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Kateshi had not promised too much. Sure to hit a big payday on his deal, the young rapper seemed to be in a spending mood. As he unlocked the door with his keycard and let Nancy in, the LAPD detective automatically scanned the room, instinctively picking out possible escape routes and, after that, stuff that would work as a weapon in a melee.

“Pretty fucking sweet, huh, shorty!” she heard the tatted-up douche boast behind her in his pathetic desire to get his ego stroked.

Which did not mean he was wrong. The first word that came to her mind when Nancy stepped into the room was “lavish”. Sun-flooded due to a big window wall that led out to a good-sized balcony via a sliding door, the room Nancy stepped into was a high-ceilinged, marble-tiled lounge. The walls were adorned with several paintings from masters of different periods. A bar on the far end showed off a nice display of different drinks with a huge music station set up in the corner next to it. Two white leather couches, arranged in an “L”, formed the sitting corner around a small glass table.

“This looks, like, so cool!” Nancy cooed, playing up her groupie alter ego and looking around wide-eyed, utilizing the act to further map out the room. A huge, carved, double-winged door stood open and revealed the view into the bedroom. She saw a big, king-sized bed with tussled, untidy silk sheets and next to that, on the nightstand sat Kateshi’s laptop. She quickly made a mental note of that. “It must have been so expensive!”

Her comments had the desired effect and as Nancy turned, Kateshi had a huge, proud grin on his face, revealing his golden grill. He liked how impressed she was.

“Let me put on some of my music, so we can get this party started!” he said and rushed over to the music equipment, a bit too eager for the cool rap-star persona he was trying to sell.

Watching him, for a split-second Nancy played with the idea of sneaking up on him and locking up a rear-naked choke to leave him unconscious. Then she could upload her spyware, maybe take a few things with her and the idiot would believe he had been played and robbed while her original intent was masked.

However, just as quickly, she went through the flaws of her plan. There was no way to be sure he would be out long enough for her to do the deed. And even if he was, she would have to leave his laptop and phone and what kind of thief would leave those behind?!

Just as she tossed out the idea, a really, really bad beat started to pound out of the speakers, filling the room and making her literally recoil. She barely managed to hide her feelings of disgust and replace it with a wide smile as Kateshi turned to face her, a smug smirk on his tattoo-littered face. Improvising, she began to rock her body with the beat, starting to dance as best as the song allowed.

The young rapper loved this. Quickly moving in, he grabbed Nancy with both hands and pulled her close, rubbing his trunk-clad form up against her as he danced with her to his own music.

“Alright, Nancy, I hacked into the hotel’s database and created a problem with this douche’s credit card. There’s an error message on screen now and they should call any minute!”

Fletcher’s voice in her ear was a blessing, helping her to mask her displeasure as she was humped by a half-dressed wannabe gangster. She almost gagged as he reached around her and once more grabbed her ass, squeezing a cheek in each hand.

“You have a fantastic ass, shorty!” he complimented her and she forced herself to smile in response, feeling his fingers dig into the tight flesh of her bubbly booty.

She could feel his dick against her hip, separated from her bare skin merely by the fabric of his shorts! Her eyes widened as she felt, realized the size of the guy’s tool. That can’t be real, Nancy thought in honest shock. It felt almost as thick as her wrist!

“I will get us something to drink!” Kateshi yelled over the music and Nancy nodded, not at all disappointed to get a little bit of space to gather her bearings a little. Man, she hoped those guys at reception worked quick!

She turned away, allowing her mask to slip for a moment and take a few long, deep breaths, calming herself. Her first time getting this close to a POI and she was in no rush to do this again.

When she turned around, she almost panicked. The rainbow-raired douchebag was approaching her, a huge bottle of champagne in hand, but it was his other hand that tied her tummy up in knots. Lifted up for her to see, Kateshi held two small, triangular, light green pills between his thumb and forefinger. Her heart skipped a beat when she realized that these were the designer party-drugs he was trying to sell. It appeared the idiot was disregarding every dealer’s number one rule: do not get high on your own stash!

She watched as Kateshi popped one of the two pills into his own mouth before approaching her, wrapping his arm around her waist and attempting to feed her the other one. Instinctively, Nancy recoiled.

“Err… I’m not sure about that!” she shouted over the music, putting on an apologetic smile.

“Come on!” Kateshi was having none of it, pushing his hand into her face insistently, “Live a little, shorty!”

Uneasy, her attempts to dodge the rapper’s hand getting harder and harder, Nancy relented, opening her mouth and allowing him to place the pill inside. Before swallowing, she made sure to push the pill into her cheek to make sure not to accidentally swallow it down. Seeing her throat work, the mumble-rapper grinned.

“See, all easy!” he grinned, letting go of her to get to work on the champagne bottle.

Nancy gave him a smile while turning away. Looking around, she scanned the room for a place to quickly and quietly discard the pill. Out on the balcony? Too far. The potted plant? Too conspicuous. Making her decision, she slowly made her way towards the couch. Maybe I can get rid of it between the cushions, she thought.

She jumped at the loud “Bang” behind her and before she could react a strong, powerful arm wrapped around her from behind. To her horror, Kateshi’s other hand came around as well, a bubbling bottle of champagne in it, which he quickly brought up to her mouth.

“NO-glllgh!” Nancy protested, her cry cut short when the bottle was pressed to her lips and tilted, pouring sweet, bubbly liquid into her mouth. Overwhelmed and surprised, Nancy swallowed reflexively two times before it became too much and she gagged. Sticky, foamy champagne burst from her mouth and nose, running down her chin and over her tits and she broke out into a coughing fit as Kateshi, laughing, poured more champagne over her face.

“Blgh- you fucking- MMPH!” her tirade got cut short when the rapper once again caught her off guard and reached to grab her face, forcing her to turn her head and mashing his lips against hers. Nancy froze as he kissed her roughly. Her eyes flew wide at this new violation, his body pressing against her back rocking with the beat of his shitty music, his mouth covering hers, hand keeping her from pulling away. This had gotten way out of control.

“Yeah, bitch!” Kateshi grinned as he finally let her go, his hand dropping from her cheek back down to her hip, holding her tight and grinding against her ass, making her feel that thick, long cock.

Nancy gasped for breath, too stunned to put much of a resistance up. Her mind raced. Desperately, she checked her mouth, hoping to find the pill still in there, but to her horror it was gone. Did she swallow it? Or did she spit it out when she coughed. She wasn’t sure, but she suspected that she had just ingested some designer party drugs. Horror knotted her tummy up.

Kateshi was having the time of his life. Drugs, booze, a gorgeous slut in a bikini… he was living the rockstar life. Soon he would cut a deal that would bring him a significant amount of money. Damn, this bitch’s ass is nice, he marveled, rubbing his gradually hardening cock against her crack.

At a loss, Nancy could do little else but let things happen, let this young, tattoo-covered lowlife rub himself against her. What was taking so long?


At just that moment, the room’s phone, sitting on a small table beside the couch, began ringing. A huge wave of relief washed over the detective. Not a moment too soon. She was beginning to feel light-headed, her suspicion that she had swallowed the drug reinforced. Back to the plan!


Suddenly, it dawned on her that Kateshi seemed to have no intention of answering the phone. Her blood ran cold as she realized the glaring flaw in her plan.


“Err… do you want to get that?” she asked, her voice almost shaking with hope that he might just not have heard the ringing over the music.

“Nope!” Kateshi replied and Nancy almost let out a squeal when he reached up and grabbed her left tit, roughly squeezing the firm, yet soft flesh while bringing the big bottle of champagne up to her lips again, making her drink several long gulps of champagne once more.

Stunned, Nancy just let it happen. Her mind raced as her tit was kneaded like dough and she was force-fed alcohol. What now? The phone rang several more times before it stopped and Nancy felt more than a little woozy as adrenaline, booze and drugs worked in a potent mix. She found it hard to come up with a solution.

Kateshi felt a little bit of apprehension as he got more aggressive. She was probably not used to it. She didn’t give him the vibe of the regular groupie and while the couple of tattoos hinted at a wild side, he guessed that partying with a rap star was not something she regularly got into. She had just gotten lucky.

So had he! The fucking tits on this slut were real! This body was just too good to be true. Those nice, soft tits, that tight booty, that exotic face… she was just a perfect 10 out of 10 piece of ass! He noticed that she seemed to get a bit shy on him, but in fact he didn’t mind that. Actually, he welcomed it, welcomed the opportunity to teach her a fucking lesson. He would break this bitch in half!

“You’re so fucking hot, shorty!” he yelled over the music. Letting go of her tit, he grabbed her hair, done up in a ponytail and decidedly tilted her head back before lifting the bottle again and pouring champagne, most of it into her mouth, some of it just sloppily over her face.

Nancy almost sobbed. She was utterly overwhelmed by the situation. The phone began ringing again, but it just went ignored. Her face, breasts and stomach were soaked in champagne and she felt a serious impact on her mental faculties. Doubt wrecked her mind. She was in over her head. She couldn’t do this.

“Nancy?! Fuck, Nancy, the prick doesn’t answer the damn phone!” she heard Fletcher’s voice state the infuriatingly obvious in her ear, but it sounded strangely far away.

The tug at the back of her neck brought her mind back in focus, shortly followed by the tug behind her back and all of a sudden her bikini top came loose. This time, Nancy could not hold back the squeal, both her hands instinctively coming up to catch her top and cover herself as she heard Kateshi laugh shrilly behind her. He reached around her, grabbed the loose top she clutched up to her breasts and with hardly any effort he yanked it from her grasp, leaving Nancy McKenna standing topless in the middle of the hotel suite of some lowlife scum. She watched stunned as her bikini top was carelessly tossed away.

Kateshi grabbed her shoulder and just turned her around, making her feel like she had no choice in the matter. He grinned down at her, his grill gleaming menacingly and Nancy stared back with big, brown eyes. Her wrists were grasped and peeled away, revealing her breasts.

Kateshi chuckled. She looked like a deer in the headlights, shyly covering up. He pulled her hands away to which she barely put up any resistance and he got the first look at those fantastic tits in all their glory.

Big, but not huge, he guessed them to be c-cups, firm and golden. They sat high on her chest with just the barest hint of sag as they seemed to defy gravity in the most alluring manner, holding a teardrop shape. Her areolas were small, about the size of a dime, lightly hazel-colored and capped by the cutest pair of little nipples he had ever seen, just begging to be sucked on.

“Damn…” he couldn’t help but mutter. Her shy, wide-eyed expression made him want to bust a nut all over her face. He grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her close, kissing her hard on the lips.

After a second he felt her tentatively respond. He could feel her naked tits against himself, those stiff nipples lightly poking into his stomach. He growled, tugging at her full bottom lips with his teeth, making her feel his dominance before he slowly walked backwards, dragging her along with him until his calves hit the white leather couch where he just let himself drop onto it, pulling Nancy after him and making her straddle him, guiding her with a firm hand on her ass.

“Dance for me, bitch!” he growled huskily, underlining his order with a firm smack to her butt, “Give me a fucking lap dance!”

With that, he leaned back to enjoy the show, looking at her expectantly. Nancy stared back for a moment. She had never done something like this before, having to perform for a man like this. Unsure what to do she leaned back, bracing both hands against Kateshi’s knees and rubbed her mound against his crotch. Her face felt hot as she felt her slit slide along his covered erection, her nether lips parting as it did. God, she was wet! Was that because of the drugs and alcohol? Or was she actually turned on by this? She couldn’t help but wonder as she grinded on top of him, rubbing her pussy up against him in sync to the beat of bad mumble rap.

Kateshi watched with a wide smirk. He could tell that she had never done this before, but that was not a bad thing. The important thing was that she was trying and she was looking for his approval. She also undeniably had a feel for the rhythm, working her hips to the beat like someone with way more experience. He could feel her cunt through her bottoms, sliding along his shaft, dry-humping him. Her tits jiggled enticingly as she grinded, bouncing slightly as she got more and more into it.

Grinning, looking deep into those beautiful, brown eyes, he lifted the bottle and poured champagne all over her tits, making her give a sharp hiss. She stopped grinding for a second, but a firm smack to her booty reminded her of her duties and she resumed as he leaned in and sucked the bubbly liquid of her boobs. He could hear her moan softly as his lips, teeth and tongue played with her tits.

The ringing of the phone cut right into the moment.

“Fuck!” Kateshi yelled in frustration, making Nancy jump as he pulled back. He rolled his eyes in annoyance. “You continue!” he ordered as he leaned over to the small table, grabbing the phone.

“What?” he snapped, his glaring eyes fixed on Nancy, making her keep her pace, rolling and grinding her hips and rub her pussy against his dick.

“Don’t care! Not now!” he spat and Nancy’s heart skipped a beat as he slammed to phone back onto the station. She couldn’t believe this was happening!

“Get up! Turn around! Show me that ass, bitch!” Kateshi demanded, putting his hand on her hip and almost shoving her out of his lap.

Nancy gasped, her woozy mind complying before she actually knew what was happening. Sliding out of his lap she stood. Her knees felt slightly shaky for a second, but before she even thought about it she turned, facing away from the rainbow-haired douchebag, looking back at him over her shoulder to receive his next command.

“What are you waiting for, cunt? Dance!” he hissed, underlining his demand with a stinging slap, causing her to flinch.

Nancy swallowed hard. She was clueless. She had never danced for a man like this before. Dance with a man, sure, that she had done, but this? Performing for him, showing herself off? It seemed so very debasing…

“Fuck, Nancy, hold on tight, I guess I will need to bring out the bigger guns. Just give me a minute…” she heard Fletcher’s voice in her ear. She could hear his concentration, hear the clicking sounds of his big black fingers on the keyboard as he worked feverishly.

Taking this glimmer of hope and knowing the end was in sight brought some life into Nancy. Just a little bit longer. Concentrating on the weird, hard beat she lifted her arms over her head and let her hips flow, shaking her hips from side to side.

“There we go!” Kateshi grinned, taking a big gulp from the bottle as Nancy’s thick, toned ass began to wiggle for him. He leaned back in the couch with a smirk, in a markedly nonchalant way, nodding his head along to his own music, “Dance for me, bitch!”

Damn, those pills were fantastic. Giving you a nice high, they also very much lowered inhibitions and had the added effect on women to act like female Viagra. He bet the slut’s cunt was fucking sopping wet at this point. He could not wait to find out!

“Alright, now twerk that ass for me!” he yelled over the music. She looked back at him like she had no clue what he was talking about but another smack to that bouncy booty quickly reminded her. She gave a cute little gasp and then began to do as she was told.

Nancy had actually twerked before, though the setting had been completely different back then. On a girl’s night out with Syd, the two of them had had a few too many drinks at a karaoke bar and Syd had suggested a game of betting, one thing led to another and Nancy suddenly found herself bouncing her booty for her partner’s viewing pleasure, who found the entire situation hilarious before actually complimenting her butt.

Now, instead of tight leather pants, Nancy was wearing a pair of tight, white bikini bottoms, which at this point had bunched their way up in her ass in a very appealing wedgie that put her cheeks on almost full display. Insecurely, she started shaking her ass up and down, feeling her flesh jiggle behind her. Peering back over her shoulder she found herself relieved that Kateshi enjoyed the show.

What the actual fuck was going on?! What in the hell were these drugs that for a second made her long for the approval of this deadbeat, lowlife scumbag? This was not her and she was aware of it, but it seemed her mind was always a step too slow to catch up to her actions.

“Come closer! Bend over! Hands on the floor!” Kateshi ordered, his cock hard in his swimming trunks as he directed the Latina into a position where she was shaking her butt right in his face with it being the highest point of her body. That pretty pussy mound bulged between her thighs.

Nancy felt the blood rushing to her head as she complied, twerking her ass in Kateshi’s face. Legs spread slightly, hands and feet planted on the floor, her bare tits swinging beneath her chest it was probably the most humiliating position she had ever been in.

Fletcher, you damn ass, you better work fast, she thought grimly. She really needed an assist here.

Suddenly, alarm bells shrilled as she felt fingers hook into the waistband of her bottoms, pulling them down.

Kateshi licked his lips as he slowly, ceremoniously, inched the bikini bottoms down that shaking ass, peeling it away and exposed the crack of her beautiful bum. He could feel her tense up for a second, but she was wise enough not to stop him and continued to bounce her ass. His eyes gleamed as he revealed the wrinkled, brown iris of her asshole, winking at him from between the jiggling buttocks. He stopped right there, sensing her expectation for him to continue and deciding to tease her a little bit further.

Instead he watched Nancy’s bare ass twerk, fascinated by the way her bouncing ass-cheeks hid and revealed that tight, taboo pucker again and again. He lifted the bottle of champagne and upended the final bit over her posterior.

Nancy hissed, sharply drawing breath as the cool liquid hit her butt. It had taken her by surprise and she could feel it run down along her crack. Then she let out a yelp as all of a sudden she felt Kateshi’s thick, wet tongue right up against her butthole, licking up the champagne. Instinct made her jump away from the weird sensation, but the young rapper wrapped his arms around her thighs, pinning her in position and actually drawing her into his French-kiss of her asshole.

“Ohmygod!” came out of Nancy’s mouth, her jaw falling and eyes widening. Nobody had ever done this before and she certainly wouldn’t have expected this human advertising column to be the first. She completely froze as Kateshi moaned between her buttocks, the champagne now either licked away or run off and he now just continued to bury his face in Nancy’s ass, embarrassing her.

Keeping her tight with one arm wrapped around her legs, Kateshi continued to lick the tiny hole, lathering it in his thick spit and forcing strained moans out of her while his other hand grabbed the seat of the bunched-up bottoms and without further ado just ripped them straight off.

“Aah!” another embarrassing, girly scream escaped Nancy’s lips as she felt the strings of her bottoms bite into her hips for a second before they snapped. Stunned, she realized that she was now absolutely naked, tits, cunt and ass on full display as she was bent over with her asshole getting licked by this rainbow-haired fuck. How did things escalate so quickly?!

“Nancy, you still there? I upgraded the issue, got the manager involved, but the dude is a fucking pussy. Seems like the cavalry is not doing their fucking job…” Fletcher’s voice rang faintly in her ear.

Her brow furrowed and eyes snapped shut as that tongue sent an agonizingly pleasurable shudder through her body. With her now fully exposed, Kateshi was grinding his chin against her bare pussy now, which just felt mind-numbingly fantastic. It was hard to believe, but it felt like she could cum any second.

The little bitch’s cunt was drooling. The pill seemed to work on her full force, Kateshi realized. His chin was literally coated in her shiny juices as he rubbed the short stubble up against her sensitive folds, which were parting at his touch. This bitch was so ready to get mounted!

With a feral growl, Kateshi spun Nancy around, using his grip around her thighs to perform an almost wrestling-style takedown and slamming the surprised woman face-first into the cushions of the couch, cutting her amusing squeak short. It even seemed to stun her a little as she groggily complied when he manhandled her into the position he envisioned, pulling her ass up with one hand while his other roughly mashed her face into the pillows. Maybe instinctively she tried to use her arms to push herself up, but with his superior position he had no issue holding her down.

“Time to sample that wet cunt, puta!” he hissed, letting go of her hip and, keeping her face down with his other palm at the back of her head, he worked the string of his swimming trunks to hastily push them down, eyes fixed on that submissively raised set of fuckholes. That was a primed piece of Latina pussy if he had ever seen one. Flushed, her swollen inner lips gaped open slightly, revealing a view of appealing inner pink. Her small, pert clit just barely peaked out from under its hood. Basically her entire mound, all the way from her mons pubis down to that sexy, little asshole, was smeared in her sweet, sticky juices.

She struggled slightly, maybe not entirely satisfied with the position, but he just made her as he pulled out his cock. Eight inches, thick, circumcised, rock-hard and ready to go. Placing one foot on the couch, he positioned himself over her. He grabbed his cock around the root and lightly smacked the underside against his bitch’s upraised pussy, causing her to shudder and eliciting a muffled moan. He saw her fingers clench into the leather cushions, bracing herself for what was about to come as he placed the round, shiny bell-end against the entrance to her opening.



Nancy jumped at the frustrated, annoyed cry behind her, just as she had given up, prepared to get impaled and fucked like some slut by this trash rapper she was investigated. She could feel the fat head of his cock against her entrance, parting her sleek lips and stretching the small opening as he threatened penetration, but the sudden ringing of the phone had halted him. He had not pulled back, but he had frozen.


“GOD FUCKING DAMNED! I’m gonna kill that stupid receptionist bitch!” Kateshi roared, taken out of his moment. He let go of Nancy and stepped back, his thick, erect cock bouncing. She lifted her head and peered back at him and seeing the submissive, disheveled look on her face made him want to skullfuck her.

“You stay there!” he hissed, pointing at her threateningly with his finger, “You move and I will make you pay!”

Nancy whimpered but could not help but comply, feeling not equipped to stand up for herself.

“Good bitch!” Kateshi sneered, “Now reach back and spread your fucking ass wide! Show me those slutty, little fuckholes while I rip that bitch a new one!”

Ass raised up high in the air, Nancy felt her body once more complying to the order before her mind quite realized what she was doing. Resting the side of her face onto the cool, smooth leather, she reached back and grabbed a firm buttock in each manicured hand, obediently pulling them as wide apart as she could.

It was a drool-inducing sight, seeing the gorgeous slut like that. Face down, ass up. With her cheeks forced open, both her cunt and her asshole were obscenely spread and Kateshi could see her tiny, little sphincter clench, practically begging to be stretched wide open.

“Good!” he smirked, eyes fixed on his bitch’s holes as he reached for the phone.

“Now listen, you stupid whore! I don’t wanna…” he hissed before he was cut short by a male voice, sounding senior and authoritative.

Nancy heard the man on the other end speaking and while she could not make out what was being said she was sure she recognized Fletcher’s voice, speaking with the determination of a drill instructor. She felt a tear form in her eye as the moment of rest let sink in just how humiliating this was. Butt-naked, face-down-ass-up, showing her wrinkled, virgin asshole off for this scum’s viewing pleasure… how in the world did she let this happen?

“Yes, sir!” Kateshi said when he finally got a word in, his entire tone changed. He lowered his eyes in shame, unable to look at Nancy any longer as the man on the other end tore him a new one, “Yes sir, I will be there right away! Yes, sir!”

He hung up, feeling emasculated. Looking over at her, he saw that despite his humiliating display of submission at the mere commanding voice of a faceless man, Nancy was still holding her position, fingers digging into those firm cheeks to show off her holes, which brought back some of his bravado.

“I need to settle something at reception! I will be back in a minute. If I see you move you will regret it!” he hissed, still irritated before he grabbed his keys and his wallet from one of the counters and stormed off, slamming the door shut behind himself and leaving a stunned Nancy behind.

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