Close Enough

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Felicity Smoak had spent the past five years searching for people looking shifty, and she felt she got pretty good at it. At least, when it came to searching for them on her computer screen. She was a lot less aware of her surroundings, especially when she was sat at the aforementioned computer searching for super villains, like that bitch Black Siren who had humiliated her a few weeks ago, but had somehow disappeared from her raider ever since. She wanted her revenge on her, which was one of the reason she didn't notice Thea Queen hanging around Arrow HQ trying to work up the nerve to talk to her. Not until Thea finally worked up the courage to get her attention.

"Erm, Felicity." Thea squeaked softly, and then when that didn't do the trick she took a deep calming breath and then spoke louder, "Felicity!"

"What?" Felicity startled, turning around in her swivel chair and then finally seeing how nervous Thea looked, "Thea, what's wrong? You don't look so good."

Ignoring the question Thea stammered, "I, I... I have a message for you from our Mistress."

"What?" Felicity frowned in confusion.

"Mistress Laurel." Thea hissed in explanation, and then when that clearly wasn't enough added, "Black Siren!"

"Oh!" Felicity's eyes went wide in recollection, then in horror, "Oh God!"

Then Felicity repeated these words over and over again as Thea slowly turned her back on her, undid her pants and pulled them down, at which point the words got a lot more high-pitched and Felicity almost fell out of her chair. Why? Because Thea pulled down her pants and revealed she was not wearing any underwear, and her ass hole was gaping wide open. To make matters worse Thea spread her cheeks to make that gape look even more obscenely wide. Which was so gross, but Felicity found she just couldn't look away as she was really utterly dumbstruck by Black Siren's message, which would have been pretty clear even if Thea hadn't said anything.

"You're next." Thea said softly, her words sounding deafening in the large, quiet room, "She's going to strap on a big dick, tear your ass hole apart and make you love it. She's going to ass fuck you until you cum harder than ever before. Then she is going to completely wreck your ass until you’re her mindless fuck pet."

"Wow..." Felicity murmured, still staring deep into Thea's rectum as she found herself quipping, "You're next, would have probably sufficed."

"I know." Thea blushed, quickly pulling up her pants, "But she was very clear."

"And you do as she says?" Felicity question softly.

Blushing even more Thea quickly finished doing up her pants, then forced herself to turn around to answer, "I, I can't help it. You don't know what it's like. She just, she just makes me cum so hard. And, and... I know it's not Laurel, not really, but it's close enough."

There was a pause and then Felicity admitted without looking at the other girl, "I know better than you think."

This caused Thea to tilt her head and frown, "Were you in love with our Laurel too?"

"No!" Felicity protested unconvincingly, before admitting, "Maybe a little. Which Black Siren used against me when we had her locked up here... but she didn't, erm..."

"Fuck you up the ass?" Thea grinned knowingly, and then when Felicity gave her an apprehensive look Thea added, "Don't worry, she will. She's impossible to say no too. Then you'll feel differently."

"I doubt it." Felicity grumbled.

"You will." Thea said confidently, and a little sadly. She then turned to leave, before thinking better of it, "Oh, and please don't tell Oliver."

"Are you asking, or as she?" Felicity questioned.

"I am." Thea said firmly, before chuckling, "I don't think she believes you have the guts to tell Oli what I just did."

"That's accurate." Felicity admitted, "But I could leave out the nature of the threat and stick with one of the boys, or I could hideout down here for a while."

"And if that's what you really want, go for it." Thea encourage softly, "I'm not sure she cares, but I do, and I don't want you to do anything you don't really want too. But, if you let her fuck you once, it's probably because deep down you wanted it. I don't think she would have gone through with it if you had really protested. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Either way I hope you let her fuck your ass, because seriously Felicity, there's nothing like it. Trust me, I know."

For a few long seconds Felicity just watched Thea walk away, then she called after her, "So what? You're working for her now?"

"No." Thea admitted, "I'm just her little anal whore. And soon, you will be too."


After that Thea had left her alone, but their conversation echoed in Felicity's mind the rest of the day. Especially the part where Thea had exposed herself like that, the memory of her friend's gaping butt hole on her mind more than anything else, Felicity terrified and yet somehow excited over the idea that she could suffer the same fate. If that wasn't bad enough Thea started sending her photos of herself being used by 'their Mistress'. One of Thea's ass bright red, obviously fresh from a spanking, one of her with her face buried in between a woman's legs, presumably Siren's, and another with her sucking a strap-on. But the one Felicity found herself lingering on was presumably Thea bent over, her ass hole stretched obscenely wide around a strap-on, and to a lesser extent her friend sucking what appeared to be that strap-on after it had been deep within her bottom.

Some of those pictures had come with taunting messages, and sometimes there was just messages with graphic detail about what was going to happen to her, which Felicity assumed was probably written by Black Siren herself, although she wasn't sure if that made it worse. Of course she should have told someone, anyone, about this all, both so Thea could get help and they both could be protected from the murderous psychopath who had taken such a perverted interest in them. But she didn't. No, she kept her mouth shut, and was punished for it when she returned home to find Black Siren casually waiting for her, the bitch slowly finishing off some expensive wine Felicity had been saving for a special occasion, and looking as hot as hell doing it.

"Hello lover." Black Siren purred with a wicked grin, "Did you like my messages?"

"I... I..." Felicity stammered, blushing furiously.

"I know, I know, sending Thea would have probably been enough, but I just got so bored waiting here for you, and I just couldn't stop thinking about all the fun we're going to have." Black Siren confessed, "Especially after I called my favourite little anal whore, and spend the most of the afternoon playing with her."

"Drink?" Thea asked nervously, suddenly coming around the corner holding a tray with another glass of wine, and not wearing a stitch of clothing.

"Thea!" Felicity gasped, unable to stop her eyes wandering down to admire her friend's body, most notably at that moment her perky little tits.

"And as I used her for my pleasure, I just couldn't stop thinking about you. So I swiped little Thea's phone, and well... you know the rest." Black Siren explained gleefully, loving the look on Felicity's face as Thea turned towards her Mistress and gave her the last bit of the wine instead when the hacker didn't reply, giving Felicity the chance to see Thea's freshly gaped butt, which Black Siren had made sure was just as wide as when her pet had last shown it off. Then once the wine was taken Thea got on her knees beside her Mistress, facing Felicity, so Black Siren could pet her hair as she continued taunting, "Isn't she well-behaved? Mmmmm, I thought it would take a while to get her this well-trained, but she was just so easy to break. I wonder if you'll be this easy."

Felicity finally found her voice, albeit after a few long seconds of silence, "What did you do to her?"

"Just everything I showed you in those messages." Black Siren shrugged, and then smirked, "Everything I'm about to do to you."

"What makes you think I'll let you?" Felicity asked, as bravely as she could.

"Please, like you could actually stop me." Black Siren laughed cruelly, before quickly pointing out, "But why would you even waste time pretending you don't want it? I gave you multiple graphic warnings about just what I am going to do to you, and here you are anyway. You could be safe and sound with Oliver right now, or that Canary wannabe, but you didn't breathe a word of this to them, did you?"

There were a few more long seconds of silence, followed by Felicity lowering her head and admitting softly, "No."

"Of course you didn't, because you're a whore, who wants everything I gave Thea here, and more." Black Siren said knowingly, "Now shut your whiny little mouth, take off your clothes and bend over my knee."

Yet more silence, and instead of seconds it was more like minutes which felt like hours as Felicity desperately tried to stop herself from obeying, but it was no use and ultimately she lowered her head and started taking off her clothes. Which of course made Black Siren smirked triumphantly, and then even more so when Felicity walked over to her and bent over her knee. Both of which made Felicity want to run, but she been thinking about this all day, and she just couldn't stop thinking about it, slipping into the toilets to finger herself hadn't been anywhere near enough to satisfy her, so she had to do this. No matter how horrifying and humiliating it was, she just had to submit, and do whatever Black Siren wanted.

"Good girl." Black Siren smirked, before telling her latest conquest, "I want you to know, if you had the sense to just obey me right away, I might have gone easy on you. But you made me wait for this, so now, I'm going to destroy your ass. In more ways than one."

Both the words themselves in the way that Black Siren chuckled evilly made Felicity very nervous, and she whimpered, "Please, AH GOD!"

"I said shut the fuck up!" Black Siren screamed as she smacked Felicity's butt as hard as she could, "One more word out of you and I'll spank you until my hand feels like it's about to fall off."

"I'm-" Felicity began to apologise, but she then just whimpered, hoping that Black Siren with let it go.

"That's better." Black Siren said, giving that impression, "Thea, turn your back to Felicity. Felicity, I want you head up and staring at Thea's gaping ass hole for every single second of the spanking, or else."

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Thea whimpered, quickly doing as she was told.

Thea felt a little awkward just standing there, but anything for her Mistress Laurel. Besides, it was nothing compared to exposing herself to Felicity earlier, or continuing to anally ride a toy while her friend was watching. Which was already paying off, as soon Felicity would know the joy of being her Mistress's bitch, and more importantly Mistress Laurel was finally getting to give Felicity the spanking she so richly deserved. Which Mistress Laurel savoured by taking a few long minutes just to squeeze and grope that ass before finally beginning to strike it, and even then it wasn't that hard. Both Thea and from the sounds of it Felicity had no doubt that would soon change, but Thea knew first-hand the fun of this kind of teasing.

Then eventually after the spanking got underway Black Siren abruptly paused and said, "You know what? Thea has been such a good girl for me, delivering my little message which had you come running, and then of course acting like a total ass whore when you got here, that I think she deserves a reward. Don't you Felicity? Huh?"

"Ye, yes?" Felicity asked cautiously.

"Yeah she does. But I told you not to talk, so now I have to find a way to reward her, and punish you." Black Siren said, springing her little trap and then pretending to be thoughtful for a few long seconds, "Let's see... what to do, what to do... I know, why don't you stick your tongue up her ass? Oh yeah, shove your tongue deep into your friend's ass hole, mmmmm, which I just fucked wide open. Come on, we both know you're close enough to reach, so do it. Do it bitch. And you better do a good job, because in a second you're going to swap places, and that's the only form of lube I'm going to give your butt hole. Ohhhhh yessssss, that's it, eat that fucking ass!"

In response Felicity whimpered pathetically, but didn't hesitate in doing as she was told. It was quite hard in this position, so Thea cautiously shuffled back to make it easy on her friend, and she was admittedly eager to feel Felicity's tongue literally in her ass. And she soon got it, Thea crying out loudly as Felicity's tongue slid around the outside of her stretched open ass hole and then pushing inside it. After weeks of nearly non-stop anal poundings, and especially the hellacious butt fucking she had been forced to inflict on herself just before Felicity arrived, Thea had never been more grateful for a rim job. Sure, it couldn't compare to having her own Mistress tossing her salad, especially as Felicity was obviously inexperienced, but it was so very soothing, and a wonderful preview of things to come.

Even though she promised to do anything for her owner at first Thea had been hesitant to bring her friend into this. Then Mistress Laurel had asked a very valid question of didn't Felicity deserve to know the same kind of pleasure that Thea was experiencing as a lesbian sex slave, and then told her all the things that she and her friend may be permitted to do with each other if Felicity was enslaved. And well, Thea had always had a crush on Felicity. Maybe not as much as Laurel... this world's Laurel, but it was still pretty strong, and Thea would love the chance to really taste Felicity's pussy and ass. Hell, Thea was just looking forward to being able to kiss her, although under the circumstances she was very glad they started with this, because again Thea's ass was just so sore.

Maybe this could become a regular thing. Mistress Laurel seem to have a thing for ruining Thea's butt, and it seemed that Felicity would soon know the same joy, so maybe every time their owner wrecked their most private holes Thea and Felicity could take it in turns to lick each other's sore butts. Oh yes, Thea loved that idea, partly because she was looking forward to finding out if she like the taste of Felicity's ass as much as her own, and because it just felt so good. Especially after Mistress Laurel gave Felicity some much needed encouragement, which caused the hacker to push her tongue as deep as it could go into Thea's ass and really start soothing it.

"Come on bitch, mmmmm, we both know you can do better than that. So do it! Do it! Get that pretty little face of yours deep into Thea's ass. Yesssss, tongue fuck that ass! Oh fuck yeah, fucking eat it just like that, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh!" Black Siren ordered gleefully, "Yeah, eat it good. The more you eat it the more gentle I am with your ass. Yes, that's it, good girl. Shove your tongue as deep as it will go into your little friend's butt and swirl it around. Mmmmm yes, munch that butt like your life depended on it. Or more accurately, your ass. Because it does. Oh yes, mmmmm, if you ever want to be able to sit down again, you better eat Thea Queen's butt hole real good."

Felicity definitely wanted to be able to sit down again. After all, it was where she did all her work, both for her day job, and for her night job. Sure, she could work on a laptop while standing up, or even lying on her stomach, but if anyone ever saw her do that and asked why she would probably die of embarrassment instantly. Although honestly it wasn't the long term effects she was really worried about. No, Felicity was more worried about the short-term pain, because unlike the vigilantes she found herself surrounded by she had no training to deal with torture, either physical or psychological, which compelled her to do everything Black Siren said, regardless of how perverted it was.

She could have certainly never imagined herself licking an ass hole, especially when stretched open like this, and that it belonged to Thea Queen. Then there was the fact that the person responsible for all of this was someone who looked like Laurel Lance, the woman who Felicity had secretly loved, while that woman was spanking her, meaning this was perhaps the most embarrassing thing Felicity had ever had to endure. Perhaps the worst part was that she had been promised that it wouldn't be the worst, although Felicity didn't see how even what was promised could be more embarrassing than this, being spanked like a naughty child while being forced to eat ass.

The only real upside was that Felicity didn't find giving a rim job nearly as unpleasant as she had imagined it would be. In fact the more she licked Thea's ass the more Felicity found herself enjoying it, even when she pushed her tongue literally into her friend's butt. Actually, maybe especially then, as it was really thrilling to do something so perverted. Unfortunately for Felicity it was a little too thrilling, and to her horror she realised she was getting turned on by it. As in noticeably wet from eating another girl's ass. And/or being spanked, and/or being dominated, which certainly didn't help matters. Whatever the case Felicity found herself whimpering in despair into Thea's ass, the fact that the sound was muffled being the second benefit she could think of.

It certainly wasn't the fact that she was physically enjoying it, because that just inspired 'Mistress Laurel' to pick up her speed and force of the spanking until it didn't matter how much Felicity tried to distract herself by rimming Thea, she was just overwhelmed by agony. In fact eventually Felicity just gave up on the rim job altogether and just started screaming and crying directly into Thea's booty to try and keep a shred of her dignity. Which was a really weird tactic, but it was about all she could do right now, that fact overwhelming Felicity with despair and hopelessness and how physically weak she was. Which was enough to make her think maybe she really did deserve this.

Black Siren knew that for a fact. All weak women should be put in their place by powerful women like her. How else could they possibly benefit society? Not that Black Siren really cared about society in general, she just got a kick out of the thought that she was providing a public service by turning this little nerdy bitch into her bitch. It certainly seemed the best way to accomplish her mission, and even if it hadn't it was just too fun to pass up. Especially after she had put Thea in her place, and now look at her, the former heiress the perfect little ass whore for her, shoving her butt into her friend's face and making her eat it just because her 'Mistress Laurel' said so.

Forcing Thea to use her dead friend's name was a stroke of genius on Black Siren's part, and even if she didn't think of herself as a Laurel any more the name reminded her of who she used to be, which just made this whole situation that much more perfect. And soon Felicity would be calling her that as well. And that wannabe Canary too. Then, who knows? Diggle's wife? Sara's girlfriend? Sara herself? So many wonderful options, so little time. For now though Black Siren was determined to concentrate on giving Felicity Smoak the most brutal butt beating she was capable of, which really didn't take much, as there was just something about this girl which inspired her to beat the shit out of her.

The fact that Felicity's cheeks jiggled so beautifully and became even more discoloured with every blow certainly helped, so much so Black Siren wondered how she'd been able to resist giving Felicity what she so richly deserved. Then she remembered the rim job she had initially been so fixated on, and then Black Siren became angry, because it was obvious that Felicity wasn't licking Thea's ass any more, just screaming into it like the little bitch she was. Which of course just encouraged Black Siren to beat her butt even more brutally. Something she actually considered doing all night as she was having so much fun doing it. But no, not when there were so many other things she wanted to do. Or more accurately, one thing which she desperately wanted to do, which would surely make Felicity her bitch forever, just like poor little Thea.

So reluctantly Black Siren eventually stopped the spanking, albeit after a few extra hard strikes which left those meaty cheeks completely battered and bruised. Then Black Siren leaned back and then grinned, admiring her handiwork. She even reached for her phone and took a picture, because as they say, a picture would last longer. And it would be far from the last she took tonight. Then she tossed her phone aside, and pushed Felicity off of her with even less care, chuckling wickedly as the hacker landed on her sore butt and cried out pathetically. Felicity then quickly rolled onto her side and started rubbing her brutalised bottom while nervously looking up at Black Siren. And for good reason, considering what was about to happen to her next.

"Well, that was fun... but I'm in the mood for some more ass." Black Siren announced almost casually, before ordering, "Felicity, be a good fuck toy and get into the centre of the bed. Mmmmm yesssss, I want you on all fours so I can take you like the bitch you are! Take your anal cherry. Oh yes, get ready whore, because I'm about to make your fat ass mine forever!"

"But... I..." Felicity whimpered, not sure what to say.

"Now bitch! Don't make me ask again!" Black Siren snapped, and then as Felicity did as she was told she turned to her fully trained bitch and ordered, "Thea, it's your turn to eat ass. Mmmmm yeah, get your friend's butt hole nice and ready for my big dick, and maybe I'll stick it up your ass again once I'm through with hers."

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Thea eagerly replied.

Thea had been hoping she would get this privilege, especially as Felicity stuck out her juicy little ass to be violated, and once she had that order Thea just couldn't resist kneeling behind her friend and just admiring the pretty sight for a few long seconds. Then she shuffled forwards, pushed those cheeks aside and spent another few seconds admiring Felicity's pretty little butt hole. Which wasn't something she would have probably thought, until Mistress Laurel started shoving Thea's face in her ass. Now Thea was a well-trained butt muncher, eager and willing to eat her Mistress's ass at a moments notice, or toss anyone else's salad for that matter if it meant Mistress Laurel got what she wanted. Like in this case, Felicity as her fuck toy.

Given this wasn't a sign that Thea was inferior to the ass she was rimming she didn't start off by gently kissing the cheeks. She kind of wanted too, but she worried that Mistress Laurel would be mad at her if she did that, so instead Thea started out by spitting on to Felicity's butt hole and then trying to rub that saliva in with her tongue. Thea then repeated the process over and over again, wanting to make this as nice as possible, which certainly seemed to delight the two blondes, one of which gasped and moaned from receiving this treatment, and the other giggled with delight at watching it. Then once Thea settled into giving a long, drawn-out rim job she received more direct encouragement from her Mistress, which made her heart flutter with delight.

"Oh yes, that's it Thea, eat that ass!" Black Siren gleefully encouraged, "Eat that bitch's ass and get it nice and ready for me to fuck! Oh fuck yes, that's it you shameless little butt muncher, get your face deep into that bitch hole and get it nice and wet so I can take it and make it mine. Oh yeah, do you hear me Thea? I'm going to make this bitch my bitch, just like I did to you. Except this time, you're going to help me. Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, you're going to help me turn your friend into my bitch by eating that ass as if it was your last meal, and then I'm going to destroy her ass and her mind and leave nothing but a shameless little fuck hole, just like you."

Which should have probably horrified Thea, or at least Felicity, but both women remained where they were, both clearly enjoying the rim job and at least one of them wanting Mistress Laurel's words to come true. Thea suspected it was both of them, but she certainly wanted Felicity to join her in submission to Mistress Laurel. Mostly because it would please her Mistress, but also because Thea wanted her friend to know the joy of total submission which came from another woman sodomising her. And oh, to actually be Mistress Laurel's bitch, now that was a heaven that Thea wanted Felicity to know. And selfishly, she wanted her to know it, because that meant they could have sex like this again. Ideally all the time. Which more than anything else pushed her onwards, to the point Thea was literally trying to push her tongue into Felicity's butt.

She didn't get very far, at least not until Mistress Laurel told her, "Stick a finger up there! Ohhhhhh yessssss, mmmmm, you've been such a good girl Thea, that I feel like giving you another reward. Oh yes, I feel like letting you finger your friend a little, that way it will be like we took her anal cherry together. Yes, that's it, mmmmm, finger Felicity! Mmmmm, how does it feel Thea? How does it feel to have your finger up your friend's little ass?"

"Good Mistress Laurel, mmmmm, so good." Thea moaned as she gleefully did as she was told, "Ooooooh, she's so tight! Virgin tight! Oh Mistress Laurel, you are going to love this."

"I bet I will." Black Siren chuckled wickedly, moving round to tell Felicity directly, "And I bet I'm not the only one."

They all knew she wouldn't be, but Felicity's only response was to whimper and gently push her ass back against the finger invading it. Which was a wonderful experience for Thea, especially as such an intimate moment between not only herself and her friend, but between them and Mistress Laurel. After all this was her thoroughly preparing Felicity for Mistress Laurel, and more importantly in some small way allowing them to take Felicity's butt cherry together. And best of all, with Mistress Laurel's permission, Thea started switching back and forth between her tongue and finger, her tongue sliding deeper than ever before into Felicity's butt as a result, and in turn making it easier for her finger. Which didn't last that long, but hopefully Thea would be permitted to do it again in the near future.

"Okay slut, that's enough. Out of my way! I have an anal cherry to pop." Black Siren abruptly announced.

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Thea said softly, immediately doing as she was told.

"Good girl." Black Siren smirked, getting into position before ordering her other slave, "Felicity, spread your cheeks and offer me your virgin hole. It is time for you to truly become mine."

Black Siren smirked even wider when with barely any hesitation Felicity did as she was told, reaching back and pulling apart her butt cheeks to expose her freshly prepared virgin butt hole. It was an incredibly intoxicating sight, which would have been the case if the two of them had never met. Or hell, if this was just this world Oliver's true love and loyal little sidekick. But no, in Black Siren's world this was one of the most fearsome crime bosses ever, who ruled her criminal empire with an iron fist. And here she was, whimpering like a little bitch, her ass cheeks still red from being spanked and her virgin ass hole just begging Black Siren to take it and make it hers.

Happy to oblige, albeit after a few long seconds of savouring the moment, Black Siren pressed the tip of her dick against that virgin rosebud and slowly began pushing forwards, causing Felicity Smoak's virgin ass hole to slowly beginning to stretch for her. Oh yes, Black Siren stretched it, stretched it, stretched it until the head of her strap-on slipped through Felicity's anal ring and into her bottom, officially meaning she had taken another butt cherry. That she now owned the anal cherries of both the other women in the room, one of whom was her broken bitch, and the other of whom was about to be. The latter of which Black Siren continued to solidify, albeit after another few long seconds of savouring this precious moment, because again, she had just taken the ass cherry of someone very significant to her.

Of course inevitably Black Siren began pushing forwards, once again smirking wickedly as she watched inch after inch of her dick disappearing into this bitch's most private hole. Especially as it was still Felicity who was providing her with the perfect view of her virgin ass hole taking a dildo. Better yet she wasn't just giving her enemy and a woman she came to hate the perfect view of this obscene act, she was also giving it to her friend, little Thea Queen, who ironically looked like she was almost having as much fun as her Mistress Laurel. Not that 'Mistress Laurel' really dwelled on it. No, she was too focused on the beautiful sight in front of her, and the sheer joy of stuffing bitch ass full of dick.

Then once her thighs came to rest against Felicity's butt cheeks, announcing the anal penetration was complete, Black Siren chuckled with delight and gleefully taunted, "Ooooooh yesssssss, mmmmm, that's every inch. That's every inch of my big dick, all the way up your virgin ass. You know what that means Felicity? It means your ass is mine. Oh yes, your ass is mine, and soon every part of you will be. Isn't that right Thea?"

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Thea quickly and eagerly replied, "Felicity's ass is yours now, just like mine. And soon, she'll be your broken little bitch. Just like me."

Unsurprisingly this world's Felicity Smoak's only response was to whimper like the bitch she was and continue spreading her cheeks, even as Black Siren began pumping her cock in and out of her ass hole, officially beginning to butt fuck her new bitch. Actually that wasn't true, Felicity also cried out, gasped and whined, just as she had throughout the butt stuffing. However one very noticeable difference was while there was more than a hint of pleasure from Felicity even during the ass stuffing sounds of pleasure were quickly dominating the air once the sodomy officially began, proving that this Felicity Smoak was just as big an anal whore as her little friend Thea Queen. Which meant this was going to be just as fun as Black Siren thought it would be.

"Mmmmm yessssss, soon you'll be just like Thea here, doing whatever I say, no matter how perverted it is." Black Siren boasted, before pushing things further, speaking of which, "Thea, take over spreading Felicity's butt cheeks for me. Oh yes, I want you to get a close look at your friend's shit hole stretching for my big dick!"

"Yes Mistress Laurel, thank you Mistress Laurel." Thea again replied and obeyed eagerly and quickly.

Thea would always be that way when it came to obeying a command from her beloved Mistress, unless of course she was tired from being fucked by Mistress Laurel or something like that, but on the whole this eagerness was normal for her. However this time she was even more eager, because she suspected what this was leading too. Although honestly Thea was more than happy with this act itself, and she loved presenting Felicity's ass for Mistress Laurel. It was such a wonderful moment of intimacy between the three of them, which was hopefully going to be a regular thing now. Also, Thea got an even better look at Mistress Laurel's strap-on dick sliding in and out of Felicity's butt hole.

"Wanna see something extra perverted?" Black Siren asked Felicity rhetorically, before abruptly pulling her dick out of her ass and getting the most adorable cry of disappointment out of the hacker. Although Black Siren barely had a chance to chuckle before she was pressing her dildo against Thea's lips and ordering, "Suck your friend's ass off my dick!"

Just like she was trained Thea opened her mouth to give the same reply she had before, but before she got a syllable out the ass flavoured cock was shoved directly into her mouth. Thea then moaned shamelessly as the deepest part of Felicity's ass hit her taste-buds. She had loved rimming her friend, but this was so much more perverted and wonderful, perhaps even more so than tasting her own butt on Mistress Laurel's cock, and Thea instantly fell in love with it. And even though she had been expecting it, it was still somehow a wonderful surprise, one which she savoured for a few long seconds. Then her Mistress started providing encouragement, pushing Thea to give her a proper blow job.

"Come on bitch, stop embarrassing me in front of company and give me a proper blow job!" Black Siren sneered, slapping Thea's face just hard enough to get her point across without knocking the cock out of her whore's mouth, "Suck it like I trained you! Mmmmm yessssss, that's better. Show Felicity just how much you love it. Oh yes, show her just how much I trained you to love it. How easily I'm going to train her to like the same thing. Oh yes, Thea Queen and Felicity Smoak, my personal ass to mouth loving whores! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, that's what you are, and what your little friend is going to be. Oh fuck yes Thea, suck that cock! Take it deep down your throat you pathetic little bitch! Ooooooh, fuck yeah!"

Eagerly obeying Thea bobbed her head up and down that dick, starting off with the first few inches but gradually going lower until she had the tip of the dildo pressing against the entrance to her throat. At that point she had about half of the cock in her mouth, and she concentrated on that for a while, just to make sure she got the last remnants of delicious butt cream from it, and of course tease her owner. And inevitably she started going lower, taking the dick into her throat, which she still found a little difficult, but thanks to Mistress Laurel's training she was eventually able to take the full length. Which got more encouragement out of her Mistress, which warmed Thea's heart and of course encouraged her to suck the cock even more eagerly.

Then without warning Mistress Laurel pulled her strap-on out of Thea's mouth and shoved it back up Felicity's butt. This unsurprisingly caused a whine of disappointment to slip from Thea's lips, and Felicity to let cry of surprise, pain and lust, but both quickly recovered, especially Felicity who was moaning in pure pleasure the whole time. It wasn't too bad for Thea though, as she was confident that one way or another she would soon be tasting Felicity's butt again. And hopefully, her own. Oh yes, Thea hoped that Mistress Laurel would take her butt as a yummy dessert after a main course of Felicity's anal cherry, Thea smiling dreamily as she become most in that thought. So much so that she almost didn't notice when Mistress Laurel's cock was returned to her lips, with some fresh butt cream for her to greedily gobble up.

Felicity found this beyond obscene, but she couldn't stop lifting herself up onto all four so she could get a better look at Thea going ass to mouth. It was such a twisted sight, one she got plenty of time to savour as Black Siren insisted on going back and forth between Felicity's ass hole and Thea's mouth what felt like a thousand times. Oh God, it felt like an eternity. In reality was only a few times over the course of a few minutes, but the added perversion broke down the last of Felicity's resistance and she became desperate to cum. Which was beyond embarrassing, but Felicity just couldn't help it, as whatever initial pain had been was now a distant memory, the evil doppelgänger of her friend having expertly relaxed her rectum to the point she felt nothing but pleasure.

"Please..." Felicity whimpered, gulping softly before she forced out the words, "Make me cum..."

"No." Black Siren said dismissively, and then when Felicity whimpered again she explained, "You don't cum, until you prove to me that you're my little broken bitch, ready and eager to be trained to be just like Thea. But don't worry Felicity, mmmmm, we both know you're already nearly there. You just need a little push, and I'm going to give it to you. Oh yes, back off Thea, it's time to make your little friend truly mine."

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Thea said, moving away but staying close enough so she could get a good look at the show.

After that Black Siren increased the pace of the butt fucking, somehow doing it slowly and yet making Felicity feel like it was only a few seconds until she reached the edge of orgasm. Which she desperately tried to tell herself was 100% because of Black Siren being an amazing butt fucker, just like with how quickly she had made Felicity's ass hole relax and accept it's new role as a fuck hole. But Felicity was just too smart to believe it, and couldn't avoid the horrible truth that the only way she could be loving this so much was that deep down she was a shameless anal whore, just like Thea, apparently. Although it didn't really matter at that moment, as thanks to Black Siren relentlessly sodomising her like this Felicity had no choice but to break completely, telling the super villain exactly what she wanted to hear, and meaning every word of it.

"Make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, and I'll... I'll be your bitch!" Felicity wept in frustration, before becoming louder as she became more desperate, "Oooooooooh Goooooodddddddd, I'll be your anal loving bitch, your butt slut, your ass whore, ohhhhhhh fuck, I'll be anything you want me to be, ohhhhhhhh shit, do anything you want, just please make me cum! Please... Mistress Laurel, wreck my little ass hole and make it yours! Mmmmm fuckkkkkk yessssssss, make it your personal little fuck hole! Yours to use however, whenever and wherever you want. Make me yours! Oh Mistress Laurel, mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd yeahhhhhhh, make me yours! Oh yes, fuck my ass, oh fuckkkkkkkk, fuck my fat ass harder, fuck it and make me cum, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

It took longer than Felicity thought it would, and would have liked, but eventually Black Siren slowly began increasing the force of the sodomy until the poor hacker could no longer speak coherently. Despite that she tried her best, both because it came naturally, and she was afraid that Black Siren would stop if she didn't. Although they weren't the main reason she continued. No, to her shame the main reason Felicity continued begging was because she knew it pleased Mistress Laurel, and she desperately wanted to do that more than anything. Which was a thought which was only solidified when she came for the first time with Mistress Laurel's cock up her ass.

That initial climax was overwhelming enough, but it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, which was easily enough to break Felicity Smoak completely. Oh God, if she hadn't meant her words before she did now, because she would do anything to feel this way again. Anything! Betray her team, her friends... Oliver? In a heartbeat if only Mistress Laurel would sodomise her again. Or even just look at her again. Because it didn't matter if this woman wasn't her Laurel Lance, she was a Laurel Lance who wanted her in some way, and in this twisted moment that was enough for her. Which was Felicity's last coherent thought for quite a while as the ecstasy she was feeling melted her mind and left nothing but a screaming wreck.

Black Siren smirked in triumph, confident that she'd completely broken yet another woman and turned her into her sex slave. Not that it was surprising as Felicity Smoak had hardly been a challenge for her. Hell, this girl practically had the words 'Please Enslave Me' tattooed on her forehead, and it was up to Black Siren to make sure those words were replaced by the words 'Property of Mistress Laurel'. Maybe she would even give her a physical tattooed there, just for fun. Or better yet, maybe a tramp stamp. Thea too. It could be her calling card, once she had taken down Team Arrow. Oh yes, Black Siren could see it now, a row of marked and claimed sluts. Thea, Felicity, maybe that bitch calling herself the New Black Canary, and maybe even the version of her sister in this world.

For maybe a minute or two Black Siren became completely lost in that fantasy, but then she felt herself on the edge of orgasm, forcing her to switched to less pleasurable thoughts. Lucky her, she had plenty to choose from. However even they weren't enough thanks to the constant bashing of her clit from the other end of the harness, and the sheer joy of not only sodomising another woman, but enslaving her. Of sodomising and enslaving a woman who was the very image of a dangerous crime boss in her world, and in this one was an adorable hacker who just might be the key to getting her everything she wanted. Combined with all the build-up on top of that and it was only a matter of time before Black Siren came.

Just like with Felicity that first climax was followed by another, and another, and another until Black Siren could barely think coherently. Unlike Felicity, who shamelessly started ramming her ass back against Black Siren shortly after she first came, and then continue doing so until she collapsed face down with exhaustion and truly became nothing but a fuck hole for the superior woman to use, Black Siren forced herself to keep at least a little of her strength back. After all, she was the Dom here, and had to maintain her dominance at all times. Especially as there was a slight chance of her bitches regressing and trying to call their precious Oliver to help them, and she couldn't allow that.

She did however increase her pace right at the end there, after Felicity had collapsed, to make sure those juicy cheeks of hers continue jiggling like jelly with every thrust, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh continuing to echo around the room, and most importantly the two women continuing to cum hard and frequently. Then just as she was about to collapse Black Siren gave one last hard thrust, burying every inch of her dick in that big booty. She then paused for a few long seconds, savouring her conquest before slowly beginning to pull her cock out of Felicity's ass hole. Just that was tremendously enjoyable, Black Siren spreading those cheeks wide so she could get the best possible look of her cock stretching Felicity's forbidden hole extremely wide, but what came next was even better.

Namely Black Siren pulling the last of her cock out of Felicity's ass, then smacking the juicy flesh and ordering, "Spread those cheeks! Mmmmm yeah bitch, show me that pretty little gape!"

Felicity cried out pathetically as Mistress Laurel abruptly removed her dick from the hacker's ass. That dildo had been deeply entrenched inside her back passage for so long it truly felt like something had been amputated, leaving Felicity's butt feeling empty and unloved. God, she wanted that toy back inside her so bad, but not quite as badly as she wanted to please Mistress Laurel. So she somehow found the strength to reach back and spread her cheeks, exposing the fact that her ass hole felt like it was now as wide as the Grand Canyon. After a few seconds Felicity found the strength to push her ass into the air, and then whimper from how the other two women were staring at her gaping butt hole lustfully.

"Oh yeah, now that's what I call a good gape." Black Siren chuckled, before pushing the issue, "How does it feel bitch?"

"Like my ass hole has been torn apart." Felicity whimpered.

"Yeah, I bet..." Black Siren smirked, before pushing her again, "But do you like it?"

There was a brief pause and then while blushing furiously Felicity softly admitted, "Yes."

"Because it's a reminder of what you are?" Black Siren pushed again.

"Yes." Felicity replied this time without hesitation, although she blush deeply.

"And what's that?" Black Siren pushed again, confident she already knew the answer.

"Your bitch." Felicity whimpered, "It reminds me I'm your bitch. Oh God Mistress Laurel, that's all I want to be from now on. Your bitch. Your whore. Your little fuck toy. Please, I'll do anything if I can just be yours."

"Anything, huh?" Black Siren chuckled, lying down on the bed and relaxing before giving her next order, "Then why don't you start by sucking your own ass off my dick!"

"Yes Mistress Laurel, thank you Mistress Laurel." Felicity replied with another whimper.

This time Felicity did hesitate, although mostly because of her overwhelming exhaustion. Still, she was compelled to obey her new Mistress, and if that meant taking something which had just been in her ass into her mouth so be it. So she slowly and awkwardly got onto all fours, turned so her mouth was over Mistress Laurel's cock and then she lowered her head and parted her lips. She also closed her eyes and scrunched up her nose, fearing the worst, but to Felicity's relief it didn't taste nearly as bad as she thought it would. Her own ass didn't taste nearly as bad as she thought it would. In fact when the flavour of her own ass hit her taste-buds she actually moaned in pleasure, which of course delighted her Mistress Laurel.

"Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, you love it, don't you? You love the taste of your own ass, mmmmm, just like Thea." Black Siren again chuckled with delight, "You sluts love the taste of your own asses! Mmmmm, and you know what that means, right? It means you were born for this. Oooooooh yesssssss, you were born to be ass to mouth sluts! My ass to mouth sluts! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, come on Felicity, take it deep! Take my big dick deep down your throat like a good little ATM whore! Take every inch you greedy bitch, mmmmm, just like your little friend Thea Queen, or I'll face fuck you as hard as I just fucked your butt! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk yeahhhhhhh!"

She tried her best, but this dildo was much bigger than any cock she had ever sucked before, and Felicity struggled to take it. Which made her even more amazed that she'd been able to take it all in her ass, something which Felicity constantly thought as she began bobbing her head up and down on the strap-on, sucking her own butt cream from it with an embarrassing amount of eagerness. But again, she couldn't help it, it just tasted so good, and she was overwhelmed with a need to please Mistress Laurel, which was why Felicity pushed the dick into her throat, despite how much she choked and gagged because of it. And yet, it still wasn't enough for her new Mistress.

"What's that Felicity? You need help? Well, all you have to do is ask. Mmmmm yes, because that's just what kind of friend this Laurel is." Black Siren said mockingly before making good on her threat.

Thankfully she started out slow, and never truly got up the speed and force that she had used on Felicity's ass, but Mistress Laurel still grabbed the other blonde's head firmly and began pumping her hips back and forth, literally beginning to fuck her face. Mistress Laurel even gave Felicity a few long seconds to get used to that before beginning to push more of the dildo into her throat, ignoring the hacker's violent choking and gagging to get what she wanted. Instead of one thrust Mistress Laurel achieved her goal in a series of thrusts, meaning that she was not just using her face like a cunt, or ass hole, but she was fucking her throat. Thankfully once she achieved her goal Mistress Laurel let go of her, leaving Felicity to pull away and retch.

"Looks like you need more training, my pet." Black Siren purred, "Shall we begin?"

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Felicity said weakly.

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