The Time Lord Subjugated

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Johnathan Lange Junior was sore, even for a genetically superior man. His muscles complained and ached from the all-night fucking he’d given Yasmin Khan up in her suite in the resort. Soon she’d be hanging with the Doctor here in the torture room and then he could truly enjoy her. He descended down into the sensor-proof hidden chamber under the resort and saw the Doctor hanging pathetically from the ceiling, just where she’d been when he left her there a few days ago after his father kicked him out. Speaking of his father, he was there too, taking a break in a chair created out of the nanobots of the room.

What was also different from the last time was the exceptionally exhausted look on their captive’s face and the strange elongated metal dildo buried inside the Doctor’s cunt, clearly stretching it and straining her cunt to the limit. He shot his father a quizzical look, who smiled in response and answered the question he didn’t need to say.

“I’ve had the chance to explore the Timecunt’s time-and-space ship. It’s really a marvelous wonder that we’re going to spend a lot of time working on."

Johnathan Lange Senior pointed to the dildo that was humming and stretching the Doctor’s cunt and continued,

“The Timecunt owned a sonic screwdriver. I tore it down and learned how it worked, then rebuilt it into a massive sonic dildo. It’s like an earthquake is constantly hitting her clit, and has been for the last six hours or so.”

Junior gave an appreciative chuckle, eyeing the Doctor’s helpless body. “You were always better with machines than I am, father. You know my speciality is with people. I was out having my own fun with the whore’s friend. Did you discover anything else?”

His father nodded absentmindedly, “Yes. I think I’m going to be able work the blasted thing, but she’s giving me plenty of trouble. It nearly left on it’s own, but some quick thinking quantum-locking is keeping it in place for now. I even found a bit could call it an address book, with the time and space locations of plenty of the whores' previous companions that would be worth collecting. About your”

Johnathan Senior eyed the Doctor contemplatively, then motioned for him to continue.

“Tell us about it, in great detail.”

With a happy chuckle, Jonathan spoke, “She’s more of a whore than this one. She was begging for it. I didn’t even have to ask her to get on her knees and suck my cock and swallow my cum.”

The Doctor’s reaction to the pair's plans for her other companions and the continued description of the depraved positions he forced on Yaz started with desperate horror. When he started to talk about how she gave him the third blowjob of the night she started to feel her spirit wither. When he got to how much she loved the fourth load of cum on her face, it was dead. She hung nearly comatose from the chain in the ceiling as the never-ending stream of positions and horrible acts on her best friend continued. There was no hope left in the husk that had been the Doctor, the universe’s former best defender. 

The Doctor didn’t even blink when Johnathan Senior removed the ball gag and let it dissolve back into the floor. She didn’t scream, beg, or complain. When she felt a round ring gag press against her mouth she opened her lips without needing any encouragement. It propped her mouth open invitingly, already causing her jaw to feel a bit sore.  There was no life in her eyes, even as the drool began to freely spill down her chin. The sonic dildo, which had once been her trusty sonic screwdriver, still hummed deep inside of her cunt, stretching and bulging it obscenely. 

“I think the Timecunt has finally realized that here will be no one saving you, that this is your life forever, and this what you are. You’re a whore. You’ve always been one, and you will always be one. Do you remember what I said the first thing a whore has to know is, son?”

The first part of his tirade pounded into the Doctor's shattered psyche, but there wasn’t anything left to break down or crumble. She wasn't the Doctor any more, not really. The second was to his son, who nodded and answered.

“Whores suck a man’s cock when it’s in front of them.”

Junior didn’t need any orders from his father, he moved before the Doctor and fished his cock out of his pants. Without needing any more encouragement, the Doctor let his cock into her mouth and started to suck. The Doctor was done. There wasn’t anything strong or powerful left about her, she was completely broken. Her abuse had been too much, and with the story of slutty betrayal of her best friend Yaz, the truth had finally won inside of the Doctor’s two hearts. She was a whore. She was their whore. She’d suck their cock, if that was what they wanted. Maybe they'd make the rest of her practically immortal life easier on her.

When he came in her throat, she eagerly swallowed as much as she could, and took the last blast of cum right onto her face without flinching. She knew this was her future and was resigned to it in complete, utter defeat.

Johnathan Lange Senior eyed the facefucking his son was giving to the Timelord approvingly. After his son sprayed the last of his load on her face and tucked his cock back into his pants, he clasped his hand onto his son's shoulder and let it linger there with a fatherly warmth.  Together with him the pair viewed the Doctor with happy contentment.

“The Timecunt is well on the path to true whoredom. Why don’t we leave her sonic dildo up her cunt for a little while. I think it's time we have a proper reunion for the whores, how does that sound son?”

Junior's eyes flashed with eager malice and he vehemently nodded, "I'll go get the other one."

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