The corruption of Stevie (Good Mythical Morning)

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The corruption of Stevie


Day 1 (Monday)


Stevie woke up as a ray of sun penetrated the gap between the curtains and the wall in her bedroom. Her lovely girlfriend was still sleeping, and Stevie found herself smiling, as Cassie wrinkled her nose and turned in her sleep while muttering something about leprechauns and dogs. The clock read 6:07 AM and Stevie was uncharacteristically wide awake already, so she slowly slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom.

The T-shirt and panties she slept in went in the hamper, and Stevie looked at herself in the mirror; her long red hair hung loose along her back and she let her eyes wash over her firm breasts, on her way down to the small trapezoid of red hair right above her tight and pretty vagina – sometimes she wondered if she could have been anything else than a lesbian growing up looking at that every day. She smiled at her own thoughts, and had to admit she liked Cassie's pussy a little more than her own, but maybe that was only because she wasn't flexible enough to lick herself.

After the shower, she started making breakfast, wearing only a robe and a towel around her hair, and just as the coffee was ready, Cassie wobbled into the kitchen.

“Hey babe” Stevie said with a smile, Cassie replied:

“Sometimes nights are not long enough, but waking up to coffee and that sight, makes me feel much more refreshed”.

Stevie opened her robe a little, so that her left breast popped out.

“That beats the best alarm clock” Cassie said as she walked over, kissing Stevie on the mouth and then gave her nipple a peck.

“If we had time, I would make you sing like the happiest bird in the world, but alas...”.

“Alas” Stevie said as she looked into Cassies eyes. They hadn't had a lot of time lately, Cassie had worked late everyday for the last month and Rhett and Link had Stevie working extra hard as they were working on a manuscript for a movie.

Normally it would just be Rhett and Link writing and Stevie doing her normal job and only have to be a stand-in for rehearsals, but after a yet another streaming service had said no, they had decided to fund the movie themselves, and therefor they needed Stevie to be the sensible one, making sure they didn't write in things that would cost an arm and a leg, and still make it as “Mythical” as it could be.


Cassie wolfed down her breakfast, before hurrying into the bathroom for a bath, a little makeup and a fresh set of clothes. Stevie could take her time, as her lover rushed to start her workday, so she ate slowly and savored the flavors, before she threw on a pair of tight jeans and a black T-shirt over her white underwear, and went out into the warmth of a Californian late summer morning.


“Good morning Stevie!” Emily said as Stevie entered the studio.

“Good morning Emily, did you sleep well?”

“The bit I slept was very fine. I kind of went out and happened to meet a fan of the show” Emily moved her eyebrows up and down in a suggestive manner.

“Emily! You slut!” Stevie said with a naughty grin.

“Well sometimes you got to live a little, and why be famous if you don't do a starfucker once in a while?”

The girls laughed as Jordan walked by:

“What's the joke?”

“Just girl talk” Stevie said as the girls laughter subsided.

“Jordan are you ready to creep out and amuse everyone as Cotton Candy Randy?”

“Yeah... Yeah – I was wondering if you think I could get away with saying that I cum honey? You know when they are tasting teas today, I'm thinking that Link will use honey at least once, and when he asks if I use honey in my tea, I could say I didn't drink my own cum?”

Stevie cocked her head “if you can slip it in, without using the word cum or semen, then it would work. I think you could get away with saying you don't drink things that cum out of your dingaling when it is hard”


Stevie looked a little proud:

“Yeah, maybe avoid it, but I think you could get away with it without Youtube pulling our revenue”

Jordan laughed and said in his Cotton Candy Randy voice:

“Plus it sounds much more creepy to talk about my hard dingaling, thanks Stevie”

“That's why I'm here”.

Jordan went on his merry way and Stevie looked over the set, to make sure it was ready for that mornings filming, and afterwards she went into Link and Rhetts office.


“Hi Stevie, how's it hanging” Rhett said from behind his computer, where he was furiously writing a scene where he and Link were peeing into each their toilet while lying in a king sized bed.
Link on the other hand was staring at the ceiling thinking about how to add a scene about them peeing into each their toilet from a bed, without it seeming weird within the movies context.

“Hi” Stevie said, slightly amused by the intent look on the guys faces as they worked; it was rare that they started this hard and this early.

“Working hard I see”

Link thought she was being sarcastic, but as he looked at her face he could see the earnest expression and knew that she knew them well enough to recognize when they were working and when they were just jerking off: He smiled at that thought, as he knew she soon enough would know their jerk-off faces real well – he hoped they knew her as well as she knew them and that they could pull it off. Link was a bit nervous – what if she wasn't up for what was going to happen? What if she got angry and quit her job? What if she made this another Me-too case online? His trepidation faded a bit as she turned around to pick up her work computer from a couch, and he got an eyeful of her slender jeans clad ass. Link could appreciate a phatt ass, but Stevie's slender frame made his jeans tight and he had to close his eyes for a moment to clear his mind; he would let Rhett take the lead, partly because he knew that he himself would come on too strong, and partly because he felt that Stevie liked Rhett just a little bit better; not much but maybe just enough for them to be able to pull it off without getting sued, shutdown, and hated all over the web.

Stevie had just picked up her computer and sat down on the couch: It was not the best work station, but it was temporary, and they had bought her a rocking new work laptop, while allowing her to take the old one home. All in all life was good, apart from her presently lacking sex life and just a tad too much work, but it was all good.

Rhett finished writing the scene and looked up at Stevie: He loved her hair, her skin, and her entire being. If anyone asked he would always say that the list of important people was: 1. Children 2. Wife 3. Family 4. Link 5. Stevie and the rest of his GMM family, but really the list was 1. Children 2. Wife 3. Link and Stevie. Good thing he loved Link as much as he did, otherwise this would never work. Maybe it wouldn't work at all, but for his creativity, for his love of life, and his desire to watch Stevie naked writhing beneath, beside or above him, he had to try.

Stevie heard Rhett and Link getting up, and had a feeling that they were looking at her, but when she looked up Rhett was pouring a cup a coffee and Link was stretching.

“Ehm... Stevie” Rhett started while looking down into his cup.

“Yes?” Stevie looked at him expectantly

“Eh yeah” Rhett pulled up a chair in front of Stevie, while Link sat himself down beside her on the couch, and took the laptop out of her hands. Stevie started getting worried, they both looked serious and suddenly a thought occurred to her, and she started

“Am I... are you... should I look for...”

Rhett realized what she was saying and cut her off before she could finish:

“No! Stevie you are not just a employee, you're a friend and we love you. As long as we have the money, you will have a job”.

Stevie sighed silently, reassured by Rhett's slight smile.

“No – we have something to talk to you about, and even if it doesn't work out, you will still be our friend and our favorite employee – as long as none of the others find out”

Rhett winked at her and touched her knee, which Stevie replied with a chuckle.

Rhett took a drink of coffee and started:

“You know, Stevie, how much my sex drive and my creativity is connected, right?”

Stevie nodded while thinking back to a time when she had caught Rhett masturbating in this very office. They had never talked about it, and to this day she always got just a bit uncomfortable when they talked about sex, but the image of Rhetts hard dick in his hand was somehow not nearly as icksome as when they talked about how to be better at eating pussy or Link started on his lament of never being able to join in a bukkake, as a contributor and not a target of course.

“Well” Rhett continued “because of this, currently I am as horny as a dog both in heat and on Viagra”

Stevie moved a little in discomfort but couldn't help smiling at the thought of Rhett as a small dog with a massive erection trying to hump Links leg.

“Between the morning show, the movie and the live show we are writing, we are being creative constantly and I need a lot of release”.

Stevie got another bad feeling, but she pushed it down, hoping that his speech ended with a plea for help with techniques to get his wife, Jessie, extra wet, so she could handle his enhanced appetite.

“So of course I tried convincing Jessie to fuck more often, but she just could not handle the amount of sex I crave right now, so I asked what I should do: If she would be okay if I used prostitutes, or something like that, and she said that there was only one person she would allow me to fuck”

Rhett looked down for a moment and Link jumped in:

“Well, you know how I have been pleading with Christy to bang someone else for a long while, and since our wives talk, she said with a laugh that Rhett had been allowed to have a sidepiece, and she didn't mind if we boys shared”

Link placed his hand on Stevies leg and stroked it gently.

“Please say Jessie named a celebrity or – Emily or someone” Stevie said with a shaky voice hardly daring to look at her two best friends who, apparently, was huge perverts with a boner for her.

“No she named...”

Stevie stood so fast that Rhett almost spilled his coffee.

“Stevie – please sit down” Link said.

“No! I... I... need to...”

“Could you keep it to pacing inside the office, so that we can talk?” Rhett said quietly

“No... yes... argh!” Stevie walked past Rhett and Link and for two minutes she walked back and forth while her mind was racing.

Finally she stopped and looked at them without meeting their gaze:

“You know this is crazy right? I'm a lesbian, I'm not attracted to you with your...”

She pointed in the general direction of their dicks and Link responded:

“We are not asking you to fall in love with us, we just want to fuck your brains out”

Rhett looked sharply at Link who quickly fell quiet; Link had many fantastic qualities, but sometimes he was just a bit to outward going and direct.

“Listen Stevie – I know that you are not directly attracted to us, and ahm... I know this is not easy for you, but... ahm...”

Rhett stood and looked at her:

“Think of it as when you use a dildo, or masturbate or... I don't know, use vibrating underwear?”

The absurdity of all of it hit Stevie full force and she let loose a manic laughter. Rhett looked at her with a sad expression on his face.

“Look – after we shoot the first GMM and More, we are going to break for two hours and I would like for you to come to our office after you have had lunch and... give it a go”

Stevie looked wide eyed at Rhett and Link

“No! I am not going to cheat on Cassie, and I am not going to be the office whore!” Link looked shocked and Rhett had tears in his eyes when he walked over and hugged Stevie tight.

“You will never be a whore!”

He pulled back and looked into her grayish green eyes:

“It wouldn't be cheating: You are in love with a beautiful woman, inside and out, and whatever we did or do will never change that – we can't compare to her, but we can give each other pleasure and make the workday more fun”.

Stevie took a step back out of Rhetts arms and crossed her own

“It just doesn't feel right, I'm so...” Rhett cut her off again

“Don't... just think it over. Let's work until lunch, eat and then come into the office...”

He looked off into the distance for a second to gather his thoughts:

“If you decide to try it out, then great; we will start out slow and you can slow us down, back it up or stop it completely at any time. If you don't want to try, then it is also okay, but... I'm not gonna lie; I need this, and Link absolutely wants it” he said with a small smile.

“I mean - can't blame him for that” Stevie tried to smile, but right now she was shaken to her very core.

“And Stevie... if you need anything in exchange for this new... work assignment you just name it – fewer hours, a raise... I really need it, and... I can't lie Stevie; I want it... I want to pleasure you and you to pleasure me”.

Stevie turned towards the door and exited the room so fast that neither Rhett or Link could stop her.


Outside Stevie walked as in a daze, until she almost hit Carney:

“Stevie – are you okay?” Carney looked at her face that was unreadable and continued:

“I think I heard shouting from the guys office... they didn't fire you or anything?”

“No” Stevie said as fast as she could, while trying to think of something she could say, that didn't make the whole situation worse.

“We were doing... eh... some line reading from the movie, and... eh...” Stevie faked a laugh “Some of it was so bad I felt bad on their behalf”

“Oh... okay” Carney said with a smile “Anyway I have some things about the show I would like to discuss before we start...”


For the rest of the morning Stevie was thinking of only one thing: How to not have to fuck her bosses without messing everything up – she considered quitting, or claiming she had a STI or... well that was all she could come up with. Even with her mind occupied by pure panic, she acted as she always did: She was nice and friendly with Link and Rhett when they came out to shoot, slightly awkward, charming, and semi all-knowing while shooting the show and she smiled and talked with her colleagues as they ate, all of them happy with the extra long lunch break.

All too soon she was done with her food, and stood in front of the office door, which she was sure was the door that would ruin her life for ever. In her mind she saw herself go inside and say:

“Sorry Rhett, I can't do it” and he would respond:

“Okay Stevie – you're fired, please send in Emily on your way out”.

She took a deep breath, knocked on the door and walked inside.


Stevie entered the office and saw Link and Rhett work as they always did; most of the time typing for themselves and once in a while they would speak a line, to see if it landed, or if it had to be more than a oneliner.

Stevie knew, they knew she was in here; the door wasn't silent, she knocked, and come on – she was in here and not only was she a looker; both guys wanted to bang her, and she was almost sure they could sense her presence as soon as she entered the studio.

“So... let's get to it then.” As soon as the words left her mouth, she knew she had misspoken. In her mind it had been a way to start talking about how she couldn't do it, but they heard *I'm willing to give it a try* and she almost spoke up to correct the misunderstanding, but the hopeful look in Rhetts eyes and the look of anticipation on Link's face made her keep quiet. She couldn't just raise them up so high and knock them down right away. Stevie resolved herself to pretend to be willing to at least try to sex them, and in a minute she could go “I can't do it, sorry you guys”. Yes that would work.

“Stevie... I'm so happy you are willing to try this” Rhett smiled and looked as though she just saved his life.

“We will start very slow, and as I said: You can say stop at any point, and we will stop right then and there, okay?” he said with a smile.

Stevie forced a smile and nodded; her insides were doing flip flops, butterflies were flying from her stomach trying to escape through her throat and her butt at the same time, and somewhere in the distance she swore she could hear Cassie scream “No!”, but when Link pulled out a chair, she sat down in the middle of the room, Rhett pulled up a chair facing hers, and she turned her head with her eyes wide open, as Link locked the office door.

“Don't worry Stevie” he said with a too wide grin “it's only locked from the outside: If we are too scary, the door opens as usual”

“But we won't be” Rhett said sternly “we will take this as slowly as we need to okay?”

He looked into Stevie's eyes with a compassionate gaze, and Stevie was able to give him a small smile and a nod.

Rhett placed his right hand on her right knee and stroked it, without moving his hand up. Stevie forgot to breath for a moment, before regaining her composure.

It's too soon” she thought “I have to play along a little longer, so it seems like I gave it a real chance”


Stevie was lost, mentally debating with herself how far was far enough, so she was taken aback when Rhett asked:

“How are things?”

She answered while her mind was all over the place; wasn't it supposed to be a seduction? When was he going to try to kiss her, pull out his dick, put his hand in her pants, or grab her boobs? The most he had done, was moving his hand from the top of the knee to the inside of her knee. And why was Link standing behind her like that? Why didn't he sit down or something? In a lull in Rhetts and Stevies chitchat, she stole a glance behind her, and saw Link look mesmerized at her hair. She hadn't been as stealthy as she thought, as Link saw her quick glance, and said:

“I really like your hair, have I ever told you that?”

“No” she replied.

“Well – I think you have the most beautiful hair I have seen since I was a child”

“Thank you” she said puzzled, and distracted by that, she didn't notice Rhett moving his hand up her thigh two or three inches.

“What do you think of our looks?” Stevie looked back at Rhett.

“I think you look good. You do look like a forest dweller sometimes, but a very charming one, and Link is rocking the classic/modern rockabilly look”

She looked down and noticed that Rhetts hand was halfway up her thigh, but as she had just looked at him for a minute, she knew he must have had it there for a while, so it would seem weird to call it quits now; it had to be in response to something that just happened, also – it didn't seem as bad as she thought it would be, but then again; nothing had happened yet.

“You have seen us more or less naked, from time to time, what do you think about that?”

Stevie looked up for a split second, and missed Rhetts hand moving a little “well I have seen you both in boxer shorts and briefs plenty of times, and you do keep in shape”

“And you saw my dick that one time” Stevie panicked just for a second and Rhett caught it

“Is that... too much for now? To talk about the time you saw...”

He let the sentence hang in the air.

“No... no – it's fine. I saw you jerking your meat right over there, and it was just a dick: An okay size from the looks of it, and you did stop when I came in, so that's fine.”

Rhett smiled at her:

“What would you have done, if I hadn't stopped?”

“Sued your pants off”

Stevie raised her eyebrow and Rhett laughed:

“Well my pants was already halfway off at that point, so that would have been easy enough”.

Both chuckled at that, and then Stevie heard a sound of... rubbing?

“What is that sound? What is Link doing?”

Rhett looked up at Link, the sound stopped until Rhett did a small shrug and the sound continued

“It's PG13 Stevie. Link is rubbing himself over his pants; nothing is visible and if you want him to stop, then he'll stop. If you feel up to it, take a look and tell us if it is too much”.

Stevie turned her head and looked at Link slowly rubbing his groin, that seemed to bulge out a bit more than usual.

The plumbing still works well, I see” Stevie thought to herself, as she looked back at Rhett:

“So?” he asked.

Stevie realized she didn't mind Link rubbing himself, as long as his pants was done up at least, so she said:

“It's fine. He can rub til he wears a hole”.

Link moaned a little, and Stevie regretted her last remark, but she didn't want them to think that she was a minute from bolting, even though she had decided that was what would happened in about 30 seconds from now.

Rhett leaned forward a little:

“Do you want to know why he is rubbing himself like that, while looking at you?”

“Because he wants to fuck me” Stevie deadpanned.

“I'm sure that is part of it, but right now there is a bigger reason for him to do it. Do you want to know?”

Stevie's internal clock said it was scram a-clock, but curiosity did kill the cat, and right now it kept Stevie in the chair; she wanted to know what about her made Link want to masturbate while standing behind her, so she nodded.

Rhett leaned forward, moving his hand up, now gracing her fully clothed pussy, and paused, as if he knew she needed to know what was in Links thoughts at that moment, and that she couldn't claim, that his hand softly rubbing her vagina on the outside of her pants was too much, if he waited long enough.

“It's ah eh... fine I can handle your hand there” Stevie said, to make Rhett tell her Links secret.

“Could you handle my hand directly on your vagina?” Rhett asked.

Stevie cursed him in her mind – on one hand she could stop him here, or let him continue a bit and stop him when tried to move it later, but she didn't know how far he was planning to go before he told her about Links dirty fantasy and damn it! She wanted to know right now, so she overplayed her hand, as she said:

“Yeah, you know what, we can speed it up a little”.

Stevie rose a little, unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, and pulled them down and placed Rhetts hand on her mid thigh.

“My god Stevie” Rhetts sounded choked

“You..” he smiled “you have such smooth skin”.

His hand reached her pantie clad pussy and started rubbing it again. Stevie released her breath and started to feel a little aroused. She wondered why his gentle rubbing started turning her on, but pushed the thought aside.

“You were saying?”

Rhett continued his gentle over-the-panties masturbation

“Link has a fetish... well he has many”

Rhett let his eyes grow big, to convey just how many things Stevie could expect Link to ask for, but the rubbing was starting to feel nice, and it had been so long, that Stevie didn't care:

“ah ha... um”.

“He like to see his cum, or maybe any cum on... mostly everything”.


Stevie could not imagine Link cumming on anything, without wiping it over a 100 times

“Really, he... you're starting to get very wet there Stevie, would you mind if I...”

Stevie just pulled out her panties so Rhett could put his hand directly on her pussy.

“Fantastic.. oh...”

Rhett said as Stevie vaguely heard pants hit the ground which she quickly dismissed

“So Link likes to see cum on things, and I could tell you some things... but let's leave that for now”

He slipped two fingers up Stevie's tight passage, and used his thumb to stimulate her clitoris “but he has often talked about cumming on your hair; seeing the cum mix with your lovely strands and slide down, hitting your clothes, naked skin or face, in fact...”

Stevie turned her head to see Link furiously moving his hand up and down the shaft of his hard, precum covered, dick.

“Is that okay?” Rhett asked

Stevie was getting close so she didn't care what so ever:

“Just... um... ah... just... ah... don't stop...”.

At this point Rhett would never have thought about stopping; he was raptured by the look of pleasure on Stevies face.

“I... ah cum.. ARHH!” Stevie came hard while being fingerbanged by Rhett and she thought she heard 'You WHORE!' and felt something land on her head, but she was too far gone to care or notice anything else than the orgasm that filled her entire mind.

Stevie sank and breathed heavily, she felt something wet slide down her nose and looked up with unfocused eyes.

“You look fucking beautiful Stevie”

Link had walked around her, and stood with a his dick out; it was shrinking and cum was dripping from the tip.

“Did you just...”

She touched her nose and looked at the cum that covered her fingertip. Stevie would have been panicked if she had the energy for it, but instead she just let Rhett help her to the bathroom where she saw her red hair with a big splotch of cum on top, droplets gliding down the long red strands, and a long cum streak straight down her face, now reaching her lips.

“Would you – lick your lips for me?” Rhett said with a slight tremor, and saw her weakly lick cum from her lips, and swallow a little of Links baby batter. He felt his dick strain against his pants, but he didn't try anything: He just wiped the cum of Stevies face and hair, so it wouldn't stain her clothes, and helped her undress, without looking too much at her naked body, and then he let her shower on her own, while he willed his cock to relax.

She came out, dressed, clean and tired ten minutes later, and just collapsed on the couch; this was not what she had expected to happen, this was not what was supposed to happen, and now that her mind worked as intended again, she felt shame: Shame because she had let her boss' and friends molest her, shame because she had been unfaithful, and shame because she didn't hate it, in fact she... liked it? And she wondered if she would let herself do it again tomorrow.

The rest of the day went about as nothing had happened: She was half asleep for the remainder of the lunch break, then she went out and made sure everyone got ready, and they shot another GMM and More. Nothing seemed out of place, they bantered as usual and nobody seemed to even think, Rhett had made her cum and she had had to wash Links cum out of her hair. It was surreal, as if nothing had happened, but she knew they had done something that was wrong, and everything should have been different.

On her way home she thought of Cassie, and knew that she would know precisely what Stevie had been up to, and she would yell, she would cry and she would kick her to the curb. Nothing like that happened though: Stevie cooked some pasta, and when Cassie came home, they kissed, they ate, they talked, and then they went to bed. Stevie's insides felt like liquid fire; she tried to say something, confess her sins and be punished for it - but she didn't. Outward she acted like it was any other day; that she didn't know what her friends cum tasted like, and that she had gotten a much needed orgasm from another friend instead of her girlfriend. She spend what felt like two hours listening to Cassie's steady breathing, before sleep finally took her.

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