Shieldbrothers: The Rescue

BY : Lursa_and_BeTor
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Chapter One: Growing Closer

Beka Valentine, Captain of the Eureka Maru and First Officer of the Andromeda Ascendant; Rommie, the Andromeda’s android avatar; and Rev Bem, resident philosopher and spiritual guide for the crew, walk purposefully up the corridor toward the command deck for their tour of duty.

Beka frowns as her gauss pistol shifts uncomfortably on her thigh with each stride. The belt seems a little loose. She reaches down and tightens her belt, shifting the holstered weapon back into the correct position over her formfitting black leather pants. It feels odd to be going armed on the ship but it seems like every time, she leaves the weapon off, something tries to kill her or one of her friends.

Beka pushes up the sleeves on her snug black top as she glances at Rommie. Thank goodness that Rommie has finally tired of the punk princess look. At first all the blue and pink streaks were amusing but it was past time to give the look a rest. It has been so long since she saw Rommie’s sable hair unpainted that the effect was a little startling. Now she wouldn’t have been surprised if Harper had started painting his hair odd colors but Rommie, as she was forever reminding people, was military and military folk generally frowned on bright colors. Of course, this was the person who tried to talk her into wearing a pink dress for that diplomatic dinner. Pink? Please!

Of course, she didn’t see Rommie wearing pink. Oh, no. Rommie was in her High Guard Bondage Babe outfit. Beka sniffs as she glances sidelong. The black pants were fine but that red leather top with all the little black straps and cleavage. Really. “Don’t you think it’s been too quiet around here, lately? I mean we’ve not heard a peep out of anyone since we turned over those women to the Sabra-Jaguar on Cester’s Core a month ago.”

“By ‘those women’ I assume you mean Katherine and Athena.” Rommie shakes her hair back out of her face.

“Yeah.” Which other women had been making pests of themselves recently? Beka rolls her eyes at the ceiling. Every time she had to go down there, those women had…made noises at her. When they weren’t groping each other in front of her and inviting her to join in. As if.

“Harper calls them something else.” Rommie clasps her hands behind her back and slows her stride to match Beka’s.

“Yeah, well…I don’t think ‘Über Bitches’ sounds very nice.” Although it fit perfectly. The things those women had said to her. She would have hit ‘em but those two would probably have enjoyed it. Beka glances at Rommie. “Besides whatever you want to call ‘em, I’m glad they’re gone.”

“One does not look the Divine in the mouth when provided with a gift.” Rev intones in his gruff voice. His hands are clasped over each forearm and tucked into the long sleeves of his rust colored Wayist robes. “I am…relieved…that our ‘guests’ are now the concern of someone else.”

“I am surprised that Charlemagne Bolivar did not request that they be transported directly to the Sabra-Jaguar home world.” Rommie adds.

Beka pushes a wayward lock of blond hair off her fore. “. “I’m not. Evidently their reputation got there well before they were supposed to.”

“You don’t suppose the Sabra-Jaguar Alpha is planning an unfortunate…accident of some sort for our former guests?” Rev’s gruff voice is thoughtful.

Beka grins. Now that would be a nice solution. She just does not feel comfortable with those two women running around loose. Her mood lightens as the idea of Athena and Katherine being shot while trying to escape. “Not my problem. I’m so glad not to be their personal cruise director. I just don’t know what to do with myself.”

“I thought you’d enjoy this rest, Beka.” Rommie’s dark eyes hold a quizzical gleam as she looks at Beka. “…especially after the excitement of Valerus Prime. Plus we had Bellerophon and Chimaera for several weeks.”

“Well…” Beka shrugs. Actually she kinda likes the kids. Once she looked past their size and realized that they were just lost kids, she had taken to spending some of her off duty time with them. No need to spread that around. Last thing she wants is for Rommie and Rev to start making comments about her going maternal.

“The testosterone level has dropped considerably since there are two less Anasazi men on board this ship.” Rommie turns her dark gaze on Rev.

“The twins were a bit…active…while on board.” Rev shrugs. His face wrinkles thoughtfully as he looks at Beka. “I thought you would be relieved.”

“I am. Really.” Beka glances uneasily over her shoulder. “It’s just that I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

“Is there something else bothering you, Beka?” Rev asks.

“Nah…not really, no. It’s just that… It’s nothing. Well…I just. I mean…have you seen them?” Beka glances from Rommie to Rev. It feels like forever since she spent time with Harper. That was one reason that she spent so much time with the twins. She can only talk plants with Trance for so long. She likes Rev but he is way too philosophical and serious. Rommie is too serious and stern. Dylan is always contemplating the Commonwealth like a miser crouching over a pile of gold coins. Harper is the closest to her in spirit and outlook. She misses the long conversations that meander gently through realms of wild fancy and hopes for fame and fortune.

“Who?” Rev asks, his eye round innocently.

“You know who!” Beka snaps. “What is going ON with Tyr and Harper?”

“Ahh.” Rommie and Rev sigh in unison. They trade a long glance. This is not the first time that Beka has groused about the growing relationship between the Andromeda’s Fire Control Officer and Engineer. From the beginning she had been wary of Tyr’s motives. She cautioned Harper and threatened to expel Tyr from an airlock if she saw so much as a wayward scratch on her friend. Now she settles for complaining daily about the two men to whoever has the misfortune to be within earshot.

“Wait. What’s with the ‘ahh’, guys?” Beka frowns as they walk through the door onto the bridge.

“Hey boss.” Harper taps at his duty station. He blows a kiss at Rommie and winks at Beka. “Hey guys.”

“Hello, Harper.” Rev walks over to stand near the engineer. “How is the universe treating you?”

Harper grins and clasps Rev on the shoulder. “Well, it seems the universe has decided to give one Seamus Zelazny Harper a timeout, a vacation, a reprieve…if you will. And I, for one, am gonna take full advantage of it.”

“Very good, Harper. You are becoming a bit of a philosopher.” Rev strokes his medallion as he nods in approval.

Harper’s smile deepens, bringing out his dimples. “Thanks Rev. Coming from you that means a lot.”

“That is a very nice looking shirt, Harper. Is it new?” Rev touches a claw to the smooth fabric.

A warm flush slowly sweeps over Harper’s dimpled cheeks. He strokes the blue-gray tee shirt that Tyr picked out for him to wear that morning. There is a note of wondering delight in his voice. “Yeah, it’s a new one. Tyr likes me in blue.”

Rommie looks at Beka who rolls her eyes and mimics Harper behind his back. Rommie shakes her head and returns to her tasks.

Harper taps on his console one last time. He picks up his tool belt on the floor by his station and turns to leave. “Well, I’d love to stay and visit with you but I gotta go. See ya later, guys.”

“Harper! Wait!” Beka calls after him. “Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Don’t wanna be late for dinner. Tyr gets kinda pouty if I let the food get cold.” Harper flashes an apologetic grin as he hurries out the door. “Later guys.”

“See! That’s what I mean!” Beka scowls as she waves at the door. She slaps a series of commands into her console. Before Harper had gotten so wrapped up in Tyr, he would have hung around and talked for a while.

“What are you saying, Beka?” Rev settles serenely behind his console.

“It just makes me sick. ‘Tyr likes me in blue.’” Beka mimics. “I can’t stand much more of it. It’s always ‘Tyr says’ this or ‘Harper needs’ that. They don’t have time for anyone else these days.”

“Why Beka…” Rommie fold her arms over her chest and smiles. “I believe you’re jealous.”

“What?” Beka stares coldly at her. What could the High Guard Bondage Babe know about her feelings? “That’s ridiculous. I just think they need to keep their minds on business. I mean they’ve been locked away in their quarters doing god knows what since the twins left a couple weeks ago.”

“You did tell me that Tyr once told you he wouldn’t mate with a human female.” Rommie claims and begins tapping lightly away at her console. She glances at Beka. “It must make you angry that he didn’t have that problem with a human male.”

Beka makes a derisive noise and shakes her head. Okay, so maybe she had fancied Tyr at one time and thought that he wanted her. Sure it was a little embarrassing when she found out that that candle-lit dinner was nothing personal for Tyr but she was over that. Plenty of other men found her attractive. This was about Harper not Tyr. “Pfff! Please! I don’t have time to brood about Nietzschean mating customs.”

Rev studies her with a considering air. “Beka. I think Rommie is right. You are exhibiting all the signs of jealousy.”

“Nah. I’m not in the least bit jealous of those two.” Beka shrugs. So Harper has a honey on the ship and she doesn’t. So Tyr wants Harper and not her. That isn’t important. What is important is that Harper isn’t spending the time on other things that he used to. “I just think they need to come up for air, that’s all. I mean they giggle and coo over each other like silly teenagers.”

“I haven’t noticed any giggling or cooing.” Rev looks down at his console.

Beka shrugs. “Oh. You know what I mean.”

Rev shakes his head at her. “Beka. You remember what it feels like to be in love. You can’t begrudge them that.”

“I don’t.” Beka sighs. “I just…I don’t know. I kinda miss the old grumpy Tyr and the spastic Harper.”

Andromeda’s holographic image winks to life in front of Beka. “Well, that’s an illogical statement. I don’t miss the old Harper or Tyr. Harper is operating at peak efficiency. He has my systems humming and has put in place some innovations that are truly…exceptional. I haven’t been in such excellent condition since I had a full crew.”

“Well, thank you very much for your commentary.” Beka’s tone drips sarcasm. “But I know Tyr is up to something. I mean he’s never this quiet. He’s got to be plotting something.”

The Hologram folds her arms across her chest. “It is my observation that Tyr is spending his time at his usual pursuits…reading, exercising, and security. Although he has added a couple of new additions.”

“Ah HAH!” Beka exclaims. She leans forward eagerly. “I knew it! What’s he been up to?”

“He’s been researching Earth history quite a bit. He’s mainly concentrating on the North American continent. He’s been researching earth cuisine and he’s been cooking dishes that Harper seems to find irresistible.” The hologram quirks her mouth in a half-smile. There is a faint sparkle in her dark eyes. “Plus, the other day he actually called me ‘Andromeda’.”

“Oh. Why of course that mean’s he’s not plotting anything.” Beka scowls. “Don’t you have someplace to be?”

The hologram lifts an eyebrow and winks off.


Harper bounces into the quarters he shares with Tyr and stops short. It reminds him of the day that he moved in. The lighting is subdued and arrays of copper, bronze and gold candles flicker in small clusters around the room. The aroma of good food wafts over him. He sniffs. Whoa, is that steak? Where did Tyr find steak? Soft music is playing. Harper recognizes it as an Ancient Earth type called Jazz.

Nice. Very nice. He watches as Tyr sets the table. The long braids veil Tyr’s expressbut but there is an air of contentment in the way, Tyr carefully places each piece of china on the small table. Harper sighs in longing as he admires the way Tyr’s hair slides over the bronze silk robe hugging the heavy muscles of his wide shoulders. Matching bronze silk pants ride low on Tyr’s hips. The soft fabric draws attention to the supple flow and flex of Tyr’s muscles beneath it.

Tyr turns to face him with a warm smile. Harper smiles back but his eyes linger on the wide expanse of chest revealed by the open robe. The bite marks that he left last night are visible on the smooth, rich skin. Harper can’t quite believe that this is all his. The universe has been very good to him. Sometimes he feels as if he needs to pinch himself but he doesn’t want to wake up if it’s a dream.

“What’s all this?” Harper reaches out to stroke the dark fall of braids, draping Tyr’s shoulder. He is still fascinated by the luxurious mass of braids. He looks up, smiling as he watches Tyr’s eyes darken with passion. He tilts his head back in silent invitation.

Tyr bends down to nibble delicately at Harper’s lower lip. He brushes several soft kisses across Harper’s mouth. Harper leans into the embrace, parting his lips as he yields to Tyr’s persuasions. Harper slides his hands over the warm, plush skin of Tyr’s waist and then lower to stroke the silk fabric covering the hard muscled flanks.

“Dinner.” Tyr’s voice has a hint of low growl as he pulls Harper firmly against him. He bends down to claim Harper’s mouth for another long moment. Tyr finally raises his head. “How was your shift?”

“Fine. Nothing spectacular, thank the Divine.” Harper pulls back to stare at the glimmering candles and chilling wine. The steaks steaming deliciously on the plates. The crisp salad waiting in white bowls. A basket of freshly baked rolls. Tyr had gone to a lot of trouble. He glances sidelong at his companion. “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

Tyr slides a hand under Harper’s chin and turns the pale face toward him. “You have a question, Seamus?”

Harper toys with the long braids, lying against the bronze silk robe. He tugs gently at one braid. He gives Tyr a wide-eyed blank stare of puzzlement. “Oh, I don’t know…the candles…the music. We don’t usually go all out with the ambience and stuff. What’s going on?”

“I thouwe wwe would have a special dinner tonight.” Tyr leans down and brushes his lips against Harper’s unruly blond locks. His hand strokes lightly over the blue-gray material of Harper’s shirt, smoothing it over the human’s chest muscles.

“Okay…I’m missing something, right?” Harper lowers his eyes to hide his amusement as he runs a finger down the center of Tyr’s chest. He loves the plush, velvety texture of Tyr’s skin. He could do nothing but stroke the smooth, flawless skin all day. His hands spread over the warm skin at Tyr’s waist just above the low-riding top of the bronze silk pajama bottoms. Harper smiles as the muscles tighten and flex under his touch.

“Is it not an Earth custom to commemorate the date one became bonded?” Tyr asks softly. He nuzzles Harper’s throat, nipping lightly at the curve of shoulder.

“Bonded?” Harper frowns in pretend confusion. He is so going to pay for this when he brings out his gift and Tyr realizes that he really does know what day it is. “Oh yeah! But we’ve only been together a short while.”

Tyr pulls Harper closer. His voice deepens seductively. “Is not each day precious?”

“Yes…yes it is. Happy Anniversary to you, too.” Harper grabs a fistful of braids, urging Tyr tod dod down. He stands on tiptoe, rubbing against the silk covered thickness of Tyr’s shaft as he softly kisses the full lips.

“Come. Eat before the food gets cold.” Tyr growls.

“If I don’t, do I get a spanking?” Harper teases as he pulls back. He tosses a saucy look over his shoulder as he saunters toward the bathroom to wash up.

“Oh…only if you’re very good.” Tyr gazes hungrily after at his lover.

“Good? I can do good.” Harper laughs.

“I know you can.”


Tyr and Harper sprawl on the big couch after dinner. Tyr sits at one end. His silk robe hangs over the back of the couch. Fading bite marks and bruises mark his bare chest. Tyr smiles as his fingers trace the outlines of one prominent mark above his right nipple. He shifts his hips. The bronze silk of his pants slides teasingly over his shaft. He reaches down with one hand to massage the pale feet propped on his thigh. He holds a book in his other hand but his attention is not really on the book.

Not with his lover looking so delicious on the other end of the couch. Harper is wrapped in a sky blue linen robe that frames the pale skin of his chest. Fading scratch lines from his bone blades marked the smooth skin. A few healing bruises show around the edges of the blue robe. It pleases him to see signs of his possession on Harper. Proof that Harper is his. Harper is reading a news flexi, a faint frown on his . T. Tyr insinuates his right foot between Harper’s thighs and rubs slow circles over the swelling shape beneath.

“Ya know it’s kinda hard for me to concentrate with you rubbing me like that.” Harper looks over his flexi, in mock disapproval. His blue eyes are dark with desire. Holding Tyr’s gaze, Harper slides his hand slowly down his chest to draw circles over the head of his cock.

Tyr pretends to read as he uses his foot to push Harper’s hand aside before returning to continue rubbing slowly against Harper. His toes wiggle teasingly over the swollen length. He can feel the heavy sac, swollen with need. “I know.”

“I’ve read this same paragraph three times and I still don’t know what it says.” Harper sighs loudly. “So stop with the rubbing.”

“Shall I move my foot?” Tyr spares an amused glance at Harper’s flushed face.

“I didn’t say that…just the rubbing is distracting.” Harper goes back to his reading. He peeps slyly at Tyr over the edge of his flexi. “If you keep it up I won’t give you your present.”

Tyr slowly puts his book away, trying to hide his eagerness. What could Harper have gotten him? “You bought me a gift?”

“I believe it would be more correct to say I made you a gift.” Harper smile is full of a mischief that is reflected in the bright blue eyes. “You thought I didn’t remember our bonding anniversary and I was having too much fun watching you pout to spoil it with this.”

“I don’t pout.” Tyr responds in a dangerous tone.

“Yeah, rig Ha Harper crawls over Tyr’s legs. He settles against Tyr’s side. His swollen length nudges the heavy muscle of Tyr’s thigh. Harper fishes into one of his pockets. “I know I put it here somewhere….ah…here it is!” He presents Tyr with a tiny disc.

“What is it?” Tyr turns the engraved silvery disc over in one hand. His other hand slides down to explore the temptation offered by Harper’s swollen cock. His fingers dance lightly along the length before cupping it affectionately.

Harper gasps and presses eagerly into Tyr’s stroking hand. “It’s a locator. You’re always going off on some damn suicide mission for Dylan. And I got to thinking that if you had this on you I’d be able to know you were okay…still alive and kicking.”

“Thank you.” Tyr kisses Harper lightly. “I don’t know what…thank you.”

“I made it look sort of decorative so you could wear it on that leather thong you tie your hair back with…or you could clip it to one of your arm guards. You usually only take those off when you’re home.”

“What about you? How am I supposed to know if you are alright?” Tyr asks as his hand curves over the intriguing fullness of Harper’s sac.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about me.” Harper gasps and closes his eyes enjoying the attentions of Tyr’s talented fingers. “I’m not straying far from hearth and home. Dylan still needs me to build too much stuff. I won’t be going on any missions for a long time.”

“Put it on for me.” Tyr raises his arm. His bone blades quiver against the leather guard.

Harper clips the disc onto the armguard. He smoothes his hands along the warm leather carefully caressing the skin at the base of the blades. He smiles as Tyr shivers at the touch. “There. I feel better already.”

“I have something for you.” Tyr reaches for the book that he was reading and unfolds a flexi from it. He watches with pleasure as Harper takes it with a quizzical look then the blue eyes widen with delight and excitement.

“A vacation on Infinity Atoll?” Harper gasps. “Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to go surfing? There are the biggest waves on that planet. Makes the Bonsai Pipeline look like a tub drain.”

“Yes.” Tyr laughs softly. “You have mentioned it repeatedly.”

“Thank you, Tyr. This means so much to me. I can’t wait to teach you how to surf.” Harper almost vibrates with excitement.

“You’re not getting me on one of those boards. It’s suicide.” Tyr scoffs as he curls an arm around Harper’s shoulders.

“I suppose you’ll have to sit and sun on the beach.”

“I was thinking more of shopping.”

Harper arches an eyebrow. “I don’t think they have arms dealers on Infinity Atoll.”

Tyr frowns in mock seriousness. “Oh well, I suppose I’ll have to find some other pursuit to entertain me.”

Harper gets up and reaches a hand out to Tyr. “Come on, let me thank you properly. Come to bed.”

Tyr growls softly at the sight of Harper smiling at him, the blue eyes dark and dreamy with desire. He takes the human’s hand and allows Harper to pull him toward the bedroom. “As you wish.”

Tyr removes the arm guards and sets them carefully aside. He watches intently as Harper slowly slides the blue robe off one shoulder and then the other before allowing the robe to drop to the floor. Smiling invitingly, Harper lies back on the nest of pillows. He spreads his legs wide, and reaches out to Tyr. “Come lie with me.”

Tyr pushes the pants off his hips, leaving them in a silken pool on the floor. He can’t take his eyes off Harper. He crawls up the bed to settle between Harper’s legs. He alternates soft kisses and sharp nips along the tension filled lines of the pale thighs until Harper is moving restlessly. He breathes over the sac, lying full and heavy between Harper’s thighs before nuzzling it. He rubs his beard over the thin skin, making Harprembremble and gasp his name.

Tyr traces the swollen veins with delicate, precise licks, working his way upward the quivering length of Harper’s cock. He takes it into his mouth, rejoicing at the trembling tension in Harper’s thighs. Harper moans and presses upward. His hands flutter over the long braids, stroking, pulling. Tyr increases his rhythm in hungry demand as he feels the urgent response to his caress. Harper’s body goes suddenly tense as he cries out Tyr’s name and his hands clench in the long hair. Tyr reluctantly allows the softening cock to slip from his lips. He kisses the sensitive skin of Harper’s stomach, admiring the delicate pink flush spreading over the normally pale skin. He lies back between Harper’s legs pillowing his head on one pale thigh. He idly nuzzles the limp thigh, breathing in the mingled scents of Harper and sex.

“What were you saying?” Tyr whispers.

Saying? When? What? Oh, now, he remembers. Harper strokes back the long braids. Tyr had a way of making him forget everything. Harper reaches back under his pillow for his next gift for Tyr. “I said I wanted to thank you properly.”

Harper hands Tyr a bottle of ocean scented lubricant. He watches closely as Tyr’s amber eyes widen and darken even more as the Nietzschean stares at the bottle in silent longing. Oh, yes. His guess is right on the mark. Tyr wants this badly. And he wants to give this to Tyr again.

“Seamus…” Tyr groans. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. A tremor runs through his muscles. His bone blades flex and prick against Harper’s inner thigh.

Harper lowers his voice to a seductive pitch. “I’ve been fantasizing about having you inside me all day.”

Tyr swallows hard. He takes the lube and stares at it for a long moment before sliding up to push the bottle back under the pillow. “When you’re ready…”

Harper takes the bottle back and presses it firmly into Tyr’s palm. He folds Tyr’s hand around the bottle and kisses the dark hand. “I am ready. I want to feel…I need to feel you, Tyr.”

Tyr leans down and kisses Harper’s eyelids. “But you’re…”

Harper places his finger over the lush lips of his lover. He wants to do this again but more because he senses Tyr’s need for it than real desire. Tyr has pleased him so thoroughly and in so many ways. He needs and wants to offer this to his lover. “Not another word. You’ve been so gentle with me…so patient. I’m ready. I need this, too.”

“Last time I hurt you…” Tyr touches Harper’s face tentatively. Ardor and doubt mingle in the amber eyes.

“No. Last time was my first time. My first time with my lover and I was nervous about so many things.” Harper strokes Tyr’s bearded cheek. He smiles beguilingly. “I’m not anymore. I like the way you touch me…tease me.”

Tyr cups Harper’s face, looking closely into the dreamy blue eyes. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Harper takes Tyr’s hand. He kisses the wide palm and nibbles his way down each finger before sucking each one into his mouth and curling his tongue briefly around it. “Just thinking about your fingers pushing inside me, stretching me gets me so hot for you.”

Harper takes the bottle from Tyr. He squeezes out some of the slick cream and inhales the pleasant scent. It relaxes him reminding him of sun, sand and ocean waves. Harper warms the lube in his hand then smoothes it over Tyr’s fingers. He lies back on the pillows with a slow, provocative smile. Harper’s eyes never leave Tyr’s hot stare. He lifts one leg and slides it up the hard curves of Tyr’s arm to rest on the heavy muscles of the Nietzschean’s shoulder.

Tyr shudders and whisper’s Harper’s name as he stares at his exposed goal. Harper smiles to see his lover’s pleasure in his gift. He closes his eyes, concentrating on relaxing as Tyr slides one slicked finger inside. He knows that Tyr is watching him closely and will stop at any sign of pain.

Harper arches his head back and tilts his hips up in offering. The sensations of fullness increase as Tyr eases a second finger inside. The exploring fingers brush over his sweet spot and Harper moans, rolling his head against the pillows. He opens his eyes when he feels the third finger press inside.

It’s better than the first time because he is not as tense, not fighting old, bad memories as well as fear of pain. It’s almost nice to have Tyr touching him so intimately, feeling the slow, careful stretching movements. This will never be one of his favorite things but he likes seeing the avid excitement in Tyr’s eyes, the fine tremors shivering through the hard muscles.

Harper arches his hips up again in offering as Tyr slides his fingers slowly free only to replace them with his thumbs. He holds the pale globes of the human’s ass in each hand as his slick thumbs stretch Harper open. Tyr slides one thumb deeper. He twists his hands and brushing again over the sweet spot making the smaller man cry out.

Tyr presses a row of kisses along Harper’s thigh as he slides the human’s leg off his shoulder. He rolls onto his back bringing Harper up to lie on top of him. He strokes the wild, blond locks lovingly. “I want to watch you ride me.”

Harper smiles, the puzzled look vanishing from his eyes. The idea of doing it this way is intriguing. He always feels more at ease when he is on top. This will be a little different. This time Tyr will be inside him…filling him. That makes him nervous still but this way he can control the pace and how deep he is comfortable allowing Tyr to go.
Harper moves slowly down until he feels the wide head of Tyr’s cock nudging insistently against him. He closes his eyes; concentrating on the feeling as Tyr strokes more cool creamy dampness down him. Tyr’s strong hands grip his flanks firmly, guiding him slowly. Inch by slow, sensuous inch, Harper slides down the thick cock until he is completely impaled on the big man. Harper gasps. He feels uncomfortably full but there is little pain. Harper wriggles around gingerly testing the sensations. It is beginning to feel amazingly good. This is much better than being on the bottom.

“Ahhhh….Seamus….” Tyr throws his head back and groans low. His braids slide over the pillows.

“Like that, do ya?” Harper grins at the dazed look on his lover’s face. He glides his hands over the hard muscles of Tyr’s chest, and leans forward to bite gently at the dark pebbled nipples. “What do you want, huh? Can you tell me?”

“Move for me, ride me.” Tyr gasps. He is almost at the brink of his endurance. He squeezes Harper’s thighs and moves his hips in a slow circle. His movement caresses Harper’s special spot.

“Oh god!” Harper gasps. He bites his lip.

“Did I hurt you?” Tyr gently smoothes his big hands over Harper’s ass and thighs. He moves one hand to Harper’s cock which lies full and thick against Tyr’s stomach. Tyr caresses the pulsing vein along its length. He swirls his finger around the glistening head. “Are you injured?”

Harper shakes his head, panting. “No…no. I’m okay. This is good.”

“We can stop if you want…” Tyr offers then groans low as Harper shifts on top of him.

“No way. I’m enjoying the groans.” Harper laughs softly as he tenses his thighs and slowly begins to slide up and down on Tyr’s thickness. He could get into doing it this way. “I’m also enjoying the way you feel inside me.”

“I, too, enjoy the feel of your body around mine.” Tyr leans up to claim Harper’s mouth in a bruising kiss. “You’re torturing me.” Tyr nibbles Harper’s lower lip a moment then collapses back on the bed. His hands grip Harper’sghs,ghs, the bone blades flicker and quiver, scratching the pale skin.

Harper is delighted at the signs of impeding loss of control. His body is becoming more accustomed to Tyr’s girth. He begins to wiggle his hips as he slides up and down, watching as Tyr writhes beneath him. The slick hardness pulsing in and out of Harper is causing an answering pulse in his cock. He moves his hand to relieve the need but Tyr grasps his wrist. “Tyr…I’m going crazy here!”

“Allow me.” Tyr grasps Harper’s cock, squeezing it in time to Harper’s thrusts. He strokes his thumb over the wide head and pinches it gently. His efforts are rewarded by a yelp from the human.

“If you keep that up I’m going to explode.” Harper gasps and moves faster on his lover’s cock.

Tyr growls and begins to pump the engineer in earnest. “I could say the same thing. You’re making me insane.”

Harper leans down and nibbles Tyr’s bearded chin. Blue eyes stare into molten amber. “Fuck me, Tyr!” Harper commands with quiet urgency.

Tyr grasps Harper’s ass and begins lifting his hips as he pounds into his lover. “Seamus! I can’t last like this!”

Tyr’s throat is exposed and poses too great a temptation to the human. Harper leans closer and bites the side of the corded length. He sucks hard. Tyr begins to thrash beneath him. It won’t be long.

Harper grasps Tyr’s waist with his strong legs and holds on. The big man closes his eyes tight and calls his lover’s name as he pushes inside Harper a final time. Harper feels a rhythmic pulsing deep inside and a comforting warmth. Harper smiles as Tyr goes limp and totally relaxed. He kisses the passion mark he left on Tyr’s throat.

“So now, you’re Mr. Spaghetti Man?” Harper jokes. His cock is still hard, needy and gripped tightly in Tyr’s fist. He looks at his lover. Was it good? Was it what Tyr wanted…what he needed?

Tyr opens one eye. “This is completely your doing, little man. I am undone. I cannot feel my body.”

“Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Harper fakes left…almost loses the puck…then suddenly he shoots! He scores! GOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!” Harper thrusts one fist into the air. “And what’s with the ‘little man’ comment? That’s not a noodle you’ve got clutched in your hand.”

“Why do you insist on using Ancient Earth sporting terminology each time one of us achieves orgasm?” Tyr languidly strokes Harper’s cock as his own hardness slips reluctantly from his lover’s body.

“That was not just an orgasm, Mr. Anasazi…that was the big mama of all orgasms. The big kahuna. The universal ‘big bang’ for want of a better term.” Harper leans his elbows against Tyr’s chest.

“And how do you know this, Mr. Harper?” Tyr begins to pump Harper’s length slowly.

“Ah, yeah…” Harper groans, shivering with the pleasure of Tyr’s strong hand squeezing and stroking. “I know because you’re still trembling. I bet your toes curled on that one.”

Tyr chuckles. “What if they did? I’ve seen yours curl on more than one occasion.”

Harper grunts as he thrusts into Tyr’s big fist. “No fair.” Tyr smiles broadly as he watches Harper’s eyes roll back just as an opalescent wetness covers his fist. Harper slumps forward completely limp.

“I suppose this means.” Tyr sighs in mock resignation “…that I’ll have to carry you into the shower.”

“Nah…’m fine. Jus’ give me a minute.” Harper’s speech is sleep slurred. He can barely keep his eyes open. Tyr slides from beneath his lover and stands up, reaching down to pull his exhausted lover to his feet.

“Where’re we goin’?” Harper mumbles.

“Shower first…then sleep.” Tyr whispers as he guides Harper into the bathroom and presses him against the wall.

“’kay. Don’t let me drown...” Harper yawns. “Don’t wanna wake up.”

Tyr chuckles as he holds Harper easily against the wall with one hand and turns the water on with the other. Tyr tests the water temperature then steps under the spray pulling Harper with him. He nuzzles the damp locks as he washes the evidence of their coupling from their exhausted bodies.

“Bed now?” Harper wraps his arms around Tyr and rests his face against his chest.

“Yes, in a moment.” Tyr finishes rinsing them both and turns off the water. He cocoons Harper in one of Andromeda’s large towels and wraps another around himself. He pushes the sleepy bundle ahead of him to their bed. Tyr helps Harper under the covers then crawls in behind him. Harper cuddles close and places his head on Tyr’s bicep.

“’night, Tyr…”

Tyr wraps his arm around the precious bundle in his arms. He nuzzles Harper’s cheek. “Sleep, Seamus.”


The Andromeda Hologram materializes beside the bed in Tyr and Harper’s quarters. She appears to look down at the entwined couple quizzically. Tyr holds Harper gently in his arms. His body curls protectively around his lover. Andromeda’s observations of the two men are proof enough that Beka is being completely illogical in her assessment of the nature of the relationship. Although Tyr had imposed privacy protocol, Andromeda continued to observe, although not record, the evening’s activities. Harper is content. Tyr is content. Surely that should be evidence enough that the relationship is mutually beneficial.

“Yes, Ship?” Tyr speaks quietly without opening his eyes. He slowly slides his hand over Harper’s back.

“You are awake. Good.”

“Harper is still asleep.” Tyr murmurs. His eyes open and focus in cool disapproval on theograogram. “Modulate your voice so he won’t awaken.”

“Understood.” Andromeda lowers the volume of her voice.

“Why are you in our quarters?” A hint of irritation tinges Tyr’s tone. He frowns as he notices a change in Harper’s breathing pattern. The human is waking. Tyr pulls him close and kisses him just as Harper’s eyes open. “Good Morning.”

Harper blinks sleepily. His eyes are still full of dreams. “’Morning.” He yawns widely. “Did I hear Andromeda?”

Tyr glares at the Hologram. “She was just leaving.”

“Mornin’ Rommie.” Harper twists around, peering over Tyr’s wide shoulder.

“Good morning, Harper. Did you sleep well?” Andromeda smiles fondly at her engineer.

“Like a baby.”

“Ship. Leave us.” Tyr growls.

“Dylan wants to see you, Tyr. Now.” The Hologram imitates Tyr’s annoyed tone perfectly then winks out.

Harper grins and cuddles closer, rubbing his cheek against Tyr’s shoulder. “Too early for this.”

“I agree.” Tyr kisses Harper’s brow. “Let’s get dressed. Dylan will not let us linger for long.”


Tyr and Harper arrive at Dylan’s conference room early and take seats next to each other. They are leaning close, talking in low voices but as Beka walks in, they fall silent.

Beka looks from Tyr to Harper, taking in the way they were leaning toward each other. The brush of Tyr’s long hair against Harper’s shoulders. Harper’s hand resting on the brown leather of Tyr’s gauntlet. She frowns at them as she pours a glass of water and thunks the glass down in front of her seat.

“Do you guys know what this meeting is about?” Beka smacks her forehead. “Of course you don’t. You don’t know what’s going on anywhere except your quarters.”

Harper sighs. He wishes that Beka would accept his new relationship more gracefully. He would be the first to admit that he had never gotten along with her boyfriends but that was because they were all scumbags who were leeching off of her. He doesn’t want to lose her friendship over this. He glances at Tyr, the cold considering gleam in Tyr’s eyes as the Nietzschean stares back at Beka is making him uneasy. He catches Tyr’s gaze and shrugs. “Don’t ask me. I don’t know what’s gotten into her.”

Dylan strides in and takes the seat next to Beka.

Harper leans forward. “So what’s with the meeting, Boss?”

Dylan looks around at his crew. His eyes settle on his Engineer and his Fire Control Officer. Their relationship did not seem to have affected their work performance. If anything it seems to have enhanced it. He is in favor of anything that improves ship morale and performance.

Dylan clasps his hands on the frosted s tas tabletop. “It seems that our friends on Terazed are in a bit of a bind.”

Tyr folds his arms over his chest. The silver buttons on his brown leather vest gleam in the light. “By friend we are to assume you mean Telemachus Rhade, correct?”

“Yes. That is exactly who I mean.” Dylan presses his lips together in a thin line. He carefully straightens the cuffs of his High Guard tunic. Since that minor incident fiasco on Valerus Prime, Tyr’s manner had been odd. Almost if Tyr blames him for something but that is ridiculous. He had handled the situation in his usual masterful way. The Nietzschean is probably just jealous. Yes, that must be it. Tyr is just envious of his superior High Guard training and strategic knowledge.

“What does the good Mr. Rhade need?” Tyr asks.

Dylan narrows his eyes at Tyr. The Nietzschean will just have to learn to accept huperuperior intelligence and training and get over this silly envy. “He doesn’t need anything except for you and me to lend a show of support on Terazed for a few days.”

“Are they having elections or something?” Beka asks as she toys with her glass.

“There has been some…discussion since we last visited the planet. Telemachus and I feel that we need to make an appearance.”

“So why are we not going to slipstream?” Harper asks with a frown.

“Because the Andromeda won’t be going to Terazed.” Dylan replies. “Beka. I’ll need you and Harper to help ferry some supplies to Mobius.”

“Through Restor space…boss, please!” Harper sits up sharply in alarm.

Tyr grips Harper’s thigh and give him a comforting squeeze. “They’ve been almost neutralized. The threat should be minimal.”

Beka looks from Tyr to Harper. She snorts and turns to Dylan. “We’ll be fine, Dylan. When will you leave?”

“Tyr and I leave within the hour. We’re taking slipfighters. We need to try to slip in undetected.” Dylan pushes his chair back from the table.

“Why do you need to tip in under cover of dark?” Harper lays his hand on top of Tyr’s. This sounds worse and worse. He doesn’t like Tyr leaving. He has a bad feeling about this.

“Because the good Mr. Rhade has not been orthorthcoming with information as he usually is. Am I correct Captain?” Tyr asks dryly.

Dylan shrugs. “I would have liked a bit more information but I’m sure this will be a simple visit. No drama.” Dylan stands. “That’s all. Dismissed.”

Harper stands and looks up at Tyr. His eyes are dark and troubled. “Well, here you go. Off on one of Dylan’s suicide missions.”

“I will be fine. Now I must get ready for the mission.” Tyr touches Harper’s cheek briefly.

“I’m headed to Machine shop 9. Buzz me before you leave.” Harper brushes a fleeting caress over the mass of braids. He watches uneasily as Tyr follows Dylan out the door. Thank the Divine that he had given that locator to Tyr last night. If anything goes wrong, at least, he can find Tyr and mount a rescue.


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