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Chapter 15: A new hope?

"But you had not right, it's my baby!" Beka messed her hair angrily as she shouted.

"Watch that tone, you are under my command." Dylan softened the warning with a smile.

"Oh, sure. So why did His Highness the Captain allow them to take my baby? Jacka..." At Dylan's serious glare she blushed, feeling ashamed. "Look, I am sorry. But you should have told me, it is MY ship."

"Beka I would have told you but there was not time, they had to go."

"So, what was it so important that you had to let them take the Maru? At least I deserve some explanation."

Dylan sighed, suddenly feeling the need to unburden some of his secrets. He had yet to talk with them about the conspiracy Admiral Rhade was investigating and it was beginning to weight on him. "It seems that someone has walked down the aisle and has not told us." At Beka's questioning expression he explained, "Tyr has some mates he has forgotten to introduce to us. And one of them needs help now."

"And Gaheris?" she fidgeted nervously.

"Let's say I sent him to help Tyr..."


"... And to watch him."

"I thought you trust him."

Dylan sighed, "I trust Tyr to be Tyr. I don't think he would betray us, but it is not above him to use his position in Andromeda for his purposes."

Beka watched him intently, "is something wrong, Dylan? For some time now you look worried. If you need to talk you know where to find me."

He could not help but smile at her concern; typical of Beka, to try and fix any problem without even knowing it. He would have to share the news with them sooner or later but he was waiting to have more information. "Don't worry. Too many changes in so little time are bound to drive a Captain insane."

She narrowed her blue eyes, "you are hiding something, I am sure." At his silence she gave a cute growl. "Fine, keep your secrets. And..." she pointed at him, "if my baby is hurt..."

"Are we talking about Gaheris here or the Maru?" Dylan could not help but laugh as she left.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


As they travelled through slipstream to reach the new location of Orca pride Tyr and Gaheris prepared several plans to release Freya, some of them including the possibility of the female not coming with them willingly. As nietzscheans they did not consider clever to leave anything to fate; it could be a trap but since Freya had been the one to contact asking for help they thought she would come with them.

Tyr had to give it to the first officer, the male was a brilliant strategist, especially in infiltration. However the intel was limited so they would have to improvise, something both of them loathed. Tyr was piloting the last slipstream to the asteroid field where the pride had settled down when he heard the voice of his fellow nietzschean.

"You know, you would have found her sooner if you had asked for help."

Tyr looked back at Gaheris, who was making the last checks in the weapon's console, "Oh yes, I can imagine Captain Hunt leaving his holy crusade to help me." And the humiliation to explain to this group of people, who were becoming some sort of family for him, that he had left his first wife to be the focus of ridicule and pity.

"Well, we are here, aren't we?" Gaheris said as he kept his eyes on the console, "You should give more credit to Dylan. He is a good man. And very clever. He won't make an enemy of someone who can be an ally."

Tyr kept piloting in silence while he thought about his plans for the future and the possible role of the Commonwealth in them.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Days after departing for Sintii Andromeda received an unexpected guest. "Captain, a small High Guard vessel is hailing us." The image of Andromeda on the screen made a brief pause, "it is Admiral Rhade, requesting permission to come aboard."

"Permission granted, of course. On my way to welcome him. Rodriguez, you have the bridge," Dylan told the lieutenant commander who was acting as first officer in Gaheris' absence. He had a bad feeling about this visit; Rhade would not risk leaving Tarazed in the middle of his investigation unless he had discovered something important.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


After a routine stroll across the ship Dylan and the Admiral got in the Captain's office, where Rhade, as always, took his signal inhibitor from his pocket and activated it. The man was paranoid, but after the last events Dylan could not help but agree with him.

As the Admiral sat in the comfortable armchair Dylan offered him something to drink. At Rhade's negative he sat. "I suppose this is not a leisure visit."

Rhade chuckled deeply. "If only... It's not the best moment for me to leave under false pretenses, there are people following my every movement. But unfortunately this cannot wait and I don't dare to do this in Tarazed. There are people whom I trust, but I cannot be sure if they are being watched too." He fixed a speculative glance on him. "You, however, are in a better position to investigate. They do not consider you a danger, yet."


The nietzschean male made a vague gesture with his hand "Whoever has planned all of this. It has begun, Captain. Officers who suddenly are considered 'problematic' are being transferred to remote positions under restructuring pretext. They have not tried it with me yet but it will happen. And..." Dylan could see the unmasked fury in the other male's face, "there is something more. It seems they are not very fond of nietzscheans."

"Do you think this is just a racial issue?" Dylan found it difficult to believe but obviously something was happening beyond his knowledge. "It could be something isolated, nietzscheans across the galaxy had a notorious bad reputation. And in some cases well earned."

The Admiral's dark eyes flashed dangerously, "Majorum pride has always been loyal to the Commonwealth; throughout generations we have died for it, bleed for it, being used as cannon fodder."  

"I am sorry if..."

Rhade cut him as he sighed deeply, "No. I understand you. Many pay for the sins of a few." He visibly calmed as he spoke, "Do you have a terminal not connected to Andromeda? I must show you something." As Dylan stood to get it the Admiral kept explaining, "I have installed cameras and sensors in my office. Obviously I know I have been watched for months now, but I was hoping someone would make a move. A couple of days ago they did." Dylan saw him frowning as he left the terminal in the table and sat, "It was... It will be better if I just show you."

The Admiral introduced a data crystal in the proper slot of the terminal. A three-dimensional vid popped into life. After some seconds Dylan recognized the room with the big crystal table as the office of the Admiral in Tarazed. The unnatural glow of the image made him think that it had been taken at night with a night vision camera. Suddenly a flash of brilliant light emerged in the center of the room. Where there was nothing suddenly a figure shrouded in black stood.

"What the hell was that?" Dylan saw the figure moving to the terminal in the desk and power it.

Rhade paused the vid, "It accessed my files, reports and orders. Fortunately I do not keep anything related with the conspiracy there." He ran his hand through his dark hair, a habit of the nietzschean Dylan had come to recognize as frustration, "I am not an expert but the readings from the sensors are not conclusive. It is human but... not entirely." He watched Hunt's worried expression, "Captain, we need to know everything we can about this. At the moment we only know that something is using the Commonwealth as a means to an end, but who is doing it and what the purpose might be..."

"Are you sure the vid is not manipulated in some way? Maybe they know you are investigating and this is just a ploy to mislead."

Rhade watched him with a humorous gleam in his hazel eyes, "I am not an expert but that far I know, it was not altered." He took a deep breath, "Do you trust Seamus Harper?"

Dylan's face got deadly serious. "You have to be kiddin' me..."

Rhade cut him with a laugh. "Please Captain, I am not implying that he is connected to this. I was thinking that he could analyze the vid and the data from the sensors. He has some dedicated fans in the Research and Development Department at the High Guard quarters. It seems that he has a brilliant brain to compensate his lack of physical prowess."

"Oh," Dylan colored slightly. He realized that he had a tendency to think the worst of the Admiral. Maybe he had to give him more credit. "Yes, it is a good idea." He laughed, "you look at him and you would never think how complex his mind can be."

"But... Can you trust him to keep it secret? We don't know who may be a spy."

"If we explain him he will."

Rhade sighed, "Well, I suppose that sooner or later more people will become involved in this." He watched Dylan intently. "Does your first officer know?"

Dylan could not help but laugh. "Your first officer? So formal with a man who is basically your twin." He saw a sincere smile lit the face of the Admiral.

"Yes, I suppose you could think that. But we could not be more different" He walked to the wide windows and stood with his hands in his back, feet shoulder apart. "Call him, Captain. If you trust him that is enough for me."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


A light sound and a familiar scent awoke Freya. A scent she had hated, despised... and finally missed. He had left her to be the joke of the pride but he had given her the most precious gift. When she had received his first message, just before the pride left the temporal home they had established in a remote drift, she had told herself to forget him, he was not worthy of even a tear from her. But his persistence had carved a hole in her determination. And when she had made her mind and was going to leave to follow him her pride had learnt the truth.

"Tyr?" A hand closed over her mouth and the face that visited her so often in dreams materialized before her eyes. His mouth was not so far behind it. His taste was as she remembered, potent, masculine, utterly delicious.

"Come, I have a ship waiting for us." He took her hand but she pulled back.

"Wait, we cannot leave yet." At his confused look she explained, "you have a son, Tyr."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


He felt as if all the oxygen in the room had evaporated. A son...

"A son..." he heard himself babbling; it was weird, it felt like he was hearing a strange, as if he was out of his body. "You were ovulating... but... I thought you would have... they..."

"They tried to force me to end it, yes. But I could not. He was mine! And I was not going to kill him because they thought it was aberrant to have the child of a traitor." She gave a humorless laugh, "Until they knew, that's it. Since then I have been a captive. They took him from me and I am not going to leave without him!"

"Where is he?! I will kill them all if they touch a hair of..."

"He is here, Tyr Anasazi, out of Victoria by Barbarossa." Olma, the matriarch of the pride, came inside the room with a bundle in her arms. Several armed guards followed her. "It seems you DNA was even more worthy than I thought."

"I have no desire to destroy your little pride but I will if you force me." He tried to sound cool to mask the fear he felt. Were they going to kill his son to avenge the destruction of their previous home? "Give me the child and we would leave."

"This child will stay here and Orca pride will become the leading pride of our people. He is the hope of the nietzschean race, the one we all have been waiting for so long." The old female made a triumphant pause, "the reincarnation of Drago Museveni."

Tyr felt his blood turn to ice, "you cannot be sure... How can you be sure?"

"We sent his DNA to Enga's Redoubt. It is a hundred percent match..."

"NO, NO NO! YOU BUNCH OF INFERIOR KLUDGES!" He messed his locks as he roared, "How can you be so... stupid does not begin to cover it... FACK!"

"It was necess..."

Tyr cut her with a gesture of his hand as he shot a venom glare to the matriarch, "Did you not stop to think... you clearly did not. From the smallest pride to the Knights of the Genetic Purity, the entire universe will hunt him." He saw the flinch in the face of the female when he mentioned the sect of racists humans. "What?"

"We have received a transmission from our long distance satellites, they are coming. We were getting ready to leave when..."

"Perfect... it is a miracle you are not extinct. GIVE ME MY CHILD!"

Olma retreated as the guards pointed their weapons at him "No, if you want this child you will help us to escape."

"Woman, do not try my patient..."

"Help us or he will die with us here and the history will remember you as the traitor responsible for his death." As she spoke alerts blared to life. It was the distraction Tyr was waiting for. He leaped on the closest guard and cut his throat before he could react. As he threw two shurikens to his left he heard the sound of fight as Freya buried a knife in the heart of another one. He held a broad male in a choke hold while Freya shot the two guards left. Finally he broke the neck of the last one with a roar.

He prowled to the corner where a white faced Olma was hiding, "You may give my son to Freya and come with us, AND live. Or you can try to keep me from him, AND die. What is it going to be?"


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


They did not find more resistance as they ran. The murder of the Alpha, Guderian, just before he went to search for Freya, had the desired effect: confusion. And with the enemy's ships closing in there was no one to stop them. When they reached the Maru they felt the first impact. With the five ships of the Genites busy engaging the pride's fighters they managed to escape until three of the vessels changed course to follow them.

As they reached a safe distance Tyr pressed the detonator. A huge explosion ripped the main asteroid and several smaller detonations destroyed the ones around it. The deflagration took the two ships closer to the colony. The three left kept pursuing them.

"We said we were going to use the charges to threaten them. Was it necessary to do it?" Gaheris hollered above the sound of the blast as he piloted expertly among the asteroids avoiding the shots from the Genites' vessels.

"Believe me, it was."

"There were children there, you bastard! The whole pride..."

Tyr watched the old woman intently as he replied, "would you prefer it to be us? We got rid of two ships. That way maybe we will reach Andromeda before they blow us to hell. You know what the stakes are. You tell me." The dark male stood expectantly.

The matriarch's shoulder sagged in defeat as she accepted his answer and nodded.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Dylan was listening to Lieutenant Rodriguez daily report when all the hell unleashed.

"Captain we are receiving a distress signal." Andromeda's image made a short pause, "it's the Maru, they are under attack. It has sustained heavy damage. Audio only."

After some static they heard the voice of Gaheris, "Andromeda Ascendant, this is the Maru. We are under attack, requesting assistance. We will not hold up..." Sounds of the shots filtered throughout the audio system, "... long."

"Three large ships are pursuing them. Destroyers..." the hologram narrowed her eyes, "From the design they belong to the Knights of the Genetic Purity."

"Come on, not that freaks!" Beka was already maneuvering toward the Maru.

"Battle stations! Beka, put us between the Maru and the destroyers. Andromeda, open the Hanger Bay One and prepare the bucky cables."

The Maru took another shot and began to spin aimlessly as they got closer. Beka managed to dodge the small ship and launched the cables. They reached the hull of the ship and brought it to safety in Hanger Bay One. The Maru was usually housed in Shuttle Bay Two, but in an emergency landing the Hanger bay provided more space.

"They are holding fire, Captain."

"Hail them," As the hologram of Andromeda nodded Dylan spoke. "This is the New Systems Commonwealth warship Andromeda Ascendant, you are attacking an allied vessel. We have not issues with you but if you do not cease fire we will be forced to return it."

The image of a blonde man with a white uniform materialized in the main screen, "we have not any issue with you either, Captain Hunt. Your fame precedes you. However," his lip curled with disdain, "another thing is the ship you are currently protecting. Give us their current crew and we will leave in peace."

Dylan showed his teeth in something that no one would mistake for a smile as he answered with his best diplomatic manners, "I am afraid that is not possible, Captain..." the other man remained silent, "whoever you are. They are under my protection."

"Captain Hunt, you do not realize the gravity of the situation. That ship carries the reincarnation of Drago Museveni. That aberration must be destroyed just like the rest of the nietzschean race."

Dylan masked the shock he felt, "I have no idea what are you talking about, but the answer is still NO. End transmission. I hate these assholes."

"They are preparing to fire, Captain."

"Let's not give them opportunity, Beka bring us closer to them. Shine, as soon as we are in front of their noses fire at will." He nodded to the than lieutenant. Usually Dylan would try to find a peaceful solution but he had never had patience for the kind of people who tried to justified genocide.

Beka bit her lip as she piloted, "Risky risky. If we destroy them so close..."

"The new shield was installed before we left Tarazed. Let's hope it will be enough."

The enemy did not see it coming and the first ship was destroyed with minimum damage for Andromeda but after that it received a salvo of missiles. The shook launched them across the bridge except for Beka, who brought them behind one of the remaining destroyers.

"The new shield is down, heavy damage in Decks Four to Ten, minor damage in another twenty decks."

"Let's finish this. Shine, fire the Antiproton cannons upon the closest one."

"Aye Captain." The green fingers of the officer flew upon her console and the destroyer blow up to pieces as Beka piloted to get them out of the way of the deflagration. Suddenly the lights went down and the red emergency ones came to life.

Rommie came running from the corridor. "The generator is damaged, we have the auxiliary power but under attack it won't last long. It seems the new shield consume more energy than we thought."

"The slipstream?" If they could escape and reach another Commonwealth vessel...

"Not with this damage and the power almost depleted, Captain."

Dylan shook his head "Great, we are screwed. So..."

"Captain, another ship exited slipstream," Rodriguez' green eyes widened with surprise, "it's nietzschean. No marks from any pride."

They saw in amazement how the nietzschean engaged with the other ship, launching missiles against the damaged zones until the last Genites' vessel exploded.

"What the... Hail them!"

Just as Rommie was following his orders they saw the nietzschean ship jumping to slipstream, leaving them among the debris of the battle.

"You have to be kiddin' me..."  


Author's Note: Well, I wanted to add a reflexion of Beka about Gaheris and his life before the Fall and Dylan talking with them about the conspiracy and Tammerlane but it was going to be too long, so I decided to leave it for another chapter. Remember, THIS IS STORY IS NOT FINISHED YET.

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