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Chapter 3: Goodbye

Dylan had sent the message to Sarah through the black hole. It was supposed to be a goodbye, a kind of 'look to the future' attitude but he felt as if his heart had been ripped to pieces. He got to Command, trying to mask the emptiness that his feelings mirrored over his face.

Harper turned looking at him nervously "Uh Dylan. We got something freaky going on here."

"I'm afraid to ask." He had no patience at this moment for unreadable scientific trivialities.

"It's all very exciting. We seem to be receiving a signal from the black hole." Hohne spoke, his perseid blue features taunt with emotion.

Dylan's head jerked up. "That's impossible. Nothing comes out of a singularity."

Harper smiled weakly. "You want impossible? Listen to this."

Dylan looked in astonishment at the image of Sara, HIS Sara, on the screen. "Dylan, I'm receiving your message. What's your status? Can you hear me? Dylan I'm receiving your message. What's your status? Can you..." The image fuzzed out. Dylan stayed, his eyes glued to the screen. Then he reacted.

"Sara!" He faced Harper, "You get that signal back! Get it back right now!"


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"It's good to see you again, Khalid." Rhade watched his nietzschean friend. He was on command while Dylan was in his office talking to Sara. He would've liked to speak in private as well but he had to stay in command. Besides, the communication link between the Andromeda and the Starry Wisdom could break easily.

"It's good to see you too, Rhade. When we didn't find you among the survivors, we thought you would be dead... or worse." Ismael Khalid sighed.

"I suppose when you say worse, you mean 'traitor'." Gaheris answered, his jaw clenched. He didn't like that anyone made such an insinuation, especially in front of Tyr and Rebecca. "Well, I assure you I'm not a traitor."

"I know." Khalid sighed again "But there are so many people we both know that we never imagined could be traitors."

"What about our pride?" Rhade asked.

"It's loyal to the Commonwealth. One of few."

"Do you have some news about my family?" He felt a lump in his throat.

Khalid smiled "The last time I saw them they were fine. Your wives and children are with your fathers. Ana gave birth to a girl and Maria will do too soon. A boy."

Gaheris felt the pride flooding him and he smiled. "Ismael, watch over them please. I know I can trust you with my life."

A shadow of sadness crossed Khalid's face. He knew it was impossible to see Rhade again but he would care for his family as if it was his. "I will, I promise. Goodbye Gaheris."

"Goodbye Ismael." Rhade stood there looking at the empty screen. He didn't tell Khalid that he missed his family, that the thing he wanted most at this moment was to hold his new daughter and see his new son when he would be born. But he had seen in the eyes of his friend that he'd understood it all.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beka's mind repeated the conversation between Gaheris and the nietzschean officer of the Starry Wisdom. 'Wives' she thought 'wives and children...'

Sometimes she forgot that Gaheris was nietzschean.

If there was someone who she saw as the typical nietzschean it was Tyr. However Tyr didn't have any wives, at least that she knew of. On the other hand Gaheris, who was more talkative and approachable than Tyr, had wives and children! She couldn't say why suddenly the word "wives" irritated her so much.

She watched him briefly. He was working on his console as if nothing concerned him but his body was tense and his jaw clenched. He gazed at her and she saw the sadness in his eyes before he turned to his work again. Beka felt the impulse to hold him and comfort him. She shook her head as she brought her attention back to her duty.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Later Tyr was in his room watching the computer. After what he had heard on Command and seeing the archives about Rhade, he began to understand his attitude when he supported Dylan at Witchhead. If there was something Tyr understood, it was loyalty to the pride and the family.

Majorum pride, Gaheris' pride, had been the most loyal nietzschean ally of the Commonwealth, one of the few that stayed with the Commonwealth when the war began. After the war it had seemed that the pride had disappeared.

The family of Rhade was powerful and esteemed in the pride. Gaheris had five wives and twelve children, probably fourteen if the news were true. Somehow he and Gaheris had something in common: both had lost their pride and family. Maybe he could be an ally after all.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gaheris lay on his bed thinking how cruel the universe could be. He had watched how the hopes of Dylan of being with Sara vanished. Finally Harper had brought his friend back to the Andromeda. The conversation with Khalid and Dylan's face when he had said goodbye to Sara had made Gaheris understand better what Dylan had told him about love so many times.

Now he thought of his family and realized he missed his first wife, Maria, more than the others. He remembered how hard it had been to win her. She didn't want just a man with good DNA, she wanted a man who knew her, who proved himself worthy of the titles of husband and father. She was strong, confident and very stubborn. 'Like Rebecca.' he thought.

He had to tell them goodbye too and face the future.

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