The corruption of Stevie (Good Mythical Morning)

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Day 17 (Wednesday)

Stevie awoke a little early this morning, mostly because she was lying on the edge of the bed. After dinner, the night before, she had shown the video of Rhett and Link being dominated to Lana and Cassie – Cassie had found it hot when Emily had force-fed piss to Link, and Lana had been shocked... but not more shocked than she allowed Stevie to go down on her. The threesome that followed was legendary, and while Stevie showered she thought about maybe buying a bigger bed, if they all shared each other like this often... but then again – she would want alone time with Cassie from time to time. While this this new way of living had made her workday much more fun, the home life was getting more complicated; did she want Lana to be part of their relationship? No. She knew she was a one woman woman, but Lana was fun, a good cook, not bad on the eyes... 'oh well' she thought 'I'm sure it all will work out in the end'  

Breakfast was a bit strange, having another person there, but it went okay and soon Stevie was back at the studio; ready for a new day of professionalism and fornication.

As she passed by the noticeboard, she saw that some signatures had migrated, and now the 'I'm okay with being stripped' was blanket consent. Luckily nobody had been shocked enough as to move their signatures from the 'okay with seeing everything' papers, so this seemed to be another day, where Stevie could practice her exhibitionism with no consequences. 

Rhett and Link was already on set, discussing something about the days first episode, and Stevie went over to say good morning: 

“Good morning fellas” 

Link smiled a little stiffly at Stevie: 

“Morning” he said.

Stevie looked a little puzzle, so Link continued: 

“I'm not sure I dare say anything else – I don't want to be slapped” 

Stevie gave Link a derisive snort: 

“I didn't know you were such a pussy – you introduced both the idea of being dominated and the safeword... plus – unless Emily has started producing sperm on her own, I think you liked it well enough” 

Link looked around, to make sure no one was overhearing them: 

“Yeah... I forgot the dang safeword... and on some level it was kind of hot...” 

Stevie shook her head and turned her attention to Rhett: 

“What about you? What did you think?” 

“Well... I don't know how it would have been with Emily... but I trust you completely, and while somethings were... a little much, all in all I don't regret it” 

Stevie smiled and went over and gave Rhett a sweet kiss: 

“Next time we do it that way, just yell if Emily is too much, and I'll deflect some of her ire onto Link” 

Link furrowed his brow: 


Stevie just stuck her tongue out at him and Link rolled his eyes: 

“Anyway – would it be okay, if we asked you for a blowjob out here?” 

Stevie smiled at her friends: 

“Sure anytime...” 

She thought about everything that was going on, and moved closer to them and lowered her voice: 

“Just have your bucket ready - I'm... playing with Josh and he is going to help me like swallowing cum” she finished with a wink. 

Rhett and Link looked at each other, but they didn't really have a problem with her spitting: It was hot when a woman swallowed, but just having her blow them was amazing and then getting to cum in her mouth was a cherry on top. Link considered asking for permission to just cum on her face, but knew Stevie wouldn't wash it off and she was in the third shoot of the day, so they had to go forward with a good example. 

The first GMM was a a quickly shot episode; Rhett was ranting about why crackers was a part of a conspiracy to make everyone drink more bottled water with electrolytes, making us better batteries for when the androids took over. The More was them discussing what Sci-fi movies that was more likely to happen in their lifetime. 

After the entertaining but very easy made episode, they changed clothes, or rather Link did, and Josh was bringing in the food for the next GMM. As Link was about to do his pants up, he looked up, and in front of almost the entire crew he looked over at Stevie and yelled: 

“Hey Stevie! Could we get some oral before the next shoot?” 

Stevie saw some shocked faces and some surprised ones which made her feel slightly hot when she gave an affirmative answer.

Stevie went over to the studio desk, and knelt down in front of Rhett and Link. Rhett lifted himself of the the chair, so he could get his cock out, and Link pulled his underwear down. Stevie looked at them with a smile: 

“Could you movie your chairs together? I'm not a giraffe you know” 

They shuffled their chairs closer together, and Stevie grabbed hold of their manhoods and started giving them a gentle massage, stiffening them up before she let Link's dick glide into her mouth.

Stevie's head started bobbing up and down, while everyone looked at her – she heard footsteps and heard people using their phones; she didn't know if they were just gathering the rest of the crew, so they could watch, or if they were taking pictures. As she moved her mouth from Links wet dick onto Rhett's waiting trouser snake, she saw their own 'porn shoot' camera pointed at her, and knew that Link had made sure, there would be video of this for later use. Sometimes Link was the greatest. 

All of the crew had stopped their work and was watching Stevie work on their bosses penises: One getting wanked, while the other was halfway buried in her mouth, her head bopping up and down as though it was a cork in a pool of water, getting dragged down again and again. 

After a few minutes Link started moaning; some thought they heard him call Stevie a whore, but he covered his mouth with his fist as he did so, so no one was sure, except for Emily, who was watching with a smile. 

Link stroked Stevie's hair: 


His dick pulsed and sent load after load into her mouth, and she had to swallow a little bit to avoid it spilling out, but she hoped Josh didn't notice that. As Link's hose finally stopped leaking fluid into her mouth, Stevie lifted her head off of the dick, pulling a face, to make it seem she didn't like the taste. Link saw her face and for a moment he didn't know what was happening, but then he remembered and produced the bucket to let Stevie spit a large gob of white cum into the mostly empty bucket. Stevie made sure to be as far from the bucket as possible, to make it clear to everyone what was happening. Emily cocked an eyebrow, but then realized what was going on, and left to find a bottle of water. 

After spitting into the bucket, Stevie turned her full attention to Rhett's mast of manliness – she hadn't stopped jerking him off, but now she removed her hand, and went down on him as if she was starving and his cum was the only thing that would sate her hunger. Rhett felt her go further down than ever before, and he was soon pushed over the edge: 


He filled her mouth, and like before a bit of cum had to slide down her throat to make sure nothing went out and stained Rhett's pants. She pulled the same face as before and let another mouthful of cum slip out of her mouth and into the bucket. 

Stevie smiled at Rhett and said: 

“We're both great” 

They shared a little chuckle. Emily came over with a bottle of water, which Stevie accepted and used to rinse her mouth – it was a shame she couldn't walk around with a strong cum breath, but if she wanted Josh to feed her a lot of cum, enough for him to have to enlist others, then she had to play her part well. 

After Rhett and Link had thanked Stevie for the oral sex, she went back towards her spot, but was stopped by Josh. 

“Nice show” he said with a smile and an obvious erection. 

“Thank you – I prefer an external finish, but I'm in the last shoot of the day, and they couldn't stain their pants” 

“Sure... it was still great and it looks like you're good at it” 

“Thank you! Maybe I'll have to give you a demonstration sometime” 

Stevie said with a wink, and Josh turned a little pale, as the rest of his blood went into his already straining cock. 

“Here – I made you a chocolate cookie – I did bake it with the spinach cookies and the liver muffins, but it shouldn't have absorbed any of the other flavors”

Stevie took the cookie and sniffed it – she saw Josh's bulge twitch and then she ate it slowly, savoring every taste: She could taste a little bit of cum in it, but not much. After she had eaten it, she licked her fingers and said: 

“Thank you Josh, it was so tasty; sweet and just a hint of salt – yum” 

With that she went back to work, and left Josh with a boner so hard, it could be used as a baseball bat.

As they wrapped for the day, Rhett and Link was talking to a blond man who had been the sound mixer for the day, and while they talked somebody snuck up behind him and pantsed him leaving his dick hanging in the wind. He was taken by surprise, but after two second he joined the rest of the crew laughing. He did stop laughing when Emily went over and shook hands with the dick, but for the rest of the crew it just got funnier.

                 Day 18 (Thursday)

The gang was all sitting in the office; Rhett and Link was reading out their stage show, and Stevie and Emily interrupted from time to time when a joke didn't land, or if something they said didn't seem entertaining. There wasn't a whole lot of interrupting, and half of the show was new songs, so most of the time they just sat there enjoying themselves and picturing how it would look on stage. 

As they finished the encore, both Stevie and Emily gave an applause, and in a true humble fashion Link and Rhett got up and bowed as though they had just performed to a sold out Hollywood Bowl.

Stevie chuckled at that: 

“That was great you guys! Apart from, what? Seven jokes and a single song? You absolutely nailed that one” 

Link held his hands up: 

“Thanks but no autographs” 

The rest laughed politely. 

Emily went over to Rhett's computer and looked up the offending jokes in the script: 

“What if instead of going 'you know we love dogs – back when we went to collage, we would eat 'em all the time' you go 'you know we love dogs and sometimes we imitate them: When we are in the forest and need to pee, if we are lost in the desert and find water, and when we see a mailman'?”

Rhett made a face: 

“That could work if one of us started barking...” 

Link interjected: 

“Or we could go 'we love dogs so much, we live by their example when we are in the wild, sniffing at everything and enjoying the sun, at beach we attack the waves and have fun with the tide... in the bedroom... and so on'” 

Stevie laughed, Rhett did look like he thought it could be funny, and Emily was analytical: 

“It could work... as long as you don't underline it with a picture” 

Stevie looked at her: 

“Or if the picture was of the guys curled up in the foot end of the bed. Not the most satisfying picture” she said wriggled her eyebrows “but funny none the less”.

Link stretched: 

“Yup – I even think it is so funny, I should get a reward for it” 

He stroked himself through his pants. 

“What did you have in mind my master” Stevie said with a mock humble voice. 

Link seemed to be a little nervous, which right away made both Stevie and Emily nervous: 

“My sex therapist said, after I told her about the femdom experience, that I should try one of the things I always wanted to do, while remembering how it felt to be 'mistreated'” 

He rubbed his face where he had been slapped: 

“The thing is, I kind of want to do things I don't want to be done to me, so... I have a list, and if anyone is willing to do one of these things with me, I will agree to one extreme thing with you” 

He look expectantly at Emily and Stevie.

Emily quirked an eyebrow: 

“What do you want to try?” 

Link gave a small apologetic smile, and pulled out a small piece of paper: 

“Gagging, choking, pissing inside of a pussy, slapping... everything and … rape” 

Link said the last bit very fast and hid the paper, as though the women could read it through the back.             

Stevie and Emily both sat down on the couch looking at Link with an undecipherable expression on their faces. Stevie broke the silence: 

“Peeing inside my vagina would be okay, I guess.” 

Emily carried on: 

“If you are careful, I don't mind being choked a bit” 

“I mean... I can take a slapping, but you won't like what I want in return” 

“If you are letting him slap you, you might as well make that a part of the rape fantasy” 

Stevie raised a eyebrow and looked directly at Emily: 

“Then I guess you get to be gagged... hope you don't eat too much breakfast” 

Emily looked a bit frightened: 

“I don't like it – every time I try it, I puke” 

Link hid his face in his hand: 

“That would make it... better I think” 

Even Rhett gave Link a dirty look and Link quickly said: 

“You know you don't have to do any of it, and definitely not all of it” 

Stevie stared at Emily: 

“She is right; if I am getting slapped, I might as well get 'raped', but if I get 'raped' then she will be puking all over Links dick” 

Emily got a defiant look in her eyes: 

“Then I'll be puking I guess”.

Stevie nodded and stared at the air in front of her for a while: 

“I think I would like to be raped outside in the ally next to the studio tomorrow, and if somebody comes to help me, it's up to you to get away. For the slaps – you will be walking around in a T-shirt with the text 'Slap my ass' and nothing else Monday, except for when you tape the show. And for the peeing inside of me...” 

She extended her middle finger, put it in her mouth, and raised it upwards in a suggestive manner:

“Monday in front of everybody” 

Link looked a little worried, especially because of the outside 'rape', but at the same time he didn't think he would get the offer to pretend rape anyone else in his lifetime, so he had to agree: 

“O... okay” 

Emily just shrugged: 

“You gag me out there, and we pretend it's your joke 'how to keep thin' and you have to defend it and clean up. As for the choking... I'll just slap your ass really hard all day Monday, and you can't complain... actually: You can't complain about anyone slapping your ass all day.” 

Link thought for a bit before shrugging and agreeing; it didn't seem like a bad deal: 

“Fine... can I tell everyone the Donald Duck was your idea of a joke?” 


“Worth a try”

Stevie looked over at Rhett: 

“Hey Rhett?” 


“Could you stay half an hour after work?” 

“I guess – why?” 

“You know I don't do anything with Link, I haven't tried out first” 

Rhett turned red and stuttered: 

“Eh.. Eh.. I.. I don... I don't think I would be comfortable with ra.. forcing you” 

Stevie went over to Rhett: 

“Please? I need to know what I can expect, and I need to know what to tell him not to do, before... the event”

Rhett knew he couldn't say no, but he really didn't want to 'rape' anyone, and slapping her hard... his mind revolted against the thought: Peeing in her pussy was okay, he liked a bit of water sports from time to time, light spanking was fine but he would have to be rough and that wasn't his bag. Even so he knew he couldn't say no to Stevie, and he hoped that it would work out alright.     
Stevie and Emily ate in the break room, leaving the guys to eat while they worked yet again; Stevie thought to herself that it was a long time since she had seen Link and Rhett eat in the break room, but then again between working on three projects and wasting some time on the naughty times, they had had their hands full.

She was brought out of her musings by Josh who walked up to her with a toasted sandwich: 

“Hi Stevie, would you mind trying this sandwich? It's kind of a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I'm considering for a video about novel comfort food” 

In the back of her mind, she considered saying no, just to mess with him, but she noticed some of the other male members of the crew watching intently, even though they tried to hide it: 


Stevie reached out and took the offered sandwich. 

It was very cum forward – the semen mixed well with the peanut butter, but was offset by the berry taste. All in all it was eatable but would have been better with a chocolate taste to accompany the peanut butter. 

Stevie had eaten about half of the sandwich and saw that those who had tried to hide their looks was now just staring at her – she guessed that the cum in this sandwich had to come from more than one supplier: 

“Hemm... there is three different tastes in this – is that raspberry?” 

Josh nodded: 

“Good taste buds” 

“Yeah – the berry flavour does not go with two others” 

she took a couple more bites: 

“Yeah... I would go peanut butter, whatever the second flavor is, and chocolate – maybe a spread or just a melted milk chocolate bar in there instead of the jam” 

She finished off the sandwich: 

“Other than that it was delicious” 

She glanced down and saw Josh's hard dick trying to break free from his pants, but didn't mention it, and he left in a hurry.

Stevie spent the rest of the day trying to imagine how many had contributed to the sandwich, and by the time the workday was ending, she was as horny as the devil. Rhett kept working as Emily and Link finished up and left. On his way out Link turned: 

“Have fun you guys” 

Rhett responded by giving him a dirty look, and then there was only Stevie and Rhett. 

Ten minutes later Stevie was getting impatient: 

“So – I think everyone else have left” 

Rhett froze for a split second and saved his work, turning of the computer: 

“Don't make me do this” 

“Rhett – I'm not going to make you do anything I don't want you to – I just want to know what it is going to feel like tomorrow with someone who is going to stop if I need him to” 

Rhett turned to face her: 

“Link will stop if you tell him to” 

“I think he wants to stop if I tell him to... but wanting and doing are two different things” 

“I'll be there... if it goes too far... I'll be there” 

“Hopefully recording it all” 

Stevie quirked her lips: 

“I don't want to risk it all with nothing to show for it... maybe we could set up some 360 cams in the ally, make sure everything is on tape” 

Rhett started laughing: 

“Stevie for fucks sake” 

He got up, needing to move since he couldn't get away: 

“Sure I think we have some in storage somewhere – I'll get someone to make sure they work, and I'll set them up myself” 

“And that's why you are my daddy” 

“Yeah – now get naked; tomorrow you'll need some clothes that you don't like, because I'm not too sure it won't rip, but today, I think naked is good enough” 

Stevie stripped alongside Rhett, and he moved to kneel in front of her 


“You don't want to be taken without being wet” 

“No you got that one ri...oh” 

Rhett was licking her gently and making sure she was ready for what was to happen. When he was sure she was ready he rose: 

“Now go out and think exciting thoughts, then I'll...” 


Stevie went out of the office, rubbing herself a little as she went, missing Rhett's mouth on her sex. She did like walking through the studio naked, and even though it was a little spooky without popper lighting, it was also a little exciting. 

She didn't notice the creeping man behind her, before a hand covered her mouth and she was forced down on the hard concrete floor, a dick forcefully driven into her wet pussy and a rough fucking commenced. Her head was forced into the floor, but Rhett's hand tried to take most of the grind, while the studio was filled with sound of flesh slamming into flesh. After a minutes of rough fucking, Stevie felt him pull out and then grab her hair roughly pulling her around. Instinct told her to try to kick him, but before she could act, he was back inside her between her legs. He gathered her arms in his left hand, and with his right he let his open hand hit her cheek firmly and slapped her right tit with the backstroke: 

“Is this what you want you little slut?” 

“You hit like a child” she spat, and faster than she noticed, she received a painful slap on her now red left breast and before she could cry out a slightly more gentle backhand hit her right cheek. 

Rhett pounded her as hard as he could while still holding back, and after the last slap he moved his hand between her legs and while it felt dirty in the wrong way, Stevie felt herself sliding closer to the climax: 

“Ah.. slap my arh… boobs Rhett oH! Please!” 

Rhett had a very very strange look on his face as he started to slap Stevies lady lumps hard, turning her pale skin red: 


Stevie fell over the cliff of orgasm and her convulsions took Rhett with her. He collapsed on top of her, as always making sure to take most of his weight on his arms.

They lay there for a little while before the cold of the industrial floor took away the last of the post coital warmth and Rhett slipped out, got up and offered Stevie a hand up. He didn't look at her or say anything, and Stevie got the feeling that they might just have ruined their relationship. 

Rhett and Stevie went straight for the bathroom Rhett looked at Stevie's feet: 

“Do you want to shower first?” 

Stevie reached out to touch Rhett's arm: 

“Are we okay?” 

Rhett looked up meeting Stevie's eyes: 

“I hurt you” 

Stevie could see pain in his eyes: 

“No you didn't, you did what I wanted you to do, and it was great” 

Rhett stroked her red breasts, and then reached up to touch her cheeks where he had hit her: 

“I don't want to do that again” 

“I don't want you to do anything you don't want to” 

Stevie pulled Rhett into the shower; as the water cascaded down their hands started washing the other one, washing turned into caresses, they started kissing and before either knew what was going on Stevie had her back against the wall and Rhett was slowly making love to her. Her hands was in his hair and her legs was wrapped around him, not caring about traction at the moment and he had one hand on her ass and one playing with her breasts. 

Stevie was close as she heard Rhett moan and she felt his essence fill her womb. He pumped for a little while and just she was on the edge he stopped and she felt even more warmth fill her – the feeling of warm liquid filling her and adding pressure on her g-spot was enough for to her to go over the edge. They kissed until the orgasm was over, and then Stevie started laughing: 

“Did you just pee in me?” 

Rhett joined the laughing: 


“Don't be... that was nice, pee and all” 

She looked up at him as she unwrapped her legs and stood on her own two feet 

“That's why you are my daddy” 

He smiled and kissed her: 

“And you are my little girl” 

Both hearts beat a little faster than they should for friends, even after sex, but they knew what they were and it was enough.

Day 19 (Friday)

The day went by without incident – three shows were taped, Josh wasn't at the studio, so it was a day without cum eating, and both Link and Rhett had a strange energy going, so there was no naughty times, beyond what would happen after work. Stevie was changing into some old clothes – a hoodie with some holes in it, and a pair of blue jeans which was so old, the buttonhole was all but worn out.

Link had disappeared and Rhett had left without explanation half an hour earlier – Stevie knew he was somewhere around the ally; he had promised he would be there if Link went overboard.

Stevie was walking towards the ally. As she looked into the shadowy ally, she wondered why she had agreed to it, but at least she had chosen a good place for it: There was people walking by on the street, and even in the fading sunlight it would be easy to see what was going on in there – she knew nobody would come to help, and nobody would recognize her, but they would see what was going on, and some would condemn her as a slut, while others would see her as a weak victim and still not help.

Stevie went into the ally, looking for the cameras Rhett had promised to set up in the ally; she spotted one next to a dumpster, and continued looking for more, when she was violently slammed into the wall opposite the dumpster, hitting the bricks with her forhead. An underarm was pressed against her mouth, as a hand snaked its way between the wall and Stevie up to the neckhole of her shirt and ripped it down, leaving Stevie with a kind of  ripped vest. The hand then went down to tear at her threadbare jeans, and with a single pull made sure they would never be used as pants again. Before she had left the studio, she had played with herself and lubed up, but there was still some pain associated with hard man wood being forced into her, while her right boob was being squeezed as hard as possible followed by a hard pinch on her nipple. 

For a second she wondered if this was Link at all, or she simply was getting raped for real, but as she felt him let go of her nipple to slap the back of her head, she knew it must be Link plowing her as though there was no tomorrow. 

Link spun Stevie around, almost fisting her mouth in his attempt to silence her again; this time he let his hand strike her left boob, hard at first, then even harder. He pulled back his hand to strike her as hard as he could, but they locked eyes, and he aborted the slap and instead buried himself in her, violently taking her up against the dirty wall for another twenty seconds, before he let a small grunt escape his mouth and a large amount of semen escape his rape-rod. 

He held her against the wall for a few seconds before he backed away: Stevie sank to a crouching position and he just looked at her with a sad look, before he tucked his limp dick back in his pants, and all but ran away pulling at his ski mask.

Stevie was alone in the ally for ten seconds after Link had left, before she heard somebody descent the fire escape. Rhett almost lifted her up, swaddled her in a long coat and had her back in the office before she had had time to process what had happened. She vaguely heard Rhett ask if she was okay, but it was only when he was about to shove her into the shower, that she finally snapped back into reality. 

Stevie grabbed Rhett's arm: 

“You are much better at raping than Link” 

Stevie looked up at Rhett and saw his sorrow filled eyes: 

“Are you okay?” 

“Yeah – I knew it would be something like this, even though...” 

She looked down at her bruised breast 

“He was rougher than I would have liked but not as rough as I feared he would be” 

Rhett bend down and gave her breast a soft kiss: 

“I wish I really could just kiss it better” 

Stevie smiled and looked at the shower stall: 

“It does feel a little better now – do you want to help me shower?” 

She looked back at him, giving him a expression he had seen the day before, and unable to refuse her, he undressed and went in for a shower and some tender lovemaking.

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