L.A.'s Finest - L.A.'s Finest Honeypot

BY : Sammycolt
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Despite being alone, Nancy found herself remaining in her submissive posture, spreading her ass and showing off her nether holes to the empty room, her mind too rattled by what had transpired over the last couple of minutes. She felt hot. She could feel the drug run through her system, potently limiting her mental capacities, fogging up her thoughts.

“Nancy? Nancy are you there?” Fletcher’s voice rang in her ear, cutting into the numbness of her mind.

“Uh-huh!” she muttered, despite him being unable to hear her, still groggy. She blinked a few times, her mind fighting back the haze. She finally let go of her own buttocks and clumsily pushed herself up onto all fours, groaning as she lifted her head of the couch.

“Seems like I bought you your window,” Fletcher spoke and Nancy squeezed her eyes shut, trying to use the hacker’s voice to focus her mind, “You better get to work before he comes back!”

“… before he comes back!” Nancy repeated, opening her eyes. She needed to get to work. Pushing herself up, she rose to her feet, taking a deep breath before looking around. The bottle! Where was the sun oil bottle with the thumb drive in it?

“Kateshi is in the elevator, about to reach the reception!” Fletcher updated her.

There! On one of the dressers next to the door she spotted the small plastic bottle. Slowly, feeling woozy still, Nancy made her way over, her bare feet slapping loudly on the cold, polished marble. Grabbing the bottle, Nancy caught her reflection in the mirror hanging above the dresser.

“Fuck…” she muttered, blinking in shock. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes reddened. And she was naked! Her tits, her pussy were out for the world to see!

Well, the world isn’t watching right now, she thought. The corners of her mouth tightened as her grit and determination won out over the haziness. Get a grip, McKenna, and get your fine ass to work!

Bottle in hand, walked into the bedroom where she had spotted the laptop earlier. The room was a mess. Colorful clothes were strewn all over, the luxurious, king-sized bed was unmade and several bottles of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages in varying states of emptiness were scattered across the room.

Glancing over to the bathroom she could see that the luxury continued there. Dark, fashionable tiles, a big walk-in shower and the Jacuzzi she faintly remembered Kateshi bragging about earlier. The thing was filled and running. What a wasteful fucking clown…

Focusing on the task at hand, Nancy knelt down on the floor in front of the laptop, opened the bottle’s secret compartment, pulled out the hidden thumb drive and quickly plugged it into the laptop’s port.

“Ah, here we go!” she heard Fletcher’s voice in her head. “Terrific work, Nancy, as usual! Now let me get to work here. All I have to do is… oh, shit!”

Nancy perked up at her hacker’s surprised gasp. “Why does this fucking ear-stud not have a damn microphone?!” she wondered. For the umpteenth time she wanted to snap at Fletcher.

“Err, I think we have a slight problem! The dude has some encryption on his stuff that I did not expect… Not to worry though, that ain’t nothing I can’t beat! Don’t worry that gorgeous head about it, Nancy!” Frustrated, Nancy’s brow furrowed as she heard the clicking of the keyboard. “Damn, why does he… looks like some asshole talked this asshole into way more security than appropriate. Good news is I can beat this with a little bit of time, bad news is… OH FUCK!” Nancy jumped at the shout, her hand instinctively coming up to her ear. “Nancy, looks like I fucking miscalculated! Kateshi’s back! He’s at the door!”


Just at that very second, Nancy heard the suite’s electronic lock slide open. “Fuck!” she hissed, alarmed. Jumping to her feet, she felt a rush of adrenaline, looking around. She couldn’t go back. Leaving the bedroom to greet him would arise suspicion, and if he checked up on that and found the stick sticking out of the laptop she would be hard-pressed for an answer and her mission, in all likelihood, would be a fail. For a split second she considered hiding in the room’s big wardrobe, wait for her opportunity to leave and then go, but with her discarded bikini still lying in the lounge it would look weird if she was gone. Short on time, the naked detective rushed over to the bathroom as she saw the suite’s main door slide open from the corner of her eye. Her gaze fell onto the Jacuzzi and without a second thought, Nancy slipped into the hot, bubbling water as quietly as possible. Not a second too soon as she heard Kateshi’s steps quickly approach the bedroom.

“Shorty?! Yo, where you at?” he shouted before catching a view of her through the bathroom’s open door. His golden grin gleamed again as he saw the Latina nonchalantly lean back against the side of the Jacuzzi, arms spread out on the rim. “Damn, you are one hot bitch! I’ll be right back!

Nancy gave him a smile, though her heart pounded wildly in her chest. The mumble-rapping asshole was not suspicious so far, but she had not planned this through. What was going to happen next? As Kateshi disappeared she looked around, wondering what she would need to do to get out of this. Despite her having her faculties together now more than before she could still feel the powerful sensations of the drug in her system. She still was not at full strength.

“I’m working on it, Nancy! Just keep that little fuckhead occupied for another minute or two!” she heard Fletcher’s voice in her ear.

Easy for you to say, she thought, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, the small streams of bubbles tickling her bare tits. She managed a smile, hoping that he would not see through her nervousness as she heard Kateshi approach.

“Oh shit!” she couldn’t stop herself from gasping when the dreadlock-wearing thug reappeared in the doorframe, another bottle of pricey champagne in hand, and now sans the neon green trunks. Completely naked, he gave Nancy the first look at his cock. Previously she had only seen the outlines and felt it when he had smacked it against the lips of her pussy, but this had barely prepared her for the sight and now her eyes widened.

That… thing was at least as thick as her wrist and at least six or seven inches. Still flaccid, it hung between Kateshi’s thighs like a pendulum, swinging slightly with his steps. Veins ran along its entire length and a thick pair of round balls hung beneath. In addition to that, he was shaved, completely hairless, to reveal that the big, dark, menacing dragon on his stomach, was spitting fire. Nancy was speechless as she caught side of the inked flames running the length of his prick.

“Enjoying the show, huh?!” Kateshi chuckled cockily as he made his way to the tub and climbed inside to join her, that big, threatening cock coming close to her face as he sat down beside her, taking a big sip of champagne before setting the bottle aside.

Nancy smiled unsure what to say as the naked man put his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close before she could figure out a way to put distance between them.

“Mmmph!” she gasped as she felt his nude body press against her own and his other hand grabbed her cheek, pulling her into a forceful kiss, his lips and tongue basically pushing her mouth open and he force-fed her the champagne. Her brow furrowed, a part of the alcohol spilled and ran down her chin but most of it ended up in her mouth and she swallowed on reflex, just trying to clear her airways.

It wasn’t until it was too late that she noticed the small pill mixed in with the liquid. Horrified, it dawned on her that she had just been fed another drug. Stunned by this realization she froze, something which Kateshi took full advantage of. His tongue invaded her mouth aggressively, chasing her tongue in her own mouth while his hand dropped from her cheek down to her breast, roughly groping and kneading the soft flesh, eliciting a whimper.

“Little bitch!” he whispered at her, capturing a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed the tight nub, making Nancy grimace in pain, “I’m going to fuck you so good!”

Nancy felt desperate. Any other time she would have handled this punk. Usually she would have been faster and definitely more experienced in hand-to-hand-combat, no matter what the little prick thought. But with her mind all fogged up, it seemed like her body was stuck in molasses. When Kateshi grabbed her by the back of the neck and manhandled her around, all she could do was gasp. When he pushed her upper body down on the cold ceramic of the tub’s side, she barely managed to catch herself with her hands, so she would not land on her face. She could not even twist loose from his grip as he seemingly effortlessly bent her over the side of the Jacuzzi, forcing her to push her ass out.


Kateshi landed a slap on Nancy’s ass, sending droplets of water spraying off in all directions. His fingers sunk into the flesh of her plump booty, once more exposing her pouty asshole.

She whimpered, feeling weak as she peered back over her shoulder, trying to plead with him. The look of hunger in his eyes shocked her as he stared at her. Sticking his ring and forefinger into his mouth he lathered them up, glaring right into her soul as he brought them down.

“GAAH!” Nancy cried out as two fingers stretched her pussy, curling against her sensitive, wet folds. She squealed, writhing about as the rapper started to pump her twat roughly, but his hand’s grip on the back of her neck held her in position.

Just as expected, Kateshi found the woman dripping wet. The merchandize really was an incredible product, not falling short of the reputation of female Viagra it was marketed as. Her sleek, fleshy folds parted like butter, letting two fingers sink in without any resistance whatsoever and her plentifully flowing juices provided ample lubrication.

The sounds this slut made were also quite delicious. Not only the moans and pathetic whimpers she received his thrusts with, but also the wet, squelching noises of her soaked sex sucking on his fingers filled the room, providing a loud, raunchy soundtrack.

“Fucking nice pussy!” Kateshi hissed. Pressing down on her neck he forced her throat all the way down to the rim of the tub, restricting her breathing and making her turn her head to the side while he used the leverage of his fingers inside her to raise her ass even further, driving home his dominance over her.

Nancy sobbed. Her fingers clinging to the side of the Jacuzzi, all she could do was hold out and take it. She was being made to be the receptacle of Kateshi’s abuse and she had little choice in the matter. Worse, it seemed her drug-fueled haze only seemed to accentuate the sensations in her pussy. It felt so fucking good! Horrified and disgusted with herself, Nancy heard her own pleasure-filled moans, felt her knees go weak already. Inadvertently she bit her bottom lip at the finger-fucking she had to endure, feeling her domination get to a certain stupid, feral part of her in a powerful way.

Her responses did not go unnoticed. With his trademark cocky smirk, Kateshi changed his grip from the back of her neck to the side of her head, pressing her skull hard against the cold, tiled rim, squeezing it while renewing his efforts. His palm smacked loudly against the undersides of Nancy’s well-rounded ass-cheeks with each thrust as he stretched her pink tunnel, sending ripples through the supple flesh. He felt her rise to the tips of her toes underneath the bubbling surface, pushing that thick butt back into him like a good little whore.

“Oh… ohgod… oh God…” Nancy rambled as she felt an orgasm quickly build inside of her. Her eyes lost focus at the intense sensations of its approach. Acting on its own accord, her body pushed against the fingers, betraying her. Any second now, this tatted-up, wannabe-gangster, mumble-rapping douchebag would make her cum, hard!

Fascinated, Kateshi saw the look on Nancy’s face. It seemed like she was fighting it, but was quickly losing ground. Her mouth opened wide, ready to scream out her release any second and her eyes rolled in their sockets.


“Ain’t that easy, bitch!” Kateshi chuckled, timing his move perfectly. Mere seconds before Nancy’s release washed over her, tension already building in her tummy, he suddenly yanked his fingers from her twat, causing her to buck in cold shock at the sudden emptiness in her stretched snatch. Before she could let out so much as a scream however, Kateshi brutally yanked her upright by her hair and pulled her up close to him, his hard cock pressed against her ass, water splashing everywhere.

Stunned, Nancy wanted to cry out, but a hand wrapped around her throat and put an end to that, squeezing it shut and killing off every sound at its source while Kateshi jammed his two juice-coated fingers into her mouth. Nancy retched and bucked as his digits forced their way into her gullet, her hands coming up to pull them away, but once more she found herself too weak to make a difference.

“Yeah! Taste that slutty pussy, bitch!” Kateshi gloated at her misery, finger-fucking the detective’s throat as roughly as he had her cunt only seconds earlier, almost making her throw up. He then jammed his fingers as deep as they would go and kept them there, letting Nancy struggle for air.

“Time for you to get the full experience, you little groupie-bitch!” he hissed maliciously into her ear, “That pretty, little cunt is literally drooling for my cock right now!”


“Come on, come on, come on!” Fletcher mumbled, pearls of sweat dotting his bald, dark head as he urgently hammered away at his computer, “You motherfucking, cocksucking, good-for-nothing piece of shit…”

He was heavily embarrassed by how this mission was going. Not by drooling over Nancy and making comments that would be deemed anything but professional… That part was part of his charm and just part of the package of working with him. Plus, strutting around in a tiny bikini like that with her tits pushed together and her ass all out on display, she would probably be more offended if he did not make any comments…

No, what he was embarrassed about was that so far, he had failed at every stage of the plan. His program, the code he was very proud of, had failed to penetrate this punk’s laptop’s security just because of a single wrong assumption of his part. Actually, infiltration of the system should have been complete merely seconds after Nancy had plugged in the stick, but Kateshi used a different, more sophisticated security system than Fletcher had thought possible.

That was not the biggest issue though. He was fixing this now. Changing his code from afar with a few key alterations would assure success and the mission would be accomplished. What was the big issue was that his distraction had well and truly failed and just because of his own stupidity.

He had messed with the hotel’s database just a tad, small changes that were basically untraceable, but it should have taken Kateshi at least fifteen minutes to settle things at reception and get his credit card re-validated. More than enough time for Nancy to pull off their little mission. What he had not accounted for was that the rapper had walked up to the receptionist, wordlessly tossed a bundle of hundred dollar notes at her (in a real gangster move, Fletcher had to begrudgingly admit) and been on his way back. He had already been in front of the door before Fletcher had even noticed his stupid rainbow dreads.

Now Nancy was trapped in a room with him and Fletcher had not the slightest clue of what was going on as he had neither eyes nor ears in there.

He was about to get those though! The huge hacker grumbled as he made the final changes to his code.

“Don’t worry, Nancy! I fixed it! We’re all done here! I’ll be in full control of mic and cam right… NOW!” he spoke into the microphone as he pressed the last keys, then he smashed the enter button.

The big smart tv screen in front of Fletcher went black as his program invaded Kateshi’s laptop, sliding into his software and doing its magic, untraceable, undetectable.

“Gotcha!” Fletcher grinned confidently, adjusting his thick glasses and leaning back as a small percentage bar in the bottom right corner rapidly filled up, indicating the completion of installation. Better late than never…

“And here we g… WHAT THE FUCK!” Fletcher gasped, jumping up and almost tossing his expensive laptop to the floor as the frame was filled with live footage from Kateshi’s laptop camera. Grainy at first it showed a view of his bedroom: a messy bed, a big wardrobe, a big double-winged door towards the lounging room and an open door to the bathroom. Then, the picture snapped into high-definition within a split-second and Fletcher’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

The bedroom appeared empty, but the open bathroom door granted a view of the Jacuzzi inside and Fletcher’s jaw fell as he was granted a full frontal view of Nancy McKenna.

He had done his best not to think about what was happening in the room as he fixed his code, trying his best to focus and get his job done. Nonetheless, possibilities of what could happen to his friend were in the back of his mind. Was she in danger? Was she charming him? How would she stall him? All he had known was that she succeeded in keeping Kateshi from discovering the hard drive as it was still stuck in the laptop’s port. He had not even dreamed about seeing what he saw now. Zooming in on the action, he now took a very close look.

Nancy was sitting in the rapper’s lap, facing away from Kateshi who in turn sat on the tiled rim of the tub. As Fletcher had kept her updated she knew that the camera was switching on and looked right at him with a distraught look on her face. Her glossy brunette hair was a mess, her ponytail all but dissolved and strands of hair stuck to her forehead and cheeks. Her right cheek was flushed, looking like she had been slapped in the face and her luscious, pink lips were parted in a gasp or moan that was stifled by one of Kateshi’s hands that was tightly wrapped around her throat, squeezing it roughly and constricting her breathing.

Fletcher licked his lips as he let his eyes trail south. Nice, full, soft, big tits, wet and gleaming with bath water, were bouncing up and down on her chest with Kateshi’s other hand roughly groping and squeezing them, making Nancy wince visibly as he alternated between them. Her small, light brown nipples stood stiff, being tugged and twisted to the rapper’s heart’s content.

Her toned, feminine abs flexed as Nancy worked her hips up and down, from what seemed like her own volition.

“Fucking hell…” Fletcher whispered, bewildered. Just as he had assumed, Nancy’s pussy was completely smooth and hairless. Her sleek, blushing lips were stretched open, sliding slowly up and down Kateshi’s thick, tattooed shaft as she fucked him, obviously dripping wet. Nancy McKenna, stark-naked, was riding some mumble-rapping douchebag’s cock for all she was worth. The embarrassed expression on her face she looked at the camera with was just the cherry on top.

Still stunned, Fletcher blindly fumbled for the smart tv’s remote and with a push of a button he turned on the sound, turning it up to the max. A second later, the noises accompanying the action on screen filled the room around the flabbergasted hacker.

The splashing of water, Nancy’s soft moaning, the slapping of flesh on flesh of her ass on Kateshi’s groin. Suddenly the young rapper briefly left Nancy’s bouncing chest and delivered a harsh smack to her already blushing right cheek, making Nancy’s head spin and causing her to sob at the hard, ringing impact.

“Fuck yeah, bitch! Ride me harder!” Fletcher heard Kateshi’s lisping voice as Nancy looked at him with an expression of pure embarrassment in her eyes.

Nonetheless, she obeyed his order, speeding up the pace of her riding, her hands braced on the tiles below.

“Damn, Nancy!” Fletcher muttered. He realized he was powerless to do anything. Then he realized that he did not mind that fact. Leaning in, zooming further in, he pushed the laptop camera’s excellent resolution to its brink for a close up shot of her pussy. More than once he had fantasized about having that hole wrapped around his cock and seeing it now, stretched wide by this lowlife fuck, he could not help but admire how pretty it was. Sleek, clean lips, parting around a thick cock, leaving a gleam of wetness on his shaft with every upstroke and a cute, pink clit, jutting proudly from its hood. Nancy’s pussy was as perfect as every other inch of her toned, golden body.

Hesitating only for a second, the big hacker pushed down his trunks. Watching the action of the gorgeous woman being dominated, slapped, choked, groped, had him hard as rock and despite feeling a bit guilty he began stroking his huge, eleven-inch snake. It wasn’t like Nancy didn’t deserve this comeuppance at least a little bit, he reasoned.

“Alright, Nancy, camera works!” he informed her, hardly trying to hide the smirk in his voice, I’ll test if recording works as well…”

“Mmnooohooh!” Nancy moaned out loud, which earned her two hard, open-handed slaps in rapid succession, making her cry out.

“Shut your whore mouth and take it!” Kateshi hissed, misinterpreting her protest.

“Yeah, Nancy, shut your whore mouth!” Fletcher grinned, pressing the recording button to save the video stream in a folder of the personal section of his laptop.

“Damn, he ain’t bad for a kid!” he had to admit as he watched Kateshi’s hand drop to her hip, guiding Nancy’s movements while his hand on her throat arched her back, allowing him to kiss and nibble on the side of her neck.

The effect was immediate. A visible shudder ran through Nancy’s body at the stimulation of the sensitive zone, adding to the sensations of the fat shaft spearing her pussy. Her eyes glassed over, rolling upwards towards the ceiling and her moans gained a feverish note. The kid then added to the onslaught by letting his hands slip between her thighs and finding her clit, roughly rubbing the small bundle of nerves while whispering things into her ear that the camera did not quite pick up. However, Fletcher ventured a guess that they were no sweet compliments.

“Yeah, come on, Nancy!” Fletcher hissed, stroking his cock as he watched the gorgeous detective’s movements become more and more urgent, “Cum on that dick, you cocky, little slut!”

“AARGH!” Nancy’s wails rang from the tv’s speaker, her knees already shaking at the overload of pleasure. Her tits bounced wildly up and down as she slammed her pussy onto the cock for all its worth, moments away from release. When Kateshi the bit down on the side of her soft neck, this was what overloaded her system.

“AAA-GH…” she started to cry out her orgasm when Kateshi tightened his grip around her throat, choking her into silence while simultaneously taking over and fucking her from below. Nancy thrashed about, water splashing everywhere as her poor little pussy was roughly pounded through her orgasm, giving her more than she could ever handle. Overwhelmed by pleasure, Nancy’s gorgeous brown eyes rolled into the back of her head until just the slightest lower rim of her dark irises was visible on the camera’s footage. Her mouth hung open wide in a silent scream that Kateshi had taken from her and her slack, pink tongue actually hung from her mouth as her face turned redder and redder.

“Wooow…” Fletcher grinned as he admired Nancy’s orgasm face. Even after what he had just seen, this robbed her of all dignity as it was not a cute, subtle grimace but instead a feral, stupid, ahegao-like expression. At this moment she looked every bit the dumb, in-over-her-head bimbo that she was.

“Didn’t take you for someone to enjoy getting slapped around so much, Nancy! Now I definitely will need to pound that pussy of yours…” Fletcher decided to take this moment to whisper into her ear, though he wasn’t even sure she could hear him as she looked completely out of it with Kateshi continuing to choke her hard enough for his knuckles to turn white.

Just as Nancy’s red face began to turn a light shade of purple and Fletcher began to get worried that the young man might overdo it, he loosened his grip. A soft moan escaped Nancy’s full lips and she slumped over in his lap, just barely conscious, the thick cock still embedded balls-deep inside her wet pussy. A thin line of drool trickled from the corner of her mouth as she caught her breath, looking thoroughly beaten.


Kateshi barely gave her a few seconds to catch her breath before he slapped her ass hard, eliciting little more than a little whimper from the exhausted Latina.

“Turn around, bitch!” he demanded, “I want to suck on those tits!”

“Yeah!” Fletcher agreed, “And I want to see that tight, little ass!”

Nancy moaned, her usual bravado and confidence completely gone. She moved sluggishly, standing up with the help of two lecherously squeezing hands on her butt-cheeks and almost fell over as she turned around. Fletcher followed with wide-eyed fascination as Kateshi grabbed a hold of a well-rounded ass-cheek in each tattooed hand and guided her as she climbed into his lap, her arms wrapping around his neck for support as she placed her feet on either side of his hips on the side of the tub.

With a grin, Fletcher watched Kateshi guide her pussy down to his thick, pussy-juice-lathered cock. In the process, he spread Nancy’s buttocks apart, giving Fletcher his first view of the stunning cop’s small, brown asshole.

“Goddamn, this is nice!” Fletcher muttered to himself as he admired the petite, wrinkled sphincter. He had always had a thing for girls’ butts and Nancy had one of the finest ones he had ever seen. Unable to help himself, he pressed the mic button.

“Damn, Nancy, you know I think you are stunning all over, but has anyone ever told you what a gorgeous, little asshole that is you have?” he asked her rhetorically, “I’m serious: that puckered little hole might be the prettiest thing about you! I mean, just look at that! Do you EVER let anyone near that? It looks so fucking tiny, I bet it is really sensitive! I bet fucking that feels incredible…”

He could see the muscles on Nancy’s back tighten as he whispered into her ear, but other than that she showed no signs to betray herself. She let herself be lowered onto Kateshi’s lap and Fletcher watched with wide-eyed glee as her small, sleek pussy stretched wide to take in the gangster’s smooth cock. That tiny asshole gave a cute little twitch as she slowly sank down all the way to his wrinkled balls in one smooth stroke.


“Hah… fck… nngh…” Nancy moaned, biting her lower lip as her pussy sank down onto Kateshi’s hard cock. Her face felt hot with shame and excitement. Hearing the words Fletcher whispered into her ear were shocking, humiliating, but at the same time Nancy did not really feel surprised. The big bastard hardly veiled his perversions. Now he got a free show and there was nothing she could do about it.

“H-Aah!” she gasped when Kateshi lifted her, using her ass-cheeks as grips to slide her pussy back up his cock, eliciting stunning sensations. Feeling the hard, vein-marbled cock slide out of her vagina felt nothing short of spectacular. In fact, she had a hard time thinking of better sex she had ever had. She had a strong suspicion that this had something to do with the pills Kateshi had made her take, but she also had to give the smug, prick credit: in his abusive, misogynistic way he was a terrific fuck.

“Ungh!” she groaned, sliding back down all the way until she could feel her wet, sensitive lips touch the base of his cock. His fingers dug into her ass-cheeks, and she could hear a low growl coming from deep in his chest. For a second, the thought of Fletcher flashed in her mind again, watching her, seeing her like this and she closed her eyes.

“Damn, bitch… mh… you really like this, huh?!” she heard Kateshi’s voice, cutting into her bliss. Opening her eyes, she found herself face to face with his heavily tatted features, the golden teeth gleaming at her. She couldn’t believe this man was turning her on so much, was giving her the fuck of her lifetime. She was… better than him! She probably came from origins that were at least as shitty as his, but while he was an absolute loser, she had made something of herself. She had a job, a career, friends and people she cared about. Yet here she was, riding his cock, getting slapped around by him and getting off on it. She felt self-loathing at that very moment, yet it did not stop her from continuing to fuck him. In fact, it made her bounce even faster on his cock, trying to wash away all those thoughts with sparks of pleasure.

Watching the gorgeous Latina get off on his cock was a huge boost to Kateshi’s already overblown confidence. This grade A piece of ass was absolutely loving it, was the little slut he deserved. Mesmerized, he watched her big, soft tits jiggle right in front of him, lightly smacking together every time the slut thrust herself down on his cock. Still groping her ass in a two-handed grip, he leaned in and managed to catch one tit in his mouth, sucking the stiffened peak in and latching on, hearing her respond with a guttural groan. Her hands cradled the back of his head, holding him close as her fingers twisted into his dreads, encouraging him to continue. What a complete fucking slut…

“Hngah!” Nancy gasped when suddenly she felt teeth against her sensitive flesh. Shocked, she looked down to find Kateshi’s grinning back at her with her sensitive, light brown nipple trapped between his golden teeth. Wide-eyed, she watched as he leaned back, stretching the soft, malleable flesh out painfully causing her to grimace, until finally, her stiff tit-tip pulled free and bounced back into the previous, flawless shape, throbbing intensely. He then stretched out his thick, red-brown tongue and licked across her entire breast, leaving a trail of slimy saliva on Nancy’s chest.

“Damn, Nancy, looks like you’re having a good time! I did not think he was your type, but that pussy sure is soaking wet!”

Nancy felt herself blush, though it surely was not visible on her flushed face. She glanced back over her shoulder at the laptop in the bedroom, camera pointed right at her. She was going to kill Fletcher for this. A pervy comment was one thing. In fact, that almost was a running gag between the two of them by now, but watching her peril, a good part of which was his fault to begin with, and mocking her on top? She was going to kick his oversized, black ass!

“Oohohohohohohoh!” Her attention was quickly brought back to the present as Kateshi seemed fed up with letting her ride at her own pace. He found some leverage with his heels on the floor of the Jacuzzi, digging them in and braced his shoulders against the wall behind himself to thrust his hips up into her. Taking the lead from her, Nancy was held in place by her fleshy, spread ass-cheeks, squatting above his lap as Kateshi began to fuck her hard and fast, changing the bouncing rhythm of her golden tits to a wild jiggling. Wide-eyed, her head whipped around to face Kateshi again, her mouth gaping open in an expression of surprise.

Water splashed all about as Kateshi vigorously rammed his wide, girthy prick into the Latina’s smooth, supple pussy. He clenched his jaw, the soft, slimy inner walls of her cunt feeling fantastic wrapped around his cock, as they suckled and milked him delectably.

When he had hit on her earlier at the pool, despite the artificial aura of confidence he had put up, he had been almost sure to be shot down, just like he usually was. This fine piece of ass was several leagues above the bitches he struck out with on a regular basis. Not only was she gorgeous, but she also gave a vibe of intelligence and self-assuredness, two assets that did not bode well for his success.

He had almost squealed like some geeky teenage girl when she had known who he was. Luckily he had managed to avoid just that, but getting recognized hardly ever occured. For it to happen just then, coming from this stunner in a tiny bikini, it was like a deity was watching out for him and he planned on taking full advantage.

Now, squatting naked above his cock as he pounded her perfect little pussy, she did not exude her classy vibes as much anymore. Hair disheveled, face flushed, tits bouncing, she looked like a slut. She looked like his slut! As he watched her brow furrow with a needy, helpless expression in her eyes and he knew he would take his frustrations out on her pristine, little slit. Every humiliation and ridicule he had endured for his music, every snooty bitch turning her nose up at him, this whore would pay the price for it!

Unaware of his thoughts, all Nancy could think about was the powerful pounding her pussy was enduring. Her arms slung around Kateshi’s neck, she simply held on as he had his way with her. She could feel his big, wrinkly balls slap against her exposed, spread asshole with every thrust, knowing that this was caught on film by Fletcher, who more than likely beat off to the invasive show he was getting. Due to the drugs, even this lewd thought turned her on further, something she registered with horror. What kind of pervert had these pills made of her?

“AAH… what are… ungh… you doing?!” she yelped, eyes wide in shock when she was hoisted off her feet and into the air as Kateshi began to get up, gritting his teeth as he worked his way up to his feet. Feeling a sudden fear of falling, Nancy’s grip around his shoulders tightened, clinging on. She could feel his dick shift inside her vagina as he succeeded in standing up in the Jacuzzi, holding her up by her ass with her arms and legs slung around him.

Kateshi snickered at the confused look on her face. “Better hold on tight, bitch!” he grinned ominously and before Nancy had the chance to ask or wonder he began to fuck her standing. Timing the rhythm of his hips exactly with the grip on her ass, he fucked Nancy hard and quick and the loud slapping of flesh on bare flesh filling the room. The bitch stared at him like he had just revealed himself to be the devil straight from hell: jaws slack, eyes wide, unable to bring out much of a sound as she was being pounded. He felt her cross her ankles behind his butt, but right now all the power was in his hands. This bimbo was in for a ride.

“Shit, Nancy, we really have to hook up. Looks like you are one hell of a fuck…”

Even if the current conditions had allowed it she would have been unable to reply to Fletcher. Her mind felt like mush, unable to think of anything but the inked-up cock inside her pussy and all she did was stare dumbfounded at the freakishly ugly young man giving her the best sex of her life. He would make her cum again!

Kateshi carefully watched every traitorous twitch on her face, every minute detail that told him how close she was. He had a plan for what he wanted to do and for this, timing was of the utmost importance! He carefully observed how the corners of her eyes tightened as she felt the growing orgasm inside her. How she tilted her head back, moaning her bliss up to the ceiling.

“Yeah… ngh… that’s a good fucking slut… rgh… cum for me… you dumb bimbo!”

Unable to help herself, Nancy found her breath quicken even further, reaching a feverish pitch. Mentally she just succumbed to it. She was not going to try and fight this back. He was going to make her cum again. It seemed like she truly was a slut. She let out a wailing moan, announcing the impending release.

Once more, the rapper surprised her completely. Changing his grip so he could hold her up by her butt with one hand, his others came around quick as a snake and Nancy was once again caught off guard when his hand latched on to her throat.

“IIIIIIIIE-GLRBLBLBLBLBL!” Nancy’s terrified squeal was cut short when her wet arms slipped off and Kateshi pushed her over backwards, basically flipping her over as he pushed her head beneath the water’s surface, all the while keeping her hips adjoined to his.

Despite being slowed by the water, Nancy still hit the back of her head hard enough to see stars as she was roughly slammed onto the ground of the Jacuzzi. Staring up at him in shock she saw his blurred form above the surface, capturing her flailing legs in each hand and pushing them down, essentially folding Nancy double with basically just her well-rounded ass sticking out above the surface. Panicking, she tried to scramble and break free, but found herself unable to find any leverage whatsoever. Her fingernails slipped off the tub’s smooth ceramic surface and Kateshi had little problem keeping her in position. Cut off from any precious oxygen and with her lungs empty from her surprised scream she struggled, but could do nothing but let Kateshi use her pussy like some fleshlight, hoping he would let her up soon. She could hear his maniacal laughter from above the surface.


“What the fuck…” as shocked by Kateshi’s sudden outburst as Nancy was, Fletcher had jumped up from the bed, shorts around his knees with his humongous cock bouncing in front of him. Powerless he watched Nancy being submerged, her head pushed under, struggling. A cold shudder ran down his spine as he saw Kateshi snatch up her ankles and push them down too. All he could see now of his hot friend was her ass sticking up above the Jacuzzi’s tiled rim - two tan spheres, jiggling as she was fighting – as well as the sleek, spread lips of her pussy, which Kateshi now… abused, for a lack of better word.

Terrified, Fletcher watched the screen, watched Nancy being pounded by that maniac. From the looks of her up-sticking butt she was struggling for air and he was absolutely powerless to help. Nancy was on another floor, he would never reach her in time to save her…

“Yeah, cum for me, you little bitch!!!”

“What the…”  the big geek raised an eyebrow in confusion as he watched the mumble-rapper’s tatted hand reach between Nancy’s legs, suddenly roughly rubbing her clit.

“Yeah, bitch!” Kateshi laughed triumphantly as he suddenly pulled his cock from Nancy’s at this point well-used snatch and stepped back, grabbing a hold of Nancy’s thighs and spreading them wide while holding her in position.

Fascinated, Fletcher watched as Nancy’s butt bucked convulsively upwards, her slimy, slightly gaping pussy visibly twitching once before a stream of clear liquid shot from it up into the air. The detective exploded like a volcano with the rainbow-haired idiot cackling like a maniac.

“What a complete, fucking whore…” Fletcher muttered, an incredulous grin spreading on his face and he dropped back on the bed. Nancy was having a squirting orgasm from being abused like this. “What an absolute, dirty fucking whore!”


Nancy felt desperation as she slowly lost her strength. Here she was, getting fucked by this inked-up clown, unable to breathe. No more air… She felt the darkness creep into the corners of her vision, his thick, brutal cock still punishing her pussy. His fingers attacked her clit. She felt herself losing consciousness. Opening her mouth, water flowed in, her body convulsed hard.

Kateshi’s cackling laughter came from far away. She felt his cock pull from her pussy, leaving her feeling empty, her vaginal muscles clenching around nothing. Strong hands forced her thighs apart and a powerful shake rattled her body. She felt something gush from her snatch, heard Kateshi laugh at her, then her vision faded.

“Oh, don’t die on me, bitch!” Kateshi chuckled. Reaching down, he grabbed a handful of soaked brunette hair and roughly yanked Nancy’s head above the surface. Usually, the sharp pain in her scalp would have made her cry out in pain, but at this point Nancy was preoccupied with taking a wheezing breath.

Kateshi sneered at the spluttering woman. Holding her in position on her knees by her hair he stepped closer and proceeded to slap his fat erection across her nose and cheeks, making her flinch.

“Mmmhnooo!” she protested, still coughing. She tried to push him off, but was too weak, only succeeding in making him laugh.

“You have a serious choking fetish, bitch!” Kateshi grinned, “Let’s explore that some more!”

Nancy let out a weak scream as she was dragged out of the tub by her hair. Water splashing everywhere, she fell hard onto all fours on the bathroom floor and before she could gather her thoughts, Kateshi dragged her along, yanking her by her hair into the suite’s bedroom as she struggled to follow, wincing in pain.


The sight of Nancy McKenna’s desperate, bewildered face as she was dragged - butt-naked, dripping wet, on all fours, by her hair by a dude covered in bad tattoos towards the bed where further defilements surely awaited her - absolutely made up for every time her cocky confidence had annoyed Fletcher.

“Yeah, come bring that slut center-stage!” Fletcher grinned, the shock he had just received forgotten. Hacking briefly at his laptop he was delighted to find that Kateshi seemed to have linked his own laptop up with the smart tv in his room and within seconds Fletcher had access to the camera, giving him a second angle on the unfolding action. He could hardly decide which view he liked better. Nancy’s flushed, stunned face or that well-rounded ass as she crawled with her blushing, utterly used pussy bulging out between her thighs.

“Aah… P-please…” Nancy squealed, face distorted in discomfort as Kateshi hauled her up onto the bed, leading her crawling to the center of the big mattress before jumping atop as well.

“Fucking little slut needs another lesson!” Kateshi growled, eliciting another cry from Nancy when he pulled her head down, forcing the side of her face down to the sheets before standing and placing his left foot on her temple.

“Oww!” Nancy protested as her face was mashed deep into the soft mattress, grimacing.

“Shut up!” the mumble-rapper snapped at her, painfully grinding the sole of his foot to drive his domination home.

Fletcher marveled at his twin perspectives, which he had divided on each side of his huge screen. On the left, Nancy’s face all but disappeared in the bedding. He could only make out her right eye, peering at him from underneath Kateshi’s long, slender toes. On the right screen, Nancy’s upraised ass was pointed at the camera. The afternoon sunlight falling in through the room’s huge window front illuminated it all perfectly as Kateshi’s hand came down hard on her shapely left buttock.


“Oww!” Nancy screamed out, taken by surprise. She bucked at the pain, but Kateshi’s foot on her head kept her pinned down in her submissive position, vulnerable to an equally hard slap to her other cheek.



“Shut your mouth!” Kateshi berated her, underlining his words by increasing the pressure on her skull before he took aim again at Nancy’s posterior.


Fascinated, Fletcher watched the decorated LAPD detective receive a harsh spanking at the hands of the thug. Each ringing smack made her butt jiggle enticingly and colored it a little redder, each impact made her cry out loudly in pain. Soon, her well-formed bum was a glowing shape of red and Nancy grunted in pain with each one, her fingers gripping the bedsheets so tight her knuckles blanched.

Meanwhile, her cunt - just as reddened as her butt from the serious poundings that Kateshi had put up on it - was on full display between her thighs. Her neat sex looked properly used, swollen labia gaping slightly and smeared in pussy juices.


Nancy’s plump bottom was sore and flushed when Kateshi finally relented. Grabbing her by her hair again, he pulled her back up to all fours, bringing Nancy’s face close to his. Tears sparkled in her beautiful brown eyes, but there was also a gleam of indignant determination as she glared back. Without another word, the young thug spat a thick gob of saliva right onto the bridge of her nose, causing her to flinch in surprise.

“Bitch!” he hissed before jumping off the bed. Nancy winced as she was dragged over to the side of the bed, then grabbed by the shoulder and roughly flipped over onto her back, her big tits jiggling deliciously with the impact.

“Oww… what are you… ow… doing?!” she asked as he did not even give her a chance to comply but instead simply manhandled her, roughly positioning her by her hair so her head was hanging back over the edge of the bed.

“Oh, this is nice!” Fletcher grinned, guessing what Kateshi was doing. Coincidentally, the young rapper had pulled Nancy into position right in front of the laptop and Fletcher got a great view of Nancy’s irritated face, glancing confused into the camera as Kateshi positioned himself in front of her, his tattooed cock bouncing menacingly in front of her face.

“Open!” he simply demanded, still controlling her with a hand in her hair.

Fletcher could see Nancy had no clue what he was about to do to her and a malicious smile played around his lips as he watched her eyes dart around, trying to understand. Then she committed a grave mistake: she spoke.

“Please, Kate-MMBLSH!”

The big hacker laughed out loud at the blunder. As soon as Nancy opened her mouth, Kateshi took advantage of the situation. Thrusting his hips forward, his carefully aimed cock pushed between her lips, taking Nancy by complete surprise. Fletcher saw her eyes go wide in alarm as her mouth was suddenly filled with dark cock.

Immediately, Nancy’s gag reflex was triggered. Retching loudly, she tried to pull back and get away, but Kateshi grabbed her chin and easily held her in place. Bent-over backwards, she struggled, but given her position he did not even have to put effort in to control her.

“Yeah, bitch!” Kateshi hissed, followed by his maniacal laughter as he began fucking the desperate woman’s face, “Let’s see how deep we can go!”

Reaching up, Nancy planted her palms against Kateshi’s abdomen in an effort to push him off, but her ordeal had left her weak and Kateshi easily captured both her wrists in one hand. Pinning them to her chest, he used this grip to further control her while he took advantage of her face.

Nancy did not take the facefuck well. Obviously unused to be treated in such a way every single stroke made her retch miserably. Fletcher could see the helpless anguish in her expression. Gagging-induced tears quickly formed in her eyes and ran in sparkling trails down the sides of her face. She stared into the camera, but he was not sure if she was imploring him for help or if she was even consciously aware that she was looking at him.

“You’re doing great, Nancy!” he encouraged her, “Just try to relax a bit so that thug can fuck your whore throat properly!”

He saw a definitive twitch of anger in her expression when he mocked her, but that was quickly washed off when Kateshi repeatedly bumped against her tonsils. Thick, bubbly spit began leaking in syrupy ropes from the corners of her mouth and down across her features, with each thrust dragging out more. Nancy tried to twist in Takeshi’s grip, kicking her legs in the air to break free as her own oozy spit began running down into her eyes, gluing them shut.

“Ooooh, this is getting messy!” Fletcher laughed.

Struggling to breathe and with her attempts to free herself fruitless, Nancy quickly grew frustrated. A vein began to bulge on her forehead. She tried to buck by pushing herself off with her heels, but all this brought her was the laughter of the two misogynic men, while she was reduced to being a tool for their pleasure. Not thinking in her anguish, Nancy committed the same error she had committed earlier, screaming in frustration against the big, mushroom-shaped tip in her mouth.

All her outcry did was open up her gullet and on his next thrust the head of Kateshi’s dick pushed into the narrow opening. Despite the spit, Nancy’s eyes shot wide open as her throat was stretched wide and the spongy bellend forced its way into her windpipe, completely silencing her. Fletcher saw the utter horror in her bloodshot eyes as any and all ways for her to breathe were cut off and the mumble rapper, cackling, shoved himself deep.

“Grrrlgbh!” was the unintelligible result of Nancy’s protest. Again, she tried to buck, digging her heels into the mattress for leverage. This time, under a monstrous effort, she briefly managed to bridge her body upwards, but Kateshi quickly contained her.

Shifting his palm from her chin down to her sternum and the hand holding Nancy’s wrist further down her abdomen to just above her pussy, he put enough of his weight on the tired Latina to keep her pinned effectively. He then rewarded Nancy’s spirited struggle by shimmying his hips, inching closer and closer to her and force-feeding her more of his dick.

Fletcher grinned, stroking his erection as he watched the show. He had never seen a woman look so utterly overwhelmed as the gorgeous cop was looking right now. There was little doubt that she had never taken a cock down her throat before and was definitely not a fan of the experience.  And it did decidedly not improve when Kateshi began thrusting.

“Damn, Nancy!” Fletcher mocked her, “That has to get better! If you struggle this much with this guy’s cock, you won’t be able to handle my monster here…”


“Ngh… You fucking Latina whore… hmph… can’t handle that dick, huh?” Kateshi berated Nancy as he skullfucked the pinned beauty. He could see the prominent bulge of her throat as it expanded around his invading cock, giving way to his abuse. With her mouth stuffed like it was, he could hardly hear her make any sounds. While she had loudly retched and coughed before when he had pounded just the cavity of her mouth, now he hardly heard a faint gargling each time he shoved his cock deeper. He liked that gargling sound.

He hardly let her get any air. Only sporadically, he pulled back far enough for her to catch a quick breath through her mouth and Nancy had a hard time breathing even then. Her nose was completely clogged. Slimy spit had run from her mouth and sealed that passage, leaving her in dire distress. His scrotum shaved and heavy, repeatedly smacked her in the nose, a sensation that Nancy could have lived without.

“Mnnnngh!” she protested as she felt Kateshi’s hand leave her ribcage. For a second she considered trying to fight back again, but her previous attempts as well as the prolonged asphyxiation he was subjecting her to had taken their toll. She just was not sure she had the strength to do it.

All her considerations were blown straight from Nancy’s head altogether when Kateshi’s now free hand aimed right between her slightly spread thighs and smacked her square in her flushed, swollen pussy.

“MMNNNGHRL!” she screamed, which quickly turned into a coughing fit as she choked on the thick prick stuck in her airway. She tried clamping her thighs together to protect her sensitive area, but Kateshi managed to squeeze his hand in between, rudely cupping her mound.

“This is the slimiest cockhole I have ever seen!” she heard his sneering voice and whimpered. She could not even deny it. It horrified her, she had never thought it possible, but her traitorous little pussy burned with desire. She got off on getting her face abused! She got off on being choked! These thoughts hit her hard as Nancy’s perspective on herself was changed.

“Spread your thighs! Show me that horny cunt, bitch!”

Feeling defeated, Nancy’s body followed his order before she knew it. Her legs fell open, giving her tormentor free range to do as she pleased. Her compliance was rewarded immediately as three fingers were shoved into her drooling hole, stretching her wide.

“Damn, Nancy! Those went in surprisingly easy! You must really love this, huh?!” she heard Fletcher in her ear, but she could not even find it in herself to be angry. She simply allowed this thug with colorful dreadlocks and a cheap-looking grill to use her from both sides, obediently spreading her legs apart to let him finger-bang her while sealing her lips around his thrusting prick as he used her throat.

She did not even fight back when Kateshi let go of her wrists and instead brutally squeezed her tits, using her soft melons as handles to fuck her mouth even harder. Instead, her hands only fell to her sides, letting him do things to her.

The sight of utter submission was registered with a wide, golden grin. Looking down, Kateshi sheathed his entire length inside the Latina’s throat and kept it there. He had not let her breathe for over thirty seconds now, only giving her short bursts of air before that and he knew he was pushing her. Nonetheless, she made no attempt to struggle as he kept his cock stuffed all the way inside her gullet, his sweaty balls pressing against her dainty nose while he fingered her wet, swollen pussy. Not even when he shimmied his hips, stirring in the depth of her throat. Looked like he had broken that bimbo…

He held her like that until, despite all obedience, Nancy began to move. It was not so much a conscious decision, but the lack of oxygen was causing her body to twitch, moments before passing out. Even then, he gave her another three or four seconds, before he suddenly yanked his cock all the way out, a huge wave of thick throat slime following his cock and plastering messily over Nancy’s features as she gasped for air.

“Fuck, you’re a messy slut! What’s daddy gonna say, biatch?” Kateshi laughed as Nancy wheezed, filling her tortured lungs with much-needed oxygen.

“You know what? It doesn’t matter!” he grinned after letting her get two big breaths in. Grabbing her by her hair he roughly pulled her back into position and shoved his cock back in, going balls-deep on the first stroke, “Cause I’m your daddy now!”

Letting out his maniacal laughter, he proceeded to fuck her face some more before repeating his trick, dragging his cock out along with copious amounts of oozy saliva, which added to the thick, gooey coating that already covered the upper parts of Nancy’s face. Giving her three seconds to get air, he put her back to work.

This act was re-enacted several times, keeping Nancy on the edge of consciousness between her throat-pounding sessions. Each time, a fresh wave of bubbly slime was pulled out, layering on top of what was already there. Soon it looked like Nancy was wearing a cowl of drool, the entire top portion of her face caked in drying saliva. It was hard to even make out her beautiful woman beneath the thick mask of spit.

Meanwhile, Nancy’s cunt only got wetter. Due to Kateshi’s technique, the wet, squelching sounds of his fingers in her pussy were obscenely loud, a testament to her flowing juices. It seemed, the raunchier the abuse, the more certain parts of her anatomy enjoyed it and with the gorgeous detective utterly defaced, her twat leaked girly essence. She had also lost any ambition to hide it. Like a complete slut, Nancy spread her legs wide, giving the camera of the smart tv a perfect show as her pussy juice drooled down the crack of her thick butt to soak the sheets beneath.

“Hell, Nancy, you might be the bigger perv than I am!” she hardly heard Fletcher’s taunt as she slowly drifted off into unconsciousness. The rest of the world slowly disappeared and her mind’s focus was solely on the cock stretching her throat and choking her as well as the three rough fingers in her snatch. Acting on pure instinct, she angled her hips upwards, giving Kateshi even better access to her nether hole, which inadvertently gave Fletcher another highly intrusive shot of how her slippery juices ran down over her puckered asshole.

“Ngh… fucking… cocksucker… bitch… fuck!” Kateshi grunted, sweat of exertion running down his brow. He felt the pulling in his groin, his own orgasm rising as he used the pretty Latina’s face like some disposable masturbation toy. He would cum very soon now. His muscles ached and he knew he was quickly approaching the point of no return, exhausted and worn out, but before his climax he wanted to achieve one more thing: he wanted to make her cum!

It would be the ultimate humiliation. He had felt her initial reluctance when he had first put his moves on her. The little bitch, despite everything, still seemed to consider herself too good for him! He had taken that from her. He had broken her down, bit by bit. He had taken the gorgeous, elegant Latina from the pool and turned her into a quivering, sloppy mess. Making her cum would be the cherry on top. She would never forget that.

The thought gave him the stamina he needed. With fore, middle and ring finger plunged deep into her creamy cunt, forcing wet squelching sounds out of her well-used hole, he pressed his thumb up against her sore clit.


The slut let out a muffled moan that reverberated through his cock as her tired, overstrained body jerked. The small stimulation to her sensitive bundle of nerves was the final nail in the coffin and Kateshi grinned triumphantly when a gush of wetness covered his fingers.

“Fuck, yeah, bitch!” he cackled as he pulled his fingers from her spasming pussy and used his soaked digits to instead roughly rub her entire sex while making sure to keep her gaping cunt lips spread open.

“Eyyyyy!” he hooted as Nancy’s lower body bucked up and she squirted once again, uncontrollably spraying the bed with her juices in three powerful bursts, utterly soaking the expensive linen, her throat still impaled on his prick.

Having reached his goal, the rainbow-haired thug now put his focus on his own goal. Grabbing a big, soft tit in each hand and sinking his fingers deep into the malleable flesh, he let out a grunt as he picked his pace up for a sprint, absolutely skullfucking the gorgeous woman now. He knew she was still awake, if slightly, as she still moved, but he guessed she was mere seconds away from passing out. Not that it mattered. At this point, she was just a receptacle for his spunk.

“You… dumb… cunt… whore!” Kateshi hissed, grimacing as he slammed his cock balls-deep into her face with every thrust. Surely, she’d have a bruised lip tomorrow, but who the fuck cared about her?!

“Ooohfuck!” scowling, he threw his head back. Blindly, while digging into the soft, malleable flesh of her tits, his fingers found her stiff nipples and he squeezed down hard, abusing her even further.

“YYYEAAAHH!” he roared as he finally exploded. Burying his cock balls-deep in the barely conscious woman’s throat he felt a huge burst of cum shoot from his tip and splatter straight into her oesophagus. This caused her to cough hard, but he simply pinned her in place and made her take it, feeding the helpless Latina his batter, who retched and gagged miserably. Ultimately, she coughed violently up against his dick, which caused two lances of pearly, white cum to explode from her clogged nostrils, splattering against his balls for then to fall back and add to the raunchy mess on her face.

“Fucking whore!” Kateshi gasped, his knees shaking with the ferocity of his orgasm as he continued to pump shot after shot of potent jizz down her throat. Slowly ebbing down, he pulled back and watched Nancy’s throat shrink back to it’s original, slender size as his cock slid out. The last two weaker spurts he let dribble into the cavity of her mouth for her to taste. He gave his cock a flex, pushing all remaining drags out between her full lips before he slipped out, eliciting a small, hoarse gasp from her.

“Jeeeeez, bitch…” Kateshi muttered with a huge grin on his face as he staggered back, his legs feeling a bit unsteady.

Nancy lay there motionlessly on the bed, her head dangling upside down over the edge, mouth slightly agape as she panted, finally able to breathe a bit.

“Shit, you’re a mess!” the rapper stated with amused disgust, looking at the fruits of his labor. The stunning woman was utterly defaced. “Taught you a lesson, didn’t I?”

He let out his shrill laughter as he straightened, satisfied when Nancy barely reacted. She moved slowly, sluggishly, obviously not all there.

“I think I’ll give you a minute and grab a drink… will be right back for round 2!” he smirked. His softening cock swayed in front of him as he strutted confidently towards the living room. At the door he stopped, looking back at the destroyed detective. “You want anything, bitch?”

The soft, defeated moan Nancy gave made him laugh loudly again as he made his way towards the fridge.

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