Shieldbrothers: The Rescue

BY : Lursa
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Athena Rachmaninoff lounges back on her bunk. The bed is surprisingly comfortable for a cell. Athena loosens her long black hair, slowly unweaving the braid. She places the shimmering feathers one by one on the coarse gray cover as she watches her associate Katherine Bonaparte.

Katherine paces back and forth with a supple, angry grace that is endlessly pleasing. Katherine’s tight black leather pants hug the firm, heart-shaped curves of her bottom. Her breasts bounce with the force of each step. Her strong, graceful hands wave and clench in fists as she swears softly and savagely. Her bone blades snap out.

Athena smiles to herself. She better reclaim Katherine’s attention before her fair lover works herself up into too great a rage. Athena sighs and arches her back, shaking her hair out of the way. She pretends to be unaware of Katherine’s sudden stillness and attention.

Athena unlaces her bustier, slowly pulling the leather cords loose. She drops the black leather bustier on the floor and leans back on her elbows, exposing her smooth copper skin. Athena shifts her position, making her bare breasts sway softly. She runs a hand over her breasts, stroking over the angry red marks left by the tight bustier. A sidelong glance tells her that she has Katherine’s complete attention. Athena rolls to her side, pulling her long, black hair over her breasts. “Katherine sit down, pacing won’t help our situation.” She pats her bunk. “Come. Sit.”

Katherine turns sharply away and glances quickly down the corridor. She placer her hands on her hips, her fingers tapping impatiently against the leather. Katherine frowns over her shoulder at Athena. “What would you have me do? I prefer action. I can’t just sit here and leave our fate in the hands of these…kludges.”

“What of the Nietzschean officer? What was his name…Anasazi?” Athena leans forward. Her dark nipples peek through the cloud of black hair. “Do you think he would be open to an alliance of some sort?”

“What sort of alliance?” Katherine growls. Her blue eyes darken.

“Any sort.” Athena widens her eyes innocently. A shiver runs over her at the cold, brooding look on Katherine’s face; the ominous curve of the pink lips.

“I’m not sure about that one.” Katherine taps her foot thoughtfully. The blue eyes are distant and calculating. “There’s something about him that I can’t quite put my finger on.”

“Something in his scent, perhaps?” Athena loves to see Katherine so forceful. It is quite…invigorating. Athena increases the supple, provocative arch of her body. One hand slides slowly over her hip, down her bare stomach to toy with the fastening to her pants.

Katherine’s gaze lingers over Athena’s artful pose. The hard curve of her mouth softens. “Don’t try to distract me. We’ve got to come up with a plan.”

“What’s Anasazi’s pride? I can’t remember having seen him before.” Athena stretches lithely on the bed, rolling onto her back. She arches, thrusting her breasts up.

Katherine sits on the bed. Her fingers move lightly over the smooth, copper skin, tracing the red lines left by the bustier. She cups Athena’s breasts, roughly rubbing her thumbs over the dark nipples. “You wouldn’t have heard of his pride, he’s Kodiak.”

“Kodiak! I thought they were wiped out.” Athena gasps as Katherine sharply bites the sensitive undersides of her breasts.

“Not totally wiped out.” A deep, male voice breaks the moment.

Athena sits up quickly as Katherine leans back, lounging beside her on the bed. A large, dark male stands on the other side of the cell. Athena runs an assessing eye over him. Definitely an alpha. Clearly a man who could sire handsome, intelligent babies. How long had he been watching? Had he picked up on the nature of her relationship with Katherine?

Athena draws her long hair over one shoulder. Her finger trails over the tight bud of one of her nipples in an apparently idle gesture. “I am Athena Rachmaninoff of Creek-Shalom out of Golda by Francisco.

“I am Tyr Anasazi out of Victoria by Barbarossa.” Tyr watches the two women with calm indifference. Why is Harper so suspicious of them? The only reason that he had bothered to come down here was that something about these women disturbed Harper’s peace of mind.

His gaze moves slowly over Katherine who stares silently back at him for a long moment. She offers no ritual listing of her parentage. Interesting. Does she have something to hide about her line of descent? She watches Athena closely yet Athena is pretending to be unaware of her. Tyr inhales. He can smell desire on them. He saw them caressing each other. Had they intended him to see or not? Were they hoping to provoke him into doing something stupid?

“We were discussing the possibility of an alliance between the three of us.” Athena spread her hair over her breasts like a soft, dark cloud.

So. and and Katherine were more than casual partners if that was a serious proposal. If they were not betas…if they were smarter and more worthy, he might consider such a proposal. An arrangement solely for reproductive and political purposes was possible if Harper agreed. That possibility lay in the far future. For now his relationship with Harper was too new for either to be willing to share rights. “That is not a possibility.”

“Why?” Katherine demands. She growls. “Because we’re Betas?”

“No. Because you killed the mother of my children.”

Katherine sits up and points downward. Her features twist in disgust. “That…creature…was your mate?! That human?”

“You are father to her spawn?” Athena presses a hand over her mouth. Her eyes are wide and mocking. “I think I’m going to be ill.”

Katherine sneers. “They are mongrels.”

“You would do well to keep your opinions on my children to yourself.” Tyr replied mildly. Hmmm. He cannot see what it is about these two that troubles Harper so much. The two women have too little control of their temper and impulses. They are cruel and vicious. They could be very dangerous in the right set of circumstances but the two are not nearly as clever as they think they are.

“They should have been killed at birth.” Katherine goads as she tosses her blond hair back. “Why didn’t you?”

“That is none of your concern.” Tyr responds curtly. “Your main concern should be with Sabra-Jaguar pride. You will be turned over to Archduke Charlemagne Bolivar’s representatives on Cester’s Core in two days.”

“The Sabra-Jaguar have no authority over…” Katherine jumps to her feet. Her hands gather in fists as she glares at Tyr.

Tyr smiles sardonically over his shoulder as he turns to leave. “Oh I’m afraid they do. The Archduke is the Nietzschean liaison to the Commonwealth of Planets. Sleep well.”

Katherine drops back on the bed, smiling broadly at Athena. “The Archduke won’t dare anger our prides.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Athena purses her tho thoughtfully.

“Then we’ll have to come up with a plan.”

“Shhhh…this could work to our advantage.” Athena purrs with a smile.

“How?” Katherine frowns as she pushes her lover’s hair back. “We’re to be turned over to Bolivar and that bitch of his, Elssbett. How is that a good thing?”

“Cester’s Core is not the Sabra-Jaguar base. It’s only a tributary world.” Athena allows Katherine to wrap her fist in her long, black hair and force her head back. She whispers urgently. “We may find sympathetic ears.”

Athena grabs Katherine’s shoulders. The dangerous edge to Katherine’s lips was so exciting; the hot scent of her anger. Katherine breathed deeply, pressing closer. She bites softly at Athena’s lips. “You’re so forceful and full of energy when you plan.”

Athena’s eyes narrow. Her fist tightens, pulling Katherine’s hair. “We don’t have time for this.”

“There’s always time.” Katherine collapses back against the mattress, urging Athena back with her.


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