The Time Lord Subjugated

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Johnathan Lange Senior limped towards the defenceless alien woman hanging from the ceiling of his most hidden nanobot secret chamber. His right hand was slightly trembling, wrinkled and spotted with age. Still he managed to slide it up over the Doctor’s smooth and curved left side, followed quickly by him capturing and squeezing her left breast in it's grasp. His gnarled thumb flicked her nipple and she hitched a sob. His other twisted hand grabbed her free breast, and then he started to grope her appreciatively, feeling and letting the plumpness of her fatty tits roll in his hands

“I knew what you were when you passed through our biodetecting doorways, of course. Meant to scan for bacteria, but it sensed two heartbeats. And there are precious few aliens in the universe that have that little trick of biology. Bad luck for you to come to one of the few planets in the whole empire ran by a man who was smart enough, and had enough resources, to know just what you are.”

He circled around the exhausted Timelord and she barely jerked when he slapped his hand against her plump ass, jiggling the fat of her ass in just the right way. His gnarled and warped hands settled on her ass afterwards, squeezing them almost experimentally.

“This might be one of the best asses in the galaxy, Doctor. I have so many things planned for both your body and the biological - one can’t forget the technological too - wonders of the Timelords.”

The Doctor had never felt so low, not even in the depths of the Timewar. Not even after the Master destroyed Gallifrey again. Never in all her losses before this. Of course Johnathan Lange was just as evil as his son. She was chained up nude, covered in rank sweat and dried cum like she was a common human whore, and she couldn’t do anything to stop his evil plans. 

She clamped her mouth down around the ballgag mocking her shirt colors that was silencing her, as the Timelord felt Lange spread her ass cheeks. The Doctor frantically shook her head, her blonde hair wildly flying about, knowing what he planned to do. She yelled as loud as she could, but the ballgag kept it from being anything but a pathetic whimper. 

He ignored her.

A fresh glob of spit shot from the old man’s mouth onto her ass, and he used his twisted and arthritic fingers to smear it between her cheeks for lube. With his spit’s help, the middle finger that sunk into her ass was only something short of torture. The Doctor had never, ever, in her two thousand years of time and space travel, done any ass play. Not even alone in the baths of ancient Rome in the midst of fingering herself had she ever seriously thought about working something into her own tight ass. And her previous regenerations were even less inclined to experiment that way, no matter how many times she had needed to rebuff Captain Jack's advances.

Johnathan’s bumpy and twisted finger being forced into the Doctor’s ass was more humiliating than anything that had happened so far to the immortal Timelord. She tried to sway away from him on the chain, but his other hand grabbed her hip and pulled her back, sinking his finger entirely into her bowels.

His voice was hot on her ear, his halitosic breath was disgusting in her nose. Johnathan’s tongue coiled out and slurped against her ear, and she shuddered. “If I don’t miss my guess, I think you’ve never had anything up here, Doctor. Have you been saving your ass to be given to me, for thousands of years? It is a prize I plan on savoring.”

Lange’s finger came out, followed quickly by another hard slap on her ass. The Doctor was so relieved to be free of her anal invasion, that she meekly accepted the spanking. Her breath was hitching again, made even more difficult with her ballgag. Tears were threatening her eyes; she had a horrible feeling that soon she’d be subject to the worst of it. The Doctor was about to have her ass raped.

Fortunately for her - or, in all honesty, horribly unfortunately for her - it wouldn’t be quite yet.  

“Aia are you listening?”

“Yes, Master Johnathan.” 

“Paddle please.”

The nanobots of the wall controlled by the artificial intelligence complied, creating an intimidating leather-bound paddle fit perfectly for Lange’s hand, yet was easy for the old man to swing. The first strike on the Doctor’s pale ass tore a horrific scream from her, and immediately her tears started to fall. The scream hadn’t faded when the second beating came, even harder than the last. The Doctor could barely field coherent thoughts through her sobbing and screaming, only shaking her head as violently and wildly as she could. This just earned her ass another heartless beating, and then another.

The Doctor couldn’t help herself. She flailed and tugged at the nanosteel of the manacles and chain pointlessly. It wasn’t an action of thought; her higher functions had fled and all that was left of the Doctor at this moment was an animalistic base instinct to get away. Every crack against her plump ass built on the other one, gushing more tears and drool from her eyes and mouth. Her tears couldn’t be halted. She’d never loathed anyone like she loathed Johnathan. The woman who was once feared across the galaxy as “The Oncoming Storm,” was in pure agony at every crack of the paddle spanking her ass.

“You’re never leaving this planet again, Doctor. You’re the answer to all of my problems.”

Crack, and a scream.

“I am going to beat this ass until it is a mess of welts and bruises.”

Crack. Crack. A muffled wailing and sobs.  

“You are going to be raped until you’re nothing but a loose, cum-filled hole. A 'superior' race, filled with human cum.”

Crack. Crack. Crack.  

“Even you will break, Doctor, and it will be at my hand. You won’t be a hero any more, there won’t be any more stories to tell across the universe about the magnificent Doctor causing problems for people trying to just live their lives! You will be nothing but a fading memory. You’ll be a shell of a whore eager to fuck, suck, and please any man. The proper way a woman like you should behave.”

Standing behind the hanging Timelord, she wasn’t able to see the malicious smile cross Johnathan Lange’s face as he rained down blow after blow onto her ass despite the growing pain in his shoulder. Every strike did as he promised; her ass was a disgusting flaming red mess of welts and glowing bruises.

“That won’t be all I do, Timewhore. I am going to take everything from inside of you that makes you special. Your Timelord regeneration science will make me young again, and your precious time machine will make me more powerful than I ever was before.”

To punctuate this, the elderly man struck her five times in quick succession, timing each blow with the words he was practically shouting at her. 


Lange's heart and breath was heaving and he could hardly continue. Feeling flaring soreness and pain in his arm and chest, he finally slowed his blows, then stepped back to the wall, where he leaned against it to catch his wheezing breath. Through it all, his hungry eyes never left the Doctor.

The Doctor just couldn’t handle it anymore. She was crying like she had never done in thirteen lifetimes, wretched sobbing interrupted only by more screams every time Johnathan struck her poor ass with the paddle. The humiliating pain was terrible, but couldn’t compare to the wicked evil of what would come next. That couldn’t ever be allowed to happen. There was more than just her body at stake, it was the whole universe, it was all of time. Her eyes screwed shut. Yaz would save her, her companions had never failed her in the past, and she wouldn’t fail her now. 

All the Doctor could do was desperately hope that when Yaz came, it wouldn’t be too late.

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