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Chapter 5: On the beach

Gaheris sat straight up in bed, struggling to breathe. His shorts and the sheet were soaked and his erection was still throbbing. He cursed in every language he knew. He got up and took a shower. He changed his sheets and lay on his back, ready for another night without rest.

Since his fight with Beka, a week ago, he had had the same insane dream every night. It always began wonderfully and ended in disaster. Every time he was on his back, unable to move. Rebecca was straddling him, her head leaning back, her eyes closed and his eager maleness impaling her. Whereas her body was blurred, a mixture of the women he had laid with, her face was crystal clear. His world was reduced to the sensation of her, riding him. When he felt his shaft bursting into flames she always opened her eyes and her cold blue matched with her words "All nietzscheans are the same". She repeated this over and over, but her pace became frenzied and he exploded. Then he woke up.

After that he lay on the bed until the hour of his shift, wondering if he had done something to offend Beka in some way. However Gaheris knew that she was furious with Tyr and she had just vented it to him instead of the Kodiak. At that point his mind went wild with images of Tyr and Beka together. He stayed there, night after night, trying to exorcise them from his head.

When he and Beka were in the same room he even didn't look at her. He didn't want her to notice how much she had hurt him. They barely knew each other, how could she hurt him so much? Gaheris missed not only speaking with her but also watching her.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Dylan was telling Rhade about the incident on Mobius. He thought Gaheris would find it interesting how a peaceful architect could become a psychotic dictator. Furthermore, their first mission together had been on that planet. But it was obvious his friend's mind was on another matter. Gaheris had dark circles under his eyes and his mouth was crooked in a grimace.

"So I realized I love the Great Compass and I asked him to marry me." Dylan said casually. "What do you think?"

"Hmm yes, I think it is fine." Rhade absently replied.

Dylan burst out laughing. "Have you listen even a word?"

Gaheris rubbed his eyes "To tell you the truth I lost you at Trance and a button."

Dylan watched him concerned "What happen to you? You look awful."

"I have had some trouble sleeping."

"Care to share or should I ask Andromeda?"

"That's not necessary." The last thing he needed was to discuss his erotic dreams about Beka.

"So..." Dylan waited for his answer.

"Just a misunderstanding with Beka." He replied.

"And that misunderstanding has nothing to do with the way you watch her?" Dylan asked arching his eyebrows.

Rhade looked at him intently "I don't watch her in any way."

"Of course, and I'm the First Triumvir" Dylan replied "Come on, Rhade, you are attracted to her."

Gaheris looked at him for a moment, then sighed "I... I'm... I..."

Dylan laughed "I've never heard you stammer. You have a thing for her!"

Gaheris rubbed the back of his neck and sighed again "I suppose you are right. When you were with Trance and the others on Mobius something happened between Beka and Tyr. She came to the gym as I was there training. It seems that she was furious with him but I don't know why. We trained for a while and then she yelled at me and told me I was like other nietzscheans. I lost my patience."

"So she was pissed with Tyr and took it out on you."

Dylan thought about what Gaheris had told him. He was surprised that Rhade admitted his attraction to Beka. Before the Long Night seeing a nietzschean with a human had not been so unusual, however Gaheris had been raised in a pride. He would have to learn the human way if he wanted something with Beka, the usual macho Alpha display would not work on her. The other problem was Tyr. Dylan was also aware of the way Tyr watched Beka. It could be dangerous to have two nietzschean Alphas fighting for the same woman.

"You've got to talk to her to resolve this problem." Dylan finally spoke.

"I'm not the one who has to apologize," Rhade replied defensively.

"I'm not talking about apologizing, I'm just saying you're not going to resolve anything staying here."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


After some complicated negotiations on Sintii Four the Perseids finally joined the New Commonwealth. Trance and Harper had arrived to Andromeda bringing with them Hasturi's diary, even though that was not their mission. Dylan thought it was a good opportunity to give a break to the crew.

Of course Tyr said something about making the most of his time. He took a slipfighter and told Dylan he would be back in a few days. The others, except for Rev Bem, who stayed on Andromeda meditating, went in the Maru to enjoy the sun and beach on Sintii Four. They landed near a calm beach with some restaurants around.

Dylan was walking with Rommie along the beach, Harper was teaching Trance to surf and Beka was changing her clothes in the Maru. Gaheris had chosen a quiet place on the beach. He wore just swimming shorts. He lay on the sand on his elbows with his back to the sea to face the sun. He closed his eyes, enjoying the caress of the sand on his skin. Then he caught her scent.

As Gaheris laid his eyes on her he knew he was lost. He swallowed hard, blessing whoever had made those little pieces of fabric which she called a bikini. Two blue triangles barely covering two rounded mounds, another one hiding the apex between her glorious long legs. Soft curved hips, flat stomach with a tempting hollow as navel, slender arms and a delicate column as neck. All covered in a soft creamy skin that every sane man would want to taste. The view of her body put all his fantasies to shame. Beka stood before him smiling.

"May I join you?"

Gaheris felt his mouth suddenly go dry, his loins stirring... and when the hell had he spread his bone blades? "Of course," he managed to answer.

She sat facing him.

"Gaheris, hmm... look, I'm sorry, you know, the gym. I was an ass. I'm really sorry, I'm..." she stammered.

"No need to apologize Rebecca."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beka took a bottle of sun block from her bag and poured some in her hands. She spread it along her legs, her stomach, her arms and the exposed parts of her chest. She felt Gaheris' eyes on her. He was watching her with lust. She smiled mischievously "Could you do my back please?"

"It would be a pleasure Rebecca." he answered as he emphasized the word 'pleasure'.

She lay on her stomach over her towel and rested her head on her arms. He straddled her ass, supporting his weight on his legs, not wanting to crush her. He untied her bikini top and poured some lotion in his hands, first massaging her lower back. Beka soon realized it was more a sensual display then a mere favor. His hands were soft yet strong and they sent shivers through her body. If he could do this just on her back what it would be to feel those hands all over her body, she thought between moans. 'Hey, you're moaning, get a grip Valentine'.

Gaheris' hands continued his erotic dance over her back. He took her words literally, massaging every bit of creamy flesh he found. He got to her feet and kneaded her legs. Finally his hands ran along both sides of her slender body, slightly brushing the exposed sides of her breasts.

"Done." he said as he lay on his towel.

Beka stayed there for a moment, very aware of her arousal. She was about to tie the top of her bikini when she found that he had done it. On his side Gaheris had noticed his mistake too late. After touching her nearly naked body, his own was on fire and his manhood was throbbing dangerously.

"Now it's your turn." he heard her.


"You need lotion too or you'll burn. I'll do your back. It's only fair." She smiled seductively.

Rhade would kill himself before telling her that he didn't need sun block, he wanted to feel those hands on him so he turned on his stomach, exposing his expansive back to her. Beka licked her lips watching all that muscled male flesh at her mercy. It was her turn to straddle his tight butt; however she had no remorse when she settled her weight over him. He barely noticed it but he could feel their bodies separated just with thin fabric. Her hands were sending electric jolts through his body as she rubbed him. He stretched his back at the stimuli, his muscles rippling under her soft magic hands. He didn't fight against the soft growls flowing from his throat.

Beka noticed that the growls deepened as she spread more lotion along his strong legs.

"If you turn over I'll do your chest," she murmured in his ear, her breasts slightly splayed over his upper back. She stood up as he turned to lay on his back. She gave a brief gaze to the evident bulge of his shorts before she straddled his hips. He gasped as she pressed her lower body against him.

As Rebecca began to work over his chest, it became more difficult for Gaheris to think clearly. He tried unsuccessfully to take some control over his responses, he didn't want to give her all the fun so easily. However he felt the blood slowly abandoning his head and flooding to other parts. It didn't help the view of her tempting nipples standing out against her top or that intoxicating scent of hers.

Beka was having the time of her life outlining that chiseled pecs, splaying her hands over that broad abs, all the hard muscles rippling under her ministrations. It was really a turn on and she was hot as hell. She was too well aware of something quickly growing and hardening against her, pressing between the sensitive flesh between her legs. Her mind wandered around the things she had heard about the nietzschean males' measures. From what she was feeling it had to be more than true, she thought. She watched his face and found his heavy gaze trained on her. That typical smirk of him played on his lips but his eyes were dark from restrained desire.

She leaned over him to rub his shoulders. Then she continued with his left arm and she watched his forearm thoughtfully.

"You know, I've never seen a nietzschean without the armbands."

His eyes never left hers as he spread the bone blades. Somehow Beka suspected it was some kind of sexual display. She began to stroke the soft skin between the bone blades and he growled deeply.

"You shouldn't do that unless you want to arouse me." He smiled playfully, looking where their bodies met. "And you don't want that, do you Rebecca?"

She blushed slightly but she continued her strokes "Meaning?"

"That's an erogenous zone," he answered factually.

She laughed "You're kidding, your bone blades an erogenous zone?"

"Not the bone blades, just the skin around them," he watched her intently.

Then both heard a cough. Dylan and Rommie were watching them with surprise painted over their faces.

"Enjoying the beach?" Dylan asked with arched eyebrows.

Beka felt her face turn red as she tried to stand up but Gaheris held her hips firmly against him. "I was... I just... sun block..." her voice trailed off. Dylan couldn't believe that he'd seen the day when Beka was at a loss for words. However Gaheris had the face of a child in a candy shop.

"Nietzscheans don't need..." Rommie began as Gaheris gave her a deadly glare.

"We have much to discuss Rommie." Dylan interrupted her as he pulled her away. "Let's go."

Gaheris loosened his grip on her hips. Beka crossed her arms and glared at him. "What was that Rhade? Why didn't you let me up?"

He sat up with her still astride him, their faces inches apart. "You know why, Rebecca." His voice washed over her, his thumb caressed her bottom lip and her jaw. His eyes never left hers. She was mesmerized by his gaze and his gentle touch. He took her hand and kissed it.

"It would be a pleasure if you joined me for dinner," he murmured.

"Done." Beka heard herself answering. 'What a charming answer, Valentine' she thought sarcastically.

"Now stand up, please. I need a long cold bath." He smiled "I'll see you on the Maru at 08:00, agreed?" He didn't wait for her answer as he went towards the sea.

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