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Summary: The arrival of Rhade.
Fandom: Andromeda
Characters/Pairing (portrayed by):
1. Seamus Harper/Tyr Anasazi (Gordon Michael Woolvett/Keith Hamilton Cobb)
2. Seamus Harper/Telemachus Rhade (Gordon Michael Woolvett/Steve Bacic)
Prompt: Request for finlaure (the wwomb site & LJ)
A request, let's see, More of this story!(Andromeda/Angels) I was just getting into it and it ENDED!
Warnings: Angst,
Genre: slash
Chapter number if WIP: Part 4
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Angels 4: Confrontation
by Peja


The roared word broke Harper and Tyr apart as surely as a bucket of iced water over their heads. Tyr rocketed to his feet, lifting Harper up like he weighed no more than a newborn kitten and setting him behind him.

Harper craned to see around the hulking Nietzschean. He was certain he'd recognized that enraged voice, even if it was only one word. "Rhade, what are you doing here?" Harper raged, his hands fisting at his side. "Is Dylan here? The others?"

"Quiet, Harper." Try commanded, shoving the smaller man back behind his broad back. It told a tale of trust Tyr did not extend to many that he would allow the other man this protection.

"I came alone," Rhade answered Harper.

"Why?" Both Tyr and Harper spoke.

Rhade threw a quick smile toward Harper, then met Try's demanding glare with his own aggressive stare. "I came for Harper."

Tyr's brows bunched over blazing eyes. "You made a wasted trip."

"I will not leave him, Tyr. He belongs to me."

"What?" Harper's voice cracked on the single word.

"If this is true, why has he come to me. Offered all that he is to me, if he belongs to you?"

"He was...unaware."

"Unaware?"Harper repeated, his confusion there for everyone to hear. "Unaware of what?"

Have you not been listening, Harper? Rhade claims you belong to him. But by what right, I wonder?"

"By right of love." Rhade spoke formally. "The little weasel has a way of getting under my skin. He stole the heart right out of my chest."

Tyr threw his head back and let loose a full-bodied, contemptuous laugh. "You love a ...human? A male human? And tell me, Rhade, which will be breeder in this union?"

Rhade's bone-blades rustled dangerously. "I want Harper, Tyr Anasazi."

"He is mine, Telemachus Rhade."

"Because you love him?"

Tyr paused, then chuckled darkly. "Because I want him."

"And when you no longer want him?"

Tyr shrugged. "He has a place with me even then, under my protection. It was the bargain I made to have him."

"I won't allow it. He is mine by right of...."

"...Love? Yes, you have said. " Tyr smirked. "I do not recognize your right."

Harper may not have been completely aware of the ways of the Nietzschean race, but he knew a challenge when he heard one. Knew that one of these valiant men could die if the confrontation escalated.

"Now just wait..." he began, only to have both Nietzschean command his silence. "The hell I will," he snarled, moving between the two aggressive combatants.

"You would do well to remember your place in my household, kludge," Tyr told him, glaring his displeasure.

"Don't call him kludge."

Harper turned to study Rhade with wide-eyed wonder. "What did you say?"

Rhade smiled. "You don't like to be addressed as kludge."

That comment warmed Harper's heart. He ducked his head, not quite quick enough to hide the flush of delight that danced over his features.

"Enough of this inane chatter. The kludge came to me. He offered himself to me. I accepted him. He is mine."

Rhade's bone-blades fluttered more aggressively then before. "I say no. Harper didn't know what he was doing. He acted without all the facts."

"What facts?" Harper wanted to know. "You ...and Dylan would have left me stranded here on Tarn-Vedra without a back-ward glance." He turned his gaze away from Rhade, his shoulders slumped with resigned sadness. "If I'm going to end my life here, I need a powerful protector. Tyr can keep me safe."

"Come with me now and I will never allow you to be deserted. Dylan would have no command over you other than what we agree. I offer you an equal partnership. What does Tyr offer? You entertain him now. What happens when he gets tired of your ..exuberance? Or you go your own way on something. You know you will. It's who you are. And Tyr, you know you won't tolerate his impulsive nature. You will punish him. Beat him. This is Harper. He can't not be Harper, so he will have to be broken to fit into your plan. Would you have that for him?"

Tyr allowed a measured nod. " are right."

Harper bounced on the balls of his feet. "You ...what?"

Tyr chuckled, offering a shrug. "I have a temper, Harper. I know that. And so do you. Tell me something, boy. If Rhade had said these things to you before you ran to me, would you still have come? Or would you have stayed with him?"

Harper's gaze darted from one man to the other, then settled on Rhade. "I.."

"Go home, Harper. Rhade is what you need, not me."


Rhade moved swiftly to Harper's side and took him in his arms. "You will be safe with me. You have my word."

Harper searched his eyes, seeing only a special affection there. A love. For him.

He smiled and nodded. "Okay..."

Rhade smiled, nodding. Then he lifted his gaze to Tyr. "Thank you, Tyr Anasazi. I am in your debt."

Tyr's grin was a wolf's predatory one. "Yes, you are."

Laughing, Rhade hefted a surprised and loudly protesting Harper up over his shoulder. His hand was none to gentle, but not intent on harm as it landed heatedly on Harper's squirming back-side. "Settle down my blushing bride. I am claiming you in the way of my people. Deal with it."

Harper settled immediately, curling his arms around Rhade's waist. He might have preferred not being ass over tea kettle, but he was as close to Rhade as he could be with his cloths on. That, he could deal with.

Series end

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