The Time Lord Subjugated

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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The year is 4171, the planet is Gorean IV, home to one of the most hyper-affluent resort colonies in the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire. In a dark corner of a storage room of this resort, there stands an artifact seemingly out of time, starkly primitive looking in contrast to the sleek modern elegance of the technology surrounding it. It is a blue box no larger than a man, with the English words “POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX,” in large white lettering near the top. It stands empty and silent, with no one paying the least bit of attention to it.

Deep in the heart of the resort is a small room. One impeccably clean, entirely free of clutter, and smelling of faint medical sterilization. There are no windows in this room, and not even a single door. It isn’t on any layout maps of the complex, nor could it even be detected with level five scanners. This was all designed for the most discreet of secrets, the design of one Johnathan Lange, the director and owner of the resort planet.

With no noise, the rectangular seams of a doorway appear on the wall, followed by an almost silent woosh as the doors themselves slide open to seemingly melt into the wall. Seconds later a tall man enters, carrying the limp body of a naked blonde woman into the center of the room, clear grunting with the effort. Behind them the hole of the doorway seemed to grow closed, until it was a perfectly unblemished wall again. The man skims the empty room twice, giving the room a considerate ogling, then speaks in a deep bass voice;

“Computer, manacles.”

As if it was coming out of the very ceiling itself, a series of chains ending in thick deadlocked manacles are lowered down within reach. The man settles the unconscious nude woman down onto the floor, then lifts her arms up and fits the manacles around her slim wrists. When he snaps them closed, the very seams of the manacles seem to disappear, forming solid loops of metal around her wrists.

“Computer, raise the chains to the proper position.”

The unresisting body of the woman is lifted off the ground as the highest parts of the chain melted  back into the ceiling. When it stops moving, the body of the woman hangs suspended from her wrists, the toes of her bare feet only grazing the floor. The man’s gaze inspects her, noting but not caring that the weight of the woman was entirely hanging on her wrists, positive that they’d undoubtedly hurt when she woke up due to the seamless metal digging into her creamy skin.

He lifts his hand, curling it in the blonde locks of the woman. A simple pull up on her hair allows the man to get a better look at her slack face, vastly enjoying the slack-jawed look of her tempting mouth. He let go of her hair, and her head drops forward, her bangs covering her face again.

She was still out cold, and Johnathan Lange Junior’s cock was rock hard in his pants.

“Computer. I need a gag. Make it sized to the subject before me.” 

This time a thin pedestal seemed to grow out of the ground, and on it was a small ball. Johnathan blinked curiously at it, then let out a deep chuckle when he realized what he was looking at. The ball was painted blue, with a number of tiny colored lines painted across it. It had taken him a few heartbeats to realize that it was the exact same design that was on the bitch’s shirt, before she had been stripped from it. He plucked the gag off the pedestal, which caused the platform to melt back into the floor like it had never been there, and gave a sly glance to the walls of the room before speaking.

“Thank you, Aia.”

There were no speakers in the room, but the reply was clear, coming from everywhere, “You are welcome, Master Johnathan. I thought you would like it.”

“Oh I do.”

He spoke his last reply mostly to himself as he lifted the head of the woman again, this time easing the ball between her slack lips so the colored lines could easily be seen by anyone looking at her. There were seemingly no straps to hold the ball in place, but the moment the ball slipped into her mouth, a thin strip of metal seemed to emerge from the ball itself. This strip of metal circled around the blonde woman’s before meeting behind her head. Where they met the seam melted away, creating a single loop of hard steel holding the gag inside her pretty mouth. Again her head dropped to her chest, and again her bangs drooped over her face.

Time to give this snooping bitch a wakeup call.

His hands drifted down, stroking the woman’s ample and hanging breasts. She had been wearing the most outrageous outfit he’d ever seen when she was subdued with the neural shocking discombobulator from behind, but Johnathan had his men dispose of it before he brought her down to his father’s secret chamber. She wouldn’t be needing clothes anyway, ever again. He gave the nude woman’s nipples a little attention with his fingertips, and they sprung into hardness. He followed this up by dipping his finger down to her cunt, teasing it and slipping a thick digit inside. He was pleased to discover that not only did she look just like a human, she felt like one too. This drew a mindless moan from the woman, but he didn’t pay attention to it. 

His voice was quiet, not really talking to the computer AI this time, just musing to himself, “What are you, my little ‘Doctor’? Not human, the scans show that. That still doesn’t mean you’re not a little whore.”

Soaked with the Doctor’s wetness, he withdrew his finger to his mouth and gave it an appraising suck into his mouth. It tasted divine, like perfection. He abstractly wondered if she was some sort of genetically designed person, altered at the DNA level. It didn’t really matter to him for now. The bitch and her friends had tried to interfere with him and his father’s business on the planet, and that couldn’t be tolerated. 

She’d already have been liquidated if something about her hadn’t caught Johnathan Junior’s eye. Exactly what that thing - or at least one of the things - was quickly made obvious; he loosened his pants and withdrew his rigid cock. He widened her thighs and, after rubbing his cock against her intimate folds a few times, sunk it slowly and experimentally into the Doctor’s unresisting cunt. His voice couldn’t help but moan as the alien cunt’s walls welcomed him in. She was as tight as he could want, again making him wonder if there was something strange about her genetic makeup. 

He’d run some tests later to learn more about her, but for his hands reached around to her plump ass, bracing her so he could fuck into her with more speed. The Doctor let out another moan, this one louder, but still hovered in hazy unconsciousness. Her cunt was gripping him, he could feel her muscles rubbing and coaxing him deeper inside of her. He noticed now that her legs were starting to twitch and lift up, coiling around his legs, urging him harder, faster, closer. Her hips were bucking too, rocking against his body with every thrust. 

The Doctor’s eyes groggily blinked, and she felt horribly sore, doubly so in her wrists. The last thing she remembered was flashing her psychic paper on the owner’s son, then she felt the shocking discombobulator sink into her back, her whole world going into convulsive black. Her eyes focused and both her hearts jumped in her chest. Johnathan was standing before her, giving her an evil smirking glare. It took her hyper intelligent brain much longer than it should have to realize he was also raping his cock into her cunt, and she was gagged.

As consciousness began to return to the Timelord, her involuntary movements became actual struggles, but it didn’t help. She was bound in some sort of nanometal, and was totally helpless to stop Johnathan from gripping her ass harder, really fucking her. A moment later he lifted his hand from her ass to deliver a mighty spank. Her equally mighty sequel was muffled by the ball gag in her mouth.

“Normally we exterminate pests that bother our operations. But I think you’re worth keeping around.” 

He dipped his head to suckle from the Doctor’s right nipple, sinking his teeth into the sensitive nub of skin and biting down as hard as he could. The Doctor screamed as loud as she could, but it barely was a whimper thanks to her ball gag.

Her fingertips felt around the seamless manacles around her wrists and the few chains of steel within her reach, while her eyes darted around the room taking everything in. Everything she felt, everything she saw, felt like another gallon of fuel tossed onto the fire of her panic. She was naked without her sonic screwdriver, she couldn’t get to the TARDIS even if she could get free from the manacles, and she had no idea where Yaz was. Worst of all, she could barely focus on trying to form an escape plan; all of this thinking was being done very distractedly. 

The main thing besides panic the Doctor was feeling was the thick length of Johnathan’s cock pumping into her cunt, raping away her dignity and power with every thrust into her. If her eyes could kill, the scumbag she was staring at would drop dead. She didn’t want to to aid in her own rape, so she loosened her legs from around him, only to find she barely had the strength to keep her body standing on her tiptoes. 

Johnathan stiffened abruptly before her, moaning his climax as he suddenly and unexpectedly filled the Doctor's raped cunt with a load of cum, enough so that it spilled out from around his invading flesh spear and dribbled down her thighs. He withdrew his cock from her throbbing cunt, then smirked at the expression of relief that her ordeal was over that came over the Doctor’s face.

“We’re just getting started, Doctor. You’re not going anywhere. I have so many plans for you and that friend of yours upstairs, it’s going to be a long time before we’re done, and you’ll never be the same again.”

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