Shieldbrothers: The Rescue

BY : Lursa_and_BeTor
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Beka smiles as she walks on the bridge with Rev and sees Harper manning a station. She hasn’t spoken to Harper since that awkward conversation on the Obs Deck. She no longer knows what to say to him. It has been easier to merely avoid him. She glances over her shoulder at Rev. Rev had told her of Harper’s state when he had spoken to him and she is feeling guilty at not speaking to Harper sooner. She talked to Dylan but he had nothing useful to suggest. She wants to help her friend but isn’t sure how.

“Harper. How’s it going?” Beka calls with false cheer as she walks over to her station. She wonders if Harper’s dark blue shirt is any indication of his frame of mind. But, wait, isn’t that one of those shirts that Tyr gave Harper?

“Hey boss.” Harper stares down at the readings on his station, apparently absorbed in them. He does not turn around.

“Uh…ahm…I’ve been wondering…how…um…how you’ve been?” Beka taps the opening sequence of commands in on her station. How can she be so smooth when she’s running a con and so awkward when she really cares? She sighs and glances quickly at Harper. Surely the shirt is a good sign.

“I’m good.” Harper answers quietly.

“Hello, Harper.” Rev, his orange robes flowing around him, walks over to stand near the engineer. “How is the universe treating you, today?”

Harper smiles and turns to face Rev. “It’s all good, Rev.”

“Indeed?” Rev looks the young man over. He nods in approval. “You are looking much better than the last time we spoke.”

“Thanks. I feel better.” Harper glances over at Beka. Beka looks at Harper with surprise. The haunted look is gone. The dark circles gone.

“You look like you’ve gotten some sleep.” Beka smiles as she moves to stand next to Rev. Harper looks much better. His eyes are bright and the dark circles gone. His face is relaxed instead of set in grim lines. Except for the somber look in the back of his gaze, he looks much like himself again.

Harper nods. “Yeah. I have.”

“What did you do?” Beka asks. Her shoulders relax under the black knit top.

Harper looks at Rev and grins. “I walked through an open door.”

“Harper.” Rev chuckles. He touches a claw to his medallion. “I’ll make a Wayist out of you yet!”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that…but thanks.” Harper laughs softly at the idea.

“What are you two talking about?” Beka frowns. She looks from Rev to Harper.

“Nothing. Just a conversation we had about doors.” Harper glances at Rev.

“Will I be visiting you in a different location, Harper?” Rev leans toward the young human. His dark eyes are bright and amused.

“Yeah. I’m back home.”

“With, Tyr?” Beka asks. She smiles in relief. It will all be fine now.

Harper nods as he busies himself, tapping a flurry of commands in. A warm flush slowly sweeps over his dimpled cheeks.

Beka punches his shoulder playfully. “I’m glad. I really am.”

“Thanks, Beka.” Harper taps on his console one last time. He picks up his tool belt on the floor by his station and turns to leave.

“Are you leaving? We just got here.” Beka tilts her head. Her blonde hair brushes the bare skin peeking through her black shirt.

“Well, yeah.” Harper shrugs. He walks toward the door, swinging his tool belt. “Tyr’s letting Chimaera cook dinner and I promised not to be late.”

“Harper! Wait!” Beka calls after him.

“Yeah?” Harper turns at the door.

“Tyr’s really…good for you…you know?”

“I know.”

“Go…go on. And tell the boys they still owe me a rematch in basketball.” Beka orders. Maybe it will help if she keeps the kids occupied so Tyr and Harper have some extra time alone.

“I will.” Harper flashes an apologetic grin as he hurries out the door. “Later guys.”

Beka smiles to herself and moves back to her station. The hologram image of Andromeda appears in front of her.

“Well.” Andromeda crosses her arms over her chest.

Beka looks up and scowls fiercely. Oh, for crying out loud, the hologram is wearing that High Guard Bondage Babe outfit again. “What?”

“Why Beka…” Rommie smiles. “You’ve become reconciled to Tyr and Harper’s relationship?”

“What are you talking about? I was always in favor of their relationship.” Beka stares boldly back at the hologram. A hint of smile edges the corners of her full lips.

Rev clears his throat meaningfully and walks over to his station.

Andromeda sighs. “That’s not the way I remember it.”

“Nor I.” Rev intones.

Beka lifts her chin and the faint smile deepens. Ha. This oughta get a rise out of Rommie. “Then both your memories are faulty.”

“There is nothing wrong with my memory, Beka.” Rommie’s dark eyes narrow.

“I’m just glad Harper is doing better.” Beka smiles down at her station. “I hope the nightmares are giving him a rest.”

“My engineer has been sleeping peacefully the past few nights. No nightmares.” Andromeda smiles.

Rev lifts his eyes heavenward. He strokes his medallion. “The Divine is watching over him.”

Andromeda tilts her head to one side. “No. Just Tyr.”

Rev is not to be deterred. His voice is solemn but his small, dark eyes dance with amusement. “Who’s to say what form the Divine will choose to manifest itself.”

“Tyr? An angel?” Beka chuckles. “You forget Rev…Tyr doesn’t believe in the Divine.”

“He doesn’t have to.” Rev smiles and points a claw in Beka’s direction. “The Divine believes in him.”


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