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Chapter 6: "It's never easy"

Beka paced her room on the Maru, wondering how she could be so nervous. 'It's just dinner, Valentine'. Why was it so difficult to find a dress? 'Just a dinner,' she thought absently, 'with a charming, attractive man, who has a body that doesn't quit, the perfect pecs and muscular arms.' Oh man, she was a hormone factory. She had dated lots of men and she always was self-assured but Gaheris had the ability to transform her into a stammering school girl, damn it!

Harper entered the room with a towel over his shoulders "Hey boss, are you..." his voice trailed off as he saw all Beka's clothes scattered over the bunk. He laughed "I didn't know you had so many dresses."

"Ha ha ha, very funny, Seamus" She replied "I'm trying to decide what to wear to dinner."

"I'm sure Captain Terrific doesn't need you wearing a night dress. It's going to be just us, just friends, you know, casual clothes Beka."

"I'm not going to dinner with you, I have a date." Whoa where did that come from? She thought 'It's not a date, remember, just dinner'. A tiny voice inside her screamed 'You don't want it to be a date? You're an idiot Valentine'. 'Oh shut up' her skeptical self answered.

Harper was watching her thoughtfully, a playful smile spreading on his face. "You know, it's funny because Rhade told me he won't be dining with us either." She just looked away and Harper roared with laughter "Oh ho ho, Beka, you have a date with mister sir-yes-sir-Commander-sir nietzschean!"

Beka fell on the bunk, groaning "Damn, I don't know how I got myself in this mess."

"Well maybe all that touching and feeling on the beach...?" he arched his eyebrows grinning "I saw you. The muscled nietzschean and the hot babe, all cozy." He laughed again.

She paced again "I feel stupid. I don't even know how to dress!"

"Hmmm, let me see. Trust in the Harper, the Harper is good," he replied. "If I was a big scary nietzschean who is hot for your bones," he watched her thoughtfully, "no leathers and weapons tonight." He took a dress from the bunk. "This one, and remember, high heels and red lipstick."

Beka just looked at the dress doubtfully.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gaheris was pacing nervously outside the Maru. Maybe he had been too hasty, maybe she was now offended, maybe she thought he didn't respect her, maybe... His mind was in turmoil and he was sure of only one thing: he wanted Rebecca, his entire being screamed for her companionship.

Gaheris had married very young and he hadn't seen his family as often as he had wanted. When he visited them, his children took up his days and his wives totally consumed his nights. He usually came back to Andromeda more tired than when he had left. Besides he had never indulged himself with casual sexual relationships. However he smiled when he remembered he had promised Dylan half-naked dancers at his bachelor party.

His mind came back to the present. He had never courted a human female, he felt lost with Rebecca. Nevertheless that was not the worst thing. Over the years he had learned to control his basic urges so he could work even when surrounded by fertile females. However, all that self-control vanished when he thought about her. There had been a moment on the beach when he had wanted to rip off that scrap of fabric she wore and take her right there on the sand. The cold bath hadn't helped and he had had to manage with his arousal in the shower. It would have to be enough to fight against her charms that night, but he knew that his body would become more demanding towards her with every new day.

Gaheris caught her smell before he heard her footsteps leaving the Maru behind him. His nostrils involuntarily identified the several layers that made up her whole scent: a sweet perfume, the shampoo, the soap, the anti-perspirant and underneath them all her natural appealing scent. She was nervous, he could smell it as he smiled. A second later his smile froze instantly, there was more, 'what the...? No, no please, by the Progenitor's bones, she is fertile now.' He became erect instantly as he groaned. He turned on his heels and his eyes widened when he watched her. He never had seen something as beautiful as that contrast of pale skin and deep red silk. Her dress slid over her body like a cascading waterfall.

With a smile plastered on her lips to cover her nerves, Beka approached Gaheris. He looked magnificent in his black vest and pants. However she was positive sure that he could wear one of Trance's cat suits and he'd still look great. Or better yet, he could just stay in his birthday suit. 'Yeah that would be fine.' Beka silenced that damn voice in her mind and she returned her attention toward her companion, who seemed to have swallowed his own tongue.

"You look" 'Quick, think up something smart,' he thought, "nice." 'Great, very smart, that's not enough idiot,' he thought to himself sarcastically.

Beka suppressed a laugh. She had always seen Rhade so self-assured that it was funny to see him now so shy. "Just nice Gaheris?" Her hands ran provocatively over her sides, from her breasts to her hips and up again "Am I not enough for your standards?"

His eyes trailed the same path of her hands "You are the most beautiful woman I've seen in 300 years." 'Damn that's excessive, you're going to scare her off'.

She laughed heartedly "And it's probably true." Rhade was watching her lips intently when he awoke from his trance as he heard her laugh. "I assure you it's true. Besides," he smirked as he whispered in her ear, "I doubt I'll find a more amazing person than you in another 300 years." He murmured, his warm breath stroking her neck.

Beka was speechless. That man could awaken her body with just his breath. She felt the warmth of his hand on the small of her back as he guided her to the restaurant.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"You're telling me that Dylan has always been the terrific Captain Idealistic!" Beka laughed. "Really I can't picture him as the typical cartoon Captain, yelling at his poor bighead High Guards."

Gaheris couldn't help but laughing too. "Actually I was the 'cartoon first officer' yelling orders."

"Well, you do fit the stereotype more," she mocked "I mean, you look more military than Dylan."

He frowned slightly then smirked as he replied. "Thanks, I suppose. You know, almost all Alphas of my family have been in the High Guard."

She seemed surprised "You're an Alpha?"

"Of course." He answered arrogantly.

She blinked, confused. "Hey, hold on, how could you be the Alpha of your pride and have time to be High Guard too?"

He laughed deeply "Alpha is used to name the superior males. Only ONE Alpha is THE Alpha of the pride but there are more Alphas, superior males, in it."

"So you are an Alpha, superior male with beautiful DNA but you were not the Alpha of your pride." She concluded.

"That's it." Gaheris smiled. Rebecca probably didn't care about his DNA but the nietzschean inside him preferred she noticed his superiority over other males.

"And Tyr? Is he an Alpha male too?" Her question was like a bucket of ice over his head. He watched her intently as he concisely answered her question "Yes." Leaning over the table, he held her hand, his thumb softly stroking her. He looked at her speculatively as he asked "Why do you want to know?"

Beka was finding it difficult to think coherently as his caress distracted her. She answered. "Just curiosity."

He still held his heavy gaze on her, trying to figure out if she was lying. Her breath and pulse stayed normal and her eyes were sincere. He sighed in relief. However he redirected the conversation to other safer matters such as the old Commonwealth, the new one and her life before she had joined them.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Hours later Gaheris walked Beka towards the Maru. As they stood in front of each other, her hand was again in his. She began to think he was turning 'hand holding' into a form of art. For the first time that night there was an uneasy silence. Finally she broke it.  "Do you want to come in?" Oh boy, she felt like a stupid teenager on her first date.

The familiar smirk curved the corner of his lips "It will be better for both of us if I go to my hotel now," he saw her inquiring gaze. "For many reasons which I'm not going to talk about now." He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it, enough to make her shiver. He leaned, his mouth descending over hers as he watched her deeply. He hesitated before brushing his lips briefly over her full ones. Gaheris didn't try to deepen the kiss but just that touch sent sparks throughout their bodies. "I hope we'll repeat this soon." he murmured against her jaw.

"Which one, the dinner or the kiss?" She asked blushing.

He smiled charmly. "Actually both. Sleep well Rebecca." Beka leaned against the wall as he went away. Man that had been intense! 'Sleep well,' she groaned 'as if it'd be so easy.'


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Two days later, Tyr arrived on Andromeda. Another fruitless search, he thought furiously. Orca pride was showing a surprising resistance to be found. He knew he hadn't been able to convince Freya to leave her pride but the next time he was determined to take her with him, against her own will if necessary. He didn't care about Orca pride, they had proved to be a bunch of inferior trash. However Freya was his first and only wife, her DNA strong. She was the first step to rebuild the Kodiak pride.

At least on this trip, he had heard about the next marriage between Elsbett Mossadim of the Sabra and the son of the Jaguar Archduke. If these two prides joined, it would be a potential enemy for Drago-Katsov.

During his travel Tyr had had plenty time to think and he found himself reflecting about Beka. He remembered their last encounter on Obs. He still thought that interspecies breeding was useless but it was not his intention to offend her. She was strong, a damn good pilot and she had valuable survival skills, she could be a good ally. Probably he should have kept his mouth closed. Besides it was a fact that his body stirred whenever she was near him and he felt an irrational rage when he often caught her watching Rhade.

Tyr still maintained a weak scrap of hope, stubbornly telling himself that his reaction to her was just what his instincts dictated to him in the presence of every female when another Alpha was in the way. However this line of thought seemed to become more inconsistent every day.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"So Tyr, you don't have any hidden intention towards Elsbett Mossadim, do you?" Dylan asked uneasily. They were talking about the arrival of the Sabra female the next day. More precisely Dylan was talking and Tyr was answering with monosyllabic answers. Dylan usually wouldn't find this fact worrying, Tyr didn't spend words easily. However tonight he was watching Rhade and Beka like a hawk.

Beka and Gaheris were on a couch talking. In fact they were very close to one another and Dylan was surprised at his friend's attitude. It was not usual to see Gaheris so relaxed and comfortable. Dylan saw how Gaheris held her hand and caressed her palm as they talked. He leaned in to say something in her ear and she giggled.

Dylan returned his attention to the nietzschean by his side. Dylan watched the unreadable expression on his face as he spoke to him, "Tyr."

"No, I have no interest in that female. My interest is limited to the fact that the Drago-Katsov will have another enemy." Tyr answered his previous question as his eyes never left the scene before him.

"Something you want to share?" Dylan inquired. Then Harper joined them. He pointed towards Beka and Gaheris as he spoke. "After the thing on the beach I thought it was just sex but man, if they're going to be romantic I'll puke." He laughed.

"Sex? Beach?" Tyr asked with a darkened expression.

"Oh yeah, they rubbed each other with sun cream, I thought they would burst in flames." Dylan groaned as Harper continued. "And then there was that dinner date." He couldn't say more as Tyr stormed out. "Hey what the hell happen to him?"

Dylan rubbed his face "It's never easy."

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