Prison Bitch

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Luschek closed his t.v. after yet another porn marathon. The truth was that he had seen everything he would care to watch, but it was all he could do to satisfy his hunger. In fact, his sex life had been pretty much inexistent before and since Piper's blowjob a few days earlier. It was the best and only relation he had in a few months. Luschek had no interest in meeting anyone new, and hookers tended to cost him too much. He went to bed naked as he did every night and let his hand start to stroke his already hard penis. Closing his eyes, he imagined yet again Chapman's head bobbing up and down around his member, the wet feeling of her saliva, the power he felt as she tried to swallow his own load had kept his fantasies alive for quite some time. He felt little shame over it all and would do it again at the first occasion even if it could lead him to trouble. He knew he wasn't the first to have that kind of benefit it Litchfield by far and saw no reason why HE shouldn't benefit from what little advantage that place had for him.


He felt his orgasm come as his cum wetted his sheets once again, with self-satisfied low grunt. He moved away from the wet spot, thinking how he could get Piper to get all over him again.




Back at the prison, Piper's life as Maria's bitch was not a pleasant one. Several days had passed since the latina had claimed her, and Maria hardly ever lost an occasion to remind Piper of the power shift. As she loved to remind her, it had been a while since anyone tried to have a conversation with her. They likely were afraid of the Latina gang or didn't care at all. The only thing Piper was sure of is that the word had spread. She had no idea wether or not it was intentional, but Piper knew most inmates knew what Maria was doing to her and none of them had done anything about it. With no other choice, Piper had to suffer Maria's wrath, confident that she would eventually be able to turn the table on the cruel latinas. Another blow came from Maria's friends. Up until that point, she mostly ever had positive interactions with them, especially Flacca, but all of that was now in the past. They fully supported Maria, enjoying a vicious payback at a woman that represented by herself the system that had abused them in the past. Mariza in particular proved to be a harsh Mistress, letting her inner bitch out at the one inmate who would not fight back.


Forced to spend every meal with the Latinas, Piper was continually hungry as the women around her stole a significant amount of her plate everyday, subtle enough not to be noticed by the lazy guards. None of them seemed to notice or to care either that Piper suffered under Maria's rule. Letting them eat her food did not please Piper at all, but at least what she was certain the others did not spit in it.


On the other hand, Maria and her gang had been rewarded by the other inmates with the most valuable currency in jail : respect. Not wanting to be the next on their target list, the other women of Litchfield made sure to stay on the Spanish Harlem's good side. Comforted in their position of power over Piper, the Latinas made sure to keep their new plaything close at all time, both as a reminder to everyone else not to mess with them and as a mean to maintain Piper as low as possible.


After all she had been through, there was but one place where Piper felt even remotely safe, although it would soon get overwhelmed by Maria's never-ending rage and he ability to control her life in jail. Her bed bunk. As small as it was, her mattress was starting to feel home to her, the one and only spot in the entire jail where she did not have to endure the Latinas domination, although it all came to an end one evening.


As she was heading back to her bed that evening, Piper noticed a guard was standing next to her bed.


"Inmate Chapman, your request for bed transfer has been approved. You have 5 minutes to put your stuff in the appropriate boxes and follow me to your new bunk. Get moving"


"What but I didn't..." started Piper, stopping mid-sentence as she realized with a cold sweat what was happening. If she told any more, she would become a snitch, which would be even worse than being Maria's plaything. She had the sole opportunity to stop this right here, right now if she only dare to speak. Cursing herself, she chose to keep her mouth shut and endure the abuse, knowing that talking would only serve to anger the rest of the inmates. She started to pack the few things she had actually kept with her in jail, making an excuse to the guards about her not remembering her transfer demand. Deep down, she wondered how that crazy Maria managed to get her transferred


She followed the guards all the way to Cell block C, confirming her worst fears. Her shoulders shrank as she recognized her tormentors around her. Most women smirked as she walked through, although most were silent due to the guard next to her.


"Inmate Flores, stand up" said the guard as they stopped next to Aleida's former bed. Daya's mom had been released a couple of weeks ago, and Piper apparently inherited the spot.

Blanca Flores stood up, making a way for Piper to take the lower bed. Not wanting to refuse such an unexpected gift, Piper unpacked her stuff in the designated space.


The guard left soon after, leaving Piper alone, surrounded by her enemies. She sunk under her sheets, knowing it was futile to hope she would be left alone.


"Well, glad you showed up" said Blanca, a sadistic grin on her face. Piper wanted to answer, but Maria replied faster than she could.


"Welcome home, Puta. I was scared your pale ugly ass would miss me. You happy to be here?"


"You know I'm not" replied Piper. "Look you can stop now, okay? I get it. You're stronger than me and I shouldn't have messed with you. I'm sorry, I really am. Especially about your daughter, that was stupid of me, but I've learned my lesson. I will never do anything to anger you ever again. I swear. Just let me go, please..."


She hadn't meant to say the last word, but it was too late to take it back. It made her sound as if she was begging, which she probably was in retrospect.


"Awwww, little cunt had enough? The bitch realized she was messing with the wrong woman and now she wants out? Well, though Shit. You started this, and you lost. Stop begging, it doesn't look good on you. It's not happening. Get it through your stupid ugly head of yours. You are mine. My own little bitch. I can do whatever I want to you and nobody will ever lift a finger for you." Maria's voice was increasingly angry as she spoke, although she made sure to keep it low enough so the guards wouldn't hear her. "So do yourself a favor and be a good little puta. Yeah? Your time in jail will be much easier if you keep that dumb mouth of yours shut."


Blanca Flores, satisfied with Piper's lack of reply, continued


"Hey Maria, wanna check how much we own her?" she said as she subtly climbed down her own bed as soon as the guard on duty had done his regular check up.


Maria nodded, and Blanca smirked, telling Piper not to move.


"You just tell me if a guard come up, okay Maria? You, you don't move until I tell you to" she finished, addressing the last comment on an increasingly nervous Piper.


Blanca crouched over Piper, and slid her hand under Piper's blankets, under her pants and reached inside her panties. Startled by the invading hand inside her underwear, Piper's entire body contracted as an automatic response and she had to repress a startled gasp, but otherwise did nothing to stop Blanca from invading her privacy. She did not move either when she felt a pair of fingers part her lips and started to play with her clitoris. Piper could tell that the hand raping her was expert, as she started to lubricate a few seconds later, cursing her own body for betraying her so easily.


Meanwhile, the girls on the bunks around started to react to Blanca's treatment of the blond inmate. Some were betting how long Piper would last, while others just reacted in amused disbelief as they watched what they thought as an amazing show. Unfortunately for them, they were interrupted by Maria who had just spotted the guard coming around the corner.


"Shit, the guard just turned around. Get back up, Flores"


"Tsh. Your little sputa didn't even cum." said Blanca as she slipped her hand out of Piper's clothing and presented them to her victim's mouth. "I'm not climbing in my bed with my hand dirty like that"


Piper opened her mouth as the two fingers invaded a second hole in her body. Disgusted at being forced to taste her own fluids, she turned over to face the wall of her bunk, secretly thanking the guard for interrupting her ordeal. With nothing to wash her mouth, she tried to fall asleep, knowing that her time in Litchfield would be unbearable, wondering why the fuck had she been so stupid to provoke an insane woman like Maria.



There you go, the next chapter to Piper's hellish life in prison!

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