Prison Bitch

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It was a relatively calm evening in Litchfield so far. Most of the inmates were calmly minding their own business. The ghetto girls were in their bunk, messing around as usual and the suburb ones were also minding their business. The only exception was in Cell block C, where the Latinas were getting restless. Not enough for the guards to notice, but anyone who knew them would have easily guessed that something was wrong. 

Sitting on her bunk, Maria was talking to Maritza, Flaca and Dayanara. "And I'm telling you, that bitch has got to pay"said Maria to Flaca.

"Yeah, I know, she was a bitch... but that thing with the screwdriver, ain't that a little... extreme?" replied Flaca, knowing that the argument was actually already closed. 

Maria leaned closer to Flaca so their faces were inches apart. Maria was speaking with a low voice, but her tone was threatening. "Extreme? Extreme? She got me what? 3 more years in this shit hole. That's 3 more years away from my baby and you think we're being extreme? I'm tellin ya, she's got to pay. You with me or not?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm with you. The bathroom's gonna be empty, right Daya?"

"Yeap. The word has spread. They know Maria is pissed, so we should be clear. The bathroom's gonna be empty when Chapman gets in. " said Daya with a smile. 
Maria sat back, waiting for Contreras to tell her it was time.


In the bathroom, Piper was finally getting ready to shower after a hard day's work. It had been a horrendous week. She really felt guilty about making Maria take the fall, but that should teach her a lesson not to mess with her. She lifted her shirt over her head, glad that the bathroom was almost empty. It was always a welcome pleasure to be able to shower alone in this overcrowded prison, a rare treat that Piper intended to savor. She stepped into the shower, closed the curtain and hung her panties and her towel on the closest hook before turning on the shower. The water wasn't nearly as hot as she would have wanted, but she had got used to it, focusing instead on the pleasure of being alone in this ugly place. 

After a while, she turned the water off, resigned to leave this haven of privacy. Delicately covering herself with her towel, she was thinking about her evening.  With no particular plan this evening, she took her time and tried to slowly opened the curtain , believing herself to still be alone. She gasped in shock as a something violently grabbed her by the neck as soon as she put a hand on the curtain, forcing her to go back into the shower and slam her back onto the shower's wall. She opened her eyes as soon as she regained a bit of her senses and saw that Maria Ruiz, the very woman she had condemn to 3 more years of jail was standing right in front of her, a hand firmly put on her throat. While it was not hard enough to choke her, its stone-like grip was enough to cause her pain and discomfort. 

Piper was already panicking, but she managed to notice that behind Maria stood Dayanara, Marisol and Maritza. All three of them seemed as angry as Maria. 

"You bitch" spat Maria, her face a few inches away from Piper's. "You sold me! You fucking sold me out!"

"I... no! I mean, I'm sorry! I didn't want to! Ho my god, oh my god" said Piper, unable to gather her wits.

"Oh! You didn't want to, cabron?" said Maria as her hands increase its pressure on Piper's throat, making her uncomfortable to breath

Panicking, Piper knew that she wouldn't be able to take all four of them by herself. The other three women blocked any kind of escape. As if to emphasis her helplessness, her towel fell to the floor, leaving her completely naked in the hand of the Spanish harem. 

She could clearly hear some giggles coming from at least two of her assailants, although she had no idea who was laughing at her in her panicked state. 

"Hand it to me" said Maria as she stretched an arm backwards. Piper saw that Dayanara put a sharp object in Maria's hand who lost no time pressing what turned out to be a screwdriver onto the blond woman's throat. 

Feeling the cold pressure on her skin, Piper lost it. She knew Maria could be impulsive, especially when surrounded by others that would encourage her.  "Oh my god I don't wanna die" she said as tears began to form in her eyes. "Please don't hurt me, please don't hurt me" she pleaded, her voice so fast that her words were barely audible. 

"Yeah, you don't want me to hurt me? Puta! Maybe you should have thought of that before you turned me in"

She heard Maritza repeat the insult. Piper's knees lost their strength and she would have fallen if Maria hadn't pushed her against the wall once more, knocking the breath out of her. Even though she just had a relatively cold shower, Piper was now sweating profusely, her heart beating so fast that she feared it would burst through her exposed chest. 

"Please don't hurt me" she repeated, almost crying. In a desperate attempt, she tried to shake the screwdriver from Maria with both her hands, but she couldn't get a grip on the object. Like an answer to this defiance, Maria pressed the screwdriver harder against the naked woman. 

"Don't you fucking try to scream, bitch" spat Maria. Even if she was a head smaller than Piper, she had proven to be much stronger than her and any attempt to dislodge the latina proved to be useless. 

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Maria!" as both her arms fell back to her side, any kind of opposition having left her. "Please.. don't kill me! Don't kill me, I'll do anything!"

"What did you just say? You're begging me now?" said Maria still angry. She had expected Piper to be scared, knowing the white woman was nothing but a bag of shit with an inflated ego. She honestly didn't think she would beg for her life, but you never know how a woman would react until sh feels cornered. 

"Please, I'm sorry for what I did" said Piper as a stream of urine fell down her legs. This, more than everything else would prove to be an humiliation that she would never forget. 

Even in her enraged state, Maria could still recognize an opportunity. She certainly hadn't planned for Piper to beg for her life. Maria had no intention to actually kill Piper, but the blond bitch didn't need to know that. She wanted to scare her, to make her see how angry she was, but it was taking a different turn of event, and Maria intended to take every advantage. 

"You'll do anything? That's new. The arrogant puta is a coward. Fine, I'm letting you go, but we'll be in touch very shortly."


She let her message sink in for a few seconds, removing a bit of pressure on Piper's throat. Piper slowly opened her eyes once more but could hardly see anything further than the latina's angry face. Maria was looking right into Piper's eyes, making Piper's own sight flinch to the ground.  "If you ever THINK of opening that ugly mouth of yours to anyone about what happened her today, we WILL make your life here hell. DO I make myself clear, PUTA" she spat the last words that Piper receive quite a bit of spit. 


Piper quickly nodded, happy to be able to get away from this situation unscathed. She had no idea what Maria's real intentions were, but she wouldn't have stolen a screwdriver if she wasn't serious. She slowly fell to the floor as soon as Maria release the pressure both from the screwdriver and the end pinned at her throat, not even bothering to watch the four woman leave the bathroom. 


She heard a distant sound indicating that the door had just closed, leaving Piper to herself once more. She curled up in a fetal position, shocked by what had just happened. They were insane, and the worst was that she had very little to defend herself. Half the prison was already angry at her and some of them would sooner join her aggressors than lift a finger to help her. Not wanting to be surprised by another inmate, she slowly picked herself up, needing every bit of her remaining strength to stand straight.





Back in the Cell block C, Maria sat on her bunk. The other women were having a heated talk about what to do with Chapman, but she was lost in her thoughts, her mind racing with the possibilities. Even if she came as a hard and somewhat impulsive women, she had always been smarter than she had been credited for. Of course, her revenge on Piper occupied the Latinas mind the most, but it wasn't said that it couldn't benefit her, and Piper had just handed an opportunity herself. 


They had talked among themselves for a long while when they saw a visibly distraught Piper walk pass them in a hurry. Maria smile as she saw risk a quick glance at her. It had lasted barely a fraction of a second, but it had been enough for Maria to see how scared she was, how much she tried to avoid Maria's gaze. She intended to take every advantage of this weakness. 


"I wanna see her squirm" said Maritza, breaking Maria of her meditative state. She was smiling, making Maria wondering how serious she was. "That white cunt will squirm, Maritza. Here's the plan. She'll squirm and she'll regret the day she ever crossed us." 


All three women leaned closer to Maria, listening carefully to the older woman's start of a plan. It was a short, unfinished plan, but it was enough for now. When the other three women agreed, Maria asked the Latinas if they really wanted to go through with this. 


"Fuck yeah" answered Dayanara first, surprising Maria. She had expected to find a little more resistance with Daya, but she was glad to see her so eager to make Chapman pay for her actions. "Count me in Maria." she continued, her voice barely audible.


"Me too" said  Maritza who elbowed Flaca when the she kept her silence.


"Stop it, bitch!" said Flaca, annoyed at Maritza "Yeah... yeah I'm in" finally said Flacca after a few seconds. 


Life was going to get a whole lot harder for Piper.




In Cell Bloc A, Piper did her best to avoid any kind of contact with any inmate. Luckily for her, no one seemed to pay her any mind. Normally, it would have annoyed her that nobody noticed her distress, but Maria's threat was fresh enough in her mind that she was glad no one asked her about it. She would probably have cracked, already traumatized by this ordeal. 


She went straight to bed and turned on her side, trying to avoid being seen by anyone, friends or enemies. She tried to fall asleep, but her mind was racing with what the future held for her. Maria had said that she would be in touch soon. It meant that the psychotic Latina wasn't through with her. What scared her the most was that she was out of idea on how to protect herself from those four bitches. Red was ignoring her, Alex was mad at her, and the white supremacist group proved to be unstable. She almost regretted cutting her ties with them a few weeks ago. She would be seen as a snitch and would make things a hundred times worst if she even thought about going to the guards. 


Eventually, the rumble around her settled, indicating that the prison population had gone to sleep. Piper had only Hapakuka's snoring as company. Sleep did not come easily this night, and morning arrived without any new solution from the blond inmate. She climbed down her bed with a reluctance that came from both her dread from what the day had in store for her and her exhaustion. 

She went to the sewing factory and spent her day as normal as she could considering her situation, but she jumped every time someone walked pass her, afraid that Flaca, who usually worked right behind her would hurt her. Instead, her day was more or less normal until noon. Eventually, the alarm rang, telling the inmates that it was time to go and eat. Piper rose to her feet, only too happy to leave Flaca behind for a couple of minutes. Flaca was faster than her however and walked pass her table, dropping discretely a paper on her worktable, not even stopping to see if Piper had seen it.

Piper picked it up hurriedly, noticing with relief that the guard hadn't seen her. "Chapel after work" was written on the paper, the letters crudely written, as if written by someone who barely knew how to hold a pen. In other circumstances, Piper would have chuckled at the child-like situation if she wasn't already livid out of fear. Resigned, Piper knew that it meant Maria wanted to talk to her, which Piper was sure was bad news. She went to the cafeteria anyway but barely touched her meal, afraid like she had never been before in her life. She considered running away, but there was nowhere to hide. Nat for long, anyway. If she refused to comply, Maria and her crew would undoubtedly jump her again the next chance they had. This left her with only one option, but the very thought of being alone with the Latinas again was threatening to make her throw up. The only comfort came from the realization that, if they wanted to kill or seriously hurt her, they would have done so the day before. 

A few hours later, Piper found herself walking on the way to the chapel. She did not want to go, she wanted to escape this nightmare, but it was unavoidable. She would have to hear whatever that sick Latina wanted to say. The only difference was that this time she was ready. She would try to reason with them. She just had to keep her calm and try to talk her way out of this horrible situation. 

She entered the chapel. Maria and Maritza and were already there, talking in an alley between the benches. A few seconds later, Flaca entered the same way, closing the door behind her. Daya soon joined her, blocking the only way out. As soon as Maria heard the door close, she turned her heads towards the newcomer. Piper, on the other hand, felt trapped. Ahead of her was the woman that had promised to make her life a living hell, and behind her were two women larger and stronger than she was. Not seeing anything else to do, she made her way towards Maria slowly, reluctantly. She tried concentrating on ever step she made as not to lose her fragile self control. She tried to believed that there was an easy way out of this mess, but deep down she knew that she was trapped.  

Maria half-walked half-ran towards her as well, grabbing her  jaw as soon as she was within arm's reach. The shock was painful.

"So you came, Puta" said Maria in the same angry, definitive voice as yesterday. 

"I wanna fix this, please" said Piper, her voice plaintive. Despite everything she had told herself, she had sounded a lot more afraid than she had wanted. Piper's fear was not lost on Maria who jumped on the occasion to put her plan in motion. 

"Fix this? FIX THIS?" said Maria, almost yelling the second time. "You wronged me, bastard. Because of you, I'm stuck in this hole for three more years. There's no fixing this." As she talked she lowered her arm, forcing Piper's head down. "On your knees" she spat at Piper's face as she dramatically increased the pressure on the blond woman's jaw. Piper felt a surge of pain as Maria's thumb and Index held Piper's jaw so hard that she was genuinely afraid one of her tooth might break. 

Hurt, Piper had little option but to comply with the Latina's demand. Meanwhile, the other women had gathered around them, joined by the group Piper only knew as the Dominicans, women fiercely loyal to Maria. They formed a circle with Maria and the kneeling Piper at the center. As a reward, Maria slightly released her victim's jaw, but maintained a grip hard enough to cause some significant pain. She was determined not to give the white woman the slightest respite. 

Panicking once more, Piper was focusing on the hand holding her hand, her breathing fast and whimpering. All thoughts of a peaceful resolution had left her, her mind unable to focus on anything else than the pain she was feeling. Trembling, she begged Maria to let go of her. 

"Let you go, puta? I'm never letting you go. I could squish you like a bug, Chapman.", Maria said, as she pressed her free thumb unto Piper's forehead. "I'd like nothing more than to break your nose. I hate you, Chapman. I hate you more than I've ever hated anyone in my life." 

Piper's breathing intensified as she heard how much this man woman hated her. She hated the fact that she was so vulnerable. Maria was right. Right now, she could do anything she wanted. At least three of the four woman were stronger than she was and had lived a harder life than she had. They were more prone to violence than Piper had ever been, having always led a pampered and relatively easy life. 

"Fortunately for you Puta, you gave me an idea." continued Maria who was staring at the kneeling woman with all the ferocity she could. "Ever heard of a prison bitch?" she asked rhetorically at Piper who managed to hold Maria's gaze for a few moments before she flinched, horrified at the realization of what was happening. 

Interpreting Piper's silence as a yes, Maria continued: "Repeat after me: You are an idiot that fucked with the wrong people"

"No, please, Maria! I... I swear I've learned my lesson!" 

"Repeat" insisted the Latina as let go of Piper's jaw and grabbed the blond woman's hair, pulling them backwards in the same motion. She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she actually enjoyed tormenting the helpless woman. 

Piper yelled in pain "I... I am an idiot that fucked with the wrong people"

"You are a white privileged cunt."

"What, I'm not..."started to say Piper, almost immediately interrupted by a sharp pain coming from her hair. Obviously, Maria had angrily pulled her hair. "Shut the fuck up Chapman. You repeat and that's all. If you don't... " 

"I am a white privileged cu... cunt" said Piper, not wanting to know what would happen if she didn't do as she was told. She stuttered at the insult. No one had ever called her that, but Piper figured they were only words. They had no meaning if she did not believe them. Scared as she was, she vowed that she would remain as strong as she could during her ordeal and did not want to give her any more than she had to. She had already given too much, but it was too late.

Maria smiled as she heard Piper insult herself. Her prisoner was scared senseless and would do anything to avoid more torment, even if it meant degrading herself. Like a predator feeding on its prey, Maria intended to stretch her luck as far as she could, and the fact that Piper hadn't even tried to break free of her grip was proof enough that it would indeed go far. 

"You fucking deserve everything that happens to you. Your ass belongs to me now."

"What does that mean?" Piper asked before she felt another painful tug of her hair

"Say it first, cunt. Then I'll explain." Maria answered, raising her second hand as if she was about to slap her.

" I deserve it. My... my ass... belongs to you. Please, Maria, I swear I'll never fuck with you again"

"That's right, you won't, Chapman. You're mine, anyway. I would own you even if we didn't meet tonight. If you try to fight me, you'll know how bad I really am. I can starve you. I can beat you. Wanna know why? Because you're an idiot. You fucked with me without thinking what would happen next. You fucked with a lot of people, puta. No one while try to defend you. So used you are to be privileged, you forgot that in here, being white doesn't give you shit. And now, now you will do everything I say. You are my bitch. I own your stupid ass. Say that I own you, and I'll let go your ugly hair."

With a promise of release, Piper didn't hesitate in saying whatever Maria wanted. Piper hated to admit it, but Maria was winning. She held all the cards in her hands. The Latina had led her exactly where she wanted, and Piper had given her everything she wanted. The truth was that Piper was way too scared to think straight. Fighting back would come later. Right now, the only thing that came to Piper's mind was that she had to get out of this meeting. Leave the chapel and think of a plan. It was clear now that Maria  

"Yeah and you belong to me too, bitch"said Maritza, surprising even Maria

"What have I ever done to you" said Piper, not really expecting an answer

"What?" said Maria, as surprised as Piper. "You know what? Yeah! Yeah, that's right. You listen to them, too. You belong to me, but they own you. You better be careful around us, Chapman. Whatever you're thinking, never forget we own you. You don't even get to eat if we say so."  

"Now you listen good, Chapman. Remember the screwdriver? Well we stole it from that dumb guard Luschek. Now you be a good bitch and make sure he doesn't go and look for it. Got that?

Piper remembered that screwdriver all too well. She still felt its cold, intimidating touch on her neck. 


"How do I do that" asked Piper, puzzled


"The fuck do I care, bitch? You have a job to do, you do it. You fuck him, you kill him, I don't give a shit about how you do it. Just. do. it." she said the last three words very slowly as to close the discussion. Piper moved towards the door, all too happy to get away from those monstrous women. 

"Oh, and Chapman?" said Maria just before Piper opened the door "Never forget how much I hate you. I hate everything about you. We will make you pay if you screw this up and I will enjoy it."




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