Close Enough

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Sara Lance loved her new life on the Waverider, especially now the crew was feeling more and more like a family instead of a collection of expendable heroes, but she would always be there for her original superhero family in Team Arrow. Going back to see them had become a regular occurrence, but this was the first time the message had told her to go to Thea's apartment alone. That was strange, but Sara shrugged it off. Then when she actually got there she found the door unlocked, putting her on edge as she sneaked in, ready to do battle if necessary. Of course this was her now dead sister's apartment originally, and she did recently envisioned herself sitting on the couch talking to Laurel when she touched that weird staff thingy. Which was why she thought she was seeing things when she turned the corner to find Laurel waiting for her.

After trying to blink away the illusion and failings Sara choked out, "Laurel?"

"Hi Sara." Black Siren said as softly and sweetly as she could.

"Laurel!" Sara exclaimed, running up to her and throwing her arms around her, then after a few long seconds whispering against her sister's neck, "How is this possible?"

She had been trained better than this, knew that she shouldn't just trust everything she saw, but at that moment everything else was forgotten as Sara's overwhelming happiness of seeing Laurel alive again. And the next few seconds were blissfully happy as she got to enjoy that feeling, but then Laurel grinned wickedly, maybe more wickedly then Sara had ever seen before and she wrapped her arms around her and began sliding her hands down her back. It was enough for Sara to start asking the important questions, and while she started with the most obvious one her mind was racing for explanation, and all the possibilities, and finally realised it was increasingly likely she had just wandered into a trap. Then her eyes went wide as Laurel's hands slid all the way down to her ass and squeezed it.

"And why are your hands on my ass?" Sara squeaked, but noticeably didn't pull away.

"Because you have a truly amazing ass, in any universe." Black Siren said softly against Sara's ear.

"Any universe?" Sara questioned.

"I'm from Earth 2." Black Siren explained, pulling back so she could look into Sara's eyes and for once bear her soul, "An alternative universe, in which you and Dad died, not me. I got to live while everyone died, until there was nothing left for me there."

It took Sara a few long seconds to process this, then she softly told her sister's mirror image, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Black Siren grinned, squeezing Sara's ass again, "I'm close to getting back everything I lost."

Raising an eyebrow Sara questioned, "Oh... we, we weren't sisters in your world?"

"We were." Black Siren confessed with a wicked grin, "But just before she died my slutty little sister got super drunk one night and made a move on me, which sent me down a very, very dark path."

"Oh." Sara blushed, before repeating, "Sorry..."

"Why? Technically it wasn't you." Black Siren pointed out, before grinning wickedly again, "Or did you do it here in this world too?"

"No." Sara said quickly.

"Did you want too?" Black Siren questioned, and then when there was a telling silence she grinned again, "Well, now here's your chance, and you don't even have to get drunk for it."

There was a brief pause and then Sara mumbled, mostly to herself, "You're not my Laurel."

"No..." Black Siren agreed, slowly leaning in, "But I'm close enough."

With that her big sister kissed her in the way Sara had always wanted her too. Not on the cheek or the forehead, and certainly not only for a few seconds. No, she pressed her lips to hers and kept them there until Sara responded, something that initially the White Canary tried to prevent herself from doing, but she just couldn't help it. She knew this was wrong, not simply because they were sisters, but because it was a betrayal of Laurel's memory. Especially in the last place Laurel had called home. But this wasn't Laurel, or at least not her Laurel. It was someone with her voice and face, and in that moment it was impossible to tell the difference, but Sara soothed herself with the knowledge that technically it wasn't her, because honestly she just couldn't hold back. Not entirely, as she just wanted it so badly.

So much so that to her shame Sara began kissing her sister's doppelgänger back, closing her eyes and melting into the kiss so she could forget just who this was. Which was kind of easy, because whoever this was they were far bolder than she could have ever imagined Laurel being. And not just with her lips. No, this Laurel kept one hand firmly on Sara's ass the entire time, shamelessly groping and squeezing it, while the other slid upwards to do the same to her boobs. And she was the first to push her tongue into the other's mouth. And finally, when she pulled back this version of Laurel had the kind of wicked grin on her face which Sara didn't even think that her sister had been capable of.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Black Siren grinned wickedly.

"God this is so wrong." Sara practically growled with desire.

"You love it." Black Siren accused.

"I do. I really, really do." Sara confessed, a smile crossing her face, "You're not my sister, but you're close enough for me to wanna fuck you."

"Oh, and I thought Felicity was easy." Black Siren chuckled wickedly.

"You fucked Felicity? Felicity Smoak? Who's been practically married to Oliver for years?" Sara questioned in disbelief, before grinning wickedly, "Wow, impressive."

"You haven't seen anything yet." Black Siren promised, and then when Sara just raised an eyebrow she told her, "Follow me."

Black Siren was delighted when the mirror image of her sister obeyed without hesitation. She seemed to be carefully watching for traps, which was very impressive, and proved that Sara Lance was everything her little friends had said she was, but Black Siren highly doubted that The White Canary couldn't have anticipated the trap that was waiting for her. Sure enough Sara couldn't hide her surprise from her face when Black Siren led her into the bedroom to find Felicity, Thea and Dinah all on their knees, their gazes down, wearing nothing but black collars tied firmly around their necks. Black Siren took a few long seconds to admire her handiwork, and then turned to her latest victim and gave her another wicked grin.

"As you can see, I didn't just fuck Felicity, I made her my little fuck toy. Just like I did Oli's baby sister, and this wannabe Canary. Just like I'm about to do to another wannabe Canary right now." Black Siren boasted.

"Oh really?" Sara smirked.

"Really." Black Siren confirmed, before further explaining, "So here is what's going to happen. You're going to get down on your knees and eat my pussy just the way you always dreamt of doing to your big sister, you filthy pervert. But then? Mmmmmmm, then I'm going to take my reward. Bend you over and fuck you up the ass until you're begging to be my bitch. Of course, I thought I'd have to kick your ass before I fucked it."

"No need." Sara reassured, slowly closing the distance between them, "And it sounds like a good plan. Really, I love that plan. Just one tiny detail needs to be changed."

"That being?" Black Siren raised an eyebrow.

"Quid pro quo." Sara grinned, before translating, "You want something, you have to return the favour. Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, you want your cunt licked, you need to lick mine."

"Well, I don't normally do that sort of thing." Black Siren admitted, before quickly adding with another grin, "But for you? I'd be willing to make an exception."

"Great." Sara grinned again, before revealing, "But I'm also going to need your ass."

"What? No!" Black Siren exclaimed, utterly appalled, "I'm not some filthy whore who actually likes back door, unlike these sluts. I fuck asses, but I don't get fucked."

"Well if you want this ass!" Sara emphasised her point by smacking her own booty hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle, and the sound echo around the room, "You've got to give up your ass."

"Not going to happen." Black Siren growled, before grinning as she got into a fighting position, "So it looks like we're fighting... good! I was beginning to worry you'd be too easy."

"If we fight, I'll win, and then you wouldn't get to fuck my ass before I broke you with one butt fucking." Sara confidently predicted, "I can't have that. So how about an arrangement?"

"I'm listening." Black Siren said, although she was still just about ready to attack.

"We do things your way, but I still want to fuck your butt afterwards, and it's mine." Sara offered.

Black Siren considered this for a few long seconds, before cautiously coming out of her fighting stance and pushing, "All night. I want your ass all night long. Then maybe you can have mine."

"No maybe." Sara pushed, "You're mine afterwards, or no deal."

"If you're not my bitch?" Black Siren smirked, a plan already forming in her wicked head.

"If I'm not your bitch." Sara agreed.

"Deal." Black Siren agreed, "Now take off your clothes. I want to see my prize."

The only reply she got was a glare from Sara, before 'her sister' began slowly stripping off her clothes, doing a good job of teasing Black Siren with that big heavenly booty of hers, slowly pulling down her pants and then thong to reveal the key to making this woman hers. It'd certainly been that way for the broken bitches kneeling at her feet, and Black Siren was going to make sure that this time was no different. Of course she wouldn't suffer the consequences if for some reason she failed. She would make sure of that. Although failure seemed highly unlikely, given that this Sara seemed just as big a slut as hers, given the way that she stared at her lustfully when it was Black Siren's turned slowly strip off her clothes.

"Your turn." Sara sings-songed once she was naked.

"Get on your knees. Then I'll do it." Black Siren ordered, and then once Sara had done as she was told Black Siren slowly took off her own clothes, and then ordered, "Now eat me you cocky little bitch. You think you can just top me? I don't think so, mmmmmmm, but that's okay, because this is right where you belong. On your knees and eating my fucking cunt! Oh yes, eat it! Fucking eat it! Ooooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, fuck me! Ah fuck me, yessssssssssss, lick me just like that, ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, lick me you bitch! Oh yeah, lick my pussy like the lezzie bitch you are! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, ah fuck, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

For a few long seconds the two 'sisters' stared at each other while Black Siren gleefully dished out the verbal abuse, and then it became extremely hard to talk when Sara leaned forward and started to slide her tongue over her cunt. That first lick was long and slow the bitch savouring what would quickly become one of her favourite flavours, which meant Black Siren could just about continue her commentary. However then Sara lingered on her clit just enough to leave Black Siren an incoherent wreck before sliding her tongue around the other girl's pussy, exploring it just for fun. Which was a little annoying, but it was hard for Black Siren to complain when it felt so amazingly good.

Arguably, it felt too good, and if it had been one of her broken bitches doing this to her 'Mistress Laurel' would have shut them down in a heartbeat. However considering what was on the line it was more important to complete her conquest as soon and decisively as possible, which not only meant getting to the ass fucking quickly, but to save her energy for it. Then again did she want to rush something so special as the first time this version of her sister ate her pussy? Especially when this version of Sara seem to be an even better rug muncher than the slut sister she knew? It was a tough decision, one which Black Siren would have to make soon, before Sara made it for her.

Sara had no intention of rushing this, not unless she was ordered otherwise, because she loved the taste of pussy, and loved savouring it. She had ever since the first time Nyssa al Ghul had given her the privilege of licking her delicious cunt. Which had always been her favourite, at least until now. Because this was just so hot and nasty Sara quickly found herself falling in love with it. Oh yes, Sara Lance was the type of twisted slut who actually fantasised about what her own sister's pussy would taste like. Had imagined it would taste good. That she would love it. That she would instantly be addicted to it. And while this wasn't technically her sister, it was close enough.

Right now it was kind of better, because Sara was stepping over that line which she promised herself she would never cross, and yet it wouldn't ruin the relationship she had with Laurel. No, her prim and proper big sister wouldn't freak out on her tomorrow morning, and yell at Sara for being such a twisted whore that she would actually seduce her own sister into such depraved acts. She wouldn't even be risking being disowned by her family, and even friends, once they had learnt what she had done, and just how much of a twisted whore she was. Because this wasn't Laurel, and no one would believe a word Black Siren had to say, even if she bothered to say anything.

Which meant Sara was free to indulge in what was perhaps her most twisted fantasy. The one where she got to slide her tongue over Laurel's pussy lips, collecting as much yummy cunt cream as possible and then eagerly swallowing it down. Of tasting her big sister's pussy! Of making her feel good. Making her moan for her. Oh God, Sara could literally hear Laurel moaning in pleasure for her! Yes, on some level she still knew it wasn't her Laurel, but in that twisted moment it didn't matter. It was a Laurel Lance moaning in pleasure from having Sara Lance licking her pussy. And of course there were other sounds which were just as wonderful, like gasps, whimpers and cries, and they were all of pure pleasure.

Perhaps best of all, Sara could look up to see Laurel with her legs spread before her, inviting Sara to eat her cunt. Hell, very quickly Laurel grabbed the back of her head and pushed it deep into her cunt. As if Sara needed more encouragement to lick the tasty treat in front of her. No, Sara didn't need any more encouragement, but she happily took it. She then allowed herself a moment to think about the prize she could win if she could do a good enough job. Oh God yes, if all went well she could end up taking Laurel's anal cherry, which was arguably an even more twisted fantasy than the one she was currently living out. Of course, she couldn't focus on that for long, as she had an important job to do. Well, more accurately two, as licking pussy was a full-time job right now, and it was even harder to do when she had to listen out for further instructions.

Black Siren had a feeling she wouldn't need to give her slutty little sister detailed instructions of how to eat her pussy, and sure enough, she didn't. Oh yes, Sara Lance proved to be an excellent pussy pleaser, giving her exactly the right amount of tongue the entire time. Which included knowing when to increase her work ever so slightly to make her new Mistress squirm for her, and more often than not turn a complaint into a louder moan, and/or a pathetic sounding whimper. It was so perfect it was kind of annoying. But it was definitely an annoying she could get used too. And Black Siren planned to get very used to it, as failure wasn't an option as far as she was concerned. Oh yes, she had to make Sara her bitch. She just had too. And she would, Black Siren promised herself that.

That was why she didn't summon her other bitches to kiss her feet, suck her tits, and most importantly eat her ass. Also, admittedly it was just nice to have this sister-sister bonding time, Black Siren thought with a wicked grin. But mostly, she just needed to focus on holding back from cumming for as long as possible, so she could prove herself truly dominant top. One worthy of such a prize as Sara Lance. Worthy of this perfect little slut, who just so happen to look identical to her sister. Which of course she tried to stop herself from thinking about too much, as at this point it was only pushing her closer to orgasm. Along with looking down and seeing long blonde hair in between her legs. Seeing Sara in between her legs, oh fuck!

One thing she just couldn't resist looking at though was her other bitches, most of whom were still dumb enough to be looking at her hopefully, silently pleading with her to pick them for the honour of tonguing her butt hole. It was just so deliciously funny, and sad, that it made Black Siren grin wickedly. She would have definitely broken their hearts, if she could only trust her voice right now. Although again, it was better that she didn't, because again, she was loving that look so much. Maybe a little bit too much, as combined with the increasing attention to her clit, Sara now lingering on it with her tongue, Black Siren just couldn't resist anymore. Really, all she could do was make her words sound commanding, and not begging.

"Make me cum, oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, make me fucking cum you bitch!" Black Siren growled angrily, and with an increasingly intense need, "Make me cum in your whore mouth, mmmmmmmm, and all over your slutty little face! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me! Mmmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooddddddddddd, tongue fuck me, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss! Oh fuck! Oh God! Oh Sara! Fuck me Sara, fuck me! I want my own sister to make me cum, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

It was the reminder that they were basically sisters more than anything else which sent Black Siren over the edge. Although Sara obviously sensed this, and pretty much chose that moment to shove her tongue as deep as it could go into Black Siren's cunt, making it a little hard to tell what the exact cause was. But Black Siren was a very experienced Dom, who was confident that she knew the truth. Not that it really mattered. No, the important thing right now was she was being bombarded with pleasure as orgasm after orgasm crashed through her body, completely robbing her of the ability to even think coherently. Of course, lost in thought for quite a while was that she really, really had to make sure that Sara would be her broken bitch by the end of the night.

Sara had to admit the thought was far from unappealing right now, if only because she didn't spend longer lingering on the consequences of it. In fact much like this Laurel she pretty much lost the ability to think, and could only concentrate on the moment. Especially when she was yanking her tongue out of Laurel's pussy and tightly pressing her mouth around her entrance so she could swallow every precious drop of that heavenly liquid. Something she did over and over again, although sadly each time she was able to swallow less and less of that precious liquid. Although it did marked her as the pussy loving slut she was, something which made her heart practically flutter at this point.

Of course after each orgasm Sara shoved her tongue as deep as it could go into Laurel's cunt and tongue fucked her sister until she came for her again. For better or for worse she was able to tongue fuck the bitch for an increasingly long time. No, it was definitely for the better, as it gave Sara the chance to savour the perverted act, and even leave her tongue buried in the for a few long seconds so she could savour Laurel's pussy being wrapped around it. More importantly, it arguably meant that she was the dominant one in that moment. The one in control. The top. Something she would make crystal clear by adding her fingers into the mix. Or at least, that was the plan.

Then all of a sudden Laurel was grabbing two handfuls of her hair and shoving her face as deep as it would go into her cunt. Which she had been doing almost throughout, only easing off when she finally came, but now Laurel was using every ounce of her strength to really suffocate her in pussy, until Sara could barely breathe, and her whole world became pussy. Her big sister's pussy. Oh God, it was all she could smell, taste and see, and she loved it. That was why instead of trying to take back control she went limp, allowing Laurel to start grinding herself violently into her face. Although she did stick out her tongue and do her best to hammer the other girl's clit, but mostly she let Laurel take control again.

Which meant that even with her mouth open most of the heavenly liquid ended up covering her face, marking Sara as what she was, a pussy slut. And more importantly in that moment, her big sister's pussy loving lesbian slut. Well, actually pussy loving bisexual slut, but whatever. The point was Sara had never felt more like a lesbo whore, and she loved it. She loved everything about this, especially as in that moment she truly believed this was her big sister. But then Black Siren pulled away, and even as she desperately tried to regain her composure she grinned down wickedly at Sara, making The White Canary curse herself for her weakness, and vowed to take vengeance. Vengeance which would be very, very pleasurable.

"Wow..." Black Siren panted, and then chuckled wickedly, "You always were a slut."

"True." Sara shrugged it off, and returned that wicked grin, "And soon, you'll be my slut."

"Unlikely, because I'm about to fuck your fat ass and make you my mindless little anal bitch! Mmmmmmmm, just like I did to all of your little friends." Black Siren pointed out.

"Bring it on." Sara challenged, "We both know you don't have what it takes, and then I'll humble you in front of my friends, and make them realize you're all bark and no bite."

"Well, since you're so sure, bend over. Oh yeah, bend over and give me that big ass of yours." Black Siren ordered.

"Gladly." Sara replied, "Do your worst."

"Oh Sara, you're going to regret that." Black Siren grinned wickedly.

Black Siren then took a moment to enjoy the irony that she, and this other version of her sister, were now fighting like real sisters just before one butt fucked the other. Arguably they were real sisters, which made what they had just done, and what they were going to do, that much more perverted. It certainly made Black Siren love it even more, which was really saying something, as she might have literally drooled when the mighty Sara Lance bent over for her. God, the little slut even wiggled her ass at her, which was not unlike waving a red flag at a bull. Only instead of charging Black Siren gave a wide smirk, retrieved her strap-on, and then attached it to herself and covered it with lube menacingly in front of her little sister, who just smirked back like the slut she was.

"I suppose I should be really give one of my bitches the honour of preparing your ass for me. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, especially little Felicity, who always had a crush on you." Black Siren taunted, pausing to lick her lips as she walked around until she was again looking directly at that big booty, before continuing, "But honestly? I just can't resist treating myself."

"And why would you?" Sara taunted her back.

Ignoring the reply Black Siren kneeled down behind her prey, licked her lips again, and then buried her face in between those juicy cheeks. She didn't even bother to spread them at first, instead just choosing to enjoy the feeling of those meaty globes against her face as she frantically licked her baby sister's butt hole. To her shame she even rubbed her face in those cheeks as if she was motor-boating a big pair of tits, but she just couldn't help it. Black Siren was just so lost in her lust for this big fat ass. Which was why she probably rimmed it for longer than was necessary. Not that Sara was complaining. No, she spent the entire time moaning, gasping and even whimpering with delight, which was another thing which had Black Siren lingering on this act.

Another was the fact that when she tried to push her tongue into Sara's butt she got surprisingly far, given she hadn't had the pleasure of fucking it yet. Which was disappointing, as it proved Sara was far from an anal virgin, but then again it would be a crime against nature if Sara had been. Oh yes, this ass deserved to be pounded on a regular basis, and Black Siren silently promised that was exactly what was going to happen. And she was going to be the one to do it. Starting right now with her tongue violating that private hole and thrusting in and out for a few long minutes, Black Siren stopping only to pull back and spit into that eager little fuck hole to make it extra nasty.

Of course, inevitably Black Siren replaced her tongue with her fingers. She started out with just one, barely pausing to savour the moment, before pushing it all the way inside of Sara's slutty little ass hole. As that pretty much slid in like a hot knife through butter she almost immediately added a second, and then eventually a third, both of which made this total anal slut cry out with pure joy. Oh yes, this was going to be so easy. So fucking easy to make this bitch her bitch, Black Siren thought with a wicked smile, as she spent a few long minutes fingering that fuck hole, before she took what she really wanted. What she deserved. What was rightfully hers.

"That should be more than enough for a whore like you." Black Siren taunted as she pulled her fingers out and smacked Sara's ass as hard as she could, "Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, more than enough. So spread your cheeks bitch! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, spread your cheeks and give me your bitch hole!"

Sara strongly thought about saying something quippy, but it would have seemed desperate under the circumstances, and honestly, she was enjoying her moment of total submission. So for better or for worse she pressed her face to the bed sheets, reached back and pulled her cheeks apart as commanded. Although she did manage to slip in a rebellion in the form of swiftly pulling her cheeks apart, something Nyssa would have definitely scolded and punished her for. Something she might later receive from her sister's doppelgänger, given the look on Black Siren's face. Totally worth it though, Sara thought with a wicked grin. Even if the result was a quick, hard anal penetration, Black Siren doing well to put her at ease by just placing the dick against her back hole and just leaving it there for a few long seconds, before taking Sara by surprise when she slammed forward.

Most women would probably cry out in agony from having their most private holes violated in such a way. Or even violated at all, honestly. And to be fair, it didn't feel wonderful for Sara. However she had experienced far worse is a vigilante, then as a time traveler, and especially when she been trained within the League of Assassins. So although she did cry out it wasn't in pain, at least not completely. There was definitely some pain, as it had been a long time since she'd been butt fucked, far too long if she was honest, but she enjoyed that pain, meaning that her cry was mostly pleasure. Which of course Black Siren noticed, and just had to comment on.

"Oh my God, you actually enjoyed that, didn't you? Huh? Oh God, you really are just a shameless slut, aren't you?" Black Siren laughed with a mixture of disgust and delight, although definitely more the latter than the former, "Oh fuck, I think your even sluttyer then my Sara, and my bitches combined. I mean... God, I can't imagine actually enjoying getting anally penetrated, but you did, didn't you? Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh you did, mmmmmmmmmm, and it slid in so easy. Sooooooooo easy into your butt hole. Fuck Sara, do you not have an ounce of shame? You do know you don't have to bend over for everything that moves, right?"

Again Sara didn't respond, but not because she was ignoring the words. No, she was allowing them to sink in, as like the pain which was now fading the verbal humiliation only added to her enjoyment. Then she was treated to both as Black Siren started pushing more and more of that dildo into her tailpipe. At first she did this slowly, allowing both sisters to savour the feeling of a cock strapped around one of their waists slowly sliding into the other's back door. Maybe especially Black Siren, as Sara knew for a fact that getting to watch a butt hole being obscenely stretch wider around her dick as she slid into that forbidden hole was intoxicating. Especially when the bottom was spreading her cheeks, providing the best look possible of that twisted little sight.

The fact that she was now the bottom spreading her cheeks in providing her top with the best look possible at the dick owning her ass hole was certainly an intense feeling for Sara. Especially as this woman had the face of her sister, and even was her sister in another world, making it very easy for her to get lost in the idea that this really was her Laurel doing this to her. That her own sister was stuffing her ass full of strap-on cock. However she was reminded that it wasn't her Laurel as after she got about half way Black Siren slammed the rest of the strap-on into Sara's shit hole. Admittedly, this caused the mixture of pain and pleasure that the initial anal penetration had, but Sara had been enjoying the long, slow butt stuffing, so she couldn't help giving 'Mistress Laurel' a piece of her mind this time.

"Ah fuck!" Sara cried out loudly, before grumbling, "God, and my Laurel used to call me impatient."

"Well, clearly she at least got something right." Black Siren quipped, before pointing out, "And don't even try to pretend you didn't enjoy that."

"I did." Sara admitted nonchalantly, quickly adding, "But I was also enjoying what you were doing before, and a real top would know the importance of stretching it out and teasing me."

"I am a real top." Black Siren glared, before smirking, "And I'll prove it by stretching you out."

"Ah fuck." Sara then repeated, this time in pleasure as Black Siren started grinding her hips, and thus churned her insides with the dick.

"How's that, huh? Feeling stretched out enough now?" Black Siren mocked, grabbing Sara's hair and using it to pull the other girl's head upwards until she was pretty much growling into her ear, "Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, does my baby sister feel nice and stretched out by her big sister's dick? Huh Sara? You like feeling that in your guts? Turning them into mincemeat? Huh?"

"Just shut up and fuck me." Sara moaned.

"Gladly." Black Siren practically spat, letting go of Sara's hair in favour of grabbing her hips so she could officially start the sodomy.

Felicity wasn't in a very good position to see it, but she could tell from the movement of Mistress Laurel's amazing body, and Sara's cries of almost pure pleasure, that the butt fucking had officially started. That Mistress Laurel was sliding inch after inch of strap-on cock out of Sara's most private hole, and then pushing every single inch back in, and then repeat the process, meaning that a Laurel Lance was sodomizing a Sara Lance. In that moment it didn't matter that it wasn't really the Laurel they had known, it felt like it, and considering the two Laurels were a perfect biological match that meant that this was Incest. Something Felicity would have found off-putting before, but now she found it amazingly hot, especially because of her crush on Sara, and the fact that she adored Mistress Laurel.

In fact Felicity found the sight of this incredibly forbidden act so incredibly hot she almost didn't feel jealous that she wasn't involved. Of course, Mistress Laurel fucked Dinah and Thea in front of her all the time, so of course she knew there was a benefit to it, but she wasn't sure she'd ever been more okay with just watching. Especially because she knew she was actually going to be given the chance to get involved very soon. That chance came sooner than she was expecting it, which of course came in the form of Mistress Laurel pulling her cock out of her sister's ass hole and then slowly making her way to where her sex slaves were waiting. Then after briefly debating it Mistress Laurel press the tip of her ass flavoured strap-on against Felicity's lips and gave her a very familiar order.

"Suck my cock Felicity." Black Siren ordered, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, suck my sister's ass cream off of my big dick."

"Yes Mistress Laurel, thank you Mistress Laurel." Felicity quickly replied and obeyed.

Although she couldn't help savour the flavour of the deepest part of another girl's ass by lingering on the head of the cock when she took it into her mouth. Especially given that it was Sara Lance's ass she was tasting, literally making this a dream come true. Well, admittedly this wasn't how she'd most imagine tasting Sara for the first time, but it was definitely on the list. Oh yes, even before she accepted her role as Mistress Laurel's bitch, Felicity noticed Sara's big booty and fantasized about tasting it, albeit after first tasting her lips, and especially her pussy. Hopefully there would be time for that later, but for now this was really good, especially while she was tasting Sara's butt on Mistress Laurel's cock.

Obviously she would like to taste it from the source at some point, but there was something extra special about the first time she tasted Sara Lance's booty being on Laurel Lance's cock, a fact that Felicity savored throughout the blow job. Although she might have savored it too much, as she got an annoyed fake cough from Mistress Laurel, and then some more 'verbal encouragement' which made Felicity feel really bad for embarrassing her Dom. Desperately wanting to make it up to her Felicity started bobbing her head up and down the dick, soon pushing it into her throat so she could get every drop of that yummy butt cream. Which thankfully got a more pleased reaction from her owner.

"Come on bitch, suck my dick! We both know you can do better than that." Black Siren practically growled in annoyance after Felicity had lingered too long on the head of the strap-on, and then once she got what she really wanted the super villain added gleefully, "Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, that's better. Mmmmmmmmm, that's so much better. Oh yeah, take it all! Mmmmmmmmmm, all the way down your whore throat. That's it Felicity, just like I taught you. Not that you needed much teaching. No, you, and all the rest of these sluts, were natural cock suckers. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, especially when you get to taste each other's asses on my big dick. And now you get to taste her precious Sara's ass on my dick. Lucky you. And lucky her. Oh yes, you bitches are going to love tasting each other on my cock, once every last one of you is broken in. Oh yeah, it's only a matter of time."

Sara knew exactly what this bitch was doing, and honestly, it was as amusing as it was frustrating. As if all it would take to break her was a little teasing. Bitch please. With everything she had endured this was at worst an annoyance, and for quite a while it was exactly the opposite. Because there was definitely something to be said for the twisted thrill of holding herself open as 'Mistress Laurel' went back and forth between fucking her ass and the mouths of her ATM loving sluts, starting with Felicity, then Thea, and then Dinah before repeating the process again. Plus she got a hell of a show out of it, Sara enjoying watching sweet, innocent little Felicity and the little brat Thea really pushing that ass flavoured cock into their mouths and down their throats, moaning happily the entire time.

Of course, all this teasing would just really ultimately result in her cumming harder, so mostly Sara welcomed it. Hell, part of her wanted to do this forever. However, a growing part also wanted to cum. Needed to cum, actually. The question was, could she get what she so desperately needed without breaking? Black Siren had probably used this technique before to get exactly what she wanted, and she was clearly very good at it. But again, it would take a lot more to break a slut the caliber of the White Canary. So Sara simply savored every moment of this teasing, and then when she wanted to cum she began giving Black Siren exactly what she wanted, sort of, confident in the knowledge they were just meaningless words.

"Fuck me! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck me hard and make me cum, oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me in the fucking ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!" Sara eventually cried out in between moans, gasps and whimpers, "Yesssssssssss, pound my slutty little ass hole! Slam fuck it hard and deep and make me fucking squirt! Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, fuck me, sis! I wanna get butt fucked by my big sister! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, I've always wanted you to fuck me Laurel, mmmmmmmmm, and now I've finally got my chance. Well, close enough. Oh yes, this is close enough, so... Mistress Laurel, fuck my ass hard and make me cum! Please? Oh please, fuck me, mmmmmmmmm, fuck my butt, oh fuck, fuck me in the butt, butt fuck me, oh shit, ass fuck me and make me your bitch, if you can. Oh yes, oh please, Mistress Laurel... oh Mistress Laurel, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooddddddddddddd!"

It was almost disappointing how quickly Sara got what she wanted. If Black Siren had been a little more skilled at topping, she would've drawn this out, really made Sara verbally humiliate herself to the point that she had to make her truly believe that she had broken her. Sara was more than ready to do that, and was confident that she could convince Black Siren of her victory, only then to reveal the truth later. Instead the pace was increased rather quickly, almost instantly making Sara cum. That at least was additional humiliation, as it proved not only to this bitch, but to Sara's friends exactly what kind of slut the White Canary was. Namely an anal slut. Oh yes, Sara Lance was a total anal slut, and now all of her closest friends knew it.

Well, thankfully, there was some that didn't, but certainly the majority now knew. Nyssa and Oliver of course knew before, and now so did Thea, who was practically family to her, and dear sweet Felicity, who had the same feelings for Sara that Sara had for her, making this moment certainly very interesting. And although she lacked patience Black Siren continued to sodomize her skilfully, and now with incredible power, which she kept up for quite a while. So much so that Sara actually wondered if by the end of this, she would actually mean the words she had said, and so much more. In fact, in that moment, as she was bombarded with climax after climax from having her ass perhaps literally destroyed by pretty much her own sister, it truly didn't seem so bad to become Mistress Laurel's bitch.

Black Siren was pretty sure that Sara wasn't broken yet. Or at least, she hoped not. That would be a little anticlimactic, considering how stubborn she was proven to be. But if there was one thing this Sara and her Sara definitely had in common, it was the fact that they were shameless sluts, so maybe, just maybe if she bombarded her with enough pleasure it would get the job done. It was certainly worth a try, and half of the fun doing it, Black Siren smirking with wicked delight as she effortlessly made the total anal slut cum for her over and over again. Especially as each one seemed to be a monster orgasm, causing the little ass whore to scream with ecstasy and her cum to squirt out of her cunt.

The only downside to that was it was so incredibly satisfying to pretty much do this to her own sister Black Siren just couldn't hold back from cumming herself. No, the combination of the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomizing her own sister, and making her cum in the process, was easy enough to give Black Siren one of the most satisfying climaxes of her life. Although, like the awesome top she was, she powered through it, and the several more that followed, to deliver a truly epic rectum wrecking which would surely make this anal loving bitch her anal loving bitch forever. Or at the very least, get her closer to that position. No! No, Black Siren needed to make this anal loving bitch her anal loving bitch. She needed that more than anything.

With that in mind Black Siren truly began using every ounce of her strength to brutalize her baby sister's butt hole. This caused a few wonderful things to happen, definitely including those juicy cheeks jiggling even more for her, which was saying a lot considering how much they had been bouncing throughout the anal sex. It also made Sara squeal, cry and whimper even more loudly, and of course made the bitch cum. Both of them. Oh yes, Black Siren was a bad ass bitch, something she was proven by performing what had to be the ultimate act of dominance over this better trained assassin. Proving Sara was the other kind of bitch. An anal loving bitch, destined to be owned by someone like Mistress Laurel. Something which became very important for Black Siren to tell her new bitch, and all of her little bitches.


Of course Black Siren struggle to remain coherent for very long, as she was busy being bombarded with pleasure, and soon the two Lance sisters became completely lost in having butt sex with each other. Especially as Sara was pretty much slamming her ass back against what had to be rectum wrecking thrusts, making sure that the anal pounding was as hard and as deep as it could possibly be, and the two sisters became like wild animals, using each other to satisfy their needs. Sadly, this couldn't continue indefinitely. Something had to give, and unfortunately for Black Siren, it was her. Oh God, she embarrassed herself by collapsing on top of Sara, who was thankfully equally exhausted, and the two girls collapsed in a heap. They then laid there for quite a while, until Black Siren was ready to ask the question she was sure she already knew the answer too.

"So, are you my bitch?" Black Siren asked softly.

Sara laughed, "Really? That's the best you got? Oh honey, you're going to need to do a lot better to break me."

"Challenge excepted." Black Siren quipped as she rolled off of Sara and smacked her ass as hard as she could, "And we can start by having you spread your cheeks and show me, and your little friends, just how widely gaped your bitch hole is. Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, let everyone see how I left the butt hole of my sister, The Bitch Canary gaping wide open."

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Sara groaned mockingly before slowly doing as she was told.

Sara mostly said that to save face, as the combination of the sudden but quick removal of the cock from her ass followed up by that hard spank had her crying out and then whimpering pathetically, twice. Which wasn't that embarrassing, but it was counterproductive, considering she was trying to make it clear that she was still very much not broken. It was also counterproductive to push her ass into the air and then spread her cheeks, especially slowly. That was only because she was tired, but it was definitely the kind of thing a eager to please bottom would do, so she was annoyed at herself for it. Of course there wasn't much she could do at that moment, except hold herself open, and exposing her widely stretched butt hole to her friends, and the bitch determined to make Sara her bitch.

"Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, that's so hot." Black Siren moaned with delight, and added with an evil laugh, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, show me that pretty gape. Show me and your precious friends that shit hole I stretched wide open and that the cavernous ruin. Make them realize that you're not going to save them. That you're nothing but The Bitch Canary! My Bitch Canary. Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, I made my sister my Bitch Canary, didn't I Sara? Come on, you don't have to pretend. We both know what you are now, so just admit it, and I promise I'll leave you gaping like this every day bitch!"

"Still no." Sara said softly, and with more than a little annoyance.

"But you will." Black Siren insisted, enjoying the sight for a few long seconds, before pushing Sara's hands out of the way so she could smack that booty to emphasize her next order, "Now do what you do best and suck my cock! Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, suck your ass cream off of my big dick like the dirty little slut you are! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, suck it! Suck it good bitch!"

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Sara groaned mockingly before slowly doing as she was told.

Reinvigorated by humiliating herself, the conversation they'd just had, and honestly, the thought of tasting her own ass, made sure Sara was quick to turn around and wrap her lips around the head of the dildo. She then immediately moaned loudly and happily, her eyelids fluttering closed with pure joy. God, she loved the taste of ass. Maybe especially her own, although hopefully the silver lining of all this would be that she would get to taste the extremely cute and juicy asses of Thea and especially Felicity. Oh yes, that would literally be a dream come true. And she quite like to taste the butt of the other girl, the other Canary, even though she didn't know her well. But most of all, she wanted to taste the Black Siren's booty, something Sara promised herself she would be doing very soon. And perhaps more importantly, so would Black Siren.

For a few long seconds Sara allowed herself to linger on those fantasies, and perhaps more importantly the head of Black Siren's cock, which allowed her to savour the deepest part of her butt. Then without needing to be asked she started bobbing her head up and down the shaft, taking more and more of it each time until it was hitting the entrance to her throat. She then lingered on the first half for a while, which admittedly earned her some more encouragement from the bitch trying to enslave her. It wasn't necessary of course, as Sara fully plan to take the full length, and that's exactly what she did, even showing off by pushing the rest of the dildo into her throat in one long thrust downwards, before again beginning to bobbing her head up and down. And of course, she moaned the entire time, although not just because of tasting her own ass.

"Come on bitch, we both know you can do better than that. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, take every inch. Every inch down your throat! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Black Siren ordered in annoyance when Sara didn't immediately push the dildo into her throat, and then when she got what she wanted, what they both wanted, she gleefully continued the running commentary, "Every inch! Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, every single inch down that whore throat of yours! Oh God Sara, I just knew you would be the perfect bitch. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I just knew you would be the perfect Bitch Canary. Or at least, you will be, with a little training. Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, now I think about it, I'm glad you're not already broken. Oh yeah, because breaking you is going to be so much fun."

Bring it bitch, Sara said with a look, and almost said it out loud, but honestly, she didn't want to stop sucking that cock. There wasn't even any yummy ass cream left to clean, and she was still happily bobbing away on it, because it had been just so long since anyone had dominated her like this. So... maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing if she didn't fight back for a while. Yes, she would continue letting Black Siren top her like this, and turn the tables later. Maybe much later, given the amount of twisted fantasies that could come true while she was busy being 'The Bitch Canary'. And sure, it wouldn't be Laurel doing this to her, not really, but it would be close enough for her to continue to get off nice and hard, as she just did. Yes, this was close enough.

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