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Summary: Harper goes looking for Tyr.
Fandom: Andromeda
Characters/Pairing (portrayed by):
1. Seamus Harper/Tyr Anasazi (Gordon Michael Woolvett/Keith Hamilton Cobb) - this chapter
2. Seamus Harper/Telemachus Rhade (Gordon Michael Woolvett/Steve Bacic) - perhaps next, if I get a request for another.
Rating: FRM
Prompt: Connie Linck (aufic@lists.squidge) asked for a new chapter to the Andromeda "Angel" series. Since I'm taking official requests on the journals, I'll be answered listing requests as well in the order I find them.
Warnings: Angst, well, that just follows.
Genre: (General/hetero/slash): slash
Chapter number if WIP: 3
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Acknowledgments/Notes: See prompts notes
Disclaimer. Andromeda does not belong to me. no money made in this

Leaning heavily on the length of thick, gnarled branch he'd found to use as a walking staff, Harper swabbed his face of the rivers of sweat boiled out of him by the merciless sun. He wished he thought to bring more water, he'd been moving fast, afraid to be caught out. Which now he thought about it was a joke. Who would be looking anyway. Dylan was done with him. So was the rest of them. All he had left was the man he hoped against hope that he would find before the sun and heat cooked his brain in its own juices.

Chewing on his lower lip, he shaded his eyes against the glare with a trembling hand, and scanned the mountainous horizon. Had he seen a figure up in the hills there? He couldn't be sure. Only thing he know was he couldn't see anything...anyone now.

So what to do now? Keep walking and hope he stumbled on Tyr's camp? As if that would ever happen? Tyr Anasazi was a man on the run. And he was not stupid. He would hardly set up his hidey-hole out where it could be tripped over.

Feeling suddenly to exhausted to care, Harper slumped down in the sandy soil. He was too tired too keep going. Too tired too worry about the heat of the day. Too tired too draw his next breath...almost.

Rolling down into the hot sand, he cradled his head on his arm and closed his eyes. Just needed to take a quick nap. He could hike the hills again after he'd rested a bit.

He fell asleep before he could rethink the dangers of falling asleep in the sun.


The steady drip, drip, drip of water seemed to become a siren call pulling Harper out of the sweet, deadly arms of Morpheus. He grumbled, swiping at the damp on his skin and snuggled deeper into the hot grains of sand.

For a long moment the drops ceased, then just as suddenly they began again. Drip. Drip. Drip. And a soft, dark and familiar chuckle sounded.

"Wake up, kluge."


Harper stiffened, suddenly very much awake. The last time anyone had called him that, he'd been held prisoner by a very nasty tempered Nietzschean with evil things in mind. His eyes snapped open, fully expecting to find a demonic, bone-blade wielding Nietzschean hovering over him.

What Harper found was indeed a powerful Nietzschean hunkered down beside him and smirking as he dripped water onto his face. But one sans bone-blades.

"Tyr?" he rasped, his throat bone dry. "I...found you."

"More precisely, I found you, boy." Tyr corrected. "What are you doing wandering around these mountains without water?"

Harper tried to tell him but his voice ran out and his eyes closed in exhaustion.

Harper didn't resist the strong arm that lifted him, only turning away as something hard was pressed to his lips. something hard and damp and fluid.

"Drink, boy," Tyr snarled, forcing him to open his mouth by pressing his fingers into Harper's cheeks and wedging his jaws open. "No, don't fight me. It's only water."

Harper was to far gone to struggle. He drank greedily for far too few shallow swallows. Protesting again when Tyr put aside the canteen.

"Not too much to start, Harper. Don't want to waste it with you throwing it back up. There will be more once I know your stomach will accept it." He gazed deeply into Harper's slightly unfocused eyes. "What in the hell are you doing wandering around here at this time of day. Have you completely lost your mind?"

Harper managed a weak smile, reaching up to clasp Tyr's muscular upper arm. "I've been cast out. Was kinda hoping you might have an opening in your merry band of outlaws."

Tyr tossed his head back, laughing heartily. "You would not last five minutes among the men in my camp, boy. Or the women."

Harper nibbled on his lower lip, mumbling, "Everyone would have to accept me if you..." he stumbled to a halt, turning several shades of red.

Suspicion flared in Tyr's dark eyes, darkening them even more. "If I ...what?"

"If you took me as your lover."

Tyr's face broke into a wide grin. A dangerous, wide grin. "You would honor such an arrangement?"

In answer Harper cupped Tyr's cheek and drew his head down for a kiss that offered everything he was to the bigger man.

Tyr broke the kiss, leaving Harper breathless and drunk on lust. "Done."

End part 3

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