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Chapter 2: Confusion and guilt

"Do you trust them, Dylan?"

"I'm trying." Dylan answered, watching the Go board carefully. Since the time he had caught Gaheris cheating, his eyes were glued to the table when they played.

"It's funny, Rev Bem is a magog and Trance is... I don't know what she is, but they both seem trustworthy. And Harper is brilliant, I mean, the work he did with Rommie was amazing." He saw Gaheris smirk "What?"

"I bet you think Rommie is more than amazing." Rhade laughed "When she came to Command your face was priceless!"

"She was naked!"

"She is a warship, Dylan."

Dylan arched his eyebrows "Of course your enhanced nietzschean eyes didn't notice that she has a beautiful body." Dylan blushed slightly as he said this.

"I agree that Harper has made Andromeda's avatar very realistic." Gaheris absentmindedly answered, "but I need more to be aroused by a female."

"Oh, I forget the bone blades." Dylan grinned sarcastically.

"I didn't mean that. There are things more important for a nietzschean male to make a female appealing: the scent, the..."

"Hey hey, no more please." Dylan interrupted. Gaheris smiled. It was amusing how his friend felt embarrassed when the conversation turned to sex.

"What about Tyr? Do you trust him?" Rhade asked.

"And you, Gaheris? Do you trust him?"

Now Gaheris' face was as cool as ice "Never trust a nietzschean."

"You are nietzschean Rhade."

"I'm also High Guard, never forget that, Captain. And Captain Valentine?"

"What about her?" Dylan could swear his friend had more than a mere professional concern. "What do you think about her Gaheris?"

He arched an eyebrow suggestively "She is an interesting woman."

Dylan smiled "So you do see her as a woman."

"It's difficult not seeing her as a woman." Gaheris answered as a matter of fact.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beka was in pilot's chair, wondering why she deserved her destiny. She had that shift with Tyr and Rhade and between those two men, her mind was everywhere but in her duties.

Actually she was watching the bronze living sculpture that was Tyr intently, her eyes scanning every inch of muscle through the chains of his shirt. How could she concentrate with a half naked man who screamed 'sex' throughout his skin?

Then her eyes and mind wandered towards Gaheris. It was as if Rhade had born with that uniform over him. Her daydream was running wilder as she thought that he wore too many clothes. If she had him at her mercy... a brief image of him, naked on her bed crossed her mind. She shook her head. She had seen Rhade in the Gym with a tight T-shirt branding his wonderful chest. She could do indescribable things on those pecs. Then there were those arms. Beka usually was the dominant in her sexual relationships but she easily imagined those strong powerful arms subduing her. And that perfect butt, muscled and hard when he would be burying himself in her willing body. Suddenly Beka was very aware of the warm wetness between her legs, dampening her pants. Then Rhade turned his head and his eyes bore into her, a smile of satisfaction spreading on his lips.

'Damn', she avoided his gaze. With the corner of her eye she saw he was working again at his console. Her eyes again ran over him. He had this strong dark hair, a girl could grab it in the edge of pleasure...

Rhade was smiling to himself. He had longed for the scent of an aroused female and now that scent had hit his senses with the force of a tidal wave. It was surprisingly pleasant and arousing to know that it was for him. It wasn't hard to notice her glances towards him.

Tyr was checking the weapons when he became aware of a very well known smell. It could only come from her. He felt a wave of rage when he watched her devouring the other nietzschean with her gaze.

"Beka!" he roared.

Beka awaked abruptly of her daydream "What!?"

"I suggest you pay more attention to your job. I don't want you jeopardizing our survival because you are distracted." Then he looked at Rhade, furious "And as First Officer you should watch her."

"I don't think our survival is compromised but it's true you are... distracted." His eyes met hers playfully. "I agree with Tyr, I'll watch you... carefully." His shift was over so he got out leaving behind him a furious Tyr and a blushing Beka.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


It was the right thing to do, Gaheris knew it. In minutes they would destroy one thousand nietzschean ships. They had to do it, for History, for the Future. However it didn't alleviate the guilt he felt. Somehow his heart didn't hear the logic of his mind. He thought he hated his own race but it was still his race.

Tyr's voice broke his solitude. "My people have a legend about the Battle of Witchhead. They say that the nietzschean forces arrived here with overwhelming numbers. Their victory seemed assured but then, in the critical hour, the Angel of Death appeared summoning forth the fires of hell. The nietzschean fleet was struck down, crippled, their glorious victory turned to ashes."

From that moment Gaheris felt the time passing like a blurred nightmare. He heard Dylan giving the order and he closed his eyes. A brilliant flash of death crossed his lids and the voice of thousands nietzscheans screamed through his veins.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"You are the last person on this ship I expected to be so calm." Tyr's voice was full of venom. Gaheris just stared out the window in Obs.

"How does it feel to be the most despicable traitor to your blood?" That made Rhade snap.

"Traitor?" he turned to face Tyr "Allow me to tell you a couple things about our people. We were a great race, our destiny was to reach perfection but WE screwed up everything when we betrayed the Commonwealth. And for what? Now we are a group of prides too busy destroying ourselves." Their faces were now inches apart. "You have never known the true nietzschean race."

Tyr's eyes were burning with cold fury as he stormed out. Rhade turned again to watch the stars. He couldn't blame Tyr, he had not known the Commonwealth and the nietzscheans before the Great Darkness. His pride had been annihilated by the Drago-Katsov pride and he was searching for revenge. Tyr was furiously nietzschean, at least what he thought it was to be nietzschean. However they came from different times and that concept was not the same for Gaheris.

Her scent broke his reflections. Then he heard her footsteps in the corridor towards him.


She stood next to him, staring out into space "I just wanted to know how you were doing." He didn't answer, instead breathed deeply, allowing her presence to calm him like a balm on a wound. She misinterpreted his lack of communication, "I understand, you want to be alone." She turned to leave but his hand on her arm stopped her.

"Please stay." He took her hand in his. "Your presence comforts me. There are so many things I need to say..."

"About?" she felt the warmth of his hand as he caressed her palm. She was aware of the strong reaction of her body to that mere brush, her heart pounding in her chest, her breath caught in her throat. His hands felt so good, so gentle and yet so strong.

"About my people, about me..." 'About you' he heard a tiny voice in his mind. He gazed at her intently, his eyes two pools of warmth. "Another day." He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it softly.

Beka stayed stunned as he left the room, the feeling of his lips spreading over all her skin.

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