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Chapter 11: The unavoidable reality (Part 2)

Watching the vastness of the space from his office Dylan Hunt reflected over the recent events. Harper, Tyr and Rev Bem had been rescued from the magog world ship, their new discovered horror; the magog had always been a threat but they had never known that it could take such huge proportions. Dylan sighed tiredly as he thought about how the existence of this 'god' of the magog could affect to Rev and his vision of the universe. Tyr had barely recovered from the surgery required to remove the larvae from his body but Trance had not be able to make the same for Harper and the young engineer was now taking a drug to maintain them in stasis. Despite his forced optimism Dylan felt they had condemned him to a slower death.

Finally in the middle of Harper's depression a ray of hope had come; Andromeda had informed Dylan that he and Beka had been talking. The stubborn AI didn't give him more information considering the conversation under privacy protocols but from the good improvement of Harper's mood Dylan imagined that they had worked out their problems.

The beep of his door broke his thoughts and he sat in the chair behind his desk. He hated this; not only he did not have a proper High Guard crew but the person who should be his support with his new and 'independent' one was making it difficult. He told Andromeda to let him in as he braced himself to adopt his hardest pose.

Gaheris strode in the room and stood, feet shoulder apart as he watched purposefully a spot over his Captain's head "Sir," he simply acknowledged.

Dylan took in his XO defiant stance veiled under the cool pose of military professionalism. Rhade excelled at being the hard proper High Guard, he remembered him barking orders, allowing him to be the diplomatic side of the command. At that moment he wanted his officer wouldn't be so good at it. "I imagine you know why you are here."

"I imagine, sir."

"Your actions bordered in insubordination," Dylan informed him coolly and he watched the nietzschean jaw tightening. Not so imperturbable.

"Permission to speak freely."

"Permission denied," Dylan continued. "This universe, this time can be chaotic but inside MY ship the High Guard still exist and I expect my officers to comply with my orders." He paused as he watched the tense man before him. "I gave you one order: to deploy the Nova bomb against the world ship and get out of there if we didn't come back in 2 hours. So now you can explain me why you waited 6 hours."

"I could not..."

"Damn it Gaheris, this is more important than all of us!" He felt suddenly very tired being the harsh Captain with his best friend. In the past they only had minor disagreements. "We have been ripped of our time, we have lost everything but we have to give some meaning to all this madness."

"Sir, I hardly consider it possible to achieve our mission to restore the Commonwealth if the crew was so drastically reduced," Gaheris replied blankly.

"I find hard to believe that you were only thinking in our mission." Finally his XO's gaze fixed in his. He could read that fierce protectiveness that he saw little times in a nietzschean. "You have to separate your personal feelings for Beka from your duty. Understood?"

Gaheris raised his eyebrows in surprise, not believing he was going to escape with such a ridiculous warning. "Yes sir."


As the door closed the hologram of Andromeda popped before Dylan. "That is all? If you allow your ship an opinion you have been too soft." 

He smiled slightly. "Maybe, but he still has to speak with Beka."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


As soon as Gaheris found Beka, she shot him the metaphoric daggers with her beautiful eyes before she walked away purposefully with the nietzschean at her heels.


"Don't Rebecca me!"


"Go to Hell!"

"Let me explain." He took her arm. The punch almost got his head off his body. She strode inside Hydroponics, massaging her swollen knuckles.

Gaheris touched his jaw, his pride more hurt than it. Fine, if she was going to be stubborn he was not going to be gentle. In a heartbeat he was over her. He turned her, gripping her arms tightly. "Now listen to me, woman." He took a deep breath as he watched her angry expression. How could he tell her that for a nietzschean male his family was more important than his own survival? That she was becoming his family even when they had not mated yet? This was a battle he was going to lose; a deep sigh, it was not easy to admit defeat. "I'm sorry."

She furrowed her eyebrows. "Excuse me? Are you... apologizing?" She took a step away cautiously, maybe it was some distraction tactic to try to snap her neck for hitting him.

"I think the rescue had minimal possibility of success but... I was insensible with your feelings to your friends and I apologize for that." He was not going to apologize for insisting on her staying on the Andromeda in said rescue. It had been the worst hours in his life, waiting for them to return alive, ignoring Andromeda and its reminders of Dylan's orders and wondering if he would finally have the willpower to deploy the Nova not knowing if Rebecca would be still alive on the world ship.

Beka watched him suspiciously as he displayed his most innocent face. Yet with a nietzschean one never knows. But his hazel eyes were so beautiful when he watched her and he was taking her hand so tenderly... and his lips were so inviting while he was kissing her. She was forgetting the previous argument as she was more absorbed by the kiss. Gaheris invaded her moist cavern, sliding his tongue around hers in an erotic dance. Nipping at her lips playfully; his arms captured her slight body prisoner flush against his hard one. Divine how she needed this, how she needed him.

Gaheris ravished her mouth as he felt internally alleviated that he could get out of this with only a punch and his pride slightly hurt. As the kiss turned heated he began to be concerned. The woman was aroused and he was hard like a rock. Her adrenaline levels were off the charts, her hearth pace was quickly picking up and her breath was heavy. By Drago, she felt so good in his arms, so his and his erection was throbbing so painfully... if he just let it go...

All the stress of the flash incident, the last battle against the magog, the Abyss... Beka had always moved for impulses and now they were screaming sex and Gaheris in her head out and loud. She struggled briefly from his grip as she discarded her top; her breast sprang free. Her boots and pants touched the floor at top speed and she was with her hands in his belt when he finally recovered from his initial shock and stopped her.

"Rebecca, no." This was killing him. "Not now, not like this." He was now breathing heavily, trying to regain some sanity. Damn it! Now he just watched her, waiting for her outburst.

She stared at him for a second before she spoke as she pulled eagerly at his belt. "Right... yeah... I forgot it... Andromeda, engage privacy mode." She felt again his hands griping hers and she blinked at him in confusion.

Gaheris held her as he realized that he should unveil some truth if he didn't want to lose her. "Beka, I want you but I can't mate with you yet."

Her eyes widened even more as she pushed him away. Her mind began to work her own conclusions. "Of course, in the end you only have sex with well bred Uber chicks, kludges just for safe entertainment." She had never felt so humiliated, naked and willing and... to the hell with him! She retrieved her clothes and she was fully dressed and turning to the exit when she was pulled against him.

"Do you have some trust in me?!" he spoke tiredly; the woman was infuriating. "Do you think that it's easy for me all of this?  If I followed my way you would be my wife but I'm trying to respect your culture." He breathed deeply. "Believe me, nothing would make me happier than take you now but that would put you in a place that you would not be ready to accept yet. Please." Gaheris watched her intently. "I cannot bare my entire soul but trust me, I need more time before we go there."

Oh man, he was telling the truth, Beka could see it in those soulful eyes. She couldn't remember the last man that she could have trust. She took his face in her hands, reflecting in her clear eyes her feelings. "I believe you." She kissed him tenderly.

Gaheris relaxed in her kiss. He was safe for now but he knew that Beka's patience was thin and he couldn't delay what his body was craving for much more time.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beka walked throughout the gardens of the drift. Her plan required playing the cat and mouse with Leydon Bryce Hawkins; she knew that flirting would be necessary and some light kissing if she wanted to obtain some DNA from him so she had prepared carefully; the dress felt good on her. The only problem had been certain nietzschean XO who had been growling and objecting about the matter. Fortunately Dylan had spoken with him but his face would have scared other person less spirited than Beka.

Tyr flexed the muscles of his back as he waited. As much flowers and plants that Pier Point could provide in its gardens they didn't cover the stuffy smelt of the drift. He still remembered the true fragrance of the forest of Kodiak home world, when he was a child. He put the nostalgia in the back of his mind as he focused in the Hegemony's Heart. He had his own plan about it but he was watching closely the so called operation of Beka. The woman in question came to him in a stunning dress.

Her blue gaze searched for some clue in his dark eyes. "Tyr, I didn't know you liked gardens."

The dark nietzschean watched her body with unashamed interest as he answered. "New work clothes. This is all very, um, good. Increased ease of movement, ECM grid woven in, I suppose." He titled his head as he smiled. "No place for a sidearm, but I imagine you could bludgeon someone to death with that purse."

She blushed slightly. "Jealous?"

"Of a backwater night watchman?" Tyr snorted as he grinned. He couldn't be jealous of an inferior male of a backwater drift. Another matter was his fellow nietzschean, who certainly was watching them from a safe distance. He was quite sure that Beka didn't know it but he knew; if he would be in Gaheris' skin he would be doing exactly that.

"Of what could be the crime of the century. It's not too late to join in, you know." She gazed at him somewhat flirtatiously.

He smiled amused. "I have methods of my own."

She mocked a pout. "Hmmph. Your loss."

The 'cop' approached as he eyed between them, feeling like an intruder in a private conversation. "Hi. Am I interrupting something?"

Beka smiled at him brightly as she took his arm. "Not at all." She shot Tyr a last 'your loss' glance as she walked throughout the gardens with Leydon.

"What was that all about?" he hadn't liked the attitude of the Uber.

"Oh, you know nietzschean males - always marking territory. You've gotta be careful, or he sprays the trees."

"Not on my watch." He guided her through the vegetation.

Tyr watched them as they got lost between the trees. "They are gone." He heard Gaheris emerging from his hidden position behind him. He turned to face him. He didn't show surprise at seeing Rhade in civilian clothes, it was the logical choice if he wanted to go unnoticed; Black leather pants, white tank top and leather jacket with slits in the forearms to allow him to snap the bone blades ready if necessary.

Tyr sat on a bench as he studied the other male's darkened face. "The first time I saw you I thought you were inferior." Gaheris head turned so abruptly that his neck almost snapped. Tyr smiled; fine, he had his attention. "You allowed a human to be your superior in rank, you supported him in the murder of thousand of your kind... but from time to time you show your true nature." He fixed his dark gaze in the enraged face of his crewmate. "You are a nietzschean Alpha, Rhade, no matter how long you have lived among humans and 'absorbed' his foolish points of view. Why are you allowing your female to wander with that human male?" He raised his hand. "I know that they say it's for show but the true fact is that he will touch her." He let his words sink.

Gaheris just stared at Tyr, his fists tightly closed. He was trying to control his temper because he just wanted to tear the damn drift apart. He trusted in Beka, he really did but under Tyr words the whole situation took a new meaning, the one he had been burying in the back of his mind since Dylan had ordered him not to mess with Beka's plan.

"You have not mated yet." Tyr was watching him now with a blank expression.

"What makes you think that?"

The dark male laughed lightly. "If you would have mated with Beka you'd make sure that I noticed." He would do the same in his position.

"You can't understand. I can't force her into something..." Gaheris hesitated. "If we mate there is no way back, no second chances. She is human, she doesn't know of our ways."

Tyr was beginning to see the other male's problem. It was the perfect opportunity; some chosen words and he could destroy the relationship. He couldn't allow himself to have Beka for him but at least neither Gaheris would. But as he saw the troubled expression of the other nietzschean he felt sympathy for him. In the back of his mind he chastised himself; what would come next, forgiving the life of his enemies? So he found himself speaking instead of discouraging. "You think that if you mate with her then you won't let her go." He chuckled as he smiled. "Well I have to agree that she is stubborn, I don't know if I see her with a helix in her arm." He laughed as he spoke. "And you think you can refrain your instincts if you don't mate with her! This is priceless!"

Tyr finally got serious. "You forget something again: you are nietzschean. Tell me one thing; what would you do if Beka came back from her little trip and you could smell in her that the 'cop' had taken her?" He watched the sudden focused fury in Gaheris' features. "I see we both know." Tyr left him as Gaheris clenched his teeth, his face a mask of intense rage.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


He had been looking at the ceiling of his room for what it seemed years. Lay down in his bed, thinking about his conversation with Tyr. It was funny how a revelation could come to you. 

He had always been a calm, collected man; he had always prided himself of rationalize and maintain his coolness. Maybe this possessiveness, this jealousy had been hidden in him, waiting to be awaken...  or needed?

What would he do to Hawkins if he would dare to take Rebecca? He was surprised of the security and absence of guilt as the answer to that question came to him. He knew the perfect knock at the back of the neck to fake a mortal accident falling throughout a stair. The Argosy Ops training had taught him how to make the false evidences. Of course Dylan would suspect of him but he could never prove it.

Anasazi was right. What he was waiting for? If another man would touch Beka he would kill him and they had not mate yet. She was his, mate or not, so this stupid self imposed starvation had no sense! He stood up and strode out purposefully.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beka walked towards her rooms in Andromeda with her high heeled shoes in her hands. She had to give him, Hawkins was charming, attractive but she had had enough faked flirting for one night. Fortunately she had got the DNA sample from a peck on her check. Even when the flirt with Hawkins had been for show she had felt somehow guilty thinking about Gaheris.

She entered in her room sighing contently as her feet rested in the carpet. She squealed as stealthy arms embraced her from behind. She relaxed as she felt the presence of Rhade, coaxing her to turn around to face him.

"What the hell were you thinking? I almost had a heart attack!" A pair of lips cut other words as he kissed her persuasively, his tongue sliding inside her mouth and tangling erotically with hers. He left his mouth to nuzzle her jaw and then tensed as a low but unpleasant growl came from somewhere deep inside his chest. She looked up at his face and she couldn't quite read what she saw. It made her shiver.

He realized he had to control his instinctual responses, he had scared her. Probably she was unaware but she had the scent of the 'cop' over her. He was sure he hadn't even kissed her mouth, but he had touched her skin, and mating with the smell of another male over his female was not going to improve his mood. He smiled at her. "Shower." He pulled her to the bathroom.

"Wha... What happen to..."

"Don't argue, please." He slid the dress from her body, leaving her only with a lacy black thong. He knelt to remove it as he kissed her bare mound. He turned the water to a warm temperature as he coaxed her under the spray.

Beka stayed under the water feeling a little uneasy. What was he planning? Before she could think of some hypothesis he joined her, his naked frame dominating her. Her nervousness grew as she realized they had never been naked together, he had always been very cautious about it. Was it that they were finally going to do it? Great, now she felt like a teenager!

Gaheris positioned himself at her back as he freed her hair, soaking the long golden tresses. He poured some shampoo at his hand and massaged her scalp, watching as she leaned in his touch, her eyes blissfully closed.

Beka sighed, if he wanted to play the maiden she was not going to complain; it was more than pleasant, the way he massaged and caressed her hair. She reclined her body against him and felt something hard pressing against her ass. Was that his force lance? She giggled.

"What?" he looked at her over her shoulder.

She moved provocatively against him. "Your force lance," she answered without opening her eyes. "You forgot to drop it."

He growled mockingly as he slapped her ass. She moaned and Gaheris obliged himself to concentrate in his task, the woman was dangerously close to make him lose all control. He pushed her gently under the water to clean the lather from her hair. He took then soap and lathered his hands; he was not going to use a sponge and lose the opportunity to explore her body.

Beka felt him knelt behind her and he began to soap her legs. He coaxed first one foot then the other, taking great care in cleaning every toe as she held on the wall. He proceed to her thighs and she spread them a little as he approached to the apex of her legs but he let the place untouched; she thought she even had heard a low chuckle.

Gaheris stood up as he caressed her ass, spreading her cheeks with his soapy hands. He felt her tensing but he kissed her shoulder reassuringly as he just washed her tender flesh with his thumbs, taking a content moan from her. His hands slid up her back, strong fingers leaving her body in a state of relaxed awareness. He continued his travel across her arms, and then he was caressing her stomach; by the Divine he had reached her breasts, teasing her nipples with his thumbs, the slickness of his fingertips offering a whole new world of sensations sparking throughout her body. Her face tensed, eyes tightly closed and her mouth opened as his right hand wandered down to tease between her legs. His fingers moved to collect the wetness pooled at her opening, then circled her clitoris slowly, teasingly. Her legs began to shake as she panted.

Gaheris watched Rebecca's face over her shoulder. It had not been his intention to make anything in the shower but he had underestimated his own eagerness; he watched her, blindly looking for his arms and wrapping her hands on his forearms, her slim fingers between his erect bone blades. He grunted as he pressed her lower body against him, punishing her backside with his painful erection. He didn't want their first time to be against a wall in the shower. He disengaged his arms from her grip as he put them both under the spray to wash away the soap; then he turned off the water, coaxing her out of the cubicle.

"What happen now?" She was getting angry; he was playing with her or what?

"Shh, trust me," he soothed her as he dried her and himself. He could see she was not buying it.

"Don't shush me Rhade, I wanna..." she yelped as he brought her to him and kissed the words off her. Strong arms embraced her and suddenly her feet were not touching the floor and he was moving them to the bedroom. Her body bounced over the mattress covered by his hard one. He coaxed her mouth to open with his tongue and teeth. She invited him and he didn't take prisoners, invading her mouth, tangling his tongue with hers as his hands coaxed her thighs to open.

He left her mouth and Beka gasped as Gaheris watched her with one of his small smiles "What!?" she asked breathlessly; he didn't bother to answer, instead he nuzzled her neck before he slid down her body to give one of her nipples a gentle bit. She caressed his impressive shoulders, enjoying the warm musculature. As he reached the apex between her legs he looked up at her again; his smile was making her nervous "If this is a teasing..." other words were lost in a gasp when he sucked at her mound, marking her. Lust ran across her body with the realization that she was going to have a hickey 'there'. She clawed at his shoulders as she moaned.

Gaheris released the pressure to watch briefly his mark. The scent of her arousal had been assaulting his sharp senses and he lost no more time, his hot tongue delving between the soaked folds of flesh, finding easily the throbbing nub and suckling it with a steady rhythm. She seemed unaware of her cries and the grip at his hair as she crushed his face to her body; he didn't care, her taste was glorious. Her body suddenly tensed, then shook while she sobbed and he knew she was coming.

Beka felt his body climbing up hers as she recovered her breath. She opened her eyes to find his hazel ones fixed in hers as she felt his hardness probing at her opening. She gasped in slight discomfort as her flesh gave way to his throbbing maleness until their bodies were pressed together. A low rumble erupted from his chest as he kissed her; she could taste herself in his mouth as the last shreds of pain faded. She felt Gaheris pulling out until only the head of his shaft remained inside of her before thrusting back in again. The low rumble morphed into a heavy breath intermingled with grunts as he left her mouth to explore her neck.

He didn't seem in a hurry as he kept the slow, long strokes, his body brushing against her clitoris just enough to keep her wanting for more. She opened up her thighs to gain more friction but it seemed useless. She wanted it now, she needed it hard, needed release...

"Harder!" gasping for hair; the slow pace continued, bringing her closer to insanity. "Faster!" her command went apparently to deaf ears. She slapped him in the ass and received a sharp bite in the neck for answer. The tightness built in her belly but not as quickly as she wanted. Her fingernails clawed at his taut butt and she could hear a growl but he didn't alter his leisured pace.

Gaheris left her neck in favor of her breast and he felt her nails raking across his back as his torso curved to reach his goal. The light pain ran along his spine while he suckled her nipple and the combined sensation with being inside her molten body was almost his undoing, but he recovered his control; despite her urges he could feel she was almost there and they were going to do it his way, at least this time.

"Please... Please." For Divine sake, she was almost there. Suddenly he buried himself to the hilt, fusing their bodies together as his hips moved in circular motions. His face was now over hers, his eyes dark with restrained control watching her every reaction but her lids seemed so heavy and her body was arching at its own will towards him. The friction was now unbearable and Beka held on every inch of muscled flesh she could reach. She sank her teeth in his shoulder to try and release some tension but then the pleasure broke, pulsing between her legs and spreading throughout her nerves, shaking her body and making the rest of the galaxy insubstantial.

Gaheris felt her teeth on his shoulder just before he watched the strain of her body as her climax overcame her. Pride swelled his chest as she cried his name, Gaheris, over and over, through breathless sobs. The constrictions of her body around his hard penis were a test to his self control. He watched her flushed skin, full mouth, heaving breasts as he allowed her to recover her breath. Rebecca was still boneless and pliant in his arms when he slid out of her and turned her onto her stomach, spreading her legs and sliding inside her wet flesh again. Supporting his weight on his arms he began to thrust with increasing energy. His chest brushed against her back with every motion and he didn't think it could exist something so soft in the universe.

His hot breath against her ear, softly speaking. "You are too commanding, Rebecca." By the Divine, his voice was liquid heat and his strokes were burning her body alive. "You are with an Alpha male now, you have to submit". His left hand covered hers, linking their fingers as his other hand snaked between the bed and her body to manipulate her oversensitive flesh; gently massaging her labia, circling her clit teasingly. She cried out as she tried to escape from his questing fingers but it brought him deeper inside her.

Her sweet submissive whimpers slipped all trace of control from him as his speed and force increased. He had never felt such power, such possessiveness and he enjoyed every moment. He watched through a lusty fog the woman beneath him and in that moment he knew without doubt that she was his. In pure instinctual movement he sank his teeth in the slope of her neck with her shoulder while he let the release claim his body. The pleasure was almost painful, his hips jerking violently against her body, his hot seed spilling inside her welcoming warmth. He growled in sated victory, feeling her body contract again around him as she screamed her own climax, prolonging his pleasure. It seemed as if an eternity had passed before his body collapsed at top of hers, their heavy breaths encompassed, their sweat mingled.

As much as he enjoyed being there she couldn't possibly take his weight. He was about to move when he heard the whisper coming from her. "Don't move." He purred as he stayed, his manhood softening inside her warm wetness as he rained kisses across her shoulders.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


It had been a long time since he awoke this relaxed. Gaheris opened his eyes to enjoy the vision of a naked Beka cuddled against him. Her back was to him and apparently she was using his arm as a pillow. He smiled widely as he recalled the last night in his mind. Her passion was beyond his wildest dreams.

He had to give it to her, he had been too possessive but it had been eating him since his conversation with Tyr, the need to submit her, to brand her as his. But when he had moved from her he had seen a glint in her blue eyes. 'Payback' had come to his mind and he had understood that she needed submission too. Since he had had his own he was more than happy to let her play. He had just raised his arms over his head in sign of surrender; she had ridden him, ripping growls and groans from his chest. His own pride had not allowed him to come till her pace had become erratic, her fingernails leaving red marks in his chest as she climaxed. His hands had finally gripped her hips with bruising force while he released inside her.

The rest of the night had been more tender, both of them exploring, a mutual exchange more than a battle of wills. The last time Rebecca had been practically sleeping but Gaheris had been unable to resist her tempting curves and he had rolled her on her back and took her one last time. Her response had been passionate but in the end she had mumbled some rather colorful threats about castration if he dared to awake her again. Internally he had felt relief, the woman could spend even his infamous stamina.

A soft moan brought him back to the present and he realized that his hand was softly teasing her nipple. His cock hardened and he planted gentle kisses along the nape of her neck. Another moan rewarded his efforts but her breath and the flutter of her eyelids told him that she was still asleep. He wondered what more he could do.

Licking the salty skin of her neck his hand wandered down to tease gently the slick flesh between her legs; the scent of her arousal hit him like a tidal wave as she made some mewling noises in her dream, stirring softly. His erection was demanding release and... well, her threat was about the last night. He pushed her gently so she was half bended over her stomach and he poised his shaft at her opening. He pushed forward, inch by excruciating inch, ripping a gasp from her lips.


He hesitated. "Are you sore?"

She moved against him slowly. "Just take it easy." He moved gently inside her body as his talented fingers reassumed their quest. "Yeah, just there..."

Soon so gently was not enough for her as she began to move against his thrusts, demanding a harder and faster pace. The climax let them both panting, their sweat drenched bodies resting against each other while both recovered the sanity.

"You have not castrated me yet." He gave her a teasing grin.

"Give me some time to recover," she mumbled against his chest as she trailed the red marks she had left in his pectorals. "Does it hurt?"


"Sorry. I never... claw."

He caressed her hair. "I heal quickly, don't worry." Actually he was tempted to train in the Gym without his shirt so Anasazi noticed her marks...


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"False? Did you steal a false Heart?" Dylan closed his eyes tiredly, this was not good.

"Yeah, false. After all the plots, I can't believe it!" Beka answered frustrated.

"So now we have to find the true Heart," Gaheris concluded

"I believe I know where to look," Tyr murmured.

"Yep. So do I," Beka added. "Schrödinger's Cat."

Dylan frowned. "What? Who?"

Tyr answered for Beka. "The cop, he is a thief"

"For the Divine sake he is THE thief. He is Schrödinger's Cat," Beka began an enthusiastic dissertation about Leydon's quests. "He has to have it."

"A thief after all." There was a displeased scowl in Gaheris face.

"We have to force him to put it back," Dylan said firmly.

"Blackmail," Tyr's deep voice. "We know who he is, we can blackmail him, and if he doesn't put it back we break the news of his identity over Miskich."

"I don't like blackmail."

"Captain I have to agree with Tyr, if you want an easy solution to this problem you have one there," Gaheris added.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"Now tell me that you were not jealous." Beka found Gaheris watching Pierpoint from Obs as Andromeda left the port. Leydon had agreed to put the heart back and the plan had been a success, but the goodbye had been tense, as if Hawkins wanted more than friendship from her when she couldn't give him more.

"Now tell me you didn't find him attractive." Of course he was jealous, his female had been flirting with a clearly inferior male.

She embraced his waist, "I find Dylan attractive. Are you jealous of him too?" She heard the soft growl and sighed in exasperation. "Gaheris!" She forced him to turn around and face her. "I care for you, and that's what matters." She tried to soothe his anger. "Now I'm asking you to trust me, I'm not going to betray you. I'm with you."

He allowed her words calm his spirit, kissing her with demanding passion.

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