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Chapter 10: The unavoidable reality (Part 1)

Gaheris was in a bad mood. He was usually proud of transforming his negative emotions into something useful. But not this time, he thought as he waited for the core of his recent concerns to come. He was not delusional; he knew that Rebecca would need time to recover from her addiction to Flash. He had hoped that she would welcome his help. He should have known better, she was not going to free herself of her useless self punishment so easily.

Beka had done a great job avoiding them the last three weeks. She had changed the access codes of the Eureka Maru and she spent all her free time in her ship. The first week Gaheris had understood her need of isolation. He thought that regret was a wasteful emotion but he had noticed long time ago that humans, oddly enough, sometimes got something positive of it. Clearly it was not the case of Rebecca, and her behavior was affecting her piloting skills too.

It didn't aid his cause that Harper even looked at her. On the other hand Trance was her usual cheery self with Beka. However the purple girl had been vague in her answers as he came to speak with her.

"I'm sorry Gaheris, but Beka doesn't want to listen to me. I'm not the one who can help her. Maybe she needs someone more... assertive," she had added enigmatically.

Then a really pissed off Rhade had got into Machine Shop determined to speak with Beka. As he had thought Harper was there. Usually the young engineer would be working like a bee but actually he was sitting in front of his last gadget with a distracted expression on his face. He was not at the task at hand.


"Damn it! You never make noise, you Uber! You scared the shit out of me."

Usually the annoying human would receive a cuff for calling him Uber but Gaheris resisted the temptation "When are you going to talk to Rebecca?"

"What!?" Harper adopted a defensive pose "I have nothing to talk to her about. Besides when is SHE going to come and tell US 'I'm sorry I screwed it all and I killed Trance and'-" 

Gaheris cut his tirade off; he didn't have the time. Neither did Beka. He gripped him by the back of his neck as he shook him. "If you don't care about her you should about our survival. If something happens because she cannot pilot adequately..."

"Yeah of course, as if you do this only for the survival crap. Ha! You just want to get inside her panties." He yelped as Rhade's grip increased and he growled menacingly. "Okay, I know that was low."

Gaheris let him go as he spoke. "I need you to overwrite the codes of the Maru."

Harper knew that a determined nietzschean was not something to ignore. Besides, he was feeling somehow guilty about Beka. "I can do it."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beka walked to the Maru as soon as her shift was over. She just wanted to get into the sanctuary of her ship to drown in her misery. It was not a new feeling. When her mother had left them she had blamed herself with the insecurity of a six years old girl who didn't understand why her mom didn't love her anymore. When her father had died with his brain fried by the flash she had tormented herself for months, thinking that she could have done something to save him. Now she was drowning in her own shit.

Harper didn't want anything to do with her. Little brother hated her for sure. Trance treated her as if nothing had happened, the one who should hate her the most. Beka had always known that Trance was someone special. Dylan and Rev had respected her isolation. Tyr, well, he was Tyr and she was grateful for it. He was the taskmaster and the one outlet she allowed herself was their combat trainings. He didn't talk except when he corrected her and his eyes never showed pity or hate. Just sometimes something she couldn't read.

She felt exhausted from avoiding Gaheris. He seemed determined to be there for her but her heart ached just thinking about the things she had said to him while she was drugged. She contemplated the incipient relationship they had been developing before the incident as something that she had not the strength to support. One day he would notice that she was not worth it and she would be alone, again. The problem was that Beka didn't feel strong enough to cut it. So at times she wanted to scream at him to leave her alone, she hated to see the compassion for HER in those beautiful eyes. The most time she just wanted to be able to lose herself in his protective embrace.

As she reached her ship she entered in her room to find the subject of her thoughts sitting in her bed. He watched her with a determined expression on his perfect features.

"What are you doing here?"


"Look Gaheris-" she tried to hide the shaking in her voice. "I'm very tired so if you don't mind..." she gestured to the door.

He sighed tiredly as he looked at the floor. When he fixed his deep gaze on her clear eyes she could read the stubbornness. "You are going to make this as difficult as you can, aren't you Rebecca?"

She turned as she faked to order a shelf. "I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about."

"You are avoiding me. Why?" He gritted his teeth. "Am I going to be punished for not being able to help you, for not see what was happening at the time? Is this your way to tell me that I'm not worthy?"

"No!" she came to kneel before him, taking his hands. "This is not your fault. It's me." She got up and turned again as she spoke softly. "I don't think I can do this. We can't be together."

Gaheris felt something cold running across his body. "Why? I thought... I thought we were going to be all right. I need you." A deep rage built inside him. "You are not going to leave me," he growled. He had lost his family, his pride; he was not going to lose her now. He turned her and gripped her arms as he spoke. "If you think you can give me hope and then rip it from me you have another thing coming!"

"What do you want from me, Rhade?" she stared at his chest as she spoke.

"I want you back, the strong independent female, that one who knows what she wants and goes after it. I don't want this pathetic shell."

She gave a sad hollow laugh. "What you see is what I am."

Gaheris gave an exasperated growl, enough was enough. He pulled her to him roughly as he punished her lips with his. He kissed her hard, determined to tear some reaction from her. She stayed in his arms like a broken doll, lifeless and cold. He increased his grip as he forced entrance to her mouth and plundered her deepest recesses. She began to struggle against him, against her own desire. The need for him finally overwhelmed the chaos of her mind as she stopped her fight to accept his full embrace.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


He was determined to rip all the recent pain away from her. He lost no time as he unzipped her vest and threw it to the ground. He expertly undid the bra clasp and he took its place with his hands. His thumbs teased her nipples to hardened peaks as he backed her to the bed. His mouth finally left hers as her back hit the mattress. Her boots, her socks and her pants, he impatiently got rid of them. He took some time sliding the lacy blue thong down her long legs. He found amusing that Beka, a woman who wore all black leather, used such enticing underwear.

Gaheris watched her intently from the edge of the bed. Her body was displayed for him, breast full and crested in pink, waiting to be sucked. As his eyes wandered to the naked flesh of her pubic mound and her sex he wondered briefly if she shaved or if she naturally didn't have hair there. Not that it mattered. It seemed so vulnerable; a rush of possessiveness ran across his tense body, settling in his groin. Hazel eyes fixed in clear ones and male smugness curved his lips in a smile: her expression was uncertain, almost apprehensive and he was going to take his sweet time dominating her. He knew that the old defiant Beka would come back after this night and their relationship would be exciting battle of wills, but this night was his to let her so spent and sated that she would forget her recent misery. Pity he could not allow himself yet to mate her because he would make her scream so loud that all the crew would knew of her pleasure.

He bit back the growl from his chest at the sight of her as he discarded his shirt. He left his pants on as extra security since he didn't trust himself to resist the temptation if they were naked together. He knelt before her and grasped her legs, bringing her to the edge of the bed. Her eyes never left his as her chest rose and fell with anticipation. His large hands glided over her lean body as he leant forward to kiss her tenderly, reminding her that it was not going to be meaningless sex. His lips trailed from her mouth across her pale neck to her welcoming breast. He sucked one nipple as he teased its twin with his hand and she moaned softly.

Gaheris finally reached the apex of her legs and he gave a tentative lick from her opening to the soft mound. He bathed her flesh with his hot tongue, teasing her, avoiding her swollen clitoris. It was the first time he'd ever done such a thing but his hesitation dissolved as he tasted her. She was like a delicacy and he was a starved man. Apparently he didn't need any lessons since his mouth had a will of its own and from the sweet submissive whimpers of Rebecca she agreed.

He nipped gently at her and Beka cried out in surprise. She looked at him and Gaheris gave her a wolfish smile as his finger separated her folds of flesh exposing her clit. He lapped where her erect nub was the most exposed and sensitive. He watched intently at her body wantonly splayed, arching to seek his mouth and her hands curled against her own thighs. She was incredible.

Beka was between agony and pleasure as his hot tongue rasped her most sensible flesh. Her hands couldn't decide between crushing his head between her legs so she could reach the release he so slowly was driving her or staying in the edge of the abyss as he submit her body to the sweet torment. She didn't notice her fingernails clawing at her own thighs as the tension grew in her body, settling a dull throb in her core. Suddenly it was there, washing over her, a tidal wave of intense pleasure. She came screaming as her body shook like a leaf in the wind, her mind empty of thoughts, full of sensations.

A primal rush of victory heated his blood, feeding his erection as Gaheris heard and felt her orgasm. His tongue sank inside her body, lapping her taste and he felt the tremors of her body. For Drago, she was so wet, he would slide so easily inside her body, he would thrust so deep... Gaheris groaned as his thoughts fuelled his aching. He opened his pants and freed his painful erection. He pumped his shaft at the thick base and he let his hand take care of his need as he clamped his mouth around her throbbing clitoris and suckled eagerly.

When Beka came down from the high she felt tremors holding her body. Gaheris was still lapping at her and after the orgasm every rasp of his tongue at her oversensitive flesh was almost painful. Regaining the little force she had she tried to push him away but for response she received a low growl and her right leg was opened wider as his mouth suckled at her flesh. She sobbed uncontrollably as Gaheris forced her tired body to react. Her hands stopped the pushing and she took handfuls of dark hair, crushing his face to her crotch. Her head trashed wildly and her body arched off the bed as she climaxed again, leaving her sated, boneless and even shakier.

As he heard her increasing sobs Gaheris could feel his own release approaching. When she breathlessly cried out her second climax he finally let himself go, his sharp teeth clamping in her pale thigh in carnal possession. His semen spilled over his hand, the bedcover, the floor, he didn't care and he rested his head over her leg, licking the mark she now wore as he recovered his breath. When he finally could think clearly he watched her. She lay spent, still recovering her breath, little tremors running across her slim frame. She finally fell asleep. Gaheris cleaned himself briefly with his shirt and discarded his pants, leaving his underwear on. He joined her at the bed and covered both of them with the sheet. Rebecca sought instinctively his heat and he held her tightly against him.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gaheris woke up from his slumber with something warm, soft and unmistakable female at his side. Her back was against his chest and her scent permeated him. He had his usual morning hard on against her lower back. He smiled contently, gripping her tightly as his hand teased her nipple gently. She moaned softly but her breathing indicated that she was still sleeping.

Reluctantly he left her side. He took a shower and retrieved his clothes from the cleaner. Once properly dressed he sat in front of her, enjoying the calmness her sleeping face brought to him.

Beka slowly awoke from her nap feeling alive again. She stretched lazily as she felt a soft caress along her neck. She opened one eye and found hazel ones watching her as he smiled.


"How do you feel?"

She smiled as she returned the caress "Happy. Spent. Wonderful. But I'd feel better if you would lose that clothes and come here." She patted the bed.

He grinned; as if it had not been difficult enough to wake up with his erection buried in her ass."No, now you will shower, dress and we will go to eat something. Then you'll speak with Harper."

A flash of uncertainty crossed her face. "I don't think..."

"Fine, you don't have to think." She punched his arm "That's what the XO officers are for."

Beka pouted, her eyes glimmering humorously. "If I disobey the XO what is he going to do? Spank me?" He growled playfully.

As she tried to sit up she felt a sharp pain in her inner thigh "Owww!" She pulled the bedcover, unashamed of her nakedness. A nasty bruise with teeth marks was clearly visible against her pale skin. "You bit me!"

"I suppose I got a little carried away." He watched her perplexed expression. "What?"

"So you go down on me and you get all worked up?" She had known men that didn't mind going down on a woman, others did it because they wouldn't get any otherwise but this...

He tried to explain. "I was masturbating..."

"You were what?" Okay, that was weird. "Are you telling me that you got so aroused while you, you know..."

He watched her with an amused face. "Tell me Rebecca, how you think I felt touching your naked flesh, with your taste on my mouth?" he titled his head slightly, "hearing your cries, knowing that it was because of me pleasuring you?" He arched his eyebrows expectantly.

She blushed fiercely. "Um... I think I get the picture." His words were quite a turn on and she was not prepared to tell him that the mental picture of him masturbating had her imagination working.

"Intruder alert. Intruder alert." In a second Gaheris was retrieving his weapon belt and Beka was struggling with her clothes.

"Andromeda, status," Gaheris commanded.

"Intruder, identify yourself. Repeat, identify yourself." Beka and Rhade froze at the coldness in the AI's voice


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


magog, how much he hated them. Repulsive creatures with the sole purpose of spreading like a plague, violating to reproduce. The treaty of Antares had provoked a deep rage within him. Gaheris had been tempted to leave the High Guard after the Commonwealth had made peace with the magog. Only his deep loyalty had prevented it.

They ran across the corridors towards the command, firing to everything that moved. His mind had switched to fighting mode but in some subconscious level he tried to keep Beka out of the danger whenever he could. They left a trail of dead corpses after them, only to find more savages coming. The repugnant smell of decay flesh emanated from the alive beast as much as the dead ones.

He climbed up a ladder and he found Dylan being attacked by a group of magog. He fired at them and as he came to assist the Captain another group launched at him. Gaheris lost his force lance and fought them with bare hands and erect bone blades, cutting chests and slashing throats, his aggressiveness focused in eradicating all of them in the most efficient way. He found a dark satisfaction in the defeated enemies at his feet. He bent down besides Beka, who had been tending Dylan. He was worried at the deep gashes in his Captain shoulder.

"Did they...?" he simply said, bracing for the worst.

"No, no," Dylan grimaced in pain. "Just claws, but it feels deep."

Beka moved him as carefully as she could and Dylan yelled in pain. "They got you in the hip... and the back."

He tried to sit up but fell again "They got me good. I'm gonna..." he panted. "I'm gonna be fine. Go to command, and I'll just... hang out here with my magog buddies."

"That is not an option Captain," Gaheris told him as he helped him.

"It's worse than I thought, poor Dylan you're delusional. Now come on," Beka concluded as they made their way to command.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Tyr watched as the doors began to open, showing a sea of hair and claws. He was going to survive, he was meant to do great things and to die in a three hundred years old ship devoured by magog was not in the list. He had been in worse situation... well no one came to his mind, he thought humorously.

Harper finally woke out of his stupor. He knew he was going to die and oddly enough it gave him some kind of peace of mind. He was going to die defending his life hand to hand with a hardnosed nietzschean. He gripped tightly the dagger that Tyr offered to him.

"Sir," the deep voice of Tyr boomed over the growls of the horde. "Shall we dance, master Harper?"

"You do care," he replied. As they began to fight he realized that it was in vain. "This was a real good idea."

"Where there is life, there is hope!" It was the last thing Harper heard coming from the large nietzschean before the magog rushed over them.

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