Close Enough

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"Dinah... I'm... I'm sorry." Felicity Smoak mumbled over the intercom.

This caused Dinah Drake to frown, "What do you mean?"

Dinah trailed off as light suddenly filled the abandonware house she'd just been guided into to find she was suddenly surrounded by a gang of thugs. She didn't have time to wonder what was going on before they attacked. Luckily they were of the super dumb variety of criminal which took turns in attacking her. There were about 20 of them, but in a matter of minutes they were all on the ground and unconscious and The Black Canary was standing over them triumphant. She hadn't even needed to use her meta-human abilities. But she didn't have time to feel smug, as she was too busy wondering what her friend had meant by that. Was she being blackmailed into setting her up? Because Dinah couldn't think of any other logical explanation, and she just hoped there wouldn't be a negative repercussions for Felicity as these goons had failed. Little did Dinah know, they hadn't.

"Felicity? Are you still there?" Dinah asked, getting no response.

There was then some mocking clapping as Black Siren stepped out of the shadows, "Wow, you know for a cheap imitation, that wasn't bad. It wasn't good, but it certainly wasn't bad."

Turning to face her rival Dinah scoffed, "Look who's talking?"

"Really? That's the best you got?" Black Siren mocked, adding in an extra whiny voice, "I know you are, but what am I? Ha, pathetic."

"Hey, if you want talk, go back for round two with that kid in the red suit in the other town. That is if you're not afraid of getting your ass kicked, again." Dinah quipped, "But if you are looking for a fight, you've found it."

"Not just yet..." Black Siren smirked, before explaining, "You see sweetie, I'm a boss fight. You have to work your way up to me."

"Oh, so it's not that you're just scared of a fair fight?" Dinah scoffed, "Fine, bring as many lackeys as you want. I'll beat them, and I'll beat you."

"We'll see..." Black Siren said dismissively, before calling out, "Thea sweetie, come to Mama."

Those words caused Dinah to frown in confusion, when from the other side of the room a small girl dressed in red appeared from out of the shadows, briefly glancing at her before blushing and then walking over to Black Siren. Dinah had met Thea Queen, but it wasn't like they hung out together a lot given that she had quit Team Arrow before Dinah had joined, and the fact that this girl had her hood up made it hard to tell exactly who this was, but it couldn't be Thea. It just couldn't. That just wouldn't make sense. Especially as the tiny girl timidly walked over to Black Siren and then was pulled into her arms were the evil bitch pulled her into a passionate kiss. In the middle of that Black Siren gave Dinah a taunting look, pulled off the girls hood, and pushed her back so her face was clear to see, and oh God!

"Thea?" Dinah frowned in confusion, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Obeying her Mistress." Black Siren announced proudly as Thea blushed again and lowered her head.

"What?" Dinah scowled angrily.

"Wow, I knew you were a knockoff version of me, but I didn't think you were this slow." Black Siren mocked, before explaining as if to a child, "You see Thea here, is my bitch. I own her, and she does whatever I say. Just like Felicity. Why else do you think you're here?"

"You're lying." Dinah said after a few long seconds, although it sounded hollow even to her own ears, something about this just felt wrong. Other than the obvious.

"Am I?" Black Siren grinned eagerly, "Then why don't you ask your precious Overwatch?"

 Another pause, and then Felicity whimpered in Dinah's headpiece, "I'm sorry Dinah."

"Felicity?" Dinah hissed as softly as possible, but it was no use as the line went dead, causing Black Siren to laugh out loud. Which in turn caused Dinah to snap, "I'll kill you bitch!"

Clearly taking Black Siren by surprise with a sonic scream Dinah then quickly close the distance between herself and the evil woman and then rammed her shoulder into Black Siren's stomach, knocking the wind out of her, and more importantly knocking her down to her back. Dinah then quickly mounted her and started raining down blows on that smug, satisfied face of hers. Only it wasn't so smug any more. No, it was a mask of surprise and pain, and soon enough it was bleeding, Dinah giving the bitch everything she had. Black Siren would have probably slipped into unconsciousness soon after, if someone hadn't jumped onto her back like a spider monkey, knocking her off balance and onto the floor, where she held her firm.

"THEA! What the hell?" Dinah exclaimed loudly and angrily.

"I'm sorry Dinah. I'm so, so sorry. But I have too. I just... I have too." Thea whimpered pathetically, and then as Black Siren got on her feet and angrily grabbed her staff Thea protested, "Wait! You said you wouldn't hurt her!"

"I said I wouldn't kill her." Black Siren corrected, before slamming the staff down onto Dinah's head, almost instantly knocking her unconscious. After the initial blow Dinah was just about able to fight it, only to receive another, and she could be wrong but Dinah could have sworn she heard Black Siren add, "Killing her would be fun, but not as much as making her mine."


Usually Dinah was slow to get up, as she was more of a night owl then an early bird, which worked out both for her career and her new lifestyle as a vigilante. However this time she instantly remembered the betrayal she'd suffered from her closest female allies, Felicity first leading her into a trap, and then perhaps even worse Thea had incapacitated her, handing the victory over to Black Siren on a silver platter. So fuming with rage she tried to sit up, and then scream, only to find herself tied up in a bent over position across some kind of table and unable to move, and unable to scream thanks to a ball-gag firmly in her mouth. Both of which were hardly unexpected, but caused her to fume with even more rage. What was unexpected was the sight in front of her, and when she focused on Dinah's rage was forgotten in favour of shock.

"Morning sleepy head." Black Siren sing-songed with an evil chuckle, "I hope you slept well, because you have a very long day ahead of you. Isn't that right Thea?"

"Yes Mistress." Thea whimpered pathetically as she continued putting on an obscene show for her friend, teammate, and most significantly of all, her Mistress's next conquest.

Black Siren had enjoyed the view of Dinah Drake unconscious and tied up before her, but the entire time she had been waiting for this moment, when it finally came she savoured all the little emotions she saw on the other woman's face. She had been expecting surprise, confusion, and anger, and she wasn't surprised horror made an appearance, but Black Siren was hoping that Diana would look intrigued and maybe even a little turned on, and to her delight she got just that. Although perhaps maybe she shouldn't have been surprised. After all, she knew from experience just how beautiful Thea Queen's butt hole looked stretching for a cock from pressing her face against these pretty little cheeks while ramming her bitch hole with a handheld dildo.

Of course that was a sign of Black Siren's power and dominance, and Thea's weakness and submissiveness. Well, it was still both of those things, but for poor Dinah it was watching her friend being humiliated and violated right in front of her. More accurately it was her friend and mentor's little sister humiliating herself by anally riding Black Siren's strap-on, Black Siren having placed the chair she was sitting on directly in front of Dinah so the cheap knockoff would get the best possible view of this show. Best of all, it was a preview of what Dinah would soon be reduced too, something the so-called Black Canary got plenty of time to think about as Thea slowly bounced up and down in front of her, Thea doing her Mistress proud by holding back for as long as she could before begging to cum.

In fact there were little tears of frustration sliding down Thea's face when she finally whimpered, "Please Mistress, can I cum? I need to cum so bad."

Black Siren considered forcing Thea to elaborate, but because little Speedy had been so good instead she took pity on her, sort of, "Then cum! Cum for me, in front of your little friend. Ohhhhhh yesssssss, cum from getting your ass fucked you twisted little bitch! Mmmmm, cum from having your butt stuffed with dick. Cum because you are anally riding MY dick, like the good little anal whore you are!"

"Yes Mistress." Thea whimpered somewhere in the middle of that, even though she was confident that her Dom didn't realise it, or care.

It took Thea a while to build up her speed, but to her credit she kept going, even as her cum began squirting against Black Siren's stomach and poor little Thea Queen began screaming and quivering. Thea was probably oblivious to it but just before she came Felicity arrived, unsurprisingly considering they were in her apartment, Dinah looking adorably to her as if she initially still hoped her friend would help her. That hope was quickly snuffed out as Felicity just stood there, and even though she was blushing it was clear just how jealous of Thea she was in that moment. Although she needn't have worried, as Black Siren fully intended to reward her for her help too. Just not in the same way.

"Felicity, I didn't see you there." Black Siren lied, before pushing Thea off of her, albeit after having allowed her little bitch to power through multiple anal orgasms, "Get over here and suck my dick. Consider it your reward for helping me capture this third-rate Canary."

"Yes Mistress." Felicity replied almost without hesitation.

Then it was Thea's turned to look jealous as Felicity scurried across the room, dropped to her knees and shoved that ass flavoured dick into her mouth. Felicity then moaning with shameless delight as she was treated to the taste of the deepest part of Thea's butt, something she savoured for a few long seconds before beginning to bob her head up and down that dildo. The speed in which she shoved every inch down her throat suggested that she was worried that if she wasn't quick about it this reward would be passed off to Thea, but she needn't have worried, Black Siren was perfectly content with Felicity sucking her strap-on. Partly because she genuinely wanted to reward her, but mostly because she had another task for Thea in mind.

"Thea, stand up, spread your cheeks, and show our guest my handiwork." Black Siren ordered.

"Yes Mistress." Thea said submissively as she did as she was told.

"Look at it... LOOK AT IT DINAH!" Black Siren demanded playfully, then not so playfully when Dinah continued to look away, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, get a good look, because by the time we're done here, that's how your ass is going to look. Ohhhhhh yessssss, and you're going to be cleaning my cock just as eagerly as Felicity is here."

Dinah desperately wished her mouth was free so she could give this bitch a piece of her mind, and once again almost did so, the only thing stopping her being that she thought the feeble attempt would amuse her captor. Although at this point Dinah would take just about anything other than passively watching Felicity go ass to mouth and Thea display her battered butt hole. God, she had seen some truly horrifying things as a cop, but these obscene acts might be the worst. Mostly because some part of her was turned on by it. Luckily Dinah could ignore that by focusing on just how much she hated this Laurel Lance, which became a crutch for her for the next few minutes as things only got worse for her.

"Okay, that's clean enough." Black Siren said, pushing Felicity away from her, "Now take off your clothes and stand with your back to the Lame Canary. Mmmmm, you too Thea. I want you side by side, so we can compare."

"Yes Mistress." Felicity replied before her Mistress had even finished speaking.

"Yes Mistress." Thea replied once her Mistress had finished speaking, both Subs hurrying to do as they were told.

Once they were in place Black Siren played with their asses a little bit, mostly squeezing them and pulling them apart, but occasionally smacking them, while telling her new pray, "As you can see, Thea's ass is now well used, but Felicity's butt here is plugged and ready for me if I so choose. And I do have to admit, I love the idea of having Thea's ass as an appetiser, and Felicity's butt as the desert with yours as my main course. But that might have to wait until another night, because I'm sure once I've started with your ass I won't want to stop. Although that just means I can have the three of you lined up in a row from the start. Won't that be fun?"

Unsure whether they were supposed to reply Felicity took a chance and whimpered, "Yes Mistress."

Not wanting to be left out Thea quickly added, "Yes Mistress."

Which caused Black Siren to chuckle wickedly, briefly looking away from Dinah before looking back and laughing much louder at the angry expression she was giving her as she tried to scream, "Awww, are you finally trying to use your powers? I expected you to try that much sooner than this, which is why I gave you a special little collar to make sure you're as helpless as my other fuck toys. Although maybe I didn't need it, as you waited this long, you must obviously want it real bad, huh? Mmmmmm, yeah you do, and I'm going to give it to you. Soon, I promise. First though we're going to have to properly break you in, and clearly the best way to start is with a spanking. Plus, it gives us a chance to see just how tough you really are."

Even though it quickly became obvious she was wasting her time, and more importantly her energy, Dinah just completely lost it for a few long minutes and continuously tried screaming into her gag, desperate for the tiniest sound of defiance. She was able to yell abuse through the gag, which came as a relief, but it was extremely small comfort as her words were completely muffled, so much so that Black Siren didn't even acknowledge them. No, the bitch just kept talking. Probably because she was in love with the sound of her own voice, like the super villain cliche she was, which normally would be the hero's chance to do something, but poor Dinah was out of options. All she could really do was lay there as she was tormented, partly by her so-called friends.

Then after a few long seconds of being out of sight of her pray Black Siren returned playing with a riding crop and then telling the horrified Black Canary with a wicked smile, "Yes, we're going to see just how tough you really are. My guess is, not very."

With another evil chuckle Black Siren disappeared from view again, Dinah trying not to flinch as 'Laurel' teasingly pressed the tip of the crop against her back and slowly slid it down to the top of her ass crack. Black Siren then lifted the toy high into the air and left it there for a few long seconds, leaving poor Dinah to anticipate the pain to come. Although she did a lousy job of it, because when it came it was far worse than she expected, the new Black Canary crying out loudly in pain, causing her rival to chuckle with evil delight again. Dinah then told herself at least the worst part was over, that after the initial hard strike she would get used to it, but she never did.

To be fair Black Siren was doing everything in her power to make sure the blows were as hard and as constant as possible, meaning that Dinah felt nothing but pure agony. So much so that Dinah was actually grateful for the collar, as it meant that she didn't have to control her screams. Although it was kind of weird, as it meant that pretty much every second she was giving a silent scream. Sometime a whimper or a sob would sneak through, but for the most part it was just constant silent screaming. Which also made her glad Felicity and Thea remained facing forwards so they didn't have to see her face, especially as tears began to run down it, even if it did mean she had to stare at the floor to avoid looking at a gaping ass hole, and one filled with a butt-plug.

Black Siren always took a lot of sadistic glee out of spanking her playthings, maybe especially when breaking them in, but she had to admit, this wasn't quite as much fun as usual because she couldn't hear Dinah's screams. Sure, the fact that she was doing this to a superhero kind of made up for it, but even then the fact that she couldn't hear this superhero crying out for her was extremely disappointing. Especially as even after she had broken her, she would probably have to keep this collar on the Black Canary, otherwise Dinah would do damage to their surroundings regardless of intent. Oh well, maybe they could go to a nice abandoned warehouse or something, just like this, after she trusted Dinah enough to remove the collar, then Black Siren could really have her fun.

In the meantime Black Siren had to admit it was thrilling to see the Black Canary bound and helpless, forced to take everything she had to give her, the defeated Speedy and Overwatch displaying themselves in a lewd and distracting manner, which several times pulled Black Siren's gaze away from Dinah's butt, at least in the beginning. But then Dinah's ass became wonderfully discoloured, quickly turning bright pink, then light red, and then finally a dark and angry red. And of course the entire time those cheeks jiggled so delightfully, causing Black Siren to chuckle wickedly. Part of her would have loved to have done that all night, but her arm was getting tired, and more importantly her pussy was aching for attention.

So Black Siren stopped, briefly admired her handiwork, and then walked around her pray ordering her bitches, "Out of the way slut, it's my turn to put on a show. Mmmmmm, but stay either side of me, as I'm curious which interests this wannabe Canary more, your gaping ass holes, or my amazing body."

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Thea replied and obeyed without hesitation.

"Yes Mistress Laurel... although I'm sure anyone would be a fool not to stare at you." Felicity quickly added that last part to help her bounded friend.

That was a little worrying, but as far as Black Siren could tell this was less a sign of rebellion, and simply a matter of Felicity's guilt about the role she played in Dinah's downfall. Which in a way Black Siren actually found endearing, sparing the nerdy sub a brief smile before turning her full attention back to the wannabe Canary again. Then true to her word Black Siren put on a show, namely performing a slow and sensuous striptease. Which predictably had Dinah glaring at her and trying to look away, but the little dyke slut just couldn't help herself, constantly glancing at her soon to be Mistress, and even staring towards the end, much to the delight of the super villain.

During that striptease Black Siren made sure to stick her assets directly into Dinah's face, almost close enough for her lips to touch, but not quite. God, Black Siren was so tempted just to make Felicity and/or Thea lick her pussy directly in front of Dinah, and then leave her fellow meta-human bound like this for at least a whole day, before giving her the chance to lick her. Or better yet make one of her bitches tongue her twat, while the other ate out her butt. However now she was standing in front of her pray Black Siren just couldn't wait. No, she just had to feel a freshed tongue against her cunt, regardless of the risk of this bitch biting her. Of course there was a way she could avoid that, so Black Siren picked up the crop she had momentarily put down, kneeled down in front of Dinah, cupped her face and told her what's what.

"You ever eat pussy, Dinah?" Black Siren purred.

"No!" Dinah growled after a few long seconds, "I'm straight."

Black Siren burst out laughing, directly in Dinah's face before she got herself under control, "Oh that's hilarious. You have met you, right? Or seen a mirror? You're like, lesbian catnip."

"Butch doesn't mean gay." Dinah argued.

"No, but in your case..." Black Siren began, before shaking her head and then presenting the crop, "Wait, I don't care. You're going to lick my pussy, because if you don't, I'm going to beat your cunt with this. Oh yeah, you think I was hard on your ass? Just you wait, you haven't seen anything yet. But hey, I'm in a good mood, so I'll sweeten the deal. Lick my cunt for about a minute, and then I'll leave yours alone. I'll leave you alone. Yeah, I'll leave you here and come back tomorrow. But if you keep tonguing my twat, mmmmmm, you and I are going to start having some real fun, starting with me cumming in your mouth, and all over your face. Sound fair? Good, then get to work little dyke whore! Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, embrace your inner lezzie slut, and become what you were always meant to be. Yesssssss, my cunt lapping slave! Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

Dinah grimaced and initially hesitated as Black Siren pressed her cunt against her lips. She wanted to just bite the annoying woman so bad, but she knew if she did Black Siren would make her regret it, and as tough as she was Dinah just didn't think she could take another butt beating like that. Or worse, another part of her body being abused. Certainly not without breaking down and embarrassing herself. So she cautiously stuck out her tongue and slid it over Black Siren's pussy lips. For better or for worse she didn't hate the taste. She didn't love it either, but it wasn't terrible. Then to her horror Dinah slowly began to like it more and more with every other lick.

Another initial benefit which didn't last was finally shutting up Black Siren. Deep down Dinah had known that this was only temporary, but while it lasted it was blissful. At least initially. However she found Black Siren's cries of pleasure just as irritating, if not more so because she had to live with the fact that she was the one bringing her this kind of pleasure. Then suddenly a hand grabbed a tight hold of her hair and pushed her deeper into Black Siren. Oh God, this bitch was pushing her deeper into her pussy, and Dinah was rewarding her for it by licking her more enthusiastically. Then the super villain started taunting her again, instantly embarrassing the Black Canary with something she hadn't realised.

"Oooooooh yesssssss, that feels sooooooo goooooooodddddddd!" Black Siren moaned happily, before lightly smacking the back of Dinah's head and scolding her, "Too good! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, slow down. There's no rush, mmmmmm, you've got all night to eat my cunt. And I just might let you do that, given that you're way over the minute mark. Oh yes, just couldn't help yourself, could you Dinah? No, mmmmm yessssss, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, your inner pussy loving dyke just took over, and you just couldn't help it, right? Huh? Yeah, I thought so. Don't be scared Dinah, just embrace what you truly are. Yesssssss, become the rug munching whore you were always meant to be! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss!"

On the one hand it wasn't like Dinah had an easy way of telling the time, so she shouldn't blame herself too hard for going over the one-minute mark. Then again if she had really hated it she would be counting down in her head until she was allowed to stop, so that argument didn't really hold water. But on the other hand if she had stopped, then what? Left here to rot for an entire day? That was, if Black Siren kept her word, and didn't just kill her outright. Or use that menacing crop on her again. No, better she just keep licking pussy, and wait for Black Siren to make a mistake. Which wasn't asking a lot of her now the flavour was really, really starting to grow on her.

Which was also part of the problem, but Dinah tried not to focus on that, or the fact that the chance to make this quick had now basically been taken off the table, and she was just left giving head to an enemy in what was easily one of the most humiliating moments of her life. Especially considering her ass was still aching and red, and her friends were standing idly by and doing nothing to help her. At least Black Siren's yummy pussy was taking her mind off that, and even making her wonder what girl cum would taste like. Oh yes, as Dinah slowed down her licking and really began to savour the taste of pussy she began fantasising about making a woman cum in her mouth and all over her face, even if it did take a surprisingly long time to receive that reward for all her hard work.

"Felicity, mmmmm, Thea..." Black Siren suddenly called out, pausing for a few dramatic seconds to tease her bitches, but also because Dinah's tongue was teasing her clit, "I have another hole that needs licking, mmmmm, but you'll have to share. Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, share the honour of eating my ass, bitches! But first, mmmmm, kiss my ass! Oh yes, I want you sluts literally kissing my ass while your friend eats my pussy!"

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Thea replied and obeyed without hesitation.

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Felicity also replied and more or less obeyed without hesitation.

Felicity had spent the last few minutes in a really uncomfortable position, namely bent over and looking over her shoulder at her friend and her Mistress having sex while fuming with jealousy, and wishing it was her enjoying the privilege of tasting that heavenly pussy. Then when she was finally given permission to move Felicity needed a second to stretch her aching joints, whereas the far more physically fit, and perhaps far more broken, Thea Queen was immediately able to drop to her knees and press her lips to Mistress Laurel's ass. Which made Felicity feel bad about herself. It was always a struggle for her to keep up with the superheroes in her life, but when it came to pleasing her precious Mistress Laurel she really should be doing better than this.

Trying to make up for being slow off the mark Felicity dropped down to her knees and started kissing the other cheek, and even made sure she was the first to pull that cheek apart and slide her tongue along Mistress Laurel's ass crack. Which might have meant she left the cheek a little under kissed, but she made up for that when she moved aside to give Thea a chance with Mistress Laurel's crack. Although understandably Thea didn't bother with it as much as she went straight to focusing on Mistress Laurel's butt hole, Felicity doing the same when it was her turn. Then Thea surprised her with a rare bit of disobedience as she grabbed the back of Felicity's head and pulled her into a kiss, both girls tasting their owner on each other's lips.

This was something Mistress Laurel noticed when her ass wasn't being worshipped anymore, and thankfully she was all for it, "Ohhhhhh yesssssss, kiss bitches! Kiss and share the taste of my ass! Oh yes, that's it! That's so hot! Mmmmm fuck, I love watching two submissive little bitches kiss and share my flavour. If you're a good girl Dinah, I'll let them share the taste of my ass with you. Mmmmm, and my cum and pussy cream on your lips. Ooooooh yesssssss, you love the sound of that, don't you bitch? Yeahhhhhhh you do, mmmmmm fuck! Hey Felicity, Thea, get back to tonguing my ass hole! Oh yes, my butt is beginning to feel neglected, and wants your tongues on it again. Oooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssss, tongue it, tongue my back door you sluts! Mmmmmm, but make sure to be nice and share it."

Breaking the kiss and doing as she was told Thea then waited for an opening before replying, "Yes Mistress Laurel."

While Felicity was busy parroting those words Thea returned her attention to Mistress Laurel's backside, this time shamelessly burying her face in it like she was trying to suffocate herself. Which Felicity had to admit seemed fun, so when Thea backed off and gave her a knowing smile she repeated the process, pressing her face deep into those cheeks and spending several long seconds licking Mistress Laurel's butt hole. Mistress Laurel clearly approved of this, both with her words and the way she reach back to grab the back of their heads and start pushing them one by one into her ass. But then she pressed them in together, subtly and then not so subtly, telling them to share.

"I said share you fucking butt munchers!" Black Siren spat, before crying out joyfully, "Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, that's it! Just like that, mmmmmm, eat that ass! Eat it! Mmmmmm, eat it fucking good! Oh fuck! Oh my God yes, I can feel your little tongues working together, mmmmmm, just like that. Keep it up, and I'll reward you. You too Dinah. Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, tongue me good and you'll be rewarded, ooooooh shit, but especially you Dinah, real soon. No, mmmmmm, don't make me cum just yet you cum hungry dyke! Yes, that's better. Yessssssss, all of you eat my holes nice and slow. Mmmmmm, I'm not close to done with any of you yet."

Easily making good on that promise Mistress Laurel kept all three women worshipping her for what felt like at least an hour, which wasn't nearly enough for Felicity and Thea. They would have worshipped this beautiful butt all night long if they were allowed too, however they made the most of their time by eagerly swirling their tongues around that cute little back door. As a result it was a bit like they were having a bizarre three way kiss with their Mistress's ass hole, but that was just fine with Felicity, and clearly Thea too. They loved kissing each other, and worshipping Mistress Laurel in any way possible, so this combination was very welcome. Especially as Mistress Laurel was clearly loving it.

Mistress Laurel, as she was quite enjoying being called, was indeed loving every second of this. There were moments that particularly Dinah would try and increase things, probably in an misguided attempt to get this over with, but Black Siren quickly put a stop to that so she could make sure that her sluts gave her a nice long, drawn-out tonguing. Of course inevitably that heavenly pleasure became torturous, as the urge to cum increased, and as much as the Earth 2 Laurel Lance hated denying herself the inevitable pleasure of cumming she just wasn't ready for it. Not yet. Especially when breaking in a new bitch. No, she wanted to do her best to impress, prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt she was the one to put this wannabe Canary in her place.

Which unfortunately meant Black Siren had to cut out the dirty talk for a while, because that was turning her on a little too much for her liking. She also began taking it in turns to push Felicity and Thea into another kiss, those sluts needing little excuse to lock lips and exchange the fruits of their labour. Black Siren also moved one hand from their heads so she could firmly grab onto Dinah's hair and begin gently stroking it or tugging it depending on her mood, and how good a job Dinah was doing at that point. Which of course made the proud Police Detective glare up at her and pause the cunt lapping for a few precious seconds. Admittedly this didn't provide much of a relief, as it was a little too thrilling giving the way Dinah was glaring at her, but it was fun, so Black Siren kept doing it.

Quickly running out of options Black Siren reluctantly thought of her father for a while, and the way in which he died, which was always a powerful way to bring her down from whatever high she was experiencing. Often it was too good, and spoilt her fun, but the submissive little sluts were just doing such a good job at tonguing her holes that it didn't take much to get her back on track. That process was then repeated a few times until Black Siren felt she did herself proud, or at least she was past the point it would have been embarrassing to demand more. Of course when she finally did Black Siren honestly struggled to make it sound like a demand, instead of begging.

"Make me cum! Ohhhhhhh, make me fucking cum!" Black Siren screeched desperately, already beginning to grind herself against her sluts, "Tongue fuck my pussy and make me cum! Oooooooh yesssssss, just like that, mmmmmm, eat that ass you whores! Fucking eat it! Mmmmmm, you too Dinah! Oh yes, fucking tongue those holes! Fucking fuck me damn you! Do it, mmmmmm, and I promise to give you a creamy reward. Oh yes Dinah, I'll give you just what a shameless dyke whore like you needs! Oh fuck yeah, girl cum all over your face, in your mouth, ohhhhhhhhh, and dripping down to your fucking tits! Ohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd, make me cum you bitch! Make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssss, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Her voice sounded cringingly high-pitched and whiny towards the end there, making her seem like a spoiled child more than a powerful Dom, but it was doubtful that her bitches were even aware of it given how eagerly they were tonguing her. Even Dinah, who was typically reluctant to give her what she wanted, mostly just to annoy her, but even she shoved her tongue as deep as it could go into Black Siren's cunt. Which was certainly much deeper than Felicity and/or Thea could push their tongues into Black Siren's ass, because unlike them Black Siren wasn't a shameless anal whore. It was enough to ensure that the next few climaxes that Dinah gave her was that much more satisfying, which was more than enough to put a smug smile on Black Siren's face.

Dinah hated that smug smile with almost the same passion she had for Black Siren's pussy cream. Luckily for her she was soon barely aware of it as her taste-buds were assaulted by something even more yummy than pussy juice, which had to be girl cum. Earth 2 Laurel's girl cum! All of a sudden Dinah found her mouth flooded with the girl cum of the doppelgänger of the last Black Canary, which was weird, and maybe a little ironic, but mostly at that moment she found it erotic. Oh yes, mostly Dinah was consumed with swallowing every drop of that precious liquid. Unfortunately she didn't quite manage it, but that was okay, because she would have plenty of chances to redeem herself.

Wanting the chance as soon as possible Dinah went right back to tongue fucking the other woman's twat as soon as Black Siren had finished cumming in her mouth. This time she was able to work up to something of a pussy pounding before once again removing her tongue in time to catch most of Black Siren's cum. Sadly this wasn't something she could repeat, as the bitch went from gently grinding herself against her face to putting her all into it. Which didn't just mean shoving herself back and forth between the faces of Dinah and her broken bitches. No, that meant shoving her face deeper into her cunt and practically suffocating her with it. And yet to her tremendous shame Dinah still found pleasure in that.

As much as she tried she couldn't swallow even half of Black Siren's cum like that, but having it cover her face made Dinah feel like a total slut. Like a dyke whore. That's what Black Siren had called her, and in that moment that's what she was. Dinah had heard that word a lot, and always hated it. There was nothing wrong with being queer, but she wasn't. At least, she hadn't thought she was. The way her body was reacting to all this told a different story, but Black Siren wasn't trying to help her by using that word. No, she was trying to insult her, just like all the rest, and worse break her, but as well as enraging her it also gave Dinah some kind of really twisted thrill, which was really, really annoying.

Just when Dinah thought she was going to pass out 'Mistress Laurel' pushed Felicity and Thea away from her, before pulling back herself and then kneeling down to stroke The Black Canary's cum coated face, and chuckle wickedly, "You see slut, if you just play nice, you get rewarded."

Before Dinah had a chance to offer up a witty retort Black Siren closed the distance between them and shoved her tongue down her throat. Dinah would have liked to have said she bit down on that tongue, but she was just a little too overwhelmed by the joy of knowing this woman was tasting herself on her lips and tongue. Then after a few precious minutes of just automatically kissing her rival back Black Siren pulled away, grabbed the back of Felicity's head and pushed her into a kiss with Dinah. Again then Dinah didn't hesitate to respond, not with Felicity, or with Thea who quickly followed, even though she was tasting Black Siren's butt on their lips and tongues. It just didn't matter to her any more. All that mattered was continuing the fun. At least until it became clear what her new 'Mistress' had planned for her next.

"Felicity, fetch my strap-on, there's a good girl." Black Siren ordered dismissively.

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Felicity replied and obeyed eagerly.

Black Siren enjoyed the view in front of her for a few more seconds, before then ordering, "Thea, stop making out with that slut and eat her ass! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, tongue that virgin butt hole and get it nice and ready for me to fuck."

The way that Dinah tensed up upon hearing that, and just her own selfish desires, kept Thea making out with her friend for a few more long seconds before breaking the kiss, turning to her owner and submissively nodding, "Yes Mistress Laurel."

Thea then scowled as Felicity appeared in front of their Mistress, holding out her favourite harness for the dominant woman to step into, which she quickly did, allowing the hacker to pull it up the meta-human's thighs and tighten it around her waist. Of course then Mistress Laurel firmly grabbed her head and pushed it against the cock, silently telling her to suck it, which Felicity quickly and eagerly did. Which naturally made Thea a little jealous as she lived for pleasing her Mistress, but she definitely had the better part of this arrangement. An arrangement Thea might miss out on if she wasn't careful, which the Dom silently reminded her with a fake cough.

Blushing with shame at her unintentional hesitance Thea then mumbled her apologies while quickly moving round to The Black Canary's exposed backside and quickly buried her face in it. As she did so she couldn't help but think about the irony of how much she had wanted the last Black Canary, and was now having to settle for this one. Oh well, Thea would do anything to please the new Laurel, and this was a small sacrifice considering what other twisted things she had done. Hell, she was pretty much going from one rim job to another, albeit to a less tasty ass. Not by much, but Thea just didn't adore this Canary the same way she had the one before, or had been crushing on the one before that.

Still, once she was in position, Thea gleefully buried her face in Dinah's butt and began frantically licking the other woman's back hole. The fact that this instantly caused the tough and intimidating Dinah Drake to cry out and moan into her gag made Thea feel very proud of herself, but just how turned on the Black Canary must be from having the honour of tasting Mistress Laurel's pussy probably had a lot to do with that. It certainly did with Thea. Although Thea was a natural anal whore, with an ass made for fucking, so it was perhaps an unfair comparison. That Dinah was enjoying this was a positive sign considering what was about to happen, Thea doing her part by beginning to swirl her tongue around that forbidden hole, and eventually try and push it inside, much to the delight of her owner.

"Oh yes, take it deep Felicity! Mmmmmmm, take it deep down your throat while Thea eats the Fake Canary's butt!" Black Siren eagerly encouraged, "Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, you're doing a great job Thea. Yesssssssss, bury your pretty little face and that whore ass and eat it good! Mmmmmmm yessssssss, get it nice and wet for me. Yessssssss, nice and wet to fuck, mmmmmmm yeah. Fuck yeah Felicity, that's every inch! Every inch down your throat! Oooooooooh Dinah, don't I just have the best sex slaves? And to think, this will be you soon. In fact, I think it's time I break you. Oh yes, back off Felicity. Yes, you too Thea, mmmmmmm, it's time for me to get some Black Canary butt!"

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Thea replied as she reluctantly pulled her face out of Dinah's ass.

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Felicity whimpered as she reluctantly pulled her mouth away from her owner's dick, albeit after lingering there for a few extra seconds.

Taking a risk Thea didn't move back very far, eager to see this so-called Black Canary, who had replaced the woman she loved, get her ass violated. Which thankfully seemed to amuse her Mistress, who even gave her a smile as she positioned herself behind her prey. Then Mistress Laurel sucked on a couple of fingers, before pushing one and then two into Dinah Drake's virgin ass hole, causing the tough Detective to cry out as she was anally violated for the very first time. She didn't offer up any real protests though as the superior woman began taking what was hers, sliding her fingers in and out of that forbidden hole, while making Thea's slutty butt hole quiver with jealousy, despite the fact that it was still open and sore from it's earlier pounding.

"You're mine Dinah! All mine!" Black Siren reminded her prey almost dreamily, "Just remember, I gave you a chance to avoid this. All you had to do was not love my pussy, but you couldn't do that, could you? No, your inner dyke took over and you just couldn't stop licking that tasty treat. Mmmmmm, and you licked it soooooo good. For a beginner. But don't worry, mmmmmmm, I'm going to make sure you get plenty more chances to eat my pussy like the filthy little rug muncher you are. But your tight little ass hole tells me that you're nervous about taking the final step, and taking it up the butt for me, and since I'm a generous Dom I'm going to give you the chance to literally save your ass. Yeah, all you have to do is begged for mercy, and I'll leave you alone. I'll butt fuck Felicity and Thea in front of you instead. I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you? Mmmmmmm, but not as much as taking my big dick up your butt, so choose. What will it be?"

The bottoms clearly had their preference, but Dinah didn't want to give them the satisfaction, and she certainly didn't want to give Black Siren the satisfaction of hearing her beg, so she simply lowered her head and grumbled through the gag, "Fuck you."

"Oh yes Dinah, that's exactly what I'm going to do." Black Siren chuckled evilly, "I'm going to ass fuck you! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, fuck you up the ass and break you and make you mine. All mine! Oh yes, relax Dinah. Relax and give me that ass so I can put you in your rightful place. Oh, and girls... spread her cheeks for me! Oh fuck yes, mmmmmm, spread your friend's ass cheeks and give me her bitch hole!"

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Thea eagerly replied and did as she was told.

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Felicity eagerly replied almost at the exact same time, and then spread those cheeks at the same time as Thea was nice enough to wait for her.

Black Siren chuckled with delight as her girls did as they were told, each pulling a butt cheek apart and literally giving her their friend's virgin back hole. She just admired the sight for a few long seconds, before pushing her cock against it, slowly pushing forwards until she broke through the bitch's defences and slid into her virgin ass hole, officially meaning that Black Siren had taken The Black Canary's back door cherry. Sadly it wasn't The Real Black Canary, but it would do as a consolation prize. Especially given how up her own ass Dinah was, and just how satisfying it was to hear her cry out in pain. So satisfying that Black Siren just couldn't resist taunting her about it.

"And... there goes your anal cherry! Ha ha, it's mine now! Mmmmmm, all mine." Black Siren taunted during the anal penetration, then when she succeeded she gleefully taunted, "Awww, poor little Canary. Is that really the best you can do? Cause, it's not much of a Canary Cry, is it? No, it's pathetic. Just like you."

Disappointingly Dinah didn't attempt to offer a retort, the vigilante almost seeming defeated by receiving the ultimate humiliation. But Black Siren suspected that wasn't the case, at least not yet. Or perhaps more accurately she hoped it wasn't, as she dearly wanted to completely and utterly humiliate her rival. Whatever the case she was eager to continue, so it wasn't long before Black Siren was pushing more of the strap-on into The Black Canary's ass, making the mighty Dinah Drake squirm and cry out with more pain and humiliation. God, it was all so wonderfully satisfying, especially thanks to her bitches spreading those cheeks and giving her the best possible view of her dick disappearing into Dinah's now formally virgin ass hole.

Every so often Black Siren rewarded those bitches with what they so desperately craved, her attention. She only gave them a little bit right now to keep them keen, and that was only whenever she paused the ass stuffing, but it still put a wide smile on their faces. Which was pathetic really. Almost as pathetic as Dinah's cries and whimpers of pain. Of course as much as Black Siren had always loved those sounds she needed the so-called Black Canary to enjoy this, at least eventually, which was why she paused every so often during the butt stuffing. Which in turn gave her the chance to look at her bitches, and further savour the moment. Which was nothing compared to the pause she took when her thighs came to rest against those ass cheeks, announcing that she had stuffed every inch of her strap-on deep within Dinah's shit-pipe.

Because Black Siren just had to gloat some more, "And... that's all of it! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, that's every, single inch of my big dick right up your tight little ass. How does it feel bitch? How does it feel to know you literally have a butt full of me? That your butt is full to bursting with my cock, and now? I'm gonna fuck you like a bitch. Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck you up the ass Dinah, and I'm going to make you love it."

Again Dinah offered up no retort, but that was just fine with Black Siren, because it meant she didn't do anything rash, like start sodomising her rival before she was done savouring this victory over her. Of course her next victory might have been even better, because it involved Black Siren slowly pulling her hips back, then pushing forwards, and then repeating the process, a.k.a. moving the dildo in and out of Dinah's formally virgin butt hole, a.k.a. officially beginning to sodomise The Black Canary. Oh yes, that was one of her greatest ever victories, even more satisfying than doing the same to Thea and Felicity. Because seriously, Thea was surprisingly tough, at least in this world, and Felicity was Oliver's current girlfriend, this Black Canary was as close to her goody two shoes doppelgänger as she could get, and Black Siren was fucking her in the ass.

Felicity's slutty little butt hole constantly quivered with jealousy every time she had to watch Thea receive the privilege of taking their Mistress's cock up her ass, and this time was no different. Actually there was one difference, namely that Dinah didn't seem to quite understand yet what a privilege she was receiving. But she would, Felicity had no doubt of that. Because Mistress Laurel would train her to see it that way, just as she had done for Felicity and Thea, opening their eyes, and their ass holes, to the truth of what they were, pathetic little lesbian sluts who would do anything for a dominant woman. And Felicity was going to have the privilege of watching it happen. Better yet, she was about to receive another privilege. One of her favourites, and something which made her mouth water just to think about it. Or at least, that's what she thought.

"Thea, clean my cock." Black Siren ordered as she abruptly pulled her cock out of Dinah's ass and pressed it against Thea's lips.

"Yes Mistress Laurel." Thea blurted out quickly, before wrapping her mouth around that cock and began greedily sucking it.

This actually caused Felicity to forget herself for a moment, her eyes and mouth going wide and looking up at her owner with betrayal. At first this amused Mistress Laurel, but then she scowled at her, making it very clear that Felicity's insolence would not be tolerated, making the hacker realise she was being a brat. One of them had to go first, and she shouldn't be mad that it was Thea who was the lucky one to first taste the deepest part of Dinah's ass. Especially when she was about to receive the same honour. Still, it was a few long minutes of watching Thea getting everything Felicity wanted in that moment, before that cock was returned to Dinah's butt. Mistress Laurel then spent a few long minutes pumping that rear end before she pulled her dick out again and this time pressed it to Felicity's lips.

"Your turn Felicity." Black Siren smiled wickedly down at her pet.

"Thank you Mistress Laurel." Felicity smiled gratefully back, before finally being the one to wrap her lips around the dick and greedily start cleaning it.

Like Thea before her Felicity shamelessly moaned at the taste of fresh girl ass. An ass she had tasted before. Dinah Drake's ass. Oh yes, The New Black Canary's butt tasted so good. Not quite as good as Mistress Laurel's ass hole which Felicity sometimes got the privilege of licking, or even tasting her own ass on Mistress Laurel's cock. But it easily tasted as good as Thea's backside, Felicity savouring that treat for a few long seconds before she rapidly began bobbing her head up and down the dick. Which of course caused Mistress Laurel to chuckle with delight, begin stroking her hair, and then giving her some verbal encouragement. Just like she'd done when Thea had been sucking her ass flavoured cock.

"Yessssssss, that's it you filthy little ATM whore, suck my dick!" Black Siren cackled in delight, first to Thea and then to Felicity as she gleefully degraded them, "Suck that butt flavoured dick like the dirty little ass to mouth whore you are! Oooooooooh yessssssss, suck it! Suck it good slut! Suck your friend's anal juices off my cock while she patiently waits to be butt fucked again. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, she's here because of you, and you didn't care, did you? Actually it's worse than that. Oh yeah, you're glad you helped me, because now you get to taste your friend's ass on my cock. Tell me I'm wrong? You can't, because it's the truth. Mmmmmm, and there's a cock in your mouth. Ha ha, that's it slut! Suck that cock clean! Mmmmmm yessssssss, you're such a whore."

Of course Felicity was mostly unaware that her Mistress was using similar, and sometimes the same, encouragement for her that she had for Thea as she was too busy savouring the taste of ass, and then later struggling to take the entire length down her throat. She had got a lot better thanks to the training of her wonderful owner, but she still struggled to take the last few inches. Felicity was very proud when she finally did it, but of course when she did Mistress Laurel pulled the cock out of her mouth/throat and shoved it straight up Dinah's ass again. Although once again Felicity got to enjoy that show, and better yet Mistress Laurel started going back and forth constantly between Dinah's butt and the mouths of her ATM loving whores, much to the delight of Felicity and Thea.

Dinah was less pleased by this development, as it meant her ass was getting less attention. Which was an incredibly humiliating thing for her to think, but she just couldn't help it. It just felt so good. Oh why did it have to feel so good? The initial pain and discomfort was now a distant memory, and she was bombarded with a growing need to cum. Something Dinah had no doubt she wouldn't receive unless she asked for it. Or more accurately, begged for it, and she refused to ever give Black Siren the satisfaction of that, so she suffered in silence for a very long time. Well, as long as you didn't count her constant whimpers, gasps, and cries and even moans of now mostly pleasure as she continued to be sodomised by an enemy.

At first the ass to mouth helped as it was a much-needed break from the attention to her butt, giving her a chance to recover and come down from her high. Especially as Dinah couldn't think of anything more gross than actually going ass to mouth, which was why she watched her friends being subjected to it. Also it was a sort of revenge on them. Or at least, that's what she told herself initially. But it was only half true right from the start, and as time went on she slowly began to enjoy it, which only made the need to cum greater. And what was worse, was that Dinah actually found herself wanting her ass to be fucked hard. She actually wanted to feel that, and she wanted Black Siren to do it. God, what was wrong with her?

Then all of a sudden Black Siren leaned down and undid Dinah's ball-gag while asking, "Are you ready to cum, slut?"

Dinah cautiously nodded, and then gulped when that wasn't enough, "Yes?"

Black Siren smirked, "You don't sound sure."

There was a brief pause as Dinah stretched her aching jaw, and then she cautiously asked, "What do I have to do to get it?"

"Nothing much..." Black Siren grinned, "Just beg for it like the little anal whore I turned you into."

There was a brief pause, and then Dinah whimpered, "Please, please fuck me! Mmmmmm shit, fuck me! Fuck my ass and make me cum Please, I AH FUCK!"

"What's my title?" Black Siren pushed after pushing Felicity and Thea away so she could smack that ass.

"Mistress Laurel!" Dinah cried out after thinking about it for a few long seconds, "Please Mistress Laurel, fuck my litle ass hole! Mmmmmm yesssssssss, pound me and make me cum!"

"Come on bitch, you can do better than that!" Black Siren pushed again with another smack.

"Please, please, please Mistress Laurel, slam fuck my ass!" Dinah pleaded loudly and desperately, "Slam it hard and deep and make me cum! I need to cum! Please, I need it! Fuck me! Oh please,, fuck me, ooooooooh shit, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssss, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MY FUCKING ASS! POUND IT HARD! OOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSS, MAKE ME GAPE! MAKE ME GAPE LIKE THAT WHORE THEA QUEEN! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHHHH, WRECK MY ASS WRECK MY ASS WRECK MY ASS AND MAKE ME CUM OHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!"

During that little speech Black Siren leaned down, undid Dinah's restraints, and then ordered, "You wanna cum? You wanna cum like a little bitch with a cock in your ass? Huh? Help me! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, help me by slamming that cute little ass of yours back against my big dick! Oooooooh yessssssss, that's it, ride it you little whore, ride it!"

This was Dinah's chance. The chance she had been waiting for. She was finally free to kick Black Siren's ass. Give her a nice stiff back elbow, get that big cock out of her butt and put this bitch in her place. Maybe knock some sense into her friends if she had too. And Dinah would have liked to have said that she did it, or at least really seriously thought about it for a few long seconds. But she didn't. No, instead she immediately started pushing back against Black Siren as soon as she was free to do so, which caused the evil bitch to chuckle wickedly and then just start fucking her hard, rapidly increasing the pace until the two women had to be using every ounce of their strength to make sure that the butt sex was as hard as it could possibly be.

Long before that Dinah received an incredibly powerful climax which rocked her world, especially as it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, robbing her of the ability to think coherently. Just before that Dinah realised to her shame that she wouldn't be able to resist Black Siren ever again. That all this evil woman would have to do was click her fingers and Dinah would bend over, because the humiliation of submission would be worth receiving these incredible orgasms again. Oh yes, The Black Canary really would be Black Siren's bitch, just like all her female friends now were, the realisation making Dinah whimper and then literally cry with shame, in between her screams of pure pleasure.

Black Siren was confident that she had indeed added another bitch to her collection, the last one that really mattered. Anyone added after this would be a bonus, as she had officially completed her mission of taking Oliver Queen's female back-up away from him. Let's see him be The Green Arrow now, she thought with a wicked smile. But maybe more importantly than that, she had put this wannabe Canary in her proper place, and showed her just how inferior she was. After all, what kind of whore actually liked it up the ass? And liked it so much that they came from it? Oh yes, Dinah Drake could never be a threat to her again after she had ass fucked her to orgasm after orgasm.

The fact that she had now completed her collection made it very hard for Black Siren not to cum herself. Of course it was inevitable that she would, how could she resist when she was enjoying the ultimate act of dominance? But she had a reputation to uphold, and her other bitches were watching. Besides, this was a first time, and she really wanted to put the explanation point on Dinah's breaking. Luckily Black Siren had a lot of painful memories she could dwell on to keep herself from cumming, at least enough to do herself proud. But ultimately the other end of the harness bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising the other woman, one with her powers no less, was just too much for her.

She didn't cum quite as frequently as Dinah, but it was still an impressive amount, Black Siren pushing herself through each one of those by continuing to pound into her rival's butt hole. As an added bonus she began really giving Dinah everything she had, the sounds of Black Siren's thighs smacking off the other woman's butt cheeks echoing throughout the room almost as loudly as Dinah's screams of pleasure. Which in turn were almost as loud as her Canary cry at this point. Plus there was the joy of seeing those juicy cheeks jiggle for her with every thrust, and feeling the impact, and just the sheer joy of making another woman her bitch, just like she had done to the women now surrounding them.

For a few brief moments Black Siren spared her other bitches a glance, and frowned to find they were frantically masturbating themselves. Not that she could really blame them, although she would definitely use this as an excuse to punish them later. Line them up and spank them, and then butt fucked them. Because she could now do whatever she wanted to them. They were hers. She fucking owned them. Which caused one last powerful climax within Black Siren, before she was forced to stop. If she didn't she would embarrass herself by collapsing in exhaustion, and Black Siren was too good a top for that. Besides, there was a few more things she wanted to do to solidify Dinah's submission to her, starting with abruptly pulling her dick out of the other woman's ass and moving back to admire her handiwork.

Once that dildo exited Dinah's booty with a pop Black Siren smacked that ass and ordered, "Spread your cheeks for me bitch! Show me that you're mine by showing me your pretty gape!"

Dinah would have liked to pretend that she finally started fighting back, but she was just too broken in that moment to do anything except whimper, reach back, and spread her ass cheeks wide apart to expose her thoroughly gaped butt hole. Which of course caused Black Siren to chuckle triumphantly, which again should have pushed Dinah into setting things right, but she was just so exhausted. Although that wasn't the only reason. No, to her shame Dinah now wanted to be this bitch's bitch if it meant more incredible climaxes like what she'd just received, even if it meant giving up every ounce of her dignity. Which to be fair already felt like it had been taken from her.

Wanting to make that clear Black Siren growled, "What are you, bitch?"

There was a long pause, and then Dinah whimpered softly, "I'm yours."

Dinah then cried out loudly as Black Siren pushed those hands aside and smacked her ass as hard as she could, and then growled, "What was that?"

"I'm yours!" Dinah figuratively and then literally cried out loudly, "I'm your bitch."

With another hard smack to that ass, "And what should you be calling me?"

There was another pause as Dinah hung her head in shame, and then softly admitted, "Mistress Laurel?"

Grabbing hold of Dinah's hair and yanking it backward Black Siren pushed, "Now all together, whore!"

"I'm your bitch Mistress Laurel, I'm yours!" Dinah immediately cried out.

"Prove it! Get on your knees and suck my cock!" Black Siren ordered, before warning, "And don't forget to use my proper title!"

Which was good, because Dinah had been on the verge of doing that, as was clear from the way she hesitated as she reminded herself what exactly to say, and then force the words out, "Yes Mistress Laurel."

It was kind of comforting that she wasn't completely broken like Felicity and particularly Thea were, but at this point it only seemed like a matter of time. And yet, Dinah almost yearned now to be that submissive so she could please her new Mistress. Which was almost as embarrassing to think, as physically dropping to her knees in front of her now perhaps former rival, but not quite as embarrassing as taking a cock which had just been in her ass into her mouth. That was the most humiliating thing Dinah had ever done, because with everything else at least she could tell herself she had no choice. Even when her bonds had been removed she just needed to cum so badly she had no choice but to obey.

As her mouth was approaching Dinah tried to tell herself that she still had no choice, that she was outnumbered and too exhausted to fightback, but Mistress Laurel was easily as exhausted as she was, Felicity was no physical threat, and she could probably take Thea. Then none of that mattered as the flavour of her own butt hit her taste-buds and Dinah quickly found herself turning into the same mindless anal loving slut she had been only moments ago, only this time instead of being desperate for orgasms she was desperate for more butt cream. Which was exactly what she got, frantically sucking the head clean and then starting to bob her head up and down the toy, much to her Mistress's delight. Especially as she moaned in the process, causing the superior woman to begin taunting her.

"Ha, I knew it!" Black Siren exclaimed with delight, which was actually a lie, but that wasn't important, as all that mattered was that she mocked her defeated rival, and revelled in her victory, "I knew you were a pathetic little whore who just wanted to be topped! Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, you're nothing but a pathetic little fuck hole, aren't you? Aren't you? No, don't answer that, you stupid bitch! Just keep sucking my cock! Oooooooooh yesssssssss, that's it, take it deep. Oh yeah, deep down your throat like the cock sucking whore you are! Oh fuck, that's hot! I love it when my bitches go ass to mouth, mmmmmmm, especially after I just fucked them in the butt! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss, you should see your little friends Dinah. Mmmmmmm fuck, they're so jealous of you."

That was hardly surprising, considering that Dinah was having the honour of sucking their Mistress's dick, but she was sure they would forgive her once they were given the honour of pleasing the superior woman again. Dinah was very much looking forward to it. Oh yes, even as she did her best to take as much of the strap-on down her throat as possible, and get every drop of her butt cream she was looking forward to giving Mistress Laurel physical pleasure again, her mind racing with all the wonderful possibilities. And to think, she had once thought of herself this woman's equal? Perhaps even superior? Which was laughable. Clearly, she wasn't even close.

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