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Chapter 13: The referendum

As soon as they left the Admiral's office Dylan ordered Gaheris to inform the rest of the crew about the recent events. He knew he was not the best company at the moment so he went to the Maru, to vent his frustration with the person who would have more possibilities of calming him somehow. As he got to the ship he established a comm link with the Andromeda.

"Dylan, is everything all right? We talked two hours ago, has something happened?" The face of Rev Bem greeted him.

"I can't believe it!" He bellowed, "Of all the stupid things..." He messed his hair angrily. "If I'd have not hear it I would think this is a bad joke!"

"Dylan please, calm down and tell me what happens." Rev's voice reflected his unease and Dylan realized he had been raving like a madman.

He laughed with little humor. "They do not want it, Rev. They would rather hide here forever and to the hell with the rest of the galaxy!" Rev's silence prompted him to explain, "Admiral Rhade just informed us that there are many people against joining us in the Commonwealth, or unify both of them, whatever you want. He is one of them. He says they are safe here so he sees no reason to take his head outta his ass!"

Rev seemed to think about it for a moment "Well, he has a point." He held his hand when he watched Dylan's face. "No, listen to me Dylan. This year has been very difficult for you, for all of us. And suddenly this opportunity fell from the skies like a gift from the Divine. You took it for granted." He softened his voice. "They have been relatively safe and living in peace here, they do not know the dangers the rest of the universe faces daily. They are afraid of what they can find if they venture, Dylan."

"Yes but that will not protect them from the magog Worldship..."

"I know it, you know it and even they know it but it is easier to deny it. You have to focus your efforts in the next days. You and Gaheris are in a unique position to try and influence in the outcome of the referendum. Talk to the people, Dylan. Tell them about what is coming. Share your vision with them. And..." he fixed him with a deep gaze, "try to forgive Admiral Rhade. I have been reading about him. He is a hero, a good man and you both have more things in common than things that set you apart."

Dylan laughed humorlessly. "Sure, except for the fact that he is a coward we are like two drops of water!" He received a severe glare from the monk. "Look, I know you are right. This was too good to be true. It is never so easy." He thought about his task ahead. "You know, you ARE right. Nothing comes without a fight and I am going to win this one."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"And this is the Matriarch of Majorum pride, Helena out of Morrigan by Thor." Tyr bowed politely to the regal woman before him. She was probably past her sixties but still beautiful and her pose made Tyr recall the way the matriarch of Kodiak pride carried herself. This woman had as much power in the pride as the Alpha and she was plenty aware of it.

"Matriarch, it is an honor. I am Tyr Anasazi, out of Victoria by Barbarossa, Kodiak pride."

She watched him with frank interest, "Kodiak pride? Good lines, superior DNA. It was a great loss for the nietzschean people the slaughter of your pride. We heard of it years after it had happened." Her face took on a contemptuous expression. "Drago-Katsov, vermin, traitors and inferior. All of them." She caught the surprise in the face of the dark Alpha. "What, Do you not agree?"

"Of course Matriarch, it is just…" he made a pause, trying to order his thoughts. "All my life, as soon as I said which my pride was, I was told how they were inferior for not seeing the betrayal before it happened."

"Nonsense. From what we were told there was not a way to foresee it. It was one of the reasons they were able to do it, no one expected it and when the allies of your pride knew of it, it was too late."

"I… I have never seen it from that perspective." He was used to contempt, indifference, not understanding.

"You know of old history, Tyr Anasazi?" At his questioning glance she continued. "Not all the prides betrayed the Commonwealth before the long night. Some of them, like Majorum pride, remained loyal. Others were divided for that reason. When this pride came to this planet a group of loyal Kodiak joined." She hastened to add, "they eventually mated with Majorum pride, so I cannot tell you that you will find pure bred Kodiak, but I can introduce you to some of the descendants."

Tyr thought that if Drago himself came and gave him a cuff in the head he would not be more surprised, "I would be grateful." He tried not to sound too eager, this was a Matriarch but almost surely she had a hidden agenda.

"You may think we are uncommon, even aberrant, but living isolated with humans has taught us a lot of things. It is funny how sometimes evolution works: three hundred years ago it was not a rarity to see a nietzschean mating a human. Then the Commonwealth fell and now the other prides see it as a blasphemy to the purity of DNA. Ha!" She threw her head back to laugh. "Where has the first genetic reincarnation been born? In a pride where we allow our members freedom of choice." She watched him smiling, "I have scandalized you."

"It is a very radical way of thinking. As a child I was taught that we had to keep the DNA pure, we had to strive to perfect ourselves. Does not introducing defective DNA in the pride hinder it?"

"Does not hinder the betterment of the pride to have unhappy members because they are tied by primitive laws and beliefs?" The Matriarch arched her eyebrows as she made her point. "You can manipulate an ovum's DNA to avoid any recessive genes, but you cannot do the same to bring harmony to a couple. A male or female unhappy because of a bleak union is an unhappy warrior, or doctor, or worker. An unhappy warrior means a less effective army, and so on."

Tyr tried to come with a way to answer without being rude, "Of course I respect your… views but I doubt I will ever share them."

Her eyes sparkled as she spoke, a kind smile on her lips. "Never say never, Tyr Anasazi." Her face became serious "On another matters, if you want I will take a sample of your DNA. If it is good enough it could work to the betterment of the pride."

He laughed soundly. "You try to convince me of the wrongness of the traditional ways and now you want my DNA for the 'betterment of the pride'? It is priceless!"

She watched him imperviously. "We allow our members to choose his or her path. Some of them mate with humans, some only nietzscheans. Some have several wives, some only one. As you can see you should be able to find some female with your same mindset."

Tyr thought about it. To have a couple of mates in Majorum pride could only help with his plans. It would add to the "alliances" he had established along the last year. He bowed charmingly. "Thank you, of course I will give you the sample."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


When they had reached the palatial state where Majorum pride was holding the party they had been introduced to the Matriarch, the Alpha and a lot of very important nietzscheans she could not recall. Gaheris had been taken hostage by his descendants. Tyr was talking to the Matriarch and the woman should be saying something quite interesting given the face Tyr was sporting. Dylan was talking here and there, trying to gain support for the Alliance. In the end Beka was left with Harper and Trance. 

She was feeling increasingly puzzled. Trance and she had been receiving weird glances. Nothing too rude, but enough to be noticed by both of them.

"They are very nice, don't you think? Don't worry, Beka, I am used to being watched. They are just wondering what I am." Trance commented with her usual candor.

"Yeah, I wonder that too. But I don't understand why they are watching me too, I am not purple."

"Maybe they just like you, they do not seem to think badly about mating with humans," Trance replied.

That was true enough, along the place they could see several humans of both genders with helix in their arms. Admiral Rhade had explained them that, while it was not the most common thing, it was allowed. He was not joking, his older brother Gabriel, the Alpha of the pride, had a human wife. She shared him with twenty nietzschean wives. Beka could not understand how that worked, but it seemed to, for them. On the other hand the Admiral has only one wife, a dark haired, blue eyed beauty named Jillian. She was the first sweet nietzschean woman Beka had met.

Tyr walked to them with his usual athletic grace, she always thought about a very large feline lazily striding when she watched him. "Hey Tyr, found yourself a nice wife... or three?"

He gave her a slow, enigmatic smile. "Maybe... Jealous?"

"I have a nietzschean, more than enough." She smiled mischievously and whispered. "Well, I should think about a harem, maybe here I can. If a nietzschean male can have several females the inverse would happen too, don't ya think?" She touched shoulders with a laughing Trance. "Seven hot studs, one for each day of the week!"

"What would be the point? You would get pregnant of only one of them at a time."

"Who is talking about catchin' babies? I am thinking of hot, sweaty s..."

The dark male cut her before she could continue "Beka, one would think that given your relationship with Rhade you would know by now that we have..."

"Enhanced hearing, I know." She gave a look around the room. No one was watching them disapprovingly but she caught an older male looking at her with the same puzzled expression from before, "do you know why they are watching me like that, Tyr? They are freakin' me out!"

Tyr caught her arm and guided her through a wide door to the gardens "You are a born diplomat, Captain Valentine" He remarked sarcastically "Even if you whisper some of them could hear you."

"Okay, okay, don't get your panties in a knot." She followed him to a stone veranda with benches. "Well, do you?"

He rested against one of the columns, watching her with a blank expression. Then his eyes softened and he drew her to him so they could speak more privately. "I gather you did not finish that book about nietzschean mating."

She frowned until she recalled it. "Wow, you have some memory Anasazi. It was boooooring, I left it to read more, let's say, suggestive writings."

He sneered. "Erotic novels."

"Hey it is food for the soul, you should try it."

"On my deathbed." He thought for a moment the best way to explain her. Finally he took the direct venue. "They know you are his and given that Rhade is an Alpha they are wondering why you do not wear a helix in your arm."

"What? I have not told anyone here, and I don't think Gaheris..."

"You do not have to tell them, they know."

She held her hands in a defeated pose. "Do I carry a great sign above me that reads 'uber property' and no one told me?!"

He laughed. "You may as well carry it." He sobered. "They can smell him on you, Beka"

"But I showered this afternoon..."

She was beautiful, all confused, biting her lip... Tyr shook his head and got back to the matter. "Nietzschean males produce a pheromone that marks our mates," he watched her intently, "a pheromone infused in our seed." He could see when finally the pieces clicked in her head. "The scent is distinctive and... that of an Alpha is quite deep. It does not matter if you showered, you are carrying it... inside you."

Beka was between revolt and fascination. "EEEW!" She watched him with a grimace in her face. "You can... you can now..." He nodded. "Oh Divine, that is... wrong on so many levels!"

"Why? It is something perfectly natural. In this case it is unusual that a woman marked by an Alpha is not wearing a helix, that is all." He touched her arm to comfort her, but found himself enjoying her soft skin. "We are possessive by nature Beka, when we take a female usually is to keep her."

She put her hands on her hips and cocked her head. "Natural? Is it natural? So it's poo, Tyr, and you won't find me taking my pants down in front of anyone to take a dump!" She hit him when he cracked up, "stop it, it is not funny!" He caught her wrists to prevent more punches but kept chuckling. "Stop it..." She pouted and finally joined him in laughter.

He was still smiling when he finally answered. "Not exactly the same Beka, we are constantly assaulted by scents that you do not detect. It is something normal for us, just like it is for you to smell someone's sweat or perfume. Some scents are less pleasant than others but we grow up with that."

She was intrigued now. "What more can you smell from me?"

"Are you sure you want to know?" He liked this playful Beka, it was an innocent flirting but he enjoyed it nonetheless.


"I know when you are ovulating or menstruating," she made a face, "or when you are... sexually aroused." Ah, he finally got Beka Valentine blushing, not a common occurrence. "And I will know if you are sick or pregnant. Also other things... like a rush of adrenaline."

She remembered the flash incident and felt quite uncomfortable. "Yes... the flash." She grimaced.

"Rhade is searching for you." He informed her. Surely enough, some seconds after his warning they saw Gaheris approaching them from the state.

"Rebecca, I wanted to introduce you to some people." He watched the closeness Beka and Anasazi shared and frowned. "Is there something wrong?"

"Just illustrating Captain Valentine on nietzschean physiology." Tyr nodded and left them.

Gaheris frowned. "What is he talking about?"

"Nah, it seems that I am a little uneducated in some areas." She watched him intently. "Did you make love to me this afternoon because you wanted to mark me before we came here?"

He had the nerve to look at her with innocent eyes, "I took you because I had been without you for a long time and I was dying to be inside you."

"Ten days..."

"As I said, a long time. I would live between your thighs if I could, Beka."

She pinned him with a speculative glare, trying to ignore the tingling of her core at his direct words. She loved how straightforward he was when talking about sex. "So..."

He cut her as if she had not spoke, "however I can say I feel more comfortable knowing that the nietzschean males around realize that you are mine."

"Aha, I knew it!" She began to pace, "I was not so far from pissing the trees, was I?"


She stopped, raising her hand "No, shut up." She tried to order her thoughts. "I am not pissed off."

"You are not?"

"No, but it will take me time to get used to it. I mean, when I'll get inside there all the people... Divine, is it just everything weird with you nietzscheans?"

He was glad she was taking it so well, he had expected a tantrum. "But you are not upset..."

She watched him biting her lip, a naughty sparkle in her blue eyes "I find it... flattering... and sexy..." She encircled his neck with her arms, "... in a perverted and odd way."

He would never understand this woman...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


She had grown with the stories her father told her about Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda. Certainly they had been engrossed to become a child's tale; Dylan Hunt fighting against dragons, demons and generally bad guys. Always saving the universe and finally coming back to home. As she grew up she realized that the man would not be the godlike figure his father had described, but still had hope that she would get to know him. And it had happened, the Andromeda Ascendant had finally arrived.

Rakel Ben-Tzion thought that forming a new Commonwealth was not only good, but necessary. Eventually the magog would also reach Tarazed and only the strength of the three galaxies together would defeat them. She did not understand how the people did not see such a simple matter, especially Admiral Rhade; the man was a brilliant strategist.

The surveys were very alarming, at this rate the supporters of keeping the things as they were would win and all the dreams she had would turn to nothing. So when a gentleman under the name of Pish Tryan had contacted her with promises of help she had been skeptic but had taken the call. He was a collector, something almost everyone thought extinct or a legend. But their knowledge and ships were very real, as Rakel had seen. 

"I would be more comfortable knowing what exactly you are going to do to help us. Are we talking about aggressive marketing, some subliminal message techniques...?"

"Ah my dear Triumvir, our methods are secret but I can guarantee that they work."

"I do not want violence, this is a pacific democracy and..."

The disembodied voice cut her again "No violence, I understand. It will be as you order."

"And you don't want anything in return." This was especially suspicious, why would these collectors help her just for the goodness of their souls? The political career had taught her that nothing came for free.

"Our interest are the same, we also want a unified Commonwealth. So as you can see, to help you is to help ourselves." The man was very well mannered but there was something about him that made Rakel's skin crawl. "Trust me, the next time we talk this planet will belong to a bigger and stronger new Commonwealth." The comm link went dead.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


During three months the Andromeda crew travelled through the planet, trying to gain followers for the alliance. Sometimes they were received as legends, other times with distrust. They realized that Admiral Rhade had not been exaggerating, a lot of people did not want to risk the security they had achieved when their ancestors had colonized Tarazed.

Dylan left the nietzscheans almost entirely to Gaheris. He knew how they thought and even if Dylan had been told a couple of times that he thought like a nietzschean he was not one of them.

Majorum pride was divided in the matter. Even the supporters of the isolation admitted that there was strength in the numbers, but still resisted to accept that the magog would end up reaching the planet. In the end Gaheris convinced a lot of them, but he was not sure if it would make a difference.

The day of the referendum their spirits were low. The last surveys gave advantage to the isolationist and now, after all the activity of the last weeks they had nothing to do but wait for the news. They had ended up trying to watch a vid in their rooms but they had their minds in other place. Tyr had occupied one of the sofas and was engrossed reading a book. Gaheris and Beka were using half of the biggest sofa, with the Captain of the Maru reclining against the First officer. Dylan was seated in the other half with Rommie, who was criticizing the veracity of the vid in matters of science. Harper was in the floor, messing up with one of his gadgets and trying to explain her that it was not necessary for the vid to be accurate, only funny. Trance was the only one really watching the vid from one armchair. Rev was still in the Andromeda, he had come occasionally to the planet but given his race they thought it was better to give the people of Tarazed some time to accept him slowly.

Watching this group of people who had become so essential to him in a couple of years Dylan thought about how their lives would change if they won the referendum. They were used to the family-like feeling, to have the Andromeda for themselves. With a new crew the things were bound to be very different. Dylan just hoped they would be able to adapt if things came to it.

"The recount has finished." Rommie said suddenly, with her gaze fixed in front of her like always occurred when she was receiving information from her ship self. She gave them a triumphant smile "We have won."

"What!?" He was afraid he had hear wrong.

"Yes, we have won."




AN: Well as you can see from this point the plot of this story will get more and more diferent than the tv-series, but there will be still things that will happen just as in the series.


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