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Chapter 12: The warmth of the embers

Tarazed was shinning before him with the healthy blue of its oceans. His dream, his one reason to not give up to despair was just at arm's length. The Commonwealth, maybe not HIS Commonwealth but nonetheless so much more than their attempts to the date. All thanks to Sarah.

Sheer shock had shaken him when he had seen the image of her speaking from the past, in the hope that he would see and hear her words long after she would be dead and buried. Sarah explaining how she had went on as he had told her to do; Sarah pregnant with the child he could not help but think should have been his. He had yet a bittersweet feeling about it.

He had tried to go on with his life and for the most part he had been quite successful. He was no martyr, he had been with women since the last conversation with her, when he let her go to come back to this insane future. It had been satisfying to feel the warmth of a female after all but now more than ever Dylan could feel that something was missing in said encounters.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Pride and family. Gaheris Rhade, Commander, lover, former husband and father usually tried not to think about those words. Now that was not an option. He half-listened the light chat between Dylan and Rakel Ben-Tzion, first Triumvir of Tarazed, as he allowed himself a moment of introspection.

Lieutenant Rodriguez had told him that his Pride had found a home in Tarazed but he didn't elaborate. The attitude of the young lieutenant towards the Captain had been one of reverence and hero worship. However his face as he looked at him had reflected something between awe and disguised fascination. It gave Gaheris a restless feeling.

They were being treated like honored guests as they were showed the capital city, with its architecture reminiscent of the old Commonwealth. He couldn't help a grin as he heard Beka's rant about the neatly lined lancers. After all the problems they had found since they had been rescued, all the things that they considered common only to discover that they were rarities in this time, it was amazing to find a place where everything worked as it should: a democratic government with three elected Triumvirs as the main power, a fully functional High Guard with a line of command, ships… More than they had thought possible.

"We have organized a briefing with members of the government, the High Guard and political and social personalities so we can begin to know each other better. Here you have become something of a legend, Captain. Sara Riley insisted until the day she died that sooner or later the Andromeda Ascendant would come." The Triumvir Ben-Tzion smiled as she guided them to a great room. "I hope you will forgive the place, it is one of the training facilities of the High Guard Quarters but we needed enough room for all the people."

"Please, there is nothing to forgive. This is much more than anything we have…" The last words of Dylan faded in the ovation they received as they crossed the doors. He could see humans, nietzscheans and than everywhere. A man and a woman with the pendant of the Triumvirate hanging from their necks came to them, with a nietzschean male with a uniform reminiscent of the High Guard following them closely.

"Captain Hunt, I am honored to welcome you to the capital of the Commonwealth. I hope you will come to consider this planet your home. My name is Jonah Lorn, second Triumvir." After shaking Dylan's hand he offered his to Gaheris, only to find him watching the High Guard officer behind him with a shocked expression on his face.

"Holy clone…" They all heard the whispered exclamation from Harper.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


After a morning full of new acquaintances and explanations and a lunch with the Triumvirs Gaheris excused himself and went to the accommodations they have been given in the Triumvirate Main Quarters. It consisted in a spacious main hall with a dining table and eight high-backed chairs, a relax zone with three couches and an entertainment unit, a small but opulent bar and four doors to the bedrooms. It was all decorated with a luxury which made him conclude that those were suites reserved to diplomatic corps. He contemplated the city from the scenic windows of the hall with his hands in is back, feet shoulder width apart.

A genetic reincarnation, the first one with a hundred percent match documented. It was not a surprise that of the non nietzschean members of the crew only Dylan knew of this extremely uncommon occurrence. The Captain had apologized profusely after the unfortunate remark from Harper but it seemed that Telemachus Rhade had a sense of humor and the incident had been forgotten.

Admiral Telemachus Rhade, out of Guinevere by Odysseus, Commander of the High Guard Fleet. Gaheris was still reeling after watching a younger version of himself smiling at him with the spontaneity of the truly self-confident. Same height, same build even when he was slightly more muscular than the Admiral, same voice. However Telemachus seemed more prone to talk about himself than him. He was quite friendly and his manner suggested an expensive education. Given who he was it did not came as a surprise.

Since Majorum pride kept records of the DNA of its members since it was created Admiral Rhade had had years to accept that he was the first genetic reincarnation known, but for him it would take some time.

Only the most superior DNA could become duplicated. The closer, the better. A hundred percent match was the confirmation that his DNA was basically perfect. And there were more good news for him coming from the Admiral: his family had come to Tarazed with Sara, his five wives and fourteen children. Firstly they had problems when it had been known that his older brother Kay had betrayed the Commonwealth, but Ismael Khalid had spoken for them. He had talked about the sacrifice Dylan and Gaheris had made staying in the Andromeda to restore the Commonwealth and eventually he had taken his wives and children as his own. Gaheris' children had kept the Rhade family name so his lineage had prevailed. Now hundred of descendants where the living testament of his success as nietzschean: he would live forever through them. He felt at peace with the universe.

The scent of Beka assailed his senses just before he heard the door opening and closing.  She came to his side to look at the window, with her arms crossed in a defensive pose. He could detect that she was anxious about something, but knowing how she was he waited for her to start talking, keeping his eyes in the buildings before his eyes.

"Well, that was a shock if something is." She watched his face closely. "Are you all right?"

"I am... amazed, elated. Until now this... all this Commonwealth we were trying to forge did not look real. But now, Beka, this is it, this is how it is supposed to be." He smiled at her. His smile died when he watched her concerned face. "What is it?"

"It was real enough for me."

"I am not talking about us and you know it. In the planets we have tried to convince to join us the only way that they would believe us was when we showed them the recordings of the magog Worldship. Hell, only a couple of them joined because they really wanted this. Here the Commonwealth exists because it's the right thing, not because of the magog threat." She averted her eyes.

"Look Gaheris, I understand all of this, you feel home now. No, more than that, you ARE home, with your pride. You have family here, you are a legend here." She swallowed hard. "This would happen sooner or later."

"You do not make sense Beka."

"You and Dylan have a place here, you both belong to the High Guard. Besides you can now be what you are born and breed to be, a husband and a father. I bet a horde of nietzschean females are now getting ready to throw their DNA profiles to you. No, let me finish Gaheris," she said as she saw him ready to speak, "I care for you, and I am sure that the feeling is mutual, but the dream has ended."

Despite her serene attitude he could see the tears forming in her eyes. He took her hands and held her against his body, wrapping her in a fierce embrace. "No, it is not. Do you want to know why? Because it is neither a dream nor a fantasy. You are real to me, Rebecca, more than any other thing in my life. You belong to me and nietzschean males do not say something like that if they do not mean it."

"I cannot share you Gaheris." It came the whispered reply, "I cannot be a number, it would kill me to be with you knowing you would be servicing one of your wives."

He sighed deeply; this had to come sooner or later, he just had hoped that it would be later. Was he able to give up polygamy? At the beginning surely not, he had just expected to be able to convince her eventually. That was before he had got to know her better, before he had realized how strong, proud and independent Rebecca could be. Then he had known that it would not be possible. For some time he had been restless about it, but now... He tried to imagine a life with Beka inside a traditional nietzschean family, leaving her bed and going to another of his wives'. Leaving her body, which have become a home to him. Leaving her wit and humor, her ups and downs. Leaving...

He lifted her chin with a curled index finger and forced her to meet his eyes, "I choose you Rebecca. I cannot stop being with you just as I cannot stop breathing." He felt her body sagging against his, as if a great burden had been lifted from her. "But hear me, this relationship will have to become more. Eventually you will have to accept me as I am and I will need much more from you. Do you understand?"

Her beautiful eyes wandered for a moment while she contemplated what he had said. Then he met his hazel gaze and nodded. His lips claimed hers in a tender kiss.

Gaheris took her mouth like a starving man, elated with her acceptance. Her scent teased his nostrils, now devoid of his musk, which had become something quite common in her. The previous day she had just come back from a resupplying travel with the Maru and he had not been inside her since more than a week ago. A wave of possessiveness ran from his mind to settle in his groin, blood swiftly filling his erection.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Harper walked along the corridors whistling, his mind working in a thousand things at the same time. The place was amazing, he got to give them that. All towering buildings, High Guards dudes with spotless uniforms, a Triumvir babe, nietzscheans, a lot of them...

Well the truth was that the nietzschean from Tarazed were very different from other ubers he had found before. They were quite nice in a standoffish way and he bet they did not enjoy the same pastimes of the Dragans, just thinking about some true bastards.

Ships, lots of shinning ships with AI's, he was just drooling thinking about putting his hands in them. Not to forget that maybe here they could help him with his "babies". As he stood in front of the door to the suite he heard some weird noises coming from inside. 'Is that a moan?... and someone is growling in there.' Only Tyr and Rhade growled and usually it was not sign of anything good.

Then a very clear scream he had come to recognize from his years living with Beka in the Maru reached his ears. He felt some involuntary stirring in his groin and he blushed to the roots of his spiky hairs.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beka was riding the waves of ecstasy land as Gaheris stood from between her legs. He had made her come by sucking her clit with such a force she thought it would pop out. She felt his heavy shaft probing her folds just a second before he buried himself inside. It always was almost too much, he filled her to the bursting point but she loved it.

He usually took an indecent amount of time teasing her; he loved to lick and nip and suck her, to use his mouth and fingers to take her to the edge only to let her come down. He could be doing it for hours, or so it seemed to her, until she cursed and begged. When he finally allowed her to come it was body wracking, so intense that several times she thought she would pass out.

As amazing as that was Beka loved the less frequent moments when he came to her like a starving large predator, with the sole objective of getting inside her and take her hard and fast and furious, to come so deep inside her that she would felt it in her womb. She secretly called this times Raw nietzschean Nookie. Just like now.

She had barely had time to feel a growl vibrating against her breast, coming from somewhere deep inside Gaheris, when she had been dropped over the dining table, her leggings and panties ruthlessly stripped off and her legs over his wide shoulders. He had brought her quickly to orgasm with his mouth so he could take her without hurting her.

She watched him breathlessly, in awe with his power. His teeth grounded together and a sheen of perspiration covered his face as he worked his erection inside her with ruthless thrusts of his hips.

"Drago... Beka how can... you be... so tight... after... all... this... time... with... me?" He punctuated the last words with each shove of his body inside her.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"Hey, hey wait Captain.  You don't wanna go there."

Dylan saw Harper sitting on the floor outside of the suite with his earphones on and some raucous sound coming from them. "What happens?" Then he heard something that made him understand Harper's advice. "Come on, you have to be kiddin' me!"

"Yep, there is a lot of growling going on. I did not imagine that Rhade's happy and pissed off growl would be almost the same. 101 nietzschean things you never wanted to know!"

"How long?"

"Time, you mean?" he smirked at Dylan's face, "being here for ten minutes more or less."

Dylan grunted as he lounged against the wall. He was going to have a very serious conversation with his First officer and his pilot about the proper time to engage in personal affairs.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gaheris felt the orgasm approaching him, felt it in the base of his spine, pushing him towards heaven. He put his thumb over her clitoris and rubbed firmly.

"I can't..." her whimper made his penis harden even more, something he did not think possible.

"Yessss... you can!... come now!" He growled between gritted teeth.

As he felt her inner flesh squeezing him he pressed inside Beka's warmth until he could go no further and let himself go. He stood on rubbery legs, with his hands against the crystal top of the table and his elbows locked. Only that prevented him from falling.

When Gaheris recovered enough to raise his head he watched the smug expression on Beka's face. She had her hair mussed, several locks plastering to her face, her cheeks flushed. She was still breathing heavily and he could hear her heart clearly. She was beautiful.

"I am that good." She punctuated her teasing smile with a squeeze of her inner muscles on his shrinking manhood.

"You did nothing, I made the entire job!"

"I don't care, I AM good." She stretched like a content feline, all sleek lines.

"Full of yourself, aren't you?"

"No, I am full of you, there is no place for anything more," he laughed at her ribald joke as he pulled out. His seed spattered her inner thighs and some of it splashed on the table.

"Do not move, Beka." He went to his bedroom and came back with some tissues to clean her and the table and then he helped her to put her panties and leggings on. He was still dressed, he had been so desperate to get inside her that he had only opened his pants to free his erection.

"I think Dylan is waiting outside, I will tell him it is safe to come now." He smirked "You do not want to interrupt a nietzschean male when he is taking his mate."

He held her as he inhaled her scent. 'Much better now'.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"That's it, I am not waiting here more. They are going to hear me!" Dylan hit the door with his palm but did not receive anything similar to an answer. "I am going in, if they want to rut to their hearts content they can, but in private and outside working hours!"

"Okay boss, but don't come to me after crying because you have seen a hairy nietzschean ass bobin' to the old dance of hanky panky!"

Dylan sighed and sat on Harper's side. For one moment he seemed lost in thought. Then he frowned. "Do you think nietzschean have hairy... you know... butts?"

"I dunno. I mean, for the survival gig it is supposed to be good, don't ya think?"

"Yes, but they are engineered to be physically perfect so..."

They looked at each other and burst out in great guffaws of laugh. When Gaheris finally opened the door he found them laughing like a couple of lunatics.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Just as Gaheris was getting out of the shower Dylan knocked on the door of the bathroom and told him to 'get his ass' out and get dressed. Apparently the Captain was still pissed off for the fact of having to wait outside the suite while he got re-acquaintance with Beka's luscious body.

"Admiral Rhade wants to talk to us in his office. Ah, it is great to see you finally ready! Wait, are you sure you don't have more pressing matters to do? Maybe another romp in the sack with my pilot?" The Captain said sarcastically. "Do not think for one moment that you will get out of this so easily, Commander." Now he was serious, he only called him Commander in private when he had made him mad so Gaheris knew he was up for a good reprimand.

"As you wish Captain." He tried to behave passively to avoid further problems.

They followed the High Guard escort they had been assigned out of the Triumvirate Quarters and across the street to the High Guard Command. After a short travel in an elevator and some walking across wide hallways they were ushered in the Admiral's office. He was seated behind a big crystal desk, working on his console. As they got inside he came to them with a greeting smile on his handsome face. He clasped Dylan's hand and held his arm to Gaheris in the traditional nietzschean salute.

"Captain, Commander, thank you for coming. I understand that right now you are very busy so I appreciate that you have had the courtesy to come here." He guided them to an area with five armchairs. Gaheris and Dylan sat side by side but the Admiral sat in front of them, in an offensive position.

"Please Admiral, of course we would come, we are here to try and forge a new alliance and your insight will be greatly appreciated." Dylan used his best diplomatic skills but he was concerned about the subtle signs the Admiral was projecting; the sitting was one but also there was the fact that he was treating them as equals when they were clearly not. In a military scale he was their superior, even more if Tarazed joined the new Commonwealth. He had every right to call them to his office and even if they were not yet in the same chain of command they would have to comply if only for diplomatic reasons.

"Firstly I want to invite you and your crew to a dinner with the pride, they are eager to meet you. And I am sure that the Commander wants to meet his other descendants." He concluded, watching Gaheris with a smirk. "Obviously not all the pride will be there, there are hundreds of thousands of us around the planet but the main families will be."

Dylan answered for both of them. "Of course Admiral, we will be honored."

"There is another matter I want to discuss with you." He seemed to reflect on something before he spoke. "As you know we have a democratic system working. Something as important to Tarazed as the joining of your Commonwealth with ours, if you allow me the expression, is bound to be presented to the people so they can vote it in a referendum."

"Of course, we would not expect less."

"Captain, you may think that all the people of Tarazed will be enthusiastic with your plan. Maybe two hundred years ago it would have been so, but not now. Except for the occasional attack of calderans or corsairs we have lived in peace here, in this hideout of the galaxy. The main reason to choose precisely this planet was because it is hard to reach in slipstream." He raised his eyebrows as he spoke, "I am surprised Captain Valentine arrived here with no further problem, only the most accomplished pilots in the High Guard are chosen for the squadron that use slipstream."

"Beka is indeed one of best pilots you will ever see."

"Indeed. But this is not the matter. I don't want you to expect a victory when, in fact, most probably you will lose."

"This is not a battle, Admiral. We all want the same." Gaheris spoke as he fixed his descendant with a serious glare. "We do not go where we are not wanted."

"I understand, but this IS a war, one that we fight in the hallways and offices. And I intend to win."

"Wait, then you oppose to the alliance?"


Dylan could not help but laugh. "But, you are the Commonwealth, you cannot create something like this and then not search for more. The Commonwealth included thousands of planets. You cannot pretend to be a union of people working for the greater good and then hide in your corner of the universe!"

"My duty is to see for Tarazed, not all the universe."

"Admiral, the problems will come. Sooner or later the magog will find the way to reach Tarazed and when that time comes you will need help." Gaheris tried to be more logic, "Optimism is not a survivalist trait."

"The people of Tarazed will choose. I considered honorable to let you know that I will accept whatever the outcome, but I will not give my vote for it," he watched them with a determined expression on his face, "and I will make everything in my hands to convince others to vote against the alliance."

An uneasy silence filled the room until the Admiral spoke again. "However I would like you to know that you have a home here in Tarazed and a place in the High Guard, if you decide to join us. Your help will be highly regarded." He made a pause before concluding, "I hope that you still will come this afternoon to the dinner, a lot of people are expecting you."

Dylan tried to maintain a pleasant expression on his face even if he wanted to scream. "Of course Admiral."




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