The corruption of Stevie (Good Mythical Morning)

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Day 12 (Tuesday)

The morning was great: Lana had left and gone home around midnight, so it wasn't the longest sleep Stevie or Cassie had had, but Cassie had been so happy, and Stevie was happy because Cassie was happy. They talked about what they felt, but it was all positive; Cassie wanted to have sex with Lana again and Stevie wanted them to bang as though there was no tomorrow – she was a little surprised that she didn't feel aroused by watching two hot women have sex right in front of her, but as long as she was happy, and Cassie was happy nothing else mattered.

Emily and Stevie walked into the office together, and was surprised by the bottles of massage oil and candles on the desk, and that the fucktress had been cleaned: On any other day Stevie would have wanted as much sex-fluids on the fucktress as possible, but she did not feel naughty or sexy today, so it didn't matter. Link stood – trying to look into Stevie's eyes, but finding a spot on the floor, so much more interesting instead: 

“Stevie... I... I talked to my therapist about... it all yesterday... He suggested that I don't have... sex with you or..” he looked at Emily and she nodded before he continued: 

“Before I figure it all out. He recommended a sex therapist, and I have a time this afternoon” 

He gestured to the fucktress and the oils and scented candles: 

“I... would you like a massage? You don't need to take your clothes of, and I won't strip at all – I will stop if you say stop, I just... I... this is the best way of telling you how sorry I am” S

Stevie looked at him until he met her eye. She then stripped off her clothes and waited for him to walk up to the fucktress on the floor.

Link smiled as Stevie laid herself down on the fucktress. Emily and Rhett keeping an eye on them, while starting to discuss scripts by Rhett's desk.

Link rubbed some oil between his hands to warm it up, and then started massaging Stevie's feet; she gave a small start as she felt Links hands on her, but she willed herself to stay still – she was determined to give Link yet another chance, but it was getting harder to do every time he did something nasty to her, and yesterdays fucking had almost been worse than when he tried suffocating her with his cock and cum.

Link worked his way upwards over Stevie's slender but firm calves, up to her thighs. Stevie held her breath and was ready to roll over and slap Link as he reached the bottom of her bottom, but instead of moving up to her vagina, she felt him move his hands over her ass cheeks, hovering without touching: 

“Eh would you like your glutes massaged” he asked with a small tremble in his voice. 

“Okay” she answered, and felt him start pawing at her firm lower orbs. 

Link started sweating – not from exhaustion, but from the amount of sheer willpower it demanded of him, not to let a finger wander into her crack “she trusts me, and I'm not an animal” he repeated in his head, as he tried to distance himself mentally from the lovely flesh under his palms. Finally it felt like the muscles were soft and smooth, so he moved up to her lower back.

Stevie was impressed by his ability to hold back – before all this happened, she would never have thought Link was as aggressive as he had turned out to be, so she felt relieved that her loveliness hadn't completely broken the good man she knew Link to be.

By the time Link had to kneel across her to reach her upper back, she had no worries and his hands felt good on her back and neck. She felt him move off of her: 

“Do you want me to do the front?” 

Stevie turned around and laid there feeling more relaxed than she had in months: 


Link smiled and went down to start at the feet once more. Over half an hour he worked his way over her legs, without touching anything a normal masseuse wouldn't touch, and it was only when he had done her shoulders, that he asked her: 

“Do you want a breast massage as well?” 

This time Stevie just took his hands and placed them on her firm and supple tits. 

Link was still sweating, but manged to avoid touching her nipples with anything else than the heel of his palm. Just as he thought he was done, Stevie surprised him by asking: 

“Does this massage come with a happy end?” 

Emily looked at them and gave a silent chuckle, and Link stood frozen for a few second, fighting his lust, his commitment to make Stevie happy, and his promise to himself not to do anything sexual to her until he had a grip on his own sexuality. In the end, wanting to make Stevie happy won out: 


“Sounds lovely” was her reply, and Link went down on his friend hoping he wouldn't hurt her this time.

Her pussy was already wet and her clitoris was hard, so he just began sucking on the clit, giving the rest of the pussy a lick now and then, avoiding penetrating her. In a matter of minutes she shook violently; wrapping her feet around him, he felt every convulsion in her body and felt her cum spray his face. 

As she relaxed, he tried to get up but Stevie's arms went under his, and he followed her soft drag until they were face to face, so she could give him a soft kiss: 

“Thank you Link – that was nice” 

“No problem Stevie... I eh... I need to go to the bathroom” 

Stevie let him go, and he all but ran away from her.

Stevie looked up at Rhett: 

“Do you wanna? My period starts tomorrow so...” 

Rhett looked down at a very content Stevie – he couldn't remember when he last had seen her so relaxed: 

“Nah it's fine, I can wait, you just relax.” 

Stevie had almost fallen asleep on the fucktress, when they heard a muffled shout of “WHORE!” from the bathroom – the three shared a giggle as Link revealed just how strong his self control was.

Day 13 (Thursday)

After Stevie had gotten dressed after her massage they had been very productive, and the Wednesday shoots had gone much better than expected, giving them more time to write, so suddenly both the show and the movie scripts had started taking form – to be fair neither Link nor Rhett had expected to have two other people helping with the scripts, and with one extra writer to help out with jokes and now dirty scenes, and a fantastic producer to nix all the impossible things they wanted, they were making great progress, but right after lunch Rhett's imagination had run dry, and he started looking at the girls, working away on their laptops in the couch.

Stevie was sitting with a foot on her knee to sit somewhat comfortably, while Emily sat Indian style next to her. Emily was the first to to notice Rhett just looking at them, instead of working: 

“What's up Rhett?” 

The others looked at him, Link rolling his eyes upon seeing Rhett's expression, knowing precisely what it meant, and went back to work. 

“Well... I know you are both on your periods, but... perhaps you could...” 

He pointed at his groin area with both his hands and gave them a toothy smile. 

Emily and Stevie looked at each other, not impressed, and Stevie said: 

“Well gee Rhett – if you want to get any from me, you'd better want to do some vampire roleplaying” 

Emily giggled and Rhett's smile disappeared into his beard. He looked at them, thinking hard but coming up short: 


Everybody looked at him again: 

“I know... I... if you want me do any work for the rest of the day, I need it, so if I need to pull out your tampon and lick your bloody cunt to get to fuck you, then that is what I'm going to do” 

Stevie stared wide eyed at him, then she looked at Emily who looked intrigued: 

“Do you think you would like to cum twice?” 

Rhett looked into her eyes and said: 

“You tell me”

Link shook his head: 

“And I thought I had problems... perhaps I should give you the name of my sex therapist, when I'm done with her” 

“Maybe, but then again – I don't have a problem if they wanted to piss me in the mouth, so why should a little blood bother me all that much?”

Emily whispered to Stevie: 

“We need to give him a golden shower then – later” 

And laughed a little as she started undressing. Stevie shook her head, shrugged to no one and followed suit; this was going to be interesting if nothing else.

Rhett pulled the fucktress from the wall and let it fall to the floor – the girls had completely undressed, and the only thing that wasn't skin and flesh on them was the cotton string dangling out of their pussies that currently were fountains of fresh blood. Emily moved to pull her string, but Rhett stopped her: 

“I think I get to pull them” 

Emily laughed: 

“Fair enough, but don't think you can just do one – we stripped, we both get a happy” 

“I'm willing to do it until I puke twice – I don't think I'm gonna puke, but you know how I do with liver and blood” 

Rhett tried to look stoic, but the thought of what the taste could be, did scare him a bit.

Stevie quirked an eyebrow: 

“Just what every woman wants to hear: 'if licking your pussy makes me puke twice, I'm out” 

Rhett laughed and stepped out of his pants, kneeling naked on the fucktress, beckoning the two nude goddesses in front of him to join him.

He started by grabbing one of each lady's tit and kissing Stevie then Emily. He then moved to their necks, alternating between the Stevie and Emily as he licked down to their breasts. He spent some time on the nipples, making sure the were nice and erect on both ladies as he gathered courage for the next thing: 

“So” he asked “who want's to go first, and who doesn't mind getting someone else's blood on their thigh?” 

Stevie looked at Emily and recognized an attempt of hiding some discomfort: 

“Ladies first” she said with a wink and a slap to Emily's ass. 

“Oh you lady killer you” Emily said with a quick peck on Stevie's mouth. 

Rhett started to kiss his way from Emily's breasts down to her clit – he took a deep breath and pulled the string, letting a little blood hit the sheet beneath them. He looked at the bloody cotton plug dangling from his hand before quickly throwing it in the trash, and wiped the external blood from her pussy lips before he dove in: The taste of vagina was as always alluring, but there was a strong metallic taste trying to cover it. Luckily if faded as he kept licking all of the bloody cave of wonder, and it was not nearly as bad as he had feared. He did see Link look and retch a bit, but Emily was ready and nothing was going to spoil his fun.

He moved up, stopping when he saw the slight sight of disgust on Emily's face, and instead he lifted Emily's ass up on his knees and thrust into her, keeping his face as far from hers as he could. Using her legs to build up speed, he fucked her slowly and steadily. Stevie, who was rubbing herself, decided to help the couple out, and moved her left hand down to the place of the coupling, massaging Emily while she moved her head up to Emily's, starting to lick Emily's lips until she open her mouth and let Stevie in. 

Soft moaning filled the office, and as Rhett sped up his ramming cock, he could feel Emily getting close and he was not far behind. Suddenly Emily let out a sexy cry and her muscles clamped down on Rhett's throbbing member, forcing blood and vaginal fluids out of the tunnel of love, and Rhett let out his own cry of ecstasy while pumping his white ball-juice into her red and pink cum pocket. Stevie leaned back on her knees and looked at her two friends enjoy their orgasm as an idea struck. 

Stevie got up and took a tampon out of her backpack, going back to the two still joined at the middle: 

“Don't push it out” 

Emily looked at Stevie, then at the tampon and understanding dawned: 

“You'll get a kick out of walking around with cum trapped in you, I don't really get the same thrill”. 

Stevie bend down and kissed Emily: 

“Please? I just want us to go to the writers room afterwards” 

Emily rolled her eyes: 

“Fine... Rhett keep my cunt up, while Stevie plugs me”.

Rhett pulled his cock out of her, trying to not pull too much of the thick multicolored liquids out, and holding her legs up, while Stevie put in the tampon and pulled out the applicator. 

“You are the best Emily” 

Emily shook her head and smiled at Stevie, knowing that she would find it so hot for them to walk around and talk to their friends, having cum trapped inside them.

“Well Rhett Bloodbeard, do you have a load for me as well?” 

Rhett touched his beard and looked at a small bloodstain on his hand: 

“I always have a load for you Stevie” 

He moved in, slightly surprised that Stevie let him kiss her, and not protesting as he went downwards, leaving a little bit of blood here and there. A small tuck on the string let the tampon out of her pussy, and her wetness pushed a fair bit of blood out. This time he didn't even bother to wipe blood of her; he tossed the tampon in the direction of the trashcan and went in tongue first. He tasted everything that was Stevie: Her arousal, her flesh and her blood – he thought to himself, that it would make an impotent man hard, and soon enough he pushed her down, greedily taking her mouth, as his dick pounded her pussy. He was never as rough as Link, but his pure desire made him unable to slow down. 

Stevie pulled his shoulder down, and they reversed positions – Stevie riding Rhett even harder than he had been fucking her. He grabbed her bouncing boobs, fondling the nipples only to raise his head to suck on them. 

“Oh Rhett!” 

Stevie could hardly contain herself: 

“Make suOH! Sure to lay me down when you UHH! fill me up – I want it all inside me!” 

“Youhh are such aahh nasty whore sometimes  OH” 

“You ah... know you OH! Love it Dahh daddy!” 

“I ahh! AH love everything my Uh UH!! SLUTTY LITTLE GIRL DOES ARHG!!” 

Rhett bend his knees and slammed Stevie down into the fucktress as he emptied himself inside her – the feeling of warm cum mixing with blood and other nice stuff was the last straw for Stevie and with a cry loud enough to be heard outside the office, she came alongside Rhett. 

As the last drop of cum left Rhett's pulsating trouser monster, he collapsed on top of Stevie, making sure to let most of his weight land on his arms, but still having full body contact. They kissed for a while, until Emily appeared beside them: 

“It's time to play: Plug up that cunt” she said with a smile, and Rhett pulled back, lifting Stevie's legs and letting his less hard dick flop out. 

Emily took hold of Rhett's manhood, wiping of the remains of his protein shake and stuffing it into Stevie's overly wet pussy – Emily did the same for the outsides of Stevie's opening, and finished by plugging her up, and Rhett laid her down again.

“You guys are the best” Stevie said with a tremble in her voice. 

She knew she had to wipe off the blood from her face, but she hoped the smell of sex would stick to her, as the cum was stuck in her womb.   

Much of the afternoon was spend in the writers room, helping out and making double entendres, hoping someone would catch on, what was going on inside Emily and Stevie – she thought she saw a glimmer of understanding from Carney, and she almost said it flat out to Josh, being heard by everyone else as well – it was such a fun afternoon.

When Stevie arrived home, Cassie was already there: 

“Hi honey” 

“Babe – I'm just going to get a new tampon” 

Cassie got up: 

“I'll join you; I have some news” 

Stevie looked at her: 



“It's just that... well you know we worked on the movie today...” 

Cassie looked wide eyed at her girlfriend: 

“And they didn't mind a bloody dick?” 

“Actually it was only Rhett and he didn't mind bloody anything” 

Cassie's surprised expression turned into an evil smile: 

“Anything you say? Did you record that?” 

Stevie thought back – she wasn't sure, so she shrugged and logged into their private server that contained every porn video and images they had recorded “Emily, Stevie and Rhett period sex_NSFW_NSFL”.

“I think so, there seems to be a file. Link must have hit the record button” 

“Great... now  pull it out” 

“In the kitchen?” 

Stevie looked around, thinking it wasn't sanitary. 

“Yes – I know how you think, and you wanted me to see it, so show me how slutty you have been, walking around with cum in your worn out cunt, and then show me how it got to be there”

Surprised Stevie followed orders, taking her pants off and pulling the string out, leaving a red and white puddle in the middle of their kitchen floor 

“Now that's a good little slut” Cassie said while filming everything on her phone.


Day 14 (Friday)


Cassie and Stevie awoke when the alarm clock went off – the night before had been great: Stevie had gone down on Cassie while she watched Emily and Stevie fuck Rhett on the screen. Cassie had not licked Stevie, but she had fingered her to completion twice. 

They lay there after the alarm was turned off, and without looking at her, Cassie broke the newfound silence: 

“So... was last night how you'd want it to be?” 

Stevie turned to look at Cassie: 

“Yeah... that was better than I imagined it would be” 

“I'm not sure I can do it every day, or even every week, but... if it makes you happy, I can be mean to you and watch you degrade yourself with those men” 

Stevie flicked Cassie's nipple: 

“I'm not degrading myself thank you very much – I'm having fun, and if I'm not mistaken, you weren't bored last night” 

Cassie turned and kissed Stevie: 

“I had fun as well... maybe I'll just get used to it; watching my girlfriend get railed and finding pleasure in it. It wasn't... bad, and I'll admit I got a kick out of calling you a slut for real, without it being just for fun or as an insult. But... I feel kind of bad now” 

“Don't – it's not bad that you call me a slut, or demand that I do things for you. It's only bad if you look at me and think 'slut' when we aren't about to do it” 

“You know... I recorded a lot last night... I thought about showing it to people to let them know.... that doesn't seem right now” 

“You know – your pussy is on display as well, and your voice” 

“Yeah... that should bother me” 

“If you want, I can upload it to the server and let Emily, Link and Rhett watch it, and next time Lana is coming over...” 

Cassie looked back at the ceiling: 

“Perhaps... we could show Lana, and if that doesn't faze me, then – maybe we could show your friends” 

Stevie raised herself on the bed so she could kiss Cassie and look her in her eyes: 

“Our friends... maybe they are more my friends than yours, but that doesn't make them any less our friends” 

“I hardly know Emily” 

“Right – so two of our friends, and a friend that's just a 69 away” 

Stevie laughed at Cassie's facial expression and went out to the showers to start the day.

The workday passed along with no problems at all: They shot a GMM with a lot of banter, and Chase walking around dressed as a donkey. The More was one of the more boring ones, where they just talked about clouds and what they looked like, getting sidetracked by talking about tornadoes.

After a quick change they set up for another GMM: In this Rhett, Link, Stevie and one of the ladies from the crew played a trivia game, where they had to flick a poker chip into a cup from 6 feet away to get to answer a question. Every time they flicked the chip too long, or got an answer wrong, a one pound weight was strapped to their arm. In the end Rhett was being weighed down by 15 pounds and the crew lady won. The More was a another game where they tried to see how far away they could be and still be able to flick the coin into the cup. Surprisingly Link won from 17.3 feet away.

Emily and Stevie was having their lunch in the lunchroom for once, when the crew member who had won the first game went up to them: 

“Hey Stevie” 


“So... I have heard some of the guys talking about a waiver they had to sign?” 

“Oh... yeah... ehmm...” 

Stevie looked at Emily, and got absolutely no help, so she made a decision: 

“Maybe I should tell everyone” 

Stevie looked around and made sure everyone was present: 

“Okay – sorry to interrupt your lunch, but I was just asked about the waiver that some of us have signed, and since there are bound to be questions, I thought I would tell you what it was all about.” 

Stevie collected her thoughts while looking at everybody to make sure she had their attention:

“Basically it's to avoid sexual harassment and unintended unwanted sexual contact; the waiver is to confirm that the signee understands what you can do around the studio and to others” 

A guy in the back asked: 

“Why do we need a waiver?” 

“I'm glad you asked – Josh could you come and help me?” 

Josh stood up and walked over to Stevie. 

“Now – Josh have signed the waiver, so if I tell him he can touch my ass when ever he wants” 

she turned to Josh: 

“You can touch my ass whenever you want” 

She turned back: 

“He can now pat my ass as he pleases” 

Josh put his hand on Stevie's ass and squeezed. 

“Or grope it – now as we both know the rules there is no questions, and at any time I can tell him he is not allowed to touch my ass, and that will be that. No if we hadn't signed the waiver, demanding that consent is given, he could just be doing this...” 

She pointed at Josh' hand that still was groping her, while his other hand was slowly rubbing his groin 

“...Because he thought that was an okay way to hit on me, or that we were playing around or something like that.” 

She looked at him: 

“For example – right now he is groping a coworker in front of other coworkers, and groping himself, which could lead to a lawsuit because someone feels offended, but if everyone had signed the waiver, he would know how far he was allowed to go, while everyone was watching” 

She felt the eyes on her molested ass, and wished for a second she didn't have clothes on: 

“That's why the waiver is great: Everyone will know what they can do, without us all having to walk on eggshells if we are telling about last nights fuck or having other sexual conversations. So I would suggest that everyone go talk to Rhett or Link and sign one of the waivers, and then we can be more free and happy at work... maybe, if everyone is okay with nudity, Chase could even get to practice his nudism at work” 

Chase's eyes lit up, and Stevie turned to thank Josh, giving him a little kiss and moved her hand across his hard, trapped cock asking him: 

“Is that okay?” 

“You can do that whenever you want” 

Stevie loved working in a Mythical place.


Day 15 (Monday)


It was a great morning – Lana had been over Saturday night, they had gone out to have a few drinks and then gone back to the bedroom where Cassie had shown her the video. Lana obviously had had some questions about the cum mixed in with the blood, but hadn't asked them, and Stevie got hot and bothered by their bedroom fun. Last night Cassie had been all hers and they had turned in early: They had started hot and heavy and as the hours passed it turned into the sweetest lovemaking they had had in months at least. 

Stevie was happy as a clam when she reached the studio, and became even more happy when she saw two rows of papers on their noticeboard: The top row was about seeing things from left to right they read “I'm okay with seeing: Groping, Nudity, Nude groping, Masturbation (personal or of other), and Everything”. Underneath the headlines were places to sign your name, and the lower row said “I'm okay with: Hearing dirty talk and being part of dirty talk (no negative talking or bullying) Being touched (over clothes), Being touched (under clothes), Being stripped (if asked beforehand or if it is funny), Oral sex (if asked), and Everything (if asked). 

Rhett and Link had already signed both the “Everything” papers, and Stevie joined them, being the third to sign them. She then saw the guys placing chairs in the secondary set, so Stevie went over to talk to them. 

“Good morning what's going on?” 

Link looked up with a smile: 

“We are having a staff meeting – last Friday everyone signed the waivers, and we are trying to get blanket consents, so people know how far they can go out in the open, without getting reported”

“cool – so we'll be fucking on the set by afternoon” Stevie said with a wink. 

Rhett placed the last chair: 

“I wouldn't get my hopes up – I think some of the crew is normal” he chuckled.

Ten minutes later the entire crew was sitting in a cheap plastic chair, looking at Link who was standing in front of them: 

“So... everyone have signed the waiver now, and therefore we have put up some forms on the noticeboard. I'm sure some of you have seen them, and from here, it does look like a few of you have signed” 

He looked at them all, giving a quick glance at Rhett before starting on the part that was important:

“If you haven't read them, they basically say how much you are willing to see or participate in, giving us all a blanket consent for a maximum of... improper things we can do I.E can we be naked, can we masturbate or even have sex in the studio, without having to block the toilet for half an hour Emily” 

Emily got up and bowed before she pointed a finger at her partner in crime, a blonde guy, who turned a little red at the attention. Stevie remembered that day – luckily they had three other toilets, not counting the one in the office, but still – the sounds alone was not discreet, and back then, just about a month ago Stevie had thought it was a little crass – today she wanted to do it herself in front of everyone... how times changed everything.

Link continued: 

“And then there is a row where you can sign up for what you are willing to do/have done to you, such as being touched, stipped or... everything” 

He gave the crowd in front of him a telling look: 

“Note that there is a 'asked' in brackets behind most of these, so even if everybody signs the last two papers, there is no forced sexual contact here: A no is always a no, a consent can always be withdrawn and you have the option to deny everyone anything – but if everyone signs the last one, no one is allowed to be offended if, say, I go around asking for a quick fuck. Obviously I wouldn't do that... very often” 

He winked at the crowd, in a way he hoped was more charming than creepy:

“But it can happen. What we are going to do is follow the guideline 'the least invasive is king' so if someone only signs the first one, in both rows, then that is the blanket permission, and while you can give consent beyond that, you wouldn't be allowed to just bang in the break room. What I would like for you to do, is think 'what would I be happy with 90% of the time?' And sign that piece of paper – you can always move up or down, though moving down is a bother for us, so please be sure before signing for something that might cross your personal limits” 

He looked around the crowd in front of him:

“Any questions?” 

A big busted woman raised a hand: 

“If I gave a blanket consent to getting touched, would I have to let everyone just touch me every time they felt like it?” 

“No – as I said you always have the option to say no, to anyone at anytime or if you have a bad day, we can always start the day with a small meeting, where we tell everyone to lay off grabbing at your body – anyone who has that kind of day just let us know in the morning and we'll make sure everyone knows”

She nodded in understanding and sat down. A guy raised his hand: 

“What if, say, a guy wanted to grab another guys... eh you know, and that guy didn't like guys that way?” 

Some of the men shifted uncomfortably:  

“Good question – a blanket consent goes both ways, so if someone doesn't want a guy to grab them or pat their butt, they would have to say it to the guy in question, and I expect that no one is going directly for the goods without asking people if it's okay, at least the first time... a pat on the ass, or maybe even honking a pair of booberlooberlooies, I can see happening real quick, but anyone sticking a hand down a pair of pants straight away is... fresh” 

He looked around and saw another hand: 

“If everybody is okay with watching sex – can we only do that on a break or...” 

Rhett started laughing and went: 

“I'll take this one: If it doesn't interfere with your job, everyone can fuck all the time, but for example if Chase is supposed to be onscreen but is ramming Emily, or Stevie is talking to us, while orgasming and ruining the shoot, then that is not okay. Remember people; we want everyone to have fun, and nobody thinks it's fun to have to work late, just because Josh burned the food, while he was having a threesome in the writers room. Apart from that – if you are carting props to the set, and can fuck and walk at the same time, knock yourselves out – need inspiration when writing? Orgasms always help me... go nuts as long as you aren't holding the rest of us up”

The meeting ended and they went to start shooting the first GMM of the week: 'Hotdogs: Mystery meat edition'. Link managed to keep down the poodle meat one, whereas Rhett vomited his soul up.

Link had asked Emily and Stevie to eat in the office, as he had something to tell them: 

“As you know I have been seeing a sex therapist for the last week – I don't know how good she is, 'cause I got times all through the week, but she thinks that it would be okay for me to start naughty times with you again, because we think we have found the reason for my... extreme tastes” 

He looked a bit embarrassed but carried on: 

“The conclusion, for now, is that I like to hurt people – I don't want to bang you guys in front of everyone because I'm an exhibitionist, but because I want them to think less of you, I want to make you hurt physically, because it feels good knowing that I'm hurting you... basically I'm a sadist”

Both Stevie and Emily looked distressed as he continued. 

“The good thing is, now we know, we can avoid you getting hurt, and I have been 'training' to cut loose without trying to give you a concussion” 

He smiled in an attempt at humor, but he looked like he still was sorry for that day: 

“So... we need a safe word, and perhaps we could try... a little S/M? Nothing too hard, but a slap here or there” 

He took a deep breath before continuing: 

“My sex therapist also suggested to let you try to... well control me, slap me around, whatever you'd want – I don't know if I'll like it, but that might sate my lusts without having to bruise you guys”

Stevie sat there looking at him: 

“Wow... that's a lot to take in” 

Emily on the other hand was much more cool: 


Stevie looked at her: 


“'Pineapple' as a safe word – easy to say and not something we use in out naughty times” 

“Oh, sure that works” 


Emily looked straight at Link: 

“And – if you don't stop when we say 'pineapple', then guess what I'll shove up your dick hole” 

Link looked a little frightened and a little turned on: 

“'Pineapple' it is then” 

And with that, the safe word was settled.

Rhett was lost thought for a while: 

“Hey Stevie?” 


“I was thinking – you're going to have sex with some of the others right?” 

“Well... Yeah...” 

Stevie hadn't really thought about if the guys would  have anything against her spreading her naughty fun to others 

“Yeah... it made me think you should start taking birth control pills” 

“Oh... OH! - I hadn't thought about that... I was thinking condoms, but yeah... the pill – never been on the pill...” 

“Anyway maybe you should swing by a pharmacy and get some” 

“Don't I need a doctor to prescribe them?” 

Link jumped in: 

“Not in California – as long as you are over the age of 18, you should be good to go” 

Stevie looked at him: 

“How do you know?” 

With a stone face he replied: 

“My daughter...” - he didn't need to finish that sentence.

At the end of the day Stevie looked at the noticeboard: In the top row of papers the 'I am okay with seeing everything' was signed by everyone, in the lower row the signatures was a good deal more spread, and it would seem that everyone was okay with 'Groping over the clothes'. It wasn't the result she hoped for, but it was expected, and it would seem naughty times was about to be a little more... public.

She stopped by a pharmacy and twenty minutes later she was on her way out with birth control pills in a small plastic bag. Ten minutes later she placed the box in front of Cassie. 


“Yeah... apparently everyone signed the waiver last Friday and then Rhett said...” 

Stevie imitated Rhett as though he was an 80 year old priest from the 1680's: 

“Stevie! Take precautions!” 

She dropped the act: 

“I hadn't thought about it, I figured maybe condoms... but this does make more sense right?” 

Cassie hadn't stopped looking at the box: 

“Yeah... sure” 

“I didn't want to start taking these, without you knowing...” 

“That's considerate” 

“It makes it more real... makes it feel like... cheating” 

Cassie looked up: 

“And the fucking everyone on camera, watching me have sex with Lana... that feels like?” 

“It's not everyone... It's two guys and a girl... for now... and that is just fun... and you and Lana is... beautiful” 

Stevie smiled softly: 

“I know I should find it hot, and it was as she watched the video, but otherwise... I just like seeing you happy” 

Cassie nodded, looked back at the box and went to get a glass of water: 

“Better get to it – as far as I know it takes a week for them to work, so if you want to fuck everybody next week... well no time like the present” 

Stevie took the glass and pulled out a pill: 

“To... infertility” she chuckled and washed the pill down.

Day 16 (Tuesday)


Stevie arrived at the studio bright and early; the first thing she saw was Chase walking around naked. 

“Good morning Stevie! It's a great day isn't it?” 

Stevie gave Chase the elevator stare, pausing at his dick: 

“Great seems to be the word Chase” she said with a smile. 

“I just love to be a nudist, and now I get to practice it at work? Best workplace ever!” 

They shared a laugh and Chase turned to walk away. 

“Oh Chase?” 

He turned back to look at her. 

“The blanket consent only covers over the clothes...” 

He laughed: 

“Knock yourself out” 

Stevie smiled and as Chase turned away again, she slapped his ass: 

“Looking and feeling good Chase” 

She laughed as he walked with a jiggle into the writers room.

Stevie walked into the office and greeted the guys: 

“So – Chase is enjoying the new rules” 

Rhett turned towards Stevie 

“Yeah... I just pinned the current 'rules of conduct' to the board, and as soon as they were up, Chase's clothes came off” 

Link sighed: 

“And I thought it was bad when he would sit naked on my stuff – now he is going to be naked everywhere” 

Stevie went over to him and stroke his cheek, moving over his chest and down to his thighs: 

“Regretting the new world order?” 


Stevie laughed and went over to the couch just hearing Link chuckle the word “tease”. 

Ten minutes later Emily arrived: 

“I just saw Chase...” 

Stevie continued typing away: 

“Very naked, we know” 

She stopped typing and looked up: 

“Anything else? Anyone fucking out there?” 

Emily laughed derisively: 

”Why would they? You're still in here” 

“I only started on the pill yesterday, so I'll won't be the first out on the floor...”  

Stevie looked at Rhett and then Link: 


After the word had hung for a minute or so Rhett finally looked up: 

“Wanting the bosses to set a good example?” 

“You know it daddy” 

Rhett rubbed his face: 

“Maybe... but definitely no daddy out there” 

“As you say daddy” 

Link was looking a little more doubtful: 

“I for one would love it, but... I'm not sure that I could control myself... I would so love it, to just fuck you... either of you, calling you sluts and asking others to use your mouths like good little whores...” 

Stevie snapped her fingers: 

“But that is just a fantasy” she added silently, only loud enough for Emily to hear “for now”, loud she said: 

“When we bang out there, you will act like a normal man, and restrict yourself to say the odd 'slut', otherwise I'm sure there is a lot of the female crew that would love to speak to you afterwards” 

Link started stroking himself: 

“Umm... a room full of women feeling demean...” 

Link stared out in the room for a second and let his hand fall: 

“I need to stop doing that” 

Rhett turned back to his computer: 

“Glad to hear the therapy is paying of Neil” 

Everyone but Link laughed.

A couple of hours later Stevie was feeling a little frisky – not as much for an orgasm, but more for doing something obvious sexual in front of everyone – she wanted to see if they were shocked, or upset or... she felt herself get a little wet: 

“Naughty time?” She said pretending to work. 

Emily didn't look up: 

“I could do with a little pre-lunch fun” 

Rhett kept typing: 

“I've been trying to write these lyrics for 30 minutes – I'm in” 

Link pushed back from his desk: 

“Well I guess – I think I can do it without trying to kill you” he joked, though he did look like it was a faint possibility.

Stevie kept typing: 

“Wanna try a little femdom, just for Link's sake?” 

Rhett stopped typing: 


Emily looked at Rhett only moving her eyes: 

“Don't be a wuss, girlyman. We won't hurt you two... much” 

Link paused, and after a beat he went back to his computer to save his work: 

“I would appreciate it Rhett – you know it's easier to keep things down if we are two to grin and bare it” 

Rhett looked at his screen, and several lines he knew he would have to retype later: 

“Fuck it – I guess I can take a slap or two” 

Emily closed her laptop: 

“That's the spirit! A slap or two, a little piss and maybe having to cumswap with Link” 

Both the men snapped their head at Emily's laughing face who continued: 

“Maybe we can leave some of that for later”.

Stevie pulled at the fucktress while Emily was talking and was considering if she should keep all her clothes on, just to make it much more visible what had happened in there, but came to the conclusion that loosing the pants was a must, and she would be depriving the others if she didn't at least pull up her shirt.

The three others had already stripped and Link had hit the record button on the camera – in theory there was not a lot of reason for them to keep recording it, but Link still liked watching the videos afterwards on his phone, while lying in bed next to his wife, and Stevie had talked about how she and Cassie watched some of them at times – to Link that was reason enough.

Emily looked at Stevie: 

“Are you going to loose the shirt, or is it like a sweatband for your neck?” 

“I just don't want to smear the cum, when I get dressed” 

By now this wasn't a surprise, but Link did make a mental note to look at their CCTV afterwards, to see what was going to happen. 

Rhett looked at the two women in front of him: 

“So... how does this work?” 

Stevie and Emily shared a look, and Stevie turned to the guys with a sweet smile: 

“Drop to your knees” 

Link and Rhett took a moment to look at each other and shrug, which was a bit to long for their mistresses: As one they backhanded both men in the solar plexus, causing them to bend slightly and groan. Both Emily and Stevie grabbed them by the hair; Links head hair and Rhett's beard, forcing them down, where they forcefully smashed their mouths into theirs waiting and eager pussies. Stevie gave an evil chuckle: 

“This is how it works man whore! You do what we say, when we say it, or we have to punish you. Now lick faster!” 

Rhett moved his tongue faster, not really knowing how to feel about it, but knowing Stevie wouldn't hurt him too much, he decided to follow orders. Link on the other hand, hadn't thought Stevie's order was directed at him, so he was caught by surprise as Emily pulled his head back, to deliver a hard slap across his face: 

“Are you deaf slut? LICK FASTER BITCH!” 

Emily once again forced his head against her waiting sex, and Link, too stunned to do anything else, just did what he was told. 

“That's a good worm, eat me before I have to bite you”. 

Stevie pulled Rhett's head back, so he looked straight up at her: 

“Open your mouth spittoon!” 

Rhett widened his eyes, considering the magic 'pineapple' word, but instead he opened his mouth, and watched as Stevie gathered up spit in her mouth and slowly let it drip out of her mouth into his. 

“Now that's a good boy...” 

Stevie continued in a baby voice: 

“Does mamma's good little baby boy want mamma to touch his tiny weenie?” 

Rhett still with Stevie's spit in his mouth, swallowed it all and answered: 

“Yes..” Stevie grabbed his ear, twisting it a bit forcing him to lay down: 

“Yes what?” 

“Yes please?” 

Stevie laughed: 

“What a good little boy you are, now stick your tongue in my asshole” 

Emily was looking down at Link, doing his best to eat her out as fast as he could, and felt both powerful and an urge to pee: 

“Lay down and open your fucking mouth – I need to pee and you need to drink every drop” 

Link dropped down to his back, casting a quick glance to Rhett tongue fucking  Stevie's asshole, and Stevie batting Rhett's cock about, and occasionally giving it a kiss: 

“Ah... no stop...” 

Link was frantically searching for the safeword in the back of his mind, but it was gone, and as he didn't say it, and didn't open his mouth for other than uttering pathetic pleas, Emily dropped her knee into Links stomach, and as he curled up, she grabbed his jaw in one hand, his forehead in the other and forced his mouth open right under her, and finally she released the golden torrent into his mouth.

The blow to his midsection had knocked the wind out of him, and between that and the sudden flow of urine into his mouth he was suffocating, left only with the option of gulping down mouthful after mouthful of his mistress' treat. As the stream ended, Emily looked down and instantly backhanded Link hard: 

“I told you to drink it all!” 

She looked down at his dick, surprised to see it hard even after all that had happened: 

“Well, I guess I just have to punish you some more” 

Emily impaled herself on his engorged member, wrapping her hands around his throat as she did so:

“You better not cum before I do, or there will be hell to pay” 

Link tried to fight back, but his strength was gone, and he weakly put his hands on Emily's to avoid suffocating.

Stevie looked over at Emily: 

“Remember I want his cum on my face” 

“Oh... AH... don... don't worry – you... you'll get it all slut!”

Stevie smiled and stood up from Rhett looking down at him: 

“Well fuckboy – you get to be on top this time” 

She laid down, curling her finger to get Rhett to mount her. He was breathing heavily, having had a hard time breathing with her ass cheeks blocking his airways, but managed to roll over and crawl onto and into Stevie. She instantly wrapped her legs around him, squeezing him as hard as she could: She pulled his head closer and bit his ear: 

“Fuck me hard Rhett, make me cum, and don't you dare cum before I do: I want everything you got on my face – you got that you little fuck?” 


She started biting him all over his face: 

“Yes what?” 

Rhett was lost and just let his mind use whatever it thought of: 

“Yes mistress?” 

“That's better, now plow me like you never fucked anyone before!” 

She kissed him roughly, biting both his lip and his tongue as he started ramming her with his meat piston with the fury of a man who would never fuck again.

After five minutes, both Link and Rhett was holding back – the women were moaning loudly, so it wouldn't be long, and neither of the guys was willing to find out what would happen, if they didn't last longer than their partners.

Emily finally gave in to her orgasm, and as soon as her wall contracted on his abused, one eyed snake, Link also let go, forgetting all about Stevie's facial. The sounds of her friends cumming, pushed Stevie over the edge, and with the strength of Hercules, Rhett continued to ram her for ten seconds into her orgasm, before he pulled out and with a loud cry unleashed his white, face paint on Stevie's contorted features. The cum went up her nose, on her lips, covered her closed eyes and created drops in her hair as well as staining her shirt. Spent Rhett fell to the fucktress next to Stevie, gasping for air.

As Emily came down, she remembered that Stevie wanted the sperm on her face. She clamped all her internal muscles together, which caused Link to give a sudden cry, as his dick got mashed by Emily's strong pussy. She slowly raised herself off of Link and went over to Stevie: 

“Hey CUMSLUT! Special delivery! Sit the fuck up!” 

Stevie looked up at a very red Emily, and understanding dawned; Stevie sat up, and as soon as her head was level, Emily who was hovering over Stevie's head let go, letting a cum bomb fall and disperse through Stevie's hair, giving her somewhat even coating of cum on her face, and staining her shirt even more.

The men was still lying down, as Stevie and Emily pulled on their pants – Stevie pulled down her shirt and asked Emily: 

“How do I look?” 

“Like a slut who just blew her bosses” 

“Great! Just the look I was going for – let's go to lunch” 

The women left the men to their own devices; Link was pale and breathed shallowly: 

“Emily peed in my mouth” 

“Stevie made me stick my tongue into her asshole” 

Link tried to nod, but was too weak to do so: 

“I'm not sure if I liked it” 

“... I've tried worse... but I don't want to do it... often” 

“By the way Rhett... what was the safeword again?”


There were stares when Stevie went into the break room, face covered in cum – she thought a few looks was condemning, some was lustful and others just went 'oh... makes sense'. Every look turned her on a little, especially the double takes, but she played it cool, chatting with Emily, getting their lunch and sitting down to eat. Stevie did notice Josh was staring extra hard, so she smiled at him and asked: 

“Hi Josh – what's with the staring? Got something on my face?” 

Some of the crew laughed a little, some because it was a little funny, and some gave a nervous laugh, but there was also a few derisive 'HA!''s amongst them, as though they really wanted to call her slut, but didn't dare to. Stevie felt oddly empowered by that – she had expected the feelings of lust that was building up, but doing a obvious cumwalk amongst her friends and coworkers, and them not saying anything, even with the blanket consent given, was giving her a feeling as though she was allowed to push every limit – on top of what had just happened with the guys, she was on top of the world right now.

Josh looked down at his food, then up at Stevie and moved his things to Emily and Stevie's table. Carney, who was sitting next to Josh, scratched the back of his head, shrugged and followed suit, making excuses to the others at their table. Sitting opposite Stevie, Josh kept looking at Stevie, his hand moving under the table. Carney kept silent for a while, just looking at everybody looking at everybody, before he caved and started talking: 

“So... is this a new look Stevie?” 

She shrugged: 

“From time to time it's fun to dress up” 

Josh piped in: 

“That's hot... you should eat it” 

Emily chuckled: 

“Eating it is the reason she looks like this” 

Emily wasn't sure if they should tell everyone that they were fucking, but oral wasn't such a big thing, so she decided this was the best way forward. They all heard the sound of a zipper from Josh' side of the table. 

“Well all the more reason to just swallow it all” 

Stevie pondered it for a while, then put a finger to her cheek, wiping a little off and tasting it with a grimace: 

“I guess I could get used to it, but I probably would need to get tricked into liking it” 

She said with a thoughtful expression: 

“I mean... cum in my mouth and I'll spit, but if I didn't know I was eating semen... well, I might grow to love it” 

She winked at Josh who grunted and came on himself and Stevie's shoes. She looked under the table and with a chuckle exclaimed: 

“Remember to wipe underneath the table – you're a fountain!” 

Some of the crew had been able to see everything Josh was doing and had enjoyed the show, while others just pretended nothing was happening. 

“Arhh... so you would be cool with someone helping you learn to love to eat cum?” 

“Someone, some... I guess it would help me in work situations, where I need to be on camera later”

“Cool... I mean if someone could help you in a work capacity” 

Stevie looked into Josh' eyes with a soft smile: 

“That would be very helpful”

Carney seemed somewhat uncomfortable yet still turned on, so it wasn't a great surprise when he started asking them about the writing and, tried not to look at Josh, as Josh took a bunch of paper towels and wiped up the mess from the underside of the table – he left the floors, as the cleaners would get that, and he didn't bother with his pants: they would be stained no matter what, so he might as well just let the stain be as big as possible as advertisement.

After lunch Stevie rushed back to the office, and as soon as she entered  through the door, she asked: 

“Who want's be ridden like a bronco?” 

Both Link and Rhett was a bit weary after the prelunch session, so Rhett went: 

“Arh.. Stevie perhaps we should...” 

Stevie had already stripped: 

“None of that! I have eating lunch with my face covered in cum, in front of all my colleagues, and I'm wet as fuck – now who can get hard right now?” 

She looked over at Link, and saw some motion in his pants: 

“Great! We have a volunteer!” 

She almost ripped Links pants off, and he just went with it – for a moment he thought if this was how a rape victim felt, but in the end he knew he wanted it, maybe not as much as normally, but as Stevie's tits hit his face, and her tight wet hole grabbed his staff of +1 stiffness, he knew that he wanted it enough – chances were that he had asked Christy for sex and gotten it while she wanted it less than he did right now, so at very least it was good for his karma.

Stevie rode him hard in the office chair while the office was filled with sound; the sounds of moans, the creaking of the chair, sucking sounds from her breasts, and, as she came, a cracking sound from the backrest as it broke. 

Stevie kept on moving until she finally felt Link's release inside of her, and then she moved off him, and plopped down in the coach sated and a little tired.   

A few minutes later Emily came back to the office together with Carney: He looked first at Rhett, then noticed Stevies clothes, Link sitting with his messy dick out and finally Stevie lying on the couch with a cunt full of sperm. Stevie looked up at the new arrivals: 

“Oh hi Carney – Emily – remember that bet we made, that I won? Time to pay up” 

Emily looked a little confused for a split second, before remembering the bet made weeks before. She looked at Carney, then back at Stevie who just said: 

“He won't mind, will you Carney?” 

He looked confused and said nothing 

“See? Hop to it!” 

Emily shook her head, but still got down on her knees and lapped at Stevie's creampie, slowly but surely eating all of Links cum. 

Rhett watched Carney look at the lesbian action in front of him and cleared his throat to get Carney's attention: 

“What can we do you for Carney?” 

“Do you actually get any work done in here, with..” 

Carney gestured at the lovely ladies 

“...This going on?” 

“Actually we have been very productive – our stage show is ready for a read-through, the movie... I think we have about 400 pages by now, so getting it down to something manageable is the big problem – all the big set pieces are in place and we have a even a few ideas for our daily show - that” 

He pointed at the moaning Stevie with a frantically licking Emily between her legs. 

“Have even sped up some things” 

“Oh.. cool” 

“Anyway – you wanted to say something?” 

Carney looked lost for a moment, before he remembered why he had come in the first place: 

“Oh yeah! I wanted to hear if it would okay to make the second shoot tomorrow be the 'Foods that can't work - Can they?' episode? That way we record the kitchen video of Josh making the foods at the same time as the first GMM, and do reshoots for it during the taping of the third GMM tomorrow, saving Josh from having to get to work Thursday and letting him work on the Mythical Cookbook instead – I'm sure the Beasts will buy so many copies that we are going to have to clear an entire rain forrest” 

“... I hope we are also selling a e-version... but yeah that sounds...” 

Stevie's scream of “LICK MY PUSSY YOU BEAUTIFULL CREATURE! AHHH YES!!!” interrupted him. 

As soon as Stevie was done cumming he continued: 

“Fine – just update the schedule and we'll do it that way” 

Carney looked at Stevie's post-coital face, smiling a bit at the sight, then caught himself and turned his head towards Rhett: 

“Great, thank you” 

And with a final look towards Stevie and Emily who now was sitting next to Stevie with a smug look on her face, he left the office, only stopping to write his name on the 'willing to do everything' list – this job just kept getting better and better.           

Later that night Stevie arrived home, to be greeted by Cassie and Lana cooking in the kitchen. Cassie looked up at Stevie, noticing the state of her shirt: 

“Hi babe, fun day at the office?” 

“Femdom day at the office, you gotta see the video” 

“After dinner” 

Stevie looked at the pair cooking something that looked asian: 


Lana looked up:


“Close enough” Stevie laughed and while she lightly licked her lips, she said: 

“You two look so cute together... can't wait to eat”

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