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Chapter 4: So bigmouth...

Finally Dylan and Beka had come back from Miden with Tyr. Dylan had told Gaheris about the crate Tyr had brought with him and Rhade had his suspicions about its contents.

He was in command with Beka. He watched her. She was very distracted and this time Gaheris could swear it was not because of him. He could almost hear her mind murmuring.

"Gaheris." She was looking at him now.

"Yes, Beka?"

"You know about the crate Tyr has brought from Miden?" She arched her eyebrows.

"Yes." he smirked at her curiosity.

"Tyr told me that it has something that has belonged to him all along." She frowned "You're nietzschean."

He couldn't help but laugh "Last time I checked I was."

"Ha ha, very funny Rhade. I mean, if you are nietzschean you must know what Tyr means, shouldn't you?"

He fixed his eyes on hers. Those eyes were dangerous, he thought, a man could swim and drown in them. It would be interesting to explore them when she was happy, sad, aroused...

"Gaheris?" She was waving her hand in front his face.

'Caught' he thought "All I could make are mere assumptions, Rebecca."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


After his shift Gaheris headed to Tyr's room. 'Something that belongs to him' Beka's words echoed in his mind. So Tyr had taken the mummified remains of Drago Museveni from the Dragans. He pressed the door button and it opened. He heard Tyr inviting him to enter. He had never seen his room before. There were books on a shelf. He easily identified the authors: Museveni, Nietzsche, Machiavelli and Darwin. He had similar books. However Tyr's room was much more spartan than his.

"I know you have the remains of the Progenitor." It would be stupid to beat about the bush with that.

"I see Beka went straight off and told you." Tyr smiled mockingly.

"This is not about Beka." Rhade said.

"And what are you going to do with that information?" Tyr asked in his deepest dangerous voice.

"I understand it's rightfully yours." Gaheris continued as if he hadn't heard him.

"So you support me?" Tyr arched his eyebrows, surprised.

Gaheris approached him and gazed him directly in his eyes "Don't misunderstand me Tyr. I'm nietzschean and I'm not stupid. I prefer the remains stay with you instead the Dragans but listen carefully: if you put this ship or this crew in danger you'll regret it."

"Are you threatening me Rhade?" Tyr features were as hard as stone.

"Yes." With that Rhade left the room.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Tyr was reading, enjoying the peacefulness of the Command. He was alone with Beka and Rhade on the ship. The others were looking for an AP solenoid valve. Apart from having to manually vent the ship it was pleasant. There were no comments from Dylan, Trance's giggles or Harper's laughs. Tyr knew Rhade enjoyed the silence too but there was an unbearable noise. He looked at Beka and she stopped her drumming on the armchair.

"It's too quiet here." she smirked.

"All right." Maybe Beka could learn something from Nietzsche. He began to read "We are born sworn, jealous friends of solitude. Of our own deepest, most midnight, most mid-day solitude."

Beka watched him thoughtfully "You know Tyr, some people think you are selfish because you're always reading, lifting and exercising. But I think you're just always trying to improve yourself. I never had that luxury."

Rhade moved uneasily at his console. He didn't like the admiring tone of her voice towards the other Alpha or Tyr's patronizing.

 "You've been too busy surviving. I respect that. Still there is a great deal Nietzsche could teach you."

"Such as?" she asked, her eyes fixed in Tyr. Gaheris watched her and clenched his fists.

"Survival." Tyr answered.

"Got it covered. What else?" She insisted. Rhade knew the answer and he was not going to like it.

"Reproduction." Tyr fixed his brown eyes on Beka. Then both heard the deep growl coming from Gaheris.

"What was that?" Beka asked boring him with his blue gaze.

Gaheris watched her with an unreadable expression. Then he looked at Tyr in challenge. Tyr held his gaze.

"Nothing." Rhade finally growled.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beka walked towards the Gym, confusion and rage running through her veins. First that crap on command. What the hell was that growl from Rhade? She was talking to Tyr and suddenly the two nietzscheans were acting as if they wanted to rip the other's throat.

Then Tyr invited her to dinner. Obs was lighted with candles, he was cooking and it actually smelt wonderful. They were having a pleasant dinner. Even Beka had begun to think that Tyr was flirting with her. But then she recalled the last piece of conversation

"Are you saying that you could never be interested in a human woman?" She couldn't believe he was so narrow-minded.

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying." He answered.

"Not in a million years?" she felt humiliated.

"Never." he simply said as a matter of fact.

She got up and leaned over him, her mouth inches apart from his. She saw him looking at her lips and swallowing hard and she smiled seductively.

"Tyr, on behalf of human women everywhere, I'm insulted." She stormed out.

Beka often had fantasized about screwing Tyr senseless but when she reached the Gym she just wanted to reduce his head and other parts of his anatomy to pulp. She was so furious that she didn't see Gaheris training with an extended force lance. She rushed to the sack and she began to punch it bare-handed.

"Beka." She heard Gaheris' voice, which usually calmed her, like an offensive buzzing. She didn't answer, mumbling between punches "Fucking ubers, all the same, let's go all to hell..."

"Rebecca..." he insisted. She felt his warm hand on her shoulder and she turned abruptly.


He stayed with his perfect calm façade, just an eyebrow slightly arched, "I think you can vent whatever disturbs you with some less painful exercise."

She trained her eyes on him "Oh, now you care about what happens to a mere human?" she asked sarcastically.

He sighed deeply and took her hand. He nodded to it and she saw blood on her bruised knuckles. "Maybe you'd find it more interesting to fight with an actual person. And you can learn something." He threw her another force lance.

So he wanted to fight. It was the opportunity to kick some nietzschean ass and for a pissed off Beka it didn't matter if it was Rhade instead of Tyr. She extended the force lance. Soon though she realized it wasn't so easy. Her fury didn't help to concentrate and she didn't have the years of training of Gaheris. Besides he was stronger and faster, even faster than Tyr. Finally she was on the floor, trying to recover her breath. Rhade had the force lances in both hands, aiming to her chest. He closed them and offered her a hand.

"I don't need help! Get out!" She struggled and finally stood up.

"Care to share why you are in such mood, Beka?" She heard the concern in his voice and at that moment it angered her more.

"Don't talk to me in that tone Rhade!"

He frowned. "What tone?"

"That tone that screams 'I'm superior to you, pitiful human'." She felt fear when his face mirrored the rage burning inside him, but her tongue seemed to work faster than her brain, "I thought you were different than Tyr but all nietzschean are the same, fucking ubers!"

He towered over her, suddenly he seemed larger than life, "Rebecca, never put a label on me." His voice was menacing but his eyes expressed his hurt." I suggest you stay away from me." He stormed out.

Beka fell to the floor. Oh boy, why did she have to have such a big mouth? Why did she always think after she spoke? Gaheris hadn't deserved that. She had hurt him and now she felt like crying.

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