle temptingly near. A shame to let such bounty go to waste.

Charlemagne holds out his hand to one of the Betas who promptly pours lubricant onto his fingers. Charlemagne traces the length of Harper’s cleft and teases the tight furl with his fingers. He presses his thumb inside and curls his fingers lightly over the satin fullness of the heavy sac hanging like a lush offering between the human’s pale thighs. Harper moans against Tyr’s throat and tilts his hips back, driving the invading thumb deeper.

“Ooooh. Please.” Charlemagne pants, his hand falling away from Harper and clenching on the rug as Tyr pushes another dry finger inside him. He spreads his legs wider, writhing up into the exquisite burning sensation of Tyr’s two fingers curling deep inside him. “Yesss. Tyr.”

Harper licks his lips and studies the pair of them. Seeing Tyr with someone else is both arousing and disturbing. There is an aesthetic beauty in seeing him lying sprawled between Charlemagne’s long, muscular legs…tlex lex of muscle under Tyr’s burnished skin…the ripple of pleasure spreading through Charlemagne’s lithe body…the coil of tension building in Charlemagne’s lean muscles. Damn it, but the man had talented fingers.

Charlemagne squirms, watching Harper’s flushed face. His elegant hands spread, caressingly over his chest, stroking the purpling bite marks. “Bite me again…harder. Harder.”

Harper smiles smugly and leans down. He tugs and twists the silver hoops then sharply bites the nipples. They are dark pink now and swollen.

“Oh, yes.” Charlemagne growls. His hands slide up the human’s arms and across Harper’s chest.

Harper tenses uneasily suddenly remembering exactly how strong Charlemagne is compared to him but the First Consort’s elegant hands are deft and gentle, smoothing over his chest, rubbing his nipples into tight peach beads. One hand curves around his head, urging him down.

Curious now, Harper yields to the pressure, leaning down. Oooooh. Charlemagne kisses him, spreading his mouth open. Harper sinks into the heat of the other Consort’s mouth, sliding his tongue aggressively over the Nietzschean’s as Charlemagne suddenly arches frantically as the coiling tension in the lean body suddenly releases. Harper raises his head to see Charlemagne sprawling limp on the rug and Tyr licking his lips; the silver cock ring glinting in his dark hand.

Tyr drops the ring next to Charlemagne and rolls away. He lies back, stroking his hard cock with one hand, watching Harper. “Come to me, Harper.”

Harper rises and crawls over to straddle Tyr’s long body. He kneels over Tyr, looking down at him, admiring the damp chest and tight, dusky nipples. Tyr’s full lips are parted and his eyes smolder as he looks up at Harper. Harper obeys the silent urging of Tyr’s big hands and moves further up. His back arches, his head goes back as the heat of Tyr’s magic mouth closes over his throbbing cock. Ooooh. That feels so good. Ahhhh. Harper thrust helpless forward as he feels the coolness of lube stroked carefully down his cleft and then, the delicious pressure of Tyr’s finger sliding inside.

Charlemagne rolls over onto his side to watch, curling against Tyr and Harper. He caresses Tyr’s thickening cock slowly as he watches Harper rock back onto the fingers probing his ass then forward into Tyr’s avid mouth. Tyr’s hot amber eyes are all for his human consort. Harper’s eyes are closed, his head thrown back. His skin shimmers under a sheen of sweat.

Charlemagne frowns slightly. He’ll have to do something to reclaim Tyr’s attention. He nips his way across the flexing muscles of Tyr’s thigh and slides his mouth over the dark cock. He can feel the heat of Tyr’s other hand stroking down his thigh to curve over his ass. He eagerly presses back into the caress.

Charlemagne shivers, drawing hard on the swollen cock filling his mouth. Oooooh. He moans in approval as Tyr’s strong hand cups around his quivering shaft and moves on to explore the weight of his sac. Uuuuuuummmm. Charlemagne squirms urgently as Tyr slides two fingers inside his eager ass to stroke his sweet spot. His mouth fills with the delicious taste of Tyr’s climax.

“Ahhhhhh. Tyr!” Harper spreads his trembling thighs wider as Tyr presses a third finger inside him. The slick sound of Tyr’s fingers gliding in and out, the thick fullness of them curling over his sweet spot almost make him regret refusing to allow Tyr to take his ass but…ahhhh, the combined sensation of the hot, wet pull of Tyr’s mouth and the demanding flex and thrust of those big fingers…ooooh, he can’t take any more. Harper shudders. He’s at the brink and Tyr knows it. “Ahhhh! Oh, God! Please!”

Soon now. Soon. His consort won’t be able to hold out much longer. He pulls harder on Harper’s cock as he flexes his fingers, rubbing firmly over his consorts’ sweet spots. Harper is thrusting in a frantic rhythm. Charlemagne’s sweat slick body is writhing desperately against him. He can feel the shudders signaling how close Charlemagne is to release rippling through his First Consort lithe body. Tyr watches as the human opens his mouth and screams one word. The same word Charlemagne screams as his orgasm hits. “TYRRRRRRR!!!”

Oh, yes. Tyr gently rolls Harper’s limp body to his other side. He curls a possessive arm around the human’s waist and presses an affectionate kiss on the limp shaft. Tyr smiles smugly as he pillows his head on Harper’s cool stomach. He slaps Charlemagne’s muscular ass and then strokes the hard curves with affection. Yes. Whose name was yelled in ecstasy? Tyr grins. He is the master here.

He waves, summoning a Beta with a stack of damp towels. Tyr sprawls back on the pillows, relaxed and contented, ignoring the Beta deftly cleaning him and his exhausted consorts. Charlemagne and Harper lie on velvet cushions cuddled on each side of Tyr.

“Ooooh.” Rhade breathes in quick, shallow gasps as he stares at the pile of Progenitor and consorts. How did Harper manage being so intimately exposed to such intense pheromones? The potency of Charlemagne’s pheromones is scary enough, making it hard to resist the First Consort’s influence but Tyr, the Progenitor’s pheromones are overwhelming and the two of them together….how could a mere human manage so close to the both of them?

Rhade raises his head upward to kiss Octavia’s soft breasts. Her long, red, sweet scented hair falls over his face as she leans over him. He looks down the length of her slim body, watching as the black woman…Bast curls her hands over Octavia’s silken flanks and buries her face between Octavia’s spread thighs.

He moans, thrusting upward as Ilsa, Octavia’s companion, glides up and down his cock. Oooh, the juicy hot wetness surrounding his throbbing cock. It feels so good to be completely surrounded by the soft bodies of women again. He thrusts eagerly as he glances curious over at the Second Consort. The consorts’ screams have acted as an aphrodisiac. The three women with him, certainly found it so. Octavia had been riding him at the time and she had gone off like a rocket and set him off as well.

Now his cock is rock hard again and buried in Ilsa’s warmth. What more could he want? He fills his hands with her breasts as he sucks on Octavia’s pink nipples. Ooooh. So good to have females crawling over him and touching him. Octavia tosses her long hair back and cries out in release Bast’s long fingers glide in and out of her.

Rhade turns his head to study Harper’s limp form again. He had used every trick he knew and the Second Consort had never screamed his name like that. Or responded to him with such passion. The human had never completely lost control that way with him.

As Rhade watches Harper stirs against Tyr’s chest. Harper opens his eyes and gazes blankly at Rhade for a moment. The human smiles at him. Rhade smiles warmly back. Maybe Harper had felt more during their encounters than he thought. After all, had not Harper called him to the Second Consort’s quarters just yesterday?

Rhade stares at Harper, remembering the scent and coolness of Harper’s compact body as he thrusts enthusiastically into Ilsa’s damp heat. Then he shifts his gaze and meets the Progenitor’s icy glare. Oops! Rhade quickly buries his face in the softness of Ilsa’s breasts. His hands stroke back Ilsa’s long, black hair.

“Look, Ilsa.” Octavia rises up behind Ilsa. Her hands grip the other woman’s shoulders. “The Second Consort is watching us.”

“Really?” Ilsa’s brown eyes light up. She arches her back, thrusting out her breasts as she glances quickly at Harper. “Yes, Octavia. I believe we have caught his eye.”

Ilsa unceremoniously slides off Rhade and crawls over to Harper. She leans forward so her rosy tipped breasts sway seductively before him. “Greetings, Progenitor, Second Consort. I am Ilsa, out of Helena by Rameses of Zulu Pride.”

Tyr studies the female who is watching his Harper so avidly. She seems healthy and…he sniffs…fertile and an Alpha as well. She is suitable if Harper fancies her. Tyr nods genially to her. “Greeting, Ilsa. Who is your companion?”

“I am Octavia, Progenitor, out of Nefertiri by Erasmus of Zulu Pride.” Octavia tosses her red hair back and kneels next to Ilsa with her thighs spread wide. She smiles boldly and holds Harper’s fascinated stare as she slides a hand down to stroke herself. “Greetings Second Consort.”

“Hiya!” Harper grins. Whoa! He hardly knows which of them to look at. He draws in a sharp breath as Ilsa casually slides a hand over Octavia’s smooth thigh and begins stroking.

, gl, glances sidelong at Harper, as she removes Octavia’s hand and raises it to her lips. She begins slowly sucking on Octavia’s fingers. Octavia tilts Ilsa’s head back and kisses her, deeply and thoroughly while Ilsa’s long, graceful fingers continue to stroke in and out of her damp folds.

Oh, man. Harper can feel himself swelling hot and hard against Tyr’s side. He looks at Tyr and finds amused amber eyes focused on his face. Charlemagne is still sprawled at Tyr’s other side, watching the two women with idle interest.

Oh, man. Harper turns his attention back to the two women as they finally releasch och other. Are they gonna do each other in front of him? Oh, yeah. He could get into that. Oh, yeah. Or even better…can he be in the middle? Can I keep ‘em both? Oh please oh please. Please let me be the meat in a babe sandwich. “What can I do for you?”

“We are interested in talking to you, Second Consort about…something.” Ilsa sits back on her heels, spreading her thighs. Her hands slide up her stomach to cup her breasts.

“Get to the point,” Tyr orders. He looks past the two women to where Rhade lies cuddled with a black Nietzschean female. Rhade has one hand on her bobbing head as she licks and sucks his cock but his eyes are on Harper. Hmmm. The man is really beginning to annoy him.

Tyr glances down at Charlemagne. They trade a long, thoughtful look then the two turn their heads to stare at Rhade. Rhade’s dark eyes widen in shock as he finds himself the subject of their long stare. Tyr smirks as the black female suddenly lifts her head to frown down at the limp cock in her hand. Charlemagne throws back his head and laughs throatily.

Harper never takes his fascinated gaze from the two women. Octavia tilts her head back and parts her lips invitingly. “We’d like to make an offer of alliance, Second Consort.”

“Yeah? What kind of alliance?” Harper glances from Octavia to Iand and licks his lips.

Octavia’s rubs her cheek against Ilsa’s shoulder. “An intimate alliance.”

Harper glances questioningly at Tyr. “Big guy?”

“An alliance with the Zulu would be a fortuitous move, Harper.” Tyr studies both females for a moment then looks at Harper. “They are both fertile. You could have strong sons.”

Harper blinks. “They want to…”

“We have taken no husbands, Second Consort.” Ilsa slides an arm around Octavia’s shoulders. “We would like you to come to our bed and father our children.”

Harper’s eyes widen. “BOTH of you? At the same time?!”

“Yes, Second Consort.” Octavia breathes.


Charlemagne smirks at Harper over Tyr’s shoulder. “Unless two ripe Nietzschean females will prove too much for you, human.”

Harper glares at Charlemagne. “I don’t think so. The Harper is made of sterner stuff than most humans, Charlie.”

Tyr glances at his human consort. “Do you accept their offer, Harper?”

“You’re kidding me, right?” Harper grins. He pats Tyr’s chest. “Of course, I accept it.”

Tyr nods to the two women. “My consort has accepted your offer. You may consummate the alliance at a time convenient to him after the celebration.”

“Thank you, Progenitor.” Both women nod their thanks as they back away. “Thank you, Second Consort.”

“My pleasure, ladies.” Harper smiles, snuggling back against Tyr.

“Not yet, but it will be.” Cemagemagne laughs.


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