The Time Lord Subjugated

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Disclaimer: I don't own Dr Who. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, all for your perverse enjoyment.

Johnathan Lange Junior's eyes, as cold and emotionless as any megalomaniac the Doctor had seen before, roamed her hanging nude body. He wasn’t eyeing her with any respect. No. This gaze was one of dispassionate interest, as if she was nothing more than an object to be inspected or dissected for knowledge. Or to be used for his pleasure, as it seemed more likely now. Strung up like a piece of prized meat, the Doctor had to admit it was hard to see herself as anything else but that. Only her strong, unmatched will kept her able to focus on escape, her rescue by Yaz.

Having just came recently, it took a surprisingly little time time before he began to rape the Doctor again. Until then, he roamed his hands over her hips and her curves, up onto her plump breasts. He tested them, weighing them and letting them jiggle and flop for a little time, until he clamped down on her nipples and slowly started to twist them. The Doctor felt only discomfort at first, but as Johnathan kept her nipples in his grasp and started to apply more pressure, his merciless - yet curious - eyes stared into her own as the pain rose and became unbearable. The Doctor writhed, hanging on the chains, and cried out in a wordless pain that was muffled by the ballgag, mockingly bearing colors reminiscent of her shirt, in her mouth.

The pain was just too much for the two-thousand year old Timelord. She couldn’t hold back any longer, and the tears started running from her eyes down her pretty face. Her eyes were wide and frantic, begging for mercy that wouldn’t come from the man torturing her tits. This went on until her face was soaked with tears and drool was copiously pouring around her gag. Then abruptly Johnathan released her nipples, causing the Doctor to slump down, wholly dangling her weight from the manacles on her wrists. This wasn’t really a respite, for when she went limp Johnathan struck her breast as hard as he could with his hand and she spasmed, her face scrunched up cutely to try to deal with the pain of her tortured tits.. 

His hands slid down again to grab her ass, and the Doctor didn’t even put up token resistance when he positioned her upwards, allowing his renewed erect cock to sink back into her defenceless cunt. Even as distracted by the pain as she was, the Doctor could think of things much faster than a human could. Her athletic legs lifted from the ground and wrapped around his hips. He moaned low in his throat from the additional pleasure she was giving him, but the Timelord didn’t do it out of a want to help him; this let her help take the weight from her wrists. She loathed how much her rapist seeme to enjoy even the little assistance she gave him as he started to fuck her.

Johnathan was fucking into her, her thoughts were going to what Yaz was doing, and what - 

She screamed into her nano-gag, disrupting her thoughts midstream. Johnathan had sunk his teeth into her left breast, clamping down right on her poor nipple. She yelled again, begging him, pleading for him to stop. Not even the faintest coherent word could be translated through her gag, so she was helpless to her raping. If anything, the sound of her in pain drove the monster to another climax. She could sense it, his thrusts were becoming jagged, ragged, and harsh. It wouldn’t be long until another load was filling her cunt.

That’s when with a groaning smirk, he pulled out of the Timelord and forced himself out of her legs. She whinged and groaned when the pain came back to her wrists, dangling her full weight again from the manacles. His hand came to that beautiful large cock again, and stroked it fast. Despite being the second time in short succession that he came, this one was like a thunderous waterfall. His cum shot up the Doctor’s toned stomach, splattering all the way up between her breasts. The feeling of it seeping down her body tore at her dignity, making her feel as bad as she ever had in her long, long life.

Her body ached, her shoulders and wrists flaring pain from holding up her body, her cunt throbbing from the brutal rapings she’d endured, and her tits were red and indented by teeth marks, burning with agony. The Doctor was exhausted, so she let her head droop down onto her chest, her breath still hitching and her face wet with tears.

“Rest up, Doctor.”

His voice was silky smooth with malice. His hand delivered another brutal smack to the Doctor’s tits, causing her to sob again. 

“This is just the first day of the rest of your life. Get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be hell.”

His hand wandered over her abused body again, feeling and stroking at his leisure. Eventually he spoke again.

“Aia, door, then shut the lights off”

The seam appeared on the blank wall again, and Johnathan stepped through it before it sealed up behind him, as if there was never a door there in the first place. A second later the light that seemed to come from the walls themselves went out, plunging the Doctor into complete blindness. 

The Doctor hung there in oblivion, hanging from her pained wrists and still letting out the occasional sob and tears. Even Timelord strength wasn’t endless though, and she grew so tired that the pained position she was hanging in failed to keep the sleep at bay. Hanging there naked and in complete darkness for hours, the Doctor had a fitful sleep.

To the Doctor it felt like she had just closed her eyes when the lights came on again. Johnathan was standing before her, smirking maliciously at her. She could barely move, and only groaned in complaint. She’d never felt so much pain in her body before, it was all starting to go numb. Her gaze dropped and she felt a sickening dread when she saw his thick and hard member was in his hand, lazily being stroked. Again, all she could do was groan. 

“Like I said, today is going to be hell, Doctor.”

Where was Yaz? Why hadn’t she been rescued yet, a whole night missing? She didn’t know where she was exactly, but she could sense she was still in the resort. Had Yaz slept nearby, incredibly close to where the Doctor had spent the night being raped? She started struggling again, but gave up within seconds. Her body just didn’t have the strength to struggle against the nanomanacles. Escape wasn’t an option, so she tried to steel herself for another brutal, dehumanizing rape.

Before he took more than one step towards her, she heard the door open behind her, and saw Johnathan scramble to tuck his cock back into his pants. She couldn’t tell who the new person entering the room was, but the panicked look on Jonathan’s face made her cheer internally and her heart soar with hope. Whoever was coming would see what the monster was doing, and she’d finally be free. 

She tried to swing her body around on the chains, but she was just too tired to do more than sway in place. When the voice, silky and threatening, barked out at her rapist she recognized it immediately. It was Johnathan Lange Senior, the owner of the resort planet and the father of the monster standing in front of her. It wasn’t Yaz, but it was the best she could hope for.

“What do you think you are doing down here, boy?”

Anger was clear in his voice, along with barely contained rage. If she wasn’t gagged, the Doctor would have cheered. She was saved, this ordeal was over. There would be a shouting match, then the elder Lange would let her out of these manaces, setting her free. If Junior was lucky, maybe the Doctor would just leave the planet without getting vengeance on him.

Junior’s eyes were full of worry when he answered.

 “Father, I was just -”

He didn’t even finish, because Lange shouted again.

“I can see EXACTLY what you were about to do! Get out of here and back topside. I will deal with you later!” 

Chastised, Johnathan Junior clenched his fists and stomped out of the room behind the Doctor, and she could hear the door seal behind him again. She felt horrible, terrible pain, but was her eyes were beaming as the senior Lange circled into her vision. He looked just like his son, but older. He was over six feet tall, his hair almost white as snow. She could tell he was strong once, but he walked with a limp these days, a thin titanium cane topped with a ruby aided his ambling. The Doctor’s eyes lifted into Lange’s dark ones, urging him to be fast as he could in letting her go.

He didn’t move.

Johnathan Lange’s eyes ogled her body from head to toe. Something turned in the Doctor’s stomach, an ominous feeling prickling in the back of her neck. She didn’t like the way his eyes looked. She’d recognize that type of gaze anywhere. She’d just seen it on his son. The feeling spread from the back of her neck to both her hearts, which both froze when he gave her an oily smile and said, “My son did well this time. You are a one of a kind specimen...Timelord.”

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