Prison Bitch

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Piper had no idea how she got through the following day. Her mind was occupied with her task, her thoughts going back and forth from trying to find a way out to trying to do what Maria wanted.  Even if she hated herself for coming to this realization, there was no other option. Maria had to much power right now. Fighting her would be fighting the other Latinas. She had to convince Luschek to let go of the screwdriver, even though it was the one object that had brought her so much fear. Not only did she hate the very idea of doing anything that benefited Maria, but she knew that the screwdriver was an unbelievably precious weapon that would be used against her. Despite all that, Piper had been hard at work in her mind, testing a dozen of plans that would get Maria to keep the dreaded object, as the Latinas held all the cards in their sleeves, with or without it. She had decided to play along for now despite her better judgement. 


Unfortunately, finding a full-proof plan proved to be no easy task. Piper also knew that she had to succeed on her first attempt: if she failed, there would be a lot of consequences. She would probably be sent to the shu for conspiring to conceal the screwdriver. Time went by in a flash, and when the bell rang at the end of the day, Piper was still stuck with Maria's horrible words in her head: "Kill him or fuck him, I don't care". Those words showed how little consideration the crazed Latina had for both Luschek and Piper, but it had also given Piper the only real solution, although she would fight it to the very end. 


As horrible as the situation was, Piper found herself opening the electrical shop. She at least knew that Luschek was mostly harmless and that he hated his job. She probably had a shot at this, provided that she handled him well enough. He was still shuffling through his stuff behind the bars, probably looking for the missing screwdriver, which meant that he certainly hadn't registered the theft yet. He still hadn't noticed the newcomer yet.


"Hey there" said Piper in her most feminine, harmless voice. Luschek quickly rose his head, startled by the interruption. 


"The fuck you doing here, inmate?" said the guard, confused.


"Well, I couldn't help but notice that you seemed to be looking for something, sir" answered Piper, speaking to the guard with every respect that he would expect her to show. 


"Yeah, well that's none of your business, inmate. Move along before I report you."


"Actually, sir, I might know someone who knows something about it." replied Piper, unsettled by the open hostility shown by the guard. She had trouble keeping her calm, 


"The fuck you talking about, inmate? Chapman, is that it? You'd better tell me who's that friend or you're going to the Shu." Luschek was walking towards Piper aggressively, stopping a few inches from the 


Luschek's open hostility left little choices to Piper. 


"You like that, don't you, sir?" said Piper, switching to a more seductive, innocent tone. "You hold all the cards in your hand. One word from you, and my life is over."


Luschek remained silent, which gave the blond inmate permission to keep on talking. 


"But I don't think you'd want that. A powerful man like you could have so much more."  She was playing the guard, manipulating him into letting her do the one thing that she absolutely did not want to do. 


She moved a step closer to the guard who took a step back in protection


"Are you trying to seduce me, inmate?" said the overweight guard, his voice indicating that he was far less confident than he wanted to be. 


"Do you think I have a shot, sir?" said Piper in a falsely sensual voice, biting her lower lip. 


"Yeah, well, I mean..." answered Luschek, apparently unable to formulate a coherent sentence. 


Piper acknowledged the lack of answer as a permission to proceed. She moved her hands to the man's pants and was rewarded by a complete absence of reaction. "If you're going to let me do this, at least have the balls to assume it" thought Piper. Her hatred for the man she was about to pleasure was only matched with the hatred she felt for herself for doing what she was about to do, but her fear of the Latinas kept her going. Slowly, she unbuckled his belt, uncovering the guard's grey underwear, revealing the man's huge, painful erection.  At first, Piper was shocked to see the size of his manhood. It was nothing spectacular, as she had expected it to be smaller, but she figured that it was more due to her general dislike of the man. 


Luschek looked down, locking his eyes with hers, asserting his domination over her. Piper sustained the man's gaze as she let the throbbing manhood out of its prison, already glistening with pre cum. She opened her mouth, hiding as best she could her absolute disgust of herself as she let the tip of the penis through her lips. She was thankful for the limited experience she had in that area, as she relaxed her throat muscles to let more of the manhood inside her. Luschek on the other hand was lost in Ecstasy, looking down at the hot blond blowing him. He watched the woman's head bubble up and down against his shaft, enjoying the feeling of his erection against the woman's mouth. Feeling a surge of power, he pressed her head, sending his member deeper down her throat every time. Piper, on the other hand, was having trouble breathing and had to concentrate not to gag the invading penis. 


Fortunately, the guard came much faster than he would have wanted, his excitation sending a wave of hot liquid down the inmate's throat. She managed to swallow most of it, but having been in jail for quite some time, she was out of practice. She wasn't quick enough to take the entire load, and she choked at the massive amount of sperm, forcing her to spit almost half the load, some of it dribbling pitifully down her chin.  


"Yeah... that was intense" said Luschek, as he took a towel next to him to clean his half-limp manhood. "I guess I won't look for that... what was it now... screwdriver... for now?"


"For now?" replied Piper, who had half expected the guard to change the terms of their deal. Nonetheless, she felt a surge of anger growing inside her, which she managed to barely keep in check.


"Well... I mean... I'm doing you a huge favor, inmate" said the guard as he threw the dirty towel at Piper. "Do you have any idea what I'm putting on the line for you?"


"Of course, thank you sir" she said, disgusted with herself, feeling wretched and dirty.  


She left in a hurry as soon as she was done cleaning herself, half running through the mostly empty courtyard. She headed directly to the bathroom, feeling as if she was about to throw up. She pushed the door open and tried to rush to the closest stall. She had hoped to find the bathroom empty, and realized with horror that Maria was cleaning her hands in the nearest sink. As soon as she saw her, Piper did her best to avoid Maria's gaze in the in the hope that the angry woman would simply ignore her, but Maria had something else in mind.


"Already back, Puta?" said Maria as she walked towards Piper. "You better have some good news for me."


Seeing her enemy walk towards her, Piper involuntarily took a few steps back in fear. "I did it, okay?" she said, her shaking voice little more than a whisper. "I'm done, alright? I want nothing to do with you anymore. I won't say a word to anyone, but from now on, leave me alone." she had meant to sound angry and confident, but Maria would have none of it. The Hispanic woman brushed her complaint aside, pushing Piper against the wall who froze in surprise. 

Maria spoke in a low aggressive voice that suggested that any reply would be met with more violence. "You listen to me, bitch. You are not done, not for a long time. You are mine" she said, as she poked the scared woman in the elbow. "You will do what I say. You are MY bitch, you white privileged cunt." She grabbed Piper's jaw with an iron hand and pressed the blond's body against the wall making it look like they were in a weird kind of embrace. "If I tell you to fuck a guard, you do it. If I tell you to lick a girl's pussy, you stick your tongue out. If I tell you to lick my foot, you get on your knees and thank me. Got that, bitch?" 


Scared, defeated, Piper nodded weakly. The truth was that the Latina terrorized her now more than ever. She fell to the ground and curled in a fetal position as soon as Maria let go of her face. "Just be glad I ain't making you drink from the toilet. Fight me again and you're gonna do just that." She wasn't smiling, she wasn't joking. The threat wasn't lost on Piper. Her gazed moved to the dirty  stall on the other side of the bathroom, the thought of having her head plunged in the hideous, filthy toilet was enough to make her want to throw up once more. "You'll be eating next to me tonight, puta. Do whatever the fuck you wanted to do here and hurry."


It took a few seconds for Piper to realize that Maria had left the bathroom. Slowly, painfully, she raised herself from the ground hurrying as fast as she could to the nearest stall, locking herself inside in the process. She wanted to cry, but she was afraid that someone might enter the bathroom and hear her. Giving anyone the satisfaction of seeing her broken was the last thing she wanted. She fought back her tears, finding some glimmer of strength in the burning hatred she felt towards the Latinas. 


Never before had she loathed anyone even half as much as she hated Maria. Silently, she vowed to get revenge one day, to make her pay for everything she's done to her. She hated her, despised her, but, her fear of the angry Latina was even greater than her hatred. There was no doubt in her mind that Maria would hurt her, even kill her if she gave her a reason. 


A few minutes later, Piper left the bathroom and headed to the cafeteria. She barely looked around her, afraid that should would lose it in front of the entire prison. Whatever happened, she vowed to herself that she wouldn't give her tormentors the satisfaction they wanted. She wouldn't cry, at least not in front of them, she wouldn't beg. Instead, she chose to focus on her revenge. She would bide her time for now, convinced that she would eventually find a way out of this. She slowly moved towards the Latina's table with what little remained of her pride. 


Here we go, my new story from OITNB. There is more to this story, but this is pretty much the introduction. If anyone is interested in reading any more, just review or comment. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. 

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