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Chapter 7: Nietzscheans...

Dylan stood uneasily between Tyr and Gaheris as all the crew expected the arrival of Elsbett Mossadin's shuttle. Dylan thought that it actually wasn't such a good idea to escort her to her wedding. During the travel to Jaguar space the Andromeda would be a target for every enemy of both prides.

'Take it easy,' he told himself, and then spoke to the others. "All right everyone, best behavior. You are all ambassadors for the Commonwealth."

The docking bay doors opened and Elsbett approached to them. "I'm surprised." Tyr murmured.

"Why?" Dylan asked.

"I thought all Sabrans were ugly."

Beka watched the nietzschean woman as she stood in front of them. She had to give her credit, she was attractive and she had that damn self assured attitude. She glanced at Rhade and she sighed in relief when she noticed that he didn't seem very affected by the Sabran chick.

The nietzschean female stood before them, looking at them as if they were ants as she spoke, "I am Elsbett Mossadim, out of Lucrezia by Tamerlane." She gazed at Tyr. "Fine specimen. You must be the Kodiak."

"I'm Tyr Anasazi, out of Victoria by Barbarossa" Beka groaned. Why did Tyr have to always look so magnificent? His deep voice sounded as impressive as always as he stated his lineage, his massive chest swelled in pride.

"And you must be the Captain" Elsbett ran an appreciative gaze over Rhade, who stood with his hands clasped in his back, features stoic. Dylan's mouth hit the floor and Harper coughed to cover his laughs. "Have your human slaves carry my luggage." She continued scorning as she looked briefly at Harper. "His arms look scrawny. Make sure he doesn't drop anything."

Dylan was about to speak when Elsbett gazed at Rev Bem with obvious hate. "And him... why is he alive? I shoot magog for sport." Rev's growl didn't intimidate her.

Trance came to her with her best smile. "Hello Miss Alpha nietzschean Lady, I picked this up for you." She offered her a bouquet.

Elsbett gave her a patronizing pat. "Thank you. Cute purple monkey." She asked Tyr. "Is your pet housetrained?"

Tyr was having a hard time staying serious at Dylan's incredulous face. "Shall I show you your quarters?" It was better to get that female away from the crew, especially Beka. Tyr could see that she probably was planning the most painful way to rip out the other female eyes.

The Sabran dismissed him with her hand. "Don't bother. I'll choose whatever's best." She left with the same arrogance. Tyr chuckled as he followed her.

"What the hell?" Beka began.

Dylan interrupted her as he faced Gaheris "At what point are you going to tell her that I run the ship?"

Gaheris couldn't help but smile innocently "I didn't do anything."

Dylan arched his eyebrows "Well that's the problem."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beka was reading in Rec as the others played cards. Elsbett was done with Tyr and was now hanging around Rhade all the time, trying to obtain some valuable information. On one hand it gave the others some relief since the Sabran considered them worthless of her attention, on the other hand Beka was royally pissed seeing that woman around the man who was... what was he to her?

Harper sat near her to spy the flexi that Beka was reading with such interested. "What the..." he exclaimed as he took the flexi. He began to read it with a mocking grin. "Nietzschean Mating Rituals? Boss, what do you have in mind reading this?" he continued his perusal, oblivious to his crewmate's reactions. Dylan looked dismayed as if he was waiting for an apocalypse, Trance just giggled and Rommie didn't stray from her neutral appearance. Tyr's features changed from astonishment to disappointment and finally an unreadable expression as he glared at Beka.

"None of your concern." She replied as she caught the flexi again. She looked around her and added defensively "What?! It's just scientific curiosity!"

Tyr was still gazing at her intently "It's very different from the trash you usually read Beka."

"Bite me." She replied acidly. Then Rhade entered the room with Elsbett on his heels. He sat on a couch and the nietzschean woman stuck to him like a leech. A blind man could see Gaheris' dark expression as his patience thinned. However Beka was too busy mumbling curses at Elsbett, Rhade and men in general.

"Looks like our guest has finally found some entertainment," Tyr said watching Beka.

"He doesn't seem very happy." Dylan tried to soothe the situation. He saw Beka turning red of rage as Elsbett roamed her hand over Gaheris' thigh.

"She dresses like a cheap whore," Beka snapped.

"Are you aware that she can hear you from there, Captain Valentine?" Tyr grinned at her.

"Really? So," she spoke louder, "that uppity bitch can listen everything I say?" The other female glared at her and Beka smiled brightly as she gave the Sabran a thumbs up.

"Beka!" Dylan exclaimed. The last thing they needed was a catfight.

"What? Oh, I said it aloud. I'm sorry." She replied innocently.

"Hey, boss be careful. If looks could kill..." Harper hissed.

Beka grinned. "Don't worry Harper, I can manage that BITCH." she looked at Dylan "Oops, I did it again."

Tyr leaned over Beka as he glared at her. "Nietzschean males are allowed to have several mates, you know. In fact the more wives a man takes the more offspring he will have. Rhade had five wives." He brushed her ear as he whispered. "Maybe you should reconsider your future behavior."

Dylan sighed. Tyr was adding fuel to the fire and it was obvious why. However the reply from Beka came quickly. "Well Tyr, if more wives equals superior we can safely say that Rhade is superior to you, can't we?" She watched him coolly.

'Touché' Dylan thought as the grin faded from Tyr's face.

"You must not speculate about my private life. You don't know me." The nietzschean replied.

"Yeah, whatever," Beka said boringly "I'm going to bed." She had had enough of seeing that woman drool over Gaheris.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beka went to the Maru and got inside the shower. Her mind was still recalling the last event on Rec.

She just couldn't bear that woman. She, Beka Valentine, was the Alpha woman in the ship, not that nietzschean dolly. How did she dare to hang over Rhade like that? And how did Gaheris dare to allow her?

'Of course, put a bimbo in front of them and their groins command. Men.' Jealousy got the best of her as her thoughts ran wild. She put her palms flat against the wall as she growled. "Low human woman is not so easily discarded, oh no, if he thinks he can cheat on me I'll teach him." She step out of the shower and didn't think to dry herself. "Never mess with a Valentine," she concluded as she dressed and stormed out.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gaheris sighed as the door of his room closed behind him. He took off his armbands and the uniform jacket and he sat on the couch rubbing his eyes. He was fed up with being civil to Elsbett Mossadim. The time he spent tolerating that woman was time he didn't get to spend with Beka.

Gaheris felt the need to clarify his intentions to Rebecca as much as to clarify his own thoughts. There were a lot of things he had to think about, learn and adjust in his mind. The doorbell broke his reflections and he allowed access. He expected it to be Dylan, or worse, that dense Sabra woman. He was not prepared for a very agitated Beka, who began to pace the room nervously. He noticed that she had tiny beads of water running from her damp hair down her neck and back. Her white shirt was soaked too, clutching her body, her pale pink nipples impertinently claiming attention against the fabric. Maybe she had forgotten to undress for showering, he told himself, or maybe she just wanted to drive him insane. His pants were becoming uncomfortably tight.

"... the Sabra?" Damn, he hadn't been listening because he had been too busy with a mental picture of his mouth tasting those peaked candies.

Beka was pissed and his lack of answer didn't help. His eyes seemed glued to her chest and when Beka looked at herself she understood why. And now she couldn't cover herself and retreat without appearing weak.

"Gaheris!" she snapped as she stood with her hands on her hips, tapping with her foot on the floor.

The yell shook him out of his distraction. "I'm listening." However his eyes stayed on her body as he replied.

"Would you mind speaking at me, not my breasts please?" Her voice dripped with sarcasm as she crossed her arms over her chest to limit his view.

He gazed at her eyes intently with not a shadow of guilt, just a slight smirk on his lips "That's difficult if you come here with such revealing attire."

She blushed fiercely. Damn him, he always came through the mess unscathed "That's not the point. You're the high and mighty nietzschean, you probably have some enhanced self-control. And you don't do humans, do you?" she concluded accusingly.

Gaheris sighed deeply as stroked her arms "Rebecca, if I don't "do" humans, how do you call all our dates, our kisses..."

Beka cut his speech. "Come on Rhade, admit it, you've been playing with the human chick but now that that Sabra whore is here you are going to get rid of me like yesterday's trash." She was yelling at this point "I have news for you: Valentines aren't so easily discarded."

He laughed, "I can't believe you're jealous." His voice softened, "I couldn't care less for that woman, Rebecca."

Beka made a surprising imitation of his brow quirk as she replied, mocking his tone. "I couldn't care less for that woman..." She noticed that he had been getting closer, forcing her to retreat and now she had her back against the wall. "If that is true why didn't you stop her? Because, in case you didn't realize, she was about to kneel and suck your dhmmm..." Her words were swallowed by his kiss. His lips moved possessively, forcefully demanding free access to her mouth. As their tongues met for the first time a burning bolt ran throughout their bodies. It seemed to last forever, one mouth swallowing the other, in a starving fight to explore the other's secrets.

Somehow Beka gathered her willpower and broke the kiss and Gaheris took it as an opportunity to explore the soft skin of her jaw, one of his warm hands still holding the back of her neck, the other trailing circles with a single finger at the juncture of her pale neck and shoulder.

"I was talking." Beka panted. She was having a hard time thinking clearly as his tongue began to mimic his finger on the patch of skin below her ear.

"Continue," he demanded between heated licks, "I'm listening."

"Hmmm," Divine, his tongue was driving her insane! "Hmmm, I... hmmm." She struggled to form coherent words, "I was saying that she..."

"I'm tired of listening." He kissed her again, hungrily. Her hands snaked around him, drinking in the sensation of his taut muscles, moving restlessly under his black sweater. He was overwhelming.

Gaheris couldn't get enough of her, she was intoxicating. Her moans, the delicious taste of her mouth, the inebriating scent... 'Drago, help me,' he thought as his determination dissolved in his foggy mind. He found his own way under the wet shirt toward her breasts, rounded mounds crested with hardened peaks, fitting in his hands as if they belonged to him. Inside him the power he associated with mate, sex and pleasure was stirring. He crushed his hips against her body as he moved rhythmically, mirroring what he had in mind.

His tongue was inside her mouth, thrusting, in and out, in and out, sucking, teeth playfully nipping her bottom lip. His hands cupped her breasts, scorching her skin with his warmth. His throbbing erection pressed against her stomach, so hard, so alive. The need to touch him was becoming a life or death imperative to her. Beka eagerly tugged the damn sweater over his head. As his chiseled chest was exposed to her she didn't bothered with the offensive garment, letting it secure his arms over his head. In a fluid motion she turned them, backing him to the wall and she trailed a path of burning licks all over his pecs as her hands kneaded his back. God, it was fascinating how his chest heaved, covered with a glistening sheen of perspiration. Beka bit his chest hard, one of her most secret fantasies, ripping a deep growl from his throat and she smiled against his heated skin.

Gaheris was subjugated by the sensation of Beka. The sweater still trapped his arms over his head, leaning against the wall as he felt no strength in his body. He could feel her, assaulting his senses. Waves after waves of her intoxicating scent reached him through the fabric, he could almost taste it. Her tongue, her hands, her teeth nipping at his flesh, all combined to drown him in agonizing need. His intention to speak, to tell her that they should go slowly, now seemed so absurd! She was rightfully his, he was going to take her then and there, she would understand. It was so clear to him. His determination morphed to urgency as her hand began tortuous strokes on his aching manhood through his pants. He began to fight furiously against the uncooperative sweater.

"Excuse me." Both jumped when Andromeda's hologram popped up behind them "I'm sorry for interrupting your... entertainment but Dylan requires both of you on Command." Then she blinked out.

After a deep breath, Gaheris fixed his sweater so it was properly on. Beka seemed to be very interested in her boots. The sudden interruption was like a cold shower and now she was embarrassed. As she went to the door, he pulled her to him and kissed her again, this time slowly and softly.

He broke the kiss before he would forget his duties and he gazed at her intently "This is not over," he smiled. "Now go and put something over that shirt." He kissed her hand and took his jacket. Beka smirked as she heard him mutter something about killing Dylan.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"Beka, good to see you." Dylan greeted sarcastically as she sat in the pilot's chair.

Beka ignored him as she answered "Now what the hell happened?"

"We are surrounded by the Drago-Katsov fleet." Tyr replied.

"We can't just have a day without someone trying to blow us up." Her voice had a hint of exasperation.

Tyr glared at her blankly "The enemy never awaits for you to conclude your... activities"

Beka frowned as she gave a brief gaze towards Gaheris. He stared at the screen but a smug smile played in his face. She watched Tyr intently as she spoke "What do you mean Anasazi?"

Rommie interrupted them "They're hailing."

"Who is sending the message?"

"Someone calling himself Fleet Marshal Cuchulain Nez-Pearce."

"Put it through." Dylan ordered.

"Belay that!" They all looked at Tyr.

"You know him?" Dylan inquired.

"By reputation. He masterminded the Dragons' campaign against the than colonies in the Orion Arm." Tyr replied. Dylan stared speculatively at the dark nietzschean. The Dragons were probably there for Elsbett Mossadim but he was not sure that Tyr knew Cuchulain just by reputation. Dylan had his own speculations about the crate that Tyr had brought from Miden.

"This guy is brilliant. He nearly doubled the size of the Drago-Katsov fleet in less than two years." Beka spoke "Dylan he's dangerous."

"After my little excursion to Enga Redoubt, it's best if Cuchulain never learns of my presence here." Tyr pointed at Dylan, "I advise extreme caution." He left command in large strides.

Dylan pinched the bridge of his nose tiredly. It was never easy. Just one calm mission, that was all he asked for. "On screen."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Dylan lay on the bed watching the pattern in the ceiling of the luxurious room. A bone blade attached forearm rested loosely over his chest, a reminder of who he had slept with. They hadn't gotten much rest.

In the afterglow of the heated sex, Dylan was replaying their last hours. After her plea to stay with her, he had expected another kind of woman, maybe a sweet creature hidden under the cold murderer but she had been an unexpectedly dominating, forceful lover. It was not that he was complaining but Dylan had the distinct sensation that he had been used.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Dylan came back after leaving Elsbett Mossadim with her new husband Charlemagne Bolivar. Gaheris couldn't imagine what the hell his friend had been thinking to mate with the Sabra female. He smirked. Obviously Dylan hadn't been thinking.

Gaheris reached the door of Beka's room and took some deep breaths. Then he pushed the doorbell and the door opened. She was before him with a seductive smile and a promising brightness in her clear eyes. He sighed. This was going to be difficult.

As the doors closed Beka backed him against them and sealed his mouth with hers. Damn, really difficult, he thought as he collected all his willpower to break the kiss.

"Rebecca wait, we must talk." Gaheris watched her as she adopted a defensive attitude.

"Must talk? I don't like how this sounds." As usual she was covering her fears with her infamous tough girl attitude. "Is it now when you tell me that this will never works because I have defective DNA and all that crap?"

"I thought you had noticed by now that I don't care about that. You'll never hear those words from my mouth." He saw her relaxing. Now the almost impossible task: to make her understand without scaring her. "I want us to be together." He watched her face of panic. Huh, maybe he had not chosen the right words, "I mean I want us to explore a serious romantic relationship." Damn why couldn't this be easier, he thought as he realized that she was now definitively terrified.

"You are not talking about the wife and baby factory thing, are you?"

He laughed "No, I'm not". 'Yet' he added to himself. He leaned and kissed her. "I mean that I want you and I need you Rebecca."

She arched her eyebrows as she smiled mischievously "So you want to be what? My boyfriend, my lover?"

"I don't care how you label it." He kissed her again, more passionately.

"No commitments?"

"No commitments but I don't share you."

"Neither do I." Her kiss was a promise of much more.

He reluctantly broke it. "I should go." He gave her a heart stopping smile and one last kiss. Beka stood with the taste of him still in her mouth, stunned by his sudden departure.

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