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Chapter 8: To give and to take

Tyr sank deeply into her body. His muscles were strained, tensing like pistons. She was hot wet tightness. Her moans were satisfactory, her pleas for him to take her harder, faster, fed his male ego. But he was not able to concentrate. Something was wrong in the whole event.

He shook his head as he gave his attention to the woman beneath him. This was a mistake but Tyr Anasazi was not going to leave a female unsatisfied.  He incremented his pace, grinding his pelvis against her clitoris until a cry broke from her mouth. He felt her inner walls contracting rhythmically around him as she rode her climax and he thrust a few more times as he reached a devaluated, unsatisfactory orgasm.

Tyr lay on his back recovering his breath. She fell asleep almost immediately. He gave her one last gaze, then he put his clothes on and quietly left the room.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Back on Andromeda Tyr went to the gym and punished his body hard. The problem didn't go away with the sweat and when his last punch broke the sack he sat on the bench, the taste of frustration still fresh in him.

His last desperate action had proven to be a total failure and a sign of weakness but as Machiavelli said "The purpose justifies the end." He had gone to the nearest drift, chosen a human female and they had sex. He had been careful, the woman wanted just a one-night stand and his nose told him that she was not fertile at that time. She was small and rounded, dark hair and eyes; she was the complete opposite of Beka.

Maybe I just have some aberrant curiosity about human females, he had told himself. He was wrong; he had been thinking about the blonde Captain of the Eureka Maru while he was with the other woman. It was madness. His mind had argued a thousand times the utter stupidity of his insane addiction to Beka Valentine, but whenever she was near him his lower body refused to hear the carefully developed argument. The woman of Miden had awoken protective instincts in him, but those of a brother toward his siblings. Beka had reached his very nietzschean core from the single instant he had land his eyes on her. She brought to the surface things that only a nietzschean female should awake. He had to do something about it soon.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Lying on his bed Gaheris was suffering through his own torment because of the same woman. 'And now what?' he stared at the ceiling, lost in reflections. He had accepted her culture. Now he was her boyfriend. He snorted. 'Boyfriend, imagine that'.

How would he greet her from now? 'Hello Rebecca, you know you must be acknowledged as MINE but hey I'm your boyfriend so give me a peck in the cheek and...'

"Fack!" he yelled out. It would be so easy: he displays, she accepts and they mate. Why did humans complicate all things so much? Why did they cover the true purpose of a relationship under layers of useless sentimentality? 'Love, ah!' Yes, he had feelings for Rebecca, feelings he couldn't identify yet but love? He didn't believe in love... did he? Gaheris gave a frustrated groan. Great. Now he was casting doubt on his beliefs. He rolled over his stomach to muffle a growl against the pillow.

He was developing a new insane possessiveness towards her. Not the best attitude to coax a woman like Rebecca into commitment. He would have to control it in order to apply the right pressure so she didn't run to hide. And he knew he would have to keep it in his pants because, if they mated, he would see her as his no matter what happened.

There was another problem: he was not precisely acquainted with the concept of 'premating sexual relationships'. With nietzschean females all was usually very effective: they got aroused easily, they copulated and end of story. Something told him that Beka would be much more demanding and he had never been with a human woman. Then he remembered the words of his father: "About a female's desire: let your instincts guide you." Good. His instincts had never failed him.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"This is so good Gaheris!" Beka exclaimed enthusiastically as he gave her an amusing gaze "What did you say it's called?"

"Lasagna," he answered, his attention diverted between her enthusiasm and his meal. "It's a recipe from Earth, very ancient. Do you want more?"

She looked at him with a speculative smile playing on her lips "That depends. What do you have for dessert?"

He held her gaze with his own as he smirked "What would you want?

"Hmmm... Surprise me."

Gaheris took the plates away and he brought a dish and a bowl to a small table beside the couch. He sat and motioned her to come to him. Beka approached him smiling, her skirt showing a tantalizing amount of her slender thighs. Her eyes flashed with delight when she saw the dessert. "Strawberries? I've not eaten them since I was a child!"

He took her hand and pulled her in his lap. He took a fruit and dipped it in the bowl of chocolate sauce. Gaheris fed her, watching intently as she sucked the chocolate before taking the strawberry inside her mouth.  

She chewed slowly as she returned the favor. She gazed at him with a cocky grin. "So what about sex?"

The question caught Gaheris off his guard and he almost choked. "What about it?"

"I have read about sex and nietzscheans and all I got was a headache."

He laughed hearty, "Why do you read when you can have first hand information?"

"I like to be informed about my man." He arched his eyebrow at her use of the possessive but he let her continue. "It seems that you guys are a little... how can I say... uptight about the fun?"

Gaheris fed her again as he tried to soothe the matter "Among my people the pleasure of sex is a way for reproduction."

"If that's your philosophy, then there will be a lot of unsatisfied nietzschean woman. You get in, you come, you get off and that's all folks?"

"Of course not! If the female doesn't obtain any pleasure, she will be unreceptive to the male and the opportunity of breeding disappears." It was weird, talking with her about this as if it was a physiology class.

"But yet there is not much place for making out." Beka was playing now with his large hand, sliding her fingers through his.

"Making out?" Gaheris gave her another piece of fruit before stroking her jaw with his hand.

"Yes, making out, you know," she said casually. "Kissing, touching, petting... the usual stuff."

"I imagine 'the usual stuff' is not the same thing for both of us."

"Then tell me," she coaxed as her hand traced the contours of his face.

"Nietzschean females are easily stimulated and we copulate quite effectively. If the woman is ovulating she gets pregnant. That's the story."

Beka took another strawberry and licked it sensually as she spoke "Yes, I love when you talk dirty." She laughed as she popped the red fruit inside her mouth. Gaheris was feeling very interested in her eating the dessert. His interest began to be noticeable to Beka against her hip and she wiggled on his lap just to tease him. He tried to focus on the conversation.

"And what about me?" she asked.

"What about you?" His hand was travelling up her thigh of its own will.

"Maybe I'm not as 'easy stimulated' as the nietzschean chicks. I definitively don't want to reproduce just now, thank you very much." She paused as she encircled his neck with her hands. "And I DO like making out."

"Rebecca, I know you better than you think. About children," just wait some time, he thought, "I know you do not feel ready for it." He teased her full lips with his. "I'm eager to learn what pleases you. I want to know your body and its secrets before we are fully intimate." 'It is not a lie', he told himself, 'just half true'.

"Okay." Beka breathed as she captured his mouth with hunger. She sucked his bottom lip, scrapping with her teeth as he moaned in delight.

The taste of chocolate and strawberries mingled on their tongues. His head reeled with the sweetness of her mouth, the silken recesses. Her breath quickened and her heart was beating an invitation to him.

Divine, the man can kiss! Beka thought. Her hands drowned in his dark hair, crushing his lips to hers, drinking in his wonderful taste. She moved to straddle his lap. A low growl rose from somewhere deep in his chest, the reverberations travelling through her body, a wetness forming between her legs and the peaks of her nipples tingling.

Gaheris took the opportunity to stroke her toned thighs. So soft, her skin was pure velvet. The fragrance of her arousal was mist enveloping them. His hands sought instinctively her buttocks and pulled her lower body against his throbbing arousal. She whimpered in his mouth as he massaged her firm flesh. The skirt was in his way and he pulled the offensive garment up around her waist.

This had to be heaven. The battle of their tongues was full scaled. The touch of Gaheris' hands was scorching and the hard ridge pressed against the sensitive flesh between her legs was her undoing. Her mind allowed her body to seek what she needed as she moved back and forth against his erection, making him groan in her mouth. Cold air washed over one buttock as he wrapped his hand in her hair, pulling her head back to expose her neck. His mouth ravished her throat roughly as Beka grounded her lower boy against him.

His hands lowered the straps of her top and it joined the skirt in her waist. Gaheris stared at the pale skin in stark contrast with the dusky rose of her nipples, already hardened only for him. He cupped one breast and massaged the rounded mound and he pinched the aching peak, watching her face, heavy lids and swollen lips, her chest flushed with excitement.

"Oh, yes... there," Rebecca sobbed as he brushed the sensitive tip. He felt a shuddering went throughout her body and he gloried in her receptiveness to his touch. His hands paid full attention to her breasts, stroking, grazing the sensitive tips with his thumbs and occasionally pinching and rolling the swollen peaks between his fingers. His tongue mapped her neck, licking, sucking and gently nipping. Her moaning encouraged him as he bit at the juncture of her pale neck and shoulder and he kneaded her rounded mounds roughly.

Damn it hurt but it felt so good. Beka dropped her head to a side, giving free access to his assaults. His hot tongue soothed the mark of his bite with slow licks. It felt so incredible, so good. He was so self-assured, so powerful... Her panties were soaked. Her lower body was on fire and he had yet to touch her there. She grasped Gaheris' hand and guided him where she wanted him but he slapped her hand "Sh sh sh. Not yet."

"Ga... he... ris," she complained.

"I said not yet. You have to develop some patience Rebecca." He chuckled against her throat. His mouth clamped around one eager nipple and she forgot to complain, forgot everything except him. Gaheris gripped her hips steadying her motions; the friction of her body against his shaft was unbearable. He sucked greedily her nipple and her back bowed, crushing his mouth to her chest. He engulfed one supple breast in his mouth, licking languorously the impossible softness of her skin. He gave the same attention to the other mound as his free hand finally snaked downwards.

Gaheris teased her with barest brushes of his fingertips over her dampened thong as he stroked the inside of her thigh. He snaked his hand inside the scrap of silk and he smiled against her breast at the discovery of her hairless sex. He teased her, stroking the naked flesh, avoiding the inner folds that hid her sensitive bud. He slid a long finger inside her moistened channel. Gaheris enjoyed immensely the picture of her face as she gasped helplessly.

Her swollen clitoris ached for his touch, but he stimulated her by burying his finger in her willing body. Gaheris probed at her inner walls, stroking and curling. When he brushed a spongy spot deep inside her the sharp cry of pleasure from her lips told him all he needed to know.

Beka opened her eyes as she felt the absence of his touch inside her. He withdrew his finger. "Mhhh," a complained moan from her.

"Mhhh?" He watched her eyes widen as he deliberately licked clean his glistening digit. For Drago's sake, one taste of her arousal and he was lost, addicted. He just wanted to screw her senseless but he'd be damned if he'd let his own teasing at her get the best of him.

"You know you are going to pay for this Gaheris," she groaned as he licked her pink aureoles methodically. Beka felt her core contracting in frustrating anticipation. Gaheris sucked her nipples almost painfully. Her skin burned and her clit begged for his hand and "Ohhh!" Sharply two fingers penetrated her core as his thumb finally glided between her soaked folds of flesh. His thumb sought for her throbbing nub and his hand found a maddening rhythm. Yes, now she really felt the pure lust overwriting her reason. She began to ride wildly his long fingers, looking frantically for release.

"Ah... ah... please!" Gaheris took pity of her breathless plea as her motions became erratic.

"Shhh." His arm wrapped her waist, stilling her body. Gaheris stroked her with increased pressure on her hardened clitoris as his fingers kept his explorations, buried deep in her hot slickness. It was glorious when he felt the constrictions of her body around his hand as she came screaming his name.

She thought she had screamed his name, but it was difficult to hear something over the blood pounding in her ears. The world blurred around her as the wave of her climax shook her body violently. The oxygen finally came back to her lungs and shudder ran throughout her entire frame. As she returned slowly from her foggy minded state she noticed Gaheris cradling her against his chest "Mhhhhhh." A long moan of utter satisfaction.

"Am I that good? Did you forget how to speak?" She felt the smile in his voice. He pulled her top down, covering her upper body in a vain attempt to calm his painful erection.

"You're full of yourself, aren't you?" She moved to rearrange her thong and she felt the hard bulge beneath her hand. "What are we going to do with you?"


"Yes, you and this." She stroked him emphatically.

Gaheris groaned at her teasing. "If you don't aggravate it more I'll take care of that later."

Beka's hand squeezed him through the fabric as her tongue traced from his Adam apple to his lips. She brushed them with her full ones "What kind of lover would I be if I'd let you like a tent? Besides," she concluded as she pulled his red shirt off and discarded it somewhere behind her, "this is about giving and taking and it's time you take some." She grinned deviously.

Gaheris groaned loudly as Beka consumed his chest with eager lips and tongue. At some moment he wasn't aware she had him naked. She continued her travel downwards, finally kneeling between muscled legs. Beka watched lustily his nude form. Man, he was gorgeous! His head was thrown back, leaning over the top of the couch, his jaw tightly clenched and his dark hair messy. His skin, glistening with perspiration, was a soft veil over the hard musculature. Her eyes widened when they rested on his straining erection. It seems that Mr. Museveni has done his homework, she thought. He was nicely proportionate to the size of his body, so he was large and thick. 'A little too much large, man,' she told to herself as she worried her lip. Yet it was the beautiful sight of perfect maleness. Curved upwards almost arrogantly, a thick vein running from the reddened head to the heavy sack of his testicles and the softest line of hair down his navel joining the dark patch of his pubis.

Gaheris opened his eyes when he felt her motionless. Beka was staring at his groin, biting her lip. He didn't complain about her appraisal but it was taking too much time.


"Uh, yes?"

"Is something wrong?"

She finally tore her eyes apart from his lower body "No, everything fine here," Beka replied, trying to sound nonchalant. She gave another brief gaze at her penis and frowned as she spoke, her voice amused. "What kind of freaking monsters are the uber chicks to fit THAT?" she pointed emphatically at him. "Let me inform you that I don't know if I can!"

Gaheris threw back his head as he laughed soundly. The most amazing woman was kneeling in front of his naked body and she was complaining about his size! It took a second to turn his laugh into a sharp groan as she slid his hardened flesh inside her mouth. He couldn't say what was more difficult at that time: breathe or think.

Beka licked with devious calmness the underside of the swollen head as he watched her with eyes of the size of full moons. He was gasping breathlessly.

"It's your first time, isn't it?" He barely nodded. Her mouth engulfed him again in slick inferno, the soft full lips dragging the foreskin over the engorged head on their way up while her hand pumped at the base of his shaft. He just took the overwhelming ecstasy as his entire body tightened with expectation.

Beka felt a rush of pride at her power over him. Gaheris was the perfect erotic picture at this moment, moaning in rapturous agony, his fist tightly closed, fighting against invisible primal needs. Beads of sweat trailed his heaving chest, his hips moving upwards to seek her mouth and his abs tensing and relaxing relentlessly. Beka gently squeezed his balls and his growl encouraged her to forget gentleness and be rougher as her tempo increased with every new motion.

He couldn't stand much more, the need for release was haunting him, pushing him, "Reb..." his gasped warning died in his lips. Stars behind his eyes, and the building tighten of his whole body exploding through his groin, Gaheris came with a wild feral growl as he emptied in her mouth with sharp shuddering jerks.

His warm fluid filled her mouth and she swallowed convulsively as she felt him twitch over her tongue. Beka stroked the hot length of Gaheris with lips and tongue until his body lay spent. She climbed up onto the couch and cuddled besides him, her hand tracing lazily patterns over his heaving wet chest.

Gaheris finally collected himself enough to speak coherently "That has been..." he struggle to find the words.

"Indeed," her reply had a hint of amusement.

The scent of his semen was strong in her. How could he imagine that something as foreign to him as a female taking his seed inside her mouth as he ejaculated and swallowing it would be so damn arousing? Gaheris lifted her chin so he could kiss her deeply. He had still the taste of her arousal, sweet and spicy, fresh in his tongue. It mingled in their mouths with the flavor of his thick and somehow bitter release. He felt her hesitation. He frowned at her.

She stroked his cheek to soothe his face. "It's just, men usually don't like... you know." He arched his eyebrow expectantly. Great, the genetically enhanced intellect was dense at times. "Men don't like to kiss after this."

"I like." He claimed her mouth again as her hands roamed over his chest, playing with his nipples. His shaft hardened again and he growled as he stilled her hands. He stood up and recollected his pants and underwear. He put them on and slid his shirt over his head. Then he sat and pulled Rebecca to him.

"No more touching games Rebecca," he warned pointing at her.

"I was barely grazing you. Surely you don't get all worked up for nothing."

He guided her hand to the ragging bulge of his pants "This is what your 'nothing' is doing to me."

"Ah, that wonderful stamina. Maybe you need more help to get rid of it?" She smiled seductively.

"Yes, I need you to keep your hands quiet." He stroked her cheek softly.

Beka changed the subject, putting aside in her mind the advantages of a nietzschean lover. "Rommie told me that it's going to be Dylan's birthday." She cuddled against him more tightly. "We have been planning a surprise for him." She told him about their plan "Are you in?"

Gaheris sighed deeply. He thought that it would be a failure, not to mention that it would put all of them in unnecessary risk, but she was so excited..."I'm in".

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