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BY : Sammycolt
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Disclaimer: I do not own "L.A.'s Finest" or any of the characters. It is a Spectrum Originals production and I do not make any money from this story!

Okay, a few very important words ahead: This is the first of four chapters and this one mainly has a lot of plot. I took a bit of time describing the set-up, so please don’t be disappointed if this chapter does not feature too much smut. There is some groping, leering and molestation, but this chapter will NOT feature any actual penetration. If you are just looking for the good bits, those will come later. Check back when chapter 3 is posted and I hope you will enjoy yourself then. Nonetheless, I had some fun writing this, I think it turned out quite well and if you want to give me your opinion on it, I’d be happy to hear it.

One more thing: big thanks to Porneater for helping me plan this story and giving me a lot of input!

Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy!


“Goddamn, this is a nice job!” Fletcher muttered under his breath as he hacked away at the keys of the laptop that was sitting on his knees. The huge, black hacker had a tough time concentrating on the task at hand on his screen due to what else was happening in the expensive, lush hotel room he was currently presiding in.

On the far side of the room, Detective Nancy McKenna, almost a friend, almost a colleague and absolutely a smoking hot Latina was currently posing in front of the rooms big, floor-length mirror, checking her own reflection. And what a reflection it was.

The big man had already shifted in his seated position several times, having to adjust the thick, swelling erection in his pants since the Detective had exited the bathroom, dressed in what could only be called a skimpy, white bikini.

“What was that, Fletch?” Nancy called, eyes focused on her own breasts. With a pout on her lips, she adjusted the small triangles of her top to push her cleavage up and together, emphasizing the delicious valley of smooth, sun-kissed skin and making her breasts jiggle in a way that made the big man’s mouth go dry.

“Errr… nothing, Nancy!” he quickly replied, realizing that he was getting a little too obvious. He briefly focused his attention back on the screen, putting the final touches to the program but barely made it a few seconds before his gaze was once again drawn to the curvaceous, half-naked cop.

“Sure it was…” Nancy mumbled to herself, somewhere between amused and annoyed by the hacker’s barely-concealed staring. On one side, she did not really appreciate being gaped at by a man she considered a friend, on the other, his inability to keep his eyes away meant that her outfit was doing its job. Tossing the ponytail she had tied her wavy brunette hair into over her shoulder, she turned in front of the mirror and pushed out her posterior to she check on the cut of her bottoms. Yeah, those were definitely doing the trick! Nancy smirked with satisfaction. The bikini’s bottoms were flimsy and while they were not quite a thong, the white fabric only covered about half of her thick, bubbly booty, contrasting with her caramel-colored skin in an eye-catching fashion.

“That dumb fuck’s not gonna be able to resist, Nancy!” Fletcher stated with a grin.

Nancy gave him a frown. “Well, thanks… I guess… You got my program ready?”

“Yup, hang on!” the hacking fingers worked themselves into a final staccato as Fletcher wrapped up his work and saved it onto the tiny USB-drive that was sticking out of his laptop’s port. He pulled it out and held it up triumphantly, “There we go!”

Nancy gave him a nod, walking over and taking the tiny drive from his huge fingers. It was about the size of her thumbnail. “Very good! Now tell me the plan!”

“Again?” Fletcher grumbled.

“Humor me, Fletch! Who’s the target?”

The big, black man sighed, rolling his eyes. “Target is Clarence Prickle, widely going by the stupid name “Kateshi 6ix 9ine”. Named himself after his idol Takeshi and he somehow manages to be even more pathetic… Wannabe rapper, full-time scumbag. One of those incredibly trashy mumble-rappers that have infected the music scene… or at least he wants to be. The guy couldn’t sell out a free show. Ran with a few gangs to increase his street cred, got into a few bar tussles, had a few amateur MMA fights. Your run-of-the-mill failure, low-grade thug, who is trying to hit it big. He scored with what appears to be a cache of fine, high-quality designer pills that were property of the Machida clan. With the clan destroyed it looks like he decided to sell that load to the highest bidder and he actually managed to establish a connection to Jackson Montell, one of the captains of the Damona-cartel, who he arranged a meeting with tomorrow evening in this very hotel. The little prick booked himself a nice suite here, apparently living the rockstar life up to his deal…”

“Alright, alright!” Nancy stopped him with a satisfied nod, “Tell me the plan!”

“Kateshi is down at the pool. Dressed as you are you are going to walk that fine body down there with him and… well, seduce him. He’s gonna take you up to his room to get lucky at which point I come in… A quick call from reception that needs him down there buys you some time to plug my drive into his laptop. Bing-bang-boom, I have access to his camera and mic, not just of the laptop but also his phone and, if we’re lucky and he has it synced up with his devices, the smart-tv in his hotel-room. You get out and the two of us can watch his meeting with Jackson in high-def from multiple angles…”

“Good! What’s your part?”

“I wait here for you to get to his room, give it a minute and will make sure reception calls. Then I will keep you up to date on his position and make sure our pretty little bug is installed properly…”

“Yeah, don’t give him too long!” Nancy gave a wry grin. “I don’t want to have to knee him in the balls to save my virtue…”

“I am the master of timing, darling!” Fletcher grinned, grabbing something from beside him on the bed and holding it up for her.

Nancy raised an eyebrow, eyeing what looked like a pair of small, golden ear-studs. “Jewelry? Fletch, you shouldn’t have…”

“Not only stylish, but this is actually some really cool spy-gear. Put them in! The right one is high-quality gold, nice and classy. The left one though has a little secret.” He picked it up and held it up for her between thumb and forefinger. “It has a small speaker in there, some mighty fine work. Waterproof, impact-resistant and eight hours of battery life… You’ll be able to hear me, so I can give you advice from my little command center here and we will jamesbond the shit out of this thing.”

“That is actually really cool!” Nancy had to give the tech wiz, accepting the studs and putting them in. “Just keep the feed clean please, don’t distract me…”

“Yeah, sure…” Fletcher coughed, rolling his eyes behind his thick glasses. “Speaking of James Bond… here’s your sun lotion…”

Nancy frowned as he grabbed a small plastic bottle from his bedside table and offered it to her. Seeing her quizzical look, he grinned before turning the bottle around and opening a small, hidden compartment at the bottom of the bottle, just large enough to fit the tiny thumb drive in.

“Uh, that is neat!” Nancy conceded, taking the bottle and slipping the device into the hiding place, “Great job, Fletch!”

“Thanks! Now, if you need a hand applying the lotion…”

“Ugh, keep it in your pants, big man! Just stick to the job!” It was Nancy’s turn to roll her eyes as she grabbed her towel and turned to leave. Just like clockwork, she caught Fletcher’s gaze in the mirror dropping low to her butt as soon as she turned away. The big man was helpful, but he was also a damn perv…

“Sure!” Fletcher grumbled, watching Nancy’s firm ass jiggle deliciously as she strutted towards the door, “I’ll keep the champagne cold for when you return…”


Nancy stood alone in the small glass cabin as the elevator raced up towards the rooftop of the “Charlton”, one of L.A.’s high-end hotels. She took a deep breath, the conditioned air around her cooling her body as the nerves hit her a little bit. This was exhilarating. For a second, Nancy wished her partner was here for back-up, but Syd was out of town, on the other side of the country on a visit to her brother’s family just as this possibility had opened. Instead, her back-up was the big, pervy hacker.

Just as she thought that, a small crackling sound buzzed in her ear. Shocked, she brought her hand up in instinct when suddenly, Fletcher’s voice was in her head, crystal clear.

“Alright, Nancy, I’m logged into the hotel’s security feed! Give me a little thumbs-up if you can hear me!”

Looking up, Nancy spotted a small camera in the upper corner of the small cabin, pointing down at her. She bit her lip, all of a sudden she felt very exposed, knowing Fletcher was watching her realizing from where the camera was he had a perfect view of her bountiful cleavage. She shifted uneasily.


Hesitantly, she lifted her fist and extended the thumb, signaling that their connection was established while also angling her body slightly to be less exposed. Her jaw clenched as her eyes focused on the small display that showed the quickly rising floor numbers as she approached the top floor.


Smiling, Fletcher watched the security feed of the camera. He had connected his laptop to the room’s huge smart tv and now had simultaneous views of the small elevator cabin as well as several angles of the pool area.

“Some nice setup…” the big man grinned contently. The four different cameras that were part of the hotel’s security system not only showed the pool area from all angles, he was also able to zoom in quite a lot without much of a loss in resolution. He could choose between wide, angled shots and detailed close-ups from multiple perspectives of pretty much every point in the area.

“Bet those pervs down at security have a lot of fun with this…” he smirked.

Flipping on his mic, Fletcher spoke. “Everything’s perfect, Nancy! Pool area is deserted except for our guy and two geeky little boys. Nobody to take away attention from you!”

“… Not that you’d have to worry about that, dressed like that!” he added after switching the microphone off.

Kateshi would have been easy to spot, even if the area had been crowded. Fletcher gave a slight smirk as he took a closer look at the young man that was stretched out on a lounger, taking in the sun while dressed in a pair of neon green swimming trunks.

He was a thin man in his early twenties, of Asian and Black decent, a combination that had resulted in quite the nice skin tone, a nice shade of light-brown. This shade had not stopped the failed rapper however from literally desecrating every inch of his body with a mixture of cheap-looking, eye-soring tattoos. From his neckline down to his feet, there was barely an inch of unblemished skin and even on his face, quite the collection of different, crude, gang-style ink was on display. Most prominent was the center-piece of the litany of body-art: a big black dragon’s head on his abs with glaring red eyes.

Added to that, his nose, ears and right eyebrow were heavily pierced with metal studs, rings and spikes pushed through. Nonetheless, the worst offense to Fletcher’s taste were the rainbow-colored dreadlocks that hung down to about shoulder length. Overall, he looked like the quintessential, failed millennial wannabe tough-guy, truly an ugly sight to behold.

In stark contrast to that, Fletcher saw Nancy on another camera exit the elevator and step out into the sun. Subconsciously, he licked his lips and leaned a little closer as he watched the athletic, yet curvy figure of the LAPD detective make her way towards the pool. That bikini was just fantastic. He had to really keep himself in check to not stare too obviously earlier when she had first stepped out of the bathroom in this attire, but now, he was free to check her out to his heart’s content.

Despite being in her mid-thirties, Nancy’s body would put any girl ten years her junior to shame. Taut and toned, yet curved in all the right places, Fletcher had found himself wondering more than once in the past whether she or Syd were more attractive and he had to admit that more often than not, his judging swung in the Latina’s favor. A gorgeous face with big, dark eyes, a dainty nose and full cocksucker-lips was enough to get any man’s mind turn dirty. Her skin, a complexion somewhere between honey and caramel, was perfect and smooth all over, just begging to be touched, only marked by a few tattoos: the rosary on her right shoulder, the crescent and arrow on her left elbow as well as the series of notes on her left shoulder blade. At least those were the one’s Fletcher could see.

And currently, he could see a lot. He did not know who had sold this bikini to Nancy, but he made a mental not to include him in his prayers: Those firm, soft c-cups were jiggling deliciously with every step, almost threatening to fall out of the cups which were putting up an admirable struggle to at least cover her nipples. Her white bottoms were equally narrow and Fletcher was unable to pass up the opportunity to zoom in on Nancy’s crotch, pulling up a screen-filling shot in high definition.

“Oh, that bitch is definitely smooth…” he smirked, leaning closer to the screen. To capture the rapper’s attention Nancy had definitely gone all out in revealing ways that were uncommon for the usually stylish police officer. Held up at her hips by two nice, little bows, the bright, white fabric tapered down between Nancy’s thighs, so narrow, that on either side it revealed a good third of her pussy lips to show off soft, immaculate skin. In addition to that, the bottoms literally clung to her mound, leaving little to the imagination as, while Nancy had walked, it appeared they had bunched their way up into her slit. Fletcher wasn’t sure if she was aware that she was clearly showing off the outlines of her cunt in a sinful cameltoe.

“Alright, Nancy, time to give him a show, get his attention!” Fletcher spoke into the microphone, unnecessarily announcing the next step of the plan as Nancy approached the pool. On one of the cameras he could see the corners of her mouth tighten for just a moment as she heard it, but just a heartbeat later this twitch was gone.

“That’s a good girl!” Fletcher muttered off-mic as Nancy circled around the pool, a seductive swing to her hips, and made her way over to the lounging chairs. Within seconds, she had the attention of the two teenage geeks playing on their phones in one far corner. Their jaws literally dropped as she sauntered by and Fletcher couldn’t hold back a chuckle as they stared at her bouncy ass in the most obvious of ways. It was not like he could blame them!

“Gotcha!” he then triumphed, briefly pumping his fist into the air as Nancy made her way past Kateshi and the heavily tatted man immediately fell to the temptation, lifting his head, he lowered the big, hellishly ugly sunglasses he was wearing and peered over them, watching intently as Nancy dropped her keys, towel and bottle of sun lotion onto the lounger next to his. She then briefly looked over at the rapper and gave him a short, flirtatious smile before she turned and made her way over to the pool.

“Oh, you are good, girl!” Fletcher grinned as she dived into the pool with a graceful leap, barely making a splash as she broke the surface. It seemed the coy smile had sealed the deal as her target was unable to tear his eyes off her, instead watching her every move with a dumb, cocky smirk on his face as Nancy began making laps in the pool.

“Fucking hell, you are one hot, little bitch…” Fletcher growled (after making sure his mic was switched off). Assured that everything was going according to plan, he indulged in watching Nancy drive her body through the water with gracious, powerful strokes. Her golden skin gleamed in the sunlight in the most alluring ways. Feeling his thick cock stir in his pants, the big hacker took the liberty of rubbing his bulge, feeling a pang of envy at the colorful young man at the pool who was about to get his hands on this hot little piece of ass.

To be honest, ever since Syd had introduced her smoking Latina partner back at his place he had fantasized about getting lucky with her. It was not only her gorgeous body, but also her cocky, almost arrogant attitude that made the big man want to hold her down and fuck the ever-loving hell out of her. The vibe of superiority that the stunning woman seemed to give off drove him mad. It really just made him want to bend her over his desk then and there, yank down those tight, well-fitting pants and give her the ride of her life. Fuck her until she begged for mercy…

But Nancy was married and any attempt he had made had been shut down in its infancy. Even now that it appeared like her marriage was shot, his approaches were ignored or laughed off as a joke, frustrating him more than a bit. He just wanted her face-down-ass-up on his bed…

Mesmerized, he followed her glistening form for several minutes as Nancy swam. Then, before the show got old and she would lose her target’s attention, Nancy made her way to the side of the pool and effortlessly pushed herself up on the rim, climbing out with sparkling beads of water dripping from her barely clothed body.

Neither Fletcher nor Kateshi (nor the two geeks for that matter) were able to tear their eyes off her as she made her way over to her lounger. All of them let out a simultaneous groan as Nancy, strategically facing away from Kateshi, bent over to pick up her towel, pushing her scrumptious booty out in the process. Then, as she used the towel to rub her chest dry, she glanced back at him over her shoulder with an almost coy smile.

“Great job, Nancy!” Fletcher whispered into the mic as she lay down. Kateshi sat up, ready to engage in conversation. Hook, line and sinker!


Nancy saw the young rapper sit up in his lounger from the corner of her eye, just as she was settling down. Knowing what was coming next, she decided to take initiative and turned her head towards him.

“Hey, aren’t you Kateshi 6ix9ine?” she asked with played up insecurity, adding a slightly higher bimbo-note to her voice to sell the clueless groupie. Even if she had not come here because she had known he was here, he was many things, but “hard to recognize” was not one of them. It worked like a charm. Kateshi, just opening his mouth to hit her up, stopped for a second. A fourth-tier rapper like him probably was not used to getting recognized at his level of fame, so this, coming from such a stunning specimen as Nancy, was surprising. It also was the ego-boost it was intended to be.

“Shit, yeah, shorty, that’s me!” he replied. His body posture immediately loosened up and relaxed and a wide grin spread on his face. “You a fan, babydoll?”

Oh wow… Nancy thought as Kateshi’s grin revealed a gleaming, golden grill, the upper front teeth of which were imprinted with “6969”. This dude was a bad cliché!

“Oh yeah, I am!” Nancy gasped exasperatedly, further playing up the bimbo-groupie, knowing this as the sure-fire way to get into the man’s room (though hopefully not his pants). ““MurdaBitchez” is, like, my favorite album! I love that one! You are so… inspirational!”

The ugly smile widened. Just the expression alone made Nancy feel the urge to punch him. It was not made any better by the fact that the big, dumb grill caused him to speak with a slight lisp. She masked her apprehension behind a flirty smile.

“Yeah, shorty, I do what I do, you know how it is…” he spurted his nonsense, “You want to take a selfie or something to show all your friends?”

“Oh, Goddamned!” Nancy feigned disappointment, pulling a face, “I left my phone in my room… But, could I ask a favor of you, please?”

“Sure, shorty, whatever you want!”

Lifting the bottle of sun-screen up and waving it slightly, Nancy gave a slight pout. “Could you do my back, please?”

He gave her a gleaming grin, clapping his hands. “Yeah, yeah, shorty, I can do that for you, abso-fucking-lutely!” As he took the bottle from her hand, Nancy felt a slight shudder of unease at the prospect of getting this creep’s hands on her body, but she fought that feeling down, knowing that the little bit of discomfort was an investment that would be worth it in the end.

“Thank you!” she cooed, batting her eyelids at him as he stood and came over to her, eagerly squeezing a plentiful portion of sunscreen into his palm. She lay down flat on her front, cheek resting on her folded hands and closed her eyes in anticipation.

Kateshi couldn’t help but grin widely as he approached this prone beauty, positioning himself next to her head. She was a little older than him, but, damn, this bitch had a body on her! Seeing she had closed her eyes, he allowed himself to take her in from up close, admiring the soft, golden tan of her skin. She was athletic, her muscles toned in feminine grace, while thick in all the right places. He had known as soon as he had laid eyes on her that he wanted to do things with her and when she had just bent over to pick up her towel right in front of him, it had driven him crazy. Not only did this little Latina slut possess one of the nicest, firmest little booties he had ever seen, her slutty little bikini bottoms were also designed to show it off. They clung to the crevice of her ass and accentuated her petite pussy mound. Revealing she knew him and was a fan seemed like a gift of the Gods. He’d make sure the little bitch would get a groupie experience she would not soon forget!

“Err, shorty?” His voice was unsettlingly close now, “I gotta undo your top here, bet you don’t want any tan lines…”

Her throat tightened as Kateshi did not even await her reply and instead just went for it. A two short tugs and the thin strings at her back and her neck suddenly loosened, then fell away, leaving the gorgeous detective essentially topless at the hands of the mumble-rapper.

It will be worth it! She repeated her mantra in her head, concentrating on not flinching as the rapper moved her ponytail aside and his big, rough palms first made contact with her skin, quickly spreading and applying the warm oil to her bare back.

To her utter surprise, it appeared the young man was quite skillful. His strong hands quickly began to massage her back, rubbing the oil into her smooth skin, making it gleam in the sun. She had expected him to be rough and inapt and it almost came as a shock to find his touch pleasurable. So pleasurable in fact that before she knew it, a little moan escaped her lips.

“Good job, Nancy, you’re doing great! Looking good too!” Fletcher’s oh so helpful voice crackled out of the tiny hidden earphone. She really had to have a talk with him about mid-mission boundaries after this, but strong, massaging hands making their way down her spine were quickly making her forget the twitch of anger as they drove everything but pleasure out of her mind.

“Mmmh!” she gasped as he hit just the right spot. When she lightly bit her lower lip it was not an act, but she actually found that she was losing herself in the pleasure.

“You like that, don’tcha, shorty?!” Kateshi grinned, her telltale signs not lost on him. He renewed his efforts working his hands down along her spine, barely using the lotion as an excuse to massage the all-but-naked woman’s back, slowly working himself further and further down, giving her pristine skin a nice shine. He felt her body almost melt beneath his palms as he gradually relaxed to his ministrations, tension leaving her body.

“Uuuuh!” Nancy cooed, her mouth opening in a small gasp as the strong fingers hit another one of her spots as they worked themselves down to the small of her back. As much as Nancy wanted to keep a calm mind, she found that she couldn’t. The stern voices in her head were silenced. It had just been a little bit too long since someone had touched her quite like this! This creepy fucker made her mind spin…

“You know, shorty, I’ve got this really nice suite here! King-sized bed, fully stocked bar, Jacuzzi, the whole fucking way, you know how I roll… And the view from the balcony is just fantastic. You should really come and check it out…”

“Woah!” Nancy gasped, eyes widening and her head shooting up as she awoke from her daze with a start. All of a sudden, the hands had left her back, moving south to her ass. And not only that, the brash prick had actually slid his hands into her bottoms, now holding and firmly squeezing a flawless buttock in each palm and she felt him deliberately pull her cheeks apart. Undercover or not, presumptuousness like this made her want to smack him across the face.

It seemed that Fletcher had caught her shock because before her hand had even left the lounger, his voice crackled inside her ear. “Be smart, Nancy! Remember the mission!”

The urgent warning was enough to stop her for just a second, which was enough for the rainbow-haired man to pull his hands out of her bottoms, holding them up in mock apology with a wide, cheeky smirk on his face.

“Oops, sorry, shorty, my hands must have slipped!” he quipped, infuriating her inwardly with his gleaming grin. She saw a slight twinge of disappointment in his eyes and knew that he had hoped to get a good look at her tits when she jumped. Fortunately, however, one instinctively placed forearm had constructed the view.

“Err… I… it’s okay…” Nancy stammered, feeling her face redden slightly as she fought to keep her anger in check. She could still feel his callous hands on her ass, spreading her wide…

“How about I do your legs next?!” Kateshi offered and before she even had a chance to reply in any way he quickly made his way around her lounger. Nancy’s eyes followed him with suspicion, her heart pounding in her chest.

This was new. She had taken up covers before, posed as different people to advance her cases, even dressing up in eye-catching fashion, but this was new. She never had a suspect, let alone one looking as off-putting as this one, put his hands on her body and it was taking the intensity of the experience to a whole other level. She knew Syd had gone this far a few times in the past, but Syd was more experienced in this part of their work…

“Just hang in there, Nancy. A little bit more and he’ll take you up to his room!” If Fletcher had stood next to her saying this it would have drawn a snarky reply, but - truth be told - it actually helped her, focused her.

Kateshi squeezed another healthy portion of oil into his palm. He firmly grabbed her left calf and began to work his thumbs into her muscles, methodically making his way up from her ankle up towards the back of her knee. Nancy’s head dropped back onto her hands. Scumbag or not, the man had some hands on him…

The wannabe rapper watched her every reaction like a hawk. Reading all the little signs and twitches, he quickly figured out her most sensitive spots by kneading first one leg up to the knee, then repeating the process with the other. The little bitch’s body was just fantastic! He admired the flawless, golden skin, the well-defined, feminine musculature of her legs as he made his way up, though his eyes continuously drifted upwards.

Sneakily, while massaging each of her calves, he had inched her legs apart bit by bit, spreading her thighs apart without her noticing. This now gave him a good, close-up view of Nancy’s bikini-clad pussy. His cock stiffened in his pants as he could clearly make out the groove of her sex beneath the white fabric, which, still soaked from the pool water, clung to her every curve and showed off way more than intended. The bitch was definitely totally smooth.

“You are totally gorgeous, shorty, you know that!” he whispered at her as he moved up, now grabbing her athletic thighs with both hands and kneading the firm flesh, triggering a soft moan in response. Smirking he worked himself upwards in small circles, eyes focused on her ass-cheeks. His fingers along the inside of her thigh inched dangerously close to her covered mound but just as he felt Nancy begin to tense up he stopped and moved back down, repeating the process on her other knee.

Nancy actually had to concentrate so she would not moan with delight. She tried her best to keep her head in the game, but each time those strong hands came up on her thigh this got harder. She really couldn’t help herself.

Patiently working her over, on each repetition Kateshi edged himself a fraction of an inch closer to her cunt, easing her into it. And the slow approach paid off: instead of tensing up, the bitch stayed fully relaxed despite the fact that the tips of his fingers began to brush over her hot, covered cunt. Not only that, she actually pushed her ass up towards him, offering himself like the little groupie slut she was. He decided to go for it!

“Gah!” Nancy’s eyes widened in exasperated shock, her mask slipping for a split second when all of a sudden she felt one of Kateshi’s fingers sneak beneath the band of her thong. As she felt the back of his finger brush against the smooth lips of her pussy, all pretense dropped, “You…”

Pulling the back of her bottoms to one side while using his other hand to spread her open, Kateshi exposed Nancy’s cunt and asshole fully to his view. A wide grin spread across the thug’s tattooed face. As he had suspected, her small, sleek pussy was completely shaved. The small, off-brown inner lips were just visible, clamped between her outer labia and promising a delicious tightness. The tight, little asshole above was just perfect in every way. Cute and innocent and just ever so slightly darker than the surrounding skin, the tightly puckered iris of her sphincter clenched up shyly below his gaze. The things he would do to this hole…

Nancy was stunned by this utter brazenness. She had been prepared to get groped a little bit. It came with the nature of a mission like this and she had shielded herself mentally to endure that, but this was different. Her mind went into shock for a moment as she felt cool air against both of her petite nether holes, giving Kateshi a long, drawn-out look.

“Nancy, keep it cool!” she heard Fletcher’s voice in her ear. Surely, he couldn’t see details of what was happening, but from the way her body tensed it must have been obvious on the camera that she was shocked.

 “St- stop it!” Nancy gasped, managing to pull away from Kateshi’s invasive hands, a look of utter shock on her face. She wanted to smack him and it might have just been Fletch’s voice in her ear that had stopped her as her head whipped around. Inadvertently this gave the rapper, the hacker and the two geeks watching from the other side of the pool area a short flash of her bare tits before she covered up just as quickly.

“Shit, shorty, you have nothing to be embarrassed about!” Kateshi grinned, oblivious to the fact he had been a split second away from receiving a well-earned black eye, “That’s some fine looking pussy you have there.”

Nancy’s throat tightened and she had to fight back with every fiber of her being not to crush the insolent prick right then and there, but to focus on the mission instead. The greater good... She took a deep breath, reaching behind herself with her free hand to adjust her bottoms, covering her modesty. “I… I know!” she replied, blushing. Her next sentence made her feel nauseous. “So how about we go up to your room? Have a little party… it is a little crowded here…” she whispered, nodding towards their audience.

“Oh, absolutely!” Kateshi eagerly agreed, still unable to quite believe that such a stunning hottie wanted to be his groupie. He must have been even more famous that he even realized. “I will take good care of you, shorty!”

God, I hope not… Nancy thought, but only gave a wide smile as she re-tied her bikini top and collected her things before turning to join Kateshi.

Nancy gave a girly squeal as she found herself face to face with the rainbow-haired rapper and his big, strong hand came down square on her butt, the slap ringing loudly and making her jump. Then, instead of letting go, he grabbed a firm handful of her ass as he led her along the pool towards the elevator, groping and fondling the inwardly seething detective’s posterior on the way past the two geeky boys who stared with unveiled envy.

“Everything is going to plan, Nancy!” she heard Fletcher’s amused voice in her ear. Feeling Kateshi’s finger trace the crack of her butt, shamelessly rubbing her asshole through the flimsy fabric of her bottoms, the flustered Latina did not agree with that assessment, whatsoever. This mission was turning out trickier than she had anticipated…

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