The Time Lord Subjugated

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Yasmin Khan was more worried than she’d ever been in her nineteen years of life. The Doctor had never vanished like this before. She couldn’t even find the T.A.R.D.I.S. - it wasn’t where the pair had parked it when the Doctor and Yaz decided to take their girls-only trip to the resort planet, letting Ryan and Graham off at some sporting event or other. She had been positive that the Doctor would never leave her here, but the days have crawled by without hearing anything from her. She would have gone crazy if it wasn’t for Johnathan.

Johnathan was the son of the guy who owned this planet, and he was being very helpful to Yaz. He’d been comforting her ever since the Doctor’s disappearance, and been allowing her free food and drinks from the bar until they found the Doctor, since Yaz didn’t have any money on her. 

On top of all of that, he’s spent most of the time since the Doctor disappeared helping her search the colony and the surrounding planetside. Of course none of their searching has turned up anything, and the pair found themselves headed back to Yaz’ suite - comped at no charge for the duration of her stay, bless his charitable heart - after an evening of searching. The very last thing Yaz wanted was to be alone with her fears of the Doctor leaving her, so when the tall handsome man made to leave, Yaz grasped his arm impulsively and begged him not to go. His smile could light up a whole planet, Yaz thought, then gave him a weak smile in return as he sat down next to her on the bed.

“I’ll sit with you as long as you want, Yaz. We’ll find the Doctor.”

Innocently Johnathan patted her leg in reassurance, and she shuddered like lightning struck her. The young Pakistani girl, far out of time from where she was born, lifted her eyes to his face and saw that he was looking down at the hand on her leg, now nearly stroking up her thigh. She couldn’t admit to herself how good his caressing hand felt as it inched up her strong leg muscles, toned and fit from her time in the police force. His gaze lifted to stare into her eyes, and she felt herself melt at his attention.

“Strength mixed with beauty, I like the combination.”

She felt his hand dip between her thighs as he spoke. She wanted to respond to that, to make a witty and flirty comeback...but the Doctor's disappearance still weighed heavy on her soul. How could she do that, when her best friend might be in danger? It was an effort of willpower for Yaz to swallow and barely murmur out, “I can’t. I’m sorry.”

And just like that he was standing again, his hand free from her leg.  “I get it, Miss Kahn. I really do understand.”

He made it three steps to the door when Yaz broke. She couldn’t be totally alone, not after being abandoned by the Doctor here on this strange world. She couldn’t be that alone, so she would do anything for him to stay. If that meant...if that meant this, she would do it. She spoke with too much desperation in her voice.


Jonathan paused and turned back to Yaz, a look of confusion on his face as she continued, “Come sit back on the bed again, Johnathan. I don't want you to leave”

He did as Yaz asked, and the teen felt butterflies in her stomach. Relief washed over her face, and she smiled gladly. Her dark brown eyes met his own dark ones, and her skin flushed. Luckily the shade of her skin was so much darker than Johnathan’s, enough so to hide it well. Her hands went to her shirt, then slowly pulled it up and over her head, baring her lacy black bra to his eyes, which slid down from her face to stare appreciatively at her breasts, pushed up proudly by the bra. Her pants came next, and she peeled them off as sexily as she could, curving and swaying her taut ass for him.

After that it was just moments before she was entirely nude and standing before Johnathan Lange Junior, her bare back and ass to him. She smiled coyly at him over her shoulder and purred in as sultry a voice as she could manage, “Do you like?”


He stood and before she could turn he was on her. His hands explored her caramel dark skin, caressing every inch he pleased. He slid his arms around her and gathered her ample breast into his hands, groping then experimentally. He pushed forward again, and pressed his chest to her back and - very noticeably - the bulge of his cock in his pants to her ass. His breath burned into her ear as his tongue coiled into it and he spoke, every syllable causing her cunt to throb in arousal at his deep voice.

“Let’s forget about the Doctor tonight, Yaz, together.”

She needed this, and she needed it badly. It had been so long, so terribly long, since she had cock and the distraction of it was just what she craved. The hands on her breasts pinched and tugged at her nipples as she moaned her agreement. When they found the Doctor, she would just leave this part of what she’d done out. Like a little nymph, she turned in his arms and smiled seductively up at the handsome face of Johnathan. 

Her hands, slim and dainty, worked to loosen the shirt off of Johnathan’s muscular body. He didn’t move to help her, and she grew to enjoy stripping him with every jerky motion of his clothes coming off his body. First the shirt came off his powerful chest, then her hands made for his pants. They were jerked down too, with his underwear all in one smooth motion. She felt the hot length of his cock flop free and smack into her flat stomach. As Johnathan stepped from his pants, Yaz’s dainty hands collected his cock, involuntarily moaning at his size. She gave it a few appreciative strokes as he lowered his head and kissed her, then she slipped back and ogled the naked man in front of her.

Jonathan was even more well-built than Yaz was, every line of his muscular frame as chiseled as if it was made of marble. He might have called her body perfect, but his literally was. His cock was by far the largest she’d ever seen outside of porn, and it was sticking out and throbbing upward. Yaz couldn’t help herself, and she immediately lowered her body down to her knees before the god in front of her. Her tiny hand seemed even smaller wrapped around his cock, but it didn’t stop her from opening her mouth and slowly sinking his length between her wet and eager lips. He smelled and tasted sweaty, but under it there was something delicious tasting. 

Yaz hadn’t done this since before she started travelling with the Doctor. She struggled with the cock in her mouth, she kept almost gagging on his impressive tool. It took her a few minutes before she got the rhythm down of bobbing her head on his cock. Johnathan helped too when his hands curled in Yaz’s black hair and started thrusting harder into her mouth, fucking her face. It didn’t take Johnthan long until he shuddered and groaned his climax out, spilling a burst of his cum straight down her throat.

The teen space and time explorer coughed and choked a little, her eyes watering with the feeling of the hot cum blasting her throat and it was a short time before Yaz regained her composure. Even so, a bit of his cum had managed to leak and dribble down her chin. To her complete amazement, Jonathan’s cock was still rock-hard and throbbing eagerly. Her face was flushed red and her eyes were tear-shot when she looked up at him with a burning arousal on her face. One hand of hers shot down to her cunt where it started to rub it, and the other grabbed at her own breast, squeezing and groping it. Yaz was never before one to need a man like, to plead and beg, but at that exact moment if Johnathan would ask, she’d give him anything he wanted. 

Her lover looked down at the teenage human whore from thousands of years ago, her modesty and pride as stripped away as her clothes, with his cum leaking out of her mouth. She mistook the malicious smile he gave her for one of eager arousal, and in an equally eagerly slutty voice she purred her next question.

“Will you fuck me, Johnathan?”

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