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Characters: Rhade, Dylan, Doyle
Summary: The plot thickens
Categories: slash fiction;
Slashed Characters: Harper/Tyr, Seamus Harper/Telemachus Rhade
Series: Angels

Angels 2: Passing Of Angels
by Peja

"You were right." Dylan grumbled into his drink.

Rhade stared grimly ahead, his hands fisting, the feathered boneblades rustling in warning.

"I should have listened to you." Dylan tired again

Rhade's teeth bared and a low rumbling growl sounded in the air between them.

"I'm sorry, Rhade" Dylan whispered, a tear escaping his world weary gaze. "Harper...He just....I didn't think he would ever....He's a survivor, dammit. How could I have known?"

Rhade's arm swang around, sending their drinks flying as he pinned Dylan to the bar, his bone blades fully extended, fully sharpened, pressed against Dylan's jugular. "Shut up." he hissed. "Just....shut up."

The rage went as quickly as it came and Rhade tossed Dylan away from him, sending him sprawling on the sawdusted floor. He whirled round and headed for the door only to stop dead as Doyle walked into the bar.


"Harper?" Rhade managed.

"He's gone." she responded in a gentle voice.

Rhade was still for a moment then he tipped his head back and a roar of impotent rage deafened the bar patrons. Overcome by grief, Rhade fell hard on his knees and he wrapped his arms around his waist, mourning softly

"No, Rhade," Doyle said catching him up in her arms. "Rhade."

The grieving man met her eyes "I never... told him."

Doyle tilted her head to study him. "told him...?"

Rhade nodded. "He was so full of life. So eager to please." He favored her with a watery smile. "He never backed down from me."

"Ah," Understanding brought a smile to Doyle's face. "You love him."

"What?" Dylan demanded, scrambling to his knees. "Is she right?"

Rhade bowed his head.

"Well, is she?"

Rhade met his eyes "Yes."

"Rhade?" Doyle said, drawing his attention. "If you honestly love him. Want him, go to him."

Confusion darkened already dark eyes. " him?"

"To the mountains." she filled in. "He left to join the other one who came. The dark man from his past. The one like you."

Rhade's gaze clashed with Dylan's as they spoke as one "Tyr?"


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